Gay sex with hot builder video Fucking Some Student Arse

Gay sex with hot builder video Fucking Some Student Arse
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MY SON, MY LOVER My son Bobby was twelve years old when he happened to catch me masturbating. I was embarrassed at first, but he seemed interested and came right into the room, confessing that he had thought there must be something wrong with him because he had been playing with himself "down there" lately at night and in the shower when he washed himself.

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I told him it was perfectly natural to play with yourself, and that all men did it. I asked him if he had ever had an orgasm, to which he replied that he didn't know what I was talking about.


"Well, did it feel good when you played with yourself down there?" "Yes," he said, "But what is an orgasm?" I told him about the wonderful feeling you could have when you stroked your penis just right and made it hard.

Then if you continued stroking long enough you could make yourself feel a wonderful sensation that is known as an "orgasm." Then I demonstrated for him, returning to my masturbatory movements and giving myself a cum, feeling extra turned-on by the fact that my 12 year-old son was watching me as the creamy juice spurted out of my penis and spread over my stomach and chest.

Bobby was fascinated, and started playing with himself as he watched me writhe and wriggle in my orgasm. He said what he was doing still felt good, but that he didn't feel anything like what I was apparently feeling, and certainly nothing came out of his now hardened penis. I had him lie down on the bed next to me, and I gently took his hand away from his penis and ran my hands up between his legs, which he willingly spread open to me.

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I caressed his inner thighs and gradually worked my fingers up until I was stroking his hairless balls. I worked one of my hands up to stroke his hardened penis lightly, then guided his hand back to it and placed my hand over his, continuing the stroking motion in a rhythmic way.

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It didn't take very many strokes to produce the desired result, and though there was no cum juice to speak of, the feelings of orgasm definitely surged through my young son's body. "Whew, Dad!" he said. "That was the most wonderful feeling I have ever had!" Then I kissed him and told him to go back to bed. That was just the beginning of our Dad/son fun together.

The next morning, Bobby came down to breakfast in just his jockey shorts "Gee, Dad, that was wonderful last night, but now I feel kinda tingly down there and keep wanting to play with myself some more." I told him that it was okay to play with himself whenever he wanted to, as long as he didn't let other people see him.

He sat down at the breakfast table and I saw that he had one hand in his lap, apparently strumming himself to satisfy that sweet pubescent tingle. I was wearing only bikini briefs, which left nothing to the imagination, and I could feel Bobby's eyes on me as I moved about the kitchen preparing our breakfast.

It made my penis get hard and almost pop out of my shorts to realize that my twelve year-old son was ogling me with hunger in his eyes.

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By the time we finished eating breakfast and put the dishes away, I was feeling hot and hard, and I could tell that Bobby was feeling the same way. I suggested that we go up to my bedroom and I would show him something new.


He eagerly led the way up the stairs, and I couldn't take my eyes off his cute little butt as he swayed up the steps. Upstairs I sat on the bed and drew my son to me, hugging him and cupping his little bottom in both hands. I pressed him against my chest, and he giggled as his face cuddled into the thick hair that covered my chest. I kissed him lovingly on his head, then his cheek, and finally kissed his mouth, lingering in a more than fatherly smooch that let the tip of my tongue reach between his eager, hungry, youthful lips.

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He gasped when we finally came up for air, and Bobby said, "Wow, Dad! I've never been kissed like that before!" Then my hands worked their way down over his butt taking his shorts along with them as they went. By the time the shorts had pooled at my boy's feet, he was eager to step out of them, and as he did, I was pleased to see my handsome pre-teen son in all his nakedness.

I told him to strut around and give me a good look at his body, and as he did I took off my bikini shorts and laid them aside. Then I rose and pulled him to me, pressing his young body close to mine and letting our pubic regions touch so she could feel my manly cock against his boyish prick. I pulled my son with me onto the bed and I moved down to kneel between his legs, which he eagerly spread apart for his adoring Dad.

Actually, I let my knees lower down so that I was really lying with my head between his legs, gazing up at his sweet cock and balls in all their youthful bareness, inviting in their softness and innocence. His penis had not grown yet to the point of standing up very far, but I knew he would soon begin showing the signs of his approaching manhood.

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As I had the night before, I reached up and caressed my son's inner thighs, eventually finding my way to his virginal testicles. When I started stroking his cock with my fingers, he opened up like a little puppy in heat, and then I could see the head, shiny and hard atop the little penile post. I held the penis and balls apart while I moved in closer with my face, and after planting a loving kiss on the head of my son's virgin penis, I let my tongue lap at his piss slit and eventually run down over his balls and into the nether regions beneath them, lightly stroking his clean, young asshole.

Hs penis throbbed to the touch of my tongue. I began licking and lapping at the delicious stalk, and strumming the little balls with my fingers, holding my son's ass cheeks in both hands and feeling his excited writhing in the pleasure of his first oral orgasm.

It lasted longer than the one the night before, the one that I had engendered with my fingers. I smashed my face onto his groin and felt a bit of lovely cum juice slather onto my tongue and chin until he eventually came down from his cum and lay gasping for breath.

Then I crawled up and planted kisses on his mouth, once more letting my tongue part his lips and enter his mouth, giving him a taste of his boyish cum juice, which he apparently savored, because he accepted my juicy kiss and wrapped his arms around his loving Dad in complete acceptance of my amorous actions.

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After we had both rested awhile, it was my turn to be the recipient of a little oral attention, so I asked Bobby if he wanted to try doing to me what I had just done to him. He eagerly assented, and crawled quickly to a position between my legs such as I had occupied between his. His small hands took their time wandering and exploring over my body. Then he worked his hands down to my stomach, pausing at my naval, and going all the way down to my feet.

There he began a slow search of my inner legs, moving his small hands up closer and closer to my manly member. He was amazed at the amount of pubic hair I have, and he ran his fingers through the auburn curls before bending lower to inspect the fatherly equipment below my pubic hair. His little hands felt heavenly on my inner thighs, and when he finally reached my balls I was hard and already squirming to his touch. Bobby looked up at me adoringly as he bent his head and took a little lick at the head of my cock.

That seemed to set him off, and before long he had my cock buried in his mouth just the way I had had his buried in mine a short while earlier.

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His tongue instinctively licked, lapped and sucked me into a frenzy, making me squeeze my young son between my thighs and hold him in place with my hand on his head while I soared to a wonderful orgasm, shooting my cum into his mouth and all over his face. When he finally came up for air, his face as all juicy and wet, and I pulled him up to kiss me as I had kissed him.

My son and I have been lovers ever since, and we have managed to initiate some of his friends, and mine as well, into our Dad/son lovemaking.