Se la cogen de perrito mientras hace yoga

Se la cogen de perrito mientras hace yoga
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This is not my story, i found it online and though i had to share with the community. I will be uploading some of my own soon. I Watched My Wife Get Gangraped And Did Nothing To Stop It I must preface this by saying I have asked my wife to fuck other men on several occasions and she has always insisted that she does not want to.

I explained that is was a fantacy of mine but she was always reluctant to play along. So this weekend we went to a large party at a friends house. There was lots and lots of alcohol and some X was flowing around the place too. After 5 or 6 mixed drinks my wife took some X and started getting pretty wild. At one point she had 3 or 4 guys dancing with her and they were fondling and rubbing her and she never stopped them.

Eventually a good friend of mine who knows of my fantasy of her fucking other men started leading her towards a back bedroom.

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As he did several other guys from the party followed and so did I. In the bedroom they continued dancing with and fondling her and were gradually undressing her as they did. When she was nearly naked she realized what was happening and began to resist. They already had her skirt and tanktop off and were in the process of removing her bra, so there wasn't much clothes left to remove.

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Between the alcohol and X she was in no shape to resist much and they had no intentions of stopping. As she began to protest they grabbed her and roughly threw her on the bed and yanked off her panties.

I stood and watched as several of them held her down as my friend fucking her.


After he came in her he switched places with one of the other guys and that guy fucked her. This continued until all 5 of them had fucked her. The entire time she was fighting to get loose which I think just turned them on even more. As the last guy finished up I slipped out of the room without her knowing I had even been there.

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That was Friday night. She has said nothing about it the entire weekend, so I am unsure if she doesn't remember it or if she actually enjoyed it and doesn't want to admit it.

I have more stories to follow, this is one i came across online and enjoyed reading so wanted to share, please look at my page to find some stories about the things i will be doing to my wife.

Below are a few of the comments from the page i found the story on. I Have done group s** with and without my husband present in the past before and the first couple years we were married.

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The first time we were partying after the wedding reception and the guys were all over me. His friends and two of my coworkers.

We went over to our hotel room with me still in my wedding dress and my husband and 6 other men. I did some more coke and that was it they all had me before my husband did. We woke up the next day, it was awful. I was a total mess, my husband next to me and one of my coworkers behind me. I tried sneaking away but he woke up and told me to not get out of bed and he tried to have s** with me again. I told him no but he got in me again.

About half way through my husband woke up looked at me and smiled and said good morning mrs so and so. I moaned good morning as my coworker was pounding me from behind. He got mad and said why did I need a g******* on our wedding night. Why is your friend from working f****** you now and why are you letting him. The whole time he was yelling at me the guy never stopped and just before he came I did too.

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I look back and think wow that was crazy and slutty. Wonder what was said about me. Sometimes I miss it. Did this to my wife. Got her really drunk at a huge party and then me and about 15 maybe 20 black guys f***** my wife.

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Went on from 1am till about 9am she tried fighting back after about 4 hours but we held her down and took turns pounding her hard Lol happened to me many times. My husband loved watching other men have s** with me whether I wanted it or not. The best was our wedding night but anytime we went out clubbing I would wind up in a storage room or outback or in our car having s** with the bouncers or other customers.

At my company Christmas party the entire wait staff and bartenders had s** with me. One of my girlfriends at work saw me with two men fondling me and then one of the guys closed the door as the other f***** me. She waited for them to finish when she asked if I was alright if I was raped by them and I smiled and said no it was ok and consensual. She was shocked. Another man came by and pointed to the closet and I went with him. My husband asked if I did them all before we left and said all but the girls.

Every male staff member made sure they said good night before we left. My husband thanked them and gave a few our phone number. I'd rather do it with him then when he's not around.

I did the same thing with my wife. Add a party she drink some wine and somebody slipped something into it. She was wearing tight yoga pants and a tight camisole she couldn't wear panties or a bra or clothes were so tight.

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Guys were groping her and I just love watchingOne of the guys grabbed her yoga pants and started pulling them down past your knees and she just kick them off.

Everybody was looking at her bald l p**** and watching him rubbing her. He pushed her down on her knees and pulled out his c***, and she start sucking right there in front of everyone.


She was just giving this guy a b****** and everybody else was cheering her on a couple of the guys lifted herup and pushed her on the sofa and start f****** her she just laid there and let them take turns her camisole had been pulled off her t*** and bunched up around her waist She f***** five guys she's white by the way and they were all black she said the next day she couldn't believe she did it and I said I got to see her do it again and she said OK I can't waitfor the next party.