SHAWNA indian Booty perked up Goya

SHAWNA indian Booty perked up Goya
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You have just had a lovely meal and are sat around chatting when there is a knock at the door. Helen goes to answer it and when she returns a few minutes later she is naked and white faced. You all stare in horror as you notice the gun at the back of her head, your husband jumps up, but the gunman pushes Helen at him and she falls into his arms. Sit the fuck back down he says and no one will get hurt. Mark keeps glancing around looking for a weapon of any kind he can use, when the gunmen points at him and says I really would'nt if I was you.

He sits down at a chair and the gun hovers pointing at each one in turn returning to your Husband you prick stand up. Now slowly strip. Please No you say, Dear God. He strips and the gunman says you boy, whats your name, at your son. Mark he replies. Well son you next STRIP he shouts.

You look on in horror as one by one your families are laid bare until it is your turn, you slowly strip, you had dressed well for the evening, stockings and heels hoping that the end of the night would be pleasurable, but not ending like this. Leave the heels and stockings on the gunman says and sit back down.

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You glance around, seeing your family naked, when the gunman says to your husband you on the floor now. Reluctantly he stands and lies down. You notice then a large bag at the side of the gunman, he calls you over and says take it and open it. Inside you see rope, cuffs, spreader bars and duct tape. He tells you to take the spreader bar and attach one to each of the men's legs and to wrap the tape around their wrists tight.

You cannot believe how passive your son and husband, not offering any resistance as you bind them. You kneel at each in turn unable not to notice the difference in cock size, your sons noticeably thicker before looking away. He tells you to sit back down, then looks at Helen, you are underdressed compared to this one he says. Pointing the gun at you. Go and put some stockings and heels on like your mother, and be quick.

Before you go, I want to see every mobile phone on that table now. She empties out pockets and finds your sons and husbands, she gets hers from her handbag and goes to yours. No you say let me get it.

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Well something to hide says the gunman? Bring it here then go and do as I say. Don't try the phone I cut the line before I came in. Please no, no you say as he tips your bag out.

Lying there with all your make up is a large vibrator. Well well well, what have we here. You blush.

Your husband looks shocked, not seen this then eh says the gunman. You can hear your daughter moving about upstairs when the gunman stands and moves across to you. Stand up he says then traces lines over your body with the gun, your nipples harden as the barrel strokes them.

Put tape over their mouths he says and then put it over yours. You do as he says, suddenly you moan as you feel him grab your hair, unable to shout. He pulls you roughly over to your son and forces you down. Positioning you over his face your pussy over his mouth you stare in horror as your mouth is now inches from his flaccid cock. You struggle to move but you feel the stinging slap of his hand on your bottom and your body jerks in pain grinding yourself on your sons face.

Don't fucking move he shouts. And begins taping your wrists to your sons legs then feel as he removes your sons wrist ties and tapes them to you. You are tied to him tightly unable to move. Your husband is rolling around he cannot get up to help.

There you are tied to your son your pussy inches from his face, his cock inches from yours. Please no you say don't let Helen see this, you can hear her as she comes down the stairs. As she enters the room you moan and begin to cry. She looks beautiful in your stockings and heels, you notice her pert breasts and shaven pussy, how her lips hang down.

You wonder how this night will end. Your husband lies there, struggling against his binds when the gunman walks over and kicks him viciously in the side, he screams behind the tape and tears of pain form in his eyes. The gunman waves it at your daughter and says same position little one, she walks slowly over you notice she does not seem afraid but put that out of your mind, your head drops down and jerks back as your lips fall to your sons cock.

Looking to your daughter you see her being tied to your husband, with one difference, you watch as the gunman safe now lays the gun to one side. He takes your husbands cock and sliding it up and down pushes Helens face onto it and into her mouth.

Stay don't move he says and then puts tape around her neck holding her with your husbands cock firmly in her mouth. He does the same to you, tying you with your Marks thick cock firmly in your mouth. You feel it twitch and slightly harden.

No please you think not this not my son. The gunman sits down and pulls a camera and stand out and sets it up then a video camera and computer attaches them saying we need to record this for posterity. When finished he begins explain what is going to happen.

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You girls are going to start sucking those cocks until they are hard, or things will only get worse. Worse you think how can things get any worse. You shake your head no I wont.

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Without any warning the switch strikes your bare arse and your pussy grinds down hard on Marks face his cock twitches in your mouth.

Three times it strikes your arse and you moan around his ever hardening cock. Helen as see it all and starts to suck but you still hold back. The intruder steps back and you hear the sound of the swish falling and tense but you hear the grunt from Helen. Suck he says or she gets more, and with that the swish falls again.

