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The original concept for this story was not my own design. It is derived from the story "The only girl in school" by Frankel. I do not intend to claim this idea as my own. However, on reading the story, it was too wonderful a premise to allow it to suffer so horribly under the writing of that author.

The content was also too far-fetched to be truly enjoyed and the tastes too specific.

I have decided to give the story a re-write in order to improve the readability and expand on the original preferences. Enjoy.

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Fair warning: This will have plenty of forced sex and thorough rape. Just not quite as particular as Frankel's stories. If that offends you, please leave. If that excites you, please read on. I'm excited for you to experience all the anguish I have in store for our heroine as she loses herself, being forced by men and women alike to be used in every way she never imagined. It may take a while to get started, but I hope you see it through and enjoy. Katie had always been trying to break the mold.

She never appreciated any form that society wanted her to fit. She didn't keep inside the lines and anyone who knew her knew not to tell her what to do. In her disobedience to the system, she was brilliant. She was the top student in her high school and she surpassed her peers in nearly every way. She worked long hour on her schoolwork and trained hard for her swim team. She was easily going to be the most successful person you'd ever met, and she was going to do it entirely by her own volition.

"Come on, Dad, we're going to be late!" Katie called to her father. "All my stuff's in the car already!" Katie's father turned the corner on the landing and hopped down the stairs.


"You know," he said to her, "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you wanted to leave your mother and me." "Of course I don't. But this is a big deal now, and I don't want to give them any reason to dislike me." Katie met her fathers sarcastic look. "Any more reason to dislike me yet." "Well I'm not sure I want to give my daughter over to an all-boys school," her father replied. "It's not for long. You'll hardly notice." Katie laughed and she and her father walked out to the car.

Her mother was already in the car waiting for them. "Oh my baby, I'm going to miss you so much! Don't go making all those boys fall in love with you." Her mother joked at her. Both Katie and her father rolled their eyes. It was a two and a half hour drive to Kingswalk, the private school for boys for which they were destined. In her pursuits to destroy any and all societal expectations, Katie had brought up quite a case against Kingswalk.

It was the best prep school in the country, and being exclusive to boys, it was especially vulnerable to legal attack. Under her pressure and after legal threats from Katie and the support of her friends and family, they reluctantly decided to allow Katie to attend and they even agreed to consider allowing other girls to attend the following year based on how this year ran. The family arrived at Kingswalk. A guard opened the gate with a friendly smile, but the gate looked so sturdy and threatening.

Katie's mother spoke up. "Oh my.

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I wonder what they need such security for." "Security. It's perfectly safe, but they sell high security here." Katie responded. "A lot of really important people like diplomats and CEOs send their kids here, so they just want to make sure it's safe," Katie responded.

"Well I suppose that's a good thing. Still, it seems scary," The grounds were huge. The door to the main building was at least two miles from the front gate. Katie jumped out of the car. She retrieved her suitcases only two, she was told she had to pack lihgt and that everything else would be provided and started towards the front steps to the school. "Bye mom, bye dad. I'll see you soon. I have to go now." Katie hugged her parents and exchanged goodbyes.

"Do you want help going in?" Her dad asked. "No, I've got it from here. Besides, it's really just students beyond here. Thanks. Take care!" With that Katie waved her last goodbye and turned and stepped into the front door of the school's main building. Immediately, all eyes were on her.

There were just-graduated boys left right and center, all staring. They had all moved in the day prior, and Katie was effectively showing up one day late to the party. Everyone knew this year was a big deal too. And this was the girl that would change their school forever. Katie picked her head up higher. She would not only attend this school with all these boys, but she was determined to command it.

She would blow them away. "Katie Piccard, I presume?" A friendly young woman, hardly five years older than herself approached Katie. She smiled warmly, but looked somehow uncomfortable. She was probably about 5'5" heels on floor and about 130lb. She wore tall heels and a short tight skirt that matched her blouse, pulled tight at the buttons by her 34D breasts.

