Awesome bj riesige Klitoris und riesige Titten

Awesome bj riesige Klitoris und riesige Titten
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I was once a good boy who dreamed of nothing but good grades and honor roll. I wanted to be captain of the football team, come home every night and work on algebra with a nice blond girl with small tits and maybe, just maybe, if I was lucky, I'd get to hold her hand.

One day we'd get married and live in a condo with three test tube babies and a dog with his vocal chord ripped out so he didn't disturb the neighbors. All I wanted was to be safe, clean normal. Well that is until I met Emily. Emily sat in front of me in chemistry. She was always more focused on what was in her sketchpad than what the teacher was saying and ended up failing most important test and quizzes.

This is how we first met. After a extremely rigorous semester, Emily was shit out of luck as far as grades were concerned and if she wanted to get into college, needed a tutor. And everyone knew that I was the person to go to if you needed help with math or science. I don't mean to brag or nothing, but I used to be the shit at that kinda stuff.

So one afternoon at lunch I look up from my homework to find Emily standing before me. Now she's not the girl I would have noticed with her long black hair tied up in a pony tail, her body thrust into a denim jacket and wearing a shirt down to her beat-up combat boots, but I have to admit, I was surprised that such a pretty girl was talking to me. Now I wasn't the most popular person in school, I was smart and not that unattractive as far as things go, but for some reason people thought I was weird, can you believe that?

So Emily sits down across from me and asks very politely, " I need a tutor so I don't fail this fucking test. I'll be over at eight, Okay?" Of course I nod and notice as she walked away how her ass poked out, nice and rounded from beneath her skirt. I quickly got that image out of my head, what would Jesus think, right? So at eight I opened the door and there was Emily, Dressed the same she always did, on my front porch. I quickly let her in and led her upstairs as to not upset my parents (I didn't even want to know how they would react) and began the lengthy tutoring session.

About the time I was trying to teach her about significant figures, I ran out of paper. So I reached across her and accidentally picked up her sketchbook that she always brought with her. She screamed for me to drop it but it was too late. As I opened the book, image after image jumped up at me. Men and women, naked doing terrible things than would make a penguin cry. Men sucking and fucking men, women fucking men, and even women with animals, toys, women, children: every sexual fantasy flew up at me in a matter of seconds.

My world came crashing down upon me as I faded to black (yes, I passed out due to porn, give me a break, I was a fucking wuss).

I woke up with an unnatural sight hanging over me: tits. Yes not breasts or boobs or nipples, big giant tits were hanging in my face. And that's what I thought to myself :' Holy Christ, a giant pare of tits are hanging in my face". Emily trying to get me to wake up was bent over me splashing water on my face. " are you okay" she asked?" "yes", I replied. " I think I'll be okay…" "What happened", she wanted to know " you saw my sketchbook and you flipped out.

I know it's kinda strange but did you have to react so violently. You almost broke your computer flailing around like you did." "Sorry. I'm not used to things like that. Heck, I never even kissed a girl before today and now it all just makes me feel pretty small". "Well from the size of the boner you popped, you're defiantly not as small as you think you are." " What?" I had no idea what she was talking about.

She reached into her bag and came out with a pack of cigarettes and began to smoke one. I took one when she offered me one and began to choke. She giggled and slid a little closer to me. "You really don't get what all that was about in there?", she said.


""No. I've just wanted to be normal my entire life. But this, this is a big shock. I just wish I understood what goes through your head." And with that she bent close and whispered in my ear: "Well I can show you." She bent over and unzipped my pants.

Now follow me people. I'm a goddamn tool.

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I don't know jack-shit about girls, or sex, or even the fucking stork and here's a girl ( a perverted freak at that) reaching into my crotch and whipping out my dick. And that's not all. She licked her lips. Kissed my head, and dove right in. I watched as her little mouth took all of my cock into into, inch by inch.


Every vein, every inch of skin down the hatch and I almost died. I grabbed her head as she moaned with excitement.

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She struggled to get a better position as I soon realized to be able to finger herself while she blew the shit out of what once was my formal self. I was lost to this girl. I began to smell something, later I would realize it was pussy, wafting up towards me from Emily.

