Russian gay twink ton videos first time Leaned over the table and

Russian gay twink ton videos first time Leaned over the table and
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Sexual Fantasies do come true. This is a long story so it has two chapters for this part. Joyce was a 36 year old single mom, her husband after ten years of marriage moved out to be with a gay lover.

Her son Joe was fifteen, an average student but he always seemed to have an attitude. A Year before the marriage ended the sex stopped, she was very frustrated before the divorce but now another six years had passed, she was crazy for sex.

At 36 she was still a good looking woman, large breasts (40D) with a 34 inch waist a tight ass and strawberry blond hair below her shoulders. Joe's friends secretly called her a MILF. She was good with that, as at the point she was at flattery from any male was greatly appreciated. Her laptop had been acting up lately so Thursday morning before Joe left for school she asked him to try to fix it, as she really didn't have the money for a new one at the moment.

He agreed and trotted off to school. Since her part time job was from 1 till 6 Joe was always home alone in the afternoons.

Joe arrived home at 3:15, there was a note on the counter, please put dishes in dish washer and try to fix my laptop. He did the dishes, grabbed and apple from the fridge and headed for his room. He changed from his school clothes, when he was alone he would walk around in his briefs. For a fifteen year old he had a horse cock, or so they called it that in gym class.

It was 11 inches long and almost 2 ½ inches round. Rubbing his cock he headed for the laptop in Joyce's bedroom. In her sitting area was a makeup table with the laptop on it. It was an older unit so it took a while to boot up. Finally the screen came to life, he started to use the anti virus software he had brought and slowly the machine was responding. He removed 26 viruses and did a reboot.

The computer came to life considerably quicker then before. He decided to check out her emails first, nothing too exciting there. Then he went to the documents, there was a folder marked Personal. He tried to open the file it was pass protected, he tried a couple of variations of her birthday. The third try opened the file. It was set up like a daily journal.


He copied the folder to his flash drive closed the file and turned off the computer. Joyce arrived home, they ate dinner and Joe announced he had homework. Once in his room he put the flash drive in his computer, opening the Personal file he realized it went back to before the divorce. As he scanned the dated he realized some date were blank or had almost nothing written in them. Others had multiple pages. There were many concerning the divorce and the fact that her husband had a gay lover.

On an entry marked Oct 1st he read an interesting passage. It seemed Joyce was fascinated with gang-bangs. She talked about have multiple cocks coming in her at the same time, the color, size and width was discussed in depth. Joe sat wondering if this was a joke or if she really meant it. It took Joe a week to get through the entire journal but at the end he realized she really wanted to be gang-banged.

How do I approach the subject with her without her knowing I've read the file? He called his friend Pete, they discussed the possibilities. Pete thought she was hot so any opportunity to fuck her would be explored fully. After a week of discussion Joe and Pete had a plan, it would take a week or so to get it implemented but it was worth a shot.

Tuesday he was ready to set his plan in motion, Joyce arrived home around six thirty and they had dinner. Joe went upstairs and turned on the computer to a porn site he and Pete figured was a good start. Interracial gang-bang was its name, it showed mature white woman with young black men. Joyce came up stairs a while later, Joe's door was ajar she could see him rubbing his cock through his pants.

Slipping by she wondered what he was watching. She figured if she got a chance she'd sneak into his room and look. Joe saw her walk by, he yelled "mom where are my history books"?

"I'm not sure honey", did you leave them in the garage with your bike"? Joe shrunk the screen and headed for the garage. As soon as he was out of his room she ran in and opened the screen. My god went through her mind, there was a woman, a mom type getting fucked by five guy's two black cocks, two dark cocks possibly Hispanic and a white one.

They were all very big and the woman seemed to be having a wonderful time as they were all laughing. Joe stayed at the bottom of the stairs listening; he heard the sound from the computer and knew she was watching.

She felt her nipples get hard, the wet spot in her crotch was forming and she had a terrible itch deep in her pussy. I really need a hard cock went through her mind. Seven years is way to long. Joe started up the stairs; she shut down the screen and headed for the bathroom. At the doorway to his room he yelled out for her, "mom where are you"? "I'm taking a shower honey be out in a few". Joe called Pete; he told him the first part of the plan had worked. "Keep me posted" Pete said as he hung up.

Joyce was all hot and bothered by what she had seen. Her son and she shared the same fantasies. The itch deep in her pussy was there, she knew only one way to scratch it but the only cock in the house was her sons.

