Hot sweetheart in hardcore bdsm

Hot sweetheart in hardcore bdsm
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"It's all your fault we're late!" I exclaimed at my friend, Edward, as we rushed down the corridors of the star port. "You wanted to buy that fraking recorder!" he yelled back. Edward and I were supposed be on flight 997 to Rapture at 1400 hours Colonial Time. It was 1405. If it wasn't for the fact star cruisers were never on time then we'd have most certainly been left behind. We finally reached the entrance to the star cruiser. The ticket checking machine scanned our tickets and allowed us access to the shuttle.

"Thank the stars we aren't too late," I sighed. "Let's just find our room and sleep this thing out," Edward said.

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"Oh come on, are you just going to stay in your room through the whole trip?" I asked. "Why not?" "There are at least a hundred people on this ship. That's, like, a hundred adventures." "You're an idiot," Edward murmured.

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We found the room marked A-15, which was suited for two people. Once we were inside we commenced placing our suitcases besides our beds on either side of the small room. Two bathrooms were at one wall, while a video screen was placed on another.

Storage compartments were placed in the wall above our beds. "Cozy," I said. Edward flopped onto his bed and used the remote activated voice command to switch on the wall monitor, "Monitor initiate. You can go about your stupid adventures, I'm staying here," he said. "What is it with you and space travel?" I asked. "I just hate it, isn't that enough?" "Whatever," I replied, shaking my head as I left the room.

It probably would be a good idea to explain why my friend and I, Edward, were even on this space ship destined for the planet Rapture. He and I had just finished standard school a year ago, and had decided to leave Colonial City on Mars to see the most beautiful place in Commonwealth territory, Paradise City. Apparently, Paradise City was the gem of Rapture, which was the gem of the Commonwealth. Edward had the money for the flight and to get us anything we need in Paradise City, including an apartment, and I had…nothing else to do.

Plus, I'd never been on a spaceship outside Sol before.

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"Attention passengers, this you captain speaking, Captain Keyes. If you have any problems or questions, feel free to ask me directly, or just access any terminal on the ship. Now, we'll be departing Phoebe Star Port very shortly. Once we've left the dock we'll head to a good jump point, which'll take about thirty hours.

Once we make the jump, it'll be a twelve hour flight to Rapture. I hope you enjoy the trip." Two days in space. That sounded absolutely wonderful to me, and probably dreadful to my friend. Nevertheless, I'd be sure to enjoy myself. The first thing I decided to do was head to the observation deck. There, the walls and ceiling were lined with large windows looking out into space. The deck, which took up two-thirds of the upper level, could fit all the passengers of the ship at one time.

Only a dozen people were there though. I felt the star cruiser shudder as it detached from its port and began its journey to Rapture. I sat at one of the window-side chairs and looked out into space. I could see the blue, green, and red planet of Mars, from which I had been living for the past twenty years.

"Beautiful view isn't it?" an unknown female voice behind me suddenly announced, startling me. I jumped in surprise before I turned to see who had spoke. She giggled at my reaction and apologized. While she laughed I found myself unable to tear my eyes away from her.

She had the smoothest, richest olive brown skin, the result of a mixed Mediterranean heritage. Her black and violet hair hung loose down to her to the small of her back. The deep tranquility of her radiant sapphire eyes glinted as though they had captivated the stars themselves. I found myself transfixed upon the endless darkness in her pupils at the center of this makeshift universe. Making sure not to stare and make a bad first impression I quickly glanced over her body and replied, "That's okay." In my glance I saw she wore a nearly see-through red shirt.

To my amazement she decided to sit down next to me. I wondered to myself why such a beautiful woman would even bother with me. "I've always loved the stars," she said. I found myself barely able to listen as I admired her body. She had a pair of the most voluptuous breast I'd even seen.

If it weren't for the purple bra she wore I'm sure her tits would be bursting through the see-through shirt.

Looking down I noticed she wore a short, red, leathery skirt. "Yeah, there really beautiful," I replied, talking more about her assets rather than the stars. When she turned to look at me I quickly tore my eyes from her body and made eye contact. "So, are you heading to Paradise City too?" she asked.

"Uh, yeah. Me and my friend, actually." "Your friend?" she asked, raising an eyebrow. It took me a moment, but I caught on to what she was saying. "Not that kind of friend.

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He and I are just…good friends. Even though I wonder why sometimes." The girl laughed at my half-joke and I found myself astounded by another beautiful trait of hers. Her laugh was the sweetest, most pleasing thing that ever graced my ears. "I have a lot of friends like that," she said. "Most of them in Paradise City." "Are you from there?" I asked. "Born and raised on the Gem of the Colonies." "I could tell. I've heard the most beautiful people come from Rapture," I said, trying my best to sound smooth.

She giggled and said, "You're cute." If my skin wasn't so dark, I'm sure I would have been blushing. "Veronica! Veronica!" a soft and tender voice started calling. The sound slipped out of the unfamiliar schoolgirl's mouth and graced and fluttered through the air in our direction. The girl currently in front of me turned around and called, "I'm here!" "I take it you're Veronica," I said. "Well I most certainly would hope so," she replied jokingly.

A moment later a girl came running up to us. This apparent friend of Veronica's was almost as beautiful as her. She had shoulder length, red hair, and bright, green eyes. Either her genes hadn't contained a lot of melanin, or her parents genetically engineered her this way, but somehow she had probably the whitest, creamiest skin I'd ever seen. Unlike Veronica, this girl had a small pair of breasts, but they still appeared to be a handful.

This girl's clothing was even sexier than Veronica's though.

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A tight, blue shirt covered her breasts, and pretty much only that. Her flat stomach was completely exposed, also thanks to the low cut, equally tight shorts she wore.

