Gay porn twink showers and twink chase kyler miles roxy video Nick

Gay porn twink showers and twink chase kyler miles roxy video Nick
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If you haven't read the first part, you may want to go back and read "Helping out around the house" before you read this. The first part was based on what really happened when my mother in law came to stay with us when my wife had surgery. Since people are asking for it, this part continues the story. . As we head out, my MIL perks up a bit and asks "Do you think you'll be needing some more help with things around the house this evening?" I smile and grab a handful of her ass as we walk to the car.

She smiles back at me and starts to say something, but then stops herself. After we get in the car I turn to her and ask her what she was starting to ask as we walked. She blushed a little and blurted out, "I was curious. You said that there are some things my daughter won't let you do. What… What are they?" I look her in the eye and I tell her, "She flat out refuses to let me do anything anal. She is afraid that I will move from her ass to her pussy and cause her to get an infection." "That sounds reasonable" she responds.

"I know how painful bladder infections can be, and you don't want that to happen. Besides, your cock is so huge, it would probably tear her ass apart just trying to get it in there." I chuckle and tell her that I really don't have a strong desire for anal, but it is something that every guy wants to try at least once.

I also tell her that there have been a few times that while her daughter slept, I managed to get her nice & wet then used some of her own lubrication to gently ease the head of my cock into her ass. I wanted to do more, but I was afraid that she would wake up or that I would cum, so I just pulled back out and didn't try to go any further. "OK, what else? You said there were a few things." "Well, the other big thing for is is kind of a big thing for me too." I hesitated before continuing, " She refuses to suck my cock." "She WHAT?!?

She lets you eat her pussy out and she refuses to suck your cock?!?!" "Yes. When we first started having sex, she acted like, and even said she would suck me off, then when the time would come, she wouldn't do it.


She did actually have my cock in her mouth a couple times, but for no more than 10-15 seconds each time, and now she just flat out refuses to even put it in her mouth any more." We didn't talk much for the rest of the short ride home. When we got there, she once again looked up at me with a little grin and asked "Do you think you need some more help around the house now?" "It's still Sunday isn't it?" We both undressed as we made our way to the bedroom, leaving a trail of clothes on the floor.

I glanced back at the clothes all over the floor and said, we'll need to clean this up before your daughter comes home tomorrow. "But she won't be home until tomorrow," her mother said to me. "so let's stop wasting time." as she got down on her knees in front of me and started stroking my cock as she leaned her face forward. I let out a gasp as her lips engulfed the head of my cock. And she started moaning and slurping as she eagerly sucked my cock. Needless to say, it didn't take me long to start cumming in her mouth.

She gagged a little and some of my cum drooled out and down her chin dripping down on her tits while she tried to gulp the rest of it down. When she finished sucking me clean, I lifted her up to her feet, and kissed the cum off her chin and proceeded to lick the rest of the cum off her tits.

As we laid down on the bed, she looked at me and said, "I noticed that you seem to enjoy licking your own cum off of me." almost as if to ask me about it without actually asking. "Well, it's a bit of a long story." Then I started to explain to her that I first started licking her daughter's pussy to show her that giving oral sex isn't bad. Besides wouldn't it be hypocritical of me to want her to suck my cock and not be willing to return the favor to her? Anyway, it seemed to have some effect on her because she was less adamant in her refusal to suck my cock, and that prompted one of the few times she actually put it in her mouth.

Things progressed and I actually licked my own cum off her and swallowed it to show her that it wasn't as bad as she believed. Then I finally broke and told her that I had never actually eaten my own cum out of her daughter before, and doing that with her that morning was a first for me. She looked me in the eyes and said, "That was one of the most intense orgasms I had ever experienced, and it was the first time any guy ever sucked his own cum out of my pussy.

I'm glad I got to be the first for you, and I hope you'll do it for me again before morning." "As many times as I can cum in your pussy, I'll gladly lick it clean for you." was all I could manage to reply back to her before I rolled her on her back and licked her pussy good to get her ready for the first fucking.

Neither one of us lasted more than a couple orgasms before we both passed out and fell asleep with her on top of me and my cock still in her pussy. I awoke in the morning with her laying beside me and gently caressing my balls. I rolled her over and gave her a "good morning fuck" before I proceeded to lick her pussy clean as I had promised. After she recovered from her orgasm, she said, "Now I can see why she likes fucking in the morning.

