Tante Rita verbindet nicht ihren Neffen

Tante Rita verbindet nicht ihren Neffen
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It had been years since Lochy and I had seen each other, In fact, I had almost forgotten about him altogether during the time I went away. But perhaps I'm confusing you a little, so let's delve into our past a bit. *3 Years ago* We were both young 16 year olds that attended the same High School in Melbourne. Our class schedule's barely were the same but that didn't keep us from being the bestest of friends outside of school, or during our shitty classes. More often than not, during class he'd text me, or I'd text him a simple code; "Receiver" which meant, that we would both ask our teachers to go to the toilet, and with that we would both meet up and talk.

usually it was about something funny that had happened in one of our classes, or we would gossip about current rumours that we'd heard.

School life was pretty much standard for us, we came, we saw, we left. I just happened to leave that school a little early, my Mum had to go on what was supposed to be a short business trip to Perth (which was on the complete other side of Australia) and stay there for 6 months or so.

And because it was too long of a trip for me to stay home by myself (I had no siblings and my father was away in the middle east being "Mr, Military") so I had to go with her.

But because I wasnt supposed to have been gone for too long, Lochy and I never really had much of a goodbye.

I mean sure we were both quite upset by it, but we both knew that by the time I got back in 6 months time, the summer holidays would've started and we would be able to make up for lost time everyday. Well, to cut a long introduction short, Mum and I arrived at Perth, I had to attend some crappy school which her work organised for her, and when I say crappy school, I mean Snob central.

All upperclass douches with a knack for talking down to anyone who's parents didn't earn over 100 grand in a year. so of course I didn't et along with anyone and pretty much kept to myself. It was during this trip that Mum's work had offered her a more permanent position at the Perth quarters and had convinced her with a somewhat gratuitous raise to go along with it.

So of course Mum said "yes" and I tried my best to scheme a way to go back to Melbourne but it was no good. Lochy wasnt impressed either. So here we are, 3 years later and I was on my way back to Perth. After completing my Yr 12 at Snob Central I managed to find a university, well, the ONLY university that majored in the course I wanted to study. Luckily, the Uni was in Melbourne. "Hey man, I can't wait to see ya" Lochy's cheerful but slightly more masculine voice was heard over the USB computer Mic/headphone thingy.

"Yeah man, so you'r still okay to pick me up at the airport terminal when I arrive tomorrow?" I replied inbetween mouthfulls of my last dinner in Perth. "Yeah, everythings all good, you can stay the night at mine as well, my Parents have pissed off to Adelaide for some sort of festival and have taken my brother and sister too!

So we'll have the whole house to ourselves!" I contemplated all the shinanigans that would happen once I got there, the drinking, the partying, ahh It'll be like the old days, except we'll legally be able to do it now.

Not that it stopped us when we were underaged though. We made some plans and fare-welled one another when it started getting late. I hadn't mentioned this yet but I'm Bi, or Gay, I hadn't come to a conclusion yet. I think it was the snobby bitches at Snob-Central that seemed to turn me off women, although the guys were shit's as well, the women really take the cake. Something about a slender males body with slight visible abs and a nice shaven cock was what really turned me on, I'd masturbated to straight porn before but the look of a naked women just wasnt special nor appealing to me anymore, after all, I had, had girl-friends in the past, and have done everything under the sun with em' but a hot guy was what made me instantly hard and keen to fuck.

It was a bright, sunny saturday afternoon when my flight arrived at the Melbourne airport at 1:00pm. Customs and airport security was pretty nice and didn't seem to hassle me at all, so the whole process went quite smoothly. After collecting my bags I made my way to the front of the airport where Lochy and I had arranged to meet up, I reached the end of the escalators and looked around for my friend.

Nothing. I noticed a young girl with her parents, she was throwing a tantrum because she didn't want to leave her friends behind. She couldnt have been no more than 12 or 13, but the profanity that she was using was surprising! The scene of this young girl occupied my attention, and with that Lochy striked, Launching in from behind me when I wasnt paying attention, to tackle me to the ground.

At first I thought I was being mugged, but I looked over my shoulder after I hit the ground to see the most gorgeous face ontop of me.

