Give It To Me For Some Cash

Give It To Me For Some Cash
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Part X: Film I explored The Sex Palace's free section. They had lots of amateur videos. The free section consisted of ten to fifteen second clips of just a few videos.

The members section it said had over a thousand separate videos, each around ten to twenty minutes long. The membership fee was fifteen dollars a month, or one hundred twenty five for a whole year. I wanted to see some of the videos to get a feel for what I should do, but id didn't want to pay. I e-mailed him asking if I could get a free membership for a day, but he said that he had had many people e-mail him with the same inquiry, only they didn't really have porn to submit, they were trying to trick him into free porn.

He said that if I delivered a movie to him then he would give me a limited membership, and if we were good, he would give us a free membership. I watched the free section movies, some where bad angles and zoomed way out, like a camera was just set on a shelf.

The camera I bought on ebay arrived in the mail, two days after I got the extra battery and set of tapes I ordered from a supply site. Holly was back in her hometown, it was the end of our freshman year, and her little brother was graduating from high school, something that seemed like ages ago to me.

She left yesterday morning and wouldn't return until Monday afternoon, and today was Friday. I told her not to masturbate or have any sex until she got back and that I would do the same. She asked why, I think she knew anyway, but I told her it was a surprise. I spent the rest of the day acquainting myself with the video camera and trying to decide how to make our video. What would it be, would we have some theme, like teacher and student, or a delivery man, or should I pick her up on the street acting like we've never met, offering her money to come with me.

I've seen videos of all of those, but none of them seemed very good. I eventually came up with my idea. Stephanie called me on Saturday, asking me to come fuck her, since she was lonely without Holly. "Please, I know you get around with plenty of girls on your floor, you should try Sara, she's horny" I said. "No, I need a cock!" she said. "Well I'm saving myself for when Holly gets back." I said. "Fuck that come over here!" she said.

"No, I told you im saving myself for Holly". Thirty minutes later Stephanie came knocking on my door. I let her in. "Saving yourself huh?" she said, seeing that I was watching porn. She went into the bedroom and found Holly's little pink toy, and the strap on I had bought her but had yet to use.

Stephanie brought them back into the living room. "What is this for?" she asked. "Well I got it for Holly and you to use, but apparently you haven't." Stephanie stripped naked sitting on the couch behind me, I was continuing to flush out my idea, watching some porn for ideas, and mapping it all out in my head. I could hear her moaning using, the little pink toy on her clit.

I turned back toward her giving her a stern look, saying I'm saving myself don't try it. I turned back to the computer, after a minute I turned back at hearing a weird noise. She had fitted the strapon to her body, and she was jerking off her dildo, smiling devilishly. "Okay fine, I'll give you head, and use the vibrator, but you can't touch my dick" I said.

I went over to her, whipping off the strapon and going to town on her pussy lips and clit, already soaking wet. "Why are you doing this, why bother saving yourself, the pace you guys keep it shouldn't matter" she said. "Leave it alone" I said. "No really though, I mean you can do just as well with half a days rest as you can with three days rest, what's it matter. " she asked. "Okay I'll tell you, if your so insistent." I went on explaining how we were going to make our own porn video and she pestered me for the details, so I explained how it would all work.

"I want to help" she said. "Well I guess… how about this" Monday Afternoon came finally; the weekend seemed to take forever. Holly called me on her cell phone, saying she would be home in about twenty minutes. Time to shine I thought. I picked up the video camera, put in a fresh tape, and went into the bathroom.

I pointed at the mirror, and hit record. "As you can see, I have covered the red light that turns on when you are recording. My girlfriend will not think the camera is on at anytime." Turning the camera off and walking into the living room. Turning it back on, pointing at Stephanie, wearing a pink shirt, that had her nipples showing through, and sweat shorts, that showed the round of her ass well, but she was sitting, her shoulder length straight dark blonde hair hanging, and her small b-tits poking through.

"This is my girlfriend's roommate in her dorm", I narrated "She will serve as our cameraman when the time comes, but when my girlfriend arrives, camera girl here will be hiding in the closet. Why don't you go ahead and get in there" "Okay" she said rising.

