Pretty brunette missy blue gets her interracial cumshot

Pretty brunette missy blue gets her interracial cumshot
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The shrill morning alarm sent unruly bolts and waves into Manya's body as she stirred, opened her deep eyes and cast a sleepy glance towards the place next to her. Her eyes met with the not so inspiring sight of her still snoring husband Desh, cuddled up like an insecure child, his breath carrying the odor of liquor and his chest heaving in monotonous regularity. The 36 year old housewife sighed and shifted her full frame slowly out of the bed to begin another day.

Clad in a thin white blouse without a bra and a loosely tied petticoat which settled about six inches below her deep navel, she dragged her voluptuous body out of bed towards the bathroom, pausing for a moment to look at herself in the mirror on the way.

She looked disheveled and two buttons of her blouse were unbuttoned as usual. Her brownish black aureole stared right out of her thin blouse and this morning the ends were sharp and pointed, indicative of her bodily need for a full blooded fuck. Almost involuntarily her hands went to the fleshy region between her thighs and almost expectedly she encountered wetness which began to gain in heat, the moment her fingers sought the warm folds.

With an inaudible moan, she gave one loving squeeze between her inner thighs and went right into the toilet. While peeing, she let out a shudder of relief as some of the accumulated horniness found alternate release. But only some of it. Stepping out and in the same scant attire she moved to the main door to collect the morning milk. Opening the door, she bent to pick up the milk and in the process her full breasts spilled out to form a delectable cleavage.

From the corner of her eye she saw the milkman's bicycle parked in the compound and realized that he was still around and was perhaps waiting for her daily appearance. A full minute was spent in gathering the milk during which her creamy breasts spilled nearly 80 percent out of her thin, low cut blouse.

Giving this morning show was now a habit, both for her and the milkman, a strapping 25 year old guy. She got her daily starting charge from this flash and even when someone other than the usual milkman delivered the milk, they learnt to stay until Manya gathered her milk. Turning her back to the milkman, she started closing the door, giving him a lingering view of her ample, meaty ass and a rousing rear view of her trunk, especially since the petticoat came down to well below her hips and settled almost at the beginning of her ass crack.

Just before finally losing the door, she turned again towards the outside and offered another flash of her huge midriff, with its flaring curvature at the waist and the juicy, deep, inviting navel. This exercise was her morning tonic and a day was insipid without it. The entire five feet seven inches of her full bodied, well stacked, lush form swayed with a heady grace as she made her way to the kitchen. Manya paused for a moment to peep into the room of her two sons, Deen aged 14 and Binu aged 12.

Deen was curled up and content, hands between his thighs and lost in a dreamy world, while Binu was sleeping on his back, his right hand placed idly around his crotch.

What caught her eye was, however the tenting in his shorts, sticking imposingly out at the ceiling. She smiled indulgently like a mother would, but a deep moistening crept up her pussy, which was already aroused by the morning show for the milkman. Turning away, she lazed into the kitchen to prepare the morning coffee and breakfast.

Within an hour all hell would break loose as three males would rush through their morning routine, gulp their food and flee the house, leaving her all alone. The thought made her feel a bit empty but also filled her with an enterprise and abandonment that came from the knowledge that she would be all by herself with her voluptuous, sensuous body. Deen was always the first one to wake up. Nearly six feet tall, he was a gentle giant, loose limbed and with the body language of a good and lovable kid.

Manya continued to remain in her attire even before her kids and it had become normal for them to watch their skimpily clad Mom go about her chores every morning in that state of undress. She had been doing it now for the past 4 years out of sheer convenience and it never struck her that their bursting hormones would one day take cognizance of her ample charms, especially her well rounded buttocks, her fully exposed juicy waist and the generous cleavage.

"Good morning Mom", called out Deen, as he entered the kitchen. Looking up, Manya returned his greeting, smiling into his soulful, loving and almost puppy like eyes. Deen could see right down her partly unbuttoned blouse and trace the full curves of both her melon like breasts with the entire glory of their semi pointed nipples.

His dick jerked to attention. "Get ready dear. Today's your special breakfast item. Manya moved towards the refrigerator, rubbing her full hips against his. Deen could feel the heat, softness and meat of his Mom's hips as she went past him. He stifled a gasp as her dainty fingers inadvertently grazed his crotch. He wore no underwear beneath his shorts and he was startled by the near grasp of his throbbing young manhood by his very own biological mother.

It stunned him and also confused him, like it did everyday. Manya however behaved very normally, adding to his dilemma.

His first stirrings of manhood had been courtesy his beautiful Mom. His first dick caressing had taken place while he had seen her changing. His first major jerk off had been over her photograph of her carrying him as a three year old. He loved concentrating on his three year old hand clutching at Manya's bosom in the picture. And when he came, he made sure that some drops always landed on the picture, if possible on Manya's beautiful face. But Deen was a shy kid.

He never made his arousal obvious and strove to camouflage it. Manya, on her part, noticed her elder son's disturbance but did nothing in terms of either her dressing or body language to divert him. If she was built sexy and left with an eternally horny body due to her husband's slackness in bed, then she couldn't help it.

No force on earth can hide a woman in heat, especially a woman blessed with the rich contours and fleshy warmth of Manya. She had a body that craved loving. She had luscious breasts that ached to be caressed and fondled. She had a juicy waist that desired a man's warm touch.

She had a massive, protruding, more than proportionate ass that could well be her best asset. It was high, firm, wide and with a curvature that sent viewers' passions soaring. There was not one of her husband's friends that didn't want to spank her voluptuous ass or plunge into her juicy pussy.

She didn't care about their advances and over time she learnt to live with them. Even those long alcoholic parties where men would indulge in subtle gropes and almost leering comments while her husband would be sizzled left her quite in control. Infact she was secretly thrilled that such a wide variety of men of all age groups lusted after her juicy body.

The moment Deen left for the bathroom, her younger son Binu bounded into the kitchen, cheery and bright. "Hi Mom", he greeted her with a big hug and kiss on the cheek. Binu was always the more demonstrative and physical of the two kids. His hug lingered a little longer than necessary but Manya made no move to free herself.

Binu ended his hug with another kiss on his mother's cheek, this time rather close to the corner of her mouth. Manya felt his young, 12 year old erection thrusting against her asscheeks. She shivered inwardly and felt her pussy moisten again. Binu's acts awakened her dormant lust. Though twelve years old, his actions were obviously sex driven. He used every opportunity to grab her, rub his dick against her huge rump and let his hands roam all over his juicy mother's expansive waist.

His hands groped the bottom of her braless blouse and made enough contact with her mounds to make her squeal. It was easy for Manya to dismiss her little son's acts as childlike. Only a part of her was convinced but she allowed that feeling to remain so that she was spared of any dialogue with her conscience. Unlike his elder brother, Binu knew his needs and made his moves very obvious, with no scope for any communication gap.

Manya loved it. It made her feel very wanted and desirable. Binu on the other hand was sure that he was only expressing his extreme love for his mother.

After packing Binu into the bath, Manya decided to wake up her husband. For a daily inexplicable reason, she draped a saree over her scantily covered body and went into the bedroom. She liked to be close to fully dressed whenever her husband was around. Chapter 2 Manya walked towards her sleeping hubby and studied his form as she neared him. He was an inch shorter than her five feet seven inches, slender in arm and chest but with a pot belly that grew out of endless hours of drinking, both at home and outside.

He snored the moment his head hit the pillow everyday and kept snoring right until he was woken up. Manya remembered their early days of marriage when she used to wake him up by snuggling up to him and nibbling his ears lightly while her fingers danced around his flaccid manhood. He would stir in those days and wait until she would stroke him to semi erection.

Then suddenly, without warning he would grab her by the waist and turn her around to make her lie belly up on the bed. Using his left hand to drag her saree above her smooth, hot thighs, he would guide his half ready dick into her already steaming pussy. A few gallant strokes would be attempted, following which Manya had to lead his tool into her eager love nest whenever it slipped out.

About 60 seconds of valiant lovemaking would ensue after which he would leak out a measly amount of sperm into her womb, which would just about suffice to moisten her just watering twat. With an irritated grunt he would simply roll off her and rush into the bathroom without even looking back.

If he did, then he would have seen the writhing, frustrated body of his lovely wife, legs spread, breathing heavily and thighs twitching in rising intensity. The sight of a writhing semi nude Manya, spread out lewdly on the bed, fingering herself to an orgasm would have been the ultimate erotic sight for any peeping tom but for the sexy wife herself it was a daily torture.

And she was forced to go through this torture on a daily basis, at times with frenzied regularity and with the greatest ever regularity in the last few months. In the last few years here had been hardly any inspired bouts of love making, which for her lusty body was a deprivation surpassing all else. If Manya had to ever choose between her daily bread and a daily fuck, she would go straight for the latter.

Today, grimacing in resignation, she shook her husband Desh alive. With the usual morning grunt and without the slightest hint of a promising early erection, he hopped out of bed and strolled into the bathroom, not bothering to even wish his beautiful wife. The moment her hubby closed the bathroom door, she heard Deen call out, "Mom, I need help to wash my hair". Smiling to herself she moved towards her son's bathroom.

Along the way, she unwrapped her saree, dropped it on Deen's bed and entered the bath. She didn't want to wet the saree in the course of Deen's bath.


Deen was in his underwear and sitting on a stool when Manya moved across to him, her braless breasts swaying gently and her belly flesh rippling with each step. Deen's eye got riveted onto his mother's deep and big navel. As Manya bent and washed his hair with shampoo her navel and lower abdomen stared right into his face. It was a double feast for the budding youth as his eyes absorbed he juicy depth of her belly button and his nostrils inhaled the musky scent of her bush, which permeated through the petticoat.

In less than three seconds his dick shot up in his undies, a sight which was not lost on Manya. "Wow", she thought to herself, marveling at the contrasting reactions of her husband and son to the very same body.

But being the mother, she pretended normalcy and continued to rub shampoo into his hair, increasing the intensity of her strokes. The rich lather forced Deen to close his eyes. Now he could only feel his gorgeous Mom around him. Her hands felt like they were cajoling him into greater arousal. Her big boobs would dip every now and then to press into his head warmly while her crotch would reach tantalizingly close to his face, with the aroma almost sending him into a lusty stupor. The he felt the water raining down from the shower onto his face and head.

On opening his eyes he got a shock. He was not the only one wet. His mother's sexy body was drenched all over the top half, her nipples poking right out of her wet blouse. The sight was astoundingly erotic with those creamy mounds jiggling right in front of his face. Deen thought he would shoot out his spunk without even a touch. At the same time he was transfixed and puzzled by the total nonchalance with which Manya continued to wash and towel off her son's aroused body.

She seemed to be completely casual in her near total exposure to Deen, her very own son. With her full hips barely a few inches from his head, she turned around to turn off the shower, in the process presenting him with a mind boggling show of her huge ass, covered only by a wet petticoat. The garment made a huge inroad into her butt crevice and the whole show was straight out of one of those soft porn flicks which he enjoyed now and then with his pals.

But he was better blessed than his friends because he had daily real life soft porn scenes to live out in his own house and with his very own loving mother.

A wild thought germinated in his head which seemed to come from out of nowhere "What if any of his friends were to see his Mom strutting around scantily"? The thought left him as soon as it came but the seeds were sown. Manya left the bathroom to check on her younger son Binu and Deen started to stroke his dick the moment his mother's bodacious ass swayed out of sight. He needed the release. Manya needed release too but all she got was more arousal in Binu's room.

Her younger son had just finished his bath and was about to start dressing when his half wet, barely dressed Mom walked in to enquire about him. "It's getting time for breakfast Binu", she announced as she entered, but her statement broke into a squeal as she was smothered from behind by Binu.

In a not unusual manner his hands completely encircled her full waist and caressed the folds at the sides with the index finger of his right hand straying into her navel to finger it in a rotating motion. The posture lasted one minute of squealing and 60 seconds of slow and steady pawing.

Both Mom and son had got quite accustomed to this display of affection from Binu and only Manya suspected that the feeling was quite sexual even from her son's side.

But as always, he would stop just when her body began to betray her emotions. He would cease to caress her just when she wouldn't want him to. Gathering herself, Manya was convinced that Binu acquired his genes and libido from her side of the family. But it was still too early to say, as she thought.

Nevertheless, she was glad that someone found her desirable and someone wanted to feel her up the way she liked to. But her craving was not just for feeling. It was for fucking. Deep, hard and repeatedly, she yearned to be fucked well and if possible right out of her brains.

Feeling fully aroused from all the amorous attention she had been getting, Manya again wore the saree around her wet underclothes and went to spread the breakfast on the table. The dress felt burdensome and she found herself being slowed down by a silent droning between her thighs. Involuntarily again, her left hand reached for her crotch. Absent mindedly she continued playing with herself over the dress for at least 5 minutes before the sound of her men arriving for breakfast brought her to senses.

"You'll catch a cold Mom in those wet clothes. Go change," suggested Deen, concerned as ever. "Yes I will, after you all leave", sighed Manya as she served breakfast. She could feel Binu's eyes repeatedly seeking her juicy navel and Deen's eyes probing behind the wet blouse for the nipples that had teased him during bath.

Again a shiver ran through her and she felt both delight and sorrow. Delight that her womanhood was getting its due appreciation and sorrow that her hubby was merely gulping his food down in total neglect. Minutes after they all left, Manya rushed into the bedroom and threw herself on to the bed, tearing her clothes off her heated body on the way.

She unstrung her petticoat and tore the blouse off her bursting breasts as her lust aroused body flopped onto the soft bed. Both hands covered her full breasts, the palms kneading roughly and the fingers pulling at the now sharp tips. Her legs thrashed about as she literally crushed her full boobs like a demons in heat.

Her entire body felt like it was on fire and she thought she would explode if it was not extinguished. Both her hands dropped quickly to her pussy mound and she worked her fingers in and out of that rich and fleshy zone, causing her thighs to spread, close and spread in a mind boggling sequence of abandonment.

She gave herself in totally to the demands of her lush, neglected body. Her wasted voluptuousness surged with renewed hope every time she subjected herself to this burst of self satisfaction. She mewled and moaned as her fingers delved and probed into her soaked pussy, striking a frenzied rhythm in tune with her wildly aroused brain.

The passionate start rose to a crescendo where she heaved and thrust her full hips up and down on the bed, as her fingers stroked her horny body to a new height of ecstasy. She felt the tide rise deep within her loins and it only drove her fingers deeper and harder into that steaming twat working on it like there was no tomorrow. The tide reached its peak and let loose a bursting flood, washing her loins all over, making her fingers reach furious speeds until the collapse began, first in her loins, then in her fingers and finally in her golden, fleshy inner thighs.

With receding passion, she slowly regained normal breathing, but continued to lie naked on the bed, hands on the lower abdomen, feet still apart in a lewd reminder of her just concluded dynamite act. She was wet with sweat and wet with her juices. The whole bed sheet was drenched and she silently decided that she would change it later in the day before Deen and Binu arrived from school. Nearly half an hour after her marathon session she rose for a bath.

The cool water felt comforting on her still hot body. She soaped herself generously, lingering long around her bush and pussy. She stroked, caressed and patted her mound indulgently until a flicker of arousal crept up her spine all over again.

Sighing, she stepped out stark naked into her bedroom. She used a thin white towel to dry herself and it was almost as if she were caressing herself with her own hands.

She dabbed the light towel all over her gorgeous body until it was wet. Then she took another towel to dry her long hair. She wrapped the towel around her hair after ten minutes of drying. Opening her wardrobe, she tried to decide on what to wear when her eyes fell on a light blue transparent saree and a sheer white blouse.

She took both of them into her hands, without as much as a thought for a bra and petticoat. She hated the weight and pressure of undergarments. Whenever possible she simply discarded them. Manya loved to feel the fabric rub against her supple and sexy flesh, especially around her glorious hips and asscheeks.

Not wearing a petticoat beneath a semi transparent saree gave a complete exposure of her lower treasures and fleshy thighs. But she didn't care. She felt fully liberated whenever she dressed without underclothes and she had the whole day right up to her husband's arrival to slip back into them anyway.

However it did not apply to her two sons. She was comfortable without undergarments in their presence and she guessed they were comfortable too.

In any case there were no obvious signs of embarrassment on their faces whenever they saw their Mom walking around in see through sarees without a hint of underclothes.

Right through they were quite accustomed to seeing her with just one single garment on her lush body, be it a petticoat and blouse or saree without petticoat. The full attire was for their father, a fact which they came to realize rather early.

The idea made them feel good and cozy about their sexy mother. They loved her a lot more for the extra comfort level she seemed to share with them. It made them feel special and horny too. And they kept their feelings to themselves as yet. Manya slipped sensuously into her sheer saree and blouse. It technically covered her whole body but revealed its fleshy, creamy glory to awesome effect. Tied well below her deep and exotic navel, the sheer garment simply clung to Manya's ample hips and threatened to fall right off her juicy body if she even bent forward a little more than needed.

The blouse, a sheer white one, worn braless as always was so tight and low cut that half her cleavage was on show right through the flimsy saree. The bottom of the blouse was almost tucked into the base of her full boobs, giving them life and bounce as she walked.

From the base of her breasts to maybe an inch above her bush was a completely revealed territory of supercharged flesh. Manya's window of seduction was her fleshy yet sexy midriff and the horny housewife was fully aware of it.

It was huge, wide and bedecked with possibly the deepest and juiciest navel on earth. When she walked in this attire, her thighs and trimmed bush offered themselves to view in tantalizing peeks. Taking the rear view, the saree dipped right down to the tips of her asscrack, billowing out to flimsily drape itself around Manya's meaty buttocks.

The ass, asscheeks, asscrack, were all dangled juicily in front of any viewer who happened to run into this horny wife and mother of two. Putting it plainly, her whole body screamed for a fucking. The beginnings of restlessness crept into her lush body and Manya launched into her customary mound caress. She would finger herself after bath for about a few minutes everyday before preparing lunch. Now, while she was in that dreamy spell, she heard the doorbell ring.

She first looked out of the window and saw that it was the grocer, who came once every three days to deliver vegetables and fruits. Manya rose from the couch, hand still on her crotch and moved to open the door.

She kept her hand on her mound in a partial caress and retained it all the way up to the door, reluctant to give up the warm moistness which had begun to engulf her loins and also form a small wet patch on her sheer saree. Chapter 3 Left to herself, Manya would have preferred to indulge in prolonged self ravishment in her present mood. Her mind quickly accepted the intrusion but the signals to her horny body got delayed a bit, causing a certain inner discordance, especially between her thighs, where a tiny ooze had just about begun.

Caressing herself, she half opened the door and peered out to ask if there was any fresh stuff. She kept just her head out of the door, her hand still playing with her pussy through the sheer folds of her saree.

The grocer announced that many of her usual choice of vegetables were fresh and she may like to take a look and decide. Manya was still a wee bit reluctant and she looked at the grocer thoughtfully, fingers still playing with her pussy behind the door. With one final thrust, she withdrew her hand from where she loved to keep it the most and threw the door wide open. The grocer, a stocky man in his late thirties gaped in astonishment at her dress, or the lack of it and kept gaping until Manya coughed to draw his attention.

The grocer's mind worked at the speed of light, unable to fathom the delicious sight in front of him. He knew from his frequent visits that Manya was hot and horny. He had encountered many a horny housewife in all his house sales over the years. He could spot a hungry pussy when he saw one.

Over the last one year he had seen Manya in various careless states of dressing but somehow she always seemed in control of things. It was more like she was teasing people rather than inviting them. He also realized that she couldn't continue to be a prick tease indefinitely and his prick was bound to have its day.

Her appearance told him that today could be the day. The way she was dressed, she needn't have worn any clothes. The saree was fully transparent, showing him all of her. The fertile bush, those glorious thighs and the entire midriff, everything lay before him like a feast, with her belly button calling attention to his gaze.

While she was fingering herself the top half of her saree had slipped aside, leaving her rich and deep navel fully exposed to his view. With the creamy flesh above and below it aching to be pawed and felt, the navel resembled a pussy in need, quivering and juicy. Manya bent forward to examine some of the leafy vegetables and this made the top half of her saree drop, revealing her generous cleavage with a clear vision of her perked up nipples.

She didn't realize that her saree had dropped and continued with her genuine task of grocery picking from his basket.

The grocer's eyes popped right out their sockets and his cock threatened to tear out of the fabric it was stretching around his crotch. His strong hands felt a rush of blood as did every vein in his body.

Manya was decidedly the hottest of his customers and he looked forward to visiting her house more to experience the surprises she held for him in the form of her dress code. But this day surpassed all that he had seen before. Breasts, nipples, navel, midriff, thighs, and bush every ounce of her juiciest parts was starkly visible through her dream like garments.

The Arabian dancers did wear transparent bottoms but at least they wore panties. Here a middle aged housewife was treating him to fleshy delights of the sort people only dreamt of. The apparent involvement of Manya with the grocery basket and her ignorance of the state of her boobs suited the grocer and he let his hungry eyes travel all over her voluptuous frame, taking in the sexuality oozing out of every inch.

His eyes rested for longer moments on her hips, the exposed portion of which was like a mass of charged up flesh, aching to be mauled, gripped and pounded. Only flesh in need is left for this kind of wanton display and his animal instincts gradually took over.

He shifted closer to her, as if to help Manya load her bag with his stuff. He held the bag up for her while Manya filled it with a cluster of vegetables. She had to lift her arms up to do so and in the process, her upper saree dropped right off her shoulders, chest and waist to rest tantalizingly at her hips.

It was then that Manya noticed how exposed she was all along to his gaze. Her face acquired a sudden blush but there was no way she could cover herself up since both her hands were occupied. She looked into the grocer's eyes and observed the burning passion.

His looks sent shivers up her spine and a warm flood of juices gushed forth from her loins to further moisten her already wet vulva.

This time the gush of juices was different. They flowed and flowed without a break. The control mechanisms which she normally applied broke down thoroughly as she mildly trembled before his strong gaze.

The grocer extended his strong arms towards her exposed hips and dragged her closer. His manly touch did the trick. It was the touch of a man, strong and reassuring. It was also the grip of a testosterone rich male which sent her feminine defenses crashing down.

When his other hand gripped her right hip to complete the act, she yielded, like he always knew she would. The manly grocer jerked the beautiful wife towards himself and marvelled at the way her magnificent breasts jiggled at his action.

His hands on her meaty hips encountered raw heat and he realized that this juicy body was being wasted. He could hear a half sob as he strengthened his hold on her lower hips and turned her around. Her high rise buttocks came into hot contact with his dick and even through the sheer garment, their heat took him by surprise. If ever there was a hornier woman, then he hadn't known her.

Nor did he care to know. With one single tug, the sari came right off her hot hips and fell in a heap at her feet.

Manya was still in a lusty daze as she allowed him to anything he pleased. She moaned as he felt his hands caress her plump asscheeks and squealed lightly as he cupped her rump and kneaded it. The kneading continued and Manya got wetter and wetter. Not once did she even think of restraining him. Her tingling pussy was now dripping at the ministrations of this grocer. Her legs parted on their own accord and he reached down to carry his squeezing into her inner thighs and finally her seething, soaked pussy.

That set off her accumulated lust trigger and she cried out in helpless craving and fell right down onto her knees. In that posture she presented an awesome sight on all fours. Her face was glazed with lust and her ass quivered in wanton lust. She wriggled her hips and pressed backwards as if to hit his crotch. The grocer had already removed his trousers and brought out his steel hard dick, which was now throbbing with as much anticipation as the horny housewife's pussy.