It really does start the day out right." We got up and got our showers before grabbing a quick breakfast and returning to the hospital. On the drive there, she seemed to be getting depressed, so I asked her what was wrong.

Her daughter should be coming home today. "That's the problem." she said. "Once she's home, I won't be able to fuck you again." We proceeded to have a fairly slow half day at the hospital until my wife was released and we got to take her home. Once we got home, we put my wife in the recliner in the living room, and gave her the pain medicine they had sent with us. My wife quickly fell asleep and I looked at her mother and said, "I think she's going out be out for a while, are you ready to help me out with some things around the house?" with a big grin on my face.

She perked right up and we quickly went to the bedroom where I proceeded to get her pants off her and eat her pussy out real good. We were both a little tired from our activities on Sunday so we laid there and took a short nap ourselves rather than fucking right away.

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I woke up first and washed the dried cum off my face, then I went down to sit with my wife for a while. She woke up when I was moving around and we talked for a little while. She had noticed the big change in her mother on Sunday and she said whatever it was that caused it, she was sure happy and hoped that it didn't change again until she left to go home.

I agreed that I hoped that whatever was making her mom act like she was now wouldn't change soon. I'm sure I was blushing a little but I don't think my wife noticed. We convinced my wife to sleep in the recliner that night and her mom slept in the guest room after I had snuck in and had a quick fuck with her before I returned to my bedroom for the night.


Tuesday passed rather slowly and without any major events, as my wife managed to make it through the day without taking much pain medicine. Of course this meant that her mom couldn't get any time alone with me either. That night my wife decided that she wanted to sleep in her own bed, so we had to help her up the stairs and into the bed before we also turned in for the night. Her mom hugged and kissed her then she hugged and kissed me before heading to the guest room for the night.

Sometime in the middle of the night, my wife tried to get out of bed to go to the bathroom without waking me up. She cried out in pain instantly waking everyone up, and her mom came running in to see if she was OK, only to find me standing there nude and helping my wife to slowly walk to the bathroom.


Once her mom saw we had everything under control she went back to her room and I helped my wife finish in the bathroom and get back in bed. As we laid there, my wife quietly said to me, "I noticed that when my mom came in and you were naked and she had on a skimpy nightgown that neither of you flinched.

I take it that while I was in the hospital something happened between the two of you? I've also seen a few other signs, like her lingering kisses, and herlonging glances when she thinks I'm asleep." I was caught red handed. I couldn't deny it. I said, "Remember how you said that you hoped that whatever mellowed her out wouldn't change until after she went home? Well, she accidentally saw me sleeping nude, and things kind progressed from there." "How far did they progress?" "Well, she admitted to hearing us have sex on Thursday morning, and then saw my hard cock as I slept on Saturday night.

One thing led to another and I ended up giving her a live performance of our Thursday morning session so she could experience it herself, since she could only masturbate and imagine while she listened to us fucking that morning." "Oh My God! I guess when I call you a 'mother fucker' now, I won't be lying, will I?" she said with a giggle, then she added, "and I guess it's safe to assume that things won't change and she'll be mellow for the rest of her visit?" "Are you saying that it's OK with you if I continue to fuck your mother?" I asked in total shock.

"Well, it's not really OK, but I can't change what's happened, and I have to admit she is much better to be around now that she's had a good fucking. She's needed that for years, ever since dad died.

Besides, it's not like I can give you any sex for a while, and I'd much rather know where you're getting it than have you find some cheap whore somewhere, but I'm still jealous that she's getting some of my cock in her pussy." I was still in shock over what I had just heard.

"You know I'd never go find a whore for sex. I may have to masturbate a lot, but I'd not cheat on you with a cheap whore." "Other than my own mother." she added, and we both snickered. "I'll need you to go into your office for a little while tomorrow so I can have a little time alone with my mother.

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When you get back, we'll go over the limits that I'll be imposing on you two. Unless everyone agrees, you will get real familiar with your hand real soon and my mother will return to being her normal bitchy self" I got up in the morning and got a quick shower. I asked my mother in law to take care of her daughter until I got back, I had to run into the office for some sort of an emergency.

Just before I left, my wife had asked her mom to help her into the bathroom to go pee and to get a quick bath/shower. I took my queue and I left. I returned home about 3-3.5 hours later to find the two women sitting in the living room. My wife saw the look on my face and she asked me to sit in a chair they had brought into the living room so we were arranged in a triangle.