Her hair was tied up in a bun and pulled very neatly over her brow. She wore cate-eye glasses with dark frames that set on her pointed nose in front of her deep blue eyes. Katie had never denied herself any attraction to other girls part of defying the system and this woman immediately struck her.

But now she'd been staring for too long. "Yes?" Katie managed, keeping a surprising amount of her posterity. "I'm Miss Shala. I'm the Principal Master's secretary.

I'll be showing you around today. Have you said goodbye to your family yet?" "Yes, I have." Katie responded. "They just left. Is that a problem?" "No problem at all," Miss Shala responded. "As soon as you're ready, come right this way." She beckoned Katie with another warm smile and a nod down the hall. She turned and started walking, again somehow awkwardly, but Katie couldn't quite put her finger on what exactly was the difference.

As Katie Followed the secretary down the hall, she pried her eyes from the bounce of the woman's delicious hips and looked around. The other students watched her from the corners of their eyes.

They were the typical spread you'd expect in a prep school. Mostly well maintained boys with a sense of direction. For the most part they were fit and cleaned. There were only a few here and there who must have come from significant money.

It was well known that Kingswalk was a legacy school, but that didn't by any means mean that they didn't demand an outstanding resume to be accepted. Katie pointed her head back forward. She straightened her posture and did her best to walk with conviction. She herself was 5'5" and 120lb. She was small but fierce. She wanted all the boys to notice her and to recognize her new authority. She stuck out her 32C chest. She let her long legs and strong muscles make each step on the tiled floor ring through the hallways.

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She made fleeting eye-contact with a few boys; her green eyes caught their attention nicely. And she tossed her wavy heavy-on-the-strawberry blonde hair over her shoulders. "They will all worship and envy me," she thought to herself, "And if they're really lucky, one or two of them just might get something more." Katie grinned to herself and almost giggled inside.

The thought of having a free choice of a school full of boy toys was not unappealing to her. Then again, neither was this secretary strutting in front of her. But that's a bit more far-fetched, she thought.

Miss Shala turned a corner and opened a heavy-looking wooden door. The door showcased a plaque reading Principal Master. Katie followed Miss Shala into the beautifully decorated office. "Master," Miss Shala Began, "Katie Piccard is here." Katie couldn't help furl her brow for a split second. 'Master?' She thought to herself. She knew the school was very traditional, but that seemed a bit far. "Excellent!" Katie heard a deep voice exclaim.

A large office chair spun and a very large black man stood and walked towards Katie. He was probably in his mid fifties, but he was clearly very healthy. Katie saw how his muscles packed his frame, and standing at about 6' 2", he certainly commanded the respect you'd expect of a post such as "Principal Master." "Wonderful to meet you Katie. I'm the Principal Master here at Kingswalk.

You may call me Master Walk." The Principal held out his hand. "Pleased to meet you," Katie responded as she placed her hand in his. "I'm so excited to finally have you here." Master Walk closed his hand tightly around Katie's.

"It's been such a long saga and now the school year's drawing close." His hand tightened "I'm sure you're going to be plenty busy this year. You have hard schedule in front of you." Katie smiled, but the man didn't let go of her hand. In fact, he closed his hand tighter. It almost hurt her. Katie winced as he continued to talk. "And with the ruffle you caused making sure you got into this school, I'd excited to see how you handle its rigors." Katie opened her mouth slightly, but snapped it closed and forced herself to smile.

His hand was beginning to show its strength and she was failing. "I hope you're ready for what you've gotten yourself into." Master Walk released Katie's hand just as she was about to open her mouth to whimper. She had never been in this position before. But the man didn't seem to mean anything ill by his comments; he looked truly happy to greet her. Katie straightened herself as best she could and responded. "Oh me too sir -" "Ah ah ah.

Master, please," Master Walk interrupted her. Katie took her split second of being puzzled and then started over. "I am excited too, Master Walk. I've heard plenty of good things about this school, and I hope my coming didn't cause too much trouble. I'd love for this to be a stepping stone to an even better reputation for you and your work here." Master walk threw up his hands and smiled broadly. He laughed a few breaths loud and mets Katie's eyes.