She is sucking furiously at her fathers cock and grinding her pussy in his face as reluctantly you start. You glance over and see the lust in her eyes as her cheeks go in and out but more you see how hard his cock has become.

His face wet with her juices. Your son is moving his face from side to side as he tries to get away from your pussy but all it does is tease you as he involuntarily rubs his nose across your clit. The intruder attaches a spreader bar to yours and Helens legs causing your pussy to fall lower then attaches it to the ones holding your husbands and sons apart pulling them tight so their legs are raised.

Both mens cocks are hard now filling yours and Helens mouth, Oh god where is this going to end. He has looked through your bags and knows your name, and he says as his fingers probe you well well Sandra you are wet, is Marks cock to your taste? He pulls out and replaces it with your dildo set on low buzz you hear more tape as he straps it to you deep inside and you moan.

You see him pull a huge one out and go to Helen inserts it gently between her lips before ramming it deep in her, causing her to scream around her fathers cock and watch is it is turned high and taped in her.

Both of you are filled both ends and both cannot help being turned on with pussies filled and your hips begin to grind lower wanting needing a tongue on your clits. There is a thud and your eyes open and between the legs of the men you see an inflatable plug, Jesus Christ you think. Watching as the intruder probes Marks arsehole greasing it, wiping his fingers on your mouth and under your nose you can smell shit and pull back but unable to go anywhere.

Watching in horror and fear for your son as the plug is inserted in him and pumped filling him causing him to scream. The same thing happens to your husband the cries are louder again you notice your daughters eyes, glazed and full of lust.

Keep sucking you cunts the intruder shouts and slaps each arse hard in turn. You hear a tap running and after a short time he returns with two makeshift stands and 2 enema bags attaching them to the plug, well designed allowing an enema to be given while inside. You can feel your sons stomach swelling as he is filled, pushing against your tits then watch as your husband gets the same treatment. I have a special treat for you girls the intruder says when I think you are ready.

The buzzing in your pussy gets louder as it is turned up and feel yourself getter wetter, sure that your daughter is probably enjoying it more than you as you can hear her moans around his cock. You feel the coldness of cream being poured on your ass and fingers begin probing your bottom please no not an enema. You feel his fingers 1, 2 3 filling you.

Then see the same thing happen to Helen but she is enjoying it her cheeks pumping as she sucks at her fathers cock. It goes quite and you think he has gone but you soon hear the door closing and whimpering is heard from the hallway. When 2 large hounds but through the door. Dear God NO. They snuffle around sniffing smelling and suddenly you feel the cold nose against you a tongue licking you tasting your juices, the same is happening next you Helen moans and gurgles around your husbands cock.

You feel the tape peeled off and the dildo is pulled out the dogs tongue replaces it licking deep inside and without warning you cum hard pouring your juices over Mark. You can taste his pre cum instantly it happens and then the weight on your back as the dog tries to enter you probing stabbing trying to find a hole. First one then the other hole is probed, each time Marks cock twitches in your mouth.

You can hear him saying over and over sorry Mum sorry each time it twitches.

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Finally the dog enters you your pussy stretching to fit and he begins fucking you hard and fast, you can feel him growing thickening inside you with each thrust. Despite everything you feel the disgust and shame another orgasm building. Helen screams and takes your attention for a second the dogs cock has found her arse and is fucking her hard, that will teach you, you think for getting lustful over your Dads cock.

The thought only lasts for a second as you feel the cock getting bigger the knot swelling inside you as hot loads of cum spurt in you. The knot huge inside you, holding you, locking you to him. The dog has made you his bitch. The thrusting has stopped and you feel full of cock and cum. He tries to dismount dragging you, stretching your all ready distended pussy but stays locked inside, cum oozing from you dripping onto Mark.

His cock twitches and you feel your son cum, cum deep in your mouth, tasting him, you cannot get away all you can do is swallow as another orgasm hits your throbbing cunt. Helen is in agony as the dog has knotted in her arse but you notice your husband's cock harder and stiffer in her mouth.

You see his face and his tongue is licking her.


You depraved piece of shit you want to say. You watch as he licks the cum on her young pussy dripping with cum from the dog. With a loud plop the dog pulls from you and cum gushes out filling Marks mouth and like his Dad his tongue starts licking you, cleaning you, you can feel your bladder burst with the building orgasm filling him with your piss and a mix of yours and dog cum.

