Pale beauty getting a mind blowing doggy treatment

Pale beauty getting a mind blowing doggy treatment
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"Good morning Shelly," I said as I walked through the door. "Mornin' Sheriff, got a few extra muffins this morning over at Anne's place. I put one on your desk, I know how you like blueberry." She said.

"Just one huh.well thanks Shelly. What would I do without you beautiful?" I said smiling knowing she had eaten the rest of them. A few means different things for different people, and usually when Shelly went to Anne's she brought back more than a few. Shelly the Sheriff's office secretary was definitely on the plump side, however her breasts were her looks' saving grace.

Almost everyday, for the last five years I'd known her, she would wear these blouses with a neckline I'd swear was only a few inches from her belly button.

Her tits are so big, looking down at her seated, she looks like her torso consists of only breasts and arms attached to thick legs, and she's only about thirty-one so they haven't begun to sag too much and the skin is still smooth and soft looking.

One time she was running late, and it was raining, she came in with her blouse soaked and I could make out areolas the size of silver dollar pancakes with little Hershey kiss nipples. So with that said, I guess she wasn't too bad looking with a kinda chubby, but cute face with long brown hair and brown eyes.

Today she was wearing one of her signature blouses and tight loose fitting black pants. "Well if you want more your gonna have to get em yourself. Now we already got two calls this morning, one of them about someone vandalizing the school property over at Chamberlain High School again, and the other is about a break-in at the Roger's place." She said.


"Someone tagged the school again! What'd they write this time?" I said. This was the third time this year someone had done this.

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I guess now I have to do something about it because I definitely don't want that asshole of a Principal being any part of my day. "Just the usual curse words, the dicks, fucks and bitches that kids will write every chance they get." "Let's hope they're more creative when they are standing in front ot Judge McNally." I sighed. "Well I'll go on over to the Roger's place make sure their not too shaken up, but not before I eat my muffin." Anne's place made the best breakfast in the town of Chamberlain.

Ate there whenever I could, in part to support the only twenty-four hour breakfast place in the town of Chamberlain.They also had a cute little blonde waitress named Dee who'd let me ass fuck her every now and then, for some reason though sex with her was only ever in the ass.

I mean she is a bona-fide anal whore come to think of it. However I'll keep her on my list, as there aren't enough of those types around. After eating, I put on my utility belt and holster with my Taurus model .38 special. It's not standard issue I know, but I like itbesides I always have the mossberg loaded up in my truck.

When I finished I read the time at 5:13 a.m.

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After suiting up, I began the short drive over to the Roger's place. As I was pulling up, I could see a woman I didn't recognize seated on the steps and smoking a cigarette. She looked to be around her late twenties. I got out and made my way on over to her and she stood up when she saw me coming. She was about 5'5 and around 120, maybe 125 pounds. She had black hair cut short and wild, with blue eyes.

Her skin was pale and her build was average, but her hips were full so I knew her ass couldn't disapoint. Her cheeks were soft with full pouting pink lips,but she looked completely sleep deprived with slightly sunken eyes. I could also make out at least a c-cup. She was wearing a tight white t-shirt and tight black spandex pants with sandals showing off black painted toenails.

She stood with her right arm folded under her breasts supporting the left arm holding the cigarette. "You Sheriff Cassidy? It's been a little while since I called, hasn't it? "She said, afterwards taking a short puff of her cigarette exhaling the smoke in my direction. Sorry about the wait miss, I truly am, but who are you exactly? Last time I saw her, Mrs.

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Roger's was fifty-nine going on sixty." I said, watching her take another drag. "Well, my name is Hope, I'm Mrs. Roger's daughter. Now can we get on with this? I've had a very stressful last few days." She said after exhaling more smoke up at me. "Sure thing. Let's step inside and you can give me your statement there." I said, as she tossed her cigarette and began walking up the steps. I watched her ass cheeks move through the spandex as she climbed the stairs.