He cast one glance at the crawling form of the beautiful woman before him. She looked so hot and needy. Like a bitch in heat. She needed a fucking and like hell, he was going to give her one. In one single plunge he entered right into her nest, her wet cunt walls giving an over lubricated welcome. Manya shrieked in passion and cried out in lust. He began stroking into her slushy pussy with gradual motions. The lust crazed housewife screamed for harder strokes and driven by her wanton behavior, he thrust harder and faster.

His huge dick, which she hadn't even seen, made furious inroads into her tender but hot pussy, stretching it, pounding into it and sending the horny mother of two into new zones of passion. The pumping lasted five scalding minutes and the sheer novelty and passion of the situation overcame both of them. He reached his climax with a roar and she caught on, thrusting her plump ass back at him greedily.

She looked and felt like bitch. On all fours, she was letting a grocer bang the hell out of her over sexed cunt. But he was doing it well and she knew of nothing but cock till he spurted his semen in several long spurts deep inside her womb and all over her back and ass. He came so much that his virility surprised the under utilized wife.

Like a true chauvinistic male he just released her hips with a grunt and quickly buttoned up his trousers before she could turn around. Her still convulsing body was recovering from the delicious onslaught and she looked up gradually towards his body. Her first glance went towards his crotch but was disappointed to see that he had already put his woman pleaser away.

There she was, lying well fucked by a dick she didn't even see. "Ok Mrs. M. See you later", said the grocer as he walked away with a whistle.

Manya lay on the floor, still in a half crawling posture. She was still in heat and she still looked a bitch. Her ass felt well gripped and handled. Her pussy felt well pumped. Her mind was well relaxed. Her breasts however still ached for a caress and that ache got transferred again to her pussy. A mild heating began within her loins and this surprised Manya.

What was the extent of her appetite, she wondered. She rose slowly, with only her sweaty braless blouse on with the first two buttons undone as always. Her saree was in her hands and she tried to decide whether to put it on or go for a wash. Her thighs were sticky and some cum still settled wetly over her puffy pussy lips. The drying had not yet begun.

She ran her fingers over her cunt lips and felt them. She scooped a bit of cum into her fingers and brought them to her nose. "Hmmmmm", she purred at the aroma.

Then suddenly the door bell rang. Surprised and alarmed at the untimely ring, she hastily began to assemble the saree over her ravaged hips. It was a relatively slower process since she did not have the benefit of a petticoat. "Who's this"? She called out. "It's me Mom" came her son Deen's voice. Partly relieved but still alarmed she draped her saree quickly around herself. Now she didn't have to worry about perfection in attire since it was only Deen.

Yet the fact that she had allowed the grocer to fuck her just s a little while ago coupled with the freshly fucked feeling still coating her senses made the housewife a wee bit guilty.

She managed to wear the saree quickly enough but couldn't prevent the wetness around her crotch to once again form a sticky patch out in front. She opened the door to let Deen in. He said that his afternoon classes were cancelled and he had no mood to go to the library. Walking in, Deen looked quizzically at his Mom. She looked different.

Her hair was disheveled and her saree looked rumpled in a peculiar manner. Her scanty blouse was wet with sweat. If it wasn't for the glow on her face, he would have presumed that she was sweating from her kitchen work.

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As she walked towards the couch in the living room, he noticed the languid movements of her hips and the slow roll of her hips. The sway was slower but sexier. It was an indescribable sight but she looked different. Suddenly he noticed the damp patch around her crotch on the transparent saree.

It looked so provocative, just below her rich bush. Manya noticed where her son was looking, but it was too late to amend things. In a bid to make the atmosphere more casual, she spread her thighs out and tried to relax on the couch. Her posture became rather lewd for her teenaged son and he began to experience the familiar stirring in his loins which looking at his sexy mother for more than a minute always produced.

At this stage Manya asked her son to take a bath so that they could lunch together. Deen proceeded rather thankfully to the bathroom, glad that he could hide his arousal. Manya was still lying in that obscene pose on the couch when she heard the main door open slightly. She had forgotten to lock it after Deen's arrival. It opened wider and in came the grocer. She panicked and hissed at him to go away, pointing at the bathroom where her son was bathing.

But he had not come to leave. Not long after he left Manya, he began to reminisce over the morning's astounding developments, especially the ease with which he could enter Manya's hot pussy. Soon his thoughts led to a bursting hard on and he felt the time was still convenient enough for another go at the gorgeous piece of ass, which would be doing nothing else but masturbating away anyway, according to him.

So off he rushed to get his pussy. When he neared her, Manya whispered frantically to him that her son was around. Not giving a damn, he motioned for her to turn over, unzipping his trousers in the same motion.

Strangely, Manya felt herself obeying him, while she was still gesticulating towards the bathroom door where Deen was. With strong and silent efficiency, he once again gripped her voluptuous hips and shook her like a doll. Manya's body throbbed with renewed lust and her pussy started dripping in record time. The risk in the situation was obscured by the heat of his manhood pressing against her already naked ass.

He had merely hiked her saree up and thrust his dick right into her willing and wet cunt. The pumping began instantaneously and her cunt muscles started clasping his dick in greed, milking it to new heights of passion.

She could still hear the shower and so could the grocer. He ploughed mercilessly into her in the same bitch posture. She cried and sobbed to herself out of sheer lust and ecstasy.

Her body responded like a bud opening out and very soon, he splattered a rich dose of seed deep inside her loins. She absorbed every drop of his lovable cum and reveled in the sudden and explosive climax which the illicit encounter produced. In record speed, the grocer again zipped up and hissed a quick good bye. By the time, she moved from bitch posture to normal posture, he had sped off, leaving her gasping in pleasure and absolute wonder that she had been fucked twice in no time.

Again she didn't even see the dick that gave her so much joy. But more exciting was the thought that her son was right in the next room, but didn't know about it. How wrong she was. Deen had seen it. And it took sometime for him to emerge from the bathroom. After all 2 jerk offs in ten minutes need some time for recovery. The four youthful marauders left her door and Manya shut it with a mixed feeling. She was relieved that they left before her husband came out of the bath. Yet she felt a tingling in her loins and an ache in her breasts from all the pawing and mauling that she received with almost her full consent.

The simultaneous pressure of four pairs of hands and one dick on her extra wholesome body under the pretext of festivity did its own things to her bodily responses and right now she had lost all the traces of satiety which the two mind blowing orgasms with the milkman and her cousin had given her.

Instead her crotch and pussy experienced a rejuvenated itch from all the youthful caressing she received. The itch was now spreading all over her inner thighs such was the impact of raw energy on her mature voluptuous body. After shutting the door, she slumped right down onto the floor, her saree still off her shoulders, her body still dripping from the soaking she received from Sam, the neighbourhood painter and photographer.

Sam was a sensitive and soft spoken kid next door who always had that adulatory look in his eyes but not that raw passion. So he had just drenched her all over without really groping her like the others did. Like Deen, his perspective was also a bit distant and appreciative rather than physical, which was what most people who came into contact with Manya became.

Deen saw his mother slumping onto the floor and was concerned. "Mom, are you OK?", he called out and rushed to her side. He held her bare shoulders and wondered whether she was going to swoon. Luckily Manya was experiencing just a passing bout of exhaustion and she looked into her son's eyes and smiled at him, loving the fact that he was concerned. "Let's go to the bedroom Mom", he said as he tried to help her to her feet.

Manya allowed him to help her. Her saree was still down and as she rose, her full cleavage, half exposed in her low cut sleeveless blouse brushed past his face. Deen was still on his knees as he helped his mother to stand up and when she finally stood, her wet, juicy belly button, embedded in the centre of a fully open, huge midriff stared right into his face, barely a couple of inches from his nose.

As he also rose, he felt the tip of his nose poke her navel, making Manya shudder again for a second. Deen rose and placed his arms right around his Mom's fleshy, yet shapely waist and led her into the bedroom. Manya's saree was dragging right behind her on the floor and Deen found it quite inconvenient to release her and put it onto his mother's sexy, lewdly exposed body. He liked the feel of her squeezy waist flesh and its amazing elasticity and with a hardening cock, he walked her right onto her bed.

As she flopped down onto her bed, Manya caressed her son's face for a second and mumbled a thank you. Deen heard the bathroom door opening and rushed out of the room, clutching his erection, leaving his father to confront his lusty mother, who he felt had given in to her horny impulses a wee bit. Manya lay flat on the bed, with her saree top thrown aside, her expansive midriff and belly spread out to any body's gaze. Deen came out of the bath, fully dressed and was stunned to see his half naked wife, wantonly spread out, wet and tired on the bed.

He took one look at her lush frame and cursed. "Why the hell did you have to open the door"? "Have you gone mad"? "Or are you dumb"?

"I'll teach those guys a lesson for breaking into my house", he ranted. Manya, whose hands were almost about to move towards her pussy, got back to her senses on hearing her husband's screams. "It's all right. They are just boys and it's Holi. We have to be a part of the neighbourhood at least on festive occasions. Leave it", she reasoned. Desh was pacified when he heard his wife's calm voice and he bent down, gave her a quick kiss on her throbbing lips and left for the door, uttering a loud good bye.

He would not be back until late evening. The main door clicked shut and almost as if a signal had been given, Manya's hand went slowly to her crotch. It was spontaneous, built on years of experiences. A slow caress began and she glowingly recollected the morning's adventure, dwelling a few moments longer on Salman's vigorous thrusts on her saree covered ass. Her fingers probed deeper into her pussy through her thin saree and petticoat as she remembered his fleeting kisses on her neck, cheeks, earlobes and finally her lips.

The finesse with which her sexy body was manhandled by four studs, without the slightest room for complaint left her astounded and deep within she praised them and thanked them. Praise for their initiative and thanks for choosing and appreciating her body of all the women in the area.

Deen entered the bedroom after his father's departure more to check on his Mom's condition. He needed no further proof of her well being the moment he saw her lying on the bed, eyes closed and fingering her pussy through her saree.

He heaved a sigh of relief and slowly brought her out of her dream. "Mom would you like to have a bath"? he asked her, more in a whisper, close to her ear. The pussy caressing mother slowly opened her eyes and told her son that it may be better to wait until noon till the entire neighbourhood is through with celebrating Holi so that she need not take repeated baths.

As she spoke she slowly withdrew her hand from the mound she was caressing with much care. Deen left her on the bed and noted the time.

It was just half past nine and the festival was still young. However he headed towards his room for a bit of reading, thinking that his Mom needed a rest.

Manya rested but only for a few minutes. She realized that there was some washing of clothes to be done and slowly raised herself out of the bed, her saree still off her shoulders. It remained off her shoulders when Manya picked up all the clothes from the bathroom and shoved them into the washing machine. It remained off her shoulders when Manya threw her white blouse of yesterday also into the machine. And it still remained off her shoulders when Manya contemplated whether the saree she was wearing needed to go into the machine.

Since there were a few hours still left for her bath, she decided not to remove her saree and clicked the washing machine on. The sudden activation of the machine when her hands were still on it, sent a throbbing right through her lusty body.

She sat down next to the machine, her left hand on the machine and the right hand inside her pussy, probing through her saree. For a full ten minutes she caressed herself to the electrical rhythm, thrusting her fingers right through the garment into her soaked pussy and orgasmed with a shrill moan. Deen heard the shrill moan and ran into the room, wondering what happened. His entry was soundless and therefore he was witness to his mother's half naked form next to the machine, heaving and panting with the last bursts of orgasm shuddering through her full body.

"What a horny woman", thought the amazed son of Manya. Manya had just begun to relax from the surrogate release she had just experienced. She heard another ring of the door bell. Deen answered the door and came to tell Manya that all the inmates of their lane had organized a get together on the terrace of their neighbouring building.

A total of fifty invitees were expected, from the families of all friends. A few games were also planned to make the show lively. Manya agreed to come along with Deen in tow and before leaving she contemplated whether to change out of her present attire or not.

Remembering that it was Holi, with the possibility of further drenching, she decided to go as she was. Moreover, everybody around would be similarly wet, she thought. She rose, examined herself for just a second in the mirror and saw that her clothes stuck to her body, wetly caressing her sexy curves and made her look rather provocative. She quickly shook the thought from her mind reasoning that just about all would be wet in a Holi gathering.

Finally putting the saree back onto her sleeveless shoulders, she left the house alongwith her elder son towards the next door terrace. In the elevator heading upwards to the terrace were two other families and then there was Salman.

Manya met his eyes and blushed softly. He met Manya's gaze too with a twinkle in his eyes. On the terrace, everyone's eyes were on Manya.

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There was hardly anyone wet out there since most of them had come prepared for a morning of fun and games. About twenty women and thirty five men of all ages graced the occasion. Manya was the prize pick amongst the women and the fact that she came without her husband did not help matters. Every dick on the terrace was erect within minutes of Manya's entry, including Salman's, Sam's and her own son Deen's. In the first game, everyone was made to sit in a circle and one person would run around with a handkerchief in hand.

He would drop the handkerchief behind any person's back and that one had to discover it, pick it up and run around until he or she dropped it behind someone else's behind.

Sam ran around first and after three rounds dropped it behind Manya's sexy back. Luckily Manya noticed it and she rose, picking it up and began running in a circle. As she ran, her big breasts under the braless, sleeveless blouse, bounced and swayed with exaggerated energy. Her wet saree hugged her huge buttocks and they jiggled sexily with every step she took.

If viewed in slow motion, Manya's run would have been the raunchiest run of all time for the sheer sexual energy it conveyed. She took three circles and dropped it behind Sam's Dad. The old man ran around and again dropped it behind sexy Manya's ass.

Manya didn't notice it but she saw Deen gesturing to her to look behind her ass. She did so and rose with the handkerchief in hand. She ran around and dropped it this time behind Salman. Salman was almost expecting it. He took two rounds and again dropped it behind Manya's lush behind. Manya rose and began her dick stiffening run with her voluptuous body bouncing and swaying all over, breasts, ass and all.

It was soon very clear that Manya was the dropping target because everyone wanted to see her sexy body in motion. Manya realized it too but did not protest. She was hoping someone would realise.

Salman did and he suggested they play a different game called punishment. Manya sighed and looked at him in relief and gratitude. Salman simply looked back fondly at her and something twitched between Manya's wet loins again. In this game the youngest member had to pick a name from lots drawn and that name would have to meet with a punishment decided by the youngest member again. Deen being the youngest picked up a name and much to everyone' surprise, it turned out to be Manya's.

He looked at his Mom and read out the selected punishment. "Make snacks for all fifty people in half an hour. Select one person to help you." Flummoxed, Manya stood speechless for a moment, wondering whom to pick for help. Her eyes first fell on her son Deen but she decided he was not quick enough to help her in this kind of job. Noticing Salman's bright look in her direction, she pointed her dainty finger in his direction.

With a roar, everyone directed the couple to the kitchen in the basement, where the items for sandwich preparation lay. Nobody else was allowed to enter the basement and it would mean a foul with further punishment. Manya and Salman rushed into the elevator in a hurry and Salman pressed the door shut, clicking the basement button.

Deen watched in interest as he saw his mother's fleshy posterior disappear into the lift alongwith Salman. Her creamy back with the saree right down to her ass was the last he saw of his juicy mom for the next half an hour. He also saw Salman place his hand on his mother's ass just before closing the elevator door, as if ushering her in. The moment the elevator door shut, Manya felt Salman's hands grab her breasts through the braless blouse.

Without a moment's warning he proceeded to maul them, much in the same way she experienced in the morning. Her saree was half off and he dipped his head down to kiss her roughly on her wet lips. "What are you doing Salman," she hissed. "Mrs. M, don't stop me. I have been dying to pleasure your lovely body the day I saw you. Today you will love it, I assure you". "We don't have time Salman. Snacks have to be made", she protested. her protest was meek because his squeezing of her half exposed breasts had already started the juice factory in her loins.

A steady drip began and her protests thereafter were merely symbolic. Even before the elevator reached the basement, he had her saree right off her lush body and he ushered her out of the lift, saree in hand towards the kitchen in the basement. There was not a soul there as per the game. On his cell phone, he rang up the local restaurant owned by his own family and ordered them to deliver fifty packets of sandwiches within twenty minutes at the basement.

Putting the phone away, he looked at her full body, clad only in petticoat and sleeveless blouse. Manya met his gaze with a blush and waited. Salman grabbed the horny housewife by the shoulders and threw her on the basement floor in one quick motion, raising her petticoat over her thighs. One hand mauled her breast while the other pounded her lush ass. Manya was aroused beyond mention in double quick time.

She spread herself lasciviously on the bare floor and flipped herself around, presenting her round, full ass to the young stud who had pawed her so strongly this morning. He had also agreed to help her in the game and that made her more grateful. She bent on all fours and shook her ass at him as if to express her gratitude.Things happened in seconds as Salman, who already had his dick out, positioned himself behind the beautiful housewife's ass and began pumping like there was no tomorrow.

He was quite right given the situation. Manya took his thrusts with gasps and yelps initially. As the powerful pistoning into her pussy assumed a new level, she mewled and moaned, getting louder and more passionate. Salman rammed and rammed into the beautiful woman who was the wet dream of the neighbourhood.

He knew that just about everyone wanted to bury their dicks into this lusty woman's pussy and he was thrilled that he got there early. His hands reached out and fully cupped and squeezed her melon like boobs. He had missed out on her boobs to Sam in the morning but here, he was making up with a vengeance.

Boobs and cunt got mercilessly ravaged in a rousing ten minute busrt of passion which made Manya's head spin and cunt go wild with secretion. Her fleshy hips and full breasts got the 'real man treatment' from the stud and Manya screamed in lust at every thrust of his manhood. The alarm in his cellphone rang to signal the elapsing of ten minutes and Salman rapidly increased his thrust tempo into the wildly aroused wife's lewdly presented pussy.

"Bitch, take it, " he screamed as he came in hot scalding loads all over her ass and inside her heated love nest. Manya rose gently, naked except for her sleeveless blouse.

Salman had ripped off her petticoat in the heat of his lust. When their combined passions receded, they heard the basement bell ring. Salman motioned for Manya to be quiet and rose, dragging up his trousers and went to pick up the snacks which would have arrived. Manya, still gasping and lying on the floor, thought she heard the voice of Salman's father, who ran the restaurant. She heard some decision being taken and also heard Salman mutter loudly "Not now" "Maybe a blowjob if there's time"… and saw Salman hurry in again unzipping his pants.

Sounds of something being unpacked came from the other side of the wall. Salman rushed to her and without delay, said "We have fifteen more minutes and my Dad is finishing the snack arrangements. We'll not be late." He entered her spreadeagled pussy again missionary style, forcing her legs up in the air.

Manya was like a rag doll in this stud's hands but she loved his fucking. It was heavenly and hard. "What were you telling your father"? asked Manya inbetween Salman's humping motions.


"Nothing great. He asked whether there was time for him to fuck you. I told him there was no time. But maybe you can think of a blowjob can't you?

he replied rather casually. Manya nodded almost immediately and quickly bit her tongue. "My goodness Manya, what are you truning into", she thought to herself, but quickly brought herself to enjoy the second fuck Salman was throwing into her hungry, aroused cunt.

He fucked and fucked into her, mashing her body all over and sending her into a supercharged state of lust. Manya gave herself up to his manly assault and continued to milk his dick with her cunt until they both came together in a shattering orgasm.

Her second orgasm in less than thirty minutes with a first time lover seemed so familiar, pleasurable and dear.Somehow she didn't think like she was fucking a stranger. Getting fucked was no longer strange to the adulterous woman and mother. With just five minutes left, Salman loaded the snack cart into the elevator and signalled to her to wrap up and move. Sh draped her saree again over her well fucked body and moved towards the lift.

On the way she almost instantaneously reached out towards Salman's Dad crotch, gave it a fond squeeze and said "Your son has got some force Dad. Is this where it all came from?". The old man could take it no more. Less than two minutes were left for the couple to reappear on the terrace. He grabbed Manya's face and gave one long, wet kiss right on her mouth. Manya whimpered and went limp, her hand continuously caressing his organ through the pants.

It was Salman's shout that forced the new couple apart. Manya staggered into the elevator, feeling hot and nasty. The elevator began its upward movement with the snack cart and Salman, realising that they had atleast half a minute dove right into Manya's lap, lifted up her saree and dipped his lips straight into her cum soaked pussy.

Manya gasped in astonishment for the next thirty seconds as her young stud slurped her well fucked pussy like a true lover. Her juices flowed in gratification and she felt loved rather than fucked. Her saree came down the moment the elevator door opened and he licentious couple staggered out to the cheers of fifty people. Their flushed faces told a tale but only to the discerning few, which included Sam and Manya's son Deen.

Deen knew when his mother showed the freshly fucked glow. It was there all over her beautiful face now. It was just the number of orgasms that he couldn't guess from her horny face. The ease with which Manya carried herself throughout the snack session despite all that her body had been through in the past few hours left Deen wondering and he developed some awe for his beautiful mother's ability.

The snack session had almost reached its end when one of the members cried out "foul foul". Everyone looked in his direction. He was holding a restaurant tag in his hand which he discovered stuck to the base of his sandwich packet. Salman cursed his Dad. He was under instructions to remove all traces of evidence that the food was packed from their hotel. But he seemed to have overlooked just one packet.

The error margin was small but Manya and he had been caught. The gathering decided a light hearted punishment for Manya, since even getting caught was part of the game. Deen was asked to decide on the nature of the penalty and he told his Mom to take a skipping rope and carry out thirty skips without a break. Protesting with a laugh, Manya took the rope and began skipping. Her saree was still quite damp and it stuck to her ass like plaster.

With every skip, her full, unhindered breasts danced and jumped in tandem with her mammoth asscheeks. It was a lusty, mind blowingly erotic sight, watching the wet, mature woman skip in front of an audience of fifty. Deen realised his folly in fixing that penalty for his luscious mother.

But it was too late. Moreover the sight excited him no end. He lost count of her skips and kept gaping, just as everyone on the terrace did. Manya reached ten without any problem. Slowly, the top half of her saree or pallu, kept sliding and sliding with each skip and by the time the sexy mother reached count fifteen, it fell right off her shoulders, leaving the crowd in pin drop silence. They all looked in awe at the voluptous charms of the fully exposed woman in their presence.

Her low worn saree was right at her hip bone, and the full, huge midriff with the juicy wet navel was ripplingly revealed. Her wholesome midriff flesh jiggled alongwith her melon like breasts with the nipples very clearly visible for all to see. Topped by her ample meaty asscheeks heaving behind, she look like a woman screaming to get raped. And she was skipping, trying to look normal because any stopping would mean that she would have to start skipping all over again. Deen was aghast with arousal and he suddenly shouted " thirty", not knowing whether she actually skipped thirty times or not.

Nobody objected and the game was over, leaving every male organ on the terrace aching and throbbing. The voluptuous mother heaved a sigh of relief and readjusted her pallu and waited as people came back to normalcy from that intensely erotic sight they had witnessed. Deen's heart was still pounding but somewhere he was thrilled and aroused too. His sexy mother was on show and it was all carried on as a game.

There could have been no better sight for a voyeur and he stored these images away in his mind for later use. To break the ice after that lusty display by Manya, someone suggested that they all go to the large water tank on the yard below for some final dunking. Water dunking was usually the last item in a Holi celebration. On the way down many women sympathised with Manya for the embarassment she had been subjected to.

Manya laughed it off, saying it was all fun and games. Some were awestruck too by the sheer sexuality she had projected. Salman's mother came across to her and said "Manya my dear, if I had an ass like yours, I would keep Salman's father at home whole day". Manya looked up at her with just a mild sense of guilt and smiled a thank you. Salman's mom gave a gentle squeeze to Manya's enormous ass and walked away.