She went to her bedroom where she put on a pair of blue tight boy shorts with a matching bra. Jeans and a low cut blouse were next a touch of perfume and she headed down the hall. As she stopped at her sons half open door, "hi honey what are you watching"?

"Hi mom didn't see you there", "I'm watching the news", as the screen went black. "Would you like something to drink"? "A glass of wine would be nice"?

Joyce didn't say anything she just turned and walked away wiggling her ass way to much as so it was not oblivious. She reappeared in his doorway with two glasses of wine and the bottle. ""I'd thought we have some wine and talk", "OK"? "Sure moms come in". She poured him a glass and refilled hers.

"Do you have a girlfriend", she asked". "No most of the girls in my class are silly", "I'd like an older woman". "Really, how much older"? "I'm not sure just more mature". "Do you want an old lady like me"? "You're not old". " Besides it would be an honor to have someone like you".

"Well thanks for the compliment but do you mean more mature as in developed"? "I guess that's it, someone who knows". Joyce refilled her glass and added to his. Joe realized the conversation was starting to flat line so he needed to kick it up. Acting a little tipsy he looked at Joyce, "mom if I tell you something you've got to keep it a secret, ok"?

"Sure baby what this secret". "There are a few guys in my class who have older lady friends". "I asked this one black kid Jamal and he had pictures of her on his phone". "He had pictures of her on his phone", "so what"? "Mom they were private pictures". "Private pictures well hold that thought the wines empty". She was out of the room on her way to the kitchen. Joe clicked a few buttons and was connected to Pete; softly he spoke "Pete be sure you record this entire thing"!

Another few clicks, the screen was black. Joyce came back in with a fresh bottle and poured herself another, adding to his. "Ok what kind of private pictures"? "Well all the women are in their underwear". Her eyebrows raised but she remained quiet. "Some of them have their tops off, with white stuff on them". She thought tits covered with cum, this is great.

"A few have their bottoms down showing hair and stuff". "Well did you like looking at them"? "Very much, they told me if I ever had the balls to get a hot MILF and get pictures they would let me join there club". Joyce seemed confused "let you join what club"? "The club is called the G bangers". "Would you like to join"? "God yes, you get to go to the parties and meet the ladies". Joyce poured another glass of wine and looked at Joe for a few moments.

"So to join this club you need pictures of a hot MILF right"? "Yes but I need the kind of pictures they have". "You mean topless with cum on their tits"? Joe gave her a sigh, "yeah that's all I need, should I run an ad online for hot topless MILF"?

Now Joyce was the one who sighed, "honey I'd pose for you if you though it would let you get into the club". "Really mom", "that would be just great". She saw the look of apprehension on his face. "Mom in order to get into the club after the pictures we'll have to have a party", they will all want to come". "How many of them are in the club"? "Five now I'd be six". "So what's the problem"?

"Mom the stuff on the tits", Joyce interrupted him, "You are referring to cum right"?

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"Yes mom cum". "They shoot it everywhere you can think of". Joyce took a long gulp of wine, "well Joe how would you be with your new club friends shooting cum in me and on me"? Joe took a gulp of his wine, "I'm fine with it because when they leave you're here with me". Joyce hugged him "Joe I love you", "now if were going to get pictures we'd better get started". Joyce stood up and headed for her bathroom with Joe two steps behind.

Joe stood watching her, "if you see anything you want me to add or take off tell me". "How about the blouse and jeans"? "Oh sorry I wasn't thinking". She unbuttoned her blouse, the blue lace bra holding her tits came into full view.

She removed her jeans, as she was wiggling out of them she realized she had a sizable wet spot, what if he notices? So what if he does went through her mind. With the jeans off she turned around and faced him.

Grinning at him she said "I see you like the view", she was staring at the tent in his shorts. "Oh yeah", "hey mom you have a wet spot". He pointed to her pussy, "well darling boys get tents, girls get wet spots". They headed back to his room joking about wet spots and tents. He took six very sexy pictures of her, and then he asked about her bra.

"Honey if you want to get tit shots just tell me". Off came the bra, she was standing in front of him, her nipple were hard in only wet panties. She had a sly grin on her face, "honey we will need cum for my tits", have any ideas where we can get some"? Joey pulled his shorts down, his giant cock sprang out. "Moms there's plenty of cum in here". "My goodness Joey where did you get that giant cock from"? "Just woke up one morning and their it was"! "Mom you nipples are sticking way out their beautiful", "that's another way you can tell a girls interested".

