Bareback bear loves breeding and ass dildoing

Bareback bear loves breeding and ass dildoing
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Hi again.another day.

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I have had some interesting comments from my readers, room for thought indeed, and appreciated the fact that they understood that there is a process in place. They are aware that many scenarios are possible, and that my actions will determine where my life heads. I have that strange feeling that Mr Penis, has too much influence, female readers would agree I'm sure.

I try and be logical, and weigh up positives and negatives. I am weak I decide, because I admire and love sexy women, I like their company, respect them and really know how to satisfy them sexually.


I don't really want to choose. Do I want to end it with Krystal - NO. Do I want to end my little dalliances with Tracey - NO.

Bastard - YES. Dilemma. The next day I slept in, as I didn't have to work until the afternoon. Krystal had already gone to work when I awoke at 0930, I just lay there, thinking of my dilemma. I had a beautiful, but moody partner, and a work colleague that knew how to push my buttons. Being more introverted than extroverted in manner, I do not like confrontation, so the thought of asking or telling Tracey to ease off, or stop our naughty encounters, made me feel apprehensive and nauseous.

I again run images through my mind of recent sexual encounters with Krystal. As I said when in the mood the sex is great, but that doesn't happen very often - and I am usually the instigator. The knock backs are frequent, but there is more to life than fucking, isn't there ? What happens at work, stays there - right ! I hope so. Tracey is a great colleague, we have much in common, she is good to chat with, sexy, and such a tease, she really knows how to press my buttons.

It's not as if a fucked her, a passionate kiss, a fondle, a bit of a wank - just a little play. I decide to get up and go to work, time is moving on. I will play it by ear should I bump into Tracey. As I driveI feel an increase anxiety, hmmm, I hope this afternoon will not cause me any problems. On arrival to work, it's the usual handover, the allocation of routine jobs and treatment expectations for each client. No sign of Tracey, maybe for the better I thought, I went about my routines.

We have 3 wards in close proximity, perhaps Tracey was working in one of the other wards. Strange, I have an eagerness to lay my eyes on her, and was disappointed she was not anywhere to be seen. Half way through my shift, I received a phone call - it was Tracey, my heart skipped a beat.

She indicated, she was in one of the wards nearby, could I find some time to meet up. I said I had an half hour break coming up, I'd like that. Tracey told me they were closing 4 beds, and she had the responsibility to ensure this was done, having already discharged the 4 clients.

Tracey gave me instructions to where she was in her ward, for us to meet in 10 minutes. I wasn't sure this was a good idea, but had agreed.

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Mr Penis was sure it was a good idea, remembering yesterdays little jaunt as he stirred in anticipation of meeting Tracey again. I knocked on the door on my arrival, and Tracey let me in, quickly locking the door behind her.

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I looked apprehensive, Tracey reassured me nobody was around, she was in charge. Immediately she pulled me to her, lashing my lips with a hot steamy kiss, involuntarily my hands grasped her buttocks, I responded kissing her, our lips /tongues working overtime. Mr Penis's reaction was - right on, go for it. Tracey sensed the movement of Mr penis, and fondled it through the trousers, I moaned. Tracey moaned as well, and said she was so fucking horny when she was pumping my cock yesterday, she wanted to jump me there and then.

Tracey said when we left the room yesterday, she went straight to the ladies toilet, and finger fucked myself like crazy, thinking of me, until she came ! Even thinking of it now, has her pussy soaking wet. This was music to my ears, she horny for me. I could smell her natural pheromones, her perfume, it was so stimulating, pre - cum was coming from the eye of Mr Penis. He surged trying for escape. Tracey took a step back, and undid the buttons on her one piece uniform (buttons right down the front), whilst watching my face, my eyes for reactions.

She pulled the dress apart revealing her firm breasts and the most magnificent taut nipples, ( she had removed the bra and panties earlier) her shaved mound/pussy was delicious, so inviting.Tracey smiled at my obviously stunned, but appreciative reaction.


I think I had the biggest grin, maybe even salivating. Tracey dropped the dress on the floor, moved closer, my hands immediately grasping her breasts, and my mouth/lips nibbling and sucking her nipples - she moaned.

My hand then quickly headed south, finding her soaked clit, sliding rubbing it with purpose, Tracey arched her back and moaned some more. Her pussy radiated so much heat, her legs shaking a little as she spread her legs. I finger fucked her to a mini orgasm. We were both breathing heavily in anticipation, of what was to come. I hadn't fucked this woman before, it was about to happen. Things were into over drive, happening quickly, spontaneously.

Tracey's eyes were so sexy, so lustful, I pulled off my shirt, while Tracey expertly undid my belt, my pants and boxers falling to the floor. She held Mr Penis, looked at it in admiration, and bent down to vigorously lick and suck it, while her hands held my ball bag and lower shaft. Well it was my turn to moan and groan. Yummm. Tracey worked my cock expertly, increasing the tempo as she felt the hardening of my ball bag, my moans, my shortening of breath, my back arched, Tracey was in control - Mr Penis exploded with a massive load of cum into the back of Tracey's throat, she took it all, a pleasurable moan.

Tracey, looked up at me, with pleading eyes, cum dripping from her mouth, licking her lips. I knew she needed to be fucked, and I knew I needed to fuck her. I told her to gently suck Mr penis for a minute or two, while she plays with my ball bag, that, he will return to hardness quickly. Tracey followed instructions and Mr Penis obliged being angry, throbbing and hard again, much to Tracey's delight.

I picked her up and aggressively, tossed her onto one of the single beds, she attempted a playful struggle, whilst I maneuvered above her, between her legs, kissing her lips, neck and breasts - Tracey loved this.

Mr Penis was raging and pulsating at his prey below. We looked into each others eyes, I kissed her one more time, and began lowering Mr Penis towards her awaiting, primed, succulent cunt, I'm sure it was winking, but what a lovely sight. The heat radiating from her body was immense, Tracey trying to pull me down quicker, her legs spreading to take my full impact.

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Mr penis waited at the opening of her juicy cunt. I teased her a little, little probes, anger was in her eyes,(you fucker, fuck me), I then thrust in slowly, an inch or two, then out, she moaned, then two or three inches, yes, movement from her hips. Mr Penis was sliding smoothly, beautifully. Another 4 or 5 rapid three inch thrusts, to which her body shook, oh yes.

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Then out of the blue, I thrust her cunt as hard as I could, impaling her as far as Mr Penis would enter. Taken by surprise, Tracey yelled, "Oh Fuck", her body shaking, her legs trembling,she came instantly, sweet nectar oozing past my cock. I then commenced to fuck her sweet cunt rapidly, in and out, wondrous slapping sounds, skin against skin, to which she responded in rhythm,with her hips bucking in unison with my thrusts.

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The excitement was overwhelming, we could sense each others vulnerability, my ball bag was full, her cup was about to run over, we both thrust, our last energies expended. Gasping for air, our bodies shaking, we entwined, our sweat clinging to each other, our energies were spent, my cum with her cum in her sizzling womb. I lay beside her - relaxed, we kissed lightly. Then I realize where I am, we are ! . Oh Shit ! . Look at the time!. Tracey was okay, she was her own boss this afternoon, but I was 15 mins late from my break, I hurry and dress, kiss Tracey and quickly return to the ward where I work.

Phew ! Nobody missed me, the boss, hadn't returned yet either. My shift finishes at 2200 hrs, I get home by 2300 hrs.

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Krystal is asleep, looks so peaceful, I slide into bed after a shower, she doesn't stir, I cannot get to sleep, my mind is racing. Guilty. Dilemma. What have I done. What will tomorrow bring ?