Finger fucking asian amazing bitch mama japanese and hardcore

Finger fucking asian amazing bitch mama japanese and hardcore
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For the buck's night, Michael had a special assignment for Claire. While her training and constant fuckings had dulled her mind somewhat, she still knew how to take orders. When he explained the mission to her, she looked confused, so he said she could bring Kitten for help.

Claire and Slutkitten were to dress like normal women who had yet to undergo conditioning. Michael picked out conservative looking outfits for Claire and Kitten, but they were special. Because Michael didn't want the sluts to get confused about whether or not they were supposed to be wearing clothing, the bras he gave them had tacks in them, causing the sluts constant pain in their fuckmelons. They also both had weights on their clits, and large anal plugs that hurt whenever they stood, to remind them that this was an exception, and standing was not for sluts (unless a man told them to).

Michael instructed Claire and Kitten to go out dressed like this with one goal: bring him back something to play with. Michael explained (while fucking Claire's mouth) that some sluts were still unenlightened, and thought they were people, like men. They didn't understand that they were pieces of fuckmeat to be used and bred, yet. Claire and Kitten were to go out and find a group of some ignorant women and bring them back for Michael and his groomsmen. He showed them some videos of women who didn't know they were sluts yet, so Claire and Kitten knew what to look for.

The girls watched the videos, waiting for the women in them to get raped, or start servicing a man, but they didn't. They didn't even have decent sized fuckbags! Claire didn't think about what her fiancé and his groomsmen would do to the women; that wasn't her job. She felt strange wearing pants, and Michael had to help her put them on.

She hadn't had access to her cunt blocked in such a long time, it felt unnatural. When Kitten went to suck on Claire's enlarged tits, Michael slapped both of them across their tits.

"You have to act like these stupid sluts, not like the enlightened slut you are. You know what you're for, right? "To hurt, and to cum in and on," Claire answered immediately. Her tits stung, and the pain made her horny. But Michael insisted Claire and Kitten had to act like they hated sex, and men, in order to complete their mission. Claire thought of it like roleplay, which some men liked. Although she didn't get why men would want a slut to act like she didn't want him to piss in her mouth.

Outfitted in flattering but conservative jeans, sneakers and highcut t-shirts, Michael dropped Claire and Kitten off outside a college dorm.

Titcage had made them fake IDs so they could go into any of the university buildings. Before she got out of the car, Michael squeezed Claire's tits hard, so the tacks bit into her flesh and she moaned in agony, begging to be allowed to suck Michael's cock and touch herself. He assured her they would both be fucked thoroughly when they returned, and slapped Claire lightly across the face, so there were no marks when she went into the building.

Claire stood up and tried to walk normally, something she was still remembering how to do. Claire and Kitten walked into the dorm building and began looking for sluts for Michael. "I can see why they're at University," Kitten whispered to Claire. "Look at all these men, they need someone to rape." Claire agreed, and her pussy ached knowing she would probably not be fucked by any of them.

Claire walked up to the corkboard where announcement were posted and scanned the fliers for anything that looked like they might find the kind of women Michael was looking for.

She was in luck; given the strides Titcage had been making in the restructuring of gender in society, there was a lot of attention being paid to women's rights. There was a flier advertising for a "Women against Titcage" meeting that was starting in under an hour. Claire wrote down the information on the flier, and together she and Kitten found the room it was being held in.

Sure enough, there was a small group of female students already in the room. Claire strained against her conditioning and tried to remember what Michael told her.

This was just like roleplaying, she told herself. "They're not even trying to look rapeable," Claire muttered to Kitten, who nodded sadly. These poor sluts didn't even know what they were supposed to be doing.

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Claire was visibly pregnant, and her cover story was that she had been raped (which wasn't totally untrue) and forced to keep the rapist's baby. She and Kitten were lovers, trying to get justice. Claire remembered the plan as Michael had laid it out to her while he had been fucking her mouth earlier, and stepped forward to approach the group. "Hi," she said unsteadily. Claire didn't speak much anymore, and felt odd talking like a person.

The women in the room turned to look at her. Kitten took Claire's hand and they walked forward together. "I'm here for the anti-Titcage group?" "That's us," said one of the women.

She was stocky, with short hair. Claire thought she almost looked like a man, and briefly became concerned Michael would be displeased. "I was raped 8 months ago, and couldn't press charges, and now I'm almost due," Claire said, resting a hand on her bloated belly. "So I'm really interested in your group." "And I'm her girlfriend," Kitten added. The women in the room nodded and started to walk over to them.