"Now come over here let me get a big load of cum out of this big guy for us". Joyce started slowly rubbing his cock but in less then a minute she kissed the head, now she was sucking it for all she was worth.

Joey didn't expect a blow job, he tried holding off but after four or five minutes he grabbed her head, pushing he cock down her throat and shot a large blast of cum straight into her belly.

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Pulling back so just the head was in her mouth he blasted two more times completely filling her mouth. She pulled the cock out of her mouth and aimed it at her tits; he shot four more blasts of cum on her tits. "Mom that was incredible"! Looking up at him she smiled, opening her mouth to reveal a full load of cum in her mouth, she blew him a kiss and swallowed the entire load. She stood up grinning, "I guess its ok now to tell you I'm a cock sucker and proud of it". "I love sucking cock and swallowing cum", is that ok with you baby"?

"Mom that's fine with me". She was rubbing cum on her nipples, "Joey get some shots while the cum is still wet and gooey". He took six pictures. She was sitting on the edge of his bed, "baby do you want me to go wipe it off"? "No"! "Mom please leave it, it makes you look sexy". "Honey I have a question"? "Have any of the ladies given them shots of a bush filled with cum"? "No mom but could we"? Joyce realized he was rock hard again. Grinning she said, "Joey you'll need to put that thing in me so we can get my bush soaked with cum"!

"Are you ok with that"? He kissed her and with both hands removed her panties; she lies down on the bed and spread her legs.

"Joey go slowly my pussy hasn't had a cock in seven years, it will need time to adjust". She felt a slight pressure the giant head slipped in, she grunted at the size.


"You ok mom"? "Fine baby just need to get use to him". Joey could feel the walls of her pussy milking the cock, "Joey push it in slowly". Joey started pushing at about half way she told him to stop. With over half of the 11" cock in her she realized this was as far as any cock had ever been, and there was still another half to go.

She wiggled her ass and moved her pubic mound up and down on the throbbing cock. The walls of her pussy were milking him she was having small contractions, she new there was a tsunami coming. "Joey I want more", "give me the whole thing now"! Joey gave one lunge and he was bottomed out in her pussy. His cock had passed her cervix and was in her womb. She grabbed his shoulders, pulling him close to her she whispered, "pound my pussy baby", "its yours", "I'm cumming"!!!!!.

The orgasm was intense, pussy juice was leaking out as Joey pounded her pussy deep and hard. Joey kept pounding deep and hard, she had at least three more screaming orgasms. Joey pushed his cock as deep as it would go and held it their. Cum gushed out flooding her womb with the potent liquid. This cause a fourth orgasm, she was moaning, crying and thrashing under him like an animal.

They both took several minutes to get their breath. Joey rolled off her and went for his camera. She got into a sitting position with her legs spread; he got six pictures of her pussy pushing out cum. "Joey honey", "yes mom, what". "Since the photo shoot is over", "you know I'm a cocksucker and I hate to let cum go too waste, why not come sit next to me and feed it to me". Half an hour later she had eaten all the cum.

She had cum in her hair, on her face, and everywhere else possible. She stood up and took his hand, "Come on baby, from now on your place is in my bed". Chapter 2 Before Joe left for school he warned her she would be getting text messages from the guys in the club, she laughed and told him she would answer all of them.

At 10 her first text came in, it was from Mr. 13 & 3/4, I see you and Joe are friends; I can't wait to meet you so you can see it. She texted her reply, never saw or felt 13 + but am really looking forward to it, love J. At 10:45 her second one arrived from Very wide, looking forward to meeting you I think we'll have a great time. Her text was looking forward to it, hopefully it will be soon.

Before lunch she got three more, and promptly answered them all. At 1 her phone buzzed again, it was from Joe, set up a party for Saturday at 7 is that good? If so same outfit as pictures, ok? She responded immediately, sounds good to me!

Joyce arrived home from work; she saw the light on at the top of the stairs and heard Joe talking to someone. Dinner was only burgers so she decided to take a shower and relax.

As she passed her sons room she saw Pete and Joe talking, "Hi Pete how are you"?

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"Hi Mrs. J I'm fine". He turned and went back to the computer. After her shower she put on a black lace thong and black bra.

A dark green sweater with jean shorts. She was just fixing her hair when Joe entered the room. "Hey mom got a minute"? "Sure big guy what's on your mind"?

"Pete hasn't pop a nut in over a week", "he really need to cum", could you help him"? Joyce thought about it for a minute, "well since were going to be having the party Saturday night here and Pete isn't invited, he is your best friend, why not"! "How do you suggest I get the nut out"? "Well you are a fabulous cock sucker and", "say no more I'll handle it". "Mom he's not staying for dinner so", "I got it, give me a minute and I'll be in your room.

