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Cute Blonde Teasing With Hot Body
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Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author. Part 11 He was sat motionless on the hardback chair, bathed in the dim light spreading from the half closed kitchen door. A whiskey glass held lightly in his hand, although it had been empty for sometime.

He knew nobody would disturb him now, not even Ginny. That was probably the only thing he did know right now however. He certainly didn't know exactly how he was feeling about what he'd just heard. Sixteen years of torture he suffered at the hands of the Dursley's. Yet sadness filled him at the news of their death.

Sadness and anger. His aunt, the last living connection to his mother, was gone. And all to make a point towards him. How many more would die because of him? All his emotions where blurred however by one unanswerable question. Who? Who could possibly still want him dead?

And go too the extent of spending weeks leaving messages and killing innocent people. His first thought was that it was a death eater that had evaded capture. But days after the war Draco Malfoy had aided the Ministry in tracking down all of Voldemorts followers that were still at large. Harry had thought it was just an attempt to avoid punishment himself, but Draco had approached the Minister for Magic after and requested that he served his time in Azkaban for the part that he had played.

Harry respected him for being the better man, and for helping repair the magical world. So if not a death eater, then who?

Who would still seek his destruction. Perhaps a new dark wizard looking for power. His death would certainly make a point to the world that he meant business. Putting everything to the back of his mind, he called Dudley into the living room.

The poor boy was still on the verge of tears as he took a seat near Harry, not looking up atall. He hadn't seen Dudley in over a year. After the war Harry had wrote to him explaining how Voldemort was dead and that he and his parents would be safe to return to Private Drive. And Dudley had written back a couple of weeks later, explaining how his Aunt and Uncle (although he struggled to say it) were grateful for protecting them throughout the war.

He hadn't noticed in the kitchen just how much Dudley had changed. He'd bulked out a bit during his boxing years, but now he had really slimmed down. Then again shopping for all the food that he liked would have been hard locked away in a safe house. His hair had grown long in the last year, but it was well kept rather than greasy. His clothes were different too.


It was common when Harry was 15 and 16 to see Dudley walking about with his mates in tracksuit bottoms and a hoody, but now he was wearing shiny shoes, plain black trousers and a shirt. 'Dudley.' Harry said, composing himself for what he was about to say. 'I'm going to find whoever did this, and I'm going to make sure they pay for what they have done.' Dudley took his time before replying.

Making eye contact with Harry for the first time, a tear broke away from his watery eyes, trailing down his face. 'It won't bring them back though will it? They're gone forever. Even you can't bring them back.' It was hard for Harry to look his cousin in the eye, knowing that he was to blame for the reason he now had no parents. 'I'm going to tell you everything Dudley. It's not going to make it any easier but you have a right to know.' And so Harry began to explain all about the muggle killings that had taken place, and the messages left behind.

Dudley listened carefully to him, never interrupting him. After questioning Harry for a good 10 minutes to make sure he understood, he assured him that it wasn't his fault. 'I mean if it wasn't for you Harry well we'd all have died a year ago.' Harry couldn't answer that, he was so touched that his cousin could look past all the pain.

'Well you can stay here for a few days Dudley, I know you won't be able to face Private Drive and I'm sure Mrs Weasley won't mind.' 'Thanks Harry.' They both got up and made there way back into the kitchen, which was now empty except for Mrs Weasley, who was sat at the table staring absently at her cold cup of tea. 'Mrs Weasley, would it be ok for Dudley to stay here for a few days until everything is sorted?' Harry asked.

'Of course dear, he's welcome aslong as he wants.' Mrs Weasley said quietly. 'Everyone's gone to bed, but Ginny said she'd wait up for you.' 'Ok I'm going to go to bed then.' He replied. 'Night Dudley.' As he made his way towards the stairs he heard Mrs Weasley say 'Come on sweetheart, you can sleep in my Freddy's bed tonight.' ***** Normally Harry and Ginny would sleep together naked. They both knew sex was going to be the outcome every night so why bother wasting time wriggling out of clothes.

