Comendo a an atilde_ gorda

Comendo a an atilde_ gorda
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Girls dare each other . Alice and Kate were two 19 year olds who were very close friends who hung out pretty often. Alice was short, thin blonde and had large breasts and was a total flirt while her friend Kate was tall, dark haired and had firm breasts.

Both girls were sexy and loved dressing provocatively. They were driving their way back home in Orange City after meeting Alice's grandparents in Benville. Alice was wearing a t-shirt and a skirt while Kate wore a shirt and jeans. It was a long drive and the girls were getting bored. Then Alice suggested 'Kate.


How about we play a game?'. Kate obliged. Then Alice explained the rules: We spin a coin and whoever loses should listen to the other for the next half hour.

Kate knew where this was going but she was bored too, so she took out a coin. They tossed it and Alice won the toss and was smiling naughtily at Kate. As Kate was driving, they switched places. Then the timer was set for half hour and Alice started ''STRIP!''. Kate was a little surprised but knew this was bound to happen. So she slowly removed her shirt and jeans. Alice was likely ''Don't tell me you don't know what Strip means. Even the bra and panties lady!''.

Kate looked at Alice angrily and removed her bra and panties too revealing her petite breasts and her pussy. Then Alice opened the car windows and drove past a truck giving the driver a show. The truck driver honked in delight leaving Kate furious. Alice: We're running out of gas baby. Kate: There's no way we're stopping at a gas station like this.

While Kate was talking, Alice picked up Kate's clothes and threw them out of the window and said: What now? (with a naughty smile). No clothes. Just then the timer went off indicating that half hour was over. Time to toss a coin again. Sure enough this time Kate won.

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Alice: Kate! Of course I was gonna drive back and pick those clothes from the road for you. Alice knew she was at Kate's mercy now. Kate wasted no time in asking her to strip and then put on Alice's shirt and skirt but threw her bra and panties out. Now it was Alice's time to frown.

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Kate: Let's hit the gas station BABY! Fine Alice I'll let you wear my jacket. But you shouldn't zip it. Luckily for Alice there was just one guy at the gas station.

They paid for the gas and then, Kate: I want my jacket back Alice. Alice: Now?

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Oh come on. Kate: A game is a game. Alice removed the jacket and gave it back and flashed for the guy. She got a smile in return. And they continued their ride back home when the timer beeped again. Alice: Time for a toss Kate. Now Ashley won it. Alice: Revenge time Kate. By the time Alice looked at Kate she was nude again but this time managed to throw the clothes and jacket our of the car.

Kate: You were gonna make me naked any way. Now even you'll have to be naked. No more clothes in the car.

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Just as she said those words a cop car was on their tail asking them to pull over. Both girls look at each other in fear. A police officer walks over to the car to see both the girls naked.

The girls look at the officer, a 25 year lady who looked extremely hot. She spoke '' Whoa! Look we've got naked girls in a girl driving away throwing clothes on the road. That's enough to make sure you sit in prison for a while.'' Kate: Please officer. We did not mean anything bad. We were just bored and wanted to have fun. It just got out of hand. Officer: You remind me of myself a couple of years ago.

But I can't let you get away with it. There has to be some punishment. Alice: Sorry officer. I'm sure we won't repeat it again. Please let us go for now officer. Officer: Come over to my car. Alice and Kate got out of the car and walked towards the other one luckily no other cars passed by at that time. Officer: Get in.

Then the officer got in and started stripping. She had large boobs and a cute ass. Once she was naked she did not say a word and started kissing Alice. They were involved in a long passionate kiss with their lips wandering into each others mouths. Then she asked Kate to eat her pussy. Now all three were turned on and horny.

She was playing with Alice's boobs while Kate was eating her. Finally she has an orgasm with Kate licking it all. Then she pulled Kate up and kissed her and tasted her own juices. ''Thanks girls. But watch out next time you do something like this. Not everyone's as nice as me.'' she said while kissing both the girls and then she dressed us and gave the girls her bra and panties.