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So far so good. "Well, we're trying to organize women to stand up to their lobbyists and get our rights back," another woman piped up.

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She at least had long hair, so she could be dragged properly. "It was actually on campus, though, so I haven't attended any meetings yet, because I'm scared," Claire continued. "Would it be ok if we took this meeting to a café just off campus?

I'd feel safer." She made big eyes at the women, and Kitten made a big show of hugging Claire supportively. The hug made her tit-tacs dig in, and Claire felt her pussy get wet immediately. "Of course," said the stocky one. "Let's go." Claire sighed in relief, though not for the reason the group thought. There were six of them altogether, which Claire hoped was enough.

Holding hands with Kitten, she led the group out of the building, and two blocks south to the café. They talked the whole time about the newest regulations Titcage had gotten passed, which included education reforms forcing female students to drop out of school in 8th grade and tighter bans on birth control. When the group arrived at the address Michael had given her, Claire noticed that it looked totally normal on the outside, and she hoped she hadn't stupidly gone to the wrong place.

She opened the door, and Kitten went to the back of the group in case anyone tried to run. It was dark inside, until they were all in and the door closed. Then, the lights came on. Michael was standing in front of the group, with Jim, Ben, Claire's father and some of the male Titcage employees behind him. The room was outfitted with hard metal tables with restraints and IV stands, and there was a wall full of whips, paddles, dildos, and other tools of sexual torture. Steph was also there looking miserable with her tits clamped.


"Fucktwat, come here," Michael ordered. "Crawl like a good slut, roleplaying is over." The female students tried to run for the door to escape, but it was bolted shut from the outside. Their screaming only seemed to amuse the men.

Claire got down on all fours, grateful to return to her natural subservient role, and crawled over to her fiancé. He took a pair of scissors and savagely cut off the clothing she was dressed in, and peeled off the bra full of tacks.

Some of them had dug so deeply into her titflesh that they remained imbedded. "Now strip your property," Michael instructed. A wave of gratitude washed over Claire; Slutkitten was hers now. She beckoned her slut to crawl over to her as she had to Michael, and similarly removed her clothing. Now both fully nude, the girls began hungrily 69ing, their pussies desperate for abuse after being unattended for so long.

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Ben pulled them apart and spanked Claire on the anal plug still jammed in her ass. "Quiet!" Michael commanded, and the female students went silent, whimpering and crying. "You are all very lucky to be here. Up until now, you've been laboring under the delusion that you are people, equal or even better to men.

Well, tonight, you will be taught what your real place is. Right, guys?" he called back to his party, who whooped in response. "First step. Sluts don't need clothes, unless a man wants to dress them up to look more fuckable." With that, the men advanced on the students.

The girls started screaming again but it made no difference.

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In a matter of moments, they had all been stripped bare, their clothing hacked off just as Claire's had been. When one of them would protest, the man closest would slap them, hard, either on the face, tits or cunt.

"Now, you're still standing up, which is also inappropriate. When a man is standing, you kneel. Kneel!" he barked.

"Fuck you!" yelled the stocky girl, who was still trying to cover herself up. Claire was gratified to see she had quite big udders, and hoped Michael would let her abuse them later. "What did we say about talking?" he jeered. Suddenly, Jim produced a taser and shocked the girl's twat.

She fell and spasmed while the other girls wailed, kneeling in terror. "Better. If you disobey, you will be punished," he announced. "Or if it happens to amuse a man. Whichever. I'm concerned you're going to try to get away again, and that irritates me. So now you have to be restrained." Each woman was dragged over to a table and thrown down onto the hard surface. Some of them were still fighting and crying, while some had gone limp with shock. The men seemed to have each claimed a girl, and began strapping them down to the table with their legs stretched far apart, exposing each of their cunts, and their arms strapped outstretched.

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They were also fitted with O-ring gags, so they couldn't resist a mouth fucking. Not that Claire understood why a slut would try to resist her purpose. Then, a man Claire didn't recognize inserted a needle into the arms of each girl.

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The IV bags they were connected to held a strong aphrodisiac, the same kind secreted by Claire's tits, which began to work immediately on the bound college students. "Now, you're all not groomed properly, which is a problem. Cuntcandy?" Steph crawled forward miserably, and had some kind of bag in her teeth. When she reached the first table, Jim reached in the bag and took out an electric razor. He slapped Steph's tits and she moved to the next table, bringing each man the same shaving tool. She stopped at Michael, who drew out a buzzing razor and ordered Steph to turn around so he could spank her for moving too slowly.

