Se abre para que le den

Se abre para que le den
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Peter was swinging through Upper Queens, enjoying the bright and beautiful sunny day that had arrived.


As he was swinging past a dark alley, his spider-sense started tingling. Dropping on a rooftop he looked down at the scene below. A stunning blonde; around five foot seven with blonde hair and green eyes, had her breasts pushed out her top, showing off the pearlescent white skin.

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They were a sold thirty-four cup; Spider-Man gazed at them, unaware of his ever increasing erection. "Is that Gwen?" he thought "Oh my god, it is!" Peter looked back down at his old high-school flame being surrounded by gang members.

He jumped down into the alley, leading into the fight with a kick right into the gang leader's face.

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He groaned in pain and sprawled onto the ground. Peter whirled around and quickly web-yanked guns out of two other gang member's hands. The rest all desperately rushed at him, but they were no match for Spider-Man who just flipped up into the air and started striking fierce blows onto the gang. Soon they were all splattered onto the ground, either moaning in pain or unconscious. Victorious, Peter sauntered over to Gwen Stacy .

"Lucky I was around the neighborhood" he quipped "A pretty girl like you shouldn't be walking around places like this alone." Gwen giggled and strutted towards him, "I wonder what kind of things could happen in places like this then" she growled seductively, grabbing his throbbing dick through the thin uniform. Peter let out a long moan as she gently played with his erection. She got on to her knees, face right next to Peter's crotch and gently pulled down his costume, releasing his thick cock.

Gwen gasped at the monster in front of her and started licking the tip of it, making it release some pre-cum onto her tongue. She loved the taste, eager for more; she started pushing his purple head deep into her mouth.

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Peter sighed in relief, enjoying her tongue swirling around his cock. After a few minutes, it started to get boring for Peter who wanted a bit more action. He grabbed the back of her hair and began thrusting his dick down her throat. She gasped, loving how rough he was treating her.

His hips slammed onto her face as fast as he could, making Gwen's head start smacking gently into the brick wall behind her. Peter kept this up, but eventually could not take any more and released a torrent of his sticky cum into her waiting mouth.

"Oh, you're a dirty whore!" he yelled "Take all of it you bitch!" He thrust his dick back into her mouth, she started swallowing as fast as she could, but his huge load started leaking out the side of her lips and onto her cheeks.

Peter lifted Gwen up by the waist and jammed her pussy onto his cock.

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She had her back thrust onto the alley wall, while he started pummeling her with his huge dick. Her tits heaved up and down freely and her legs wrapped around his back.


She ground her hips into his, her pussy squeezing and massaging his cock while he thrust it in and out, stretching her lips with it as it moved. He thrust harder and faster making Gwen gasp, she wanted it and she needed it. She had come into the alley so that she could be fucked like the dirty slut she felt she was.

She was originally going to be fucked by the gang member's, but being fucked by Spider-Man was even better. Her pussy burned like a furnace, needing his cool cum to finally satisfy the burning desire in her centre.


She pushed back, meeting each of his hip-smacks with her pussy lips kissing him. Peter felt like he was in heaven. "If there was a power for being the best fuck of someone's life, she had it" he thought "The only person close would be Mary-Jane." The criminals watched on in fascination, stroking their hard-ons in the dark alleyway watching Spider-Man screw the blonde beauty. They were all thinking off what they were going to do to her after Spider-Man left. Like beating the shit out of her pussy with their dicks as a punishment for what Spider-Man had done to their self-esteem.

They would throw her on the ground and chain-fuck her in the alley, piss on her and stick stuff up her pussy while spanking her ass as hard as they could and pulling on her large swollen nipples. Peter's spider-sense began tingling as Gwen began to orgasm on his cock. Something was wrong. Mary-Jane was in trouble. He wanted to stop fucking her and help, but his dick knew it had no chance of getting away from Gwen's pussy. So he started ramming into her as fast as he could, her body shaking as his dick flew into her at a speed only possible with someone that had super powers.

Growling in anger, he spun Gwen around and rubbed his dick against her tight ass. He tried to force it in but he couldn't get it to go in. "Fuck, this bitch is tight" he thought.

Spitting on his dick he tried again, managing to lodge it in to her swollen anus. He pulled out and then started thrusting harder and harder, smacking into it as hard as he could.

She scrunched her face up and groaned as she felt her anus get destroyed. A fire went through it that made her entire body vibrate with a passion so strong her pussy started to burst with multiple orgasms, "Ugh Fuck!" she screamed as her hot juices flowed thick and strong down her long legs. Spider-Man could not take any-more of the slutty girl and blasted his cum into her awaiting ass.

It sucked in his massive load until it could fit no more and then drizzled down her leg, joining with her cum on the ground. With the last burst into her hole, he pulled out and let Gwen fall onto the ground, wiping his dick off on her black skirt. He readjusted his pants and then jumped up into the air, swinging away towards his apartment.

Gwen lifted her head and looked at all the criminals in the alleyway. She lifted her skirt back up "Let's try that again boys" she smiled.

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She got sat upon a greasy Mexican's cock, making it enter ass. A ripped black thug was pounding her slick pussy, his friends getting jacked off by her while another get sucked off while she got rode. "Ugh" she groaned. Her blonde hair was dirty and filled with cum, her mascara streamed down her cheeks with dried spunk and piss joined in. She started to black out, remembering the first time she had been fucked.

****************************************************************************************************************************** "Is that really what you're going to wear?" Gwen's father yelled. "Daddy, relax, all the girls dress up like this now" she shot back. Furious with her answer, he dragged her up the stairs by her ponytail and threw her into her room on the bed.

Gwen's mother came in and looked at the scene before her "Is everything alright?" she asked. "Everything's fine sweetheart, have a nice day" he spoke gently, giving her a kiss on the cheek and sending her on her way to work. As she left the room, Mr Stacy wasted no time in pulling her skirt back, revealing her shaven pussy and lack of underwear. He wasted no time in stripping out of his uniform, revealing his six foot two and eleven stone muscled body.

He jumped on top of his teenage daughter and pulled her closer to him and rammed into her virgin pussy. He fucked her hard and fast, ignoring the blood that was leaking from her pussy as he destroyed her virginity. He began moaning, appreciating her tight pussy muscles. Gwen started getting wet, turned on by her father's, not being able to help but moan "Fuck me harder dad" as she bounced on his fat dick. ****************************************************************************************************************************** Gwen came to in the alleyway, still being fucked by the people in the alley.

Getting back into it, she started bouncing up and down. Spots started appearing in front of her eyes and she fell unconscious, letting her body continue to take the abuse done to her by the gang.