Handsome young men Briand and Logan

Handsome young men Briand and Logan
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Please Rate and comment Prior: Missing Mom Prior: Missing Mom Hard Breeding Prior: Missing Mom -3 Bred Like a Dog Prior: Missing Mom -4 Preggo Slut Party Prior: Missing Mom -5 No Pity Preggo Slut Prior: Missing Mom -6 Preggo Movie Star Ricky has kidnapped Jolene and has her at home with his girlfriend Kendra.

Ricky had already fucked her once. The abuse continued with a brutal breeding session with Ricky and Kendra. Ricky and Kendra take the bitch to a Poker Party to get money to pay the bills.

Abused at the poker party, the next morning Doc Rosen advises rest even as he abuses her himself. Ricky and Kendra Pimp her out, Flush with money they get a delivery of movie equipment. The delivery men and then relatives join for a brutal gang bang. "Guys, hold her legs wide open." "Higher, bend them back." Without warning, Amy brutally shoved the head of the cock up Jolene's puckered ass." "AGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH" screamed Jolene. the black cock penetrated twisting and turning.

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Jolene arched up, her preggo belly jutting above her. "Bitch, what you screaming about, that was only three inches." Laughed Amy. ============================================================= Four Month's Later.

Kendra and Ricky were living good, Kendra quit her waitress job. There was good money coming in from Jolene. Every day men and women would stop by for time with Jolene providing a steady flow of cash if even in modest amounts. Her preggo belly was really poppin and her milky tits were nicely enlarged.

The door opened and Seth came in followed by two husky black guys. Seth, the mover, had become a regular visiting twice a week. "Hey guys, these are the two club owners I told you about." Ricky and Kendra liked the money coming in but were looking to make a bigger score.

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Seth knew a couple black guys who ran a club in town. "This is Simon and Mason." "They heard about Jolene and are interested in her for a weekend at the club. ""I think we might be able to get together on something for this knocked up bitch you been hoe'in out. Kendra went to the bedroom to get Jolene. "Get the Fuck up, you got visitors." "NO Please, let me rest.

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I can't do it any more." "Move it, lazy cunt. NOW" Screamed Kendra. Slowly Jolene walked into the kitchen. Simon and Mason started laughing when they saw Jolene. The chain hobbling her legs clattered along the floor. She wore tight skimpy shorts and white t-shirt cut off so her belly hung out. "That's exactly what we want, knocked up white slut trash." "Get your white ass over here.

" Laughed Simon. He ran his hands over her poppin belly. Mason reached from behind her and squeezed her nipples.

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Mason looked Jolene in eye. "Lets try you out." Kendra unlocked the chain hobbling Jolene's ankles. Mason pushed her over to the counter. "Stop Stop, my back hurts, my belly. NO NO." "Bend over and grab that counter." "Oh God stop/" Jolene bent over at the waist, arms stretched out holding the counter. Her big belly and tits hung down. Mason held a small glass under her left tit squeezing on her tit and nipple. Simon began working on the other side.

Small drops of milk began dripping into the glass. Jolene was crying, begging them to stop but not daring to move. Mason swirled the milk in his glass as he moved behind Jolene. Jolene shivered in fear as he pulled off her shorts. "Spread our fucking legs." "Wider." Mason pulled her cunt lips apart and poured a little milk in her and then over his black swollen cock.

"Go on, Fuck her yelled Kendra." "Fuck Her Fuck Her Fuck Her." Yelled Kendra, Mason pushed his swelled cock up and down her milky slit. "Fuck the Bitch Yelled Seth." Slowly Mason pushed inside Jolene shoving deep. His hips began to surge back and forth. Jolene's belly and tits began to sway violently back and forth as Mason jammed her harder and faster.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh" Jolene was screaming. She tried to pull away, stand up. Simon grabbed her by the hair pushing back to the counter. Mason held her by her hips as he continued pounding her from behind while Simon held her by her head to the counter.

Jolene screamed begging to him to stop. Ricky, Kendra and Seth were watching, laughing as her fat belly swayed front to back. Mason pulled his cock from her cunt and Simon pushed her to her knees. Mason rubbed his dick over her face, lips, eyes till he jacked his load over her face. "Lick it clean you cum faced Whore." The cum dripped off her face onto her preggo belly while she licked Masons cock.

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Seth, Ricky, Kendra and Simon stood around her in circle taunting her. Simon held her head up while they laughed. "Get the Fuck up." "Stand up." Jolene struggled to get to her feet.


"Smaaaack" Kendra slapped the back of her head. "Get Up." Up on her feet, Ricky pushed a small table behind her. Mason pushed her back while Mason and Simon pulled her up.

Jolene lay on the small table, her legs hanging over one end, her head over the other. "AHHHHH It hurts. Please." The helpless bitch lay on the small hard table, stretched out, moaning.

She tried to pull her head up. "Take me off this, PLEASE." They crowded around the table, Simon already hard stood between her legs, Ricky, Kendra and Seth along side.

Mason stood by her head. "My Turn laughed Simon." He pushed her legs up over his shoulders, already so hard he shoved himself inside her.

The table creaked as he began rocking her back and forth. Seth and Ricky leaded against the side of the table rubbing their cocks against her belly. "AGGGHHHHHHH" Jolene screamed when Kendra grabbed her breast with hand squeezing her nipple with another. Simon aroused even more by her screams fucked her faster.


Seth and Rick held her huge belly jacking their cocks against her. Jolene screamed louder her head hanging over the table screaming louder and louder. "God, No, Stop Stop." Mason grabbed the bitch's head by the hair, holding her face below his cock.

The table legs screeched against the floor, Simon jammed her faster and harder. Mason let loose a stream of piss over her face. Kendra slapped the tender breast meat. The two cocks rubbed against her belly.

Jolene coughed as the piss covered her face.


The brutal assault continued reaching a frenzy. Mason yelled as he came inside her, jamming against her brutally. Seth and Simon ejaculated over her preggo belly. Jolene's head hung down, her hair stringy with piss.

Her breasts were red from Kendra's slaps. "Take me off this table. Please. " Jolene tried to roll off but they pushed her back.

Her tits and belly pushed up, arms and legs and head hanging down. Simon and Mason walked around the table. Ricky and Seth held her in place.

Ricky pulled her legs apart.

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Simon ran his hand up and down her cunt, spreading her pussy lips. Mason pulled her head up by the hair running his hand over her face. Next they her checked her breasts and ran their hands over her belly. "Ok, looks like a deal" Simon took out of wad of bills. While the bitch lay helpless on the table Simon peeled off bills to use her for their club. (To Be Continued)