I followed her, walking and kneeling so that the camera documented her round ass in gray sweats striding to the bedroom and into the closet, which I closed enough that she could see out but not be seen. I shut off the camera. "Good good" I said, letting her out.

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"Okay you know what to do don't you" I asked. "Don't worry I got it down" she said. Steph stayed in the bedroom and I walked into the living room. I turned the camera back on. "Well she will be here any minute, I will set the camera right here" I said, putting it on a ledge, pointing it at the door and couch. "This will document her arrival" I said turning the camera off.

Steph came into the living room. "This is going to be exciting" she said. I stood watching out the window, when Holly drove up Steph ran for the closet. I ran to the camera, and turned it on, it pointing at me, and I left it there running, and ran to the couch to sit down, turning on the TV to espn.

Holly unlocked the door and came in, She was wearing a large college sweatshirt, gray, and tight jeans. Her brown hair was cut recently and ran down to about her jaw, wrapping around her beautifully shaped cheeks. Her big C tits were only a little noticeable in the loose sweatshirt.

I turned off the TV and stood up to greet her. I pushed her against the door kissing her neck, she raised her head letting me suck and lick her neck. "I've got something special in mind" I said rather loudly, not knowing the audible sensitivity of the camera, which at that moment I realized I hadn't tested.

She stood against the door, and I walked over to the desk picking up a cloth. I walked back to her, "Put this on" I said. I helped her tie the blindfold over her eyes. She was giggling, "This is new" she said. I pulled her sweatshirt up and over her head, releasing her tits. Hanging on her chest, so perky and round. Her sweatshirt fell to the floor. "John, can I take a shower before we do this?" she asked.

"uhmm, sure I guess so, but you have to leave the blindfold on." I said, contemplating the changes in the plan. I led her into the bathroom, sitting her down on the top of the closed toilet seat.

"Wait right here" I said, "No peeking". I walked out into the living room grabbing the camera and coming into the bedroom. I grabbed the little pink toy, and opened the closet door; letting Steph out, whispering to her and to the camera "She wants to take a shower, so you stand on the side filming over the side." Stephanie nodded, and I handed the camera over to her, and she turned it on me.

She followed me into the bathroom, she stood in the doorway, as I stood up Holly and undressed her completely. She had shaved her pubic hair off, clean. I tightened the blindfold. I played with her tits a little bit, then undressed myself.

I turned on the hot water letting it warm up, before helping Holly step into the shower, I could feel Stephanie standing right behind me. I stepped into the shower behind Holly. I glanced behind me. Stephanie stood on the side of the tub and held the camera over the top of the curtain bar.

She must not have like her view. She stepped down, and opened the back of the curtain. She was sitting on the side of the tub holding the camera at just above private height. I was rubbing my hands over Holly, I turned us around so that she was facing the camera, blindfolded, and I was facing her back, my hands were exploring her tits, and her ass.

I soaped up and massaged and rubbed her tits, getting them soapy. She was gently moaning. I put one hand down to her pussy lips, massaging her opening. I stepped around her, so that I was face to face with her, and she was facing the camera, with me in between the two.

I got down on my knees. I made sure to have my head to one side so that the camera would get a view, other than the back of my head. I licked very lightly the opening of her love slit, and used my hands al over her body.

I was making her want it so bad. She continued to moan gently. "You want me to just fuck you, don't you" I said.

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"YES!!" she yelled, trying to get me to just pound her. Instead I played with her nipples some more, and started laughing when she started whining, and pouting her lips, saying "please please." "First you do something for me." I said standing up.

Holly immediately kneeled down, and with her hands found my had cock. And started to suck me slowly, and her hands were on my ass, grabbing. She just gave me gentle sweet head for a little bit. Then I helped her stand up and I knelt down and gave her head. I licked her pussy furiously, tongue fucking her. Then I stood up and helped her sit down and lie back in the tub bottom.


I turned off the water. I pushed the Shower curtain all the way to the front off the shower, so that it was open for Stephanie to find a good view. I parted Holly's legs, and she had one split straight out of the tub, and the other leg straight up and on the wall.

