Asiatischen Sklavenjungen Schmerz Clips

Asiatischen Sklavenjungen Schmerz Clips
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Sex Club Level 2 - The Twins After that first day, I was hooked on Sex Club. I went to the pool every day. When Elliot had to work, he obviously couldn't meet with the club.

Instead another member, Kyle, ran the meetings. And when I say "ran the meeting", I really mean supervised all the sex that would go on. I learned that my initiation was an event, and that most of the time the club members just got together and had sex.

Now, I don't mean it was one huge orgy of all ages.

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The older members (15-18) basically kept to there own, and the younger kids (11-14) did the same, with a little cross over in between groups. All together there might've been 15 members there at one time. And there would be a few different members at each meeting, depending on who was available on what day. The 11 year olds were almost always there. I came to learn they lived within walking distance, and had summer passes.

Their parents encouraged them to come! I assume they had no clue why the kids really went. Some days there would be an initiation like mine, The Boys taking turns with the recruit. Any who failed usually made it in on the second try.

Other days, big days, members would choose to advance in the ranks. The basis of advancement? Have sex with pre-selected higher-up members called Stars, holding to the "No Release" rule of the Initiation.

The prize? To become a Star yourself, with your own nickname (like The Boys), and a star patch sewn onto your robe for each level. Many of the members had gold stars, numbered 1-8. I knew from the beginning I wanted to be a Star. I approached Elliot one day, before the day's meeting, and asked him about advancing. "You wanna give it it a go, Sport?" "I want a star, Elliot. I'm going to do whatever it takes." I told him, determined.

"It takes eight tests, Sport-O." He said to me, walking me the rest of the way to the Rec. Building. "You've seen one or two challenges haven't you? It's a long road to a earn a star, buddy." "I know, but I'm ready!" I said, a little exasperated as we entered the building.

Elliot unlocked the locker room and ushered me in to get into my (starless!) robe. A few minutes later a few of the younger kids arrived in the locker room, changing into their robes, though I never understood why. They were usually the first to shed them and get to work. I left the locker room and headed to the stands, waiting for the rest of the members.

Most showed up within the next ten minutes or so. The Boys were already in one corner, in various stages of arousal, one already buried in another ones ass. Kids. A few of the older teen members were talking in the opposite stands with their robes open, absent mindedly playing with themselves.

One boy had a star with a big 2 sewn onto his robe. He definitely didn't seem as old as the others in their little group. I just watched as he played with his dick, laughing at something one of the others had said. Then he looked over at me and I looked away, for some reason embarrassed.

I glanced back to see if he was still looking.

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He was. And he smiled at me. He was unbelievably cute. He had golden blond hair, cropped fairly short, so that his ears just stuck out. He looked about 12, and had a perfectly slender body. A body that stood up, then walked over. I watched him make his way down his set of bleachers, across the court, and up my side. I tightened my robe as he sat down next to me. "Riley," He said, extending his hand with an adorable gin.

"Felix," I managed. I was lost in his ice blue eyes. "Yea, I was here for your initiation. It was pretty hot." He was so forward, I had no time to really process it before I said "You too." And immediately went red. I could have sex in front of an entire assembly of people, but talk to a cute boy? Nope. "You're such a dork, loosen up," he said and landed a kiss on my cheek. In the short time we'd been talking, the rest of the members had arrived. Around 20 today.

Elliot and Another member came into the middle of the court, carrying out the bed, and everyone went quiet. The bed only came out during Initiation or Tests.

When the the bed was in place over the mats, Elliot announced "Today one of our newer members will take their first step to becoming a Star. Felix, would you come down please?" The club erupted with cheers as I got up and Riley smacked my ass as I passed him. All eyes were on me as I made my way down to Elliot and the frameless, white-sheeted bed.

I stood next to him when he spoke again. "Hey," he said to me with a hug. "Today the level two Challenge will be. The Double Dipsticks!" I looked around, and saw two boys rise from opposite bleachers and make their way down. As they came closer, I noticed they were about the same height. And hair color.

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And. they were both Riley! Riley and his twin brother, more like. They were almost identical except that the other boy's hair was a little longer, covering his ears and almost his eyes. "Felix, you know the rules. You have to last until they do." Elliot looked at me and winked.

"Have fun." He hadn't even reached to the bleachers before he snapped.

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Riley was the first to move. He came over to me, and put both hands on my shoulders. For a moment, I thought he was going to go for another kiss but instead, like lightning, he hooked his fingers in my robe and tugged it off. Then he kissed me, backing me up until I hit the bed and we tumbled over. I could feel his hot organ through his robe, pulsing against my thigh. I could've shot then and there.

But I got my focus back, for a enough time to slide his robe off and flip him over. He was gorgeous. His hard little nipples stuck out from a lightly tanned torso. I kissed down his chest, trailing down budding abs and past a belly button to his tan-lined waist.

