WANKZ MILF Boss Alana Evans Bent Over The Desk For A Savage Fucking

WANKZ MILF Boss Alana Evans Bent Over The Desk For A Savage Fucking
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It was Sunday the last day of July. I had just gotten home from my friends Tim's house and walked into my room.

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I immediately noticed that my dresser wasn't backed ageist the wall and my secret stash of Playboys where gone. I ran into the living room and asked my mom if anyone was in my room.

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Well. Um Jessie came by to see if you had her CD.

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I went back into the hallway and to my surprise Jessie was still here. She had just gotten out the bathroom at walked by me and went into my room then sit on my bed. Jess I said. Have you seen any magazines lying around? Yeah, you mean those playboys under your dresser. She walks up to slowly and wishers there under your mattress. And you've been a very bad boy.

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It looks like I'm going to have to teach you a lesson. And with that see left.

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It was 9:00 P.M. and I was getting tired. So I went to sleep. All night I wondered what Jess had meant. Robbie wake up, wake up. Hum I moaned. I looked at the look on the floor next to my bed.

It read 1:00 A.M. Jess what are you doing here I said. I don't want to get up yet. Robbie but its important I have to tell you something. After minutes of disagreement I said all, all right. Robbie remember when I said I was going to teach you a lesson. Yeah, I Said. Well here I've wanted to do this for the longest time but I could never build up the courage too. Do what? I asked. This, she kissed me on the lips deeply and holed there for about I minute. Until I realized the reality of it (my best friend kissing me) and pushed her off and asked.

What are you doing? She slammed her head down on my chest and started crying a mountain of tear. Jess what's wrong, I said and she keep crying so I asked again. What wrong? Robbie she said slowly I have all these weird feeling and I think I may be a lesbian. Jess, your not a lesbian. No Robbie you don't understand, when I found those playboys I used them to you know, I well, you know.

Jess just because you look at girls and masturbate to them doesn't mean you're a lesbian. You're just a little confused. You can't be a lesbian Jess because. Because what? I, I love you and you just can't be a lesbian I wanted you when we first met in first grade.

When we talked at lunch in the 9th I always wanted you and loved you. And I still do.

Jess, looked at me in shock. Then kissed me again, she said in a low shaky voice; and I loved you. See got into my bed and hugged me.

She started to fool around and pinch my nipples and glide her finger through my hair. I looked at her in all of her glory as if she was an angel sent from above heaven and poured like water into the cup of my life. As I wonder how there could be such beauty. (She had long dark red hair and was 5' 2 medium sized breast but that didn't matter to me she was perfect.) After a few minutes passed by she started playing with my zipper on my pants, opening it and pulled by penis out and started stroking it.

I got hard immediately and she started stroking harder. I started caressing her breast through her shirt; she stopped me to take it off. And her pants. We started kissing. Then after a while were tonguing each other with deep passion as I slide her pants and panties off. See rolled over so I was on top of her as she took off my pants, and slid my 7.8 inch cock so to the opening of her cunt.


Jess, are you sure you want to do this. I love you and I don't want anything to change our friendship. She says don't worry I love you too, and nothing can ruin our friendship this is stronger it's a relationship. And it is for the better. She then slid my penis into her opening and arched her back as I pushed in slow and softly. I keep the same pace for a few then when a little faster as I caressed her left breast and her neck nipping on her chin then her neck and then cupped her right breast and sucked on her nipple softly.

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Then I moved faster thrusting in and out of her. She started to moan and I pushed harder and faster and harder and faster until she was gasping fir breath and then I slowed down.

Then cupping her right breast I sucked on her nipple of the left. Soft then hard as she moaned louder. I became to thrust hard in and out in until she came and had multiple orgasms.

Right after she had came I had too.


After we finished we cuddled beside each other and holding each others hand all night until my mom heard noised and opened my door.