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Ahh, Lochy. -I thought, I had completely forgotten about your eyes. They were a deep emerald-green with yellow edges around the outside of his iris which contrasted very well with his olive skin. "Gotcha!" He said whilst still completely ontop of me, the scene had caught the attention of a lot of the people that were nearby and I instantly felt embarrassed. "Get off me a cheeky shit! You had me worried coz' I couldnt find you" "I was hiding" "Well Deh." I said trying to push the man, my friend off me.

I put my hands on his chest and tried with all my strength to push him off me, but he wouldn't budge. Lochy wasn't a heavy bloke, or a fat bloke at that, be if he wanted to stay put, he somehow managed to conjure up some sort of "magical" weight that made it ridiculously hard to move him. "Alright alright" he said finaly lifting his body off the ground. As I was getting up I felt that I had gotten hard from the slightly intimate scenario that had just happened between us.

My cheeks began to blush. "Haha!" lochy explaimed, "Whattaya embarrassed about?" "You had me on the floor ya dumb-ass, and people were looking!" The perfect cover-up. I had managed to hold my 6.5" Boner down with my hand while it was in one of my pockets. Clearly, I had done this before. "So wheres your car?" I asked while we begun outside. We walked into the carpark and he showed off his newly purchased ride, an R-fucking-33 GTR. "Trying to over compensate for something eh?" I said snidely, obviously showing that I ahd picked upa thing or two from Snob-Central.

"You think I got a powerful car because me cock's small?" He smiled broadly while saying it. "Well isnt that why people with small dicks get em? To over compensate?" I could feel that he wasn't moved at all by the comment, bugga. "Well, let's just say I get a-l-o-t of compliments, I've even been called God by a few of the ladies" he said with a wink.

He started his car and we were on our way. "Wait. God? I uhh. dont get it" "What do you think they say when I'm pounding 8 and a half inches of raw meat into them?" he said, smiling a cocky yet somewhat sexy smile at me. "I still dont get it" I said.

"Oh God! Oh God!" Lochy said in a females voice. We both cracked up in laughter. When we arrived at Lochy's his parents where just about to leave the house, I said my hello's and they said their goodbyes and such and they were off, gone for a week. I walked into the house and that farmiliar smell welcomed me, I felt complete and at ease.

"Think fast!" lochy said as he threw a can of Bundy Rum & Coke at me. "Cheers, bud" I said, after catching it and taking a massive swig. We went up to his room with the entire carton of Bundy and lochy put it in his room-fridge to keep it nice and cold. The temperature outside was around the 35 degree celcius mark, and the air-con at lochys' house hadn't yet been turned on for god knows why.

"Fuck it's hot in here!" I said whilst taking off my shirt exposing my slightly tanned and hairless chest and navel. I had a very nice slender body that I was quite proud of, that had a slight outline of a 6-pack. It seems kinda' wrong that my body almost turns me on, and that a complete identical copy of myself would make me hard in seconds but hey, my well chissled face, gray-blue eyes and long browny-blonde hair and 6.2-tall body seemed to resonate with some of the women.

I looked like a surfy person. My name's Daniel by the way, I completely forgot to mention that, but I'll hardly be referring to myself in the 3rd person so I didn't think it to be necessary.

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Lochy was looking at me as I took my shirt off, I saw out of the corner of my eye and I hoped he liked what he saw, even though I was completely certain that he was 100% straight. "Whoa dude, nice tan!" He exclaimed.

"Thanks, man. I guess living in Snob-Central has it's benefits" And with that Lochy thought it was time that he too would try to fiend off some of the heat by escaping from his shirt.

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My eyes almost fell out of their sockets when I saw his body for the first time in 3 years. He was slightly bulkier than me, but it was all muscle.

They wernt huge or anything, but they wern't small either, they were. perfect. His broad shoulders and huge chest narrowed down to his navel and waist which showed the beginnings of a 'V' down to the family jewels, His completely smooth olive skin was also mostly hairless and I noticed a slight shavers rash just above his boxer shorts where he'd obviously been shaving his pubes.


