Sky in school bathroom gay porn xxx All he had to do is sit back and

Sky in school bathroom gay porn xxx All he had to do is sit back and
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The Alley Sue always was a little embarrassed about her figure, or it should be said lack of a figure. She had small breasts but she also had a thin waist so her small breast didn't look that bad. She had a hard time keeping boyfriends, maybe because she was also very vain. Yes she was vain about sex; she always needed to know that she was the best at fucking and sucking. She prided herself on her sexual talents. She did everything she could to prove how great sex with her was.

The guys got tired of having to tell her that even if it was true. She gave them the best sex they ever had but when someone prettier and less demanding came along, off they went. Between boy friends she would often get a sexual need and go looking for a guy to fill that need. She didn't mind if he was a total stranger because it was normally only a quickie that she wanted just to prove how good she was.

One night she had a terrible need for a cock. It had been weeks since she had gotten laid and her juices were flowing, she wanted to get banged super bad that night.

She may not have the body most men look for but she never held that against them. She had some standards also, the guys she picked up, were good-looking, blonde and in their early twenties. This way she could walk down the street with them and they looked like a nice young couple out on a date. Speaking of dates, she did expect dinner, a movie and to hear how great she was.

Even wanting only a quickie she liked to think that the sex with her was the best they ever had. It was easy to get the type of guy she wanted once they knew that she was willing to let them fuck the best lay in town, as she called herself. That night she got dressed and drove to a small bar near the collage. Lots of young guys always hung out there and they were always horny. The bar was bright and had lots of collage banners posted over the bar. Sue sat at the bar and ordered wine, then swiveled on the stool, to look around.

She was trying to pick out a cute guy; it was very early but the place was full of guys.

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Many had cute girls with them so they were out, but some guys shooting pool looked good to her. They and some others took the time to look her over but then went back to what they were doing. Sue didn't know why, her skirt was short enough that they could see well up her thighs.

She had nice legs, her blouse was thin and you could see the darker color of her areolas plus the fact that her nipples were hard and pushing against the material. Smiling at some of them hoping that would help; she got smiles back but nothing more.

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Depressed she swung back to face the bar, looked in the mirror; her blonde hair was in place, falling gently over her shoulders with a small curl at the end. Her eye make-up helped enhance her pretty blue eyes and her lips looked wet and ready to be kissed, or suck a cock she thought, what more could she do.

Playing with her drink she thought that maybe a different bar would help, one with less pretty girls in it she decided. Slowly drinking her wine she thought of two other places that could be better, both had the types of guys she looked for young collage guys hot for a girl, even a flat chested one.

Looking again in the mirror to recheck her makeup she saw a black guy heading her way, really just heading to the bar. It amazed her at seeing a black guy in this bar; they stayed out of the bars and stores on this side of town. Yes some black guys were around this area but she had never seen one in this bar before. They had bars in the old part of town far from here that most of the black men went too. Then it hit her, you dummy, he must be a student that the collage needs to make its quota, and you know equal rights and all that junk.

Looking again, she thought, Damm he looked old to old to be a collage student, and he must be at least over thirty. He looked so out of place here in this nice white bar, she didn't think they ever let someone like him in here.

Like she said they had their side of town we had ours.

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She took the time to look a little harder at him as he got closer, very dark, old, not at all good looking even for a black man. Maybe he was here to clean up the place after it closed, that must be it he's the janitor. Yes he looked the part, dirty clothes and all.

A lot of black men worked up this way cleaning places at night. Imagine her shock when he walked right up to her and tapped her on the shoulder. She did give him the courtesy of turning towards him, after looking at her shoulder to make sure he hadn't made her white blouse dirty with his touch.

"Stop me if you heard this before," he began saying, she put up a hand not only to stop him, she believed she had heard ever pick-up line there was, but also because the smell of his breath, from whiskey and cigarettes was so bad. Before she could tell him to go away, he continued on. "I want you to come with me to the alley and suck my cock, then I'll fuck you if your any good I will have you suck my friends cocks too, and if you're any good at fucking I'll fuck you some more after you get done sucking my friends." Sue blinked at him in shock, she should have slapped him right then but the shock of what he had said froze her in place.

What nerve this guy had, if any of the white guys had said that to her, the total shock of such a rude, crude remark would have blown her panties off, if she had bothered to put any on. Sue would have slapped them silly, maybe even a nice hard kick to the balls. The fact that this dirty, old black guy had the nerve to say that to her, left her speechless for a moment.

