Namorada branquinha fazendo sexo de ladinho com namorado

Namorada branquinha fazendo sexo de ladinho com namorado
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I met Olivia at a dog park in Highland Park, we chatted as our dogs ran around. Olivia is 5' 6" tall, slender curvy body, shoulder length brunette hair, single never married, no children, her breasts small ice cream cones. I see her again at the coffee shop sitting near the door. I walk in dropping a note on her table and continue to the counter to order my coffee.

Olivia picks the card up to read; Do you feel horny . Do you want more than anything to feel your cum spurting out of your pussy . Do you want relief and release right now &hellip.??? If so place this note on the table folded in half placing it to the right of you . Then wait for me to walk past you and follow me&hellip. I watch as she reads and rereads the note over and over again. Its still in her hand as I pay for my coffee. I pay, she lowers the note to the table, it hovers in front of her until&hellip.Until it's dropped to the right hand side of her.

I walk past her table, I pause briefly, my hand over the note as I look at her. I lean down and rub my crotch. Smile, then pick up the note and walk away.

I don't stop walking until I'm at the nearby park. The one with plenty of trees and secluded private areas. The one that I have walked for hours to find the spot. The spot with lots of privacy but with the thrilling odd chance at being seen. She follows me in silence, walking casually behind me, until we reach the spot I have picked.

I reach into my pocket after sitting on the ground. In silence I pull out another note informing her of what she needs to do or isn't permitted to do. Yes the rules. No touching me; no coming closer than necessary.

Photos are a must part of all activities. Are you willing?

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Do you want to? The note asks her. Olivia nods her head, her eyes very bright. She is on her knees in front of me, looking up at me, seeing the sun shine around my peppered grey head. She asks me what I like. I say breasts. She cups hers to show me her comfort. Olivia starts to unbutton her blouse. Her breasts spring free after a painstakingly slow unbuttoning, I look at them. My cock visibly growing and stretching before her eyes. She watches my cock grow and smiles as she imagines my length springing free of its enclosure.

She stares at me more intently, making me grow harder. She watches silently, licking her lips as her mouth starts to prepare itself, knowing she wants to taste, but knowing that she cant.

She catches a drop of saliva with her tongue before it slides out of the corner of her mouth. She hears me groan. She watches as my hands fist at my sides.

She looks up into my eyes with as much innocence as she can. She smiles a smile of hesitation and lure, before asking with a raised brow " May I see it please?" My hands come out in front of me, they hover over the fly on my pants. I starts to turn away, to leave her on her knees. Olivia whispers " please," with begging eyes, big, wide, eyes. She wants me, there is something so very different about me.

I'm so different that she could not have refused this challenge. The look in my eyes, she can not let me go. I look back at her, the force, the power in my stare has her lowering her head slightly, Olivia feels liquid heat of her pooling between her thighs while she still kneels in front of me.

As if.As if.confusingly.She is meant to be. to be mine.


I turn back to her and open my fly. She forgets her fear, her thoughts about me as she watches me spring free from my pants noticing, that I wear no underwear. Olivia stares at me.

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She smiles at me she asks me what it feels like. " Feel it," I say as I offer it to her on my hand. " No no." She replies, she has not touched a penis in a long time. I'm making her feel uncomfortable and horny at the same time. " Thank you but no, please tell me, what it feels like resting on your hand, I need to know." Her eyes shine with curiosity and lust as I start to jiggle it up and down on the flat of my palm, as if I'm weighing it while picking through the right words in my mind before I speak.

Her tongue thickens again. She licks at her lips as her arousal drips down onto her thighs. I start to describe what I feel like, pausing, thoughtfully between each word.


" Hard, Heavy, Full, Throbbing. I can feel the blood rushing down the veins and into the head; Hot& feels hot." I say with a groan. " Hmmmm" She moans with me as she greedily stares at my smooth looking cock. Wanting to wrap her lips around it or plunge her fingers into her throbbing wet cunt to ease the need I'm creating in her.

" Stroke it please," She whispers desperately as her arousal has her reaching in her mind for more " let me watch you playing with it, stroking it, loving it the way only you know how it pleases." I start to squeeze at the base drawing my hand up the length, slowly with strong grip as I near the head. I squeeze the tip and a drop, drips… drips… drips… until its lost in the grass between us.

She licks her lips again as she looks up and away from my cock into eyes hard and lust filled. The dilemma Olivia is in almost has her in tears. She wants this man. Olivia feels I'm special, she feels it in the air between us. I want her, she wants me. Oh god she is lonely, she wants to serve me, she wants to surrender to me. Never, never, before have she ever wanted a man more.

never has her need ever come in question.

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Her heart thumps in her chest, hard, so painful, she cannot play this game, she has never lusted for a man as she is now. She pushes aside her thoughts of the unknown man in front of her.

She looks back up into my eyes, denying any thing more than this chance meeting " Would you cum on me?" She asks quietly. I pause my stroking looking down at her. Olivia pushes her blouse open wider drags her hand from her chin to navel showing me where she wants me to cum. Her eyes burn with lust for it as I start to pump my cock harder and faster.

