Holly Body by the pool

Holly Body by the pool
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Last Saturday night he dropped in to Cinema X, and he was horny as hell. He saw a big guy in the parking lot with lots of tattoos and an earring surrounded by a group of 3 or 4 guys of a similar description.

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He went on in, paid his $6 and entered the dark theatre. He had trouble with his eyes adjusting, but made his way to his usual seat on an aisle at the rear of the front section, where he hoped guys would come and take their cocks out for him to suck. It wasn't long. A guy who looked familiar came and stood next to him, his cock semi-hard, hanging out of his zipper. George reached up with his left hand and began to stroke the guy's penis, which quickly hardened and lengthened.

He took the pre-cum and smeared it around the head of the guys cock, causing him to gasp.


George turned his head in the guy's direction. "Can I suck your cock?", George asked. "Yes", he breathed. He turned and George took the cock into his mouth.

He sucked the head gently and rolled his tongue around the soft skin of the head, then sucked it deeper, running his tongue up and down the underside. He flicked the sensitive frenelum with his tongue, causing the guy to gasp. He then put his hands on the guy's ass and pulled it toward him, taking the shaft a few inches deeper.

He pulled his head back so only the tip remained in his mouth, then dipped his head forward taking nearly all of the cock into his mouth. The guy moaned out loud. George then began bobbing his head back and forth, sucking voraciously. He then pulled the guy's ass hard against him, driving his cock into George's throat, and up to the hilt, so that his lips were in the guy's pubic hair.

He sucked the shaft and licked it with his tongue as much as the space in there would allow. "God, I'm coming" the guy yelled. George held him deep and could feel the pulsations begin to rack the guy's body. He came in great spasms, unloading large gobs of come directly into George's throat.

George pulled out a little so he could taste the come more. He sucked hard and swallowed just as hard.

The sweet salty sperm slid smoothly down his throat. He swallowed it all. The guy bent down and kissed him on the lips, tasting his own come. "That's the 2nd time you've sucked my cock, and you're the best. I'm Jim, by the way." "I'm George, and you taste good.

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I'll suck you off any time." They then exchanged a deeper kiss, and Jim disappeared up the aisle and out through the curtains. George became aware of his own cock, constrained inside his pants, so he opened them and pulled it out.

It was quite hard and he stroked it. He kind of wanted someone to suck him off. Just then another stranger slid into the seat next to him and watched him stroke himself.

It turned George on to know he was being watched. The guy was obviously new here. "Want to touch it?". The guy nodded and reached for it stroking it carefully.

"Ever tasted cum?" George asked. "Only my own". The guy answered.

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"Want to taste mine?", George asked. "I'd like to, but I don't know if I can," the guy answered. "It's easy," George said, "just keep stroking it, lean your head over and take the tip in your mouth, and wait for a few minutes.

When I come, you'll be the first to know." The guy kept stroking, but didn't lean over. George asked if he liked the taste of his own cum. The guy nodded yes. George said, "Then you'll probably like the taste of mine." George felt his orgasm begin to climb as the guy stroked him hard and well- harder and harder. His head flew back, "Oh God!" he squeaked, trying to keep his voice down.

He came, with a crash, thrusting his hips into the guy's hand. His first squirt landed on the guy's forearm, and for the second, the guy did bend over and engulf the tip of his cock in his lips. The rest of George's cum went into his mouth.

"I did like it." The guy said, "but I'm still not a fag." "Neither am I, but I still like coming here to suck and be sucked and to get my ass drilled from time to time." "My wife wouldn't like that.


She'd be afraid of AIDS." "And she doesn't mind you sucking off strangers?" "No. In fact it was her idea I come here and do it. She wants to taste the cum on my lips." "Kinky!

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I'd like to meet her, if that were ever appropriate." "I'll have to see if she wants to go that far. I'm Jack, by the way." They shook hands and jack slipped out and was gone. George cleaned up a little and left himself, satisfied with his night at Cinema X.

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Several weeks later, he was at the Cinema, he saw Jack again, but Jack was sitting with another guy and hadn't seen him. He sat 2 rows behind them so he could watch.

They made out for awhile then the other guy bent his head over Jack's lap and the head disappeared from George's view. He knew jack was getting his cock sucked, so George stepped over the intervening row so he was directly behind Jack. He pulled out his hardening cock and laid it on Jack's shoulder.

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Jack was a bit startled, but took only a second to readjust his thinking and take George's cock in his mouth- only the tip at first. Jack tapped the guy sucking him off on the shoulder, then began to suck George more convincingly as the other guy straightened up and began to watch. George was able to push his cock surprisingly far into Jack's mouth, for a newcomer.

Jack bobbed and George thrust, till George came. Jack took it all into his mouth. As soon as George was finished jack turned and kissed the guy with him. They kissed long and deeply. George was amazed. Then the guy's cap fell off and George discovered that it was a woman who was with Jack.

She was obviously sucking some of the cum out of his mouth. It was obviously Jack's wife- the kinky woman who wanted to taste my cum on his lips. Jack had her stand up and introduced us. She appeared to be a plump number. "What can I do for you two?" I asked, "You seem to be here to have some adventures, and maybe I can help." "Yes, I think so," she replied in a somewhat sultry voice, opening her blouse quickly.

She exposed to me a set of large, natural full breasts, heavy and fairly saggy. She had huge nipples set in large puffy dark brown aureoles. Her nipples were quite hard. "Pinch my nipples!" I did, quite hard I thought. She moaned and said, "Harder." I increased the pressure of my pinching on her nipples considerably, causing her to cry out in pain, "Oh fuck!!!

Harder yet, you stud, make me cum!" I began to roll them between my thumb and forefinger, pinching as hard as I had been. Her husband rubbed her pussy through her jeans, as her legs were rather wide set.

He slapped her pussy hard several times as I continued to roll her nipples, pinching them as hard as I could. His other hand was behind her and it looked like he might have been rubbing against her asshole as his other hand drummed on her clit.

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She came rather noisily, drawing attention of other patrons, who seemed to be gathering around watching. I gave her large breasts another rapid up and down with her nipples, then let them go. She cried with joy and pleasure and her legs gave way, so she was seated on the back of the seat in front of her. One stranger on her left moved in and quickly unbuttoned, unzipped, and pulled off her jeans. His cock was out, was hard and was big. He spread her legs even wider, moved in, inserted his cock, and slowly pushed in all the way to the hilt.

She let out a long cry of pleasure as the guy hit bottom. He began to stroke in and out of her, slowly at first, then faster. Her husband was behind her now, massaging both of her breasts, pinching the nipples, squeezing the globes.

She yelped as the stranger fucked her harder and harder. Her husband was now giving her hard kisses. "You like getting fucked by this stranger," he asked.

"Yes! Oh, yes!!" she answered. Then she came again, and again was noisy about it. We had quite a crowd drawn by now. The stranger came now, gleefully and lustfully pushing as deeply into her as he could. He kissed her deeply, zipped up and left the theatre. I stepped over the remaining row of seats, sat down in front of Jack, and took his very hard cock in my mouth. His wife watched entranced as I sucked off her husband in front of all these people.

She was fingering herself, then I could see her thrust several fingers into her sopping cunt. All this I could see out of the corner of my eye. When Jack came, he came hard. I had to work hard to swallow all of his jism. With that we were all tapped out, so we all got dressed, and walked out of Cinema X.

We exchanged contact information and agreed to meet again.