Sue wondered why none of the other guys around her hadn't gotten up and hit him for saying that, especially to a white girl. Coming out of shock she realized he had spoken very softly, so only she heard him. His soft voice did carry a hint of meanness in it almost commanding her to do as he said. Sue stared at him a moment longer, letting the shock wear off. His eyes were penetrating her down to her very soul as he waited for her reply.

Should she, Slap him, turn her back on him, just tell him to go away, tell the guys at the bar what he had said or leave the bar immediately. Sue did the latter, she left the bar immediately, not by the front door but went out the back door that led to the alley with him following close behind her.

She walked about five feet from the door and stopped, as the door closed the light from the bar was cut off making the alley very gloomy, the sun had set, giving the alley a sinister look in the evening light. "Walk down the alley to were the trash containers are, there's an old mattress there, take your clothes off and wait for me." He told her. Sue wanted to go back in the bar, to the bright lights; she turned and walked not to the bar but down the alley, in the direction he had told her to go.

Reaching the trash bins she, stopped, looked around and yes, saw an old mattress lying between the two large smelly trash containers. The mattress wasn't empty, three old bums, were sitting on it, looking at her. She didn't say anything to them and they didn't say a word to her, until she started to remove her blouse and skirt.

When her blouse came off, they had something to say, "Damm, look at those small tits, Hell, not enough to grab on to, a baby would starve sucking on them," were some of the remarks she could remember.

The remarks changed when she removed her skirt. "Look at that pussy, bald as a babies butt, looks real fuckable to me, Bet it would be fun to fuck it, Think she's a virgin?" The remarks about her pussy didn't cheer her up, not after the ones about her little tits. Besides these were just some old bums that hung out here for a place to sleep. The guy that she came out for wasn't one of them but he did say he had some friends hadn't he. He was slowly walking up the alley to her and he was alone.

Getting up to her he said, "I see you met my friends." "Yes" she answered. "Guys what do you think?" he asked. Again some remarks about her little tits and her pussy, greeted her ears. He listened to everything they had to say. Sue wasn't interested in any of it, they were all just a bunch of bums, him included. She was wondering why she had come out of the bar in the first place. Could it be because she was that horny tonight?

No, that wasn't why she had come out here. Then why was she standing nude with four men in a dark alley, letting them talk about her? Sue ran it through her mind again, first the guy that had told her to come out here, was not like anyone she would ever be friends with, much less go to bed with.

He was black, not good looking, old and smelled not as bad as his friends but he still smelled. So why had she done what he told her to? Sue turned to him, butted in on the talk and in a loud clear voice asked, "If I changed my mind are you going to stop me?

Can I get dressed and go back to the bar or are you going to make me stay and rape me?" He gave her a weird little smile, "Honey, you can do what ever you want. If you wish to leave go ahead I won't stop you. I have no plans to rape you. But if you want to stay, stay and be ready to get fucked a lot before the night is over. Just don't interrupt us again I hate rude girls." He reached down grabbed her skirt and blouse handed them to her "Here's your clothes go back to the bar" and turned back to finish his talk with his friends, ignoring Sue completely.

That SOB he had the nerve to call me rude! He was rude, mean and just a bum. She was mad; she looked at her clothes but instead of putting them on she laid them down in the cleanest spot on the ground she could find. Then just stood staring at his back and paid more attention to the conversation that was going on between him and his friends.

As she listened she felt chills running up and down her nude body. Had the night air turned that cool that it gave her these chills? Sue looked but didn't need to, to know her nipples were now rock hard, but seeing how they now stuck out bigger then they normally did every when she was having sex, she told herself it must be the cool night air, not what she heard them saying about her. Deep down inside she knew it wasn't the night air, because her pussy felt hot, very wet and more then ready to be fucked.

While she listened, she could picture herself naked on the mattress as they took turns fucking her and having her suck them between fucks. She felt like the air was full of electricity every time one of them looked at her.

Finished talking the stranger turned to look at her, "Still here, I see." She was, standing nude not only waiting to be fucked but now wanting it very badly.

Sue didn't tell him that all she said was, "Yes." "I said, I wanted you to suck my cock, then I would fuck you and if your any good I would have you suck my friends cocks too, didn't I?" He received a meek "Yes" to his question.

