Daddy Fucks His Step Daughter While Her Mom Watches

Daddy Fucks His Step Daughter While Her Mom Watches
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Chloe kissed and licked by her room mate

My Uncle Mike's Magnificent Flag Pole by Stifflittlepoints Like so many other women of today, I have a hidden sexual skeleton in my closet from when I was a lot younger. Although I must say that I am one of the lucky ones, who doesn't suffer due to it.

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I wasn't raped or treated badly at all. My first sexual experience as a freshman in high school with a male was quite pleasant, and so were the events after the first time. I was at that age when a girl starts experiencing many changes in her body and her mind. My breasts were developing and my hormones were cursing through my body wildly. I became interested in the difference between a boy and a girl's sexual organs. In school it was very common to see a boy hiding his erection with his books in front of him as he walked down the hall.

All the girls knew what they were hiding, but most, including myself had never seen one up close. I longed to see a hard cock. I had seen my little brothers and my cousin's several times, but they were a lot younger than me and had cocks the size of my little finger.

I discovered masturbation, while in the bathtub one evening. I soaped up a wash cloth and began to soap my slit with it, as I usually did. BUT this time it felt a whole lot different and even strange at first.

Those feelings gave way to feeling very good and then to my first orgasm. After that first time, I repeated it many times whenever I took a bath. Then one night I tried it with just my fingers while lying in bed and found it to be just as satisfying. I didn't do it as much as boys probably did, but two or three times a week worked just right for me. School vacation had just started, and I was about to be a freshman in high school.


My parents weren't really strict with me, but did make it plain that there would be no dating until I was older. They never would really specify just what "older" was. My aunt and uncle (Mom's sister) owned a cottage on one of the nearby lakes.

They had had a girl a couple of years younger than me and a boy a year younger than that. We had a lot of fun at the lake each year. So when they invited me to come up to the cottage with them, I jumped at the chance. There was a motor boat and a canoe that we would go out on the lake. My first night in the cottage I lay in my bed listening to the strange noises coming from the room next to mine.

It was where my aunt and uncle slept. I knew enough to know that they were having sex as I listened to my aunt moaning how good it was and asking for it 'DEEPER' and then hearing my uncle and aunt both groaning and the bed squeaking under them.

As I listened, my finger was busy in my wet slit as I climaxed almost the same time they did and it went quiet. A few minutes later, the door to their room opened and I could hear someone in the kitchen.

I went to my door and slowly opened it a crack to lookout. I'm glad I did.

My uncle was in the kitchen at the fridge getting a drink. The only light was coming from the refrigerator. I let out a little gasp as I saw that he was absolutely naked. His cock hung down in kind of an arch.; It was HUGE to say the least. I watched it wave as he got his drink, then closed the door and went back into his room. Was that what a male looked like when it was hard? It sure was a big one was all I could fantasize about.

But as time would tell, I would soon find out that he wasn't fully hard when I saw him that night. The next afternoon, my uncle was going to take us out in the canoe and up some of the various channels of the lake, while my aunt fixed supper.

At the time, my cousin Billy was busy at the neighbor's cottage playing basketball with the boys there, and my cousin Kathy didn't want to go. So just my uncle and I went out in the canoe. I had on a two-piece bathing suit, which my mother had bought me a little too big so I could grow into it. The bottoms actually had a little larger leg holes in them than I needed. If I sat just right, you could kind of peak into the leg band some. I also didn't know anything about shaving except my legs, so some of my pussy hair would stick out at the sides.

I noticed my uncle staring at my crotch a lot as we went up a channel in the canoe. I was sitting in the front seat facing him as he paddled. He was wearing a pair of cutoffs and must not have had any underwear under them. Every now and then when he shifted his legs, I caught a glimpse of his wonderful cock. But, it was much smaller than I had seen it the other night.

Looking around, for the most part, there were very few cottages on the shallow channels that lead off of the main lake. We saw a couple of deer and a lot of other wild life as we went further up the channel, but no people. Then my uncle paddled the canoe to the bank and got out. He pulled it up and grounded it on the shore. He was standing about four feet from me in knee deep water.


As I watched him carefully, he unzipped his cutoffs and brought out his cock. My eyes were glued to it as I watched him slide his hand back and forth on it a couple of times.

Then a stream of pee came out and began splashing into the water. I felt a funny tingling feeling in my pussy as I watched his pee hole open and shoot out his stream. When he was done, he shook it and a few drops came out. I expected him to put it away, but instead he kept looking at me sitting in the canoe as he slowly stroked his hand up and down the shaft of his cock.