"This is my friend Kelly," Veronica said. "Who's this?" Kelly asked Veronica. "Uh, I don't really know. What is your name?" "Uh, Zerik," I answered.

"Ooh, exotic," Kelly said. "Is he our new friend?" I noticed a slight change in her tone when she said "friend." "Perhaps," Veronica replied. "He is pretty funny." "I just have my little moments. After you get to know me, I just become annoying," I said.

"Don't be so hard on yourself. I'm sure we'll appreciate your humor, won't we?" Veronica said, looking back at her friend. "I hope we will," she replied. Veronica's friend, Kelly, sat in the seat on the other side of me, sandwiching me between two of the hottest women I had ever met. Only if Edward was here, I thought humbling to myself.

The three of us started talking about numerous, irrelevant things. I did learn a few things about them. Veronica had just graduated from an electronics school on Mars and was twenty-three.


Kelly was the same age as me, twenty, and had come to Mars to visit Veronica. I also found that they'd been friends for nearly all their lives, and had shared everything.

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"Everything?" I said curiously. "I guess you could say we used each other for a lot of practice," Kelly said playfully. "You used me more, I just laid back and enjoyed the ride," Veronica replied. These are two very naughty girls, I thought to myself. Even in this liberal, 23rd century, some things still could easily get a rise out of a man, such as two women talking about their sexual experiences with each other.

Imagining what they had done, combined with their clothing, particular Kelly's, was more than enough to get me "excited." If it wasn't for my loose pants I knew I'd had been in pain. "Hey, why don't we show him that video!?" Kelly exclaimed.

"I don't know…" "What video?" I asked, though I already had a very good idea what kind of video it was.


"It's just this thing Veronica and I made a few years back. We've been treasuring it ever since," Kelly explained. "Masturbating and treasuring are two different things Kay." "Well I wouldn't mind seeing it," I said, trying to seem as modest as possible. "Well I don't feel like watching it again.

You two go ahead and enjoy yourselves; I'm going to find something to eat." Veronica got up and winked at Kelly and me as she left. "What was that about?" I asked. "Just a silent promise thing we have, nothing you really need to worry about right now," Kelly said.

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She grabbed my arm and pulled me up along with her and led me to her and Veronica's room, which was on the level below Edward's and mine. Their room was pretty much identical to ours, only with a few more bags on the floor. "Sorry about the mess. I'm always pretty sloppy." "Something we have in common." As Kelly searched through one of the bags she said, "I have a feeling you and I might have a lot of common interests." I was barely listening to her though, for my attention had been focused on her lower backside.

In crouching down her already tight shorts had constricted even more, accentuating the curves of her tight ass. For a moment I felt like my legs were about to give out from under me as all the blood in my lower body was concentrated into one point. "Here it is," she said, pulling out a small disk. She inserted into in the slot under the video screen and stated, "Film one play." "Have a seat," she said, sitting on the floor and motioning me to seat beside her.

I sat down next to her and nearly had a heart attack when I realized what her full intentions were. I struggled to contain myself as I thought how this had become pretty much the luckiest day of my life. The screen finally flickered to life with an image of Kelly's face on screen. Though this had been taped a few years ago she did not look like she'd age a day. "Is it working?" Veronica asked in the background of the tape. "I think so," Kelly replied. Both girls were only in their under-gowns.

Veronica wore a light red gown which came down to her ankles, concealing most of her assets. Only her most defined quality, her breasts, showed through. However, her face was quite a piece of art. Her black and lavender hair hung free masking parts of her eyes. She had lovely sapphire eyes. Flawless eyebrows that were sculpted and slender. She had rosy pink cheeks, which was spotted with three freckles on her left cheek.

Her lips were the centerfold of her countenance. She had full, curved lips. From time to time I noticed that she would lick her upper lip then bite down on her lower one. She was the utmost of perfection. One the other hand Kelly sported a delicate pink robe. The gown, though it did cover most of her body, was entirely see-through. The fabric ended at her lower thighs, just above her knee. One could plainly see her milky white skin accented at her breasts. Small but elegant, they had a perfect tear drop form and were pronounced by cherry colored nipples, which stood erect.

Her long legs started at her lean thighs as they stretched all the way down to her petite feet. Between her thighs and her feet was pure bliss. Smooth skin untouched by imperfections was silky and straight. Behind her was a minute, but yet well rounded ass. Ultimately, you curve around to the front once more to see a completely shave pussy. The lips were closed tightly, meaning either she was a virgin or she hadn't had sex in some time.

Hard to believe from such a beautiful young woman. Though there was one other possibility, she had only engaged in lesbian sex. The thought was quite magnificent as I pondered the query, however if that was the case I wouldn't be here. "Well then get your sexy ass over here," Veronica demanded. "Yes ma'am," Kelly replied as she lowered her head playfully. "You have been a very naughty little girl" "No foreplay, just take me," Kelly insisted as she held out her arms and puckered her lips.

"Not so fast young lady.


First I want to have a little fun," Veronica asserted as she waved her index finder back and forth to show her disapproval. "But…," Kelly protested however Veronica's face was unyielding. "What do you wish of me," Kelly placed her hands over her breasts and cupped them. "I want you to strip for me you bad, bad girl," without tearing her gaze off of Kelly's sexy exterior she murmured, stereo play track five ,disc two." A smooth and cool jazz started to escape from the speakers and engulfed the room.

The low tunes of the saxophone ran up and down Kelly's body as it entered her ears. The music turned her on. "That's not all," before she finished she uttered, lights- dim 50 percent, pixel color- dark red." The room which had previously been well lit turned a deep and sensual scarlet red.

"Now you may begin."