Nice. We both downed our drinks and got stuck into a few more whilst talking about what had happened when I was away. He seemed to talk a lot about the girls that went to school with us and how some of them had gotten pregnant and how he'd banged a lot of them.

And with that he asked how many girls I'd banged whilst in Perth. "Uhh, not many man." "Awww cmon, a great looking dude like you would've been reeling them in, left right and center!" he said whilst casually looking me up and down. "I'm not that good looking ya know, there's far, FAR better looking guys out there, like you for example, your fuckin' hot!" I said, making an emphasis on the word 'fucking' Lochy just did that smile which I learnt to love and simply said "You just cant see your body from where I'm looking" and with that he gave me a wink, grabbed another two cans of Bundy, threw one to me and headed towards the door.

"Cmon, lets go for a swim in the pool, it's too hot to be sitting in my room" He said standing at the doorway. I downed what remained of the bundy I had and opened the can that lochy gave me and made my way behind him out to his back yard. His dogs happily greeted me with a few crotch and ass sniffs but I was paying far too much attention to what was unfolding before my eyes.

Lochy, was taking off his pants the reveal his boxers and dive-bombed into the pool. I got hard again, but this time I couldnt just put my hand in my pocket and hold my cock down because I was supposed to be taking my pants off and getting into the pool, plus his dogs kept bumping it with their wet noses, sending very slight shivers of pleasure through my body which didn't help the scenario at all.

"Cmon man, what are ya waiting for?" He called out standing in the pool. Water was dripping from his wet hair down his face and chest. "Bah! Your dogs keep bugging me, man" Lochy called his dogs over to the side of the pool and gave them both a pat and scratches on their head. This gave me the perfect opportunity to de-robe down to my boxers and jump into the pool with a low risk of him seeing my member, or the tent it had created. Lochy swam over to me once I got into the pool and leaned against the tiled side of it, reaching for his can which he had placed there and took a few swigs.

"This is much better isnt it" he said inbetween swigs. "Shit yeah! This is the life" I said whilst swigging away at mine. We swam around for a bit and just casually chatting and occasionally getting out to grab more booze until the sun's presence had begun to be less dominant of the sky.

The heat was still there, but at least the harsh sun wasn't there. We'd both been in the pool for a good 4 hours and had already drunken most of the carton of Bundy. We were both pretty hammered by then.

As the sun disappeared and the mosquito's made themselves known we decided to go back in and make some food.

"What do you feel like mang?" he asked me, slurring his words a little. "Dunno mang, a sammich?" "Fwhat?! I ain't gonna make you no sammish! I ain't no bitch of yours!" He exclaimed jokingly.

(This is in reference to women making the men sandwiches in the kitchen) "Oh but you are my bitch, so bend over and take one for the team!" I yelled coming up behind him trying to hump his firm ass through our damp boxers. Slightly pushing me back he said "Alright, calm down.

I'll make some Nachos okay?" "Sure bud" I said after going around to the dining table which was situated right next to the kitchen in the same room, there I sat down and watch Lochy pour a packet of Doritos into a tray and smother them with grated cheese and salsa before putting it into the oven and setting the timer. "Okay, while thats doing that, I'm going to go change into some less wet clothes" and with that I was alone in the room with my delusions and drunken mind.

"I may as well do the same" I thought, and with that I went to the spare room where he had situated me and my belongings, closed the door and changed clothes into something clean and dry.

When I returned to the kitchen I was greeted with a wonderful scent of Nachos being freshly plucked from the oven and being placed onto the counter. "Dinner's served" a well dressed and clean Lochy said. We grabbed some plates and evenly piled the Nachos onto our plates and made our way into the lounge room where Lochy put on a movie. It was one that we had both seen together many times, but it was a good all-rounder that was there when you just wanted background noise or were too bored and couldnt think of anything else to do.

So there we sat, munching away and watching the starting credits appear and dissapear on the screen. "So how many chicks HAVE you slept with in Perth?" He asked "You've asked me that already, remember?" "Yeah I know that, but you didn't answer me" "I said not alot" I took a massive swig on Bundy, the buzz beginning to feel more prominent. "That's not an actual answer, you need to tell me a number!" Lochy exclaimed inbetween sips of his drink.

