College babes with their boyfriends on hot foursome bestfriend and freecam

College babes with their boyfriends on hot foursome bestfriend and freecam
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WOW…thanks to all for the positive reads and all the great comments. I love the one who he said he fucked his wife so good after reading my story.


I wonder if she was reading it too or if she knew the reason? Shout out to all the forum responses I got as well.

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These next two stories involve my best and closest friend, Stephanie, whom I still love and miss so very much. Honey, despite all that you did to me, I still love you with all my heart [I know that technically, this shouldn't be in the 'wife' category. But it is my story…and I'm posting all in that category, and others, for consistency.] ---------------------------------- So you may be wondering how a small town gal grows into sex craved, cock loving, pussy needing, whore.

One person is solely responsible…my college roommate and best friend and lover, Stephanie. We both starting college without any hometown friends, os we were both 'alone' at school.

You could say that our friendship was forced upon us a random roommates. Certainly if fate hadn't pushed us together we never would have become friends and my life would be vastly different. She was everything I was not (much like my husband I guess). Strong & confident (sexually I mean), attractive, amazing breasts, legs to die for, long blonde hair, eyes that would melt through snow on the coldest day or the hardest of hearts.

At 5-7" and 115 lbs she knew what she had and proudly put it out there for anyone to take. Her and I lived in an open floor plan (no wall divider). Simple basic college dorm room for two…two beds, two dressers, two closets, two desks and no privacy. At first the lack of privacy bothered me a bit. We also lived on a co-ed floor but with single sex bathrooms. The bathroom scene was private enough and though I would wear an over-sided robe back to our room, Stephanie would confidently walk back only wearing a way too-small towel.

At first I would try to be casual about changing in front of her, but Stephanie immediately from the first night put it all out there. She would do her hair and make-up completely in the nude.

Her perfect ass, runway strip patch, awesome perky tits…all out there for me to see.

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I don't believe she was displaying them for me per say, I just believe that was just who she was. The first few nights she asked me to join her at the bars, I said no. Too much studying, early class, etc.

The truth was I was too scared to be with here. Her slutty dresses and provocative clothing meant only one thing. Now I was no stranger to sex. I had a few boyfriends in high school and fucked some of them, but I wasn't prepared to put myself out there like that.

Truth be told, I was still pouting over my ex-boyfriend. The first two nights she went out and didn't get back till 7am, I knew what she was did. I was probably even a bit jealous. The next night, when she came in at 1:30am with a guy and started making out in the middle of the room, my heart started to race. I said to myself, "oh my god, is she going to fuck him in front of me?" I was unsure if I should leave but, it seemed awkward to get up and leave.

It seemed safer to pretend I was asleep. I could hear them kissing a few feet from my bed. I heard a zipper being undone. In the moonlight, I could see her silhouette and her arms risen in the air as he removed her dress. I watched her in the moonlight drop to her knees, lower his pants and start to suck on his cock.

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Her actions were eye-level to me and only a few feet from me. I was unsure if she knew whether or not I was watching her blow this guy in front of me. I watched her stroke his cock and watched it disappear in her mouth only to have it reemerge. She licked the head and rubbed his balls. She was definitely a pro at a sucking cock (I felt jealous) and as she rose, I swear she looked at me with a smile.

My cunt was on fire, but I dare not move. I had only sucked on one cock before and I am sure I wasn't very good at it. I watched them move to her bed. In the white glow of the moonlight, I could see her legs raised in the air as he fucked her. It was so erotic being in a room as two people fucked. Today it is a common occurrence for me, but since was the first time…thinking about it still gets me wet (and yes I am!).

I could hear her grunts with every thrust. I now know that was she trying to keep quiet for me, but I swear she was looking right at me the whole time he fucked her. They fucked on her back for what seemed like forever. Eventually she got up and rode him cowboy style. Then she turned around in a reverse cowboy. She was looking right at me. Her hands rubbing her tits and his finger played with her clit.

Under the sheets my finger found my pussy, but I dare not be obvious about it. I so regretted wearing panties to bed, but as my orgasim built up, I stopped for fear of being caught. I felt like a pervert for watching and getting touching myself.

It felt so wrong, yet it felt so right. Finally, after what seemed like forever, they came. He got up and grabbed his cloths which laid on the floor close to my bed. The smell of sex and cum was amazing.

It took all of my strength not to my move my fingers around my clit. He cock swayed just a few feet from my lips.