Joyce put on a little perfume stripped down to her panties and bra and heels and headed for Joe's room. Opening the door she smiles at Pete, "guys I understand theirs a nut sack full of cum in here", "what you need is a class A cock sucker to clean the baby out".

Pete eyes were popping out, "god that's an outfit and I'm the one with the full nut sack".

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"Well get over her and well get that drained for you". She unhooked her bra and the 40s feel into sight. Opening his fly she removed his cock and started sucking it.

From the sounds he was making he wasn't going to last long, so just to get him ready to unload she stuck her middle finger in his ass. His cock twitched cum started flowing at a huge volume, she tried gulping down his cum as quickly as she could but some leaked out of the corner of her mouth and onto her tits. She swallowed the last of his cum which was still in her mouth, "are you drained babe or do you need it again"? "I'll definitely need at least one more draining, please", "happy to help", "now lay down".

She grabbed a bottle of lube she had brought in with her, and she coated his already stiffening cock. Slowly she rubbed it; she wanted him to come back often so she really worked at it. "Pete are you enjoying your hand job as much as the blow job"? "The blow job was better but this feels great too"! "Don't worry baby when your cock blows again it will be in my mouth", "I hate letting fresh hot cum go to waste".

Five minutes later he grunted, she knew the sound and her mouth engulfed the head of his cock as cum sprayed out again. After sucking him dry she sat up and smiled, "well a limp dick is a happy dick"! Giggling she got up, she had cum on her tits, in her face and hair and even on her eye lids.

Heading for the door she wiggled her ass in an attempt to get a reaction. Pete said to Joe, "next time I'd like to try her ass". Oh goody she thought their will be a next time. All day Saturday they prepared for the party, Joyce had purchases new underwear, which included the tight boy shorts and matching half bra in blue. A blue garter belt with matching stockings blue six inch stiletto heels.

They had a pizza at 5 she went too her room at 5:45 to get ready for the event. It was 6:30 as Joe walked down the hall to her room; the door was open so he walked in.

Joyce was checking herself out in the mirror, "jez mom you are one hot looking slut"! "Thank you son", "do you think they will like me"? "Definitely, just a word of advice", "what baby"? "Don't let Samson get to you first", "ok why"? "He is Mr. 13 & ¾ that is the size of his cock", if he fucks you first your pussy is so stretched out and full of cum most of the other guys will not want to fuck you". They heard the door bell, Joe ran down to get it.

As he was leaving he yelled I'll be up to get you in a bit. He was gone, looking in the mirror she was excited her first gang-bang, a fantasy come true. Ten minutes later Joey walked in her room, "mom Samson and Jamal are waiting in the basement they want me to bring you down". "Ok baby let go", "mom they think your name is Jill". "Oh, why's that"? "So theirs no connection to you as my mother", "I understand". "They think my parents will be home be midnight so by 11:30 the parties over for tonight".


"Anything else",? "Yes one more thing", "lets keep the cum eating thing just between us". "Does that mean after they leave I get dessert"? "You will get every drop", "great it a deal". She walked in the basement play room; the two new friends were standing at the bar in their briefs. She walked right up to them, "hi I'm Jill", Samson looked at her with a grin, "I'm Samson and he's Jamal".

She reached for their cocks, "nice too meet you guys". Jamal looked at Samson, "man look at her nipples their already hard as rocks". "Hey bro see the wet patch below her bush"?

"Baby I've got to get my cock in you"! "Well sir I thought you'd never ask", "that would be great". The three headed for the guest room at the rear of the room. Joe called out Samson the other guys told me". "Fuck the other guys; I need my cock in this bitch now". They entered the room, the door was closed Samson spoke to her, "you look great do you suck cock and swallow"?

"I'll have you know I'm a class A cocksucker sir, the reason is I really enjoy sucking"! "Well you will definitely be sucking cock tonight", "oh goody"! Jamal was slowly rubbing her clit, her hips were already moving back and forth with the message she was getting.

Samson tongue was down her throat, she felt Jamal remove her bra. Both guys put there hands in the elastic waist band of her panties and gently pulled them down. The clit rubbing was now enhanced by another hand gently opening her pussy lips, as a finger gently slipped in. She was moaning standing between these two men; she felt the shock wave deep in her pussy. She grabbed their arms, her body trembling she was having an orgasm standing between them. She gave a low animal groan she started squirting pussy juice all over their hands.