She kept milking my dick and she went cream hunting in her own cunt. Finally it was too much and I scream out "Watch out" as I blew my first load into this girls throat (watch out? What lame shit). She Groaned and began sucking deep to swallow my immense sperm load.

I began to shake as she finger more and more violently bringing herself to orgasm. She got up, pushed her hair back from her face and kissed me deep. She looked into my eyes and said: "Now wasn't that fun?" As condescending as possible. "Yes", I squeaked. "well rest up", she said as she began to gather up her stuff. " Tomorrow you become my fulltime Pet." "Pet?"I thought. What is going to happen now? The Next morning I awoke with a sweat-soaked boner that could pierce through a sheet of metal.

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This didn't usually happen before I met Emily, but for the last two weeks it had been happening every morning. Since that faithful day when she swallowed my dog, things between us had been weird. And I don't mean weird like weird; I mean weird like a total psychotic junkyard dog.


She would talk to me, but not touch me. She would stare right at me, talk about studying some more, flirting, suggesting constantly that we should see each other again, but whenever I called she would breath heavily into the phone and hang up. What the fuck, right? Or She would touch me, but not talk to me. She'd run her hands along the back of my neck, put wet finger tips on my arms, or even grab at my cock a little then quickly walk away, right in front of everyone.

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It turns out that she didn't just give great head, but was the pro-champion of cock teasing. I almost busted all over myself just thinking about her. It was getting unbearable. So one day I broke down. I looked up her address in the phonebook, but on the nicest things I had, and marched over to where she lived. What I didn't expect was the towering structure that rose before me. Through some fate or luck her parents moved out of town and rented her apartment for the year so she wouldn't have to readjust through out her senior year (can you get any luckier than that?).

The elevator didn't work so I had to hulk up nine flights of stairs and a service ramp just to get to her place. Huffing and puffing I banged on the door, dripping sweat, ready to take what was mine, sweep my woman off her feet and take her to the back and make sweet sweet love to her (and that was honestly my intention).

I banged loudly and the door popped open. Emily stood there in nothing but an oversized tee shirt, nipples popping through staring at me. All the well though out words were gone and I quickly lost all sense of feeling except for the well known feeling of the head of my cock wanting to explode out of the front of my pants like a fucking battering-ram "You're here?

Finally, it too you long enough. I thought you would have had the balls to come about two weeks ago," she laughed. Ouch, my pride. But my sense of hurt went away when she grabbed me by the cock and slammed her warm tongue down my throat. I was lost and began slowly running my hands up and down her body, taking her in, getting to know ever scent, every sound, but she had other plans.

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I felt my pants unzip and my dick pop through into the air. It was like a load had been lifted off my mind and onto the head of my tool when she wrapped both her hands around the tip and squeezed; putting more and more pressure on it until it almost hurt.

She looked at me, bit her lip and said: "Won't you come in?" We kissed some more inside and then I got my first look of the place I had entered. There was no drapery or white satin bed with a little canopy or any of that.

The walls were lined with chains and clipped pornography, the tables were littered with sex toys and tapes with titles like " Sluts come home" or "Eightballed In The Ass". I had walked into the dens of sin evangelists talk about.

"This wasn't going to be an eye opening love-making experience," I thought.

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" I hope I make it out of here alive." I turned to run, but she already had my small frame pushed up nice and first. She threw me on the couch and ripped off her shirt to reveal the strangest, yet sexiest body I had ever seen. He body was streaked with muscle, running up and down her little chest and stomach.

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Her arms were soft and strong and she looked like a beast ready to tear into something. Her cunt was overgrown to arousing level. Dripping with sweat and cum, her bush was spread by two fingers to reveal a leaking slit of pink and pleasure. Her Hair was matted over her breast and her tits were erect and tucked neatly into the two beautiful breasts they sat on.

But the one thing that set me off, the one weird wild thing about this girl was what was under her arms. Pits that had never been shaved were stuck under this girl and they screamed, "freak" at me and made me want to fuck and suck and fuck again, but I wouldn't get mine just yet.

I was sitting on some leather couch and was feeling mighty uncomfortable but ready to go when she totally shattered the moment and asked: "Want a drink?" "sure," I said a little heartbroken but before I could get up to go with her to the kitchen she laid that perfect body across me, and that's when I heard the "snap!" She bitch handcuffed me to the coach. I panicked I began to writhe about, flailing trying to get away.

