Sexy milf and teen pleasuring each other

Sexy milf and teen pleasuring each other
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Chapter 1 I am now a 25 year old man who likes to write fictional sex stories with characters from my past this story was a decade ago. This is mostly a background story to a series I am planning.

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To start off I was about five foot eight inches at the time and weighed about 130, I wasn't ripped but I ran cross country which kept me in shape. In addition my cock at the time was about seven inches and rather slender.When I was fifteen I finally had a girlfriend, her name was Mikaela. She was about four foot eleven inches with white hair, almost matching my very blonde buzz-cut.

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She could have passed off as a twelve year old with her soft pretty face, slender waist and hips, and small tits. They had obviously just began to grow and I masturbated to them quite often before I finally got the chance to date her. We lost our virginities to each other after dating for six months but that is not my story. The story I will tell is of a event that changed my sex life for the better. Mikaela came over to my house one day when my parents were gone.

We made love on a consistent basis since she was on the pill and my parents were not around much. We quickly got down to business, which included my face in her crotch. Over my 3 months of sex with her I quickly learned how to eat a girl out. I would slowly lick her inner thighs until she would get so frustrated she would roll me over and sit on my face forcing me to go straight to her cunt.

As I started to tongue fuck her tiny slit she would start moaning "Oh yes David drink my cunt juices don't stop ohhhhh yes David" Right before she orgasmed she would grab the back of my head and force it right into her pussy while she screamed in ecstasy.

By this point my cock was a steel rod from inhaling her heavenly pussy aroma. She knew my favorite sex positions and would please me after I gave her that body rattling orgasm. I got on the bed and she straddled me in the classic cowgirl position.

I loved watching he tiny little body bounce up and down on my cock. Her pussy gripped my cock and it felt like heaven.

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I grabbed her slender waist and started to slam he roughly on my cock, just the way she likes it. As she starts moaning again I can feel her orgasm coming on through her muscle contractions. I quickly slip two fingers into her little asshole and this sends her over the edge and she squirts her love juice all over me.

She slides off of my cock and we start spooning, just like we normally do after sex. "Mikaela you are the best girlfriend I could ask for you are pretty smart. It also helps that you are an absolute animal in bed. I like a girl who is a little aggressive.


Can I ask you a question?" "Sure David what is it" "Have you ever had sex with anyone other than me" "Not with another man David, but I have tried some lesbian stuff" "Are you kidding me?" "Nope I'm not teasing you a group of my friends experiment at parties all the time.

We started at about thirteen and have loved it ever since. Speaking of that we love playing with each other, but sometimes we want a real cock not some plastic toy.

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Would you be willing to fuck some of the girls from this group to pleasure them. I wouldn't mind sharing you David." "I would love to honey let's set the date for the first one" Chapter 2 Alora For some reason I was nervous before my mystery fuck buddy came over. I paced back and forth by the door waiting, finally the door bell rang out and I answered it. To my surprise it was Alora. Alora looks very similar to Mikaela except she has brown hair and his slightly taller. She has the same petite frame that I lust after in all girls.

She was very shy and I was surprised she was a kinky girl at the age of fourteen. I invited them in and got them something to drink.

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Mikaela had Coke and Alora had a Sprite. To break the ice I started asking questions. "So Alora I hear you like to fool around a little what is your bra size?" she looked down at the ground, embarrassed and responded, "My tits are so small I still have to wear a training bra." "That's nothing to be ashamed of" I responded " I love firm little boobs like those, next question, what is your favorite sex act to be on the receiving end of?" She responded almost immediately "That's easy, Mikaela knows this one.

I love to be fisted." I almost came right there, this 14 year old with training bra sized tits can be, and enjoys being fisted. I couldn't wait any longer.

I spoke " Enough questions, let's start fucking." with that I lead them into my parents bedroom where we all stripped down to our birthday suits.

Alora immediately started sucking on my dick, without hesitation or me asking. At the same time Mikaela started nibbling on Alora's budding nipples.

I rarely get blow-jobs which is ok, but man was she amazing. After a couple minutes Alora took me all the way into the back of her throat and started to hum, sending vibrations down my stiff rod.

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I lost my control and came straight down he throat. She took all of it like a champion and didn't complain at all.


This was obviously not her first time and I asked her "Where have you sucked a prick before?" "No, I'm not telling you would think I'm a pervert and disgusting." "Your secret is safe with us" I said "Come on and tell." She quickly ended this conversation by bending over the bed and spreading her pussy lips. I drove right into her and compared her to Mikaela. She wasn't as tight as Mikaela but was still pretty good.

Once again this obviously wasn't her first time since she started to grind her clit against me every time I thrust. She started to moan and as she climaxed as I did I heard her scream a name, it was Josh.

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Holy shit I thought, Josh is her younger brother. I asked her "Are you fucking your younger brother." Alora said " Yes I am the secret is out.

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I know I'm a sock person for doing it but he fucks me so well." I don't think so I think we should bring him in eventually since I can't service all the fine young women from these lesbian origies. I