Getting sucked by an ugly old hag

Getting sucked by an ugly old hag
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When Christie awoke she had no idea where she was. Her head was groggy, and as her eyes cracked open slowly, she realised that her head had been bleeding, the dried blood splitting as her eyes opened.

The wet sensation on her face told her that it was recent; her beautiful blonde hair was sticking to her cheeks and was dangling in front of her face. She felt weak and was wondering how she was still sitting up. The answer to that swiftly forced its way into her senses as she became aware of the chains and manacles holding her wrists up, her body slumped forwards leaving her dangling in mid air with her knees out and her heels against the wall.

Painfully shifting her weight, Christie repositioned herself more comfortably on the stone ground with her back against the wall and her legs out along the floor, her arms still uncomfortably restrained above her. They felt sore and the blood was thumping inside them, not only because of the position they were in but Christie realised that it was that particular pulsating pain that came from small grazes and cuts.

Her palms and forearms had also been bleeding. From what she could tell she'd been dragged along the ground. Not good.

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Trying to gain an idea of where she was and how she got there Christie's mind was swirling in a maelstrom of thoughts. Looking around her she saw that she was in a cave of some sort, illuminated by a strange bioluminescent bluish light, pillars of rock spread about her. Her black t-shirt, the laced bra, and her tight jean shorts were still on, as were the panties she wore underneath, telling her that nothing untoward had happened to her. Yet. That chilling after-thought made her heart go cold.

Someone had to have put her into those manacles yet she had no idea who. The last thing she remembered was being down at the cove beach and wandering along the rocks looking for small pools with bright shells.

The time had flown as she had been traversing the rock pools and before she had realised the sun had begun its descent and was drifting slowly towards the horizon. Christie remembered standing to shade her eyes and look out at the beautiful sun and the lights that twinkled on the water as it dropped. She also remembered that as the sun came down the light had manipulated along the wall of the cove and briefly pierced the shadows to reveal a small entrance into the rock.

Intrigued, the girl had begun to step her way through the rocks to reach the wall. As she had been walking, the slimy algae on the rocks had slid underfoot and she had tumbled forward, managing to put her hands down to keep her head from hitting the hard rock, instead sacrificing some of the skin on her hands. As she had pushed herself up and cursed at the horrible sting of the grazes on her arms and the salty seawater adding to the pain, the last thing Christie remembered had been looking back down at the rocks and seeing, in the reflection of one of the small pools, a pair of yellow eyes right behind her head, followed by a dull pain to her head.

'What the fuck were those eyes' she thought to herself. 'More importantly how do I get the fuck out of here?' Christie began to feel the panic rising within her and she yanked furiously at the rusty chains above her trying to break them free from the cold stone wall, thrashing harder and harder as she realised they weren't moving and she was trapped. She was almost too scared to scream and began to cry silently.

Suddenly out among the pillars of rock came the slight echo of small stones rolling. Christie's tears stopped and she felt her heart began to pick up its pace slightly. Only silence in her ears. After calming down briefly her pulse shot up as the sound came again, closer this time, followed by a strange thumping and slithering sound which didn't dissipate.

Bringing her knees up to her chest, feeling terribly exposed, Christie prepared herself for what was coming.

The sound grew closer and closer and soon out of the semi-darkness a shape began to form. It looked like a man at first but as it came closer it thickened out and got taller, taller than a man by at least a head, maybe two, even with its slight hunch. The head was long and its legs and arms looked thick and well muscled. Christie deduced that it was the steps of the thing that was coming towards her that was making the dull, heavy thumps but what was that slithering sound?

Peering at the silhouette the gorgeous blonde girl took in a breath as she saw what lay between the shadow's legs. 'Could that be what I think it is?' She thought. The creature, as she now saw it was clearly not human, had a tail dragging behind it which was making the slithering sound as it was pulled over the wet stone floor. As it finally reached the light Christie saw two things about the creature which took her breath away.