A slight jiggle with each step. You could see the crease where the ass cheek and leg met with each full extension downward. I watch her ass until we get closer to the door, then I notice the smashed lock on the door and frayed wood on the door frame. "Was the front door their only point of entry Ms. Roger's? It is Miss, isn't it?" I said, still following her. "Yeah, they came in through here, and no I'm not married anymore.

In fact, just recently divorced. Which is why I'm back at my parents house." She said, inviting me in. "How long have you been back." I said, as we went inside I closed the door behind me. "About a week. Came home right after signing the divorce papers. Just needed some time to think, get my shit together." She said offering me a seat at a nearby table.

"Would you like some coffee, or something else to drink? She said moving into the kitchen. "If it wouldn't be such an inconvenience, I would love some and if you don't mind me asking where are your parents?"I said, watching her move around the kitchen. "They're visiting my uncle in San Diego. Probably the reason why whoever broke in to the house thought they could." She said dumping old coffee grounds and making a new pot. "How far into the house did they get before they realized they weren't alone?" I said.

Surprisingly she was making it in an actual pot on the stove, instead of in a coffee maker. "Not far, I fell asleep on the couch over there in the next room and as soon as the door caved in I screamed my head off and they ran as fast as they could". She said. "OH FUCK!" She screamed suddenly as she burned her hand on the pot. "Goddammit, my fucking dad and that fucking pot." She said, and suddenly dropped down to her knees crying and holding her left hand.


I got over to her as fast as I could and helped her up. As she got up she wrapped her arms around me tightly and continued sobbing into my chest. "It's all just been so much." She said still crying. " The divorce and now this bullshit." She then looked up right up at me, her blue eyes staring into mine.

"I just need somebody to be close to me. Can you .?" She said, reaching down and grabbing my cock through my pants. Still looking into her eyes, I nodded. She then quickly let go wrapping both of her arms around my head and jumped into my arms, her feet hooking together behind my back and my hands went under her, digging into her ass.

Then our lips met and I could taste the cigarettes on her breath as our tongues found one another. As we explored each others mouth, I walked over to the table still holding her up and laid her down on it pressing down on her hard between her legs.

I could feel my cock growing against her spandex clad crotch. Kissing her hard one last time before I stood up and spun her on the table so her face was upside down hanging off the table and at my crotch.

She did the rest, unzipping my pants and pulling out my long semi-hard dick.

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"Oh fuck it's big!" She gasped, she then licked her right hand and began stroking from the base down to the head admiring the length. My cock almost covered her entire face. She held my dick by the base at her hair and would stroke down to the tip almost past her chin. After a few strokes she spit in her left hand and started using it to massage the tip, making it wet. When it was so wet and slippery I could see the strands of spit connecting to her fingers whenever she pulled away, she suddenly pulled my cock into her mouth and my balls went over her eyes.Like a weird blindfold.

When she put my dick in her hot mouth, I gasped hard, feeling like all the breath had literally been sucked out of me. She then started working hard. She would pull it out till just the big tip was in and suck and I would watch her cheeks cave in around it, causing me to moan in pleasure and then she would pull in more and I'd watch her mouth fill up with my dick until she could take no more.

She would run her tongue all over the front of my dick with her teeth resting lightly on the shaft. Then she began rubbing my cock all over the inside of her mouth. She would poke out her cheeks with it, rub the underside on the roof of her mouth, and then Hope kept trying to take me in deeper past her throat muscles.

She started gagging as my cock kept hitting the building a rhythm. With each hard thrust in, she would give me low moan. She then put her hands on my ass and squeezed, urging me on harder, faster. So I picked up speed fucking her, and my balls started to slap her ass cheeks, making a small sound as they connected.

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I could hear her breathing get even harder, each breath becoming shorter. " Don't.stop."She said, between breaths and moans. I could also see her tits bouncing up with each thrust in, her little dark nipples hard and round. Each thrust in, easier than the last as her pussy leaked it's own brand of lubrication. Our parts connecting faster and faster.