When he left, I noticed she was wrapped up in her blankets, her heavy, steady breathing telling me she was asleep. I waited a few more agonizing minutes to ensure was she asleep before removing my panties and fingering myself to hard, albeit, quite orgasim.

I awoke the next morning to a sleeping Stephanie, and I got up and showered. I came back and to my surprise I found Stephanie masturbating on the bed on-top of the covers. "Oh my gosh" I screamed closing the door. Totally in shock by her pleasuring herself. "Relax," she said, her fingers slowing to almost a halt. "I know you were awake as I sucked his cock and I could tell you were turned on by us fucking. And don't deny," she said with a grim, "that you were finger fucked yourself after I feel asleep." The look on my face must have given it away.

"I wasn't that asleep and you weren't that quite," she said with a smile and started to resume pleasuring herself. "I'm not spending the entire school year not masturbating.

Morning orgasims are the best." She said as she closed her eyes. "You better get used it." Her fingers were really going at it by now. I turned towards my half of the room, but I kept staring at her reflection in the mirror. It was fucking hot and I was certainly getting turned on, but the thought of me doing that in front of her scared me. I had been masturbating for about two years and only once had I done it in front of someone else.

It was erotic, but my boyfriend didn't let me finish, fucking me long before I was ready. As I watched her, I knew I had a class to attend and didn't have time to address the growing urge in-between my legs.

But I had too…if she would only leave. I continue to watch her even after she opened her eyes. "Oh you do like watching. You little slut," she said through her moans as her orgasim grew. She came, watching me watching her.

After she same down from her high she smiled at me and said as she licked her fingers, "Now that was great. If you haven't gotten yourself off in the morning…it's a great way to start your day." It was then that I noticed that not only had my towel dropped to the floor but that I was also cupping my breast and so fucking horny. "Uhmmm…I'm going to shower now and leave you alone for a few minutes." She said with a smile. I was frozen as I watched her reflection grab her shower-caddy and towel.

As she opened the door, I realized that I was butt naked and anyone walking by at the moment would get a view. Of course she hadn't covered up either.

As the door closed, I needed to get off. I dove for the bed and didn't care if she came right back in and caught me. I spread my legs wide as I attacked my cunt.

If the door opened, anyone would have gotten a full view my twat with my fingers buried inside. I didn't care and the thought of her walking back in, made me cum even faster. By the time she did return, I was mostly dressed and finishing up my make-up. "Woah, that was fast. Did you cum?" she asked as she removed her towel and started to dry her hair. "You were gone for like fifteen minutes." I said thinking that I came in probably under two minutes.

"Well I needed to do some trimming," she said as she turned, exposing her completely bare pussy. If I wasn't blushing from the fact that I basically told her that I fucked myself, I certainly was now.

"Well girl, we are going out tonight. And I'm not taking no for an answer." She said as she hugged me from behind and gave me a gentle kiss on my cheek. "No that won't do." Stephanie said of my outfit. She went through her closet and tossed me something much more provocative. Even thought we were roughly the same height and weight, I didn't have the traditional hour-glass figure she had, but somehow I managed to squeeze into the dress.

I had never shown off so much leg and thigh before and clearly anyone would see my coochy if I sat down. I then realized that white panties probably weren't the best choice. As I removed them, Stephanie said, "Good call," and walked over to her dressed.

"Here," she said and tossed me a black thong. I hadn't worn one before and I was a bit shocked. "Trust me you'll love it." She said as she quickly kissed my lips. It was the first time I had ever been kissed on the lips by another girl. I knew I was in trouble. I fumbled around the dress before asking, "Where do you keep your money in this?" She smiled as she applied her hot read lipstick, "We don't need money tonight.

Just stuff your ID in your tatas, and let's go." When in Rome…I thought. Stephanie could work guys like magic. We had no money and their was cover at all the bars on Friday night.

"How are we going to in?" I asked. She smiled, winked at me, and grabbed my head. We left the back of line and approached these two guys half way down.

Within a few minutes she was laughing and flirting with of them. It was amazing to watch, you would have thought they had been dating for years. They paid our cover and our first few drinks. After much flirting and drinking, eventually I watched her french kiss both of them and then she grabbed my hand.

"Come on, I see some friends from class." We walked across the floor and joined a group of guys and gals. I felt bad for the two chumps we just ditched but with the alcohol already in my system made, I didn't care too much.

I could feel the eyes on my ass as we walked. It was an amazing feeling to catch a guy elbow his friend and point at me. Stephanie introduced me to her friends, her arm tightly wrapped around mine. "You know we just ditched those nice guys after they paid for our drinks." I said into her ear ensuring that she heard me over the music. I realized then that I didn't even know their names. "Don't worry, I gave them our number.