First; the beast was completely covered in greenish-blue scales and rubbery spines, second; the tail wasn't the only thing that was between the creature's legs. Its massive member hung down loosely, unburdened by clothing of any sort as the gigantic Lizardman stepped up to where Christie lay chained. Although she was scared out of her wits, Christie couldn't help but feel enchanted by the alien beauty of the creature before her, as well as the things between its legs.

Bending down at the diminutive girl before him, the Lizardman reached out with it's scaled and taloned hand to cup her chin, forcing her to look into his blazing yellow eyes which lay atop his long snout-like skull. It was a peculiar hybrid of a snake and crocodile head, almost like one might imagine on a dragon although the creature had no wings to speak of that Christie could see. The eyes held her for a long moment, and as they held she felt herself relax, forgetting her fear and releasing something inside herself.

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The scaled hand felt rough and smooth at the same time, wet and cool against her face. The Lizardman actually smiled at her with an odd glint in its eyes, the sides of its face slitting open a little to reveal the rows of small pointed teeth that lay inside.

Sliding its taloned fingers down her chest without piercing the skin, leaving small white marks as they went, the Lizardman took hold of the generous bodice that lay under Christie's black shirt. Whimpering quietly at the creature's touch, Christie felt herself pushing her chest into his grasp, her body moving beyond her control. Between her legs there came a sudden dampness, sparked by the scintillating cold touch of the monster which had her restrained.

Hooking its fingers under her shirt the Lizardman ripped the front of it slightly to open it up and pulled it down her body and over her legs to throw it aside. The full curves of her breasts were now revealed, having been hidden behind the shapeless t-shirt.

The bra she was wearing cupped under her breasts, only just covering the aureole of the nipple, her creamy white skin highlighting the pure shimmering brightness of her long blonde hair which streamed down her shoulders with whispers of it lying on her bodice which heaved up and down with the long deep breaths she was taking.

Christie gasped as the long, thin tongue of the beast shot out of its mouth, swirling over her chest to slide under the cups of the bra to tickle the nipple that lay beneath.

The new sensation shocked Christie and she felt the dampness grow between her legs, the lips becoming damp with inner juices. The cold of the cave and the tongue ministering her caused her nipples to harden and grow, enabling the Lizardman to actually encircle the nipple with the tongue and massage it gently. Feeling almost disappointed as the creature retracted its tongue, Christie released the breath she had been holding in.

Ignoring the slightly displaced bra for a moment, the Lizardman got down on one knee and placed its hands on Christie's hips. Picking her up with ease in one large hand, the other used its thumb and forefinger claws to take hold of the tiny zipper which kept her jeans closed, pulling it down slowly, allowing the black panties to peek out. Having pulled the zipper its full way down, the forefinger reversed its direction and slid up the outside of the girl's panties, sending a chill up her spine as the claw created the barest amount of friction on her lower lips, and hooked under the button which was the last remaining restraint of the shorts, flicking upwards with no strain at all the beast tore off the button and the shorts came loose.

Just like the shirt, the shorts were pulled over Christie's creamy, smooth legs to be thrown aside. The impossibly long tongue came out once more and began to slowly slide up the side of Christie's left thigh; it almost felt as scaled as the rest of the Lizardman's body, and with a sudden flash of movement it shot out to the length of a snake and wrapped around her leg multiple times, squeezing the flesh with a lusty fervour.

Any fear from the blast of movement was forgotten by the blonde as the tip of the tongue pushed gently against the lips of her slit.

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The panties were treated with less respect than the other bits of clothing as another talon hooked under the side and pulled, snapping the small garment. With her panties removed the girl lay fully exposed to the monster before her, with only her bra partially covering the exquisite breasts on her chest. Christie's back arched involuntarily as the tongue entered into her damp pussy, and massaged gently inside it.

Her mind was racing as she knew she should be in terror of the beast but the warmth that was being generated in her core told her otherwise, the internal confliction confusing the girl. Her startlingly blue eyes were wide open with shock and pleasure.

Restrained by the manacles, Christie's lower body writhed and turned as the Lizardman's tongue swirled in between her lips, her upper mouth forming a slight O, letting out small sounds of pleasure as her breathing increased its pace to match the speed of her heart. Her juices steadily flowing Christie could feel the rising warmth of her impending climax inside her until, just as she reached the brink, the tongue receded and unwrapped from around her leg.