Emily left my sight and I felt alone and defenseless. It didn't help when she came back with a large knife and something that didn't look to appeasing to me, some sort of toy.

Emily Started by cutting my clothes off to leave me naked and defenseless. She did, however take extra special care not to cut off my junk because "Ill be needing that later" she said with a smirk.

She then instructed me to open my mouth and when I didn't she slapped me across the face, making me go blind in one eye temporarily. From then on I obeyed. She began putting, what I called before, a toy around my head.

A ball went into my mouth, which let to a long thick dildo coming out of it. The phallic rod stuck out over my teeth and into the air. And this is how I was about to get my drink.

My new mistress, slave driver, whatever you want to call her, straddled me and spread her lips nice and wide, lowering herself slowly onto my mouth/cock. I startd to taste something foreign, yet something familiar, and that's when I realized that the ball-gag was filled with holes, allowing for all of the juices to drip down and into my mouth from the girl about me.

It was like a fancy storm drain just it gave me a huge kick to my cock, which began bursting with precum. She began fucking my mouth, slowly at first but then wiggling her hips from side to side. As more and more cum was leaked into my mouth I battle with the chains around my arms, to touch her, to touch me, to participate in some way. She laughed at me and grabbed my head by the scalp and wrenched it violently towards her swollen pussy.

I felt completely violated, I swore if she ever let me out of this I'd kill her, the I realized she had let go of my head five minutes ago and was willfully face slamming into her slit, loving every drop that came my way.

Hearing her moan and watching her grab her nipples and tits, smashing them together. She brought out one of the many vibrators from around the place and began to massage her clit as well.

Her first orgasm shook my entire face and watching her little-self slump over my face was the better than anything I had ever experienced. She god off me, poring cum from her hole, and quickly sat on my ragging prick that had wanted it so badly. She began to ride my cock. My virginity was lost in an instant and I never paid it a second thought. I was an animal now, bucking and snorting through my gag as she gnawed on my neck and pressed her tits against me.

She would suck on the gag-cock coming out of my mouth, pressing it deeper into my teeth and throat. I was so close to coming when she got off me watched as cum slowly oozed out of my cock.

Not a real orgasm, but fluids came out. She Played with me then. She licked my nipples, my neck, and my ass. She whispered dirty things into my ear. Calling me a pretty boy whore, a lousy fuck, and a horrible lover. She beat on me and massaged me until my cock shrank. She then nibbled on it until it was hard again. I was shooting daggers at her with my eyes as she watched as my limp dick slowly went in and out of her fist.

She was being so nice and it pissed me off. But I can't lie, it got me hard again. She smiled at me and began finger her ass. She lubed up until her asshole was wet and spread her cheeks so I could see it nice and clear as it was lowered her perfectly rounded ass onto my now fully erect hard-on. I had never ever dreamed of taking a girl in the ass, but I hadn't even considered any of this could happen, so I wasn't that surprised.

She bucked up and down and her ass sucked gently on my cock. She moaned and groaned as I gasped and shouted through my gag. She looked back at me and frowned.

"I don't think you're fully appreciating this," she said. And pulled out the vibrator again, but this time dove it straight into her cunt. She sat there, with the vibrator stimulating her cunt and clit but also riding against my shaft. I was surreal. I wanted to fuck so badly but she was just sitting there. Then the tip of the vibrator came in contact with the head of my dick. I began thrusting without hands again her.

Ramming my dick in and out of her ass again the vibrator.

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She came almost instantly. We went for as long as I could take it, I moaned loudly when I came and she stayed on me a couple minutes more, cum dripping out of her ass, so she could get off two more times with my dick in her. She got up and shit the cum onto my chest like a good little girl. I stared at her as she went about her business. For hours I begged and pleaded through the gag to be let out. She got dressed, brushed her teeth while tittering to me. I could hear her shower ( the thought of which got me hard again which was taken care of by Emily later), she brushed her teeth again and the turned out all the lights.

Emily came over to me and stood right above me hugging me behind the neck. She whispered in my ear: "Sleep well love, for tomorrow we have lots of work to do". And with that she deep throated the dildo as to say "Goodnight". She left me there, sticky and drying, naked, chained to a coach for the entire night.