"Wow, listen to that! Shala, take note, we have quite the diplomat up and coming! She's going to be something memorable for certain!" Miss Shala smiled and nodded in agreement.

"Excellent," Master Walker continued, "Miss Shala, here is Miss Piccard's key. Please take her to her room so she may settle in." He handed the secretary a beautifully intricate skeleton key on the ring of an inscribed wooden keychain. "Katie, Welcome to your new home for the next year." He smiled once again to Katie and then sat down in his chair, turning back to his desk. "Come along." Miss Shala walked out of the office and Katie followed her.

Again, the two of them walked through the halls, but there were fewer boys this time. Still, Katie tried her best to keep her composure. She carried her suitcases but did her best to walk with authority and face forward. She also tried her hardest not to watch the bouncing ass in front of her, or imagine the straining buttons on Miss Shala's blouse. She also tried to imagine not taking one of the boys into her room and playing with him for her own fun.

Katie began to grow aware of the bounce she was putting on her own tits and her own ass. She loved the feeling, hoping to attract some attention. She kept up her walk as strongly as she could. Miss Shala led her from the main halls, outside, then back in to the dormitories. She placed the skeleton key into door number 111 and unlocked it.

The door opened and inside was an amazing four-post bed, all solid oak and dresser with vanity and armoire to match. Katie placed her suitcases down near the bed and looked around. The bed was fully made and there seemed to be a stack of uniforms already in the dresser. A large wooden desk occupied a corner of the room complete with very real-looking pens and stationary.

Along with a laptop computer. There were towels lined up by a door Katie could hardly believe it to her own bathroom! This place was amazing to say the least. "Here you are." Miss Held out the key for Katie to take.

"Oh, thank you!." Katie reached out to take the key from the dark-haired woman. The woman stepped to Katie, but Katie stepped back and backed against the bedpost. Miss Shala took another step to her and got up close to Katie's face. She breathed deeply and her breasts pulled frantically at the pleading top button of her blouse. "And Katie," the woman said, taking another deep breath," If you ever need anything, don't be afraid ask me. I'm here for you." Miss Shala smiled warmly again. Her perfume invaded Katie's head.

Katie had to shake herself to return to reality. She pried her gaze from Miss Shala's desperate cleavage. "Oh. TH-Thank you. Ahem. I will." All her composure was gone. She watched Miss Shala's clothes somehow stay together over her body.

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"Excellent. Take care, now. I'll see you in the dining hall for the evening meal." And Miss Shala turned and walked out, waving her hips and strutting with her awkward but oh-so-sexy walk. Katie could hear boys' voices coming down the hall. She quickly shut the door and leaned against it. "Oh my god!" She thought, breathing deeply. "I've only been here for hardly an hour and already I'm lust-drunk for the secretary." She was now talking quietly to herself. "That woman must get so much attention from the other students if that's what she did to me.

"Get yourself together Katie," Katie said aloud to herself, in the privacy of her room. "You have to get ready for dinner. Everyone will be there. Settle in." Katie began to wonder around the room. She inspected it's nooks and crannies.

She opened the drawers and cracked a few of the books on the bookshelf, but she couldn't shake the image of the secretary in her head. She wasn't necessarily a lesbian, but Katie was plenty open to the idea of swinging both ways.

She'd never done it before, but this was more than enough to make her want to start. "That's it. I need a shower," Katie thought. She picked up a towel and walked into the bathroom.

The fixtures and the bath were all just as impressive as the rest of the room. They fit the atmosphere perfectly. Katie turned on the molded faucet control and let the water stream to life. The shower poured water at a perfect temperature and Katie stripped off her clothes. She removed her cotton shirt and her khaki dress pants. She pulled off her red lace panties and unhooked her matching bra. As she stripped she thought about the other students in the school.

She thought about the secretary. God, she needed something. She stepped into the shower and lathered up her hair with the school's shampoo. It was really nice. It wasn't labeled, but it made her head tingle like something she'd only ever used at a really fancy salon. As she worked the shampoo into her hair, she felt the water pour over her breasts, and down her strong abs. She felt it run over her curved hips, down through her cleanly-shaven crotch.