I want to head over to The Lagoon in a few but they are waiting for a few friends, so you know…" she said into my ear and briefly kissing my neck before pulling away. "So how are we going to pay to get in?" "You are too cute," she said smiling and wrapped her arms around my waist and brought me in for a not-so-quick, but not-too-long kiss. As she pulled back, me still in complete shock, she yelled, "Tom!" She grabbed a guy's hand and dragged him across the group, "This is Debbie." "Nice to meet you." He said, he was taller then I and very cute.

I did my best to present some flirtatious eyes and smile, but I felt akward and still a bit woozy from her kiss. "Chad," she reached for another guy's hand and similarly pulled him away from his conversation,"and Tom are going to take us to the Lagoon for some dancing. Right boys?" She said kissing each on the cheek while her hand wandered a bit too far down their chests. "Come on," she said grabbing both Chad's and my hands.

I instinctually reached for Tom's as I was whisked away.


We danced some time at the Lagoon and of course the guys paid for everything. We went to a few other clubs and bars. I felt way more like Stephanie's date then her roommate. We ended up at a quite Irish bar around midnight. At one point as Chad and Stephanie were kissing at the table, Tom asked me if her and I were lesbians? I smiled and nodded my head towards them.

"She is way too into guys to be a dike." I said laughing.

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We both laughed and I felt his hand brush my knee. Tom had been such a gentleman all night. He had felt my ass a few times and even gotten a bit too close to my breasts occasionally, but this was the first skin on skin action he attempted. Stephanie leaned over to me and whispered into my ear as Tom's finger wandered around me inner thigh, "You know they have been real nice and everything.

It's only right that we repay the favor." She smiled and I saw the look of lust in her eyes as she caught his hand wondering up towards my dress. She leaned back to Chad and whispered something in his ear while rubbing his cock under the table. She got up and reached for my hand and said, "We'll be right back." She smiled at Chad and told him to pay the bill.

She led me to the restroom, and when we entered, she spun around and French kissed me. I was way too drunk to do anything about it. But it felt so right though.

She smiled and licked her lips, "I've been wanting to do that all night." I was totally in shock and complete putty in her hands. "They live the in the dorms two blocks from here.

We are going to take care of them. But we are not giving it all away tonight right?" She said as she powdered her nose and reapplied her lipstick.

"Just a blow and go, I want to get you back to our room." "I'm not very good at…"I stammered, my heart racing at the thought of blowing a guy I just met. "Oh…I think you learned a lot last night." She said before kissing me again, this time her hand lifted my dress and ran a finger over my thong. I inhaled hard but she withdrew it as the door opened up. No doubt the girl entering saw something because she smiled as she walked past us.

"Come on…" Stephanie said. My heart raced as we walked towards the dorms. I felt Tom's hand on my ass as we walked. Stephanie and Chad were ahead of us and every time they stopped to kiss, Tom and I would do the same. I had never done anything like this on a first date, if this was a date. I doubted myself if I could through with this. What if I chickened out and ran? What if they wanted more then a blow job?

What if we said no and they said yes? But somehow I completely trusted Stephanie and as Tom kissed me again, I felt his package. I didn't seem to big, or too small. That was comforting.

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When we opened the door, she led them both to the same bed and sat them down next to each other. She turned me to and winked as she dropped her straps and let the gals out. She nodded her head and suggested that I do the same. I felt so alive and so afraid as I exposed my tits to these basically two strangers. She got in-between Chad's legs, on her knees, and said as she unzipped his pants, "You can come here," she pointed to her open mouth, "or here," she ran a finger around her tits, "just not on my face or hair." She smiled before talking his cock fully into her mouth.

Somehow I got the courage to join her. I undid Tom's pants and pulled out his now very hard cock and as I stroked it, I kissed Tom's on the lips and asked, "You heard the rules?" I was unsure why I had just said that as I had never let a guy cum in my mouth, nor had I ever even tasted cum before. But I started to suck this beautiful cock like I had witnessed the night before. I couldn't get his cock all the way in, but I used my hand as extension of my lips.

I could feel the heat of his cock. Finally I could almost feel the cum rise inside so I withdrew it from my mouth and jerked it all over my neck and tits. As Tom was finishing I could tell Chad was exploding is hot cum into her mouth. As she withdrew the wet cock from her lips, I watched her lick him clean. I could feel Tom's cum running down my neck and tits, but was unsure of what to do.