She proceeded to explain to both of us her new rules for the house: 1. No more secret sex. For any sex to take place, all 3 people needed to be present, and give consent. 2. If anyone masturbates, everyone must be present and agree.

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3. My word is final.

If you disagree, you have one chance to try to get me to change my mind, but in the end, my decision is final. 4. If there is any question or doubt, see rule number 3. After presenting her "new rules" we were given a few moments to consider them and ask any questions.

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Everyone had to agree to the rules for things to proceed. After a few moments of silence and a few exchanged glances, we all agreed to the new rules, and my mother in law asked, "Is it OK if he fucks me now? I really need his cock in me." My wife responded with, "He can fuck you if he wants, but he is not allowed to eat your pussy out this time, and if he does fuck you, then you have to suck his cock when he's done." He mother hesitantly agreed and they both looked to me.

"Well, do you agree to those terms?" I stood up and pulled my shirt off and started to unfasten my belt when my wife turned to her mother and responded, "Looks like he's made his decision and I suspect it's because I know he's been wanting his cock sucked for a long time." It was a little awkward fucking my wife's mother right there in front of her, but she wasn't really watching us, at least not until her mother had had her orgasm.

My wife knew that I would rub her clit making sure that she had her orgasm before I would cum, so she expected I would do the same with her mother. She guessed right, so as soon as her mother had an orgasm, my wife called out to stop fucking, and for her mother to start sucking. It took her mom a few moments to regain enough stamina to get up on her hands and knees to suck my cock as I laid on my back in the middle of the living room floor.

She put on a pretty good show for her daughter making it look like she didn't really want to suck my cock, while at the same time expertly prolonged the process for my enjoyment.

When she finally let me cum, she made sure to open her lips and not swallow so my cum would drool back down my cock and onto my balls. When I stopped cumming, she secretly swallowed what cum was still in her mouth and sat up like she was done.

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My wife told her, "Wait a second, you're not done. Lick that cum up." Her mother put up a token protest before she proceeded to lick the cum off my balls then lick my cock clean, and making it hard again in the process. I got up and kissed my wife thanking her for the "present." I then turned to her mother and gave her a kiss, licking some of my cum off her face in the process, and thanked her for the blow job telling her that it was better than I had ever dreamed a blow job could be.

We all decided to leave our clothes off the rest of the afternoon. "No sense in putting them back on just to take them off again in a little bit." my wife said. Over the next few hours, my wife had fun picking what things she would allow and not allow. She wouldn't let us fuck again yet, but she had her mother masturbate me right there in the living room in front of her.

She also had her make me cum on her mother's tits and she wasn't allowed to clean it off. Later she had me masturbate her mother right there in the living room in front of her too. I could only use my hands, and I was not allowed to actually put my fingers in her pussy. For the afternoon finale, she finally allowed us to fuck again. This time, after I had cum in her mom, we had to 69 to clean each other up.

After that first afternoon of my wife "getting even" for us having sex behind her back, things mellowed out. We settled into a nice routine and the sex was even allowed to move from the living room back into the bedrooms. By the end of her mother's visit, the rules had been relaxed to the point that her mother and I were even allowed to fuck in private as long as we left the door open and she knew what was happening before it started.

I know I caught her mom sucking on one of her daughter's tits while my wife was fingering her mom's pussy, but I didn't say anything.

As a reward for that, I was even allowed one last "all out fuck" with her mom, like we started with the morning before she left to go home. After her mom left, my wife looked at me and said, "You do realize that I won't be able to have sex for at least another 6-8 weeks, right?" Then it sank in, and I realized what that meant. She started laughing and said, "You should see the look on your face.

Cheer up, it won't be all that bad. I learned a few things this past week, and if my mom can suck your cock and swallow your cum, then I can at least give it a try. Come on over here and let me start practicing. I may not be able to fuck, but I can still at least try to suck." She wasn't as good at sucking cock as her mother, but I sure wasn't about to tell her that, besides, she still had 6-8 weeks of practice ahead of her.

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I was just happy that she was willing to suck my cock now. Next she said, "Look at the bright side, at least the holiday visits should be a lot more fun from now on." When that finally sank in, I was an even happier man now.

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It's hard to believe how much good came out of my wife needing surgery.