Tonight however Harry was grateful to find Ginny sat up in bed in one of his t-shirts, despite the fact she was probably desperate for sex. The others might wonder why he was upset about his horrible aunt and uncle dying, but Ginny understood the value of family, however mean they might have been.

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'You ok Harry?' Ginny asked as he climbed into the bed next too her. 'Yeah, I will be.' he replied, pulling her in close to him. 'What are you going to do?' 'I don't know.' Neither said any more as they extinguished the lights and fell asleep in each others arms.

***** Luna stumbled to her front door in the early hours of the morning for the third day in a row. Her life had changed dramatically since that night with Tom and the ordeal with Shannon. No longer was she the girl who believed in love and fairytales. No, all she could think of now was who would be the next person to satisfy her growing sexual tension. For the last 3 nights she had gone out drinking in the local muggle town and woke up in a random bed.

Three random men, all of their names forgotten the next morning. So after a night of highly satisfying, drunken sex she would crawl out of their beds before they woke and make her way home. She was ashamed of how she was acting, but she was even more ashamed of how much she was looking forward to returning to school, where there will be plenty of horny teenagers looking for a quick no strings attached shag.

She tried talking to Ginny about her sex life, but all she offered was some pitiful sympathy. Ginny understood her friends desire for sex because she shared the same desire, but she couldn't understand how she found any satisfaction in sleeping with random boys and at times grown men.

She tried explaining to Luna about the worries of attracting unknown men, not knowing what they would be capable off the next day if they ever sought out to find Luna. Then again it was only half hearted. No muggle would approach the strange, lonesome house that was Luna's. Her fathers bizarre antics were enough to scare away any of the locals. So Luna finally managed to drag herself back to her own bed to try and comfort the hangover that she had woken up with that morning.

***** Harry and Hermione had to go into the Ministry the next day to discuss the latest information on the killer. Ron had wanted to come aswell but he had Quidditch training and Hermione wouldn't allow him to miss that.

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There's wasn't much more they could talk about with the Auror's. Nobody was any closer to finding out who they killer was, let alone catching them. The only thing new was that they knew it was someone that wanted to hurt Harry.

Harry put forward his idea about it being a new dark wizard that was making a stand, starting with the figure head of the great war. A few of the Auror's thought it seemed a reasonable explanation until Hermione pointed out that the messages left on the wall suggested it was someone who's life had already been affected by Harry.

After a couple more hours of thinking up new conspiracy's, the next more impossible than the last, Harry and Hermione made their way back to The Burrow just in time for dinner. 'Ahh you're finally back, I've just served dinner.' Mrs Weasley said. It was only then that Harry noticed how full the Weasleys kitchen was. Mr Weasley had made it home in time for dinner (normally he would get back late and Molly would cook him something then) George and Angelina were sat opposite each other, both in fits of laughter.

Bill and Charlie and Ron were sat next to each other talking about Quidditch. And Percy had actually showed up and was quietly talking with his dad about work (no surprise there).

And then there was Dudley, deep in conversation with Mr's Weasley, his plate of delicious food already half empty. Harry was glad to see his cousin wasn't hiding away in grief. It's what Harry had done when he had lost Sirius, and it had taken him months to finally carry on with his life.

Taking his seat opposite his cousin, Molly waved her wand and a steaming hot plate of food soared over all there heads and landed in front of him. Harry noticed Dudley watch the magic with interest. Not long ago even the mention of the word 'magic' would have Dudley running away as fast as he could. Perhaps it was living with witches and wizards for the last year in a safehouse that had gotten him more accustomed to it.

As Harry started to eat his dinner Mrs Weasley and Dudley continued the conversation they were having. It seemed they were talking about what muggle education was like.

Harry noticed Mr Weasley listening with all his might to try and hear what Dudley was saying. It was probably no coincidence that Mrs Weasley had seated him at the far end of the table. As everyone finished their dinner they made their way into the living room and the conversation started to flow even more. Ron, Charlie, Bill and Angelina seemed to be having an argument about Quidditch. Hermione and Ginny were sat in the corner giggling, casting quick glances at Harry every now and then, to which he was highly suspicious of.