Her pussy was spread wide open. I went on with eating her out, her juices flowing filly my mouth, Stephanie was standing just off the side, leaning over, camera just a foot and a half above Holly's pussy. I started finger fucking her with two fingers as I continued with tongue action and sucking her clit. My other hand was up at her tits. "John" Holly kept repeating in a whisper between panting and moaning. I pulled my fingers sopping with juices out of her pussy and I gently pushed on into her ass, and then two, gently stroking, in her fucking tight asshole, and I kept licking and tonguing her wet slit.

The ass fingering was too much as she climaxed, squirting juices in my mouth and running down onto my hand in her ass. She arched her back, screaming "Ohh Fuck, John, Ohhh!!!" I continued, quickening my pace, eating her out, and fingering her ass.

"I want to make you cum again, I want you to never forget this" I said. "Ohh john, ohhh YESS!" she was screaming as my breath hit her pussy, and I returned to eating her as fast as I could.

She orgasmed a second time. I continued. I moved to finger fucking with two fingers in both of her holes, and licking her clit. Her third orgasm followed. I picked up her little pink toy, which I had set next to the tub. I turned it on and massaged her clit with it, still licking and sucking on her pussy, now my hand that had been in her pussy I moved up to her mouth, where she sucked her juices off of me.

I massaged stroked and fingered here until she orgasmed for a fourth time. Her excitedness, heavy breathing, and moaning was running together from all four of her orgasms.

I finally pulled my fingers our of her ass, turned off the vibrator, setting it on the floor, and stood up. She laid there breathing heavily, and collecting herself, she started to reach up for her eyes. "No No" I said, stopping her quickly, "We aren't done" I said.

"Ohh John, please let me please you" she said. "Don't worry" I said.

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I helped her stand up, and out of the tub. Stephanie backed up, standing in the doorway. I toweled off Holly and then myself. I stood behind her, my cock was poking the small of her back, and I hugged her tight, walking and leading us into the bedroom. Stephanie backed up out of the door way, and then waited for us to pass by. I took holly over to the bed. I laid her face down. Stephanie kneeled down next to the bed.

I got on the bed behind Holly, and pulled her up to her knees, and down on all four. I was on my knees behind her. Stephanie was right next to the cock pussy combination. I pushed my throbbing cock into her extremely wet pussy. I fucked her all out, no gentleness here. Her round ass was smacking me in the hips, and my cock was going balls deep and out, her hot tight pussy was contracting down onto my cock.

I leaned forward resting my head and chest on her back. My hands went to her tits, pinching her hard nipples. We continued fucking until her fifth orgasm tried to milk my cock. I was close to coming. I picked up the mass of sweaty shaking screaming flesh that comprised Holly and set her down on the floor, she was on her knees in front of me, her mouth open and moaning, waiting for my thick cum.


I took the camera away from Stephanie, who was standing right beside me. I was moaning into the camera, as Holly took my cock into her mouth. I held the camera from my point of view.

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"Suck it baby" I said. She sucked my hard and fast. I pulled back. "Oh come on me baby, I want your jizz" she said. I held my cock in one hand, camera in the other. I knew I was going to cum about a fucking gallon. I pointed my cock at her forehead. I stroked my cock and it was making squishing noises from her juices and saliva on my cock. I could feel it coming. My first shot was massive, it streamed from my cock for seemingly several seconds, my cum hit her forehead and streamed down a straight line on her face, down her nose to her mouth, and was pouring into her mouth, then the second shot seemed to last forever, it blasted come over her head and trailed down to her hair, I think I shot nine times, the last three on her waiting tongue, all in all her entire face was creamed with my white goo, her hair sticking together, and it was running down her cheeks and neck onto her tits.

She had already swallowed what was in her mouth, and was using her hands to scoop some off her cheeks and down to her waiting tongue, she kept moaning. "Fuck that was a lot of fucking cum, glad I have a blindfold on" she said. "Do it again" she said, and I started laughing, finally catching my breath from the ball draining experience. "I think I need another shower" she said. "Not yet you don't" I said, handing the camera back to Stephanie, with her hand down her pants now.

I pushed my softening cock into her mouth, and she sucked on it like a lollypop. She sucked it very fast in and out, trying to get me hard again, she knew I wanted to fuck again, and wanted to please me for all my efforts.