His cock you notice has not gone down staying hard inside you. You stare as Helen moans the cock pulling from her OMG the size of it, it is huge and swollen as the knot pulls out and so much cum. You watch as the cum pours from stained brown with her shit, all the time your husband is licking her and you are thinking why now why is this such a turn on for them.

All the things you have wanted him to do he is doing to your daughter.

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She is cumming and cumming screaming around your husband's cock as his hips heave forcing more in her mouth. You stare still sucking on Marks hard cock in your mouth, feeling as the juices run from you, stare as your daughter lets go a strong stream of piss covering the face of your husband.

You hear the swish of the cane not knowing where or who it will strike and hear the wet splatter as it does not hit you. Turning quickly almost losing Marks cock, you watch as a second blow falls down the slit of your daughter Helen. Watching her body as it pulls away and forward watching as her throat swells with your husband's cock down it. All you can hear is muffled moans, when the cane strikes you the tip just missing your clit and the order to Mark lick it lick your Mums cunt make her cumlet the bitch squeal around your cock.

As the cane falls again on the puffy lips. You cannot help yourself grinding on his face as his tongue runs up and down your wet slit, you know he is licking and sucking dog cum from you.

You are lost, your cunt dripping your orgasm building with each lick of his tongue, God you think cumming, I am going to cum in my boy's mouth.


Without thinking you follow your husband's lead and grind yourself harder on your son's face wanting release as you suck his cock you cum and you feel everything go with it, your bladder gives way like your daughter Helen's and you pour piss into his mouth. Your front room smells of sex and piss, you can taste your son's cum on your tongue, his cock never going down hard in your mouth.

The intruder is laughing, watching as both men in your life swallow piss from your pussies. When you feel his hands on you rolling you over, you stare up seeing and remembering the plug tightly inserted in his swollen arsehole. Remembering what was in there. You feel a knock against your head and your eyes turn in that direction. It was Helen's foot as she was also rolled over, you can see your husband's cock in her mouth and like Mark a tight plug inside him. What now you think as the intruder kneels by you stroking yours and Helens face, you watch as the tape is removed from the neck of Helen and stare as your husband's cock is removed stroked several times by the intruder the head swollen before being pushed forward pointing towards your daughters tits his balls resting on her lips.

The same happens to you and you see the full size of Marks cock as the intruder strokes it inches from your lips, you see his cum on the end and despite your fear and horror your tongue licks it off. You hear your husband grunt and turn, his plug removed fast without letting it down and then the rush of the water pouring from him, brown and smelling you watch noticing Helen has a nose clip her mouth open to breathe as the stinking water pours from him.

Filling her mouth. OMG this cannot be happening you think, My innocent daughter her mouth filled with her father's cum and now his shit and water, you can hear her choking as she tries to spit it out. You never noticed that your mouth was open in horror until it was too late. As Marks plug was pulled your mouth fills with his shit and the water from the enema, you unconsciously swallow it chewing the hard lumps. Your mind thinks back to the times you have chatted on line and so wanted this to happen but only in fantasy.

Tears roll down your head as your face is covered in the contents of your son's bowels.

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You cum again unknowingly your cunt is on fire with lust but the horror that it is your children forced to endure this is driving you mad. As his arse closes you feel the hand move over your lips and Marks cock is brought back to your mouth you do not need tape you suck at it willingly not caring about the rest. Your head bobboing up to meet it, sucking it deep in your mouth.

You need his cum, but more you want to let him go soft so you can drink his piss. Drink your sons piss as you are tied together. As his tongue laps at your clit you feel him swell inside your mouth and the hot jets of his second load fill your mouth but this time you can suck and taste it on your tongue.

Mark knows somehow how what you want and you feel his hot piss suddenly flow and you drink him down savouring him. It is then you hear Helen her voice coming through vaguely. Yes Daddy yes Daddy more more. It is then you notice they are not taped together. You notice your husband is on top driving his cock deep inside your daughter filling her young cunt with the cock you have enjoyed for years.

His head goes back and he grunts, Helen screams yes Daddy fill me, fill my cunt with your spunk her legs around his waist as his cock fills her. WTF is going on you think when the intruder turns you yet again once more you are on top. The tape is removed from your legs and a spreader bar fitted, opening you wide.

You are moved about and your legs taped to your waist your ass high in the air. One by one your arms are released and retied to the side of your body forcing your body down and your ass higher.

You watch as your son stands and watches as Helen moves her legs either side of your face, lick me Mum lick my cunt clean of Dad's cum, you shake your head when feel the hard bite of the cane on your arse.