She thinks briefly of stopping me, she has never asked a man to do this to her. She changes her mind and silently watches my hand fucking my cock. Olivia presumes the greatest compliment she can give me is her watchful eyes and silent encouragement. She watches taking note studying my movements, I slow to let her see, to teach her, to show her how I like it, how I wants it, how I need it to be.

In the back of her mind she is so aroused with thoughts of being my student being taught how to please a man. Olivia is so engrossed in me that nothing but me is intruding her vision, her senses, her mind.

Olivia is entranced by me and my masturbation of my cock. She watches, She looks, She learns, She sees the strokes, almost feels her hand around me, stroking with me. She is so entranced by this scene that she looks into the eye of my cock. She envisions, is so focused on me, my seed working its way up my cock, from balls to the tip, oh god, the very tip of my cock. My single eye. Olivia throws her head back and she feels my cum, my seed, burst forth hitting her in the chest, the chin, covering her breasts.

My burning dripping, branding cum sliding down her stomach. She can feel it beneath the waistband of her skirt. She feels my heat, her heat as her orgasm rocks her world.

Her head is back, her face to the sun, her hair back, she feels the warmth, the chill in the breeze, the stickiness, the satisfaction of again doing as I asked.

She feels my fingers curled against her cheek as her head remains tilted back. The smooth stroking from forehead to chin " Ahhhh Olivia " I whisper lovingly with pride etched edges. Her eyes remain closed, a smile on her face, the joy at finally being with me. She has never been with a man that has shown her erotic ways to please him, she has never felt this strongly about a complete stranger.

With eyes still shut and one brow raised she peacefully says " Ahhh John." She leans in towards my hard cock, with tongue and lips more than ready to clean me. She whispers onto the head of my hard dripping prick " I wonder what You will show me next." as she closes her mouth around me. I whisper " Come to the address on this paper at 5 PM." Olivia entered closing the door behind her.

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I look up in surprise, I hadn't expected her to come. I rose from my chair, locking the door and pulling down the blinds. I turn to face her. If Olivia has any lingering doubts about my intentions, there is no mistaking them now.

Olivia looks at me and her stomach turned over. " Lose the coat," I said brusquely. I gaze lustfully at her, she places her coat on the back of the chair and turns to face me.

" Fuck me." I breathed heavily. Olivia thought long and hard about how she was going to approach this ordeal. she had decided that she would allow me to grope her breasts.

She will probably let me finger her pussy but there is to be no intercourse. Heavy petting will be okay but there is no way he is going to get his dick inside me and fuck me.

Olivia has dressed in another very tight shirt that clung to her breasts. It is thin enough to reveal she is wearing a lacy bra underneath. Her skirt is very short showing off her legs, especially her thighs.

She is also wearing thigh high stockings and shoes with a 4" stiletto heel. " Come on then," She said through gritted teeth, " let's get this over with." I extended my arm as I reach out to touch her breasts. " Stop!" She is a bag of nerves and shaking. " Before you lay a hand on me, we need to come to an understanding," She croaks, " How about we see what you let me do first," I said, as my outstretched hand made contact with her breast.

My other hand is holding my cigar. My touch is ice cold as I fondle her. Olivia sways slightly as my arousal grew and I became more forceful with my groping, squeezing her breast hard and roughly pinching her nipple.

" Nice, Olivia," I said as I continue to squeeze and fondle her breasts, giving each of them equal attention. Olivia glares into my face but she doesn't know why she bothered. My eyes are glued firmly on the task in hand as my hand ran slowly across her sweater, my fingers following the outline of her lacy bra beneath. Putting my cigar in my mouth I then lift her sweater up to expose her cleavage.

Her breasts showing at the top of her bra and judging by my reaction I liked the look. " Ohhmmmuuupphh," I groan as I prodded my fingers into her soft flesh. It ripples under my touch. My fingers run almost lovingly over her exposed breasts before I cup one with both hands and squeeze hard. She grimaces. I'm being rough with her now. Pulling her sweater up over her head I then reach behind her back, unfastened her bra pulling down the shoulder straps.

I pause briefly before slowly peeling it away from her breasts. "" I groan as her breasts jiggled slightly as I remove the bra. I put my cigar down in an ashtray. I lower my head taking a breast in my hands, licking round the aureole before sucking and nipping at her swelling nub.

She reacts with a sharp intake of breath. Damn it, that isn't supposed to happen. Olivia tenses, prepared for more but I surprise her when I suddenly let go of her breast and sat down on a chair. I scooted it round to the side of her.

She isn't sure what I'm going to do next but she didn't have long to wait. From this position I had a view of the shape of her ass and legs. Her short skirt is pulled tightly across her ass so I can clearly see the crack of ass cheeks and their shape. Because her skirt is so short she is showing a huge expanse of her toned thigh.

My hand moves to caress her ass, gliding over the fabric of her skirt. I liked the feel of that as I moaned. My hand moves down onto her leg clearly enjoying the sheer silkiness of her thigh high stockings and as I run my fingers along her inner thigh, I reach her bare flesh.