I just knew that I needed to cum…now! Stephanie smiled at Tom and said, "she is new at giving blow jobs." "You could have fooled me," he said as she grabbed his softening cock and started to clean him.

I started blush at both the complement and the thought that my roommate was now licking the cock that I had just sucked. When she was done, she grabbed my hair and pulled it down causing my head to bend back and exposing my neck. As she started to clean my neck and tits of Tom's cum. My pussy, which was already in heat, became on fire.

I didn't care that we were only there to blow them, I no longer cared what they thought of me, I needed cock like I had never needed it before. I was so disappointed when she gave them our number. I almost said something till she passionately kissed me. Our bare tits pressing against each other, our tongues dancing around, giving the boys one last show. "Lets go," she whispered squeezing my breast. I was auto-pilot as we got dressed. I so wanted to stay but I was under her spell.

She told them to call us and grabbed my hand. My eyes unable to leave the two beautiful cocks and she dragged me out. We entered the deserted hallway and she pushed me against the wall. Her tongue danced around mine. I could the taste cum and I grabbed her head and pushed it into mine. Her fingers moved around my slit, I wanted to get off right there. She stopped as quickly as she started. We didn't need to speak, we both knew it was going to be a long walk back to our dorm.

Once inside our room she immediately mauled me against the door. With her necking me, I reached to turn on the light. I watched her strip as we kissed each other. I don't know who or how I had gotten naked but I was immediately pushed onto my bed. Without a word she spread my legs and started to each me out.

I moaned and pulled her head into my twat. I came quickly but that didn't stop her. She slipped two fingers inside and she came up to kiss me. "If you are uncomfortable with anything, just say so.

I don't want to pressure you baby." I knotted my head up and down and licked my lips. I could see my juices on her lips. As I had tasted myself a fews time before and recently had kissed her, this seemed like no big deal. As her fingers worked my juicy heat-box, and I grabbed her head and pulled her towards me. She tasted fabulous and I came again as she kissed me. Before I could come down from my high, she began to lick my clit again and offered her pussy soaked fingers for me to suck.

I tasted fabulous on her fingers, and I almost came again before she withdrew them from my mouth. I closed my eyes preparing for another massive orgasim. She kept me on the edge and I could tell by her lip action and the pace of her breathing on my cunt, that she was having one. I opened my eyes to watch her cum. She rose, her right hand still fingering and rubbing my cunt, and then she offered me her left hand. I knew it was not my juices on her fingers this time.

Before I could think and talk myself out of it, I opened my mouth and extended tongue. As she slipped her finger inside, a massive orgasim became. Between her fingers down on my clit and her fingers in my mouth and the taste her cunt on them, I was in such heaven. She tasted like liquid candy.

I had the biggest orgasim of my young life. I shook as I came down from the greatest thing that had ever happened to me.

When I regained my senses, with my eyes still shut, I could tell she was snuggling against me. I could feel her hand moving on and off of my outer thigh. I knew she was rubbing herself. I kissed her as she laid back onto the bed, my fingers finding your drenched pussy. "I would love for you to lick me, but if you don't I understand…,"she inhaled as she orgasimed.

I wanted to suck her cunt and to taste her from the source, but I couldn't…not yet anyway. I kissed her mouth and sucked her tits and fingered her cunt till she came two more times. Enough time had passed that I again was a bitch in heat. As she came down from her orgasims, I leaned back, feet on the bed, knees up and my slutty cunt exposed to her. She was still breathing heavy as my fingers entered me. She soon regained herself enough to spread her legs so I could see the wonderful bare pussy that I just fucked with my fingers.

Unlike the last time I had gotten myself off in front of someone who was simply laying next to me, watching me and not the action down below, this time she was directly across from me, staring at me as I worked myself towards another screaming orgasim.

She was up leaning against the wall and I was leaning against the dresser. The sight of her nakedness and the fact that she was watching me finger fuck my cunt, coming down from the high that I had just given her, made me cum hard and fast.

I am not sure how but when I awoke in the morning, I was in her arms. We were naked on my bed, our tits pressed against she other. She was still holding me. I watched her sleep for a minute. She was so beautiful. I ever so slightly kissed her lips. She sleepily responded, barely kissing me back. I nuzzled my way down to her neck and snuggled up in her arms.

I was in love and soon she awoke as I licked her cunt to her morning orgasim. It was the first of many experiences we would share together. Part 2…coming soon.