It fell on her feet and washed her tows. She felt all of it. "Oh, what the hell," she thought "Go ahead, you've been stressed a lot, Katie, you deserve this." Katie rinsed the shampoo from her hands and drew out some body moisturizer onto her hands. She rubbed her palms over her neck down to her chest. She flicked her finger tips over her nipples and drew a tremble from her own body. "Oh do I ever need this," she thought.

Katie's lubricated hands slid over her body. Her left hand began to lightly pinch her pointed pink nipples. Her breasts perked and she drew in short breaths. She was oblivious to anything but her own hands and the water flowing down. Her right hand slid down over her navel and between her legs. She ran her palm down the inside of each thigh then back up, bringing her fingers into her play. She ran her middle finger back over her little ass hole, sending shivers over her body and then forward, to join the flow of the water between her out lips, massaging her slit.

Katie moaned and pinched her nipples harder, gripping her breasts while she pushed her two leading fingers down on opposite sides of her clit. She moved her fingers up and down and back and forth. Enjoying the pressure and the bending she caused in her own body.

She convulsed under her own motions. She moaned lightly and dreamily, sometimes long and drawn, and sometimes quick, and chirpish. Images raced through her head. The last orgasm she had. The last good fuck she had, the last pair of tits she'd daydreamed of sucking, and the last cock she swallowed. Finally, she began to slide a finger up into her pussy. She had teased herself and she'd been so good.

Now this was her reward. Katie jumped as she heard a crash. It was like two loud pops like wood splitting. She had been so absorbed in herself and the flow of the shower that she hadn't noticed anything else, but now she felt something. She felt a cold draft, and a faint hum. She felt like she wasn't alone. Katie reached out of the shower to grab her towel. It wasn't there. She flailed her hand around, groping at the towel bar, but it was empty.

Had she been so lost in her lusting stupor that she'd forgotten a towel? Impossible.

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She peaked her head out of the shower. Had she left the door open too? No, impossible. But she didn't necessarily remember shutting it.

Really, she didn't totally remember much. "Hello?" Katie called. No answer "Hello? What are you doing in my room?" Still nothing. She called to the nothing once again. "I said What are you doing here? Get out!" When nothing responded again, Katie got out of the shower. She looked around for a towel, but nothing was near. Even her clothes weren't where she could have sworn she left them. Katie stepped through the bathroom door and saw her room completely changed. The bed was bare save a mattress pad and sheet.

All the drawers were ajar and emptied. Her suitcases were gone and the door was open. No, the door was gone! The door had been completely removed by the hinges and now nothing stood between Katie's room and the hallway to the dormitories first floor! Katie drew in a breath of terror as she realized her situation but she didn't get any further.

A hand grabbed her wet hair from behind and pulled her backward. She screamed and thrashed but the hand grasped tightly to a large chunk of her strawberry hair, still dripping from the shower she had almost enjoyed. Soon, Katie felt two hands on her ankles and two sets, a pair of hands each on her arms. She thrashed as hard as she could, screaming and wailing, but the thrashing only pulled her hair and twisted her skin.

"Hey! Hold on to her for fuck's sake!" Katie felt a grip weaken on her ankle and she whipped her leg free, kicking violently at whatever she could. She felt her foot meet a stomach as she knocked someone backwards.

"Oh Jesus Christ. Aldo, take that foot, will you." Katie felt one strong hand take her right arm and pin it to the ground while two hands moved from her arm to her right leg. Two more grasped her left leg. Now she was pinned to the floor of her room by four sets of hands and she was terrified.

"What the fuck!?! Let go of me right now! What are you doing?!" Katie's cries echoed as she thrashed under the force of the hands on her limbs. Katie looked around, getting a view of her attackers.

There were four boys, they must have been her age. They were strong and muscular, all dressed in athletic wear what looked like basketball uniforms. She saw sweat on their faces as she tried to memorize every detail of them. Short hair. Built strong, and pinning down her naked self, spread limb-from-limb to the floor.