"Ive only screwed 2 chicks okay. You happy?" the emotionally filled response processed in lochys head, I could see the cogs turning and I could almost gurantee that he wouldnt believe it. "Pfft! Thats bullshit, dude.

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As if you hadn't had heaps of roots!" I knew it! Even after all of these years I could still predict his reactions. "I just never really got along with anyone." I responded, "Most of the chicks at my school were snobby bitches and all the other chicks were really dirty and not my type.

"Fair enough" he responded. Our conversation stopped abruptly there and we both drunk away at our drinks and watched some of the movie. It wasn't 10 minuets later when I remembered his comment in the car about his 8 1/2" cock, and with the thought of that unrealistic size I laughed a little.

Lochy turned his head, "What's funny?" I turned my head, I didnt realise that I'd laughed out loud. "Huh? Oh, I was just thinking about what you said in the car, why would you make something up like that?" I replied.

"Make what up?" Lochy tilted his head a little to one side, it looked kinda cute. "Ya know, about the 8 1/2" Cock of yours" "What about it?" "As if its actually that big, I'm not an idiot, dude." Instantly, Lochy smiled that smile again, but didn't reply, this was a response I hadn't anticipated.

"Bullshit" I exclaimed. "I don't believe it" "Wanna see?" he asked looking excited. My eyes flickered from his face to his crotch and back up quickly and my head begun reeling of the thought of seeing a monster cock like that. I could feel my own cock start to stirr in my pants. "Uhhh sure" I finally replied. Lochy set his plate aside, downed the rest of his can and stood up, facing me. Still shirtless he undid his belth and dropped his pants and boxers to his feet in one swift motion, the sound of the metal belt hitting the ground made the whole thing real.

There, right infront of my drunken eyes stood a mostly flacid 5" cock dangling down. I got cocky, and asked a question that I knew what his response would be. "Pfft, thats not 8 and a half inches!" "Well it's not hard is it, dumbass!" he returned "So then get hard and prove me wrong, coz as far as I can see, I'm looking at 5" and me being right" I replied with a cocky smile, he moved right next to me and said.

"Then make it hard yourself! Cmon, Dan. You know you want to!" Right next to my head was this wonderful smooth cock, dangling. I put my plate aside, downed the rest of my drink and placed a hand on his shaft, Lochy closed his eyes and told me to keep going.

So I started to slowly move my hand up and down his shaft and watched right before my eyes, a cock of monstrous proportions grow. "awww man, that feels really nice, why dont you give it a taste" He said looking down at me with a wink. If I wasn't drunk I would've been far too afraid to do this, but here, in his house, in this heat and with this magical booze.

I didnt give a fuck! I moved his shaft to my lips and flicked my tongue over the tip of his cock. "Oh my god, Dan. Please dont stop!" I begun my hand movements again, whilst cupping his balls with my other hand and licking up the length of this wonderful piece of meat that was all mine. I covered it with my saliva, making it all wet and shiny. "Stop teasing man! Suck it, suck my cock,Dan!" I loved this, I was in complete control, or so I thought.

Continuing my licking efforts on his meat I slowly moved my hand that was upping his bulls under his gooch and towards the rose of his ass. Slowly circling my finger around the rose I heard lochy begin to moan with pleasure as I continued to tease his cock with my tongue. I withdrew my hands and begun licking my way up his body, I placed my hands on either side of his hips to hold him still as I made my way up with my tongue. "Dude." he said inbetween deep breaths, his eyes were closed, concentrating on the probably new experiences that I was giving him with my tongue.

Reaching his nipples I bit and licked them all over, moving from one to the other, wasting no time to get him as horny as I possibly could. After my nipple licking efforts I kissed and licked my way up his neck line to his jaw and stopped, staring him right in the face. He noticed the sudden lack of pleasure and opened his eyes. I slowly pulled his hips towards mine, and for the first time, our lips met. I kept my eyes open to see how he would react, but to my surprise he closed them and probed my lips with his tongue.