When the dunking began, it started with the older people. They were dunked more symbolically, allowing for their brittle bones. Many of the women were also dunked, with utmost care and sobriety. A few teenage girls were dunked rather forcefully, causing them to scream, following which they were dunked again.

Deen however didn't think of those girls. He waited with a thumping heart because he knew his voluptuous mother's turn was almost due. It was Salman's father who took the initiative by carrying Manya and throwing her into the tank when nobody else was in it.

Fifty pairs of eyes took in Manya's wet, drippingly voluptuous form as she emerged like a sex goddess from the tank. Her saree stuck to her full curves and the rear portion dug into her ass crevice giving a clear picture, removing any sense of mystery about Deen's mother's ass. She shook herself after she got out of the pool and her full body rippled and glowed, especially her fully exposed belly flesh. Droplets of water in her deep navel flew out sexily and everybody hung their tongues out.

Pin drop silence hung i n the air again. Deen could however hear a resident mutter to himself, clutching his crotch, "Desh is a lucky bastard." The man standing next to him also heard him and he added a rejoinder, "Yup! Imagine going to bed daily with that piece of ass. She's built for fucking man." Deen digested this vulgarity with a mixed sense of anger and arousal. He was as aroused as them.

He saw little wrong in the ultimate physical expression of a mental urge. He secretly wondered how his mom would take it if all the men in the neighbourhood made a beeline for her when her husband was away. Even as he was thinking, he saw his mother getting dunked again. The moment she rose from the tank, Salman himself carried her by her full waist and dunked her all over again. She squealed this time, liking the familiarity of his strong hands and even managed to drag him too into the tank with her.

Salman and Manya groped around in the pool, staggering to regain ground. In the process their bodies met, his crotch against her ample, wet ass. It was only for a few seconds, but it caught the eye of Salman's mother and Deen's too. Deen did feel a wee bit of jealousy at the total fondness the couple in the tank were displaying. The woman being his mother added a fiery spark to his thinking. For the next five minutes he watched and heard his squealing mother as man after man carried her and dunked her with regularity, some of them doing it more than once.

He saw Salman's father discretely pawing his Mom's wet assglobes even as he was throing her lusciously wet body into the tank. When the men started taking a few extra liberties on her still unaware self, Manya felt that familiar tingle in her loins. This was not the place to give in to her urges. She struggled out of the last man's groping hands and went towards Sam, whose apartment was the nearest in the building.

The festivities were as good as complete and people were clearing up. "I need to pee Sam, and dry up a bit, she asked him. Sam's eyes took in her wholsome, well stacked form and licking his lips, he led her into his house.

Deen's eyes followed his mother's wet ass, which could have as well been naked. But it was lustier than naked and hornier than nude in that tightly clinging wet saree. He felt that he may like to give it a thorough spanking till she yelped. Chapter 9 Sam as he was affectionately called by friends was actually Sameer and a budding photographer cum artist.

He looked at Manya with his deep eyes taking in every ounce of her wet and lightly trembling body. The tremble was caused on account of the light breeze caressing her wet skin. He led Deen's mother inside his apartment and guided her to the bathroom.

His parents were still involved in the winding up of the morning's activities and could take another half an hour. Recognizing Manya's urgency to take a pee and her equally urgent need to rid herself atleast of the drip in her clothes, the considerate neighbour told her to use the toilet while he fetched the dryer for her hair. Manya tread softly on the carpet, hoping the colour water drip from her juicy body would not damage the carpet. Her whole body was coated in red, including her face.

If she were to make a first appearance in this manner, none would recognize her by face. But now everyone in the area would recognise her by her voluptuously stacked body, more so by her flaring ass with the big butt cups. Almost all the men would recognize her blindfolded by feel too, going by the way they all manhandled and dunked her. Truly she had become the neighbourhood wet dream and yet she maintained her own aura and control over things, managing to make everyone feel exclusive and special.

In short nobody would fuck and tell on Manya. Nobody wanted to be denied of her horny body by doing so. The whole house was silent as Manya entered the bathroom and left the door open for Sam to bring the dryer later. She could have shut it and opened it when he knocked, but somehow didn't do it.

Bunching her saree around her waist, she sat with her naked asscheeks on the toilet. As she was peeing, she also twisted her wet saree, extracting all the dripping water from it and placed it around her knees in front, bunched up, but covering her thighs over the toilet seat. Then she removed the saree pallu from her shoulders and squeezed it too, draining all the water from it.

As she pissed, she once again experienced a throbbing in her loins. This time the throbbing relaxed only the pee pressure but retained the other pressure the pressure of her accumulated horniness. The entire morning she was fondled, squeezed and dunked into water and also experienced the exhibitionistic thrill of being on display during the little games. The whole series of events where she was treated as a pure lust object, but under the overall garb of dignity gave her a licentious thrill.

The two robust fucks given by Salman did gratify her senses but not fully. The sex was hurried, though thrilling. Moreover she got horny all over again during the skips where she felt fifty pairs of eyes simply boring into her luscious form. She did consider stopping when her pallu had dropped, but in a wicked burst of horniness, she had continued. The dozens of hands that had felt her wet body up at the water tank only served to stimulate her desires higher and higher and she was fighting a valiant battle not to let her arousal show.

Doing all this in front of her son Deen did bother her for a minute but she was sure that he would understand it was all part of the celebrations. Her peeing moments were also moments of sexual introspection and as the last few drops of pee dripped out of her juicy pussy, she felt decidedly horny and awakened. In a bid to rise and flush the toilet, she attempted to put her pallu back on her creamy, sleeveless shoulders, when Sam's sudden entry with the dryer made her drop the saree in her hand out of surprise.

She lay seated on the toilet seat, saree spread around her thighs, toilet seat and reaching the floor. Her chest was uncovered by the saree and Sam stared at her beautiful breasts through the damp, thin blouse. They were swaying all over the place in near total exposure all morning and even her hardened nipples were titillatingly exposed to the world. But now in the silence of his bathroom, with two blouse buttons off, their generous cleavage made a mouth watering sight, as did Manya's awkward pose on the toilet seat in an even more awkward condition of having pissed and not flushed the toilet.

She couldn't rise now, since Sam had already entered the bath and it would look embarrassing. She waited for Sam to understand her predicament and perhaps leave. She also noted the curious look in his eyes and followed their gaze to look at her own chest and boobs. She gasped when she saw that her nipples had hardened and were poking right out of her blouse. The whole area from below her breasts down to six inches beneath her navel was fully open, with the smooth, fleshy curves forming a gentle fold around her waist.

The fold was very arousing and Sam's artistic mind visualized a picture of how beautifully that waist could be photographed in various flimsy costumes. "I'm sorry Mrs. M, I should have knocked", he stuttered. "I came to help you dry your hair", he said. "You came to hand me the dryer or to help me dry my hair", smiled Manya at his confusion, forgetting that she had not adjusted her saree pallu. "Well whatever you say Mrs. M, "said Sam, surprised at his own boldness and struggling to control his erection.

Manya looked so delectable and sexy on the toilet seat and the delicacy of the situation added to the lustiness. Manya looked cursorily at his crotch and smacked her lips.

She also liked boys who fumbled sometimes. They looked cute. Here Sam was not only cute but the look of pure adulation in his eyes was touching. She understood the effect she was having on him with her lewd posture. "You can dry my hair if you feel like it Sam," she said much to his amazement. Sam took up her offer and went behind Manya, dryer in hand. He activated it and turned the blower towards her jet black hair.

Manya made no change either to her sitting posture or her state of dress. She was still sareeless at the top, displaying her full breasts and stiff nipples very generously to Sam, as a reward for his effort. Sam's dick came into near contact with Manya's head when he bent and ran the blower, holding her thick hair in his hands in artistic appreciation. The artist in him really rose to the occasion. He could have carried on doing it forever and nearly got lost in his job.

His dick hitting the side of Manya's face jolted him back to senses. It jolted an already aroused Manya too. She was finding it extremely difficult to sit idle with all the throbbing in her pussy, which was halfway into the loo. Her hand was placed at the lowest possible level on her abdomen and Manya was pained that she couldn't reach upto her now dripping cunt. The pressure of Sam's dick occasionally on her face was not helping matters at all since the horny housewife was once again getting driven to desperation.

Her breathing turned heavy. Sam's hands were now fumbling with the dryer and whenever he looked down at the beautiful woman sitting below, her rising bosom and broad hips drove him to madness. The dirty posture, the unflushed toilet, the unwashed pussy and the horny mother of his friend, all made up a mindblowing source of dick tension for Sam.

He switched off the dryer and caressed Manya's head. Manya was indeed waiting for some such initiative. She always did wait for the man to make the first move. She hated saying no to someone with initiative. The moment Sam shut the dryer, she dragged his hands over to her full breasts and mauled them over his hands.

She unhesitatingly reached below her body and yanked out her saree all the way up to her waist. Two hours of fondling and squeezing had left her all hot and bothered and the moment had come to extinguish some of it. As Sam's hands kneaded her breasts in steady rhythm she moaned out long and ardently. Sam understood the absolute need of this well mauled mother. Infact it was a wonder how she was able to take all that robust treatment and brazen exposure in the morning.

Now seeing her panting, he unzipped his fly and rubbed his dick all over her moaning face. She sobbed in arousal and on seeing the rock hard cock dangling before her eyes, she greedily gulped it down and proceeded to suck and lick it, doing more sucking than licking. She was hot and needy now. Her pussy began to cream and drip half way into the loo alongwith her lush ass. She dragged herself up and stood lewdly with her legs apart on either side of the commode.

Sam understood her intent and quickly reached behind her quivering ass and flipped the toilet seat cover down so that Manya could sit on it. She sat there and raised her legs. Sam spread them apart and gaped at the glistening cunt before him, the pussy juices having superimposed themselves on her urine smell. The mixture was rather heady and he dipped his head down and inhaled the aroma, kissing her outer lips in the process.

Manya thrust her hips upwards in seething lust and gripped his head, dragging it into her boiling cunt. It was a vulgar sight of the horny housewife with her back on the toilet seat and her legs and hips wrapped around her teenage lover's head, high in the air. She felt a gnawing in her loins and she lowered her snatch from his face and spread her thighs wantonly on the seat in a half reclining pose. Sam needed no further invitation and he simply shoved his bursting cock into the horny mother's inviting cunt.

The two of them started rapidly fucking each other. Sam wanted to please the voluptuous mother as much as he could. He stroked in and out of her with deliberate thrusts, making sure that maximum penetration was achieved. He went on for a full five minutes before his teenage enthusiasm could not hold it any more. Manya could feel him cumming. "Take it out, cum on my face", she hissed.

"On me, On me, " she wailed. Sam pulled it out in the last second and sprayed Manya's face with his young seed.The first spurt hit her like a slap, the second like a stroke, the third like a caress and the fourth like a drop of rainfall.

All spurts ended up messing up her face and she greedily rubbed it all right into her beautiful features. Sam was absorbed to posterity. The whole horny encounter took just half an hour and they both realized the need to move out before his parents came in. Sam rushed out first, leaving Manya to tidy up. Manya looked at her face and saw that rubbing Sam's cum into her face had removed much of the red color and her face was clearer and more recognizable than before.

She decided there was no time to wash her face. There was no time to wash her pussy either and she simply downed her saree and walked daintily out towards the main door. As she was leaving the door, she saw Sam's parents coming towards their apartment. She paused to thank them for using their toilet. Deen was with them too. Deen could only speculate about the possibilities of his mother's adultery in the last half an hour but couldn't exactly put his finger on it.

He was however happy that she could atleast wash her face a bit. She looked fresher and radiant after the color was off. Of course she glowed and glowed. With his luscious, lusty mother still clad in that licentious blue saree clinging damply to her huge buttocks, her butt crack clearly highlighted and her entire back bare, right from the bottom of her thin blouse to the upper butt flare, Deen led her back to their home next door.

He did not notice Salman give one fond, fleeting squeeze to his Mom's well used ass. He thought she squealed because she nearly tripped over a stone on the path.


If mother and son thought that the Holi festival was over, they were in for a surprise. The moment they entered their gate, they were blasted with a strong spray of water, which didn't stop for about one full minute. They couldn't make out the sprayer but Deen could vaguely make out the tall and athletic form of his best buddy Prem, whom he had invited over. Since Manya was also quite fond of him, Deen felt he could liven up the day. Prem missed the activities next door but managed to come late to wish them.

And what a sight he saw. It was a purely harmless intention when he hosed them both and it was quite the done thing on Holi. But on seeing the state of his friend's mother after the drenching, his dick shot up in no time and he stood speechless, staring at the overwhelming burst of curves on the sexy woman before him. Deen noticed both his friend's astonishment and his arousal.

He was aroused himself, as was the entire neighbourhood over the ample body of his horny mother, revealingly drenched, with no apparent effort at modesty on her part. Manya didn't know how to respond to the fresh drenching received, this time from her son's best buddy. Prem was tall and athletic and many a time Manya wished that one of her sons would be like Prem, strong and strapping. At 6 feet plus and well muscled, he would one day make some woman very happy.

Maybe women too, she smiled naughtily to herself. Resigning herself to her soaking, she welcomed Prem in and decided to prepare lunch for all. Prem and Deen followed the lushly endowed woman into the house, discretely observing her swaying ass and shapely, huge back, almost all of which was exposed by the swoopingly low saree and the few inches of blouse cover at the top.

Two hard ons followed the juicy, well used ass inside and Manya thought that before trying to dry up, she might as well initiate the food preparation. But before she could put her thought into action, she heard the noise of boys screaming. Looking out she saw that it was Binu returning home, not alone but with four of his friends, all aged 12.

They were wild and joyous like all boys of that age and seemed hell bent on dragging others into their gaiety.

She looked on in amused happiness as they first pounced on Prem and coloured him all over, one of them spraying him with a little water sprinkler on his face. Prem allowed them indulgently and accepted all their antics.

Their next target was Deen and they simply pounced on him because he was their best friend's own brother and not a stranger like Prem. One of them smothered his face, while another climbed onto his back and held him for others to spray water with their spouts.

Deen was helpless for a full two minutes, but didn't want to shout at the kids. The moment they were through with Deen, they turned their attention to their best friend's mother. A greater surge of familiarity and affection surged forth in all of them.

The four of them first ran into her full body, smothering her and hugging her wherever they could encircle their hands. Their heads nuzzled her bosom repeatedly, while their hands kept circling and hugging her naked waist and back. Two of them withdrew to caress her face with colour. Manya bent a little lower to enable them to reach her face. Two boys concentrated on Manya's delicately sculpted features, running their colour coated hands in designs around her cheeks, nose and neck.

Within a few seconds Manya felt her saree top fall off while she was bent. She held the saree pallu one hand without covering herself up because the insistent boys did not give her the time to do it.

She wanted to be through with this quickly in any case. Manya with her pallu off and bent in her thin, braless and sleeveless blouse presented a voluptuously delicious sight for both Prem and Deen.

Deen looked at Prem to note whether he had observed. He saw Prem ogling, with a strong gaze and also saw Prem's dick stiffening in his tight jeans. Almost all of her breasts popped out of the blouse and they hung like juicy fruits for the plucking. Her smiling face retained its smile when Binu suddenly embraced his Mom from behind her slightly bent form. His hands sought her exposed belly button and his crotch thrust warmly into his favourite asscheeks.

His color coated hands fingered her navel from behind an he continued to finger it till he was satisfied that it was filled with red color. Manya gasped in titillation at this stroking and the pressure of his warm body against her ass. Binu moved his hands from his Mom's big navel and ran them all over her creamy belly and exposed portion of her hips.

That was a lot of flesh and area to cover if he had to color it fully. He ravished his mother's body with his joyous, festive touch, but the touch for Manya was proving to be extremely discomforting, especially since she had to retain a smile while two others were stroking her face and even coated her rosy lips in red.

That brought yet another gasp from the aroused woman and she struggled to maintain normalcy in body language.

Prem and Deen were watching all this with aching groins and with the blood simply pumping their veins. Deen thought that he would burst a blood vessel. He shifted behind a wooden cabinet in the room and started stroking his dick from outside, hidden by the piece of furniture. In an equally randy state was the strong Prem who couldn't take any longer and he too walked to Deen and stood next to him. Both friends looked at each knowing and understanding the other's condition.

Deen also felt he had an inkling of the future. The two friends watched Manya's ripe body being felt up in childlike glee and also felt that her laughter was turning hoarser by the minute. It was clear that all the attention on her body was turning her very horny. Binu suddenly felt he had done enough and moved away, slapping his Mom's ass before leaving. Manya squealed and looked in mild anger towards her son, but to her discomfort two other kids who couldn't reach Manya's face now took over the vacancy created by Binu.

Now two pairs of hands were squeezing the sexy mother's massive midriff from behind in full, absolute frenzy, but the horny woman could do nothing because they were kids and most certainly had no sexual intentions. She allowed them to feel and color her and relaxed her body. The moment she did that, she felt three hands dragging her backwards so that Binu and his friend could spray water on Manya.

At that moment, as fate would have it, Manya tripped and fell backwards. She fell with a thud on her big ass and lay flat on the floor, saree flung away from her chest, her nipples, breasts, the entire midriff almost upto her bush fully revealed to the world. She writhed around first and tried to rise but all five boys chose that moment to take out their plastic water sprinklers and spray water on her lush, exposed body.Deen and Prem were aghast and Prem thought he heard a painful groan from his friend.

He looked down to see Deen had dampened the front of his trousers a bit and seemed to be convulsing lightly. He didn't look him in the eye to save embarrassment for both. Instead he turned to the sight before him. The luscious body of the housewife was writhing obscenely on the floor while five boys simultaneously sprayed water all over her.

She didn't even scream or shout. She just kept wriggling her sexy body, taking in the rain on her face, breasts, waist, belly and thighs. The boys soaked her with gusto, one of them catching her right on her pussy. Since the spray was strong and focused, Manya let out a moan. Her cunt was already dripping for the last few minutes and mingled with the wetness of their sprinkling and the dampness of her saree. Binu, her son was aiming his spray right at her navel and he kept the spraying until the water was over.

The sight was outrightly vulgar and Deen imagined and likened it to five heated dicks ejaculating simultaneously on his horny mom's well fucked body. He was out of control now and so was Manya. The five kids including Binu may not have understood it fully but Prem did, alongwith Deen and he was convinced that if there was one woman in the world who needed to be fucked into oblivion, it was sexy Manya.

He made a silent vow to do it. Deen knew Prem would do it. Lusty and horny, Manya wished and prayed that this game would be over before she creamed her way to an orgasm. Luckily, the boys ran out of water and left the place, singing out their thanks and good byes. The youngest of them even helped a panting, writhing Manya to her feet, his hands around her shoulders, and his dick pressing into her face.

Even here Manya was not spared and her moan was muffled by the thrusting of a child dick into her face. Her mouth accidentally hit the boy's crotch and to her utter shock, Manya felt an erection against her beautiful face.

Her eyes flared and her body throbbed in half naked excitement and confusion. "Thanks and bye, Aunt Manya", said the boy as he left the place, leaving a shell shocked, lewdly exposed Manya with her son and his best friend. Deen felt she looked like she would be raped any minute by just about anybody, man or beast in that state and attire. The intense sexual repercussions of hours of exposure and body groping turned the horny mother of two into a mass of supercharged flesh, that would catch fire if the heat in her dripping loins was not cooled.

Her boobs were trembling on their own accord and her heavy hips heaved about gently as if the weight of lust was too much. She felt an ache all over her repeatedly drenched body and she could hear herself sobbing in enormous unsatisfied lust. Deen was stunned and he went over to hold his mother by her over aroused shoulders. The intense heat which emanated from her body almost made him recoil in shock.

Her face wore a mask of lust as she looked up in a sexual haze. Deen decided to act. "Prem, I'm calling the doctor. Please be with Mom until I return", he said and bolted out of the house. After Deen left, Prem came over to Manya and gazed into her eyes. His strong powerful look and her lust charged needy look met in a perfect exchange. She was quivering when he held her by the waist.

His manly grip made her shudder and she went limp in Prem's arms. Holding her by her hips, he made her kneel on the floor, removing her saree in one single motion. No words were said as he looked at her. She gave him back a glassy look. No words were needed too. He brought out his huge cock and placed it at the entrance of her slushy cunt. His hands held her by her full and hot breasts.

The overall heat in her body amazed him even in his own horny state. He withdrew his dick from Manya's pussy after an initial probe. He heard her whimper, moan and wriggle her ass frantically at him. The bitch needed a fucking badly. And Prem began to give it. For the next ten minutes, Prem ploughed, pistoned and rammed his huge cock in and out of the horny Manya's steamy twat.

Her voluptuous body jerked and vibrated under his tremendous onslaught. He was simply ravaging her wet and willing hole. She began to wail and scream and continued her high pitched response to his steady, hot strokes into her dynamite cunt. Loud guttural sounds came from the horny mother as her son's best friend balled the hell out of her lusty, stacked body. Every inch of her lush figure responded to this explosive fucking. His hands mauled her already well mauled boobs. But she felt the grip and heat to be so wild, that she felt her nipples may burst out of her soft and firm mounds.

She thrust her lush, hot posterior back at his cock begging him with moans and beckoning him deeper with hoarse grunts. It was mating of the highest intensity and Manya was getting balled like never before in her own house, by her son's pal and with the main door right open. They didn't notice or care. The fucking continued in its illicit intensity till the horny mother felt the first flood of her orgasm.

Prem noticed it and in a searing rhythm, he timed his release to co terminate with the voluptuous wife's own serial orgasms. He shot loads and loads when he came. Manya felt her whole insides being washed with his potent seed and her pussy continued to throb and clutch fiercely at his ejaculating cock for five more minutes.

She had never known such a mindblowing orgasm an she had never been fucked this well by a cock of this size. The stud slowly withdrew his dick from his friend's mom's pussy and heard her sob in regret.

He realised, even though the horny Manya didn't, that the main door was open. It was left open deliberately by Deen himself.

He had to sneak back. He knew that what his wildly aroused mother needed was not a doctor but a good strong fucker. Which was why he called Prem over in the first place. He sighed and looked down.

His dick hung limp, much to his relief. He had jacked off thrice witnessing the staggeringly wanton act of adultery. He saw his own mother getting the fucking of her life.

And she got fucked doggie style, like a true bitch in heat. Chapter 10 The adulterous wife stirred gently, her naked lower body pressed against her young lover's, in a sideways embrace on the floor. It was a torrid, much needed fucking, since all the pawing and mauling given to her full body by people of all ages had carried her lust to a summit when she was sprawled wet on the ground before her sons, writhing more out of horniness than any need to escape their drenching of her voluptuous body.

She opened her eyes and looked into Prem's eyes, unaware that her son Deen was in the background, unobserved but watching every movement of theirs. Manya looked into Prem's deep eyes and a wave of gratitude flooded her insides. He was her knight in shining armour who gave her what she craved more than anything else sometime ago and he did it with gusto, in a manner she had never known before.

She felt his dick still inside her drenched cunt and while stirring noticed that it was still quite hard. She moaned at this discovery of his youthfulness and kissed him softly on his eyes, licking some of the beads of sweat, her hands holding his head, while she felt him doing the same to her face.

Prem licked Manya all over her face, his lips dabbing at her cheeks, neck and eyes, while his hands hugged her juicy body even harder to himself in a strong gesture of take over. Manya was gladdened at this display of warmth and she purred her acceptance by thrusting her lush pelvic region even closer into him, feeling his cock begin a hardening process while her juices began to spread over it.