Then she added, "You said you would fuck me more then once, remember?" He had a deep laugh as he told her, "I said more then once if you were any good and that it would be only after you get done sucking my friends." Sue's ego made her tell him, "I'm very good, I'll be the best fuck you ever had.

You'll want more that I can promise you." He laughed a little longer this time before he told her. "Things have changed, my friends say they don't care if you're any good or not. They want the blowjobs but they also want to fuck you." Their request didn't surprise her. Sue had heard them saying that they wanted to fuck her. The thought of first having a black cock in her mouth and then in her sweet white pussy followed by having these three bums do the same to her is what had caused her nipples to get so hard and make her crave to be fucked.

She looked him straight in the eyes and proudly told him, "Your friends can have me, and I'll do whatever they want after you fuck me.

But when your friends are done it will be your turn to fuck me again, agreed?" He took some time looked over her body before he answered her. "I don't like bad blowjobs and really dislike girls that don't know how to fuck a guy.

Its more then just opening your legs and letting a cock slide in and out of your pussy, you know. So I guess the answer is, you take care of all my friends first and if you did show me you are worth my time I will fuck you again, how's that". The arrogances of this man was unbelievable, her not a good fuck? He thought that much of himself or that little of her. Damm he pissed her off, and he also made her pussy wetter, damm him again.

Sue looked at him; "I said I was great at sex I know how to make a man feel real good when he fucks me. I said I would be the best fuck you ever had and I mean it so why would you think differently". "Well as my friends pointed out, you have little tits and your pussy looks like it's still virgin.

That's why I was wondering if you knew enough about sex, I don't want to waste my time, just because you are offering yourself to us. Are you even old enough or are you jail bait?" Sue didn't know if she was going to cry, run or stand her ground.

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His remarks hurt, she knew a girl is suppose to be happy when people think she looks younger then she is, fine. Sue heard remarks about her tits often but still didn't like them. The remarks about her pussy, were fine, she even liked hearing it looked like a virgins.

Sue gave them what she hoped was a seductive smile as she answered him, " Thank you for thinking I look so young, I'm over twenty one, I can drink in that or any bar. As far as my tits are concerned, yes they are small but my nipples are just as or maybe more sensitive then those on bigger tits.

What would you want with big tits when your can play with nice nipples like mine?" She reached over and brushed them, "See how nice they look, how nice they stick out when they are hard, they are really nice to play with I don't need big tits.

Besides I have a perfect pussy and that's what men want." Taking a deep breath Sue continued, "I keep my pussy nice and clean shaven so it looks like a virgin pussy and I can tighten my pussy up so any size cock will feel like they are fucking a real virgin. You are right about me being a virgin; I'm a virgin to black cocks, because I've never had a black man fuck me before. Now do you want me to show you how good I'm at sucking a cock before I let you fuck me?" He had listened to every word she had said; she knew that because he slapped her.

Not real hard but enough to bring tears to her eyes. "Bitch, let me fuck you? You dare say that to me, I will fuck you, when I want and how I want and you will get to show all my friends just what a good fuck you claim to be or you can get the hell out of my alley now and run your little white ass back to that bar and find a guy that wouldn't know a good fuck from a bad one." Sue looked at him with tears in her eyes; no one had ever hit her.

She don't know what she felt, embarrassed maybe, not because she let him get away with hitting her but because she wanted him to fuck her more now then before. Looking up Sue said, "Please let me show you how good I can be," then dropping down on her knees she unzipped his pants.

Pulled his cock out and greedily stuffed it in her mouth. In the old days nice girls didn't have sex, but they learned how to give hand jobs and blowjobs. That wasn't "real" sex in their minds, Sue had lots of practice with sucking cocks. After her first five or six times she never got any complains about her style.

Guys were more then happy to show her what they wanted and how to do it, Sue considered herself a real pro at it. She planned to show him what a real good blowjob was like. She had to; she wanted his cock in her pussy to put out the fire he had started inside her. Sue unhooked his pants, letting them drop to the ground so she could rub and play with his balls while she twirled her tongue around his cock. She licked, sucked and face fucked his cock till he called an end to it.

Sue didn't want to leave his cock but he pulled her head away letting it pop out of her warm mouth. It stood up like a black steel pole, waving in the air. She had wanted to make him cum, but he had stopped her short of that goal. Sue was still kneeling on the cold ground; but he moved to the mattress and got on his back.