George had made his way over to sit next to Dudley. 'Dudley, sorry about that trick me and my brother played on you a few years back.' He said, trying to suppress a grin. 'It's ok, it was kinda funny I guess.' Dudley replied. 'Where is your twin brother?' Instantly all of the conversations stopped and the room went completely silent. Everyone just looked at Dudley. 'He died in the war Dudley, one of Voldemort's followers murdered him.' Harry explained quietly.

'Ohh, I'm really sorry.' Dudley said quickly, struck with guilt. 'It's okay dear, you weren't to know.' Mrs Weasley replied kindly, trying to hide her tears. The conversations soon started up again. George was telling Dudley all about the shop he owned and about the neat little objects and tricks they sold. It seemed that Dudley was genuinely interested in what George was telling him. 'Come on I've got some stock upstairs that I can show you.' George said happily as he and Dudley stood up.

'George, I really don't think that's a good idea!' Mrs Weasley said. 'It's ok Mrs Weasley, I'd love to see some magic tricks.' Dudley said as he made his way upstairs with George. 'I don't think Dudley realises the types of magic tricks George sells.' Harry said as everyone laughed except for a concerned Mrs Weasley.

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Eventually everyone started to get ready for bed. Bill went home to Fleur who was getting back from visiting her parents that night. Angelina was stopping with her parents for a few nights as she had barely seen them since moving in with George. Charlie made his way up to his room, where they heard rock music playing loudly minutes later. Mr and Mrs Weasley also went to bed, after a few cheeky signals that went unnoticed to everyone else.

Harry, Ginny, Hermione and Ron were cuddled up on separate comfy chairs. Nobody was really talking. Harry and Ginny were kept busy tickling each other and whispering cute things to each other. Neither of them paid any attention to the other couple until they heard Ron let out a faint grunt.

Both Ginny and Harry turned round to see Ron looking very pleased and Hermione looking at them with a glint in her eye as she withdrew her now sticky hand from Ron's trousers. 'Time for bed I think.' Harry said as he quickly grabbed Ginny's hand and ran upstairs. 'You know if that was me wanking you off in front of them then Ron would go mad.' Ginny said angrily. 'Well you know Ron, he thinks your too innocent to be doing things like that.' 'I am not innocent mister!' Ginny said seductively as she ran her hand over his leg until she brushed against his cock.

'Not tonight Ginny. I'm too tired sorry.' Harry replied, stripping down naked and climbing into bed. Ginny just looked at him shocked. She'd have thought he'd have been well up for a good shag seeing as he hadn't had it off with her in a few days. 'Just lie back then I'll do all the work.' She was now equally naked and had climbed on top of him.

'Gin I said no.ohhh.' Harry tried to say before he was interrupted by Ginny's multi-tasking skills. She leaned down and began to kiss, lick and bite his neck, something she knew he couldn't resist. Whilst doing so she began to grind her pussy against his soft cock, which soon began to react. 'Like I said just lie back and relax, and I'll take care of this.' she said squeezing his cock. After a proposal like that, how could Harry resist.

Ginny was soon rubbing his cock against her wet pussy, until eventually pushing it inside her. She pushed herself down until his cock was completely in. Normally when they had sex it was fast and furious, both full of lust and desire to bring each other to an intense orgasms. Tonight however would be different. Ginny leaned forwards and began to kiss her boyfriend, ever so slowly rocking her body into his, grinding her pussy gently into his cock.

They began to rock into each other at a steady rhythm, their naked body's pressed tightly against eachother, arms clasping onto the other as if their life depended on it. Their rhythm never changes as their mouths hover close to the other, never kissing, only exhaling deep breaths onto the other.

Occasionally one of them would let out a long, low moan as relief to the pleasure building up. Their bodies become moist with sweat as they continue to press against eachother.