I opened my mouth and our tongues danced in each other mouths for ages, I moved my hands, rubbing them up his 6-pack, feeling each sexy bump after sexy bump as they made their way to his chest where I begun pinching his nipples slightly. He on the other hand, begun grabbing my ass and squeezing them hard. His hard cock was pushing against my stomach and my cock was aching to be released from its dwelling inside my pants and boxers.

We broke out kiss, pushing our cocks against each other he asked, "So how big are you?" "Well why don't you go have a look for yourself and find out?" This time it was my turn to wink at him, and once again he smiled the beautiful smile that seemed to melt away at my heart.

Good god, was I falling in love with him?!

Lochy kissed me on the lips once more and begun his kissing and licking attack on my body as he made his way down. My nipples received barely any attention compared to what I gave him, but it was my cock that really needed it. I placed my hands on his head bracing for what was about to happen as he struggled to get my belt off. He was more drunk than I thought. After a few minuets and some excessive profanity later my belt was finally released and my pants were being lowered, I stepped out of them once they reached the floor.

Lochy gasped at the impressive meat, which was already as hard as a rock. It stood straight out from my body and pointed directly inbetween his eyes.

Looking up at me I smiled and gave him a wink and wiggled my cock infront of him. "Well?" I said seductively. He looked at the meat and then back up at me. "Whats the matter?" I asked.

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"I uhh, I've never done this before" "heh, don't worry man, just dont use your teeth whatever the fuck you do, just dont scrape your teeth along me, or you'll be a dead man" I said jokingly, I could tell that instantly he knew that I was somewhat gay, and he accepted it. He wrapped his hand around the shaft and begun licking the tip of my cock like I had done to him earlier. The feeling of his hand, of physical contact sent waves of electricity through my body. "Ahhhh Lochy!" I let out with a moan.

Instead of being a tease like I was, he opened his mouth and begun slowly moving his head back and forth on my cock, going a little further each time until the head of my cock had hit the back of his throat, it instantly hit a gag reflex and he bit down a little whilst coughing.

"FUCKING OW!" I yelled thrusting backwards removing my cock with a pop as the head came out of his tightly sealed lips. "Sorry man, I didn't know that would happen." he looked kinda upset that he had failed his first attempt. "Look" I said, "lets go to your room, I'll teach you a few things.

But first, lets get some more drinks!" My idea had been just what we needed. Some more alcohol was exactly what was needed to keep things rolling, I was fearing that Lochy might begin to sober up and have second thoughts.

"Fuck yeah!" he said getting up off the floor. We made our way to the kitchen and I grabbed the last 6-pack that was in the fridge and then made my way to his room, Lochy, was behind me. And as I walked in front I could hear his cock slapping his theighs behind me as he walked, this tunred me on greatly!

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Also, I could tell that he was checking out my ass the whole time. Once we reached his room, I threw him a cold bundy and downed mine instantly, then grabbed another.

I jumped onto the bed laying down, face up and spread my legs for him. He looked at me and his cock twitched. "See dan, I told you that your hot, your the only thats been able to make me hard, did you know that?" I was shocked! "What? Really?" I asked, confusion and happiness in my voice. "You never knew? Almost everytime we hung out, I'd have to hide my boner because your so fucking hot! I wanted to fuck your brains out so many times!" "Dude, I thought you were straight" I replied confused.

Lochy moved towards me and lay down ontop of me, holding himself up with his strong arms, but rubbing his crotch and cock flat against mine. "I was hard at the airport when I picked you up, And I laid down on you like this because its my fantasy." he replied.

I kissed him hard and passionately, I had never felt so in-love and so right with a man, ever! But this man, had completely won me over and from that moment I decided to please him however I could.

"Lochy, I love you!" I said inbetween kisses, "Dude. I think. I think I love you too" he replied. He broke off the kiss and moved straight down my body and back to my cock, and straight into his mouth it went. This time, however he swallowed and plunged hard on it making it go right down his throat.

"Fuck! Dude!

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Keep that up and I'll be filling you with cum!" He stayed there to get adjusted to the meat that was invading his throat. After a while he slowly begun to slide my cock in and out of his mouth and throat, the tightness was just amazing.