Once there he said it would be OK if she got on his cock. Damm him, he said it like it was a favor not a desire. She so badly wanted to ask if he liked the blowjob but knew better. His cock looked so good, so black and hard that she didn't want him to get mad and not let her get on it. She wanted that black rod inside her very bad. "Girl you can ride my cock but if you're not as tight as you said you are I'll throw you off and get a girl that is." He told her.

She had never met a guy that would turn down a free fuck from her, but she thought he would do just what he said. Sue's world was upside down, Guys beg girls so they can fuck them, not here, not in this alley. Here she almost had to beg him to let her put his cock in her and she would have if he asked her too. Getting up over him, he held his cock up for her, which was the first nice thing he did so far tonight. Sue lowered herself down slowly but he grabbed her hips and pulled her completely down on his big cock.

Now he was in control of how she rode him. Her pussy was really responding to his hard cock, it started to produce lubrication that would normally be good; it makes it easier for a guy to fuck her when she's that wet. Sue didn't want that, she wanted no, needed her pussy super tight for him.

She desperately wanted to make it feel like he was fucking a true virgin. Clamping her pussy as tight as she could around his black steel shaft, hoping he had never felt a tighter pussy, then hers.

She held his cock tighter then any one before him, keeping her pussy super tight just so he would fuck her again. Sue needed him to really enjoy this fuck. He did control how she fucked him, sometimes hard and fast other times slow but still hard. Sue was making sure his cock got as deep in her as it could every time.

It amazed her that he was able to keep going much longer then any of other men that had fucked her. She wondered maybe her pussy wasn't tight enough for him? She couldn't squeeze any harder he was getting the best she had to offer. Paying so much attention to making him happy she never got close to climaxing herself. She didn't care as long as he enjoyed it that was all that was important to her now. He went on and on for at least 20 more minutes before she felt his cock get harder and start to twitch.

His rhythm quickened and his cock felt like it was ready to shoot his load into her, she was winning. All it was going to take was one more final downward pull and he would fill her with his nice hot cum. He pulled her up high and tossed her on to her back on the mattress. He shot a big load of cum, not in her, not even on her but on to the dirty alley, like she wasn't worth his cum. Sue had desperately wanted to feel his cum inside her, it was vital to her that he did.

She cried as she told him, she wanted his cum. "If you can make all my friends real happy and give them a good time maybe we'll talk about it later," he wiped his wet cock off on her nice clean hair before he pulled his pants on. The three bums had removed theirs; he headed down the alley, leaving her with his friends. Sue watched him walk away as one bum began to run his dirty fingers up her bare inner thigh, she closed her legs tight.

Stopping his upward travel just short of her pussy, she looked at him; his eyes were studying her body. "Why you stop me"? He asked. She didn't say a thing, it was either she gave him a good time or the stranger wouldn't give her what she so badly wanted from him. Sue opened her legs releasing his hand, laid back and spread her legs wide as his hand moved to her pussy.

She knew it was time to give herself totally to him and his friends. Looking again down the alley, he was scarcely visible; the bum pushed a finger into her wet pussy. After several minutes, the other bums came over; they fondled her small breasts with their rough dirty hands.

All of them smelled unpleasant from beer and living on the street so long. Submissively, Sue let them play with her body; She began to enjoy the feel of their rough hands on her breasts. They were anything but gentle as they showed her what could be done to a small-breasted girl that had nice nipples. Both her nipples got pinched, squeezed, twisted and pulled.

The bums had fun playing with those nipples, hearing her moan and wiggle as they kept doing it, each trying to get her to moan louder then the other. For her it was something very different then she was use to, seeing dirty hands all over her body, turning her lily white skin dark as the dirt smudged her body. Willingly letting them do whatever they wanted with her body, made her feel just as dirty as their hands.

She wondered if their cocks would be as dirty as their hands. The thought of having to suck and fuck dirty cocks made her feel like a real slut. She didn't have long to wonder about their cocks. The bum fingering her pussy got tired of using just his fingers. He pulled them out knelt between her legs and before he could push his cock into her she looked down at it.

Fear run over her, as she saw how nasty his cock looked not only dirty like his hand but the head looked like it was to big for the shaft. The head was black with dirt and very large when she felt the head of his cock start to push into her, she push her pussy towards it sending him deep into her on his first push. He had a long shaft behind that big head and he pushed till his balls slapped her wet ass. She squeezed her pussy tight as he began ramming his cock into her with great force.