I was in awe as I watched the transformation from a flaccid shaft to now fully erect cock. Once fully hard, he wrapped his whole hand around it and began stroking it. He asked me if I had ever seen a hard cock before. I shook my head, but never took my eyes off of his stiff organ, as he fist-fucked it right there in front of me. I wanted to put my finger inside of my pussy as I watched, but I was too embarrassed.

Then he moved a little closer until he was right in front of me while I sat there almost eye level with his monster cock in his hand. "Want to see what happens when a guy does this for a while"? I could only nod yes as I kept watching the now slippery and shiny head sliding between his fingers. I didn't know anything about pre cum, but he was sure leaking a lot of it.

"I'm showing you my cock girl, so how about showing me your body." I didn't really understand what he was saying until he asked me to take off my top for him. My breasts were about the size of small oranges then and I was proud of them. The nipples were rock hard and hurt as I pulled the halter off.

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My uncle let out a groan as he saw my bare breasts. "How about the bottoms? I know you have a cute little pussy hiding under there". As if in a trance I raised my bottom off of the canoe seat and slid my bottoms off. "Spread your legs for me", he asked. As I spread my legs, he groaned and his hand slowed a little.

The head of his cock seemed to swell even bigger.

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Suddenly the hole opened and a stream of white stuff shot out and landed on my legs. It was followed by four more spurts, all landing higher. . first on my pussy, and with some effort, he sprayed my breasts with his hot cum. I had heard about what happens when a guy cums, but this was so awesome to watch! My uncle swore me to secrecy about what he had done.

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He had me get into the water all naked and he helped me wash off his sperm. I was truly aroused as he spent time cupping and gently pinching my breasts and nipples as he washed off the greyish liquid. He explained that it was sperm and that is what makes a baby when it is shot into a pussy.

And as he said it. . he gently drove his middle finger inside my love hole. . which felt amazing. He told me if I would keep quiet, he would teach me more if I wanted him to.

I told him I did and we got dressed and headed back to the cottage. That night the vision of his cock was in my mind as my finger brought me to many climaxes. Unfortunately, there wasn't an opportunity for anymore while there at the cottage, although I was wishing there was. I was just awestruck at the lewd display my uncle had provided for me.

I felt great! I had not only seen a man's erect cock; I had also watched as it shot out its sperm. And from so close. . that I got a bath in it that I loved! I knew it was something I really wanted to explore further. The next opportunity came about a week later. I got home from school and was getting ready to go over to my friend's house, when I heard my mother talking to someone on the phone about her car. As I listened, it became apparent that she was talking to my uncle.

After she hung up, she told me that Uncle Mike was coming over to do some work on her car. Also, she was going shopping with a friend who was picking her up. I told her I would probably go over to my friend's house later also. After mom left, it wasn't long before Uncle Mike pulled into the driveway. My dad was working a second shift then, and was already gone. That left just me and my Uncle Mike. I went out into the garage where he was taking out his tool box and getting things set to get my mom's car working right.

As he was working under the hood of her car, we were also talking about what had happened last week. He asked me if I was old enough to masturbate yet and if I did. I wasn't sure what he meant, but when he told me it was playing with myself and described it, I told him I did. I could tell by the bulge in his shorts that what we were discussing was getting him excited.

I certainly knew it was making me wet, because I could feel it. He took the garage door opener and closed the garage door. Then he asked me to take off ALL of my clothes for him. I was wearing my school clothes at the time, which was a skirt, panties, my bra and blouse. I took off the blouse and bra first, exposing my young breasts to him. Then before going any further I told him it was only fair that he undresses as well.

He took off his shirt and shoes and then slid his shorts and jockeys down and kicked them off. He was unexpectedly fully erect like he was at the canoe. Only this time I was able to see his big balls under his cock also. As I slid out of my skirt and panties, I watched as he slowly stroked himself while watching me undress. As I looked at the huge head of his cock, I wondered how such a thing like that would ever fit into the small hole I had in my pussy.

Uncle Mike came over and grabbed me by the hips and set me up on the fender of the car. He stepped back and looked at me and whistled and told me that I had a lovely body and would make any boy or man very happy.

I beamed at the compliment. Then he asked me to show him how I played with myself. I spread my legs some and slid my finger down to my slit and showed him as he moaned and started stroking his cock even more as he watched. My pussy was wetter than I could ever remember. As I kept fingering myself in front of him, he came over and leaned forward and began sucking my left nipple.

God that felt so good, it was like an electric jolt running from my nipple to my pussy. He replaced my hand at my pussy with his and began fingering me while he sucked each nipple. I was in heaven! No one had ever touched my body like that EVER. In fact, this was the first time anyone had ever sucked on my breasts and had their finger inside me except for at the canoe.

Then suddenly he stopped. I had my eyes closed with the pleasure I was feeling. I opened them, when I saw him leaning forward and quickly his head went between my legs. I almost fainted at his next touch! He was licking me there! It felt so much better than just his finger, it was just fabulous. My hands went to each side of his head and I began to thrust my young slit against his face as he sucked me.

It wasn't long and that familiar feeling came to my abdomen and spread to my entire pelvis. I convulsed into the most intense orgasm I had ever had. As I sat there with my thighs still trembling with what he had just done to me, he stepped back and smiled and asked me if I had liked that.

I told him in no uncertain terms how good it was. He explained that it was called oral sex. Then he asked me if I would agree to do it to him. I asked him how and he had me get down from the fender and kneel in front of him. With me in that position, his cock head was only inches from my face.

He reached down and took my hand and took my thumb and put it into his mouth. I could feel his tongue running around my thumb. He explained that what he was doing. . .was what he wanted to feel, when he thrust his cock into my mouth. He had me wrap my hand around his thick shaft, which felt awesome to hold. . something as warm and hard and yet soft. He told me for now to just lick the head some.

I leaned forward and stuck out my tongue and ran it slowly around the head of his cock. A large drop of clear liquid came out of his hole and onto my tongue. He explained what it was and how it makes it easier for a long cock like his, to slide into a young hot pussy like mine. It tasted salty, but I liked it and eagerly licked off the next few drops as they came forth.

Then he told me to take the whole head of his cock into my mouth and run my tongue all around it like he had done with my thumb. It kind of hurt at the corners of my lips at first, since his shaft was so huge around.

. but I managed to get him in and began running my tongue around his velvet head. The sensation was great, and I loved it. Above me, Uncle Mike moaned and held each side of my head. Then he told me to gently create a slight suction as I ran my tongue around him. I was really getting into this, and I absolutely loved doing it! Then he told me there was one more trick to it and that was to bob my head, and he gently moved my head on his long shaft.

His hands guided me onto more of his cock and then less and then more. As I perfected that part, he told me to jerk his shaft with my hand at the same time.

It still excites me to this day, when I think back to that experience, as I was kneeling in front of my uncle with his cock in my mouth, giving him my first blow job.


I must have been doing pretty good, because he was moaning and praising me about how good it was. Then his hands went to my head again, only this time his grip seemed firmer. He asked me if I remembered when he had shot off in the canoe. I could only mumble a "yes" around the cock in my mouth.

He told me he was about to shoot and that I should just let it spray into my mouth and to swallow it right away. This part I wasn't too sure of! But I didn't have much choice as he had a tight grip on my head. I had stopped bobbing my head, but he was pushing his cock in and out of my mouth in the same manner. Then his cock head seemed to swell even more and it became even hotter and more wild inside my mouth.

I heard a loud grunt as I looked up and saw his face contort and felt the first splash of his sperm at the back of my throat. I managed to swallow but hadn't quite completed when another stream flooded into my mouth. I had a difficult time breathing but he held me there as another stream entered my mouth. He quickly pulled his cock out just as a long stream of sperm shot across my nose. I managed to swallow what I had in my mouth, which I was thankful for.

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I watched as he wrapped his hand around his cock and his fist flew up and down the shaft. I leaned forward and took him into my mouth again just as another shot came out.

This one wasn't as powerful and I managed to swallow it easily. I continued sucking until his tasty cock stopped shooting. Uncle Mike pulled me to my feet and hugged me and told me what a good wife I would make for someone, one day.

His cock was against my stomach, leaving a sticky sperm trail there. But suddenly the side door of the garage opened, and my cousin, a few years younger than me, poked his head in, calling for my uncle. It was one of those situations, where you certainly couldn't lie about what you had been doing. There was that uncomfortable few seconds of silence for all three of us and then I looked at Jason's jeans, and his tell-tale hard-on was growing as he inspected my naked body.

I had to admit, I wanted to see it. "I am so sorry," he said politely and turned to leave. "Stay Jason," said Uncle Mike. "Jamie is going to get dressed again in her school clothes and we are going to continue what we started in the living room. Go ahead darling,' but let me keep this little bra. Get dressed in everything else and we'll see you in there in a few minutes." I couldn't believe he would cover for me like that, but he did and in seconds I entered the house through the garage.

I immediately went to the bathroom and finding a washcloth, vigorously washed off my body using a bar of Irish Spring soap. Not knowing what was planned for me, I pulled on my panties, blouse and then my skirt. I also put on my athletic shoes and white socks. I had to admit I was getting very horny, trying to imagine what my uncle had planned. I entered the living room and my uncle was still naked. "Come over here," he requested and I followed his lead and stood next to the Lazy Boy recliner he was seated in.

"Jason tells me he has not had much experience with a girl, Jamie. And because of that, you are going to follow my instructions and provide that experience. Are you ok with that?" he asked. I nodded my head noticing Jason was turning red as Uncle Mike spoke. "Take off your shirt and shoes, son," he instructed the boy. Shaking his head, Jason soon was topless, showing off his muscles, which was a total turn-on for me. "Now Jamie, I want you to sit here next to me and Jason is going to stand right in front of you.

Disregard my phone, but I am going to film this so that I can jack-off later and watch it." He had his phone on a nearby coffee table and with a couple of taps, he had the video option taping. "Take off his shorts, honey." I looked up at the younger boy and unhooked his belt, unsnapped the brass button at the top and slowly pulled his zipper to the bottom.

He had on tighty whitees underneath, which I liked more than boxers because his pent-up erection was exaggerated and poking outwards within inches of my hungry mouth. The shorts were soon at his feet. . and almost mesmerized. . he kicked them aside. "Looks like a BIG one, Jamie. . almost like mine." "And I LOVE big ones, Uncle Mike," I said with a smile on my face.

"Get him naked girl. . and show him a great time," he said, looking directly into the viewfinder of his phone. I slipped my thumbs into the sides of his briefs and slowly and continually pulled them down to his ankles, pausing only a few seconds to make sure his long cock was not tangled in the white fabric.

I bit my lip and then said, "I have a surprise for you." Jason stood there, bare-naked, in front of me and said, "Oh really? And what would that be?" I took his growing member in my hand and whispered. "You're about to find out." I pushed Jason back until he sat back on the couch closest to the recliner. His cock grew and throbbed in my hand, and I could feel the pressure building up in his nuts as I gave him a few teasing tugs. Next, I went down on my knees and looked up, right into his eyes, and I imagined he registered a hint of nymphomania in my eyes.

"You don't have to do this," he said through harsh breath. "I know," my face lit up in that moment, "but I WANT to." Kneeling before him, I took Jason's cock in my hand and after a moment to steady myself, I took him in my warm mouth.

As I looked up, his head was lolling back and a groan of satisfaction was leaving his lips. Then he looked down to watch me bobbing up and down on his throbbing member, I am guessing for the first time. I am sure that he was gritting his teeth to keep from cumming right then and there (although I was ready for it. . just in case!). "Take it easy," Jason said. I bit my lip again. "I am so excited. .

about giving you head. . ." I said quickly as I took him back deep into my mouth again. I knew Uncle Mike was probably wanking off as he continued to film this special feature. Having learned on Uncle Mike, my confidence was gaining and I took a little more of the boy's cock, pumping harder and sucking deeper as the pressure in his balls started to build.

I lapped up most of his pre-cum, swallowing the salty liquid like I watched in the porn I had seen recently. Next, I slowly withdrew, letting my tongue glide along the bottom of his engorged shaft. He looked down just as I pulled away, letting a long string of saliva stretch between the tip of my tongue and his cock as I smiled up at him, catching my breath.

I quickly kissed the tip of his organ and then went back to it. Gently he placed his hands on each side of my head and I took him further. The feeling was incredible as I flicked my tongue over his sensitive helmet, sending shudders up his body.

As he held my head tighter I responded by forcing him deeper into my mouth, until I felt myself wanting to gag and I released and the process started again. I was tender with his tool, gentle and passionate. Then I did something very naughty and slipped my free hand down and started to rub myself. Who knew this could feel so hot?.

. I said to myself. . as flickers of passion rippled through my own little body. My blood was boiling, and my heart was racing. I knew my neck now glistened with sweat and passion. Jason started breathing hard, and he clenched his muscles to stop from blowing right then and there. But he could only hold out for so long.

. at the pleasure I was giving him, and he groaned loud. "Jamie, I'm cumming!" I closed my lips around his member and flicked his helmet one last time; then I increased the speed I was rubbing my clit and I knew I was coming too, moaning onto the cock in my mouth as his salty liquid blasted to the back of my throat. Jason groaned hard, as four huge jets of pent up semen blasted into my mouth.

With each jet that erupted, I swallowed as much of the salty liquid as I could until it became too much and his juices lewdly drooled down my chin. I knew his head was sensitive, so I gave him one last flick, which caused him to shudder hard. He groaned one final time, and I stood up, flashing him a big smile, and then I leaned in, with my lips against his ear and whispered, "How did that feel?" I didn't realize that Uncle Mike was behind me. "The camera is still taping honey.

. take off all of your clothes and let me spray your body with my cum." I stripped faster than ever before, earning his praise. I laid down at his feet, looked up and suddenly his cock erupted and lines of hot cum, almost streaming like a fire hose. . zig-zagged back and forth as my entire body was covered with his hot juices.

By the time he had finished. . Jason was erect once again and he began to shoot his load over me as well. Damn I hope we can do this again!