Panting like a puppy and somewhat dazed, Christie groggily got on her knees and looked up at the beast, making small sounds of protest as it stood up instead of finishing the job. While she thought that she had become incredibly aroused, more than any of her very limited sexual experiences, Christie now saw evidence that her scaled lover also had become excited at his actions.


The Lizardman's member which had been huge to begin with was now standing tall, thick, and long, long, long. Smoothly scaled similarly to a snake, the great phallus twitched with a life of its own and grew all the larger in Christie's eyes as the beast stepped up to her, placing his legs either side of her, its great cock at her face level, its tip twitched up and rested on her lips.

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Whimpering slightly, Christie hesitated for a moment before opening her mouth and sucking in half the head of the gigantic snake before her. The Lizardman growled deeply under its breath with a strange muffled clicking, its pleasure apparent to the young blonde before it who was sucking on its dick.

Moving further down the shaft, Christie opened her mouth wider to encompass the cock's girth and slowly sucked in the length of the snake. She got halfway before having to pause; the head sitting at the back of her mouth and the shaft resting on her salivating tongue, the spit began to drip out over her chin and ran down her chest to soak and pool into the bra, causing her hardened nipples to shine with wet beauty in her own fluids.

The Lizardman pulled out slightly to give her rest and just as quickly thrust in sending it another two inches into her mouth gagging her with surprise and the sudden obstruction to her windpipe.

The snake was pulled out completely and Christie coughed and spluttered the saliva out which had pooled in her mouth around the giant scaled dick. Shuffling closer, the Lizardman fastened his clawed hands around the back of Christie's shining blonde head and resting his greenish-blue cock on her lips he looked down into the bright blue eyes which started into his, wet with tears and fear.

The pause lasted for two seconds in reality but for Christie it was an eternal moment before the dick came bursting through her pink lips, slid along her teeth and thrust down her throat, the belly of the beast driving towards her as the slippery scaled cock went deep down inside. The cock was very close to being entirely engulfed before slowing down, the bulge in the young girl's throat evidence of its passage. The Lizardman was determined though and despite the gagging chokes of Christie he thrust forward and pulled her head towards him, driving the cock down, down her throat centimetre by precious centimetre, her nose coming closer to hit the scaled navel before her.

Christie couldn't breathe; the shaft was sliding down her oesophagus, the bulge down her neck clearly visible as the length of the great shaft moved further inside her. As more entered her, Christie began to run out of air and her eyes were rolling to the back of her head as darkness clouded the edges of her vision.

The fear and loss of air had made her feel separate from what was happening to her, almost as if she was watching it. To her own utter amazement, despite the predicament of the situation she was in, her arousal was once again rising as a deep yearning for more of the cock grew inside her soul. Adding her own efforts to that of the Lizardman, Christie thrust her pretty blonde head deeper down the shaft, their final combined effort bringing her to the full hilt of the phallus entered inside her.

The creature roared triumphantly as the girl gagged on the cock, the saliva was now completely covering her chest, breasts and had run down over her pussy and was pooling around her knees. The shrill bestial roar echoed around the cavern and the creature continued to make harsh guttural sounds as it pulled in and out of her mouth just enough to allow a small bit of air to rush into her lungs before the snake slid back down into her body once more.

The thrusting increased its pace, moving faster and faster as the Lizardman continued to pound her throat with its great bestial weapon. In bliss at the pleasure the snake in her body was causing Christie felt her climax rising at incredible speed once more. If not for the obstruction in her throat she would have let loose a cry to match that of the beast, instead she gurgled around it and writhed as the evidence of her pleasure came out of her cunt, spilling to the floor to mix with her saliva.

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The Lizardman was not far behind her, thrusting its cock down her throat at breakneck pace until it pulled out the shaft almost entirely, with the smallest area of the tip still resting on her trembling lip, and in one great movement pulled her head down the entire length of the shaft to mash her nose against the harder scales of his lower body.