Deen, who had watched his friend give his Mom her hardest ever fuck, took their stirring to be a sign of their getting up. He felt he needed to get out of the house and return after a while so that his absence continued to be justified and more because he didn't want to be caught in the house in this situation, which he knew would be awkward for all.

Since he was not very far from the door, he stealthily sneaked out, taking one last look at his mother's luscious asscheeks which were being cuddled by Prem, while her face was being kissed deeply in what he thought to be a farewell gesture. He left the place, leaving the door as it was. Feeling Prem's dick begin to stab into her pussy, Manya arousal was back into reckoning.

She twisted her lower body, as if trying to readjust the positioning, when her head fell sideways, making her notice the almost fully open door. Alarmed but not showing any suddenness in reaction, she relaxed her body against his and continued looking at the door. Prem, noticing the beautiful mature lady's concern, decided to close the door.

He rose to do so, for which he had to withdraw his erect dick from her sloppy pussy. The sudden emptiness made the horny Manya sigh and sob but she waited with flaring eyes for him to close the door.

Her hands reached out to unbutton her blouse, the only piece of garment which she had on. Prem closed the door and turned to the naked, waiting mother. He walked slowly across the room, his hard dick swaying gently, hitting his abdomen with every step. It looked like a hot, steel rod to the naked, wanton woman on the floor. He moved and sat erect on a sofa and continued to look at Manya, with a twinkle in his eye.

Understanding his intention, Manya rolled across the room towards him, her lush body taking five turns to reach him, each turn highlighting her ample asscheeks in the most obscene manner imaginable.

She reached the sofa and looked up for her eyes to meet his throbbing dick. Reaching out, she held it by her hand, using its hardness to rise and face him.

Even Prem was stunned at this act by his friend's mother. Manya kept stroking his cock and brought her generous asscheeks down onto it, impaling her pussy. Prem's dick entered with a swishing sound, making the hot housewife sob aloud. She bent forward to nuzzle his head lovingly, while he held his hands up to squeeze and mash her juicy breasts in a clockwise motion, occasionally letting his fingers tweak her nipples.

Manya rotated and shifted her hips before settling into a heaving up and down motion on the hard cock, feeling it poke and reach right upto her belly. His stiffness facilitated great passage for the sexy woman's thrusts and she did so in slow and continuous motions, building up a delicious yet searing rhythm. Her son's best friend had pleasured her so well and she was doing her bit in return, in the process helping herself to more and more of his cock.

The well orchestrated sex lasted five slow, loving minutes where Manya and Prem bonded physically so well that their bodies seemed like parts of one entity and looked complete only when entwined together. When Prem spurted, the spurts were long and deep, each spurt being succeeded by another smaller but not rapidly shortening burst.

When Manya orgasmed, it was a like a chest deep tidal wave that engulfed her, not throwing her off balance, but allowing her to savour the strength, grip and sheer joy of physical bonding with her young lover.

While still seated on him, she gazed into his eyes and felt a reassurance. He looked like he was genuinely fond of her and could suddenly see why her son Deen was such a good friend of his.

He looked like a boy with strong interiors and discretion. When he kissed her there was passion, and there was also care. The satiated mother suddenly wondered whether she would feel the same way kissing Deen, or Binu. The thought made her shiver but she realized that there was little to choose between Prem and Deen.

Binu kissed her regularly but never on the lips. Deen hardly ever kissed her. But she was sure that the day was near when Binu would kiss her on the lips. He was aggressive and he was physical. On her part she would stop none, she reasoned. She would not do anything that would mar their adoloscent growth and send discordant impulses about sexuality.

They had to learn about sex the natural way and they had to learn about sexual propriety also the natural way, even if it was a bit delayed and at the cost of her own discomfort. All her life, she never said no to a hug and never refused an advance from decent males. For her sons she believed that the greatest discipline was self discipline. But deep within she felt that she may have to play a role in Deen's realization. He was too silent, undemonstrative and withdrawn.

Manya prayed that he wasn't turning gay. She almost thought of asking Prem but looking at his big hands on her sweaty breasts and his dick half out of her ravished pussy, she decided that the moment was later.

The time was nearly two in the afternoon. Prem said goodbye and left the house, leaving Manya naked on the sofa, contented and smiling. She went naked to the door and shut it with a sigh and pondered over the day's mindblowing series of events.

There could not have been a better day for her lush, sex starved body. She was fucked by the milkman, fucked by her cousin, fucked twice by Salman, been on wanton display before the entire neighbourhood and been felt and groped well by atleast thirty horny males of all ages throughout a wet morning.

Following that, she had been given a weird but exciting fuck by Sam in his toilet and now Prem completed her day with two of the most robust fucks her needy body had ever been given. The marvellous thing about it all was that none of her ravishers made her feel slutty about the whole thing. She still felt she was in command. "Was the day complete"? she wondered with a grin. It was only two in the afternoon. Expecting her son Deen any minute and Binu a little later, she picked up her damp saree and sheer blouse and carried them naked into her bedroom.

She dropped them for wash finally and with a sigh, examined her nude body in the mirror. Her luscious breasts hung like ripe fruits on her broad, fair chest and as she moved her hands over them she stroked them casually and went further down her expansive waist and belly.

Her fingers stopped at her belly button. For a second she dug into it gently as if to ascertain and discover what was it that made her son Binu so enamoured by it. The moment her finger stroked inside its depths, she felt a moistening in her loins and a throb right down from her lower abdomen. She could feel her pussy come alive and the impulses almost carried upto her navel.

She felt she could see it opening up wider, as if aching for further probing. Amazingly, her navel looked like a pussy to her, displaying the same wanton openness and craving. Now is this what her son loved to explore, she thought with a sense of surprise, but not with any alarm. She was never alarmed by someone wanting her ripe body. Just then she heard the doorbell ring.

She knew it was Deen. Having no time to dress, she took a biggish towel and wrapped it around her full, naked form and went to open the door. Along the way, as was her habit, her right hand, wound its way under the towel to caress her pussy, which had plenty of Prem's cum on it. It was nice to feel the ooze and she slipped nearly half her finger inside her twat, to gather all the wetness.

Before any serious probing could begin she reached the door and opened it with her left hand, removing her right hand from her pussy at the same time. She saw Deen with two bags. "Mom, I brought lunch for all of us, since it was getting late", announced Deen. Manya gushed fondly at his thoughfulness and instinctively reached out to caress his face with her right hand. "Thank you dear", she whispered as her hand brushed his cheek, caressing it for a few moments.

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Deen felt the sharpness of the odour from his mother's hand and inhaled, confused over its source. "Your hand smells funny Mom, what's it?", he asked, entering the room and placing the bags on the dining table. Getting a start, Manya fumbled for a minute before replying "Oh, it was the soap I was trying to get open for washing clothes when you rang the bell".

"You must be hungry Mom, let's have food. Binu will come later", said Deen, spreading out the plates and beginning to serve out the hot Chinese food into two plates. Manya sat at the table and the two of them noiselessly ate for the next ten minutes, not at all surprised at how hungry they were.There was no mention about the doctor Deen had left the house to call. On finishing, Manya thanked Deen again for his thoughtfulness and rose to wash her hands.

Deen watched her movements with interest, particularly observing her huge asscheeks jutting out at the base of her hips and stretching the towel sexily. Her bare shoulders looked creamier than they did in her atrociously small blouse and the exposed area from her knees to her bare feet served a horny reminder of the day's events and the high octane action his mother's lush body had been subjected to.He caressed his cock through the trousers as long as she had her back to him and his dick sprung to a surprised attention when she said "I'm going to bathe Deen and I'll call you when I need to get my back scrubbed.

I need help to get the color fully off". "Sure Mom," he mumbled, not sure whether his mother noticed the lump in his throat. Manya turned on the shower and for the first time since the previous day, began to enjoy a full fledged bath. She felt the water cascade over her bountiful breasts and flow teasingly all over her body, lots of it flowing right into her pussy, cooling her passions and cleansing her.

She felt it very rejuvenating and relieving. Her hands soaped and lathered her well ravished, glowing form and for a full ten minutes she revelled in the twin pleasures offered by the strong shower and her own rubbing. She couldn't say that she missed having a bath with all the merciless dunking she received that morning, but that dunking was agitating for her creamy body. The bath now was actually relaxing. She observed the glow on her face with a naughty smile and suddenly remembered that her back needed cleaning and she couldn't reach it to wash the colour away.

"Deen could you please come and help me", she called out through the half open door. She had left the door open for Deen to come in later, but was herself naked during her luxurious bath. Deen was ogling his mother's nakedly glorious body through the vertical slit at the corner of the door and the moment she called out, he entered just in time to see her wrap her towel around her waist and turn her back towards him. Deen kept looking at Manya's wide wet back with the soft flesh around her flaring waist.

She had tied the towel almost at the beginning of her asscrack. Her back was red from all the colour, except in small patches where her scanty blouse had been.

Her reached out with his soaped hands to touch her at the waist, his hands getting drawn to the sexy folds on either side on their own. The sexy mother gasped at the touch. She hadn't expected that her son would go straight for her fleshy waist when she had called him for scrubbing her back.

Not wanting to rebuff him, she let him hold her by her naked waist for a while, before whispering "My back Deen. Remove all the red from it". Nodding with a flush, he moved his hands, initially along her sides and moved to her back only when he nearly reached her melon like full breasts. Manya had her hands across her chest and submitted herself to his hands as he went about rubbing her naked back all over.

He repeatedly soaped certain reddish areas where the colour didn't come off easily. Manya didn't feel anything untoward in either his rubbing or her own feelings. It was only towards the end of his successful scrubbing of his mom's lush back that his hands got slower and slower and his breathing heavier.

The sexy mother felt her son's breath on her naked, wet back and decided that she needed to do something to cool him. She quickly turned on the shower and the spray of cool water wet both mother and son as they stood within a foot of each other, Deen holding his Mom's back, unable to hold his erection. He was drenched too within no time and heard his mother's full laughter. Her husband's disgusting behavior last night had left Manya more than just annoyed despite the fact that it facilitated some licentious sex for her neglected body.

Now after being subjected to some cursory kisses and gropes he had sped off, leaving her naked and anguished all over again. He never seemed to display the remotest tinge of remorse for having left her high and dry at his boss' party and now showed absolute callousness in announcing that he was leaving that evening for a week.

The well stacked wife felt that she didn't deserve his attitude or his attributes. But he deserved getting cheated upon, she sighed and reasoned.

She ran her hands over her naked body as if in reassurance but realized with a smile that the high voltage fucking she had been receiving over the last couple of days were a far greater assurance of her desirability. And the fact that she was able to draw teenage studs to her mature, voluptuous body and leave them panting for more made her feel rather proud of herself.

She was a total flesh magnet who drew men and boys of all ages, including her own son perhaps, she smiled, recollecting the series of feels and squeezes which her younger son had subjected her to that morning.

Even without trying, she related more through her body to people rather than the mind and she resigned herself to the fact. Midway through her introspection, her son Deen walked in to announce that he was leaving for school and left immediately when he saw his mother lying down on her belly, presumably naked under the covers. He didn't think that she had covered up either during her son's or her husband's presence in the bedroom.

Her comfort levels with nudity had been rising over time and now Deen wondered where she was headed to. The moment Deen left the house, Manya raised her nude body off the bed and went across to shut the door. She was naked in the confidence that she would now be alone in the house. As she shut the door, she first walked across to the sofa and spread one leg over the arm of the sofa and left the other leg down.

Keeping her hand around the lower abdomen, she clicked the television on and saw some songs being telecast. The horny housewife looked quite obscene in that posture with her pinkish cuntlips being wide open in case there was a viewer. Crusted cum deposits decorated her inner thighs and outer lips. She had still not decided when to bathe. After watching two raunchy numbers, Manya herself began to feel raunchy and started to imagine herself in the hands of the various lesser artistes who always got to grope and feel the lead danseuse in those songs.

A tide of titillation ran through her as she wondered how she would look on stage being thoroughly felt up by ten young and strong male dancers. She was cunt caressing her way through another raunchy number, nakedly spread out on the sofa, when she suddenly heard the doorbell ring. The sexy housewife was alarmed because she was naked, aroused and no clothes were within reach. "Who's it?" she called out from her lewd position on the sofa. She was relieved to hear a female voice reply. It was Sana, the neighbor's seventeen year old daughter.

She was Salman's sister. "I'm coming in a minute", called out the nude woman as she quickly went into the bedroom and pulled on a petticoat.

She draped a small towel over her chest and went to open the door for Sana, her back fully bare and her breasts bouncing and jutting out through the thin towel. Sana came in and looked at the beautiful mature woman's body from head to toe. Manya was her idol and Sana's reason for idolizing her was that all the neighborhood boys, kept talking only about Manya in total lust and awe rather than about younger girls like herself. Even her boyfriend Sam joked that if Sana had an ass like Manya's, he would have a hard time warding off other guys from her.

Manya blushed when she saw the teenage girl examining her all over. She asked her in and brought out some coffee for both of them. Sana kept glancing at Manya all through, noting the way her melon like breasts, swung freely, unfettered by any restrictive clothing. She was also perplexed that Manya's nipples were erect even at this time of the day.

She knew little about Manya's appetite for hard sex and her ever horny disposition. In her eyes she was the good housewife who couldn't help it if she was blessed with a well stacked, knock out body. They chatted for long, Manya blushing every time the teenager poked her waist to tell her she was very desirable even for women. It was cheerful banter. Suddenly Sana said, "Aunt Manya you looked rather sexy the other day while skipping".

A bit puzzled, Manya thanked her sweetly. "I mean very sexy Aunt Manya", the teenager spoke out. "Many men praised you and some even went crazy talking about you." Manya was a bit concerned and asked her "Who went crazy Sana"?. "Everyone Aunt Manya. I heard all the old men go wild, especially when your saree top fell off. They all wanted to get close to you. That's why you were dunked the most.

Never meet them without Uncle Desh in future Aunt Manya," she warned innocently. Manya blushed red on hearing all this from the innocent girl.

She laughed it off saying it was fun and added however that she would be careful in future. Time flew and it was getting closer to lunch time.

Suddenly Sana suggested that they should order lunch from their family restaurant. Manya agreed, relieved that she needn't have to cook. Sana quickly phoned her restaurant, ordering enough food to take care of Deen, Binu and a couple of others also if necessary. The food arrived shortly and with the food came Salman and Sam. Both were at the restaurant when Sana called and they decided to bring it themselves. Salman had Manya in mind while Sam had Sana also in mind. When Manya saw the boys arrive, she slipped into the bedroom and put on a light green transparent saree over the petticoat and a sleeveless blouse, braless on her chest.

She noticed after wearing it that the blouse, already low cut, had the top button torn off. She shrugged and went to greet the boys. The guys were in high spirits with Sam constantly teasing sana and salman giving hungry looks towards Manya. After a while, Manya decided to fetch the plates and lay the food on the table.

As expected by Manya, Salman offered to help instantly. The moment they went into the kitchen, Salman caught hold of the voluptuous wife by her generous hips and thrust into her saree covered ass, his hands fully covering her braless blouse and milking her tits. Manya resisted for a while in discomfort but knew that she couldn't for too long.

She kept eyeing the living room, hoping that Sana wouldn't suddenly decide to help out too. Manya's hands tried to assemble some plates and dishes together while her pussy tried to fight off the gushing juices from deep within her loins. The young teenager showed great anxiety in his mauling of the well endowed wife's body from head to toe. His hands covered her clothed form everywhere and then suddenly he reached from beneath her saree and shoved his hand right up to her wet twat, cupping and feeling it in a strong grip.

Manya gasped and let out a light squeal. Her body began to experience the familiar concussions and her breasts were already quivering from his pawing. She was scared they would be heard. Salman suddenly shouted out to Sam from the kitchen, "Hey Sam we forgot the rice but brought all the other dishes. Would you mind going across and fetching it. Sana may like to come with you.". "Sure Salman," said Sam and he rose gladly.

Neither Manya nor Sana suspected that this was preplanned by the two guys. They had left the rice outside deliberately on the doorstep. Sam got his time with the beauteous Sana while Salman had the lush and sexy Manya free and horny. The door closed and the floodgates opened for the illicit couple. Standing in the same place, Manya and Salman began a rapid fire fucking with Manya leaning back on the kitchen table. In the last two days the kitchen table was used for anything but food preparation.

She was already dripping wet when Salman entered her. Looking into his young face as he pumped into her, Manya was all raptures as the young stud's thrusts drove the blues of her husband's neglect away. Her breasts rose and fell and Salman, noticing their vigorous bounce, cupped them lovingly at first but only to roughly mash them as if wanting to reduce them to pulp. Manya's lust skyrocketed to great heights as she simply allowed the horny boy to have his way with her overheated sex starved body.

Five minutes of ceaseless pounding into the lusty housewife's cunt had Salman spewing out spoonfuls of seed deep inside her womb, hugging her wholesome body ardently while doing so. It was a mind-blowing experience for Manya to be so ravished. His vigor pleased her and his cock still felt hard inside her sodden pussy even after the battering he had given her.

She kissed him deeply, sucking on his tongue greedily. Not letting Salman's cock out of her cunt, Manya shifted the two of them in small leaps towards the bedroom. A surprised Salman understood her intention and let himself hop along with her right onto her bed. The feel of his still erect cock in her cum washed pussy continued to stoke the fires in her belly. She craved for another pounding. A young man always came quickly first. But young cock shot back to erection quickly too.

Her ripe body could never be satisfied with a single round of sex. She craved for the next round ravenously. She was a bunny for the second fuck. She was a slave to young cock. Knowing they had at least another ten minutes the sex charged couple took off on the adulterous mother's marital bed. It was the bed on which she spent pregnant months with Deen and Binu. It was the bed on which she breast fed them both into delicious slumber. It was now the bed on which she was getting her brains fucked out of her by the neighborhood stud.

Again here, he was fucking her doggie style. She was on all fours and he was ramming her juicy cunt from behind. Their combined juices trickled out down her voluptuous thighs to soak the bed sheet fully.

The fucking and the soaking continued for the next ten minutes, during which the horny woman mewled, screamed and cried out on ecstasy without the fear of being heard. She gave full vent to her bursting passion by imploring him to fuck her hard and true. "Fuck me hard Salman", she begged. "Fuck my cock starved pussy. Fuck your friend's horny Mom, " she wailed, surprising Salman with her wantonness.

He never thought that the beautiful Mrs. M could be this vulgar even though he was thrilled that she was adulterous. He literally rammed and rammed his steely cock in and out of her pulsating cunt till the stage came when she was about to cream. He could feel her cunt muscles tighten around his thrusting cock and the milking get more frenzied. His absolute mauling of her heaving breasts reached bigger proportions and finally both of them collapsed in a heap on the creaking bed, going through convulsive orgasms with Salman lying on top of the mature woman's huge ass, sweating and panting, while Manya herself sobbed and panted her way through her release.

The mating couple looked terribly obscene on the wet bed and it took them five minutes to disentangle themselves from each other's hold. Salman pulled up his trousers and said "Let me help you dress Mrs. M", and went over to tuck her saree into her waist. He squeezed the flesh there in approval, drawing a moan from the well fucked mother. They tidied each other up as best as they could and went into the living room just in time to hear the bell.

Sam and Sana entered with flushed looks on their faces. Neither Manya nor Salman asked them any questions and the two couples ate in total silence. It was a full meal and took more than fifteen minutes. Manya felt a little soreness in her pussy and once in a while cupped it with her left hand in the course of her meal.

Sam noticed her doing it and looked at her, licking his lips. Manya turned red but didn't think that Sam suspected her of anything. She was red because she felt Sam's interest create a further ripple in her lower belly. After the meal, Sana said she had to attend an art class and requested her brother to drop her. She wanted to be free of Sam because of the fear of any doubts in Aunt Manya's mind about them.

Aunt Manya sat on quietly, looking pretty in her cum drenched state, as Salman led his sister out of the house, agreeing to drop her. He closed the door shut behind him, not looking at Sam. Sam cast a glance at the silent mother next to him. She was smiling softly at him, the pallu of her saree having fallen off from her creamy shoulders. He placed his hands gently on her lower, exposed belly and ran it in circles, feeling the softness and caressing it.

Manya gave him a tired smile but did not stop him. She however said, "I'm tired Sam". "Did he do it hard and well?", enquired Sam softly of the adulterous woman.

A wee bit surprised but not shocked, Manya answered, "Yes Sam. He fucks well. I'm sore now and my body aches all over". "Don't worry Mrs. M. Just lie down on the sofa. I'll not hurt you." Saying this he took the hand of the sexy housewife and made her lie down flat on the sofa. Sam kissed her face all over lovingly and even lapped her sweat beads in a tender show of affection.

He kept kissing her for a full five minutes all over her face and lips, holding her full shoulders and then gradually moved his head to bury it in the full mounds on her chest. He bit the nipples though her blouse, making her moan. He bit them again, this time making Manya clutch his head. He spent another five minutes on her breasts, worshipping them before he dipped his head onto her full and huge midriff.

Manya gasped as his lips found her navel and let out a fully aroused moan, long enough to let him understand that he had her almost at his mercy. After his nibbling covered the entire territory of her belly and exposed hips, she was a heaving mass of flesh before him.

The sexy mother heaved her hips and jerked them towards his face. The very understanding, sensitive painter then raised the horny mother's saree up to her waist and dipped his head right into the mature woman's twat. His tongue probed like a paintbrush into her dripping pussy and he rotated and licked it right onto her bud. Manya's body throbbed and set off as if on charge. Her hands gripped his hair and she pushed his head into her steaming cunt, so that his tongue could go deeper and deeper.

Sam obliged the lust aroused older woman, inhaling her musky aroma with a loud sniff, which made her pussy lips dance with delight and passion. Sam led the sore woman out of her soreness with his finesse and expertise. Manya was now spread out lewdly, legs splayed apart invitingly, with 'Fuck Me' written in bold letters all over her voluptuous, well used body. She looked pleadingly towards her young lover, her eyes doing the asking. Sam felt her pussy and it was so soaked and dripping that he felt she could take three dicks.

He thrust his hand first into her cunt and she moaned out loudly. He withdrew his hand and brought out his hard and eager dick. Slowly and caringly he entered the married woman's horny cunt, feeling her cunt muscles spring up from nowhere to clasp his pussy pleaser.

Manya felt her senses leave her as Sam began a slow and steady fucking motion. He dug into her slowly but never stopped fucking. His dick had also got itself out of the first fuck hastiness with Sana earlier and right now he was well poised to give this horny mother a deliciously long fucking. He knew she would love it. Long, deep and steady came the strokes of his cock in and out of Manya's pussy.

She raised her hips to provide the counter thrusts and he held her hips to support the thrusts. Their bodies moved in perfect rhythm as if being orchestrated by an invisible conductor. The sedate start rose to a crescendo which lasted another five minutes. Incredibly their fucking continued unabated for another five minutes till Sam felt Manya's cunt muscles gripping his dick harder and harder until they suddenly released their hold.

He gave one final violent thrust into her boiling pussy just then to time his release with hers. Both their releases were noiseless, filled with mutual comfort and understanding. It was the mating of souls. Manya never felt this well loved before. She hugged Sam hard to herself and lavished his face with hot and sweaty kisses for long moments. She lay in his arms for a long time, feeling the passion drain out of her well fucked body.

She felt fully ravished. She felt fresh and glowing too. She felt wanted. She felt like a true woman. Sam on his part, looked smug and content, watching the half naked mother's beautiful features which looked better each time they made love. If only she'd agree, she'd make a great and natural model for his brush or camera. Manya, not realizing her lover's intention, rose as she heard the clock strike three pm.