Ginny leans forward to bite his neck but only lets out the deepest of moans as Harry's cock pushes deeper into her. Her warm breath on his neck excites him even more and he can feel his end nearing. There's no need to tell her he's about to cum because he can sense she's close to an orgasm aswell.

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The pace doesn't change as Ginny continues to just rock her hips into his, feeling her orgasm build up until finally she thrusts down on his cock, pushing him as deep as possible inside her.

They climax together. Harry's body tenses up as his cum fills her pussy. Ginny just holds on to him as tight as possible as her body shudders with pleasure, tilting her head back she lets out a low, soft moan of relief. It's not the type of orgasm she's used to. Normally they end so intensely, gasping for breath, screaming the walls down with ecstasy.

This time her body just writhes on top of his. The orgasm isn't as intense, but the feeling of pleasure, the passionate moment they just shared and his cum filling her pussy carries it for longer. It seems to never end, all the pleasure they've just built up still flowing out of their bodies. Eventually the orgasm ends, but they continue to just lie closely together still holding each other closely. 'I love you.' 'I love you too.' ***** A week had passed since Dudley had turned up at The Burrow and he was really adapting to this new world he was suddenly living in.

Mrs Weasley insisted on him stopping with them until he got everything sorted. Harry had a slight suspicion that she rather enjoyed having him around. It wasn't uncommon for them to talk after dinner each night, usually about how the muggle and magical worlds differed. This had shocked Harry to start with. He'd have expected Mr Weasley of all people to badger his cousin about the muggle world, not his wife, who normally disapproved of his keen interest in everything muggle.

Harry was also getting on with Dudley a lot better than expected. Yes his parents had died, it would be terrible to wind him up all the time like he used to when he was alone with his cousin.

But that seemed to be just what had caused this unlikely bond. Their shared anger at the murders of Petunia and Vernon Durlsey. Today however their deaths were pushed to the back of everyone's mind.

Everyone was gathered round in the cramped living room, talking excitedly about the day ahead. Only Dudley looked nervous, and Luna talking loudly about Nargles and Devil Pixies wasn't helping appease him. It was Ron's next Quidditch match and the whole family would once again be going to watch him, including Luna and Neville. The big news however was that Dudley had asked to come along aswell. He'd heard everyone talking about Quidditch in the house, and knew that Harry had said something about playing the sport at his school.

No one had a problem with him going and had soon sorted out an extra ticket for him. But it was obvious now that he regretted asking, it was after all a big step into the unknown for him. 'Don't worry Dudley, you're going to love Quidditch.' Dudley felt a hand touch his as he realised the strange Luna girl was talking to him. AND she was touching his hand, ever so gently, her soft skin brushing against his. She was beautiful aswell, something that he was not used to. Her big round eyes were focused on his, although his soon went astray.

Following her long, blonde wavy hair down to her chest, his eyes focused on her reasonably sized tits that were straining to to get out of her ever so small t-shirt. She was also wearing an extra small skirt that showed all of her milky legs. His mind soon pictured just where he would like her soft fingers to be touching him.

When he suddenly realised that she was waiting for him to reply. 'Ermm, I'm not worried.' He muttered. 'Ohh don't worry, I won't tell the others.' She replied. 'But it's obvious from your body language that your scared about not fitting in with everyone else once we're at the match.' Dudley chose not to reply. She was right of course, he was terribly worried about what would be happening in a few hours time. Ron had tried to explain the rules to him, but he said an awfully lot of words that had no meaning whatsoever to him.

Luna soon let go of this hand and wandered back over to Ginny. Five minutes later Mrs Weasley stood up and let out a loud bang from her wand, which instantly startled everyone and brought silence. 'Right everyone, the match will be starting in half hour and we need to leave now to make sure were on time. Now we'll be travelling to the match by portkey, I have it here if you'd all like to come up and place a finger on it.' she said, lifting a deflated football up so everyone could see.

