Gay orgy Some guys are fit but Aaron is in such great shape you

Gay orgy Some guys are fit  but Aaron is in such great shape you
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It had started out simple enough. The time was twelve o'clock in the afternoon, and I was sitting at home before I had to go to work.


My Name is Matt, and I am 19 years old. I work as a closing manager for a convenience store. Anyway, I was eating lunch when my cell phone rang. I looked down and saw that it was my cousin Taylor calling me. "Hello?" I said into the phone. "Hey, Matt, it's Taylor." She answered me. "Can you come to my house really quick, I need help with something?" My cousins lived down the street from me. "Yea, I'll be right over" And with that I hung up my phone and started walking about 7 houses down the street.

I opened the front door and made my presence known. "Taylor! I'm Here!" Taylor was home all by herself because she goes to school at night, everyone else was either at work or at school. She was a year younger than me. She came out from the kitchen and greeted me. "Hey." She said. "Stay here for just a minute I have to go upstairs and get something" and with that, she turned and started to go up the stairs.

My cousin was very sexy. I know I shouldn't have these kinds of thoughts, but god I always had them. She had a few extra pounds to her, but it didn't hurt her appearance any. Her legs were long and smooth, her thighs were big, but very fuckable. Her breasts were just the right size, and didn't have any sag to them. And her face, uggh, I just wanted to blow a load all over her glasses.

I hear "Matt, can you come up here and help me with something?" I go up the stairs and enter her room. My mouth dropped at the sight before me.

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Taylor was laying butt naked on her bed, in a spread eagle position, giving me a full view of her pussy, which didn't have a single hair around it. And her tits stared me right in the face.

I felt my dick start to grow inch by inch by inch.


"Do you like what you see" she asked me. I could only nod with my mouth open, drooling as I stared. I've noticed you staring at me for years, ever since we were younger.

Well I decided today it was time I actually give you something to stare at." It was true. I have been checking her out ever since I was 12 and she was 11. But I never thought I had been that obvious about it. I mean, I've been masturbating thinking of her for 7 years!

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I was suddenly brought back to reality by feeling a tugging at my pants. She was undoing my belt and sliding my pants down. I had gone commando that day, and my cock almost slapped her in the face as it sprung from my pants. "Wow!" She jumped "I had no clue you were this well hung!" I don't want to brag, but my cock was well over average, about 7 inches long.

With that, she got up and laid back on her bed, motioning with her finger for me to join her. I laid next to her, and cupped her breast. We began to make out on her bed for what felt like a long time.

She had the best tasting lips I had ever kissed. I continued to play with her boob, gripping and squeezing her tit, and fondling with her little pink nipple. She reached down and grasped my cock, slowly moving her hand up and down the shaft as we continued kissing. Neither Taylor nor myself were inexperienced when it came to sex. We both had our share of ass before. I moved my mouth to her tits and started to suckle her nipple. Since my hand was displaced, I moved it down to her pussy, and started to finger my cousin.

Her vagina was so wet, I heard her pussy making squishing noises. OMG I was in ecstasy. By the shuddering of her shoulders, I could tell she was too. She rolled her legs over and climbed on top of me so that we were in the 69 position. She started to rub her soft tongue around the head of my cock, and I started to lick her young pussy lips.

Her taste was so sweet, I thought I was going to blow my load just from eating her out. I got all around with my tongue. I stuck it right into her pussy, and I started to quickly flick it onto her sensitive clitoris. She was flailing around on top of me like an exorcism. That would be orgasm number one. She started to really blow my dick after that. She took my shaft by its base and started to stuff the whole thing in her face.

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It felt like nothing I've ever felt. I told her I was going to cum soon if she didn't slow down. And with that she took her mouth off and started to jack on my cock really hard and really fast.

I felt my balls begin to stir and I held her head still as I blew rope after rope after rope of cum onto her beautiful teenage face.

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She took her finger and rubbed it through the pile of spunk on her face. She ever so sexily stuck the finger in between her lips and licked the cum off her finger. My dick never even lost an ounce of hardness. I climbed in between her legs and started to feed my penis into her wet vagina. I started with really short soft thrusts.

I leaned in to kiss her and our chests touched. Her tits felt nice against my chest. Our tongues danced as my cock picked up speed in her pussy.

