A Super Hot Lezdom Spanking Fetish

A Super Hot Lezdom Spanking Fetish
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This is a short story, I did not proof read, so if you care about meaningless errors, don't read it. Thanks. "Alright Ma, I'm going to Joe's." I told my Mom as I headed out the door. "Ok Honey, don't be out too late." She replied. Well what she doesn't know doesn't hurt her.

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Truth was, I wasn't going to Joe's, I wasn't even going to see him that night. Truth be told, I wasn't going to see anyone in particular.

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I was just fed up with everything, I needed some space and some new kicks, so I was on my way to the mall just to get out of the house and be alone. I got in my car, started to pack my can of Grizz, and was on my way.

This was all I needed I thought, my thoughts and my dip. I blasted some music and was on my way. Speeding down the interstate, not a care in the world, thirty quite minutes later and I was walking through Dicks Sporting Goods to get into the main part of the mall. First stop, food court to get something to drink. I had just entered the food court and there she was, the girl I had longed for, the girl who every guy wanted. She was with 2 of her friends, one of which was Lisa, my Ex.

Yeah that's right, she was my ex-girlfriend's best friend. I walked in a bee line to, making sure that I was to Lisa's back, hoping they wouldn't see me. Just as I made it pass the group of friends giggling, I looked back, and caught the eyes of Simona, I was stunned, I stopped right in my tracks, there we were, two people, staring at each other, she smiled.

My favorite part about her, perfect teeth, she could light up a banquet hall with one smirk. All good things come to an end, Lisa turned around, gave one of her classic disgusted looks, looked back at Simona, who had never left my gaze.

Lisa did a double take, and then said something to Simona, which could not have been a nice thing, then stormed away with her lacky, Sarah, following her. Yes, they left Simona in a cloud of dust.

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They were gone in an instant, and there she was just sitting there alone. I would not have had it any other way. Here's my chance, I walked straight to the table and sat down. Simona's once great smile was now a terrible frown, both of her "True" best friends, had just left her, for a terrible excuse for a reason.

"Hey forget them." I told her. She looked up with me, faked a smile and said, "Yeah right." Well this wasn't gonna be easy I thought. "Hey now, cheer up, your too pretty for them anyway." Of course the last part came out as a mumble, but at least I had said it.

"They should be happy to be your friend, you don't need them." She looked up at me and smiled, "What did you just say?" I replied, " They should be happy to be your friends." My face started to burn, no doubt my cheeks were read. "Oh no way, you don't get out of this that easy, I believe I heard the word pretty used. Now what did you say, Jake." I chuckled a little bit and looked into her beautiful brown eyes, smiled and said, "I said to cheer up." She laughed, and said, "You know, I could of swore you said I was pretty, but I guess I was wrong." "Yep, guess so." I replied.

"Uhh, oh, look who's coming back." Lisa was nearly sprinting towards us with a face full of rage. "Let me do the talking." "You fucking slut Simona!" she screamed her insult. "Excuse me?" I told Lisa. "You heard what I say you limp dick loser." She replied.

Now this was getting personal, "You know Lisa, 2 months ago that would've hurt me, but I've had some time to ponder why the fuck I ever dated you, and to be completely honest, I have no clue why, you're a conceited cunt, you make everyone's life a living hell, the two years we dated, I learned two things, you have to be one of the worst human beings I have ever met, and second, you are friends with the greatest girl in the world." I smirked at that last comment, she was steaming.

She paused for a second, turned as if she was gonna say something, then she walked away. I watched her walk away, and for a second I remembered why I had dated her, she had legs that could go for miles, I sure as hell didn't date her for her personality. I quickly remembered why I was there and turned back to Simona, I was met with the biggest smile I have ever seen in my life.


"Jake, that has to bet the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me, I don't think I could ever repay you. Thank you so much." "Yeah it's no big deal, but I have to go look for some shoes, so I'll see ya later." Why is he saying goodbye you ask. Well, if I knew Lisa, there was no way in hell that she had let anyone else drive to the mall.