It was getting time for her men to start arriving one by one. She whispered the same to Sam, who also rose, holding her by her naked waist, stroking her lush ass as they gathered themselves together. Chapter 13 It was 3 in the afternoon and Manya's ripe body was already pleasured by four young studs, the newspaper boy, Prem, twice by Salman and now by Sam, the sensitive lover. Each was a different experience, rousing in its own way. There was hurried sex and there was also delayed, relaxed sex.

Manya loved both. The hurried sex with the fear of getting caught stifled her sounds but raised her release levels to untouched peaks. The relaxed fucking spread the impulses to all parts of her sexy body making every pore of her skin glow in response. Here, lying bare ass naked on the sofa, she emitted that glow, making Sam gaze in continued amazement. Manya turned red when she saw Sam's adoring eyes.

Then her eyes turned soft and she reached out her arms to him. Sam sat next to her and embraced her, his hands cupping her radiant face and kissing her deeply.

Manya, with the lust temporarily out of her system was a bit concerned about the time. In about half an hour, her sons would arrive.

Her husband would come to collect his bags before leaving for his flight but she could never predict the time of his arrival. But she was sure he would leave soon after his arrival in a tearing hurry. Now as she kissed Sam fondly, she wondered how much more time they could be together.

Sam mumbled something during his kiss, kneading her big breasts softly. His after sex play was very tender and mature for a boy of his age. Manya removed her wet lips from his mouth and asked him what he was trying to say. "Your lips taste like honey, Aunt Manya. Haven't tasted anything sweeter than them. And I mean both your lips", he smiled suggestively, with a glint in his eyes. Manya blushed beautifully at his wicked line, her hand involuntarily moving to her pussy mound, feeling its cum coated wetness.

He had licked and slurped her so well there that she must have secreted a bottle full of juices, or honey if she were to believe his flattery. She kept cupping her pussy while getting kissed deeply by Sam. Sam, on his part let his hands roam freely on her full breasts. Their bodies once again exchanged the warmth of perfect physical understanding. Suddenly Sam suggested, "Why don't we do the honey test"? Fully understanding his idea, Manya turned redder than ever before.

Though the idea excited her, she knew they had very little or no time. She loved being treated the way Sam was treating her, in that extra special manner. But she was confused and lost for time. Sam took the initiative and quickly ran into the kitchen and emerged with a bottle of honey. Before the sexy wife could talk, he opened it and poured a few drops right onto her puffed up, well ravished pussy.

That made the beautiful woman gasp in pleasure and the gasp turned to a groan as she felt his tongue spread the honey all over her pussy lips, dragging the sweet liquid deeper to encircle her love bud. The horny housewife's legs were wrapped around her young lover's head on the sofa, her hands on his head, with his head buried in her juicy snatch. She was already sweaty and naked and his delicious act generated further heat in her body, causing her luscious hips to start a slow grind against his lapping face.

Her cunt was a mess with her own juices, his cum and the honey. The resultant taste and aroma felt heavenly to Sam and he suddenly realized that he could go on exploring this beautiful, depraved woman's body for days together. Her secretion levels were overwhelming and if stranded with her alone on an island, he thought he may be able to innovate on the kamasutra with her lusty, voluptuous body at his disposal.

He continued nibbling and digging into the aroused housewife's quivering cunt when they suddenly heard the doorbell ring. Manya's first reaction was panic but she quickly composed herself and gestured to Sam that he should pick up his clothes and run into the kitchen. She donned her petticoat with the honey treated juices dripping from her heated pussy.

Putting on her sleeveless blouse hastily, the sweating, soundly fucked housewife, opened the door to let in her children. Deen and Binu entered and simply stared at their disheveled mother. Her body was sweaty, hair uncombed and her fleshy midriff glistened with perspiration. Sweat had dampened her full cleavage too and Binu found his mother's breasts to be fascinating mounds by themselves. Instead of his usual movement towards her generous ass, he hugged her, digging his face into her large cleavage, his hands rubbing her bare back.

Deen saw his mother getting hugged and smiled at her. Manya smiled back weakly at her son, leading the way in. Sex oozed out of every pore of his full bodied mother and Deen's dick acknowledged the fact. Deen and Binu straightaway finished their food, pleasantly surprised at the rich spread from the restaurant.

In the course of feeding her kids, Manya got back to sanity until Binu suddenly noticed the bottle of honey lying on the living room table and said "Mom do we use honey for any of these things to taste better?" Embarrassed, Manya found a way out by stating that she had mixed honey with tea in the morning as a health preion.

"No wonder you look so nice and healthy Mom", chipped in Binu in unabashed appreciation. Deen looked up at his Mom and saw her looking at him too. They all smiled together at Binu's compliment. It was just before her sons finished their food that the adulterous mother slipped into the kitchen and silently motioned to Sam to leave through the kitchen door.

He did so but not before grabbing the lusty housewife by her waist and giving a long and wet kiss on her full lips. He withdrew with a sound and left through the kitchen door. Hoping that her sons had not heard the kiss, the lusty mother returned to clear the table, while her sons went to change their clothes.

She felt sticky all over and moist between her thighs. Sam had slurped away most of the honey and deep within she could still feel the light dabs of his tongue all over her insides. She experienced yet another shiver and decided that she should bathe before her bodily mess was too obvious to her kids.

The bath was cleansing more than refreshing for the straying wife and mother. In the course of ten minutes she wiped out every trace of her hot sex sessions that her body could carry.

What she could not wipe out was the extra fresh glow on her face which came only from good, fulfilling fucking. Coming out of the bath, she dried herself with mechanical efficiency and put on a white, semi transparent saree and wore it without a petticoat. She also matched it with a white blouse without a bra. The saree fell right down her hips and settled at the lowest possible level. It did look like it would fall right off her juicy body any moment. The transparent texture gave ample hints of her trimmed bush and full thighs from the front and her well rounded but firm asscheeks from the rear.

With her full bodied charms being highlighted to their maximum, she looked a lust angel in white. Her beautiful face was relegated to the background by her opulent curves protruding fully out of her flimsy saree and tight blouse.

Wanting to spend some time with her kids, she walked towards Deen's room. On the way she heard the bell. She opened the door to see the flower vendor. She gave him his most heavenly sight of the day, her full breasts showing through the sheer saree and her creamy midriff exposed all the way down to her thick black bush. She saw his eyes focused on the V region between her thighs and crossed them as if to draw his attention.

His gaze right into her bush sent a mild pleasure impulse through her body. She allowed him to caress her hand while giving the flowers. Even as the door was open she lifted her hands above her head to secure the flowers in her hair.

In doing so the housewife's entire midriff embedded with that deep and provocative navel was on display to the flower seller.

He kept looking on in astonishment at the sheer sensuality that was unleashed before him. He was worried that if the lady as much as tripped, her whole saree would come untied, leaving her glorious, fleshy charms open to the world. Manya smiled as she shut the door on him. The sexy mother entered Deen's room to find Binu also there. Deen was at his table studying while Binu was on the bed trying to read something.

Manya took a book and slipped next to Binu, lying on her stomach. She took one of her favorite romantic novels to read. While reading she lifted her legs up lazily and kept kicking slowly into thin air, revealing her well toned and fair calves.

Deen looked at his sexy mother's form. Her ass was clearly showing through the sheer white saree and being on her stomach, her curvy waist and hips were totally exposed to their gaze. The back of her blouse was as low cut as the front thereby leaving about eighty percent of her back bare right up to her asscrack.

With flowers in her hair she looked every inch a bride on her wedding night and in that minimal clothing she looked a bride who ached for a fucking. Manya turned around suddenly onto her back while reading. Her saree top which was already down, was now totally swept off her shoulders and the bottom of the saree was now almost midway up her thighs. Manya kept reading, seemingly unaware of the body display she was putting on. Her attire was nothing new before her kids and she kept reading, not realizing that her saree rode right up to her ample thighs.

Her breasts rose and fell with each breath and her belly responded with smaller heaving motions of its own. She looked a delectable piece of beauty and Deen felt that she could get raped if she continued with her lewd body language.

He saw Binu also notice their horny mother. Binu swung into action very soon. He kept his book aside and placed his head on his Mom's juicy belly. Manya stirred but did not make any sudden move. Binu began his exploratory exercise of his mother's fleshy midriff. He first kissed it all over in slow and steady licks.

He concentrated on the ticklish and sensitive zone around her deep navel and actually lapped at it. Manya continued reading throughout this belly worship. She placed her hand on her son's head lightly but did not look down.

Binu carried his fascination for his mother's hot body to higher levels when he suddenly blew hard into her navel, making the sexy mother squeal and laugh. But both mother and son again settled into their respective pursuits.

Manya could feel the tide rising in her loins. She got wetter and wetter with each nibble into her navel. The juices gushed out a bit from her pussy.

She was sure that Binu could sniff her arousal aroma. If Binu sniffed it he didn't show it but his hands now fully encircled his mother's big hips and drew her lush lower body further into his face.

Manya's midriff was now glistening wet from all the wet kisses lavished by her younger son. Looking at her, Deen felt she looked ripe and ready for fucking from the manner in which she was writhing her hips trying to appear normal.

Her horniness carried across the room towards him and when he saw her face, the troubled features starkly reflected the burning lust within her. Binu brought everyone out of their skins when he moved his head closer to Manya's bosom and said "Mom, when was the last time I had milk from your breasts"? A stunned Manya looked at her son's head which was just a few inches from her right breast.

Deen felt his cock harden at the sight of his younger brother looking at his Mom's breast while she was almost obscenely sprawled on the bed with her saree top off.

"You were very young then Binu. You cannot drink any more now from them", she whispered in reply also feeling excited that her breasts were being discussed by her son. "Why can't I drink from them now", queried Binu, taking both his mother and Deen aghast. His hands were still on her fleshy, almost fully exposed hips. Her saree had slipped even lower and Deen could see that the beginnings of his mother's lower hips. Binu's hand was resting on that ridiculously exposed part as he talked.

The sexually troubled mother managed to mutter, "No milk will come out now Binu". But Manya's younger son would not take this for an answer. He kept pestering her to allow him to taste her milk in a childish demonstration of stubbornness.

Deen wondered whether his brother was doing it deliberately but he couldn't make out from the situation. Suddenly to his utter amazement and wild arousal, he saw his well breasted mother unbutton her blouse and whip out one full boob and thrust it into Binu's accepting mouth.

His cock ached and ached at this horny sight. His already half exposed mother had now popped one of her boobs into her younger son's mouth and kept looking on bemused as he suckled wholesomely at that ripe offering.

She just kept silent as Binu feasted on his mother's boob while his hands were still placed on her full, exposed hips. Deen adjusted his cock in his pants but couldn't take his eyes off that wild sight. Binu kept suckling for one full minute, during which Manya simply sat back, head up, chest out, wearing a smile that occasionally turned to a red blush. Deen could see that his Mom was getting turned on by all that sucking but she made no move to remove her son's head from her juicy tit.

Finally it was Binu himself who rose with a snigger saying that there was no milk and the taste was not as good as he thought. Manya still smiled at her son. Then came the moment even deen didn't expect. Manya turned to Deen, her blouse still unbuttoned and in the same exposed pose asked her elder son "Do you want to try too?" A stunned Deen just shook his head. He was hard and his balls were almost bursting by then.

Manya sighed and slowly, without any sense of hurry buttoned her blouse and incredibly left her saree pallu remain down. She shifted back and slept sideways on the bed, her hips upwards, actually exposing the beginnings of her thigh. In a minute she turned and in the same semi naked condition, slept with her back to her son Deen, showing him the full and high cheeked glory of her ass. Binu had left the room after his boob suckling, leaving Deen alone with his sexy mother.

Seeing the well exposed body of his Mom, a few feet away, bursting all over with curves, the young son fished out his dick and stroked it smoothly, taking care not to make any sound. He kept looking at his mother's massive derrierre and peered to locate the asscrack throughout his frantic masturbation. He pumped and pumped at his cock, not taking his eyes off his mother's well endowed ass and came in big spurts, the first of which almost landed on the bed next to his sexy mom.

Manya did not realize what Deen was doing but was lost in her own world of lust after all the attention she got from her son. It did not bother her mind as much as it bothered her hot body. Binu had got her juices started all over again. Her right hand rested again on her pussy through her transparent saree and she kept giving her pussy discrete strokes since Deen was in the room.

Deen observed every single movement of his horny mother because he guessed what she could be up to. After a while Deen rose deciding that he had to take a walk to cool off. Binu had already gone off to his friend's place. He whispered into his mother's ear that he would be gone for an hour or so and Manya nodded in her partial slumber. Deen took one look at his sleeping mother, digesting her exposed body and absolute beauty of her face.

He also noted that her saree had now gone right past her thighs to just a few inches below her hot pussy. He left the house and locked the door behind him before he burst a blood vessel. Within minutes after Deen's leaving the house, Manya heard the front door ring again.

Knowing that it was her husband she rose and quickly went to open it. Desh entered the house in a hurry but paused only for a while to take in his wife' attire and dreamy look. In that white saree she looked a dream. But the saree looked like it would slip right off her body. He caught her by the hips, surprising Manya. Instead of the fondling and caressing which Manya expected, he lifted the folds of the saree and tried to tuck them higher around her waist.

The saree refused to oblige and he let it fall again. Manya held her husband by the shoulder, hoping that his planned departure for a week would make him a bit more romantic.

But she was disappointed again when she saw Desh run into the bedroom to pack his bags. He took a few minutes and came back again to the living room to give a brief kiss to his stunning wife. Manya limply accepted the kiss and also the pat on the ass that followed after which he left for his trip. Even those gallant attempts she had made to stroke his dick through his trousers did not jerk life into Desh.

Life could not have got more frustrating for the lovely wife. Not wanting to allow depression to sweep her, she readjusted her clothing around herself, slipped on a petticoat underneath her white saree and a black bra under her white blouse. She waited for Deen and Binu to return. Her two sons were happy when their mother suggested that they go to the movies. Manya simply decided to take her mind off all things sexual. The three of them reached the cinema house got their tickets.

With Manya in the middle, Binu and Deen escorted their beautiful Mom inside. A bunch of local youths gave catcalls when they saw the sexy mother's lush ass sway away from them in a mind blowing manner. Manya ignored them like she always did. Inside, while watching the film, both sons held their Mom's hands from either side possessively. Binu was firmer in his grip and his elbows frequently brushed against the sides of her breasts.

Manya relaxed against his elbow after a while, engrossed in the film. Once in a while she felt Binu's hands on her thighs whenever a funny scene came on screen. He would just squeeze her thigh and remove his hand. Manya became more and more aware of Binu's hands after that. By the end of the film, Binu had elbowed her tits almost throughout the film and squeezed her inner thighs at least seven to eight times.

Deen observed most of this and only kept caressing his hard dick without his Mom's notice. Manya was confused from all the happenings, but also very wet between her thighs. Her body knew only one way to respond to caresses and that was by secreting copious love juices. When the film ended they rose to leave.

There was a long and winding staircase leading to the outside. Deen fell back a bit while Binu held his mother's hand and walked down the stairs along with the movie going crowd. There were plenty of guys who were eyeing the ample body of Manya and some of them came right behind her and rubbed their dicks hard and swift against her ass. Manya felt at least five of them grind their dicks into her juicy ass. Two others actually felt her asscheeks firmly and gave a couple of strong kneads.

Manya didn't want to create a scene there and silently endured this vulgar attention that was lavished on her well stacked body with her son's right there. Deen however was observing all the fondling and groping being received by his luscious mother. It drove his dick into overdrive and he stored some of the images for masturbatory reference later in the night. If ever there was an ass that didn't have to be naked to look naked, then it was his mother's.

As Manya stepped off the last stair, she also felt her rear getting its last anonymous grope and pawing. Resigning herself to the situation she put her arms around her two sons and the trio left for home. They had a light dinner on reaching home and decided that it was bedtime. Binu always slept with his mother whenever his father was away. Throughout the dinner, Deen could sense his brother's restlessness and eagerness to wind up his eating.

He saw his Mom go to her bedroom for changing. When Manya called out to Binu, the brothers could see that she had hardly changed. The sexy housewife had merely removed her petticoat and bra and was still in that seductive saree that exposed all her treasures to the world.

Binu cuddled up to his full bodied mother and almost instantaneously his hand went to her belly button, fingering it continuously. He was wearing shorts without any underwear. Deen waited until they had switched off the lights and crept up to the bedroom door which was unlocked. Through a small slit at the side he peered into the room, lit only by a night lamp. He could make out their shifting and moving forms and heard his beautiful Mom murmur many a time. He didn't hear Binu's voice but only his mother's soft moans and murmurs.

His brother had one leg thrown over his sexy Mom's hips. He was hugging into her from behind, his head on her beautiful neck, his dick pressing against her asscheeks, which were covered only by a single layer of flimsy garment. His hand which was exploring her juicy navel kept wandering all over her huge, naked midriff. His Mom did not say anything other than moan occasionally. In the still of the night, at that moment, the telephone rang next to Manya and her sleeping son.

Deen continued watching and hearing. Manya shifted herself onto her back and took the receiver to her ear. Binu's head now rested right in the center of her stomach, his lips just where he loved, on her navel. Her saree pallu was off and flung aside. It was Ram on the phone. Manya felt the flow of blood quicken through her. Binu's ministrations had been getting her hotter and hotter but she could not stop him. She also realized that she probably did not want to stop him.

She was fully wet from feeling his young cock against her full ass and his eager stroking of her belly and hips added fuel to her raging fires. "Hi", she greeted in acknowledgement into the phone, her voice sounding quite sexy and husky. Binu was busy licking her navel and she had one hand lightly on his head. "I'm back here and wanted to tell you that we can meet tomorrow", informed Ram in a gentle tone.

"Mmmmmm,", moaned Manya both as a reply and in response to the darting probe which Binu's tongue had just given to her belly button. Her juices were in full flow now.

"Desh will be busy for at least a week. I missed you after that night", went on Ram, into Manya's ears. "Same here. I miss you now," whispered Manya into the phone, pressing her left hand over her breasts after noticing that Binu's head was down on her belly, licking and gnawing her flesh. She gave a gasp when she felt her son's tongue rotate deeply in her navel.

"What happened, are you all right", enquired Ram on hearing her gasp. "Yes, I'm OK, dear," mumbled Manya, now feeling her son's hands encircle her hips fully while he sucked into her stomach. Her saree had slipped well below her hips now from the top and she could feel Binu's hand encounter her upper butt and cup the flesh warmly.

"Mmmmmm", she moaned, out of control again. "Your voice is making me go wild. I am in orbit now and stroking myself", said Ram lustily. "Same thing is happening to me here", whispered the horny housewife to her illicit lover while her son's tongue continued to ravage her lush belly. His chest was pressed onto her pelvic region and she wondered whether he could feel her wetness.

She was indeed dripping now. Her left hand mashed her breasts over her thin blouse and she tweaked her nipples by herself and let out another long moan. Binu took it to be her usual moan while he played around with his mother. "Someday we must do it in office, on my desk", teased Ram. That made Manya's blood rush and she barely managed a reply trying to battle the impulses of her son's licking of her navel.

His hands were actually now caressing the naked portion of her upper ass, the closest he got so far. From a distance it appeared to the watching Deen that his brother was actually squeezing his Mom's naked ass and licking her pussy. Her conversation awakened his curiosity and craned his ear to listen. "We will, I'm waiting for it," whimpered the horny mother into the phone holding her son's head in total arousal. "And I want you to come braless to my office," said Ram. "After fucking on my desk, I want you to slip under it topless and begin a long blowjob.

I'll dictate a letter to my secretary as you blow me", went on Ram. "Where would you like me to cum? Face or mouth?" "Mouth…", mumbled the overly aroused wife, her voice breaking away as a flood of juices washed over her insides. This last line did it to her. The searing lust caused by her lover's lewd talk and her son's continuous loving worship of her heated body carried her past the final frontier. She clutched her son's head hard as her juices oozed out of her pussy with a force that wet her saree around her crotch.

Binu couldn't understand why his mother held his head so hard. He sensed a sudden wetness on his chest which was pressed against his Mom's warm lap. The lap had been getting warmer and warmer. He had felt a sudden shiver and she seemed to be now relaxing. He looked up from four inches below her navel, past the huge belly territory that he had licked to wetness and saw his Mom's lovely face bearing a glazed look.

She had muttered a good night and tossed the phone away, her face and chest panting. Binu saw his mother's glorious boobs heaving and forcefully took his eyes away. He looked down to where he was. His chest was against her crotch and her saree was bunched up around her hips, leaving her thighs fully naked.

His cock ached and throbbed when he surveyed the situation. He had followed parts of her intimate conversation. He gazed at his lusty mother and asked, "Mom, was that Dad on the phone"?

Stunned to reality, the horny, adulterous mother looked down at her son in her almost naked lap and whispered softly, "Yes Binu, it was your father". Her elder son, who was watching this explosive double sourced orgasm of his oversexed mother, knew better than that. Chapter 14 he perversely thrilling sight of his sexy, half naked mother getting an orgasm talking to her husband's boss while her younger son licked and nibbled her fully exposed belly, sent Deen's teenage dick into overdrive.

He groaned inwardly and ran into his bedroom clutching his cock. He pulled out an old photograph of his Mom and jerked off thrice that night making sure that he came on his Mom's face in the picture. His mother's wantonness flashed vividly across, each time he masturbated. At the end of each ejaculation he couldn't help wondering where his oversexed Mom was headed to. He silently decided he wouldn't miss out on any of her adulterous escapades in future.

The oversexed mother, in the meanwhile felt herself sticky and wet both inside and outside. While her gushing juices washed her insides, her younger son's midriff and navel licking left her sticky all over the middle. She looked down after her release to his head which she was holding in her hand.

He seemed asleep. His head rose and fell softly on her heaving, naked belly. His chest pressed against her pussy through the sheer white saree, which was wet around the crotch. Both his hands were around her hips and his right hand was infact cupping her exposed upper butt. For a second she was ashamed of herself for orgasm right when he was in her lap. But thinking it over, the shame turned to a wild pleasure. Binu's nibbling had turned her fires on and she was in a sexual turmoil when Ram's call came.

His lewd talk was the trigger she needed to release her pent up lust and she allowed herself to be swept over by the impulses. Now, after her orgasm, she merely found her son to be cute in her lap, despite the fact that her lap was only partly covered with almost her entire thigh region exposed.

She could feel her pussy spasm mildly against Binu's chest and wondered how it would have been in the course of her phone talk and orgasm.

The thought made the straying wife shiver. And the shiver brought out some excess lust from her loins. She was still troubled despite her release because she hadn't been fucked.

Her ripe body hadn't received its fuck sedation. If anything she felt hornier than before. Manya had gone off to a difficult sleep in the same posture. She awoke, earlier than usual and discovered that Binu had now changed his position. His body had drifted away but his head was now right on her crotch.

But he was fast asleep with a half smile on his lips. Manya smiled mysteriously to herself when she remembered how busy her son's lips had been the previous night.

They seemed to want to simply devour her belly flesh. She also wondered whether Binu realized the effect his squeezing and kissing was having on her. Somehow she still couldn't take his acts to be out rightly sexual.

But she conceded that her son was indeed obsessed with her body, especially her navel and ass. Gently she lifted her son's head from her warm and damp pelvic area and placed it on the bed.