Michael went to the table where the stocky girl was strapped down, and grinned. "You probably think you're a lesbian, right?" She didn't answer, and kept struggling, not looking Michael in the eye. "Don't worry. Cuntcandy did, too.

Now she loves cock." Michael turned on the razor, all the men following suit. "No one likes hairy cunts!" he yelled, and jammed the buzzing razor onto the woman. All the men gleefully took to their victims, who writhed around under the razors. They weren't just regular electric razors.

Michael had outfitted them to act like Tasers, so as the women were shaved they were also being shocked at a high voltage on and around their pussies. All the women struggled and shrieked through their O-gags, while the men used the razors to shock their tits and cunts. "That's better," Michael said, turning off his shaving tool. He put it down on the table and grabbed the girl's tear streaked face.

"Are you a slut?" he asked. She shook her head furiously and tried to curse at him. Michael went over to the wall of sex toys and tools and picked out a very large, bulb-headed purple dildo. "I hope you're wet," he said to the girl, and jammed the rubber cock into her twat. The girl screamed through her ring gag and sobbed as Michael fucked her violently with it. The men came and gathered around the girl, pawing at her breasts and grabbing her throat, mocking her and telling her what a slut she was.

"Are you a slut?" Michael demanded again. This time the girl nodded, sobbing. Michael pulled the dildo out and slid it through the ring gag into the girl's mouth, making her sputter and choke. "Of course you are." The men cheered and Michael addressed the room. "Enjoy breaking in your new sluts!" he announced. His guests went to the wall of tools and began picking out paddles, canes and obscenely oversized dildos for their victims.

While they went to work on their toys for the night, Michael pressed a button on his girl's table which made it rotate 90 degrees, so her head was hanging down and her feet her in the air. He removed the dildo from her mouth and beckoned Claire over.

Claire crawled over and Michael gave her the dildo to fuck Kitten with as a reward for completing her mission. Then he took his cock out, turned to the upside down girl and pissed all over her. "This is what sluts are for. Try to catch some in your mouth, you need to get used to drinking piss. Good slut." The girl had stopped struggling and merely hung there, catching Michael's warm urine in her mouth.

At the other tables, the men were violently raping the girls, fisting their cunts and fucking their mouths.


"If I can have your attention, for just a minute," Claire's father announced, after cumming on a girl's tits. "I have a little present for the groom-to-be." Michael turned to listen, but continued facefucking one of the sluts. "Michael, your slut fiancé and Slutkitten are going to put on a little show for you, just something we thought you'd like." Michael came on the girl's face and slapped her head down on the table.

Kitten and Claire crawled out in front of the group and knelt facing away from each other, their assholes just a foot apart. Jim pulled a large, double headed dildo off the wall, and after lubing up the heads with each girls' sopping cunt, shoved the heads in their asses. For a moment, the girls waited, their assholes gaping around the thick dildo.


Even they didn't know what was planned for them. "I call it Tug of Whore," Claire's father said chuckling, and then men all grinned broadly. "Sluts, you are going to pull away from each other, but you have to try to keep the dildo in your ass. Whoever drops it first, loses. Go!" Both Claire and Kitten tried clench their anal muscles around the sextoy as best as possible, but it was slippery from their cunt juices.

After a couple minutes, the head dropped out of Claire's ass. She felt shame start to blossom on her face. "Loser has to clean the cock," her father taunted.

Claire turned around to Kitten, who still had the toy in her ass, and closed her mouth around the head. She could taste her own filth on the dildo, but diligently worked her tongue around it until it was clean.

Jim pulled the other end out of Kitten, and Claire repeated the cleaning act. She was grateful when Ben pissed in her mouth to wash away the taste.

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By the end of the night, each girl had been raped repeatedly in all three of their holes, been pissed and cum on and had their tits and cunts shocked repeatedly. Whenever the IV aphrodisiac ran out, the bags were replaced. Over the course of several hours, each girl was turned from a strong willed feminist into a mewling, cock hungry slut. Michael and his friends raped and tortured the girls all night, occasionally letting Claire, Kitten and Steph take turns raping them, too.

After a couple hours, the ring gags weren't necessary. Neither were the restraints. It had become a full-blown rape party, which all the girls begging to be used, all thoughts of their former lives abandoned. Now, they were proper sluts.