"Just how do you think you're going to get away with this?" Katie cried, tears forming in her eyes. "Oh calm your tits," the boy at her head said, as he let go of her hair and slapped her tits. "We're not interested in hurting you." Katies began thrashing her head to write free from her captives. The boy at her head punched the floor next to her ear.

The shock shook Katie and the floor she lay pinned to. She met the boy's look with fire in her eyes. "We're not interested in hurting you, but we will if we have to. Is that clear?" Katie simply looked at the boy, grimmacing.

"You won't get away with this," was all she said. "Don't need to." The boy replied. "Gentlemen, have at her." The hands loosened around Katie's arms and legs and the grips moved from her limbs to her chest and her crotch. She began to move but one of the boys held a fist over her face to keep her in line. Her mind raced. She knew she had to get away, but how? She was being probed in all directions by hands and fingers.

She felt her breasts being mashed by palms and her nipples pinch by finer tips. But this wasn't the way se teased herself; this wasn't for her. These hands had their own agenda. One boy slapped both her tits and immediately pinched hard on both her nipples. Another put his knees over her shoulders, pushing her harder against the floors.

She was captive under his weight with his crotch right over her face. "Now it's time to welcome you to Kingswalk," said the leader of the boys. He stood up and pulled down his basketball shorts. All the other boys got up and followed suit. Katie watched in terror as four hard cocks sprang form the mesh shorts over her and laid paralyzed on the ground. All the boys again dropped to the ground, now naked from the waist down. Katie knew she missed her first escape. "That was it, that's all I needed!" Katie exclaimed to herself as she felt hands grabbing at her body again.

She looked around and saw the boys' meat hovering over her, like birds of prey, circling, waiting for their feast. If she had been more aware, if she had been stronger, she wouldn't have been so dumbfounded by these huge cocks bearing down on her and she would have gotten up and fled! Katie was ripped back to the moment as again her nipples were pinched and pulled upwards. Only this time, with her shoulders caught under one of the boys' weight, she couldn't ease the strain.

She only felt the constant mashing of her poor tits transitioning to them being yanked away from her. Each time Katie cried out with pain, but that only seemed to encourage their torture. Again her nipples were pulled and again she cried but then she was struck in the face. Not hard, like a fist, but looking up, Katie saw what hit her. It was the boy's hard cock.

Katie squirmed as she felt hands running up her thighs and invading her pussy. Only moments ago she was doing the same exact thing but now these boys were having their way with her. She felt fingers ram up inside of her and try to tease her asshole as well.

Katie squirmed and pleaded, but she was only struck in the face again and again by the boy's cock. "Listen up slut." Katie looked up, not at the boy, but the cock looming over her face. She stopped writhing and the fingers continued to enter her, to pull at her nippled, to mash her tits. "You're going to take what we give you, and if you try to do anything at all to hurt us to bite us you're going to wish we'd beat you senseless.

The cock hit her face again and a fist took form her her vision. Katie tried to think quickly out of the scenario, but she couldn't think of anything. Her hair was pulled back and the boy dropped off her shoulders.

Her pulled her head upside-down and forced her mouth open. Katie couldn't close her jaw, but she was afraid to anyway. She felt the cock immediately plunge into her mouth. Katie had sucked a few dicks before, but nothing like this. It tasted so bitter and terrible. "You like that?" a voice said. "We've worked up a good sweat for you before coming down. Hope you like sweaty cocks!" Katie immediately became aware of the sweat left behind on her face, of the residue the boy's meat had left behind.

She became aware of the bitter sweaty cock pumping in and out of her mouth. She tried not to gag, protecting her throat with her tongue. She again became aware of the fingers on her pussy. She felt them pound in and out of her, and she felt more on her ass, trying desperately to work their way inside.

Katie realized how close she had brought herself to an orgasm in the shower and now she had given these terrible boys a head-start. "Oh fuck, this is good." She heard a voice above her say. She felt the meat in her mouth pump faster and faster. She moved her tongue around her mouth to defend her throat, but she could hardly manage, her head was puled back by her hair and the meat pounded away at her feeble barrier.