I knew that Simona would be asking for a ride home. As I started to walk away, I heard her voice call out, "Hey uhh, do you think that, well, you could give me a ride home? Considering my original one now hates me." I started smile but became straight faced as I turned around and said, "If I have too." I smiled as she began to walk towards me.

Just a few inches away from me now, and then I saw her arm cock back and let loose on my arm. Too cute I thought, I barely felt a thing. "Hey now slugger, you better be nice." "Fine, well if you don't mind I have to do a little shopping of my own.

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It won't take too long, I promise." We then spent 30 minutes in finishline picking out shoes for myself, I finally chose a pair of black and orange pumas that I thought looked cool. I paid for them, and headed out the door, all the while, slowly putting the moves on Simona. I could tell she was actually beginning to like me. "And I thought women were slow shoppers." She said with smile, "Now it's my turn." She smacked my ass, and walked away. What the hell?

I couldn't be embarrassed even if I wanted to be, I was to be busy watching her leave. Simona is the perfect girl in my eyes, I'd say she is about 5 foot even. Very slender, legs that could give the pope worldly desires, they led to my favorite part about her, her little bubble butt.

It was no way big by any means, but protruded out perfectly. It helped that she was wearing a black mini skirt that left little to ones imagination, and a white top that hugged her B sized breasts perfectly.

They were nowhere near huge, but they were perfect. My jaw was on the ground when she turned around, she gave her ass a little shake, and said, "Well you just going to stare at my bottom, or come with me." Bottom I thought.

She so cute, I couldn't even stand it. Not only was she perfect in the looks department, but she an equally as impressive personality.

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Nothing could ruin my day I thought, well except for the shopping trip she described to me as being quick, was not even in the realm of the word quick, I went from store to store, watching her make purchase after purchase. The once quick trip, turned into what seemed to be a once in a lifetime shopping spree.

She could tell I was getting bored, and tired from lugging around the pounds of clothing she bought. But could I really complain? Here I was, hanging out with the prettiest girl imaginable. I'd walk on hot lava if I had too.


"Alright, just one more trip Jakey, but let's drop these bags off at the car." I willingly agreed and we headed out to my car and dropped the bags off. Just as we turned back to head back into the mall I felt a rain drop, and a few seconds later the sky seemed to unleash oceanic amounts of water from the sky. I grabbed Simona by the arm, and lifted huddled her under my jacket. We walked as fast as we could back to the mall.

I put my arm around her waist and hurried her in through the sliding glass doors. We got into the store and started laughing. "You're too sweet Kyle." She told me with a great smile. We started walking towards the main part of the mall, me a few steps ahead.

Then I felt it, her hand, brush up against mine, I grabbed her hand. This was the happiest I had been in months, and it was just a simple holding of hands. "So where to?" I asked. "Just wait, you'll see." She smiled and led the way. About 300 yards later and there we were, standing in front of Fredericks. She dropped my hand and walked in to the store, I was frozen. "You coming or what?" she said with a smile. I followed her in, the store was empty, except for one customer, that didn't seem like a customer, but more of a friend of the attending cashier.

They were both in their mid twenties. The cashier politely greeted us then went back to her conversation. Simona grabbed me by the arm and pulled me towards the back of the store. She grabbed a few things and headed towards the dressing room, still pulling me by the arm. She opened the door and pulled me in and pulled me into her arms. Our lips met one another's before the door clicked shut. Our tongues met, hands roaming free over one another's bodies. I tore off my jacket, she dropped to her knees and unbuckled my belt and dropped my pants, my 8 inch dick was rock hard.

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She grabbed it with her tiny hand, stuck her tongue out and licked the top. She took my dick in her mouth, I moaned loudly and felt a slap on the arm, I guess that meant we had to be quiet. She bobbed up and down on my dick. She was amazing at giving head. It was by far the best blow job I had ever received and it had just started. Up and down, up and down. She grabbed my ass then forced my entire dick down her throat, I felt her gag, and then the familiar rush of an orgasm coming on, "I'm gonnnnaaa cum." I moaned.