Until her pussy contracted around my dick and she came for the second time. As she came, making incoherent noises, I began to feel my cock muscles tighten and flex.

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And I pushed into her all the way, as I finally came. I shot jets of my cum deep inside her. And her pussy welcomed me, milking my cock for everything It had. When I came, it felt like the breath was forced out of me as I moaned one final time. We stayed like that for minutes, until she finally spoke.

"Next time I hope I can have an orgasm without being robbed." She said, smiling a wide and satisfied smile. "I'll rob you myself next time, if I have to." I said, both of us now laughing.

"No more tears I see." I said. "No, I'm through feeling sorry for myself, thanks to the best police work I've ever experienced." She said, as I pulled off of her and we both began dressing. "All in a day's work Ms. Rogers." I said, buckling my pants. "Just Hope, I mean you have been inside of me." She said, standing up and putting back on her tights.

"Alright Hope, I want you to call next time there's any kind of problem, or if there isn't." I said, smiling my best at her. Then I walked over to her, kissed her softly on the mouth one last time and gave her ass a nice squeeze. After that I started walking out. "See you soon Sheriff." She yelled, as I opened the door to leave. "It's Rob for you, Hope." I said, as I closed the door and walked down the steps to my special Chamberlain county Sheriff truck.

I was thinking what a freak she turned out to be as I opened the door and I heard Shelly on the radio. "Sheriff Cassidy. Sheriff Cassidy report in, over. Sheriff Cassidy. Sheriff Cassidy! Goddammit Rob, if you don't pick your radio!" She yelled. " Shelly I'm here. Where to next?" I said, through the radio.

"Where have you been? I've been trying to radio you in to tell you we got a call about shots fired in the woods down by Silver lake. You'd better get down there now, the man who called, a Henry Williams, sounded very upset. Said he saw three men forcing another into the woods, and when he pulled over, he heard two gunshots." She said, hurriedly. "I'm hitting the lights now, I'll be there soon." I said, turning on the siren and speeding off. "Be careful Rob, I mean it." She said.

"I will, don't worry about me shhweetheart, I'm made of stone. Over and out." I said, afterwards putting down the radio and speeding up. I was almost doing ninetywhen I stopped skidding about twenty feet.

I got out and walked over to where I meant to stop, and called out to Henry Williams. He was a man of about sixty, glasses, of Caucasian descent, medium height around five-ten. He also had a thick gray mustache with thinning gray hair. He drove a green Jeep Cherokee. He waved frantically for me to come over. "You gotta go in there and see if that man's ok. You hear me? You gotta go now!" He yelled, panicked.

"Calm down sir! I need you to calm down. Now, where is the vehicle they came in.?" I said, looking around.


"They left in it. But there was one of them missing, it was the guy being forced. You gotta check on him.cause I think he's dead." He said, panting fast. "Alright which direction did they take him?" I asked, and he pointed to the woods to my left. I turned and went in that direction. As I walked, I put my right hand on my gun, taking it out carefully.My hands began to sweat, and I could feel the gun handle becoming slippery, so I put my left hand on it as well.

I continued on, stepping on dead leaves and moving through branches. I could sense that something wasn't right. We never got calls like this in Chamberlain. But I kept walking, even though the shit was pretty thick. I couldn't see ten feet ahead of me. Finally after about three more minutes of walking I could make out a clearing.

As I approached, I began to feel sick in the pit of my stomach, like someone was twisting my intestines. When I finally broke through the thicket and into the clearing, I saw why the man was so worried. There was a man, face down on a pile of leaves with his skull blown out. The back of his head was like a seeing gallery for his brain if it was still intact. There were skull fragments and brains on the ground.

I quickly walked back to my car to radio in. "Shelly send the coroner, and the forensics from the state labs. We've got a homicide."