That long shaft pushed the big head very deep inside her almost into her womb and it felt good. Fucking her hard and fast he told the others, "Oh, yeah, she's fucking incredible! Her pussy is squeezing my cock while I fuck her, she feels as tight as any virgin!" Sue wrapped her legs around him, she wanted him to cum inside her womb, and she held him so he couldn't pull out. Then with one final downward push, he began filling her womb with his hot, sticky load.

As his cock shot his cum into her, she tightened her pussy more and tried to milk all his sperm out of him. What her pussy didn't get she wanted in her mouth. She told him she wanted to suck him when he pulled out of her. "Please let me suck you while one of your friends fucks my pussy," she begged.

The excitement of doing it with a bum and in the open actually increased her excitement. Actually begging the bum to let her suck him while another fucked her was really turning her on. That big head filled her mouth and tasted sour like old cum and piss but she sucked it like a pro.

Her tongue cleaned off all the dirt and she sucked every drop of cum from it before she released it from her mouth. When number two bum was done with her pussy, she sucked him as number three got between her legs and started to fuck her. She was happy that all three shot their loads into her pussy. But even with that joy she still couldn't stop thinking about why the stranger hadn't done that also. She had this terrible need to feel him back inside her and pouring his cum into her.

She needed that stranger to fill her, getting his cum was why she was out here, letting the bums have her. After the last bum got done fucking her and her sucking him. One pushed his finger back into her pussy.

She made her pussy tight and milked his finger like she did his cock. "Her cunt is still tight even after fucking three of us," he told the other two. It was so nice to hear that, now when his friend came back she would get his cum, she had no doubt about that, she had made his friends happy like he told her too.

They got bored with fingering her and let her alone; Sue curled up and closed her eyes, it was late and she was tired. Four men in one night was a lot for her. She still had her eyes closed, not thinking about anything but the stranger, when she shuddered at the sudden contact of a hand lifting her leg up then pulling her open.

She opened her mouth to lick her lips so that they were wet and glistening. Then opened her eyes, it wasn't the stranger but some other black guy. "My friend down the alley said it was OK!" Sue looked at him in the dim light and gave him a smile of encouragement and opened her legs wider for him. He knelt between them his hard cock pressing against her pussy, the awareness that this stranger's big hard black cock was only seconds away from entering her, thrilled her to no end.

It sent chills over her body as she watched his black cock disappear into her pussy. Her pussy wasn't as white now as it was before the bums had fucked her but still seeing this black cock enter her was a thrill to her.

Sue encourage him to fuck her as long as he came inside her, She wanted him to take her, use her, make his black cock cum inside her.

He had no trouble complying with her request he hammered her pussy with his nice hard black cock. This being her second black cock she watched it closely as his cock kept ramming into her white pussy. When he started groaning and pushing harder she happened to glance past him down the alley. Sue saw two men rapidly heading her way, her first thought was, God I hope they have hard cocks and not hand cuffs, she didn't want to spend her night in jail.


Even if the jail mattress would be more comfortable then this one she was on. A spring kept poking her every time a guy was on top of her, they pounded her pussy and the spring poked her ass. The guy got done, leaving her with more cum inside her like she had requested, as he moved away she closed her legs and covered her tits with both hands. The two men walked over, one look she knew cops they were not, One started to say, "My friend" and that's as far as he got. Sue spread her legs, uncovered he tits and said, "Sure, fuck me give me your cum." They did but before they left some more men were standing along the trash bin watching waiting their turn with her.

Her legs stayed open, inviting each man to come ahead and use her. After the ninth or tenth guy the alley got quiet, quiet enough for her to take a short rest. Her stomach hurt from using those muscles so much to keep her pussy tight, especially after having, what had it been, ten, no more then that she thought, men using her open legs as an invitation to fuck her.

She needed a rest, just a short one, while she waited for the stranger to return. A sound or a smell caused her to open her eyes. Sue stared at an elderly man gazing down at her, he grinned "You the girl I can fuck?" he asked with a smile.

Sue didn't think she wanted him to fuck her, he looked really old and she didn't want him to have a heart attack while he was in her. She looked at him opened her legs and said, "Why not." For an old guy he surprised her, he out lasted most of the younger guys that had enjoyed there time between her legs tonight.

He was the only one to thank her before he shuffled back down the alley. It was dark and she wanted to know what time it was but I didn't wear her watch, with any luck it would be in her purse she thought.