In and out, in and out. It was now long and slow thrusts as I continued to make out with my cousin. I couldn't believe I was finally doing the one thing I fantasized doing for almost ten years!

She pulled her lips away from mine and whispered to me "I want you to fuck me with that big cock til I squeal, right now!" And with that, I started to fuck her really hard, my ball sack was slapping against her lips! "Ooooh, that feels so good…" She moaned at me as we continued in the most natural activity two people can do. "Uggh, I know…I may need to take a break soon" I replied to her. All this fucking was tiring me out. And with that, without missing a beat, she flipped me onto my back, and started to fuck me now.

She hopped up and down, up and down on my dick; her breasts flapping in the air. I felt like I was about to cum again soon. I told Taylor that I was close again, and that she may want to jump off. Just as I said that, she had an orgasm of her own and her legs caved on me, just as I began to release my seed. Again it was a big load of about four or five ropes of cum, going right into her pussy! Just as I came, I almost started to have a panic attack! I just came into my cousin's fertile pussy!

But from all the excitement, Taylor and I fell asleep in each other's arms, my cock still in her pussy, our naked bodies still touching. I awoke a short time later to my cell phone ringing. "Hello?" I answer into the mouthpiece. "Matt, its Donna." I hear her say. I instantly sat up. Donna is my store manager. I looked at the clock on Taylor's wall. It said 4:05.

Fuck! I had to be at work at 3! '"Fuck, Donna I am so sorry I fell asleep.

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I will be there in ten minutes!" I scream into the phone as I scramble to put all of my clothes back on. "Matt since this is the first time this has ever happened, I'm going to overlook it, just please don't make a habit of this, ok?" and with that, the phone was disconnected.

I got all of my clothing together and I looked over to my cousin. She laid on the bed smiling, still asleep. I gave her a kiss on her forehead before I left. Luckily, No one was home still. Work was going by slow as hell. Now that I had a secret to keep, It was hard not to explain to everyone why I had a smile on my face. After 6 I got a text message from Taylor, asking me why I left, to which I told her I had to work.

She texted back asking me if I had pulled out. I told her I did not. I asked her when the last time she had her period was.

I was ready to faint when I saw her response, It was almost 2 weeks ago. Fuck! She was right in the middle of her cycle! She was probably ovulating! I didn't answer her for a few hours. I had a nice little surprise when I went to my lunch break.

I looked at my phone, I had received a nudie pic of her posing for me. The next 3 hours dragged by after that I was so horny the rest of the shift. When I got home, I laid on my bed and started to masturbate.

I know I wouldn't see her until atleast tomorrow, so I though I would atleast get rid of my killer hard on. I heard a buzzing from my cell phone. Taylor was outside my house.


I was so excited, I went downstairs naked and snuck her into my house. She stripped the moment we got into my bedroom and cuddled on my bed. "So, I looked at my calendar today." She started to say. "I had my period 2 weeks ago, and I am ovulating right now…" "Oh my god… "I started to take in.

I should have pulled out! "Taylor I am so sorry…" "No don't be!" She said. "Matter of fact, I'm kind of glad that you did." I looked at her in disbelief. "Matt, after today, I think, I mean… I'm in love with you!" "Really?" I asked her as I cupped her breast. "Tell you the truth, I think I actually want to make you a baby." And with that, I climbed on top of her and started to go to town. We fucked the whole night through, and I left 3 loads of cum in her that night.

After about 2 weeks, she took a pregnancy test. Just as we had planned, Taylor was in fact pregnant. We figured we had to let our parents know. We sat them down all together and we held up the pregnancy test.

My parents were pissed, but her parents were ecstatic! They were so happy for us. Since it was illegal, we couldn't actually get married, but we moved into our own apartment and lived as husband and wife.

We could not be happier with our lives 9 months later, after spending the whole night fucking, Taylor went into labor. Almost 15 hours later, our beautiful baby girl was born. Both of our parents turned around and were happy for us. We waited almost 2 years before we tried for our second child. And again, 9 months later we had a pair of twins, one boy and one girl.

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Since basically our entire family was based off of incestual circumstances, We were thinking about whether to encourage our children to do the same as they grew up.