Harry quickly glanced at his cousin. He clearly didn't have a clue as to what Mrs Weasley had just said, but he was no less making his way towards the flat ball. 'Dudley wait!' Harry shouted over everyone, who were all talking twice as loudly now that excitement was growing. 'You can't travel by portkey, it's against the law.' 'I have no idea what your going on about Harry.' Dudley replied, looking at him half amused.

Harry let out a laugh. 'It doesn't matter anyway, you can't travel to the game with everyone else, you've got to travel with me.' Dudley just shrugged his shoulders. Harry quickly shouted by to everyone. 'Come on Dudley, we need to get outside of the house.' Harry said, walking through the back door and making his way towards their gate.

'Why have we gotta leave their garden?' 'Because there's anti-apparation charms all over this house.' 'You know I don't have a clue what you've just said.' 'Yeah I know.

Now grab hold of my arm tightly, and whatever you do don't let go!' Harry said, whilst smirking. Dudley quickly took tight grip on his arm. 'Why what are you.' He started to say, but it was too late as Harry turned on the spot. Dudley's heart leapt at the surprise. His head was pounding, all the air in his lungs had been squeezed out as he felt something contract tightly around his ribs. He couldn't breathe and was losing all sense of conscious thought.

He could feel his grip on Harry's arm loosening. He was slipping away. He felt a jerk on his arm as Harry pulled him back towards him, and next thing he knew he was lying on a wooden floor panting for breathe.

'You ok?' Harry said, standing over him. 'W-w-what the fuckin h-hell was t-that?' Dudley panted. 'You just apparated.' Harry said. 'Basically you just transported from The Burrow 100 miles to here in an instant. It's how overage witches and wizards travel.' 'I think I prefer driving.' Dudley said once he'd regained his composure and stood up. He then realised that he had indeed appeared in a completely different place.

Quite an extraordinary place. A stadium in fact. An oval pitch with 3 hoops at either end, surrounded by hundreds of thousands of seats. Dudley had been to a rugby stadium before with his dad to watch an England match, but this was a whole new level.

It was absolutely enormous, and he it had a magical feel to it. He soon realised that he and Harry were stood in what seemed like a VIP luxury box, dead centre of the pitch and level in height with the tallest hoops. The stadium was completely empty except for himself and Harry.

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'Where's the others?' Dudley asked. 'Well magical law says that all fans must apparate or portkey to a safe point about 15 minutes walk away. But you're the first muggle to come to a professional Quidditch match in about 300 years.

You see there's spells on the stadium that make muggles think they have important meetings miles away whenever they get near here. It's all about making sure we're never found out.' 'Ermm, okay I sort of understand.

So because of them spells we had to come directly here so they wouldn't affect me?' Dudley asked, he face screwed up with concentration as he tried to take it all in. 'Exactly. Now lets take a seat and wait for everyone to turn up.' They both sat down on the edge of the box, looking out onto the pitch. Once they'd gotten comfy Harry pointed his wand over his shoulder and said 'Accio Butterbeers.' Two cold bottles flew in their direction and Dudley just about managed to catch his before it hit him.

'Cheers.' Harry said as he tapped his own bottle against Dudley's. Dudley took a swig of the strange drink and was instantly overcome with a strange sensation. The drink was cold and refreshing to start with, but soon warmed all his insides up. 'What it this stuff?' 'It's basically our version of coke.' Harry said, putting it into a context that Dudley would definitely understand. They sat in silence for the next couple of minutes drinking their butterbeers.

'So, I noticed you checking Luna out earlier.' Harry said to his cousin, unable to hide the growing smirk on his face as Dudley's face turned bright red. 'It wasn't looking at her. well she was talking to me of course I was looking at her. but I wasn't. not like that.' He said quickly. 'Yeah of course mate, don't worry dressed like that she wants people to be looking at her like that.' Harry said. Luna's behaviour of late hadn't gone unnoticed to him.

Although he hadn't heard of all her sexual adventures like Ginny had, but it was obvious to any lad that when a girl dressed, to put it bluntly, like a slut then she was clearly craving the attention of any horny men within sight.