She was still trembling from the orgasm as they laid her down on the bed, Samson got between her legs, his cock was enormous. He slipped the head in; she felt the new size cock. Whispering to him "baby go slowly so I can get accustomed to your big cock, please push it in slowly but I really want the whole thing".

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His giant cock just kept pushing deeper into her pussy, past her cervix straight into her womb. She was moaning, crying and wiggling under him. She moved her hips up with each downward thrust of his cock. Her pussy was adjusting to his size and was squeezing his cock. The boiling from deep within her was too much. She pushed her pubic mound up to his cock base, grabbed his ass and exploded into orgasm. Samson could not believe the feeling her pussy was giving his cock, he grunted, held her tight as a river of hot boy juice flowed deep in her.

The orgasm continues as his cum flowed into her. No sooner had Samson rolled off then Jamal rolled her over, he stuck the lube bottle in her ass and squirted it into her. Next she felt pressure at her tiny hole, plop the wide cock was in.

He started pushing it deep in her bowels, he clit was still rock hard so by him fucking her ass each of his downward strokes rubbed her clit against the sheets which was stimulating her.

Am I going to come with a cock in my ass she wondered? She had a small orgasm as he pounded her ass, and then as his pace increased the wondering was over, a giant orgasm hit her just as he unloaded warm gooey cum deep in her ass, the orgasm must have lasted twenty seconds before it subsided.

The three sat in bed with big smiles on there faces, "I'd like to thank you both for an incredible fucking". Jamal wasted not time, he made her sit on his cock and Samson put his cock in her ass, she was being DP and loving every inch of it. After five minutes of a good solid pumping rhythm she was crying with pleasure, "Oh fuck me harder, please I really need to cum". The door to the bedroom was open and the rest of the new guys were cheering go for it, go for it.

Suddenly both cocks dove as deep as they could, she screamed as both cocks unloaded a blast of cum at the same time into her. The feeling of cum spraying both her orifices at the same time was beyond explanation.

Her orgasm started as they both started to cum, it was so intense she passed out for a few seconds. The three collapsed on rolled off each other, she felt her legs being spread and a large Latino boy pushed a very nice sized cock into her gaping soaking wet pussy. She gave a sigh as he went balls deep, now he was building a rhythm. He looked at Samson, "you fucken prick", her pussy is so stretched out it feels like sloppy fifths"!

"Fuck you Juan", drop a load in her pussy and make room for someone else". Juan moaned and shot a load in her. He rolled off, she was rolled over and another cock slipped into her ass. This is wonderful was all she could think as someone kept fucking her for the next two hours. The guys finally were spent; fifteen year old boys however, each were able to fuck three or four times in three hours.

Finally she was alone, the guys were at the bar comparing notes. She and the bed were covered in cum. She put her panties back on and headed for the bar. As she approached them Juan told her to stop, give him a pose of soggy bush. She gladly complied; several other requests were made for photos as well. Finally she got to the bar and had a vodka & ginger. Seeing Samson at the far end of the bar she wiggled over to him, she put her arms around his neck and pressed her big tits close to him.

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She put her mouth to his ear, "baby if you and Jamal would like to get together I'm up for it anytime". "You like black cock don't you baby"? "I love black cock honey", please call Joey or me for the three of us to do a private session, perhaps an all nigher"? "I promise it will be soon", now we've got to go so Joey can straighten up and you get out of here before his folks get home". Samson kissed both her nipples, pulled her panties away from her pussy to be sure she was flowing cum out still, slapped her ass, and said lets go guys.

By 11:25 they were all gone. Joey looked at her, "well mom did you have a good time"? "Oh baby it was wonderful", "I realize just how much I've missed cock". But from now on I'll be getting it regularly", wouldn't I"?

"Mom all the guys said you had the best pussy and ass they've ever had". "Go I just hope they want more". "Mom you do realize my nut sack is full, don't you"? "Oh I almost forgot", "I'd like to suggest you use my ass or mouth as my pussy is really stretched and very, very sloppy". As they headed for her bedroom Joey got a funny smile on his face, "moms after we fuck for a while you still want dessert"? "Oh god yes, that's our secret baby I've thought about it for quite a while".

"I have quite a lot of cum still in me leaking out". "You're shooting more cum in me aside from being wonderful", "I should have a couple of ounces I can push out to eat". "Thank god cum isn't fattening". Authors Note: Please give me your comments as there are two more chapters to this story. Thanks