Getting on her hands and knees she looked for her purse, she had dropped her blouse over it when she first got there. Bent over like that she didn't hear them approach till she heard, "Great I like ass fucking its better then a used pussy". Sue couldn't see him but that didn't mean a thing, she felt him.

His cock slide easily into her ass, the used cum mixed with her juices had run from her pussy right down her crack making it very well lubricated for him. She did know he wasn't alone, it sounded like three guys but she wasn't sure. Her face was pushed into the smelly mattress blocking her vision. Sue liked having my ass fucked, funny how some guys wouldn't do it no matter how much she had asked them too.

This guy should have taken lessons from the old guy he didn't last five minutes before he came. As soon as he pulled out his cock was replaced with another. It felt good but also very short, maybe she should start dating older men.

Both guys done, she was told to roll over by the third guy. Sue blinked; it was dark in the alley but not so dark that she couldn't see that it wasn't three men that wanted her; she had four men looking at her.

Two were black the other two maybe Spanish she though, only two more cocks, as two had used her ass, she hoped it would be the black guys. It turned out to be one black and one Spanish guy that wanted her pussy. The guys took turns fucking her, she held each cock tight but like the other two they came fast, no staying power. She had enjoyed watching each fuck her and offered it suck them but none wanted a blowjob.

She could tell from the sounds, that the bums watching were getting horny all over again. They were just waiting for these guys to get done with her.

It wasn't surprising, after all how often did they get to watch a girl get fucked in this alley? Well maybe a lot of girls did it here, she didn't know. But how many white girls eagerly entertained all the guys that came down this alley no matter what color they were. Yes, she was willing to please all of them while she waited for the stranger to come back. The bums knew that they could fuck her without even having to ask; she had promised that to their friend the stranger.

In spite of the enjoyment she was getting, she suddenly felt very embarrassment and wished she were back in the bar or any place but here.

But anyplace else she wouldn't have that stranger coming back to finish what he started, so there she would stay. That desire was more important then any embarrassment, she wanted him and was willing to let anyone have her while she waited. She still wanted him that bad. The men moved off and the bums had another chance to test how tight her pussy still was.

One thing about the bums they all wanted her to suck them after they fucked her, no one else had, except the stranger. With the bums satisfied Sue was beat, curling up again she drifted off to sleep.

She had a wonderful dream, the stranger came back, and he wanted her pussy so she gladly opened her legs for him. After he fucked her she would suck his nice cock. That dream kept replaying over and over in her sleep and even one time his cock felt like it was as big as his arm, she really enjoyed him that time and all the times after that too. Then a loud noise in the alley woke her; her pussy felt sore, she was happy it wasn't another man coming to fuck her.

It was someone throwing trash in a bin a little ways down the alley. She was on her back and a big pool of spent cum had formed between her legs, her ass was sitting in a big sticky mess of it, she had a terrible taste in her mouth.

The sun was coming up; she looked for the stranger but didn't see him. One of the bums was asleep next to her. She poked him awake, and asked were his friend was. "Oh they moved down the alley, they got tired of all the men coming over and fucking you. They said it made it hard to sleep with all that going on. It didn't bother me none, was kind of fun watching you get fucked while you were asleep." Sue couldn't believe what she had just heard, she had sex while she was sleeping, that was my dream but that wasn't real or was it, did the stranger really come back?

"What happened after I went to sleep?" "Hell seams like every guy in the area was over here fucking you. Like I said, you were fun to watch. They would touch your legs and like magic you spread them wide open. One guy said he never saw a white pussy much less one with no hair like yours, he was thrilled, he got to fuck you.

He liked it so much he got his friends over so you could do them too. When those guys showed up, my friends left, said it was to busy over here they needed some peace and quiet. Honest I didn't do anything, I just watched as they fucked you. You want me to get my friends now?" Sue was stunned; men fucked her without her waking up? No, that wasn't possible, was it? Not believing, him she shook her head and told him to tell her the truth. "Well that mostly what happened," he meekly said.

Giving him what she called a hard look, she asked again for the truth, all of it. She wanted to know if the stranger had in fact been back. "What I told you is most of what happened, there is more, you really want to hear it?" "YES," Sue yelled. She knew the stranger had come back, he just didn't want her to know, that he had enjoyed her. She couldn't wait to hear if he said she was good. "Like I said every guy that touched your legs got to fuck you. What I didn't tell you was, that any time I put my cock up to your lips you sucked it, and sucked it real good for a sleeping girl.