The explosion which occurred inside her airway was beyond anything Christie had ever experienced. The Lizardman's sticky, hot white cum shot like a hose down her throat to swiftly fill her stomach, the outside of her belly began to distend and grow slightly as the torrents of liquid came gushing out. Choking and suffocating on the cum, Christie pulled against her restraints and bucked her body about to get loose from the hose exploding inside her.

The Lizardman held her there for a few more precious seconds before letting go to allow her head to slide off the shaft. Her face, chest and tits were also covered with cum as the snake came out still spewing cum and the rest of it which had filled her belly came gushing out of her mouth to spill everywhere. Completely fazed out by the cum drenching she'd experienced Christie failed to notice the creature sliding its claws down her back to cup under ass and lift her up.

As her mind and vision once again cleared Christie realised that the Lizardman was holding her suspended in the air by her upper legs and was moving his still very much aroused and large cock up to her pussy lips. Her whole body dripping in liquids, with her face painted almost completely white by the creature's cum, Christie's eyes widened and her mouth opened in protest but no words came out as she once again choked on the cum which was coming out of her throat and dripping back in off her face.

Using the senses that only a beast such as that could have, the Lizardman drove his cock deep past the lips and into the soft cunt of the captive blonde, completely aware that the girl had already self-lubricated the way enough even for the monster which was entering her now. This time, unencumbered by any obstruction, Christie let out a deep squeal of pleasure as the giant cock entered her body. The Lizardman had no trouble pushing almost its full length into her waiting cunt and just as it had earlier; the beast began to thrust, pulling her body onto his shaft with his great strength and claws.

As best she could while restrained by manacles and Lizardman claws, Christie bucked her hips to meet the phallus pushing in her, lusting for more of the great cock.

'More! More!' she cried, squealing and moaning with pleasure, her breaths shallow and high pitched, 'Fuck me with that thick smooth cock! Come on! More! More!


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Me! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!' The thrusting of that cock became a blur as it buried its impossible length deep inside her cunt and with a resounding roar the Lizardman let its load loose deep into the womb of Christie.

The cum came spurting out around the cock as the girl's womb filled with Lizardman sperm and her body contorted and wriggled, her own orgasm shooting her fluids out of her pussy.

The Lizardman let her go and she landed on the stone ground with an audible thump but Christie barely noticed, her body way beyond any minor pains like that. Relief finally came to her arms as the manacles were released from around her wrists.

Slumping to the ground lying in a pool of saliva, pussy juices and cum, Christie angled her gorgeous blue eyes up at the beast which had fucked her beyond imagining. Her vision blackening Christie couldn't keep her eyes open and fell into a minor blackout. Her eyes opening occasionally, Christie saw the ceiling of the cavern moving by and the realisation slowly dawned on her that the beast was dragging her across the ground.

Every time she was pulled through a puddle residue of the fluids covering her were left behind, the wet ground and pools of water cleaning her of her love juices. To her bewilderment she heard a deep resonating voice in her head as she moved in and out of consciousness.

'Well done girl, you've survived your first encounter, but more will be coming to you. The life that grows inside you must be monitored by us; my brethren and I will appear to you once more soon. We are all shapes and all sizes.

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Soon you will meet my coiled master, he is always hungry. You will know when he is coming; deep within your soul you will feel his growing presence. For your sake you must have a sacrifice prepared for him, live food always.

Do this for him and he will leave you and your growing child your lives. Be prepared girl; your fate is only beginning to unravel before you. Be prepared.' As the words echoed in her skull darkness finally took Christie and she knew no more. When she at last awoke she was lying naked in the surf on the beach, the wet sand squelching under her naked buttocks and the small waves moving her body around.

Tilting her head back she saw her clothing lying in a heap on the sand. The rising sun shone dark red light on her creamy smooth skin and a deep feeling of content washed over the gorgeous blonde girl; keen with the knowledge of her own sexiness and the remaining pleasure of what she'd experienced. Had it been a dream? As she pulled on her clothes she knew that it wasn't.

Slowly stumbling up the soft sand Christie felt in her womb the pulsating glow of growing life.