Taking her cue Helen moves forward her wet cum filled pussy now on your lips. Lick me Mum and do it now, make me cum. You are shaking your head no no no not this please. Roll her over Mark you hear Helen say, and you are roughly turned. Looking up you see your daughters ravaged arse from the dog wet swollen, her pussy dripping your husband's cum as she lowers herself on you.

Lick me NOW you filthy cunt she hisses. Do it Sandra your husband says clean my cum from her. You moan and as you moan you feel the lips of your pussy part as a hard cock fills you. You finally do as you are asked and lick her you lick deep inside tasting her.

OMG what am I doing as the cock speeds up, who is fucking me why are all my family doing this and who is the fucking intruder. As the moans from Helen get louder she lets fly with all the force she can muster a jet of piss which fills you, chokes you, salty and bitter. As you swallow you hear moans as whoever is fucking you cums and withdraws quickly. You are lifted up and placed on the coffee table the coolness of it making you gasp. Please tell me what is going on you sob.

They all look around and Helen begins. You have got to be the dumbest woman alive Mum, you left your computer on and I found it. I have read everything you have ever written, you really are perverted aren't. Such a filthy bitch. Well like you I got caught by Mark watching through the door one day and one thing led to another and your son and I have been fucking for 6 months now, and I have to say what a fuck maybe soon he will let you feel his cock in you.

But for now we are going to play, Oh and Dad well Dad has been fucking me far longer than Mark, ever wondered why he is too tired to fuck you because my cunt has sucked him dry hasn't it Daddy. Your husband blushes. Let me fucking well go you scream Not yet says Helen we have not finished with you yet.

Such a dirty depraved bitch like you is never satisfied. It is then you feel once again the snuffling sound as a cold nose probes you a tongue licking deep in you. You feel rough hands pull you towards the head of the table and looking down you see a Great Dane his cock hanging from him huge purple and red dripping cum.

Before you can say anything his paws go high landing on the spreader bar forcing your knees onto your tits his cock sliding over you against your clit around your pussy and asshole. He misses and he slides fisrst into your arse, as you scream he pulls out and drives deep inside your pussy, you scream again as he gets his rhythm driving his cock deep in you, bigger than your toys is'nt Sandra says your husband laughing.

He has a hold of your feet his cock still hard with Helen stroking him. She is poking it at your mouth, go on Daddy do it piss on her while you are hard, piss all over her as she is getting fucked by Bruno. All the years you have wanted him to do this and finally he does it when you are being fucked by a dog. Helen lets go of him and moves around d you, your husband's cock lets fly hot piss covering your face and tits, when he grabs your wet hair and raises you up watch Sandra watch this.

You see your sweet who you thought innocent daughter pull the dog from you and her lips swallow the dog his hips driving his cock in her mouth, you watch shocked as your little girls cheeks swell as the dog cums in her mouth and as he pulls away moves to your lips.

Kissing you she lets his cum fill your mouth her tongue inside your mouth swirling it around, her hands on your breast suddenly pinching hard at your nipples. You moan and cum again as you swallow the sweet liquid she has given you. She moves back to your pussy her fingers softly stroking you, I always wondered what you looked like here, where me and Mark popped out of.

Her fingers sliding in and out, the intruder says prepare her I will be back shortly and disappears out the door. You feel her fingers sliding in and out until finally she pushes hard and her hand enters you feeling her make a fist. She fucks you hard her fist in and out of your pussy pulling out before driving back in you.

Join me Mark lets see if our lovely Mother can take more, no no no you beg as his fingers slide in with Helens. Make them stop you plead as you feel their hands entwine and they fuck you stretching you wider. You watch as they kiss your husband joining them, watching in utter horror as first Helen then Mark suck him.

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Dear God in heaven when did they get this perverted and never invite me. Mummy says Helen remember I said I had found your computer that day, well I have to confess I did get turned on, and I have been chatting to one of your men, he will be back soon.

He has got to be the filthiest you have ever talked to. The things he writes about. I have one more surprise for you before he gets back and I introduce him. You feel empty as her hand withdraws from you and she moves around to your face. Her bottom over you as she lowers herself to your mouth. Lick my arsehole Mum stick your tongue inside me. You do as she asks and lick her tasting her, feeling her strain she farts loud and hard into your mouth and then you feel it on your lips the hardness of your daughter's turd pushing out.

Eat it Mum, eat my shit. You really have no choice your arms are tied to your body, it slides into your mouth, now chew Mummy chew my shit, you have no choice you chew tasting her bitter and sweet at the same time.