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I stood up, taking in his boyhood with my eyes. A five inch spire protruded from a tiny brown bush. His brother, who I later learned was Sam, layed on the bed next to him. I watched as their identical towers bobbed together to their pulsing hearts. With no more hesitation I got down on my knees next to the bed. They both sat up, their legs apart, giving me access to everything, their hairless sacs held tight to the base of their cocks.

I dove between Riley's legs with a hunger. I licked at those balls, taking each one in, then both. I could feel the rush of pleasure in him as I licked his boyhood. I broke away and moved to Sam, forgetting I had another perfect toy to play with. "Scooch up," I instructed Sam. He scooted his little butt up, head on the pillows. Knowing that I had to make all of this quick or else lose myself in these amazing boys, I decided to take the first step. I lifted Sam's smooth legs one at a time, exposing his tight butt.

I looked in his eyes, and he gave me a smile, then just closed his them and put his head back. I took that as a sign to go for it. I decided first to stick my finger in my mouth, getting it coated with spit, then pressing it against his tight pucker. It wiggled in, and when it moved around easily, I added another, earning just a deep breathe from Sam.

He'd done this before.


I slid out my fingers watching his little hole close up again. I started to spit on my hand to lube up my throbbing six inches of boy meat, when Riley chimed, "Uh-uh," and hopped on the bed stradling Sam's face. The tween leaned over to take my entire cock in his mouth. The moan from Riley told me Sam had taken the opportunity to engulf his brother's member. Riley bobbed and bucked for almost an entire minute, lubing me up to fuck his brother.

Once Sam decided it was time, he pushed Riley up and out of the way, leaving my dick bobbing, dripping with spit and precum. I hadn't actually fucked anyone in almost a year, and I was maybe too eager as I lined my rod up with the boy's blushing star.

I slid the first two inches in right away, getting the reaction I wanted; a sharp inhale and moan, clenching me tight. I could feel our heart beat, separately at first but then they melded together as I pushing further in to his boy cavern. Meanwhile Riley wasn't letting Sam's lube job go to waste.

He had positioned himself behind me, and spread my cheeks, aiming his pulsing rocket. He eased in the head, forcing my eyes tight with discomfort. But he took his time, and we soon had a rhythm. In and out of one twin, while the other held me close from behind, pulling out all the way, then back in to his small patch of tickling hairs, and out again.

I could feel the pressure rising in all of us. Beads of sweat formed on Sam's forehead and chest.

He was lost as I brushed his prostate. For a second, I wondered if he knew what was causing that feeling of painful pleasure racking his body. My hair was damp when I ran my hand through it, pushing it out of my face. My heart was pounding, and so was Riley's. I could feel it as he hugged my back, his chest and face flush with me. His grunting was amazing, pushing me further toward exploding. Seconds seemed like minutes, feeling that boiling in my tightening sac.

Riley slipped a hand between my legs and was playing with my balls as they hit his brother's throbbing bottom again and again. White pleasure coursed through me. I slowed, backing off the ledge of my mounting finale. I slid slowly over Sam's pleasure spot, slowly back, and slooowly forth.


And that was it for him. "UHHHHHNNN!" I watched his little cock spasm. Once.

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Twice. Three short spurts of milky-white boy juice. The rest dribbled out of his softening boy stick and pooled at his belly button. Riley must have felt the pleasure in his twin's voice, and he moaned, about to cum his little manly cum. "No you don't!" I said, pulling myself out and off of the boys. In one motion I had Riley flat on his back.

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"Your turn," I told him. I swiped up the small amount of juice from Sam's belly and coated my raging cock with it. I only waited for his heaving "Do it" before I pushed my maturing man meat inside him. He winced and gasped, but I had it in. I looked into those blue eyes and I knew I couldn't hold back, and he didn't want me to. I pulled in and out slow at first but quickly started jackhammering. My low hanging, fuzzy teen balls hit his ass at the speed of light. I layed on top of him, pressing our sticky, heaving bodies together.

My cock was hard as steel, his tight boy ass was an inferno, and where we met was nothing but numbing ecstasy, radiating out and into us.

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I felt his rod pressed between us begin to throb, squirting the entire contents of his preteen orbs between us. I released seconds later, a final ram deep inside and I blew. 10 shots of cream and I wanted it to go on forever, flowing hot into my blond angel. I collapsed on top of him, just kissing between breathes. Again an eruption of cheers accompanied my victory. "Get off the poor boy, Sport, let him breathe." Elliot was there, looking a little ruffled.

Had he.? The thought left my mind as he rolled me off Riley, the sticky mess that was Riley's spunk sticking us together.

"So I Take it you'll be moving on to Level 3 soon?" "Mhm," I managed before I fell asleep.