'By the way my name's Rachel' she added. After bidding farewell the officer left. Then Alice and Kate smiled at each other and got into the back of their car and started eating each others pussy until both of them orgasmed. Then both of them kissed and played with each other.

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Fondling boobs and pinching nipples. They got to the driver's seat with Alice sitting in Kate's lap and began driving home, hopeful that nobody would see them naked. Kate: We can't drive home like this naked. What are we gonna do?

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Alice: We'll stop by at the next has station and see if they have any clothes. They stopped at the next gas station after a few miles. Alice: We have to do this together. Let's go. Luckily for both, there wasn't anyone at the pump.

They went to the shop to see if they sell clothes. The shop was dark with faint light and had just one guy at the counter. He was a tall well built guy but did not look any older than 17.

He looked at Susan and Kate dumbstruck and finally managed ''How may I help you?''. Alice: We were actually robbed of our clothes and belongings. So we just wanted to see if you sell clothes. Guy: My dad owns this place and won't be here for a while. But I think I'll have to report to the cops. Kate: Oh please no. We've been through a lot today.

Please spare us that agony. Guy: Maybe you can change my mind. Within moments Alice was on her knees opening the guy's pants and took out his erect penis. She took the whole of it in her mouth and began sucking it. She expertly suck the cock moving it back and forth until he cum in her mouth. She swallowed it all and looked at him. All the guy managed was 'Ummm. Thanks!'. Alice: Now live your end of the deal. Guy: We actually don't sell clothes.

But we have T-shirts for kids. He said pointing towards a rack of clothes with cartoons on them.


Kate: No way they are gonna fit. Alice: Come on Kate. This is our only chance. Both managed to put them on with great difficulty. It just about fit and their breasts looked like they could break free any moment with their nipples pointing out. The shirts were just above their navels. Guy: And we have skirts for girls. They wore the pink little skirts that fit them only because both were very slim. But they were just about a bigger than panties and one could easily see their pussy lips and ass if they bent over.

But they had nothing else to wear. So they finally paid the guy and got into their car to go home. They were really uncomfortable go those clothes and couldn't even breathe properly. They were just a couple of miles away from home when their engine died. They examined the engine and couldn't make anything of it. And the car wouldn't start. It was dark and hardly any vehicles passed by. Finally a truck passed by and stopped.

Two middle aged men got out and examined both the girls thoroughly and smiled. Then they asked them what happened. After explaining they asked the girls to open the engine. As they went over to the engine to open, the girls were over-powered from behind. They were lifted and thrown into the rear of the truck. The men called each other Adam and Scott.

Adam caught hold of Alice opened her shirt and skirt with relative ease while Scott did the same thing to Kate. Adam unziped his pants and took out his dick slided it slowly into Alice's pussy and gradually increased his pace and began pumping it into Ashley's without a warning. Ashley's shouts for help and moans from please mixed.

Meanwhile Kate was mouth fucked by Scott choking her constantly. Then Scott turned her around and without waiting forced his now-wet dick into her ass. Kate screamed in pain and tears came out of her eyes. She was a virgin in the ass until now. He began pumping his dick in and out like a horse leaving Kate in pain. Finally Kate passed out after an intense orgasm. Then Scott took his cock out and cummed all over her face and hair.

Then he shifted his attention to Alice who was getting fucked by Adam. He inserted his cock in her as too and began ass-fucking her. However Alice was much looser in the behind than Kate because she wasn't a virgin there either. Scott and Adam simultaneously fucked Alice in both holes making her scream in pain. Then Adam pulled out and put his cock it her mouth and shot cum. Alice licked it clean and fainted as well. Scott and Adam carried the girls to their car and left them inside and also put their clothes in.

Then the repaired the girls' engine and left. After an hour or so the girls woke us with immense pain between their legs and found their clothes and put them on but they well still wet with the cum. They saw that their car was repaired and drove home safely and sexually satisfied. Please feel free to comment and suggest.