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She sucked it so well I was hard again in less than two minutes, and she continued to suck, and started deepthroating me. I laid her down on the floor on all fours again. I grabbed the tube of anal lube and the strapon dildo, handing the strap on to Stephanie.

She strapped it on, and I opened the lube and squirted a bunch on her fake cock. It was white and about six inches long, quite thick. Stephanie started to stroke her dildo vigorously as I instructed her earlier. I lubed up my cock, and laid down next to Holly.

I helped her to lay on top of me, facing up. Her head was on top of mine, facing away.

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I held her legs so they were split out to the sided wide, and up in the air I pushed my hard cock into her tight fucking ass hole. Stephanie was stroking with one hand and filming the assfucking with the other. I was rocking Holly back and forth forcefully on my throbbing cock in her ass.

Her pussy was leaking juices down onto my cock. I had my tits on her tits, She was breathing heavily and moaning hard at the cock in her ass.


"Fuck my ass Fuck my ass John" she said. Then I motioned for Stephanie, and I held Holly's arms across her chest. Then Stephanie, dildo in hand, camera in the other, got down and shoved her strap on into Holly's screaming wet pussy.

"What the fuck!" Holly said. The dildo was warm from her stroking it and was lubed enough that Holly couldn't tell it was fake. Stephanie started vigorously fucking pounding Holly's pussy. I could feel the dildo rubbing on my cock through her ass. Holly was being filled in both holes. "Who is that?" Holly asked, more playfully this time, enjoying it. Neither of us answered. I continued to fuck her ass, Holly tried to reach for her blind fold, but I held her arms.

She started laughing, "Ohh John, fuck, oh this is, wonderful" she said before going into a long high pitched scream of pleasure, her ass was throbbing and I could feel her pussy convulsing, her sixth orgasm of the day.

Then Stephanie, as was planned pulled out and retreated to the closet, with enough opening to watch and film out the opening. I let go of Holly's arms, and she laid there panting, not moving. Just breathing, as if she wasn't aware she had arms at all. I sat her up, the helped her stand up. "Are you going to take off your blind fold." She seemed too suddenly realize that I would let her, or maybe she wanted to leave it on as long as I wanted.

She pulled it off, looked around, turned around. "Who was that?" she asked. "Who was the other guy." "Uhmm, well" I said. "Ohh, that's why you came so much, there was two of you." She said, putting the wrong pieces together.

"Come out mystery man" I said. The closet door opened and out walked Stephanie, Shirtless, but with her strapon over her sweat shorts still, holding the camera still filming. "You?" Holly asked. "You were filming?!!?" Holly said trying to sound mad, but her smile gave it away. "Did you like making your first porno" I asked her.

"Fuck it was awesome, I thought for sure you were a guy", she said pointing at Stephanie, "Ohhh, im still shaking". Stephanie stood right in front of Holly, me to their side. Stephanie handed me the camera, and as soon as it was turned around, Stephanie jumped Holly, licking all over her face, sucking my cum off of her face, and then making out with her.

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I continued to film, as they ended up on the ground licking cum up and all over. Stephanie sat up, with her ass on Holly's tits, jerking off her dildo, and pretending to come, she would gyrate and shake her fake cock, and spit on Holly's face, Holly started laughing, and they both giggled.

I continued filming and my cock was still hard from ass fucking, and now watching this, I got on my knees, laying my cock on Holly's forehead. Stephanie, scooted back, until her cock was in line with Holly's pussy. I was directly behind holly, the top of her head between my legs. Stephanie started to fuck Holly's pussy with her cock again. And I moved forward putting my cock on Holly's beautiful lips. She leaned her head back and started sucking.

She reached her hands up to my ass and pulled guiding me to shove my cock down her throat, as her pussy was pounded. Stephanie laid down on top of Holly, and I pulled my cock out so that it was between their lips. They were both licking my cock up and down, and making out with a throbbing dick in the way. I came again it shot down, both of their mouths were working on the shaft, so it all, not nearly as much as the first time, shot to their meeting round tits. We all stood up, I still had the camera, and they took turns sucking my jizz of each others tits, and rubbing their breasts together.

I turned off the camera and the three us ended up sleeping in the same bed, after we all showered the love juices off each other.