He was a bit worried for his friend, but then again Luna had never spoke about any boyfriends before so maybe this was just her, no doubt controlled by her sexual frustration, attempts to gain boys attention. 'Well yeah, maybe I did notice that she was stunning.' Dudley whispered, embarrassedly. 'Gunna give it a crack then mate? After a few drinks tonight I'm sure you could woo her.' Harry said laughing.

'No, I couldn't do that. She'd never be interested in me, and well I'm rubbish with girls.' 'What about all them girls that hung round with you at the park? Surely you had a go on a few of them?' Dudley just looked up at him with a sad expression. 'No, I've never. I mean.

no.' he said, bowing his head. Harry was shocked at how awkward this was for Dudley, and that he was actually being truthful about this. I mean yeah until recently he'd been overweight, but judging by how desperate some of the girls he'd hung round with looked, he'd have thought Dudley would have got plenty of action and would be happy to brag about it. 'Well don't worry about it, it's nothing to be embarrassed about. Plus I don't think she's ever done anything like that with a lad before anyway.' Harry said.

'I'm telling you, just see how it goes once were celebrating this match.' ***** 'Please give a big cheer for the Chudley Cannons youth team!' 'Wooooo! Yeahhhhhh! Yayyyyyy!' Everyone cheered as the seven freshly showered players walked into the players lounge. It had been another magnificent win for the Cannons. The game had lasted over an hour as the teams chasers scored goal after goal, with Galvin leaping off of his broom to make a low, diving catch at the end.

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Everyone had enjoyed the match, even Dudley. He soon grasped the basic rules of the game and started cheering on the players. In fact he was cheering for the team so enthusiastically that Mrs Weasley had to remind him that there was also young children sat by them, although she was smiling as she turned away.

So now they were all in the players lounge enjoying a drink, or two, or ten to celebrate the win. Dudley was receiving a lot of attention as word soon spread that he was a muggle and people wanted to know what his first impressions were. Harry overheard him again and again telling people how he couldn't believe it was so entertaining to watch and that he wished he could play. Eventually, as about the 25th person started to ask Dudley about the game, Harry had to go and drag him away so that he could enjoy his drink at the table where himself, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, Luna, Neville, Galvin and two beautiful blonde twins that Galvin was chatting up were sat.

'Stacey! Shots over here now!' Galvin shouted towards the bar. 'Right who's up for some Truth or Dare.' 'Galvin, we've played that before.' Hermione pointed out.


'Yes but our new friends here didn't get to play did they.' he replied, indicating Dudley, Neville and Luna. The emphasis on the word 'play' didn't go unnoticed to Hermione, but just recently she'd been acting naughtier anyway so she let it pass.

'Newcomers first I think.' Galvin said. ' My man Neville, see that women at the bar on her own, I dare you to go snog her.' Neville hesitated before answering. 'I dunno, I've never kissed a girl before, she'll just say no.' he said, looking uncomfortable. 'Look, drink this and get on with it! She won't say no mate, your a great catch for her.' Galvin said, putting a glass of whiskey in his hand and pushing him towards the bar.

Neville stumbled towards her, shaking like a leaf. 'How do you know she won't say no?' Luna asked dreamily. 'Not that Nevilles not good looking, but how can you be certain?' 'Well skipping details, lets just say I got some first hand experience last week at how easy she is.' Galvin said, smirking to himself. 'That's disgusting.' 'You're gross Galvin.' 'Ehhh, can't blame a lad for taking what's offered!' It was just then that Harry realised that the women at the bar just happened to be the rather attractive team medi-witch that Galvin had indeed fucked on their American tour.

'Bloody hell Galvin, anyway you're up next Dudley, what's it to be?' Ron asked, looking towards Dudley, who was clearly not expecting to be picked so early and had started to panic. 'Ermmm, I'll go with truth.' 'Boring!' Galvin joked, as he necked another shot. 'I'll leave it to you girls to decided what the question is.' 'Okay Dudley. Shag, marry and avoid out of me, Ginny and Luna?' Hermione asked.

