Stepmom servent film

Stepmom servent film
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Fbailey story number 594 You're Just Asking For It Jan the thirteen-year-old girl down the street three houses wanted to see my fort, the one that Dad and I had built before he died in an automobile accident when I was twelve. Now that I was fourteen I found myself spending more and more time there…jerking off. The fort had no outside windows but it had a few peepholes like in motel room doors.

It also had a couple of skylights to allow the sun in. The only way in or out was through a tunnel that you had to crawl through. Jan had been bugging me for weeks to see the inside. Then one day I noticed that she had a short skirt on…so I said yes.

Then I followed her into the tunnel, looking at her panty-covered pussy all the way. Once we were inside she asked, "Were you looking up my skirt?" I had been caught so why not confess to it, "Yes I was, and I liked what I could see." Jan asked, "Do you want to see more?" I replied, "Yes." Jan said, "If I can come in here again I'll take my panties off for you." I said, "Okay, as long I get to follow you through the tunnel." Jan smiled at me and reached up under her short skirt.

She brought her panties down to her knees, then down to her ankles, before taking them off and hanging them up on a hook near the ceiling.

She smiled at me, sat down, and opened her knees up for me. Then Jan said, "My mother was right. She always says…If you go out like that…you're just asking for it." Then she opened up her knees further, put her hands between her legs, and opened up her hairy pussy for me.

Then she said, "I'm pink inside. Do you like it?" Of course I liked it, "Can I touch it?" Jan said, "Only if I get to touch yours." I took off my shoes, pants, and underwear. Then I let her look at my hard-on before I walked closer to her.

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She reached out and held my pecker with her hands. She pulled me closer and then she kissed the head of my cock. Jan said, "I saw Mommy do this the other day. Her new boyfriend said that she had to do that before and after he fucked her." Astounded I said, "Really!" Jan said, "Yup! Now I suppose I have to let you fuck me so that I can kiss it again." Now I knew what to do but I hesitated to see what she would do. Luckily Jan lay back on the cot and pulled my pecker toward her pussy.

I smiled as she did all of the work. I just had to lean in and push a little. It felt great. All of a sudden she pushed me out of her and rolled out from underneath me. She said, "I almost forgot. I have to be naked too. That's what Mommy's boyfriend told her." Jan took off her skirt, pulled up her T-shirt, and removed her bra. I had never seen real tits before but I knew that hers were special.

She got on the cot, under me, and stuck my pecker back inside her pussy. I did not last very long and started to cum in her. She waited until I had finished and pulled out. Then she started to kiss, suck, and lick my cock clean clear to my balls.

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We heard her mother calling so Jan cleaned herself up using an old towel that I kept in there. She dressed and crawled out when the coast was clear. She did not want her mother to know where she had been.

Apparently she had not been as careful as she had thought. The next day she was in my fort with me.

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We had just finished having sex when we again heard her mother calling her. Then we heard her calling into my tunnel.

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We quickly got dressed. Just as we finished Jan's mother came crawling through the tunnel. She stood over us like Godzilla. She was pissed…and she was not wearing any panties under her short skirt.

She started bitching Jan out for being in my fort, saying that I was a boy, and that boys only had one thing on their mind. Then she told Jan to get her ass out of my fort and to never come back again. Jan leaned over, kissed me, and then whispered in my ear. She had a plan.

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Jan got down and started to crawl through the tunnel. Her mother got down and started to crawl behind her. Then I unzipped my pants and pulled my pecker out. Jan just went in far enough for her mother to get part way in. Jan stopped and rolled over onto her back, her mother stopped dead in her tracks, and then I stuck my pecker in her mother's pussy. If things went to plan Jan had pulled her mother's face into her crotch.

I heard Diamond say, "He fucked you. That little bastard fucked you…and now he's fucking me." Jan replied, "Mom you always say…If you go out like that…you're just asking for it." "Well you came out here without any panties, so you were asking for it, now shut up and lick my pussy." Things got quiet in the tunnel.

I was fucking into Jan's mother pretty hard. It was my second time in just a few minutes so I was in no hurry. In a while I heard Jan saying, "That feels so good Mommy." Then I started to cum in her mother.

Her mother started to cum as she cried out, "Oh God that is a good one." Then Jan said, "I'll say." Soon the girls were coming back into my fort. Jan said, "Now you have to suck his cock clean like your new boyfriend said." Her mother laughed and said, "Oh him, he isn't my boyfriend…he's my boss.

I just needed a raise." Then she started to suck my cock like she was a vacuum cleaner. Jan stripped out of her clothes and then said, "Mommy you were supposed to be naked, remember?" Then she started to help her mother out of her clothes.

Now she had a great set of tits. Her pussy had been shaved into the shape of a diamond…which was her real name. We sat around and talked for almost an hour. What we decided was that I get to fuck them anytime that they are in my fort, that they will have to be naked whenever they are in my fort, and that I can have sleepovers with Jan whenever my mother lets me.

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After they left I went into my house and found my mother lying in the bathtub. I liked seeing her naked and she liked me looking at her.

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I said, "Well I fucked Diamond today." Mom laughed and said, "Like mother, like daughter!" I replied, "Yeah. They decided that they would be naked in my fort, that I could fuck them whenever I wanted too, and that I could sleep with Jan whenever you let me go for a sleepover." Mom said, "Can you keep three of us happy?" I said, "I think so but if I can't, can you take care of Diamond while I fuck Jan?" Mom said, "Sure, and I'll take care of Jan while you fuck Diamond.

I can't wait to taste that little pussy.

Those panties you brought me last night really got me interested. Did you bring me a pair of Diamond's panties?" I said, "No! She wasn't wearing any." Mom smiled and said, "Oh so she goes commando, does she." Mom looked up at me and said, "Invite them over for pizza and then order one for us.

I'll be out in a few minutes." +++++ The two girls came over and Mom handed out glasses of wine to all of us. After the pizza arrived and we had eaten Mom said, "So my son has added you two to his harem, along with me. That makes us sisters." Jan just smiled.

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Diamond said, "You too? That son of yours really gets around, doesn't he." Mom smiled and said, "Yes, he does. You get to sleep with me tonight and Jan gets to sleep with him. Do you like women?" Diamond smiled and said, "Well, Jan and I have been known to help one another out on a lonely night." I looked at Jan and she smiled at me. Then she held up her first two fingers, spread them into a 'V' in front of her mouth, and then stuck her tongue out wiggling it until everyone laughed.


Mom asked, "Does Jan taste as good as her panties smelled?" Jan backed up from the table, opened her knees, and said, "Try it for yourself." Mom dropped to her knees in front of Jan and then buried her face in Jan's crotch. Jan did a lot of cooing in the next ten minutes before Mom allowed her to have an orgasm. Jan said, "Oh Mommy, she's even better than you are." +++++ Needless to say, I had all of the sex that a teenage boy could ask for. Jan and I were married after college and our mothers still live with us.

We have two children and two built in babysitters. What more could a guy want? The End You're Just Asking For It 594