She rose from the bed only to see her saree fall right off her juicy body onto the floor. Clad in just her blouse she looked at the clock to see that it was half past five. The beautiful housewife went butt naked into the bathroom and sat down to pee. She realized it would be at least an hour before either of her sons woke up. Not washing herself after peeing she re entered the bedroom in the same half nude state. She put on a petticoat and a black bra. She wore the same white saree and blouse over the undergarments and decided to catch some fresh, early morning breeze.

Leaving through the kitchen door, Manya walked into the freshness of the dawn, towards the jogger's park situated about 100 yards from her house. Her white saree highlighted her awesome ass and revealed her squeeze waist flesh, while the black bra only served to draw sharp attention to her beautifully shaped breasts through the white blouse.

Her navel was the instant draw from the front, peering out invitingly through the sheer white saree. Her rear view was irresistible with her heavy buttocks swaying provocatively with each step while her exposed upper hips and waist rippled sensuously. She looked like a man's wet dream. To the secretly following Deen, his mother looked like she was screaming to get raped.

Manya felt more and more itchy between her thighs as she walked. The nip in the air played with her skin, making her nipples poke out sharply through her bra and blouse. She was carrying the night's arousal in her loins and her slow body sway suggested that she was indeed in sexual need.

Her son followed her from a distance of about 50 meters, taking care not to be observed. Every passerby turned and ogled the sexy mother as she trudged along lazily. None believed that she had come out for some exercise. On reaching the park after giving scores of hard on on the way, the frustrated wife sought a slightly secluded spot and sat in meditation posture under a tree. Almost immediately she was greeted with a "Hello Mrs.

M, good morning". Looking up with a start, she saw Salman's father in jogging attire. The stocky fifty year old man had been lusting after her voluptuous body for a while now. Manya also felt her flesh stiffen under his hot look. She was silent as he sat next to her under the tree, not more than a few inches from her.

"I see that your husband has left you alone to nature," he said suggestively, not bothering about niceties. Manya felt it may be due to the arrogance of having seen his son fuck her. "Yes", she sighed, and felt his strong and rough hand on her shoulder. The warm touch made her loins wet and her already aroused body responded on its own. "It's a pity so much of beauty is being wasted. Let me show you the new varieties of roses over there" he pointed towards an even more secluded spot, holding her waist in the same motion, as if to help her.

With a smoothness that surprised even her, the horny housewife rose and allowed herself to be led towards the spot, his warm grip heating her body all over. She blamed it on the early morning horniness, but gave in to the older man's advances, recollecting his steely grip over her waist, hips and wet ass during the Holi dunking.

"It was you who set the ball rolling on Holi", she told him softly. "Others wouldn't have grabbed me otherwise". "I'm sure you have no regrets Manya," said the older man. "You won yourself a big lot of admirers". "You mean horny admirers", she smiled, looking at his bulging crotch. As was her habit, she didn't make any move but only waited for his initiative.

"This dick hasn't turned limp since then Manya", grunted the man as he fished out his cock and thrust it into her unsuspecting hands. Manya was stunned at the suddenness of his action and the thickness of his dick.

Her palm enclosed it well and fully and the steely meat jerked eagerly in her hands. A moan escaped her lips and she began a slow jerking motion. Her body was hot now and her juices began the outward journey down her lush thighs.

Salman's father was a man of little talk and all action, which suited the straying wife well. He placed his voluptuous target on the grass under the tree, ensuring that they were well hidden. Manya allowed his rough, firm hand to handle her body.

She lay flat on the ground as she looked up expectantly at him. In one single motion, he lifted the white saree right over the needy housewife's fair and creamy thighs and grabbed her juicy twat. Manya gasped and moaned a little too loudly for safety.

Her wetness surprised the older man and the heat of her twat only made his lust peak. He bent and thrust his thick cock into her soaked pussy almost immediately. He began the hard pumping, first in quick thrusts, which tapered into gasping slower ones. His hands reached out and gripped her aching breasts, making the flesh quiver.

The horny wife writhed under his onslaught and her passion rose, making her hips rise to meet every thrust of her older lover. The squishy sounds of his cock plundering her cunt filled the silent air and even in that state, the horny, adulterous woman hoped that they would not be heard.

She did not know however that her own son was peeping and hearing, unseen from a distance, in a state of extreme arousal and excitement. The older man's thick cock pistoned in and out of Manya's receptive pussy. The early morning dew soaked the exposed part of the horny housewife's waist, back and legs, which was a lot of her wholesome body at that moment.

She lay sprawled on the wet grass, reasonably hidden, getting balled by the older man whose son had fucked the daylights out of her ravishing body just the previous day.

The open air fucking charged her lusty body into renewed vigor. Manya raised her hips to meet every single thrust of his with a force that surprised the stocky man.

The dick clasping power of the cheating wife below him took the morning vigor out of him and in less than five minutes, he was spurting out his semen, mashing her full breasts savagely. The spurt of his cum hit her deep inside and the beautiful woman got her day's first seed blast in the early hours, when she was lying half naked in the park, obscenely surrendering her lush, horny body to Salman's father, while many other housewives were taking brisk walks less than twenty meters away.

As the older man rose from the sexy body he had just plundered, he looked around cautiously for any possible danger. Sensing none, he whispered to the woman he had just fucked that he would leave first and she could give a five minute lag before leaving herself. Manya nodded without looking at him and began to gather her clothes over her wet thighs. The saree was damp from the dew and so was the back of her blouse.

The damp saree stuck to the curves of her ass, causing a very arousing crack. From a distance of twenty meters, partially hidden, her son Deen felt that his mother looked outrageously sexy and positively vulgar at that time of the morning, with the birds chirping around her. Her body looked so used and incongruous with the fresh surroundings with all the damp dirt on her. He did not see her getting her day's first fucking, but he could hear it.

He remained in his vantage position even after Salman's father had left. He saw his sexy mother adjust her saree and recline against the tree. The suddenly he saw Salman and Sam emerge from another side of the park and move towards the tree where Manya was hidden behind.

Deen saw them have a brief discussion after which Salman went alone behind the tree. Sam looked around and walked away, leaving the adulterous woman with Salman. Deen could only view a part of the scene behind the tree. He saw Salman hold his Mom's back and bend her. Thereafter he could only see Salman's semi upright pose. He was on his knees, making thrusting movements, prompting Deen to imagine that his voluptuous mother was on all fours, getting fucked doggie style by the young stud.

This searing wantonness being displayed by his horny mother drove Deen crazy and he began a long and hard jerking of his dick, watching the facial expressions of Salman as he vigorously fucked his mother. The passion was too high and he came much earlier than the fornicating pair. He ejaculated into the bushes before him, quickly zipped up and made his way out of the park home, thinking that it would be better to reach before his Mom returned from her early morning escapade.

He could distinctly hear Salman call his mother a bitch as he rammed into her pussy from behind. On his return journey he saw many middle aged women walking around, either with their husbands or their dogs, reveling in the morning freshness. He gave one last thought to his own lusty mother who at that time was on all fours, her luscious ass high up in the air getting her horny pussy reamed by a guy just a couple of years older than her son. Sensing another erection he went home, entered through the open kitchen door and waited in his bed for his mother to return.

He did not however see the milkman slouched unseen, not very far from the kitchen door, waiting for Manya. Manya's body was raised deliriously to a breathtaking orgasm by the furious fucking given by Salman's young cock.

Being a bunny for the second fuck, the son's cock came as a bonus to the sexy wife after the father had pumped and filled her well.

Holding her ample hips and squeezing her swaying boobs occasionally the stud spewed his semen into the horny's wife's greedy cunt after ten minutes of furious fucking. Manya got her day's second seed blast from Salman and it was not even half past six in the morning.

Realizing that the park would get more crowded from now on, Manya whispered to Salman that she would leave first, after which he could follow. Salman saw the sexy woman he had just fucked rise and leave slowly. Her clothes were damp and well crumpled. They stuck to her lower body, making a very provocative outline of her well stacked body. Salman felt she looked erotic in her dirtiness.

He lunged forward suddenly and gave her ass one full squeeze, making the well fucked wife squeal in half surprise and half joy. Manya walked right back to her house as steadily as she could, not bothering to look at any of the onlookers.

It was a safe walk since daylight had begun to break out. In that dirty, damp attire, strutting her well exposed ravished body around could have led to gang rape if it were moonlight instead of morning light. Her walk carried a slow sway, imparting a sexy heave to her hips. She suddenly passed Sam on the way.

He was walking his dog, a Doberman. Sam stopped to greet Manya and she smiled back, slowing down but not stopping due to her unusual appearance. Sam's Doberman growled and made a sudden move towards the housewife's hips with his nose. He had smelled something that was nice. He smelt a bitch between the well fucked mother's thighs. Manya drew herself away from Sam and his dog in alarm. Sam quickly held his dog firmly and said "Don't worry Aunt Manya.

I'll hold him while you go". A relieved Manya thanked him and started towards her house. She went around as intended to the kitchen door, only to be held by a pair of strong hands. When she saw the milkman, the well used woman was in no situation to respond. Her sons would be up and about and she had to ready them for school. "Not now. I've got to go", she pleaded and broke away from his strong grasp on her juicy hips.

"When?", inquired the persistent stud. Manya was amazed at his cockiness. She realized that he felt she was an easy, willing lay. The thought didn't disturb her, though the expanding range of her admirers to cover milkmen made her a wee bit uneasy. "Tomorrow", she said, freeing herself from him. She could not however prevent him from feeling her up all over her stacked chest and hips for one full minute before release.

Red in face again, she blushed, entered the kitchen and closed the door. Taking one look at her damp form, she realized that she needed to change before attending to her motherly duties of the day.

As she moved from the kitchen to her bedroom, she began stripping off her white saree and entered her bedroom to find Binu still cuddled up and asleep.

She bent, gave him a light kiss on his ear and whispered that it was time to wake up. Binu slowly opened his eyes and saw a well rounded cleavage staring into his face from a black bra and white blouse. Looking down further, he saw the fruit of his obsession, his mother's deep and juicy navel. As he rose, it was right in front of his face. He began with a deep, early morning navel kiss, making his sexy mother squirm once again. When onto his feet, he kissed her face and suddenly both mother and son exchanged a quick lip to lip kiss.

A pattern had been set. Giving him fifteen minutes to be ready for his bath, Manya walked out towards Deen's room to check on him. Deen heard his Mom coming and rose to greet her.

He was fresh except for his bath. Deen had to control another rush of blood into his dick on seeing his mother in a petticoat and blouse again. Her expansive belly bore some scratch marks where the ground had grazed her during those rousing sex sessions. Instinctively he reached out to feel her waist around those marks. Startled, Manya said, "I had slipped in the park during my morning walk Deen. It should be OK by tomorrow." Deen was happy that she had not lied at least about going to the park.

Like a dutiful mother, Manya prepared breakfast for her two sons over the next half an hour and stepped out of the kitchen only when she heard Binu call out for a bath. In the bathroom, she found both Binu and Deen ready to be bathed, except that Binu was naked while Deen had his briefs on. The half dressed mother got down to bathing her sons, taking only a quick look at Deen's crotch.

He was half erect. And Binu was limp. In the course of the bath she got around to soap Binu's crotch. The moment her hand encircled his balls, Binu's dick shot up in two seconds like a serpent raising its hood.

Controlling her raging emotions, the horny mother continued to bathe her sons. Binu's dick remained at full length during the entire course of the bath.

Manya forced her eyes off it, only to encounter Deen's hard on jutting out through his briefs. Both brothers were trying to maintain normalcy, though Deen's task was tougher. He watched painfully erect while his Mom stroked his brother's cock, in the act of trying to rinse the soap away. He did not wonder too hard why it took one full minute to rinse it away. And now he also found it normal to see his naked brother fiddling with his mother's exposed navel very often during the session.

The sexy mother ended the bath and put the shower off. Deen felt his mother's fingers graze against his cock in a very light squeeze, but decided that it was by accident. Ushering them out of the bath, Manya began her bath, rinsing and cleansing herself of the morning's adulterous traces. She felt her pussy lips puffed up while soaping and a small tingle ran up her spine as she soaped her erect nipples. The pressure of the mauling given by the horny father and son still lingered on her breasts and the hot feel of her son's erect cock lingered on her dainty fingers.

Her pussy felt warm and she was anything but satiated. Something always seemed to happen after the hardest of fucks to stoke her fires all over again. Even Deen, as he left the bath knew that his horny Mom's day had only just about started in that sense. Feeling extraordinarily relaxed, Manya stepped out nude into the bedroom, wiping her armpits and abdomen along the way.

She allowed her hand to linger between her thighs and was beginning to enjoy the warmth, when her son's shout for breakfast reminded her of duty again. Morning sex made her lazy without doubt. No having the time to decide on clothes, she slipped on a white petticoat and a black blouse.

As usual, she tied the petticoat five inches below her belly button and kept the top two buttons of her low cut blouse undone. This was as good as her standard attire whenever hubby was away.

She felt free and comfortable and didn't have to change unless she had to go out. She went to the dining area towards two hard dicks, one of which went with a pair of eager hands. As she served Binu, he kept playing with her waist, squeezing the sides and poking her navel at least five times during the meal.

Only once did Manya squeal. Otherwise she ignored all the feels and gropes of her younger son. Once she even laughed and ruffled his hair. But it was not fun and games for her pussy.

A slow fire had started. Once her children had left, the amorous wife flopped on the couch and slipped into a short siesta. She stirred when she heard the doorbell ring. Her hand automatically went to her pussy. Every sound of any bell was something of a wake up call for her pussy. And the short nap had introduced a gentle tingle in her loins.

Caressing herself between her thighs, she went towards the door and paused for a while, as if unwilling to leave her pussy. "Who's it?' called out the horny wife, softly.

"It's me Sam," came the reply, much to the sexy mother's joy. Continuing her caress, she opened the door, only to withdraw her hand from her mound with a start. Sam was with Sana. Hastily excusing herself for her appearance Manya ran into the bedroom. Sana watched Sam ogling her huge, jiggling asscheeks.

Manya returned wearing a dark blue saree over her petticoat. She was still braless and Sana could clearly make out her pert nipples poking right out of the blouse and through the saree. Sana felt out rightly jealous of the voluptuous older woman. She looked a bundle of sexual energy and radiated 'fuckability', unlike herself. With such thoughts in her mind, she opened a small envelope. For the next two hours Deen simply jerked the life out his dick till he thought it would get disengaged from his crotch.

He had seen his sexy Mom getting her breasts sucked and crushed by his younger brother while carrying on a conversation with his Dad. Her naked, well curved body was thoroughly felt and she had squeezed and mashed her dripping cunt to an orgasm in obscene horniness. The last lingering image of his juicy mother for his jerk off was of her heaving, voluptuous, fully exposed body being fully felt up by her son Binu.

Her trembling breasts, wet face, glistening navel and the sheer bunched up saree barely covering her crotch, flashed in a quick sequence before his wild eyes at the climax of every frig. With the final image of his lusty mother fully naked and embracing his brother, Deen drifted off to a strangely disturbed sleep.

He was sure there would be a time when she would manage to talk to her Dad on the phone while some man fucked her brains out doggie style. He only hoped he would be able to watch her. Manya felt the last burst of her orgasm leave her body. She looked down first at her son and then at herself. Her son had shifted his head out of her bosom and was lying with his head on the pillow. He looked like he was beginning to drift asleep.

When she looked at herself, she realized with a shock as to how exposed she was. Her entire front was open right down to her bush and the saree was bundled up around her pussy, leaving everything below open and bare from her fleshy thighs downwards. Even the horny mother felt she looked quite vulgar lying like this next to her son. But she also felt her breasts and recollected what her son had done. Her nipples were still a bit damp from all his nibbling and biting.

The sides of her full breasts still retained his squeeze pressure and throbbed lightly. Sweat decorated her lush body around her curvy waist and belly button. Manya's eyes drifted to her pelvic area and the mess startled her. Her saree just about covered her pussy and was damp all around it. The magnitude of the incident with her little son began to sink into the voluptuous mother and wife.

Her young boy had felt, squeezed and kissed her everywhere now except for her pussy. Binu had established his territorial rights on almost every inch of her generous body and she had allowed it. Manya felt that there was no way she was going to rebuff him. "The greatest discipline was self discipline", she kept repeating in her mind.

Binu could not be denied his normal urges. Manya knew that such urges were normal in boys and that it was dangerous to rebuff them because of the possible psychological repercussions on them. Moreover she was sure that he would outgrow his obsession with her body overtime. As a mother she had deep love for her sons and was sure that whatever Binu did to her only demonstrated his love, not lust.

She smiled and thought that Binu needed some indulgence and pampering through this phase. And it only made her feel sexier, better and more desirable. There was nothing which turned on Manya more than the knowledge that someone lusted after her body.

She did however wonder as to why Deen did not go through this phase with her body. The thought made her a bit concerned about her elder son's normalcy and she decided to take a closer look at him from now on. Binu had actually begun to drift into sleep since the excitement of feeling and sucking his mother's breasts drained him mentally. It was his first encounter with his mother in a bare, physical sense.

He loved what he felt and sucked. Manya reached out to ruffle his hair and shifted her body down to settle down beside him. She readjusted her saree to cover her buttocks and thighs and slept with her back to her son. She tried hard to sleep but remained a few steps short of slumber. After nearly half an hour, she felt Binu's hands on her bare back and stiffened. His arm came around her naked waist as it always did, towards her navel.

He seemed to be sleeping. Suddenly his right leg moved over her hips and rested there. Manya could directly feel the impact of his dick against her full and fleshy asscheeks. He was hard. He was throbbing too. Binu's hand moved in and out of her navel in a slow fingering motion.

Manya first smiled to herself at her son's loving touches. She relaxed her ass against his pressing dick and allowed the pleasurable impulses in her navel to take over. But she stiffened again when she felt his dick throbbing against her butt. Its heat and hardness permeated through his shorts and her sheer saree. She was certain that Binu was not fully awake. There was no thrust of his cock against her heated asscheeks, but the aroused mother was sure that her ass heat was interacting with his young dick through the sheer garment supposedly covering her horny body.

Her body stiffened further when she felt his dick throb intensifies wildly. In astonishment she felt her son's cock pulsing against her hot ass without any movement or thrust from his side. She realized he was dreaming about the ample body and breasts he had caressed away with freedom.

The throbbing against her ass continued like an automatic motor. Her dreaming son's cock was beating against the object of his dreams, making the subject of his lusty dream quiver and squirm against it. Manya stiffened her firm asscheeks even further when she felt a spasming pressure on them. The spasms were followed by a sudden burst of wetness which dampened the rear of her saree.

With a shock the sexy mother realized that Binu had ejaculated against her ass. She remained motionless in the knowledge and continued to feel the waves of release ebb out. For five minutes after feeling the last weak throb, Manya remained in that posture to allow her son's body to regain blissful sleep. Dazed, she reached behind and felt the saree around her ass, taking care not to disturb his leg over her naked hips.

She realized that her saree rode up to the base of her asscheeks. It felt damp. Her son's cock had almost been hitting her bare ass. Manya felt dizzy with the thought. Her son was indeed on the threshold of adolescence. Despite all that had happened, the sexy woman smiled to herself.

It was a day when she saw her body literally worshipped by Sam, plundered by a few others and finally her own son was giving it its most loving reassurance. She restrained herself from turning around and hugging her sleeping son.

A frontier had been crossed by the mother and son. Manya again woke up a little earlier than normal. The advantage of a well fucked body was that sleep enters quick and deep. It also leaves the body quickly once the required rest is obtained. The impending sunrise moments were also moments for horniness to dawn on the beautiful wife.

She stirred and stretched herself lazily. She noticed that her saree had slipped away from her hips, the knot having got unfastened. She was stark naked on her bed. She looked at Binu who was fast asleep, now with his back to her. A quick recap of the previous night's events crossed her mind. The lovely mother felt herself loaded once again with compassion and love for her son. On impulse, she bent and kissed Binu on his ear softly. Binu turned in his sleep to face her.

His eyes were still closed. The naked mother felt an overpowering surge of affection. She gently hugged his face into her breasts and stroked his back, knowing that he was asleep and couldn't sense her nudity.

Her mind told her that this could be the last time she would be hugging her son as a little innocent boy. She wanted to feel and savour the moment. She hugged his boyish face into her naked, full breasts, allowing their softness to smother his face. She kept kissing his sleeping head and held him against her breasts for two full minutes. Satisfied, the nude mother rose from the bed. As she got up, she thought with a mischievous smile that she needn't wear a blouse to bed anymore while sleeping with Binu.

Life was shifting gears and she felt deliciously wicked. Early morning horniness crept into Manya's ripe body the moment she got out of bed. She wondered whether she should take a stroll down to the jogger's park. It was not the prospect of running into Salman or Sam but she felt she needed some fresh air for sure. Putting on some undergarments, she draped the same dark blue saree over herself with the sleeveless blouse.

Looking into the mirror, she decided she looked decent. The saree was crumpled however, making her look like she'd had a torrid night in bed. With lazy strides, the horny wife and mother headed towards the joggers park, passing innumerable admirers on the way exhibiting different degrees of lust. "I can't help it if I'm blessed with a lush body", she thought", as she passed a staring middle aged man.

The man's wife was sharply dragging her husband away, giving dirty looks to Manya. When she entered the park, she was pleasantly surprised to see Sana. She had brought her black Alsatian dog for a walk. Manya knew that Sam and Sana were avid dog lovers and that was what brought them together.

Seeing Sana sitting on a bench, holding on to her dog's leash, Manya heaved her sexy body across to her side, feeling many eyes on her exposed waist and upper hips. Sana greeted her cheerfully. Midway through their small talk, Sana pointed to her dog Tiger, and said that Sam and she were looking to mate him soon so that they could generate a lot of puppies for a whole lot of friends who had asked.

Manya looked at the friendly but big dog. His eyes were deep and bright. Sana kept playing with the area around his ears and he kept raising his head to lick Sana on her neck and face. It looked like a loving dog. "Tiger, meet Aunt Manya," introduced Sana, pointing Manya out to her dog. Tiger rose to his feet and went to Manya, stretching his paw as if to shake hands.

Manya bent slightly from the bench to shake hands. She found Tiger cute and well behaved. Manya stroked his head lightly and the dog responded by licking Manya's face. Though not used to dogs, Manya felt this one was harmless and she allowed the animal to lap her beautiful face with his long wet tongue.

The eager dog licked the beautiful mother's face, thrilled at her willing offer. He ran his tongue all over cheeks, forehead, neck, and nose and swept it in one long stroke over her full lips.

Manya recoiled for a second, feeling a stir. Seeing Sana laugh, she continued to let Tiger lavish his tongue all over her face. Her face was wet all over from his licking in no time. The lapping dog didn't seem to want to stop. "Aunt Manya, he seems to like you a lot. He doesn't lick my face that long", said Sana. Sana again felt a wee bit jealous that like her boyfriend Sam, even her dog seemed to prefer the voluptuous wife over her nubile self.

She pulled the dog by its leash, dragging him away from the beautiful object of his attention. Manya was partly relieved. She wiped her face with her saree and noticed the doggie aroma.

It was a bit strong and different. Manya chatted with Sana for a while longer and decided that she had to get back home. She held Sana's hand to say farewell and bent to shake hands with Tiger as she stood.

The top of her saree fell off her shoulders, revealing a huge cleavage right in front of the dog's eyes. Tiger wasted no time in giving a sharp lick right in the center of the juicy woman's cleavage.

The voluptuous mother was shocked at the act and felt a sharp bolt of an indescribable feeling in her. Adjusting her saree she turned around to leave.