You moaned really loud when one guy fucked you so I told him how you sucked a cock if it was rubbed on your lips. That was before I saw his cock it made mine look small. He was thrilled, after you sucked him, he said no girl would ever let him use his whole cock in them much less suck his cock, but you did both. He liked it so much he came back, to have you suck it again.

I know why he said no other girl would suck him; it was the most disgusting looking cock I ever saw, it was that ugly and I saw that when it was limp it was bigger and blacker then mine, don't know how it fit in your little pussy but it did and from all your moaning I guess you enjoyed it.

He left to go look for some friends; he said their cocks were also too ugly for most girls too suck, guess he didn't find them he never came back. I didn't tell anyone else about your sucking cocks. I just watched as men came and fucked you Hell even after that big cock you must have felt good they all enjoyed fucking you.

That's the whole truth. Now should I get my friends for you?" Sue's head was spinning, "No, not those friends but the guy that started off this night, the first guy the black guy. Were is he, did he come back?" "Him? I don't know him and haven't seen him since he left after giving you to us.

You had lots of other black guys fuck you some with bigger cocks then his." "The one I mean said if I made you guys real happy he'd be back, remember? He shared me with you guys, if nothing else tell me his name." "Sure I remember him, he did say some funny things last night.

First thing he said when he came over to us was he had a surprise for us. Next thing here you were standing in front of us removing your clothes that sure surprised us. Then when he said you would give us a treat he wasn't lying. He was one nice guy, but I never did think to ask his name." "You don't know your friends name?" "Girl, he wasn't my friend, never seen him before last night.

Don't know anything about him, except he knows how to share." "You mean he talked me into having sex with you and a bunch of men and no one knows him?" "You got that right girly but he did tell me to put a penny in this can for every guy that fucked you.

Hell he even gave me a mass of them before you came over" And he handed Sue an old soup can. "He said one penny for each guy but didn't say if I should add a penny if they came back and fucked you again, so I put a rock in each time that happened. He didn't say a thing about if you sucked someone, guess he didn't want that to count, hope that was Ok" Sue nodded her head; she couldn't believe no one knew him and yet she had spent the night waiting for him to come back.

Sue sat motionless feeling the cool morning breeze blow across her bare body. She had stayed all night doing what he had told her to do but he knew he was never going to come back.

Sue was sure he had enjoyed the way she had fucked him, why didn't he come back for more? The bum tapped her on the shoulder, "He did say later maybe he meant tonight. Why don't you come back again tonight maybe he will return. If not maybe one of the other guys knows who he was. I hope you decide to come back; you have the best pussy I ever had. You better put your clothes on its getting light and you should get dressed," then before he walked away, Sue looked at him, remembering that he was the one with that long shaft and big head.

He had shot his cum deeper inside her then anyone else. "Eleven o'clock" Sue said. "No it's only going on seven, it not eleven yet" the bum told her. Sue smiled, "No I mean I'll be back tonight at eleven if you make me a promise first." The bum stared at her and said, "sure anything you want". "I want you to find that guy with that big ugly cock tell him I'll be here tonight and don't let me sleep when he comes back this time." He was more them happy with her request, promised he would that for her, before he walked away.

Sue got dressed, her purse was right were she had put it; everything was in it, nothing was missing and nothing added, like a note from the stranger. Sue walked out of the alley to the bright street, holding the heavy soup can in her hand she smiled.


Tonight she planned to look for the stranger again and see just how ugly that guys cock was she would be awake this time when he fucked her. Her pubococcygeus muscle or as she called it, her sex muscle was sore from all the times she used it to keep a tight hold on the cocks as they fucked her.

It would feel as good as new after a warm bath and some relaxing time at home.

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All the way home she thought about the soup can, should she count the pennies or not? First a bath then she would decide on the can. Sue had learned a lot that night and the next; black guys were no different then white guys for one thing.

They all wanted the same thing, a pussy to fuck, some were good at fucking some not. If she had kept her eyes closed she wouldn't have known the difference as to what color the guy was that was fucking her a cock was a cock. Black, white or any color the men really acted the same, wanted the same thing and for the most felt the same. But she did want to see the one that was bigger then the old bums, as his had been the biggest she had seen and it felt nice.

She wanted to know how a bigger one would feel inside her, did size matter? When this night started you would have called her a bigot but not so anymore. She had her mindset look for the stranger one more time in the alley and obviously see that big ugly cock.