After a minute of thinking he began to answer. 'I'd marry Luna because I was talking with her earlier and she's really thoughtful and nice.' 'Awww that's really nice of you to say that, thanks Dudley.' Luna beamed. 'No problem.' Dudley replied, going bright red.

'And I'd shag Hermione, sorry Ron. Which means I'd have to avoid Ginny, sorry.' 'Owww, and I was really looking forward a roll in the hay with you Dudley.' Ginny joked, as Harry playfully slapped her on the arm.

'Righttt, now we've all stopped being little girls, I'm sure Luna's man enough for a dare. What you say Luna?' Galvin asked. 'Sure thing.' Luna replied, a little to excitedly. 'I dare you too snog Dudley.' Harry said before anyone else had any input. He knew Dudley was to awkward to do it on his own, so why not help him along a bit. 'Fine with me.' Luna said as she stood up and made her way towards Dudley, who was staring at his cousin in disbelief. Harry couldn't tell if he was excited or scared, but he sure as hell knew his cousin was going to enjoy it.

Luna soon straddled Dudley, wrapping her arms around his head she leaned in for a kiss. Next thing they were getting off as Luna's tongue parted Dudley's lips and she began to explore his mouth.

She grabbed hold of his hand and placed it on her arse cheek, encouraging him to make the most of it and have a little squeeze. After a minute of snogging they finally broke apart. Luna continued to sit on his lap as she looked into his eyes. Leaning forwards she gave him one more quick kiss on the lips and got off of him. 'Well that was rather nice.' She said as she took her original seat and quickly picked up a shot glass. The dares continued to go around.

Harry and Ginny had to do a joint dare where she went under the table out of sight and sucked on Harry's cock until he came in her mouth.

(Ron chose this exact moment to go get another drink and didn't come back until Ginny was again sat normally at the table.) Hermione had to snog Luna for her dare, and Ron ended up having to down a pint of mixed drinks that caused him to be sick. When it came to Galvin's turn he simply said.

'I've already got my own dare.' And with that he flicked his wand and the two identical blonde twins, either side of him, dresses disappeared, leaving them completely naked in a crowded room, their boobs and pussy on show for everyone. 'Galvin!' They both shrieked, trying to cover themselves up. 'Time we found somewhere private?' He asked cheekily. 'Ohhh sounds fun.' One of the twins replied as they quickly grabbed him and ran towards the toilets.

'Well I take it that's the end of that game.' Hermione said as they all started to move away from the table.

Eventually only Dudley was sat at the table. Everyone else was either busy talking to people they knew, or dancing to the music playing out of a big radio. He was looking at Luna, sat all alone at the bar, still drinking shots. Harry was right, she definitely wanted people to notice her dressed like that, and Dudley had certainly noticed her. And he thought to himself that she had noticed him aswell. Had she not said, just after snogging him that it had been nice?

Hell he was already drunk, he might aswell give this a shot. Thinking about Galvins words to Neville earlier, he quickly downed his glass of whiskey and stood up. His first step forwards and he fell over a chair leg, tumbling to the ground. He quickly glanced towards the bar.

Oh thank god she hadn't seen that. He stood up. No matter, here we go again. He started to walk towards the bar, planning what he was going to say to her. He didn't have a clue.

And he was getting ever closer. Ten Metres away. Really need to think of something to say now! Five metres away. Seriously Dudley, think!

What the hell, he'd just go for whatever came to mind when he got there. But as he went to call her name and draw her attention, the next thing you know some random lad is whispering in her ear and then suddenly their kissing. Kissing furiously.

Her hands all over him and his all over her. Within seconds her hand is snaking its way into his jeans and squeezing his cock. She's pulling him towards a door with the word 'Cellar' printed on it.

As they both step inside the door Dudley catches a glimpse of Luna lifting her top over her head before the door slams shut. To Be Continued.