But Tiger's paws were close to her feet and as she took a step, the dog also moved to stop her. In the process, his paw fell on the bottom of her saree, causing Manya to trip over.

The well stacked housewife fell flat on her back with the saree getting swept aside from her front. Tiger saw a fleshy target in his new friend and he pounced onto the lush woman, licking at her exposed navel.

He lapped her belly with his long, dripping tongue, sending an electric current right through Manya's horny body. Sana simply stared for a moment at the lewdly exciting sight before her.

Her pet was simply lapping the juices out of Manya's spread out belly. His tongue covered every exposed inch of her huge midriff and Sana gaped at the full bodied wife as she writhed about under the onslaught, not knowing how to stop the beast. Tiger delved into her navel several times and his tongue sent shivers all over Manya's rippling body.

Manya had as well as surrendered when she heard and saw Sana pull back her dog. Thankfully she got up, adjusted her saree and looked around. About ten people were around, staring in silence at the unexpected, apparently harmless, yet wildly arousing sight.

Embarrassed into redness the flushed housewife quickly bade good bye to a still stunned Sana and moved out of the park. On the way she heard a guy call out, "Watch out Maam. Dogs think like us guys. They are always on the look out for a bitch in heat".

The man didn't look like a regular in the area. But Manya was too helpless to react angrily. She literally ran her way home, her eyes moist with shame. Only after reaching her kitchen door did she stop to relax. Panting, she slowly started to regain her breath. The behavior of the dog outraged the wife, but she realized she felt different. Suddenly she moved her hands to her pussy and felt it through the saree.

She was wet. Her mind worked in all directions trying to understand her state. Everything pointed to only one thing, she felt aroused. She felt like a bitch in heat. A real bitch. Somebody else also understood that she was in heat.

The milkman, who had been waiting for a few days to get his hands on the horny wife, was keeping guard by the kitchen door. He saw the disturbed, quivering woman and sensed that she needed cock. Unable to believe his luck, he held her strongly by her shoulders.

Manya trembled and turned around. She was both relieved and excited to find the milkman. She allowed him to rest her on the threshold of the kitchen door. She remained silent and shaking as he stripped her saree and petticoat right off her ass. The young stud repositioned his favorite housewife in the spot where he loved fucking her and proceeded to give her what she loved most.

Feeling his strong dick ravaging her cunt doggie style, Manya felt like a true bitch at that moment. The thought sent ripples of pleasure all over her body as much as his steely dick did. Her mind went to the bitch that Tiger would mate to give rise to tens of puppies.

For a fleeting second she placed herself in the place of the bitch and imagined herself to be surrounded by his puppies. Her fertile pussy gushed out juices strongly to meet the milkman's own spurting cock. It was a mind blowing, delirious first fuck. The exhausted woman rested her ass on the threshold of the kitchen and smiled at the young milkman.

No words were exchanged for a few minutes. She watched with the same smile as he pushed up his pants and left her presence. It was a purely functional, purpose serving fucking, and the adulterous Manya loved such fucking.

The time was still fifteen minutes to seven am. Manya had another half an hour at least before her sons awoke. She felt fresh now and memories of the dog's assault on her flesh were pushed back into her mind. Her saree was still off her body. Her ass was still naked on the doorstep. The licentious wife decided to get inside when she saw Sam appear from nowhere carrying an envelope. He pulled out all the Polaroid snaps that he had taken yesterday and forgotten to hand over. He suddenly saw that the beautiful woman was naked.

Her legs were spread apart in sitting posture and she looked remarkably comfortable in that awkward pose. Manya didn't feel the need to cover herself before Sam of all the people. The two of them chatted as if they were sitting over a dining table. Sam knelt next to the sexy woman, his elbow on her thigh as they browsed through the pictures. Manya felt slightly embarrassed and excited on seeing her pussy close ups.

There was no way anybody could guess it was her pussy. Sam had made her pink cunt look like the world's greatest treasure cove. She admired his ability more than the magnificence of her pussy. However after repeated viewing she felt a warmth surge again in her loins.

She gave him a sudden kiss on his lips. Sam responded by kissing her back and held her by her naked hips. His hand rested well below her waist side and he kept squeezing her generous flesh in soft comforting strokes.

They looked perfectly matched and at ease with each other, like a husband and wife going through the morning newspaper. That was how the watching Deen felt from the side window. Deen woke up late and missed his Mom's early jaunt. But he was bang on time to see her getting banged by the milkman and was surprised at her extra passion. He had no idea regarding the source of her renewed fuck vigor. Now Sam and his mother were going through the fruits of their previous day's labor. Sam got closer and closer to his lusty mother and Deen could see that Manya was becoming conscious of his growing proximity.

She felt Sam's familiar hand once again find her pussy and that really enhanced her comfort level. She kept looking at the pictures of her lewdly spread cunt, thanking herself that she didn't wear any ring.

It would have revealed her identity from the way in which her fingers were opening up her juicy cunt in the snaps. All along Sam kept fingering her pussy. Even her sighs and moans came by themselves and the couple slowly slid into a reclining posture.

Manya rested her head back against the door and spread her thighs wider to give freer access to Sam's cupping hand. He manipulated her pussy without stopping. Manya's bladder was full because she hadn't taken a pee before her morning walk.

Now with all the ministrations of her sensitive lover, the pressure began to build up to near uncontrollable levels.

She gasped at his strokes and whispered to him that she had to pee. Sam did not relent. His fingers got busier and busier with the horny wife's pussy. Each strokes of his raised her need to bursting levels. She felt she would pee any moment. But the moment never came. The loaded feeling persisted but the horny wife could not release her urine. The relentless stroking of Sam on her pussy thwarted the flow.

Instead her pussy got swollen and wet with super charged desire. She held on sobbing to Sam's hand, her face wearing an agonized look that was wildly arousing to both Deen and Sam. Sam wasted no further time. He replaced his fingers with his dick, stretching Manya outside the door right on the ground. Deen felt his mother looked obscene all over again, stretched out hornily on the ground, her hips heaving and her pussy swollen with the combined need to piss and get fucked.

Sam poked her outer pussy with his finger as if to test the walls. Manya burst out into uncontrollable sobs, whimpering with need. "Please Sam, "she begged. "Either fuck me or let me pee". Deen was wild both with anger and arousal at his mother's degradation.

He watched Sam toy with his shameless mother. "Tell me Aunt Manya", he teased. "Shall I fuck you or you want to pee". The lusty mother was in distress. "Do something Sam", she begged, looking beautifully helpless on the ground, writhing in lust, her hands crushing her breasts.

"Okay Aunt Manya, you can pee", announced Sam, standing above her lewd form, with his dick hard and strong over her. The depraved woman could take it no more.

She reached up and holding Sam by his dick dragged him right on to her heaving, voluptuous body. She roughly positioned his hard cock right at the entrance of her dripping snatch. She arched her heated hips up and forced an entry for his cock, rotating her hips greedily to allow his meat to sink into her gash. She took his hands and placed them on her heaving breasts and forced him to crush the quivering mounds. Making guttural sounds that shocked both Sam and her son, the wildly aroused mother thrusts her hips upwards, her eyes imploring and pleading with him to commence fucking.

Sam felt it would be a sin to hold back any longer. He began rotating his hips and started a slow fucking to feel the insides of her boiling cunt fully. His cock once again familiarized itself with Manya's beautiful pussy. Deen was now red with jealousy as he saw his mother first being reduced to a shameless wreck and then getting fucked in a long and teasing rhythm.

Sam was really giving it to his Mom, treating her like his personal whore. Manya's bitchiness was elevated even though Sam took her pussy missionary style. Both the teenagers could see the lust contortioned face of the beautiful woman as her wholesome body got ravished. On a bursting bladder, every stroke of Sam's dick felt like it was hitting against a water bed. Manya's horny body bounced and heaved at every thrust in the early hours.

Sam pounded with urgency to take the sexy wife to a much needed orgasm. The orgasm washed her insides thoroughly and she felt Sam's cock spurt at the same time. With a lusty moan, she took out Sam's cock from her cunt and placed it above her face, taking the full blast on her eyes, nose, lips and cheeks. She licked the fluids wherever her tongue could reach and released his dick only when it turned fully limp.

Giving it a kiss with a groan, she fell back on her back again in exhaustion. Deen looked on and on, having ejaculated for the second time during that torrid fucking session. Suddenly, before the eyes of the two teenagers, Manya began to pee. She had lost it. The flow came loud and steady and burst out like a mountain stream. Sam watched in amazement and wished that he had brought his camera to cap this erotic moment.

For a full two minutes, the horny woman let out all the accumulated fluids, clutching her abdomen during the act. She was still spread out on the floor, the pee collecting itself around the inverted V between her thighs.

It formed a small puddle. With her beautiful, homely face and well fucked body, Deen felt his mother looked like a true slut. A lovable slut. But she looked beautiful to him. His well stacked nymph mom always looked beautiful when she was getting fucked. Deen rushed into his bathroom after the dynamite act of his Mom overcame him fully. Manya herself suddenly sensed the time and rose from the ground gathering her saree, looking thoroughly dirty and obscene.

Sam loved this look on his favorite model and he kissed her hard on her lips, feeling his own cum on them. Manya mumbled something into his mouth and felt him squeeze her cuntlips in one last stroke before departing. It felt nice to be teased and used this way.

Her body's limits were being stretched and she found the exercise thrilling. A cheerful Manya prepared a grand breakfast for her sons and only one of them knew the reason for her happiness. She glowed with contentment and both sons felt happy for having such a beautiful mother. Binu however was slightly embarrassed.

He had woken up to see his first semen discharge in his pants. He discussed it with his brother Deen, who told him that it was perfectly natural. Both brothers did not go into further details. Manya sensed that Binu was feeling different. She gave him a couple of hugs more than necessary to reassure him and even placed his hand around her waist when she felt that he was self conscious about it.

She allowed her breasts to touch the back of his head several times in the course of the meal, with and without reason. By the end of the breakfast, Binu was back to his old huggy self and before leaving for school, gave his trademark squeeze and kiss to his voluptuous mother. He gave her ass an extra hard squeeze and that assured Manya that her son was back to normal. Deen said that the day's classes were off because of a sports function at school which he didn't feel like attending.

Manya smiled at him. She looked deeply at her son in wonder. He was a sweet and loving boy but he was somehow withdrawn and not gregarious like his younger brother. Binu never lost an opportunity to hug and kiss her while Deen would hardly ever touch her or even converse with her at length. She sincerely hoped that he was sexually normal. She remembered suddenly that the boys who were balling her were around Deen's age or a little older. The thought made her shiver and shift.

If she could be a part of Binu's sexual discovery, then she found no reason why Deen should be left out. She decided to bring him out of his shell that morning.

Fifteen minutes after breakfast, Manya called out, "Deen, can you please help me by massaging my back with oil"? The surprised teenager was caught of guard, but he agreed.

He was wearing only his shorts and nothing else as he came out to the living room. His mother had removed her saree and blouse. Wearing a bra and petticoat she stood before him with two towels in hand. Manya began her little game by saying that the oil would make her petticoat damp. She wrapped the shortest towel around her hips and removed the petticoat. Similarly she unhooked her bra and simply placed the other towel across her chest.

The beautiful mother saw her son staring at her thighs and breasts alternatively. The towel came to about thigh length, exposing her golden, well toned thighs. Her nipples were clearly outlined through the thin cotton towel across her breasts. She presented an air of extreme physical informality.

The horny mother noted that the effect was not lost on her son. His young cock tented his shorts already. Manya lay flat on the floor on her back and handed a bottle of oil to her staring son. In a mild trance, Deen opened the bottle, poured some oil into his palms and looked enquiringly at his sprawled out Mom.

"My legs first Deen," she said, spreading them apart slightly. Deen rubbed his palms together and ran them along his mother's calves and feet first. They felt good and well toned. The shape of his mother's calves was exquisite and they looked sublimely elegant.

They felt elegant too to the worshipful hands of her son. Deen's hands went past her knees to reach her glorious, fleshy thighs. He paused for a moment here to pour some more oil. Wetting his palms with oil again, he looked at his sprawled out mother. The horny woman opened her eyes and nodded at him to go ahead with her thighs. Deen kneaded the flesh of her thighs, allowing the oil to spread and get absorbed. They felt electric and charged. His mother's thighs felt like pillars of flesh carved out of banana tree trunks.

The flesh quivered and carried immense warmth that got hotter with each stroke of his. The hem of the towel was quite high on Manya's thighs, about three inches from her naked pussy. Deen couldn't see her pussy lips but his fingers crossed the hem of the towel many times during his vigorous massaging of those sexy thighs.

Manya was moaning silently to herself in gradual arousal. She had to take care not to show it, but her body betrayed her. Every time her son's fingers brushed deeper into her inner thighs, her thighs quivered in response. She kept her eyes closed but her lips trembled enough to tell the tale to Deen that his mother was turning horny.

He had no option but to massage her. He continued his teasing touch, using both fingers and palm to administer some strong groping touches on her inner regions. He was getting perilously close to her pussy. His dick was hard at the very beginning and now it was threatening to burst out of his shorts. Swiftly he moved his oiling to his mother's belly. The sexy mother gasped as her son's hands oiled her stomach and waist.

She felt them roam all over her creamy flesh and sighed when she felt him pour a few drops of oil into her deep navel and use his finger to diddle it. Deen heard his mother's moans and sighs all through this erotic massage. He was finding it as uncontrollable as her. He lingered lovingly around her lower belly and could see as he stroked her flesh why Binu was obsessed with his mother's belly.

Indeed it was a ripe treasure. And it carried a current that sent its charge right through his palm and spine. Both mother and son knew they couldn't take this erotic session for too long. Manya suddenly turned on her belly, presenting her naked back to her son. "Do my back now Deen", she moaned huskily.

Deen took one look at his mother. Her entire back was exposed right up to her butt crack. The towel came up to the end of her asscheeks and if he ran his hand to massage, he was sure he would be forced to touch her pussy.

He could see the sides of her full breasts as they pressed against the floor. Her hands were outstretched. He got working on her back, feeling the expanse and softness. His mother had a very luscious body. He felt he was lucky to be able to service her in this manner. He gripped her back firmly and oiled her all over. His hands also constantly touched the sides of her breasts whenever he tried to massage her sides. He lovingly reached into her armpits and stroked them, eliciting a wild moan from his horny mother.

There was perfect knowledge between mother and son that both were turned on. The sexual tension was palpable. Deen ran his hands on the back of her thighs and in the process got to squeeze and knead them thoroughly. His sexy mother, from the back was as good as nude, except for the thin towel covering her ass. And the cheeks of her full ass were all it covered. The rest of her creamy body was all his for squeezing. At one stage Deen had to sit at the base of her asscheeks in order to be able to massage her back properly.

When he did so, his dick came into direct contact with the absolute base of her ass, not even an inch from her dripping cunt. He massaged away at her back and as he did so, his pelvic region moved to and fro against Manya's lower ass bringing his cock into periodic contact with her pussy entrance. It was a searingly arousing contact both for Deen and his horny mother. Manya was feeling the scorching arousal but managed not to show it because her face was down on the floor.

Deen noticed his mother's asscheeks wiggle and realized that she was fully in heat. He slowly reduced the pressure of his massaging which in turn reduced the pressure of his dick on her outer pussy.

Manya was mad with lust. She groaned inwardly and felt that if Deen was not wearing shorts his cock would have been inside her hot pussy by now. She wiggled her ass involuntarily, not caring about the effect on her young son. She didn't care if he fucked her. She realized that he was normal after all and that pleased her.

Deen however suddenly became subdued. The naked woman under him was his mother and the thought kept coming back to him again and again. He was about to burst into ejaculation but forcibly drew himself away from her ass. Manya's ass stopped quivering, as if to express her disappointment.

The horny mother had reached a stage where nothing mattered to her. Her son's withdrawal puzzled her and she remained naked and frustrated as Deen announced that he had finished.

He rose off his almost naked mother's back and without letting her see his hard on, rushed out of the room. Manya got up slowly with a mixed sense of disappointment and relief on her features.

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She was happy that her son was a normal kid. Her body was unhappy that the massage hadn't resulted in something more. But her mind accepted that non event with a motherly happiness. All in all she was neutral to what happened with Deen.

As she rose her towel fell off her chest. Manya didn't bother to adjust it. Suddenly from the corner of her eye she spotted Deen peeping on her from his bedroom window. She could see him transfixed to the spot, his eyes on her. With a start she understood the situation. Her elder son loved to watch her. He was more of a voyeur. She let the towel remain down and kept her breasts exposed. She turned her back to Deen and walked towards her room with a deliberate, sensual sway of her hips.

The towel was almost falling off her full hips by the time she reached her bedroom door. Suddenly Manya turned around at the door, giving Deen an unhindered view of her full breasts. Their ripeness was further heightened by the oil which was at their base and sides. They jiggled sexily at her sudden turn, making Deen's eyes pop out. He had seen his mother's breasts in all kinds of hands and in different stages of mauling.

But now, her exclusive display was special and turned him on like never before. Further he could see that her towel was almost about to fall off her hips. It was well below her bush and it required a simple jerk for it to fall off. Deen counted up to three and as expected Manya shrugged and allowed the towel to fall off her lush hips exposing herself in all her glory to her son.

Her rich fertile bush, her fleshy thighs, her magnificent creamy midriff, her well endowed bust, her erect nipples and her horny face were all out in display for the exclusive eye of her loving son. It was an awesome flood of lust that swept Manya as she exposed herself to her son. She felt wanton and liberated too at the same time. She felt a deep release within herself that told her that her erotic journey was now comprehensive.

Well, almost, thought the sex crazed wife to her. Manya allowed Deen to feast on her voluptuous body for one full minute before walking nude into her bedroom and bath. Deen saw her nude, full asscheeks wiggle out of sight. Clutching his dick, Deen wondered why he was so aroused. He had seen his mother getting fucked into oblivion, not once but several times in the most obscene postures.

That body held no novelty for him but just now he felt he was looking at her all over again for the first time. "Could it be," he wondered with a shock. "Could it be that she knew I was peeping. Did she expose herself to me deliberately realizing that I was peeping?" The idea made him go weak in his knees.

He sat down on his bed, holding his head. His dick was about to signal a burst. He had to jerk it all out. And he did just that. His voluptuous, horny Mom was doing the same with her swollen pussy, in the privacy of her bathroom. Chapter 17 Anya lay naked on the bathroom floor, her back against the wall, and two fingers deep in her drenched pussy.

She was breathing heavily. Her orgasm was long and convulsive, after she had brought herself off. Exposing herself deliberately to her son started off fires within her which were wild, different and more powerful than ever before. The flood of juices in her loins had an uncontrollable rush about them. She felt deliciously wicked. Remaining on the floor, she reached up and turned on the shower.

The steady downpour hit her with a stroking force on her breasts, hips, bush and thighs. For a full ten minutes the horny mother let her body take in the cool shower before getting down to the serious business of cleaning the oil off her ripe body.

As she soaped and cleaned her curves, she shivered in the memory of her son Deen's hands on her body. She lingered wherever Deen had massaged her on her belly, hips and thighs. Her asscheeks quivered as she recollected the pressure of his young dick on them through the thin towel. It took the beautiful woman another half hour to wash herself thoroughly. She walked out of the bath and into the bedroom, wiping herself in the process.

The bedroom door was almost closed without being locked. Manya let it remain that way, knowing that Deen would not barge in without announcement. Her body had never felt more cared for and attended. With two sons showering their attention on it, it glowed, making her feel happier than ever before.

It also made the voluptuous mother hornier than ever before. Manya's loins were now in a perpetual discharge mode. The juices always oozed now.

Only their vigor was decided by the situation. With sex fully in her mind, she decided to lie down for a while and cool off. Naked, she slid her juicy body under the covers and tried to sleep. Her hand automatically rested on her pussy mound, the fingers stroking the lips lightly. In the other room, Deen ranted about as he neared his third ejaculation. His entire bed sheet was smeared with cum. In the course of three jerk offs, he had visualized his mother's horny body in all possible situations of ravishment, use and abuse.

She had screamed and cried in his imagination as cock after cock ploughed into her greedy pussy and hand after hand mauled her well stacked body.

His final image of his mother as he ejaculated was of a cum drenched woman, sprawled naked on the floor, her face coated with sperm and her sexy body heaving about wantonly in the final stages of orgasm. Even after ejaculation he could still feel the remnants of the touch of Manya's fleshy, heated body in his palms.

The doorbell rang fifteen minutes later and Deen ran to open it. It was Binu, and behind him were Abdul, Manya's sixty year old tailor, accompanied by his son. "Hi Deen", said Binu as he walked in. "Abdul and his son entered the gate with me. Where's Mom", he enquired, his eyes turning towards his mother's bedroom. "She's relaxing after a bath", replied Deen, asking Abdul and his son in.

He saw his brother move towards Manya's bedroom. Binu walked into the bedroom calling out for his Mom. He paused for a while at her bedside, quite mesmerized by the sight of his half asleep Mom. The bed sheet had slipped partly down at her chest, revealing one juicy breast fully.

The other one was also exposed fully except for her nipple. He could make out that his mother had one hand around her lower abdomen. Her chest rose and fell slightly as she dozed. "She might be fully naked", thought the young son. Deciding that he had to wake her up for the tailor, he bent down to kiss her on the forehead.

"Mom," he whispered, moving his kiss down to her closed eyes. Manya stirred at the soft impact. But her eyes were still closed. Binu gazed at her lovely face, proud of her beauty. Instinctively he kissed his mother again on her eyes and trailed his lips down to her cheek.

"Mom," he said again in the softest of whispers. Manya opened her eyes slowly and saw Binu's eager face about to kiss her cheek. "Hmmmm", she said as she let him kiss her. Her hand which was around her pussy began its own slow movement in cupping her mound. Binu kissed his Mom softly on the cheek and very slowly moved his lips down to her lips for their customary peck. Coming out of slumber, Manya felt deliciously aroused and she opened her mouth slightly to meet her son's lips.

Binu accepted her offering eagerly. Mother and son kissed deeply with Manya even pushing her tongue into Binu's mouth in a tentative exploration. It was the first time that they had an exploratory kiss. Binu felt his body turn hot and Manya could feel him clenching. This woke her up fully. The horny mother rose higher to complete the kiss in comfort.

In the process, the bed sheet slipped right off her chest, baring both her big breasts to her son. Binu's eyes popped out and he instinctively reached out to cup his mother's right breast. He had established his right to suck and caress her breasts when exposed and he utilized this opportunity.

He kept kissing her while he squeezed her right breast. Manya kept kissing him while getting her breast squeezed, her hand delving into her moist pussy under the covers. Even as her arousal rose, she couldn't help marveling at the ease and skill with which her son was kissing and pawing her at the same time. He seemed an excellent kisser. The twin pressures were really getting to her. Her pussy, which was already moist, began to gain in heat. She realized the need to regain some motherly sanity.

She removed her wet lips from her son's mouth and sat back with a gasp. Binu simply looked dreamily into his Mom's eyes, continuing his breast caress for another ten seconds. "Mom, the tailor Abdul and his son have come to see you," announced Binu, giving his mother's breast a final, soft squeeze.

Manya was stunned at this announcement by her son, coming as it did after he had kissed and given her a thorough feel over. His enterprise pleasantly surprised her. "Pest", she laughed and slapped her son on his butt playfully. "You're telling me now after so long." One hand was still under the covers and on her pussy when she told Binu, "i'll be out there in two minutes.

