Tied up in bed babe gets electro shocks

Tied up in bed babe gets electro shocks
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Who the hell does she think she is!

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Always demanding me to do this and do that. Just because I am in the military that doesn't mean that I have to me treated like scum all because she is a Petty officer and I am just a damn seaman. We are always over worked by this bitch, even when there is nothing to do, she finds things for us to do.

Clean this, paint this, shine this! I really hated that bitch Petty Officer O'Kelly. She doesn't believe in getting off work early. When all the other departments are leaving the ship to go home, our Deck division is always left behind to do some kind of grunt work.

I've had enough of this whore.

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She is never appreciated and only complains. She calls us the worst names in the book. One girl tried to make a complain against her before about the way she treats us, but the complain didn't get anywhere past the Chief's lounge. Because of the girl's complain, she was punished by getting double watch and extra duties.

No one listened to any of us girl or boy. So we just had to suck it up and pray that we pass the exam and move out of her stinking division. I was really beginning to loathe this bitch. I started imagining the worst thing a man could do to a bitch. So one day, I decided to follow her home, just to see where this bitch lived. As I imaged, this bitch lived alone and didn't have a damn man to go home to except for a cat.

No wonder this whore didn't give a damn about us going home because her ass don't got no one to go home to.

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What a fucking cunt! She is probably a dam dike. Turns out, she only live like two blocks from my apartment this whole time, I am in walking distance from this whore. I don't know why, but I find myself following her home every night in my car for about five days. The Friday I was at work finishing up some work, everyone was very happy to the day to be over because we had a 4-day weekend because of Memorial Day.

We were even hoping for a half-day since we really didn't have that much to do. Besides, the other departments were already leaving the ship. So, instead of us going home, she come out of the blew and tells us, no one is leaving until we paint the side of the ship!

We just painted the side last week!!!! So we had to stay behind and paint until almost 7 p.m. and then we all could go.

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Everyone was still pumped because we had the holiday coming and didn't have to be in until Tuesday morning. I was not happy. I can't believe one person could be so vindictive and abuse their power. I went home took a shower and the entire time, I was thinking about this whore. I wanted to teach her a lesson.

She seem to like that cat of hers so much, so I'll sneak over there and let the cat out, give her something to worry about for a few days. I got dressed in all black with a big baseball hat pulled down my face and my leather jacket.

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When I got to the neighborhood it was about 11 p.m. and the place was nice and quiet. She house was in darkness and the car was not in the driveway. She must be out with friends. I went around the back of the house to pry the lock open but it was my lucky day and it was a sign that I needed to be there because the back door was not locked. So I quietly went inside the house. Her house was nice unlike my piece of dump. I guess they pay these Petty officers pretty good for her to have nice couch and all.

Anyway, fuck her damn house and furniture; I was there to let that cat out the door.


I am looking around her house and no cat downstairs. She must have it upstairs. I was about to leave when I heard her car pulled up in the driveway so I hid behind a door. I took one of her kitchen knives and kept it. I took out my bandana and tied it around my face and waited for the whore to enter her home. She looked like she picked up some movies and fast food for the weekend. She was alone. As she was about to put this thing on the kitchen table, I came up behind her and grabbed her throat and told her very quickly not to fucking move or say a sound.

She was trembling. I had the knife next to her neck and if she flinches, I didn't care what happened to her. She was a bitch.

I told her to put the things on the countertop and to exactly as I say. I was tired of being her bitch at work, now she'll be my bitch, my whore and my fucking prostitute if I feel like it.

Grabbing her like that with the knife at her throat made me feel like I am in total control. I was getting a hard on from her fear. I fucking liked it. I asked her where she kept the tape and she point to the little draw.

I took her into a bedroom around the corning and tied her hands to the bed with her mouth completely taped up. She could scream until tomorrow, no one would hear!

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Bitch. I started to cut away her clothes to look at her body…she wasn't that bad. She had blonde hair, big D cup breast and nice legs. I wasted no time; I told her that her ass would be mine for the night. I got on the bed and started to suck on her perky breast. I sucked real hard. I didn't give a fuck if he liked it or not. I was not here to please this bitch. I kept sucking on her tittles. I started to caress her pussy; she was closing up her legs to resist so I fucking smacked her hard to remind her ass that I was not in the mood for her shit.

To be honest, I loved her resisting…made it more fun for me. I shoved my fingers up her pussy and started to fuck her with two fingers. It took a little while but she pussy was getting wet. I got up off the bed, took out a condom and made my way between her legs. I opened the whore's legs wide and slipped my hard size 12 cock into her mildly wet pussy. Damn, she was tight.

Go figure, her ass aint got no man! It took a little work but finally my cock was inside her sweet pussy and I started to fuck her with zero gentleness.

I fucked her like a whore.

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I pulled my dick half way out and rammed her pussy each time; she had tears running down her face. This bitch tight pussy was fucking good. I can't believe I am doing this to another person but I quickly reminded myself that this was not a person; this was O'Kelly, the bitch. I fucked her until I shot my juice. I was worn out for a minute, so I laid next to her on the bed for a minute while my hands were feeling up her tits. After 5 minutes my dick was hard again and I fucked her some more.

This time, I pulled her half way off the bed and put one of her foot on my shoulder and rammed the shit out of her. This bitch had a pussy that needed to be fucked. While I'm brutalizing her pussy, my fingers were also fucking her tight virgin ass. I told myself, "I know what I'm doing next!" and as soon as I shot my load up her pussy one more time, my dick was at the edge of her ass. Surprising, my dick was still hard as a rock.

I rubbed some of her pussy juice on her ass and slowly begin to fuck her tight ass. She was squirming like a bitch. I know she was in pain but I didn't give a fuck!


This whore deserved everything. When I came again, I got up cleaned up myself, cleaned her up with a wet cloth and left her there tied up and went home.

Maybe, I'll return tomorrow&hellip.