Faster and faster he picked up the pace, drool dribbled down my cock and around my balls making them wet and slick, me stopped deep throating me for a second to drool onto his finger and went right back onto deep throating me.

"ahhhhhhhh man, I dont know much I can take of this, ooooooooohhhhhh" My moans of pure bliss filled the room (and probably the house) and I was getting close to shooting my seed all over the place! Lochy lifted my torso up his hand and guided his newly drooled on finger to my hole, he rubbed it around the hole for a while and got the entrance slick and slender.

This sent me over the edge. "OHHH FUCK DUDE!!! I'm CUMMMMMNG!!!!!! IM CUMMING!!!!' He didnt know how to react, so he pulled out a little but left the head of my cock in his mouth as I begun to shoot my hot load inside of it. He tried to swallow but the pressure built up too much and my cock ended up popping out of his mouth and I sent ribbons of cum right onto his face, his chest and torso.

My Orgasm subsided but cum was leaking out of the tip of my cock and down the side of my cock and all over my balls. I had my head back, and was panting hard. "That. was. incredible!" Lochy licked the tip of my cock to clean it a little and gave me that amazing smile once more. "did ya like the, sexy?" Sexy. I thought to myself, he thinks I'm sexy!!!

I blushed hard at the comment and Lochy begun to move his body up mine. We kissed passionately for a bit, and I tasted my own cum for the first time. "What do you think of your own sex juice?" He asked. "I think I could open up a business and sell the shit!" I replied jokingly. "I could be your personal milker" and a wink followed that comment. I blushed hard again, "What about you, with all the sugary stuff you gorge on all the time I bet you cum liquid sugar!" Lochy stopped still for a second.

"I have an idea!" me looked at me in the eyes, kissed me again and left the room. I heard the microwave in the kitchen being used and minuets later, Lochy returned. My jaw dropped. Before me stood, a sexy, olvie-skinned man, with an 8 and a half inch cock that was covered, in chocolate!

And I LOVE, choclate! "What do you think?" he asked. "Come here, I want you now!" he set aside a small cup that had some chocolate still in it, and he jumped onto the bed.

Placing his muscular legs either side of my chest I was presented with a chocolate-covered, Lochy-Cock. Eagerly I opened my mouth to receive my prize, and I begun slurping away at his sweet, sweet pole.

Never had I ever thought of this, and never will I ever forget this. Because he had melted it and applied it in the kitchen, by the time he got back to the room, the surface had already begun to harden a little, so the chocolate wouldnt just drip off, it would literally melt in your mouth!

I slurped happily at his cock, bobbing my head in and out at a steady rhythm. "Shit man, I can feel you sucking my cock now that some of the chocolate has come off, awwwwww man, dont stop, go faster, faster babe!" I was happy to oblige, sadly though, because of the position I was in, I couldnt get enough speed because I could only use my neck and head and not my whole body.

Lochy got fed up, grabbed my hair and begun pounding his meat deeper and deeper inside of me with each and every thrust. "OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he howled like a wild beast as his thrusts got more and more violent. Being slightly more experienced than him, I could take a cock down my throat.

However, his cock is on a completely different level with most other men. So I begun chocking and gagging. This brought him more pleasure.

"Dude! I have an Idea!" he said and finally withdrew his massive love-stick out from my mouth. The chocolate long gone, only a few lines remained I gasped for air, breathing heavily once I could use my throat again. I watched curiously as he got off the bed, grabbed the small cup that he placed on the side of it and returned his head to where my cock was.

I thought to myself, "ahh sweet, hes gonna suck a choccy-cock too" but he just kissed my cock and lifted up my ass. He poured a small amount of the still liquid chocolate right onto my ass-hole, it was pretty hot actually and some of it dribbled down my crack and finally stopped dribbeling once it reached under my balls where it sat there and hardened. Understanding where he was going with this I planted my feet on the bed and held myself up with my hands and legs while Lochy lowered his mouth to my hole.

The extacy that I felt was indescribable! Never has I ever felt someone give me a rim-job before, and it was one of the best feelings I had ever felt! Instantly I moaned and groaned, high-pitched sounds manly sounds that couldve been mistaken for a slightly masculine womans.