Chewing staining your mouth. You feel her push again and more comes out covering your nose you can smell it, horrid but arousing. She moves away your eyes are closed and you feel her fingers massaging what is not in your mouth over your face and onto your tits.

Mark and your husband join her massaging it into you as you chew all taking it in turns to kiss you tasting your shit stained lips, well well you hear we have been busy. The intruder returns, Mark outside, you know what to do. He comes over and pinches your cheeks your mouth opens looks like Helen has fed Sandra, does it taste good, before you can say anything he stands and pulls out his dick, after being outside I need to piss open wide. You comply and his bitter acrid piss fills your mouth.

Helen, hubby here kneel I am sure you both want to taste it. Helen kneels mouth open eager to receive the intruders piss and to your amazement your husband waits expectantly mouth open as his piss fills both mouths they kiss sharing it swallowing it. Who are you, you say. Well Sandra you know me as Bob me and your daughter and this filthy family have been playing while you were not around. It would seem your daughter is just like you Sandra a filthy little piss drinking shit eating slut.

Who also seems to like her daddies and brothers cock inside her not ot mention the odd animal. You fucking bastard you scream what have you done, it was fantasy I wanted not this. Fuck off you wanted this all along did'nt you. You wanted to taste your husband's piss, maybe not your daughter or sons but hell I know what a dirty cunt you are and what turns you on gets you wet Sandra.

But you do not know it all does she Helen I wink at her. She smiles. No Mum I have read everything you have had and what you write back. You have the blame for this not Bob. But hell the ride is amazing. and you really have not seen everything yet. We have more in store for you before the night is out. Your cunt mother dear she says slapping you on the open pussy hard is going to be stretched to the limit.

Mark come back in alone, your son enters but you can hear movement in the hall. It is about time you 3 show your poor sub of mother what you do together, especially with 3 or 4 Viagra you will not be going down tonight boys.

Helen lies down on her back as Mark gets on top 69ing her his cock in her mouth and licking her pussy hard mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm she moans. Pulling away she quickly says now Daddy do it. Her young mouth returning to her brothers cock your husband moves behind and slowly enters your son, fucking him slowly forcing his cock deeper in Helen's mouth, all you can do is watch in awe.

As Helen cums she quickly moves around as the men lie side by side and she lets Mark slip inside her wet pussy, father fucking son as son fucks your not so innocent daughter. Daddy I want to suck your shitty cock says Helen before you fuck me in the arse, I want to feel both of you inside me.

I move to your head and whisper in your ear watch them Sandra watch them fucking her does it make you wet my Love, I know it does I know your cunt is sopping and wanting to be filled. I know what a truly filthy slut you are. Watch as they cum inside her watch as they both fill her holes with spunk Sandra. You are moaning, Mark now I say and he jumps up and runs to the door. He leads in your new horse the young stallion you could not resist buying.

A beauty Sandra I say, I am going to let you go and you will do everything I tell you to do wont you My Love. You nod your head resigned to what awaits you. Undoing your restraints I pull you gently up fondling you kissing you. Kneel at the horses cock Sandra kneel and Helen will help you. It will be OK Mum she says.

His cock is amazing. As she reaches to grasp him moving her hands roughly over the horse finally making his cock fall softly out. Help her Sandra I say feel how hot his cock is. I watch as you begin feeling him, suck it Sandra suck that horses cock feel it between your lips because soon he is going to fuck the life out of you.

You do as you are told sucking on the length of his shaft feeling it grow feeling Helens fingers around it stroking him harder, her other hand stroking your pussy feeling you she looks at me and says Bob she is ready, Mark bring the table over and lay your mother on it, you have my permission to finger and kiss her if you want. Mark lays you gently on the table just the right height kissing your lips you hear him say I love you Mum as his fingers slide in you forcing your cunt wider filling you.

Now I say and you feel the head of the horses' mushroom cock fill you and he drives forward. You scream at first in pain as half the shaft enters you and soon you are pushing yourself forward taking more in. Faster and faster he fucks you more more you scream your family close by watching as the horse bucks inside you.

Finally letting lose a pint of cum deep inside you. Spraying cum flies out of your pussy covering everyone. Rubbing it in their bodies. You lie there sated, fucked and abused beyond reason.

I lead the horse out back and let him go knowing he cannot escape. Returning to the front room I watch as your perverted family lick and suck your cunt swallowing the cum sharing it with you. I know that the rest of the night will see you tied and whipped by your son, fucked again and again by your husband and daughter.

And I know you will eventually come to me and straddle me taking my cock inside you kiss me and tell me I am a bastard but I am your bastard. Riding me till I cum deep inside you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx