Two chicks toy each other in the gym

Two chicks toy each other in the gym
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Introduction Hi, I am Stephen. I am 21 years old, horny stud.

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My mom is Dona and 43 years old, super sexy lady. I spied on my mom since I was 16 year old; she is sexiest lady for me on this earth. She is divorcee and living alone with me. I could make it out in my 5 years spying on her that she has strongest libido and desire to get fucked by different manhood. I have seen her getting fucked at least by ten different men in our own house. She has lesbian relationship with one of her friend also. I masturbate thinking of her only in my entire life.

It took me to fuck her almost 4.5 year, to my surprise my slut mom was knowing that I was spying on her. I fucked her 6 months before only. I did not dare though I had strong sensual feeling for my mom. It was she only who seduced me to fuck her through her lesbian friend. I want to share my real life experience.

Today, she is hot mature Dona for me rather than Mom. I call her Dona darling only in bedroom. You must enjoy it, if you find it interesting and good. Please post your comments. It is around 10 o'clock night. We both mom and me were watching TV in drawing room. She got call on her mobile and talked with somebody. She told me to go for sleep after completed talk on mobile. I refused as I was watching one interesting movie. "Stephen, I told you go to bed, it is time to sleep now" she raised her voice.

"Mom, please allow me to see this movie, I like it very much" I requested. "No, Stephen, no more, you have to wake up early in the morning to go school" she reiterated. I failed to please her and she forced me to sleep and she also came to sleep along with me putting TV switched off.

I could not sleep as I disappointed very much. As she forced me to sleep, I pretended that I slept. It was one and half-hour passed in bed, and clock might strike to 12 night. Mom went from my bed and opened door.

I felt somebody came in our house. Mom did not come in my bedroom then. My bedroom door was closed halfway; I could see our drawing room from my bed itself. My guess was true, there was one man came inside and he hugged my mom. Mom was totally embraced with him and he was kissing on his lips and neck. "Oh, I love you, I can't wait further more, please fill me up" mom was whispering with moaning. "I can't hold stuff filled in my ball, I want to plug your hole, come on darling strip your clothes" man whispered.

" I am waiting for you darling come on make me naked" mom said. Mom was in night robe, man pulled over it. She wore two piece bikini of black color. I have seen my mom in sheer transparent two-piece bikini very first time in my life, which hardly covers anything of her pussy and boob. I got stunned and my cock was hardened.

I could not stop myself to see it, I did not know that it is right or wrong. Mom's friend was still in his jeans paint and T-shirt. Mom had unzipped his pant, his pant and inner was pulled to his knee by mom. His cock sprung out and dangling in air. I have seen first time such a big manhood in my life. It guessed, it was atleast 6 inch plus, enough diameter of more than one inch.

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It's red purple head was glistening in dim light of drawing room. Mom sat down to reach his dangling cock. She held it in her hand and brought towards her mouth. She lowered her mouth and licked the sticky clear pre-cum oozing out from the narrow slit of his shaft. I was aback "what mom was going to do". I surprised that mom opened her mouth and swayed her tongue on glistening cock head. She opened her mouth and slowly pushed her open mouth along the length of his rod.

She grabbed his ass cheeks tightly as his rod hit her throat and she buried her nostril into his hairy groin smelling the sweet aroma of his youthful body. He started groaning and moaning " yes, fuck it, come on suck on it you cock hungry slut lady, come on eat away my dick" His penis felt amazing in her mouth as she began to suck it by bobbing her head back and forth.

Her hands found his balls and began to squeeze them lightly. He increased his speed and began fucking her mouth faster and harder. He felt the rush of his impending orgasm gathering within himself. I envisage that man was feeling pinnacle of his orgasm, he was about to come, his legs were trembling in ecstasy. But mom wanted some different, she squeezed his ball, so vigorously that man screamed out.

"What hell are you doing dirty lady" man shouted. "Oh, darling I am slowing down your pace, we have to enjoy more time" mom said. "No, suck on it, I want to fill your stomach with my seed" He grabbed his head and pushed again to his groin and slid his tool in her mouth. She again started to suck on it and swallowed it up to the hilt. His dick head might have reached to her throat. He grabbed her silky hair covered head and slowly began fucking her mouth. "Dona, I am going to cum." He informed mom as he felt his surging semen about to explode out of his swollen balls.

She lightly touched his balls and slurred with her mouth full with his meat, "That's okay darling, I want you to fill up my stomach with your sperm" His cock head swelled up.


He felt his hot thick cum, like hot lava had begun its upward journey through the pulsing veins towards its peak, sending shivering sensation. He grabbed her head tight to his groin and grunted loudly as first of his cum shots hit her throat. She moaned as hot, thick and gooey man juice began running down her.

She liked the bitter sweet taste of his potent seed. Before she could swallow it all, another volley hit and filled up her mouth. She was surprised at the high volume of his juice and almost choked. Her cheeks ballooned up as she tried to keep all his spewing juice inside.

Somehow she managed to swallow all of it and got ready for the next shot. She got more comfortable as each subsequent shots was less in volume. She let her tongue swim in his juice and began to savor more and more acquired taste. With a little shake he emptied last drop of his seed in her mouth. She licked her manhood completely leaving it complete clean. Mom stood up now and invited him to suck on her boob.

He dropped bra strips from her shoulder to open up her mound. It is real sexy mound of size 38B. Her nipples stood up like tips of two bullets. Her slightly rounded stomach and her deep belly button was totally exposed to me. My eyes glued to her breasts. They were large, stood firmly defying gravity and completely filled up her chest. The dark brown areolas were almost inch and a half in diameter, looked very enticing against her fair skin.

Her nipples had already became very hard and stood erect almost quarter of inch over her areolas. Mom offered her boob to the man "Come on suck on it and squeeze it" He did not take time and attacked on my mom's boob. He started sucking and biting like hungry man on mom's tit.

Mom was writhing in pleasure. "Come on darling suck it, I want it, that's right, please squeeze it" Man was swapping between two mounds and making mom more and more excited. She directed his hand towards her crotch area. He dropped her panty and stared rubbing on her pussy. She was standing sideway; hence I could not see her pussy. I was very much eager to see her magic hole. Now, he was love on her nipple and pussy both place.

Mom was groaning and moaning in waves of excitement. I was seeing mom in such different position very first time in my life. She did not allow to let out her nipple from his mouth, she had clasped hip from his head.

She was shouting loudly " Yes, yes that's right, please, keep sucking don't leave it, keep fucking my cunt" He was becoming more and more aggressive on sucking and fucking her cunt by his finger. "Darling, I am cumming, Oh god, I am cumming." She warned him about his incoming orgasm. He immediately separated himself and bite on her one nipple and pinched on other to subside her orgasm. Mom slapped him "You bastard hunk, how dare to pain me so much" He apologized and said " this is to control your orgasm darling, like you squeezed my ball" Mom hugged him again and gave long French kiss to him.

She removed his all clothes and made him totally naked. She also removed her bra and panty and now they headed to sofa set, which was right in front of my bedroom and now I can see them completely with their genitals. When she bent to put off her panty, her ass cheeks splayed open and her fat pussy lips came to view. He again started sucking on nipple and fingering in her cunt.

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She thought of a plan to entice him. She managed to shove one of her fingers inside her pussy next to his already inserted two fingers. She wanted his tongue on her pussy.

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She wanted his tongue to suck her engorged clitoris. She took her soaking finger out and placed it under his nose and let him smell her scent. He lifted his face dreamily. She pushed his finger into his mouth. He began licking her finger. She slowly pushed his head downwards. He completely understood her intention. Without hesitation he lowered his mouth on her swollen pussy. She lay herself down on sofa set and opened her legs. For the fist time I was able to look at her complete naked body with full view of her sexy boob and swollen and glisten pussy.

His wide eyes focused exclusively on her pussy. Her outer pussy lips were fat and swollen red. Slightly darker inner lips were peeking out from her folds. Her pussy juice was slowly oozing out of her hole making it glistened. He spread her outer lips with his thumbs and ran his tongue across her pussy. His tongue found her clit and she let him know in no uncertain way. She squealed at touch of his tongue on her pussy and spread her legs even wider giving him unfettered access. Her vagina began to throb and fluids began to overflow her swollen vulva.

He spread her labia wide and found her marble size throbbing clit. Instinctively he lowered his mouth and began sucking her very sensitive nub. "Oh god! Yes you hunk bastard lick it." She pushed her groin up into his mouth. "Yes, yes right there, that's it!" She curled her upper body and screamed, "Suck it.

Put your fingers back in me and finger fuck me. Make me cum! " She went wild and spread her legs as wide as her body would allow. She pushed his head down hard on her pussy and began to push her hips up and down into his face. "I am cumming, oh god I am cumming, please don't stop." She begged and screamed at the same time. Her pussy convulsed around his fingers and her clit throbbed under his tongue as she flooded his face with her secretion.


She just experienced the most wildest orgasm. He not only became awestruck by the ferocity of her climax, his face was drowned with her pussy juice. Her creamy juice was dripping down from his nose, chin and cheeks. Her body slowly stopped trembling as she regained her composure. He quickly moved up to her face and began kissing her.

As he moved up, her pussy came to complete view. She kept her pubic hair nicely trimmed and partly shaved. A triangular shaped trimmed bush all she had on top of her pussy. "Dona Darling, you taste so wonderful." He shoved his tongue deep in her mouth sharing her own pussy juice with her, "I could lick your pussy whole night. Your pussy is so hot," "I loved the way your tongue felt there." She whispered.

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"I think my cock will feel even better inside your pussy." He expressed his desire to fuck her. "No, darling I want you to fuck my mouth again and you suck on my cunt, we can again warm up our tool for another storm of ecstasy." "I will allow you to fuck my hot cunt after your dick get hardened properly and my cunt get moist." Mom said him and he agreed. She made him to lie on his back. Then she straddled herself over his face and took his penis into her mouth as she lowered her pussy over his face.

They started making love to each other sex organs by their mouths and tongues The whole room filled up with very erotic slurping sounds of their sucking and licking.

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They were totally immersed into their sixty nine position. They kept on sucking each other for long while. They again went horny and eager to each other with their love nectars. He was rock hard again after sucking for long while on his dick by my mom. His dick was now ready to fuck her cunt. He requested " Dona, I think, now it is again time to fuck hard you in your cunt. Your cunt is also swollen and dripping well, from where you do want to get fucked, from front or back" "You hunk, I won't allow you to fuck me, I will fuck you, I want to ride on your dick" She said mischievously.

He kept laid himself down on the carpet holding his penis with one hand. Mom swung her legs over him and slowly began her steady descent. Dona kept her hot love hole right over his dangling dick. He held his rock hard dick straight to guide in her love tunnel which is already moist and oozing out lovely cunt juice.

She kept her cunt over his dick, her hot cunt juice dropped on his hot dick, it electrified and wanting to bury in her love tunnel. She lowered her swollen and oozing cunt gradually to swallow whole size of dick in her. It disappeared in her cunt within no time.

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She took a position on his groin keeping her legs both side of his waist. She again lift her crotch to slip out his dick, it came out completely. His dick was totally soaked in her hot cunt juice and glistening, again she lowered to bury it inside her. She was doing slowly, while he was fondling with his tits. Mom was enjoying this totally. She was totally engrossed keeping her eyes closed. She only thought of her cunt and sliding dick in her slippery tunnel.

She was moaning and writhing in ecstasy. "Dona darling you are amazing fuck lady, your cunt is wonderful, it feels so good inside your cunt, I want to keep my dick in your cunt for whole day and night." He said. "Yes, my hunk, I also want to fuck you like this whole night" She increased her speed and jumping on his dick. She was sliding her cunt through entire length of his manhood. "Oh, my god I will die, come on fuck me, I want to be fucked, you are my master, come on fuck, yes, yes aaaaa, ooooo, haaaaa" room was filled up with moaning and groaning of both Dona and his fucking partner.

As his partner encouraging her saying all dirty, Dona was going wilder and wilder, she was jumping on his dick. "Oh, fuck, I am cumming Dona, I am cumminggggggggg, come on carry on, don't stop, more fast, come on fuck me" he slapping on her ass chick and making pace by lifting is groin with movement of her cunt.

"Oh, yes, I also cumming, my cunt throbbing, it is in heaven, I can't stop myself, I am cumming, aaaaaaahhhaaa, uhaaaa, ohhhhhhaaaa, please come inside my cunt, fill my cunt with your seed" she was shouting loudly. I assume that she forget my presence in bedroom and engrossed fully in ecstasy of fucking orgasm. I could make out that her whole body was perspiring by exhaustive effort of jumping on his dick.

Dona was shivering in fun, her body and legs were stretched and writhing. I could make out that Dona got her orgasm. He also exploded his hot juice in her cunt at the same time.

Dona was still moving herself up and down, it is visible from distance that mix juice of his and her was running down to his groin. His dick was totally soaked and bathed in hot juice of Dona's and his love juice. Dona got exhausted as her climax was over and fainted on him. She laid down for a while and then again turned herself in 69 position to clean their genitals. There was lot hot juice in his groin area. She sucked and licked on his dick to make it clean at the same time pushed her cunt on his mouth to lick out.

They swallowed all juice spread around their genitals. This is very first time incident and my mom's adultery I have seen in my life. I started actively to spy on my mom Dona then after. If you liked it drop your comments and send me a PM. I will write more about my mom and me. There is still lot many hot stuff of my slut mom.