"Holy shit Lochy, holy fuck. Oh my god oh my god! Fuck me Lochy, I want to feel your cock inside of me!!!" His tongue had been lapping away the the chocolate flavoured hole and was probing it in and out of it as well, getting it perfectly lubed up for what was coming.

a monster. "LOCHY FUCK MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I squealed as his tongue penetrated my hole once more. He finally let up, and slid his sexy body up my body again, resting my legs on either side of his shoulders.


"Hey there sexy, you ready?" he asked, giving me that drop-dead-sexy smile again. I could feel his massive head touching the rose of my ass-hole. I wrapped my arms around his neck and buryed my head into it as he begun to push his way into me.

"Yeeeaaaaaaarrrrrghhhhhhh!" I screamed in intense pain as his cock violated my hole, the girth of his monster was almost unbearable! He stopped, leaned over to his bedside table drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube. He pulled his cock out a little and drenched his cock and my hole in lube the help the process go a little. smoother. (heh heh, terrible pun) "You ready sweetie?" he asked once more.


I nodded my head and anticipated the intense pain again. But this time. nothing, there was no pain what so ever. I waited a little longer but then I felt him bottoming out inside of me. "Wait. your all the way? That didnt hurt at all!" I said surprised "This is numbing lube, I thought it might help.

It only lasts for a few minuets" he said with a wink, while the numbing effect of the lube was still working he begun to slide his huge slick cock in and out of my ass. Everytime he would bottom out, I'd feel his balls slapping against my gooch.

5 minuets passed and he was thrusting in and out of me at a steady pace. "You feeling anything dude?" Lochy asked. Beads of sweat started forming on his body all over which added to the sex appeal of it.

I smiled and shook my head, getting bored with just laying there while Lochy was doing all the work I begun thrusting against him everytime he'd plunge his huge meat into me.

The slapping sound of his crotch hitting my ass was quite sexy and seemed to turn me on more. I felt a sudden surge of electricity emanate from my ass, along with a sharp pain. "owww" I said quietly, trying to hold it in. "Is it still hurting dude?" Lochy seemed genuinly concerned that he actually stopped thrusting. I wrapped my legs around his ass and pulled him into me, forcing his cock deep inside.

This time there was barely any pain. "Awwwwwwwwwwww" I moaned in pleasure. Lochy acknowledged the moan with a hard and deep thrust. "Awwwwwwwwwwwww, Lochy!" My breathing really begun to pick up. "Fuck me harder Lochy, please!" He begun grunting a little as he sped up, thrusting as hard as he could, creating loud slapping sounds.

The bed begun to shake and squeak and our moans got louder as we neared our orgasm. The mixture of intense pleasure and the slight, sharp pain is indescribable, absolutely nothing you'd ever feel. Lochy continued his hard thrusts, "Lochy, please cum inside me! Fill me with your hot cum" I moaned into his ear. This sent him into a wild humping-rage, He went all out on my ass. Slapping it and fucking it raw just like I'd begged, "I'm gonna cum, babe.

Get ready!" His voice was out of breath but I understood him anyway. "fuck. this is it!!!!" he said and seconds later he thrust as hard as he could deep into my Raw ass. I felt a sudden hot, full feeling deep in my intestines as his cock shot the biggest load he's ever shot before.

Lochy grabbed my cock and frantically begun beating it up and down, his cock still deep inside my ass throbbing away, still pumping mountains of cum inside me, some of which had begun drooling out of my ass, around lochys cock, down my gooch and covered my cock, balls and belly.

"fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!" I yelled as I was sent over the edge. Lochys fast masturbation never stopped as my cock erupted shooting streams of hot, white cum inbetween us.

Our bellies and chest got covered in our cum, I finally stopped cumming and I managed to get my legs flat on the bed again.

Lochy collapsed ontop of me, the squishing sound of our cum was very sexy, yet kinda gross as they were combined by his sudden drop. He rest his head next to mine and whispered into my ear. "I fucking love you, Dan. And I want to do this with you forever"