Katie pushed and maneuvered the cock in her mouth but it pushed deep with its sweaty stench. "Fuck!" The cock withdrew with a moan as Katie's head fell with the floor She watched the dick over her face spray hot cum down over her tits and belly se saw it drip finally onto her lips and forehead.

A finger reached down and drew up a scoop of the cum from her navel and brought it to her face. "Come on, open up!" said the voice. Katie tried to turn her head away but the cum-covered hand struck her across the face and smeared the cum over her and into her hair.

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"I'm gonna fuck her." Another voice said. As she collected herself from the strike across the face, Katie felt a body move between her legs. She felt a dick at her pussy and suddenly realized how wet she was. "It must have been from the shower," Katie thought to herself. "Just water right?" As the dick began to slide into her cunt Katie knew that it was the shower, but not the water.

She had gotten so horny before and teased herself so much that she had been close to cumming. Now, these boys were man-handling her, she was being forced to the verge of orgasm. There was a new boy at her head now. Suddenly the cock at her pussy was thrust deep into her. She gasped and screamed, rolling her head back. The new boy there took advantage and plunged his cock into her gaping mouth, but this time, she couldn't get her tongue in the way. She was immediately skewered from both ends.

Katie felt the dick in her pussy pound into her and force its way against her cervix. It attacked her with animal ferocity. The cock in her mouth pounded down her throat. She caughed and she gagged, but nothing she should do could ease the tension.

She felt another body mount her, though she couldn't see. She felt another new dick between her tits. The new boy mashed her tits together, pulling her nipples and furiously fucking her chest.

As Katie writhed and fought the cock fucking her throat, she felt her pussy start to wring. Her muscles contracted in her toes and curled up her legs. "Oh no. No, this can't be," Katie thought. The other dicks continued to fuck her for all she wasn't worth. "No, these animals can't make me." Katie lost her thought. She tried to push her feelings and her muscled back, but they betrayed her.

One cock fucked her tits while hands ravished them. One used her mouth like it was a cock-receptacle good for nothing else, and another brought her cunt to orgasm. Katie had never felt all this together and there was no stopping it. Her body convulsed and she bucked wildly. "Holy shit," she heard a voice from her stupor.

"Is she having a seizure?" "No, you dumbfuck. This cock slut is cumming. And she's cumming hard!" Katies orgasm ripped through her like a derailed bullet-train. She flailed and bucked, but she had no control of her limbs. Her pussy wretched and wrung. "Fuck yeah! I'm cumming too!" "Me too!" Katie felt the cock in her cunt pound mercilessly. It pushed her cervix up again and again, wearing the walls of her vagina. It pumped faster and faster ans she convulsed around it and finally she felt a flood of hot cum fill her with stream after stream of sperm.

The boy fucking her tits mashed them together and she felt another flood of cum pour over her chest. The boy pinched her nipples so tightly that Katie tried desperately to scream around the cock in her mouth, but it only made things worse.

The boy fucking her face pulled her down deep so that her nose was buried in his balls and she felt his sweat drip on to her. He squeezed her so tight that she was sure she would choke to death on his cock. Finally, he screamed and Katie felt the sperm pump down her throat right into her stomach. He seemed to cum the longest, pumping jet after jet of cum into her like a human kleenex.

The boy finally retreated from her now numb throat and as she turned her head, the fourth boy, jumped on her again.

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"Surprise!" he yelled, as he jerked himself to another orgasm. This one wasn't as large of course but he shot plenty of cum onto Katie's face.


She tried to jerk away but her grabbed her by the hair again and pulled her into it. Katie's forehead met the point of his cock and her coated her with cum. "Woo. That was hella fun. Well, until later, cum slut." Three of the boys stood up and collected their shorts. The last of the four made sure to wipe off his cock on some non cum-covered part of Katie's body before he left. He finally stood and joined the others, leaving her alone in the room that was now wide-open to the rest of the dormitories.