She surprisingly didn't miss a beat, she just kept bobbing up and down my cock.

I grabbed her brown hair and held her head still as I came. She swallowed the first spurt but began to choke, she pulled herself off of my dick just in time for my second burst cover her face, the third, fourth, and fifth did the same, she regained her composure and grabbed my dick and lustfully shoved it back into her mouth swallowing the rest of my cum.

She pulled off of my dick, I half expected her to slap me, but instead she stood up, grabbed her mirror out of her purse and proceeded to grab all of the cum she could with her fingers then wiped the rest off with a tissue. After she was finished I grabbed her by the hips and brought her in close, and whispered in her ear, "How come I'm the only one naked." She smiled, I lifted her 100 pound frame and wrapped my arms around her and began to kiss her.

She then pushed me on to the bench of the dressing room and said, "I think we should change that then huh?" She then proceeded to dance, she wiggled her hips to the nonexistent music.

She pulled off her shirt revealing her black frilly looking bra, and her amazingly toned light brown stomach. She continued to dance as she turned around and unhooked her bra. She gave me a perfect view of her ass, she turned back around with one hand covering her beautiful breasts.

My once limp dick was again rock hard. She was by far the sexiest girl in the world. She once again turned around, this time she unbuttoned her skirt and started to pull it down, she dropped it all the way down to her ankles, she bent down and stopped.

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Leaving me with a picture that I would forever remember, a black thong hugging her perfect ass cheeks, she kicked her skirt to the side then grabbed the thong by its sides and dropped that as well and kicked it to the sides. She was now completely naked.

She turned around, one hand covering her breasts and the other covering her pussy. "Enough teasing." I told her, I stood up grabbed her by the waist, picked her up and set her on the bench and dropped to my knees, pulled her legs apart and revealed the most gorgeous cunt I had ever seen, beautiful pink lips that had just a small triangle of hair at the top.

I drove my tongue into her cunt, causing her to squirm with delight. Her hands found my head and pulled my face deeper into her crotch. She tasted wonderful, by far the cleanest and best tasting pussy I had ever eaten out.

I continued to eat her out until she had her first orgasm of the night. She pulled my head from her vagina and pulled me from my knees and into a kiss.


"Jake, that was wonderful, now I want that big dick in my tiny little pussy." She twisted her body, and pushed me back with her little bubble butt and then stuck it out in the air, just waiting for my dick. I slapped her ass hard. I couldn't help myself. I lined my dick up with her pussy and then began to slide in and out of her pussy.

It was incredibly tight, it felt amazing. I grabbed her by the hips and began to fuck her as hard as I could. My balls slapped against her loudly as I pounded her beautiful pussy. She was moaning loudly, I shushed and grabbed her by the shoulders, lifting her hands off her only support.

I was now fucking her standing up. I couldn't get as much leverage behind my thrusts, but I could now enjoy her entire body, my hands quickly found her beautiful breasts and I began to pinch and rub her nipples.

I pinched her right nipple hard, expecting to get an ouch in response, but instead, she did the exact opposite, she threw her head back and moaned loudly and said, "JAKKKKKKE, that feels so good, fuck me hard baby, pound that fucking pussy." I obeyed, I pushed her arms back to the bench and began to punish her pussy.

"I'm so close baby, I want you to cum inside me. Fill me with your hot cum. I'm so close baby." "So ammmmm, I." I replied and then it hit me, like a freight train, my orgasm was the most intense orgasm of my life, just as I started to spurt into her pussy, I felt it begin to tighten, she moaned, and threw her head back, we began our orgasms at the same time.

What was probably seconds felt like hours, I was on cloud 9. We both collapsed onto the bench. We sat there for a few seconds until we could catch our breath. She looked at me and said, "You were amazing." I replied with a laugh and said, "So I've heard." Part 2 to come.

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