Olivia notices me move my legs, trying to adjust my sitting position as my hand adjusts my crotch area. She assumes I'm uncomfortable. She feels my fingers inch upwards.

Her flesh feels as if it is on fire as I try to cup her mound. Squeezing my fingers in between her legs I manage to rub where I thought access to her pussy is. " Come on Olivia, open them up for me," I growl. Olivia is proud of herself as she didn't react. I didn't care as I keep rubbing. Then she feels her orgasm building from deep within. She tries to fight it. The last thing she wants is me to get satisfaction from her reaction. But it is too late.

She sees the surprised look on my face as she finally moves her legs. She can't help it as she hears my breathing quicken as I continue rubbing. Olivia grabs hold of the back of the chair for support as her resolve weakens. " Ummm." She groans reluctantly as she slowly moves her hips back and forth in a circular motion, " Ummm." Olivia is disgusted with herself.

She sees another look on my face. It is a sick grin of triumph that said it all.finally.I've got you! She opens her legs wider and I waste no time in getting all of my hand in to cup her pussy. " Oh fucking hell." I groan. I'm delighted that I found her pussy is sopping wet.

I pull aside her thong and with one finger rub up and down her throbbing slit before sinking it inside her up to the second knuckle. " Ohhmmmmmggod." She groans at the invasion as she closes her eyes throwing her head back. Her hands tighten their grip on the back of the chair.

I push further in, burying my finger inside, before bringing it back out. She feels her pussy trying to hold it inside and hears the sucking plop as I pull it free. Olivia watches in horror as I inspect my finger.

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It is coated in her juices. They are dripping from it. I brought it to my nose sniffing before sticking it in my mouth. I suck loudly. " Ahhh.lovely Olivia," I leered. She turns her head away in disgust. I forcefully push my finger back inside her but this time added a second. "," She groans louder with this bigger invasion.

With both of my thick fingers inside her it feels thick like my cock, she licked eariler. She can't stop herself as she thrusts down attempting to get them further inside her. She gyrated her hips as she sought my touch on her clit as she craves relief from my torment. I brought my free hand back to her breasts trying to grab hold of one, but failing. I lean in and took her swollen nipple in my mouth and sucked hard and as I bite down, she screams. Olivia hears the squelching sound from her pussy getting louder and louder as I pick up the pace of my finger fucking.

Her juices are flowing freely now. Her pussy is into this as it clamps down onto my thick fingers. It hit her suddenly and hard. As she came she bucked and gyrated her hips with greater force.

She is proud of herself as she manages to suppress her normally vocal gratitude of reaching her climax. As she came down from the intensity of her orgasm, I pull my fingers from her. She shudders to a stop, grateful it is over.

" Satisfied," She gasps sarcastically. " No, I'm not done yet." I replied. I force her off my lap and down on the floor, she lays on her back. Getting between her thighs I spread her legs wide and then laid down between them. She gasps as I run my tongue along the inside of her thighs before teasing her by flicking lightly around her pussy lips. She thrusts her hips trying to get satisfaction but I pull away, tormenting her.

Pulling her pussy lips apart with my fingers again, I push my tongue into her hot wet hole. She smells her arousal. I buried my face into her pussy and sucking on her labia, swirling my tongue inside her. She threw her head from side to side and thrusts her hips wildly as she moans with pleasure.

Olivia can't remember ever having her pussy eaten like this before. Taking hold of her ankles, I pull her to me, my cock pushing at her slit.

She grabs hold trying to push it away, I slap her hand and place it at her pussy lips then I push forward, She writhes under me.

" Uuunngghhh," She groan as I enter her. " Ohhh fuck," I reacted as I force my way in a little at a time, before I'm laying on top of her. She pauses, she feels her pussy clamping round my thick cock. She lets out a long mournful sigh. " Please fuck me John," She mutters softly.

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" Please.I need you." Her descent to sex with a older man is now complete. I kiss her as I rock slowly back and forth, she makes little grunts each time as I did. Her legs close around my back as she thrusts up attempting to get me deeper inside her, her hands clawing at my shoulders. Then we kiss deeply, I brought a hand up to fondle one of her breasts, my fingers finding her swollen nipple.

She gasps as I pinch and twist it roughly. " Oh yes.oh god.oh god.oh god," She moans as I slam into her. This isn't making love. This is hard fucking and she is beginning to like it.

She celebrated by raking my back with her fingernails. I pick up the pace, becoming more and more forceful as I build to my climax. Her legs are stretched out high and wide and are waving about wildly in time to each one of my thrusts. We kiss deeply and she moans into my mouth as she feels the first signs of her own impending orgasm.

Olivia feels my cock stiffen, then I give one final hard deep thrust into her before I came. As I explode inside her, she came as well, screaming as wave after wave of her orgasm surges through her.

We lay together in the afterglow of sex, clinging to each other for a couple of minutes before I pull out. I stood up, pulling my trousers up.

I offered my hand to her and as she rose I said smiling, " Well, maybe we will see each other again." Olivia laughed more in relief than anything else as we embrace before kissing again.

As we broke the kiss, she is panting for breath. He certainly knows how to kiss she thought as she dressed myself.