Tell them to sit down". Taking one last look at his Mom's nude form, Binu was convinced that his mother was indeed naked under the bed sheet. He left the room, allowing Manya to dress up. The dressing up was quick since Manya simply slipped into a petticoat and put on a blouse without a bra. She was quite used to Abdul for over ten years now. He was almost a saintly old man.

Manya felt very comfortable with him. It was when she entered the living area that both Deen and Manya got a shock. Deen because of his Mom's scanty attire and Manya because she hadn't expected Abdul to come with his son.

But she continued in her attire because they had to take her measurements in any case. Three male eyes looked on as Manya walked towards them, her unconstrained breasts swaying sexily with each step. Deen left them and went to his room. But he took up a position at the keyhole to peep on his Mom with the tailor. He knew Binu would be bathing and would be busy for at least another half hour. Manya made some initial small talk with Abdul.

Abdul's son was hardly eighteen years old. He was a slim lad with keen eyes and Manya did notice him shifting uncomfortably every time her breasts heaved during the talk. She also noticed that the lad's eyes remained fixed on her huge, exposed midriff when he was not staring at her melons.

Abdul then took measurements for her blouse. His son noted down while the father called out. The watching Deen saw his mother raise both her hands for Abdul to measure her chest.

His dick shot to attention yet again as the tape encircled her full breasts and jerked hard whenever Abdul's knuckles pressed into Manya's cups. He also saw Abdul's hand graze his mother's erect nipples on two occasions.

Manya on her part allowed the job to go on. The tape graced her armpits, back, arms, shoulders and neck. When it came to the neck, she indicated to Abdul to lower the neck by a few inches. Abdul brought the tape with his thumb well past the mid point of his beautiful customer's ripe cleavage and held it for a moment. Manya nodded with a twinkle in her eyes and Abdul read out the measurement for his dazed son to jot down.

The old tailor then gave the tape to his understudy son for taking the petticoat measurements. Deen was startled. Manya herself didn't expect it but was indifferent to the change. Kneeling down to face her sexy waist, the lad encircled the lush ass of the housewife with the tape and called out the size. Deen found the kid's reading out his Mom's ass size a very stimulating and wild act. He kept clutching his aching dick and peeped on as the boy circled the tape around his Mom's luscious waist above the belly button.

"Lower," he heard his Mom say. "Place the tape where I am wearing the petticoat now. Yes… That's the comfortable position". The horny wife felt the boy's hands pressing into her fleshy lower abdomen for a few seconds as he read out her final measurement. She gasped and that made the youngster look up into her face, past her full cleavage, his face inches away from her abdomen. Manya forced her eyes away from the boy. The sudden shiver which went up her body betrayed her arousal.

The father and son duo finished measuring the sexy mother's body as her watching, randy son jerked off for the fourth time since the morning. It was while they were leaving and Manya was closing the door that Deen saw and heard Binu bound into the living area.

Binu had missed the scene where Manya was measured up at leisure and that was why he showed a bit of surprise at the flushed look on Manya's face.

"Are you OK Mom," he asked, shaking her lightly by the shoulder. "Mmmm, yes," mumbled the horny mother, allowing Binu to lead her by her exposed waist to the dining table. Deen kept observing the casual manner in which his younger brother kept caressing Manya's waist all the way to the table. The three of them finished a good meal. While Binu was eager to run out for his cricket his brother and mother were horny and restless. Manya was horny because of the immense stimulation caused by Deen's massage and the revelation that he enjoyed ogling her body.

She now felt great in the company of her sons, closer and more secure than ever before. She was also confident that every act of theirs was out of pure love. Even the lust was love driven. Being a love starved woman with a sex starved body, this attention from her sons made her glad. It also made her extremely horny. All the kissing and pawing by Binu stirred up her juices and left her craving for the real act.

Deen knew it only too well. And right now he was restless because he knew that his mother was feeling horny. It showed in her body language. The way she kept crossing and uncrossing her thighs forced him to visualize the itchy pussy nestled between those glorious thighs. He noticed light beads of sweat in her cleavage which was half exposed and heaving mildly.

Her eyes showed a distracted look. Deen realized a stage had come where he communicated with her bodily needs very directly. He could sense when she needed a fucking just as surely as he could sense when she had been freshly fucked. Right now he could see that his Mom needed a good fucking. Both mother and son were lucky. The answer to their feelings came in the form of a call from Prem.

He called to find out whether they would be keen on a family garment sale in town. Binu had to go for his cricket. Manya and Deen said yes. But Manya heard Deen tell Prem that he would be going over to a friend's place to hand over some borrowed college assignments. He asked Prem to come over and take his mother to the sale, promising to join them within an hour. She smiled to herself at the thought of being alone with Prem for at least an hour. Deen smiled to himself too as he left the house with his brother.

He knew he was doing something for his Mom's sake. It made him happy. The appointed time was six in the evening and he had an hour and a half to pass. The brothers left in different directions. Deen headed towards the marketplace and went straight to his favorite bookseller's shop. It was his favorite hunting place for his sleaze collection. Literature, pictures, and cassettes the place had it all and the owner was a friendly, portly middle aged man.

Deen walked into the shop which was full of racks of books and magazines. The cassettes were all lined up against the wall. But Deen began looking into the book racks. There were four of them and a passage separated each one from the other. A person on this side of the rack could not see the one on the other side.

While Deen started looking into the incest collection, he suddenly heard a soft discussion from the other side and stiffened when he heard the name 'Manya'.

He strained his ears to catch the voices and recognized them as Salman's and Sam's. With a quickening pulse, Deen heard on. "You mean your Doberman went for Aunt Manya's pussy that morning," came Salman's exclamation.

"Yup, right towards her crotch. I had to hold it back. He must have loved the smell from her pussy after all you did to her", replied Sam.

"My Dad and me, both", stated Salman as the overhearing Deen turned to a statue in disbelief at the mention of the dog.

"Dad went first. By the time I did it, she was already dripping and squishy. Man, she oozes in gallons". "Wow, I'm not surprised. She's hot way beyond normal. And she loves having her pussy eaten", said Sam. "You did that?" enquired Salman. "I 'also' did that ", chipped in Sam with a chuckle."Her snatch is never dry. You can finish your dinner and dessert in it. Eat her the whole morning and she'll have you fuck her into tomorrow." "She's wild Sam.

She loves it when I take her like a bitch, on all fours. But next time I'm going to dip my face into her juicy snatch first". "Do that and she's your slut forever". "Maybe we should do her together once", suggested Salman with a loaded voice.

"Oh, she'll take us both easy. You first thrust into her mouth while I lick her into readiness. Then we switch." "Mmmmmm," mumbled Salman hornily. You might as well bring your Doberman along to lick her clean when we're through with her". "Good idea, but I suspect the dog may not stop with simply licking her," replied Sam.

"What! Exclaimed Salman. "You mean it will… " "Yes it will…," replied Sam. "Any dog will love her scent.

And Manya will take it. I know for sure she'll love it too. She's crazy for cock in any form". "Fuck, god dam slut", hissed Salman. "This talk is making me horny Sam." "You bet. And Sana told me that your Alsatian gave Aunt Manya a long and thorough licking all over her face and belly". "Belly! My goodness. I can't take this anymore. I need to either fuck or jerk off. Let's get the hell out of here". The stunned Deen heard his two friends rush out of the store. Their talk and the revelations about his Mom's doggie adventure shocked him.

It also excited him more than ever before. Her extreme horniness and utter depravity injected a fresh wave of voyeuristic thrill in him. Their talk of performing a threesome with his mother with the possibility of the dog joining in took his vision to the highest conceivable level. In a way he knew such a thing had to be around the corner. His dick ached and strained against his pants and he kept clutching and rubbing it as he reflected on what had just transpired.

He regretted having left the park early that morning. He swore to himself that he wouldn't miss it again. "If necessary, i'll offer to take her for a morning walk tomorrow. Just to see how the dog would make its advances," he thought to himself.

His mind went back to his horny mother and he wondered what was happening in the house. What was happening in the house was totally in tune with Deen's expectations. The moment the horny Manya opened the door to let Prem in; the youngster immediately understood her state. There was no word exchanged for the next fifteen minutes. They rushed into the nearest room which was Deen's bedroom and the two hot bodies entwined and mated with animal hunger and energy.

Manya moaned without a break as the youngster's hands mauled her hips, breasts, stomach and thighs with a continuity that raised her heated body to stunning levels of desire. They were naked within minutes and were soon pumping into each other like perfect body mates. Manya lifted her long legs and wrapped them around Prem's hips as he pumped hotly in and out of her boiling, adulterous pussy.

Each time he fucked Manya, Prem found her getting hotter and hotter. She was not only insatiable but her sexual desire was on a rising curve. The beautiful mother was turning into demons that could die for cock. Prem rammed his dick into her greedy cunt and Manya's clasping cunt muscles propelled him into initiating sharp violent thrusts which made the voluptuous housewife's body shake. Her breasts shook like two beautiful ripe mangoes on a branch.

Prem reached out and squeezed them with both hands, much to Manya's shrieking delight. His cock made squishy sounds as it pumped the hell out of Manya's steaming hot, dripping cunt. The accumulated horniness of the sex starved wife found violent expression as her hips rose in rhythm to Prem's ramming organ.

She clawed his back and urged him, "Fuck me Prem. Fuck me hard and deep. Aaaaaaaahh&hellip." her voice trailed as Prem proceeded to give her pussy an absolute fucking. Manya gasped with each strong stroke and moaned with each full squeeze of her tits.

Her body had surrendered to him completely and he was punishing it to the extreme. Both Manya and her younger lover sweated profusely and the sweat flew from Prem's hair to spray her face.

Manya's face assumed contorted expressions of surcharged lust. She was being balled by her favorite lover and she gave herself in completely to his strong hands and stronger dick. Her insides were being ravaged with savage consistency. The walls of her pussy were being stretched and her pussy felt like it was being pounded into pulp by Prem's cannon like thrusts. She was gradually reaching yet another mind blowing cock induced orgasm. When she reached it, she shrieked and clung to him, her hips almost bound to his, her breasts getting crushed against his chest, while her teeth dug into his neck.

Prem held his friend's horny mother by her ample hips as she clung to him and rammed his final thrusts before spurting out hotly into her receptive cunt. Their mutual orgasm lasted a full two minutes. Manya's fertile pussy was flooded with innumerable spurts of her young lover's potent sperm. She held on to him hotly, unwilling to release him. His cock turned slightly limp and felt like it was dipping teasingly into her pool like love tunnel.

Manya loved the feeling and as if to prevent him from turning away, she lifted her head and kissed him on the lips, long and deep. She used her entire mouth on his and the mildly panting Prem, feasted on the beautiful mother's mouth. Their mouths and tongues remained locked for a full five minutes, during which time they slurped and slurped on each other's juices.

Occasional gasps and murmurs escaped the mouth of the lusty housewife as she succeeded in keeping her young lover's dick firmly lodged in her freshly fucked pussy.

Taking her lips slowly away from Prem's, she looked softly into Prem's eyes. Prem, on his part, looked deeply into Manya's eyes. He felt she looked truly beautiful in her contentment. The restlessness on her face had vanished and was replaced by a lovely glow in her eyes.

He bent forward and kissed both her eyes. Manya stirred and embraced him closer, full of loving gratitude towards Prem for giving her the day's much needed first orgasm. They remained in that position for another five minutes. But neither of them realized that their robust and satisfying sexual bout was fully witnessed by Deen from outside his bedroom window, through a gap in the curtain.

And he was a violent, jerking, masturbating witness. Deen looked on as his mother and best friend remained entwined. His mother's thighs were spread and still wrapped around Prem's hips. Their abdomens were touching fully and his chest was lightly pressed against Manya's naked, sweaty tits.

Manya's feet pressed into Prem's naked buttocks. Their faces were a little apart as Prem kept nibbling Manya's beautiful face around her cheeks, ear and nose, occasionally tracing lines around her eyes.

Manya's heart was filled with joy. She felt fully loved again. She drew herself even closer to Prem, feeling his manly chest fully crush her full breasts. She felt very close to him. He seemed to love and care for her. Her thoughts went to the fact that he was Deen's age. It thrilled her to realize that boys her son's age found her so desirable. She smiled happily to herself and her thoughts suddenly turned towards the one aspect that was bothering her a bit.

Her son Deen. She decided she'd ask Prem. "Prem," she said, gently caressing his head, as it rested on her luscious cleavage. "Mmmmm, yes, Aunt Manya, " mumbled Prem, encircling her right nipple with his lips. The act made Manya's body stir warmly. His dick was still buried in her soaked pussy, at about three quarters of its full length.

With a sigh Manya observed that it still felt longer and harder than her husband's organ. Readjusting her hips to lodge him firmly in her, she continued with her querying. "Prem, I'm a little worried about Deen." She of course did not know that her son Deen was listening to the entire talk and was listening with rapt attention now that his name was being mentioned. He pricked his ears and laughed lightly to himself at the thought of his naked, just fucked Mom, discussing her son with his best friend while having his cock still buried in her pussy.

"Why worry about Deen, Aunt Manya," asked Prem. "He's fine". "I mean, is he fully fine Prem"? "Fully fine? What's that supposed to mean," asked Prem again, this time nibbling harder at Manya's right nipple. "Aaah! I mean does he have a girlfriend. Is he normal like you is", she whispered, biting Prem's ear lightly. Kissing both her eyes, Prem replied, "He doesn't have a girlfriend that I know of but I think he is normal. Why do you ask Aunt Manya?" "It's a feeling that I get of late.

He doesn't show the urges of boys his age". "Now why would he show those urges before you, his mother, Aunt Manya", asked Prem. "I would know it even if he didn't show it," replied Manya, squeezing Prem's butt as if laughing at his dumb remark. "I should have known your ability, I'm sorry. Mother's eye misses nothing," smiled Prem, slipping his right hand down to squeeze Manya's hip. "But what have you observed that's bothering you about Deen." Manya squealed a bit and replied "You know he seems passive and very unlike you or any of his other friends.

Even Binu is more physical, like a boy with growing hormones. Deen is loving and caring, like you are, but he's not passionate in that raw, physical sense, like you are", she murmured, running her fingers all over Prem's hair. "Ohh!" Said Prem, not knowing what to say. He however kept suckling at Manya's nipple. "Please stop that for a moment Prem, I'm quite serious about Deen", urged the horny housewife, her voice trying to stifle the gasp that escaped when Prem bit her nipple.

"Ok, Aunt Manya," said Prem in a decisive tone and tried to rise from her body. "Noooo", wailed Manya as she held on strongly with her legs around his hips. "Remain inside. We'll talk like this. She blushed sexily as she said so. Her peeping son was bewildered by his mother's out rightly wanton behavior. "Does he masturbate like all healthy boys and discuss girls," Manya asked, looking into Prem's eyes. "You are his best friend, tell me".

"I know he jerks off for sure, but he hasn't discussed any girls", said Prem, tweaking Manya's left nipple with his fingers. "Now isn't that odd or maybe queer", suggested Manya with a worry line on her forehead. Prem kissed her forehead and cupped her face in his hands saying," No guy would need to look at or discuss girls when you are in the house, Aunt Manya". Manya blushed slightly and poked Prem in the cheek.

"I'm serious Aunt Manya. When he can ogle this gorgeous body whole day, why would he need another girl? Besides, which girl has your ripe, wholesome body?" Manya felt a stirring between her wet thighs at this statement. The fountain in her loins was being triggered. "Mmm. That's flattering but I'm his mother", whispered Manya. "Oh come on Aunt Manya, if I was in his place, even I wouldn't look at another girl. I would never have been able to get enough of you", said Prem, watching Manya blush again.

"Really," teased Manya. "And pray what you would have done my dear. Jerked off peeping on me in the bath?" "Not for long Aunt Manya," replied Prem. "I would have found a way to get you seriously and urgently into bed". His words sent a wave of thrill into the housewife's body. She felt her cunt walls try to clasp at his semi erect tool wedged inside her. She felt wild. "You mean," she lisped, almost incredulously "you would have made love to me'?

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"Made love? You must be kidding. I would have fucked you out of your brains whenever Dad was away Mom", said Prem, in a voice imitating Deen's.

Manya turned hot and red when she heard Prem talking in Deen's voice. Her cunt was now very wet and had already added to the fluid layer around the cock in her. She was incredibly aroused and the blood simply rushed through her voluptuous body, making Prem stiffen at her sudden change in physical state.

"Does Mom turn you on so much Deen" she asked, as if talking to Deen. "Yes Mom. You turn me on more than any girl I met. You are the sexiest creature I know," replied Prem. Both began to play along now. "What is it that you find sexy about your mother my dear Deen", asked Manya in a long, sexy drawl. She could feel Prem's dick hardening in her pussy.

Outside the window, Deen felt like his balls were going to explode. This had crossed his wildest imagination. It was the wildest convergence of the mutual horniness he had felt along with his Mom. She was giving expression to it in the starkest, most erotic manner possible. She was fucking his best friend as a surrogate.

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His mother was crossing the last frontier towards incest. But the greatest thing about it was that she was doing it indirectly. And Deen, the voyeur loved it all the more. More than fucking his mother, he enjoyed overhearing his mother talk about fucking him. It was wilder than the real thing, at least for him.

Rubbing his bursting dick, he listened on as he heard Prem reply in his voice. "Your ass, Mom. I love your sweet, full and meaty ass." "Only"? "No Mom," your ass, tits, belly, navel everything. You are a wet dream. I can lick and fuck every inch of you Mom. You're built for fucking", went on Prem, getting aroused by the whole act. Manya could now feel Prem's cock prodding at the walls of her cunt in mini thrusts.

Her pussy oozed juices and they streamed right out onto her inner thighs. This was the wildest spell of lubrication in her sex life.

She felt her head turn heavy and her eyes were glazed all over with lust. She drew Prem into her even closer, her thighs gripping him hotly. She could now almost see Deen's face in Prem. "You like fucking me Deen?" she whispered into Prem's face.

"Yes, Mom," Prem almost hissed. "Will you fuck me next time you massage me", she sobbed. Deen's head spun as he heard her. Prem was surprised too at the discovery, but his dick talked him out of any thinking. "Yes Mom," he went on, trying harder now to mimic Deen's voice. He began a slow motion thrusting into his best friend' mother, making sure that the tip of his dick caressed her pink pussy walls teasingly. "Aaaaahh, mmmmmmm, Deen", wailed Manya. "Will you fuck me now darling", she pleaded hornily, her hands clasped around Prem's back, lost to her lust.

"Aaaaahh, mmmmmmm, Deen", wailed Manya. "Will you fuck me now darling", she pleaded hornily, her hands clasped around Prem's back, lost to her lust. Prem could feel her cunt boiling slushily against his dick. It was never as wet in all the times they had fucked. He felt his dick bathed in her over discharged fluids.

The turned on housewife was quivering and moaning uncontrollably. He crushed his chest into her full, sweaty breasts. Manya felt hot and she was trembling with extreme desire. "I will Mom. I am…" He grunted, suddenly removing the whole length of his steely dick and thrusting it right into the horny mother's steamy twat in one motion.

"Oooooh, Deen…" Moaned the cock hungry mother, delirious with lust. Her pussy, thighs and hips responded with awakened incestuous vigor. She heaved her hips upwards to met every pistoning thrust of the young stud. She opened and closed the clasp of her fleshy thighs against his hips in a wanton display of extreme arousal. "Fuck me Deen, fuck me hard dear. Fuck me like you always wanted. Deen's head was reeling and his heart was pounding.

What he had seen shocked him to start with. He saw an unruly man, dark and powerful, manhandle his beautiful mother, pump into her pussy roughly, mash her fleshy body all over and finally spew his hot cum deep inside her belly. And all along she not only liked it but loved and craved for it.

The fact that she didn't mind going through it with her son in the house made his heart beat faster with the realization that his mom was indeed a lusty and sex starved woman. Worse still, she simply loved getting fucked like a bitch. While on all fours, with the grocer's hard dick pistoning in and out of her steamy twat, she hardly looked the loving Mom who cared for him and his little brother.

Nor did she look like the mysterious tease that coaxed and cajoled his dick into ultra hard erections with her revealing style of dressing day in and day out. Instead she looked every inch a horny slut who craved loud and adulterous sex and loved only those things that spelt C-O-C-K.

But gradually his shock turned to awe, his contempt turned to understanding and his jealousy turned to lust. His young brain related her behavior to the inability and foul behavior of his drunkard father, who even Deen felt, didn't deserve a ripe and luscious beauty like his Mom in his life. The sight of her shameless ecstasy while getting fucked royally by a stranger only served to make him realize the full potential of his beautiful mother's sexuality and the extent of her rightful bodily needs.

His heart reached out compassionately towards his mother with a soft corner. So did his dick with a hard on. Suddenly in one swift motion, he clutched his burgeoning cock and pumped it vigorously like a man possessed. He came in less than twenty strokes so powerful was his surge of passion for his sexy Mom. Even after ejaculation his dick merely registered a pause but not a droop.

He quickly resumed his dick pumping and this time the images of the grocer balling his cock hungry mother were more vivid and telling. With equal intensity he spewed his sperm all around him in the bathroom, gasping at the monumental arousal that had beset him.

As he relaxed he realized that he related to his beautiful mother more than ever before. He desired to see her happy. He loved to see her glowing and satisfied. He loved to see her getting fucked. Through the keyhole, Deen looked out into the living room. He was in time to see his well fucked Mom trudge slowly into the bedroom with just her flimsy blouse on, holding her sheer saree in one hand.

Her asscheeks shook and swayed as she walked, making his mouth water." Now those full cheeks could do with some rough treatment", he empathized. He also wondered how his Mom would take to a sound spanking by his Dad in case he found out that his beautiful, desirable wife was indeed a sex crazed vixen.

Deen moved slowly out of the bathroom and headed for his mother's bedroom. He stopped at the door and soundlessly peeped into the room. Manya had merely spread the transparent blue saree all over her full body and was lying on her back. Her hand rested just below her abdomen and was occasionally caressing her pussy. Deen thought he heard some occasional purring sounds.

Her nipples poked right out of her still sweaty blouse as Manya reflected on the morning's events. She was pleasured no doubt and also enjoyed it to the hilt. But she couldn't help wondering how easily she had surrendered to the grocer, not once but twice. She was an easy lay, and her actions proved it. She thanked her stars that her son Deen was out of sight.

"Deen", she said loudly. "Oh yes", he must have finished his bath, she thought as she rose, attempting to re-drape her saree around her well ravished form for about the fourth time of the day. Deen noticed his mother's anxiety and waited until she had almost finished wearing her saree and just when she was tying the knot in front of her shapely midriff, six inches below her tantalizing navel, he walked into the room, calling out her name.

Manya didn't get a start. Instead she continued wearing her saree and completed tucking in the knot and adjusted the front of her saree. The top of her saree was still down and she casually lifted it and placed it daintily around her creamy shoulders. Her nipples still peeked through the transparent blouse and saree, but that didn't matter. Her present exposure was part of routine as far as her son was concerned and she was quite sure that it didn't bother Deen. Deen however, continued to ogle his Mom's lush body with a new sense of appraisal.

He now saw her as a fleshy object too, that at times could take off into uncontrollable and wildly aroused behavior.

His eyes never left her generous hips. He saw then getting squeezed and pounded not so long ago. He looked into Manya's eyes and saw some relief and contentment. Strangely that looks in her eyes turned him on. He found that slightly flushed, glowing look a remarkably arousing feature in his beautiful Mom's face. It was the look of a freshly fucked woman. A freshly fucked mother of two young and horny sons. Manya had no time to wash herself and while sitting across the table with Deen, she wondered how her young son would react if he knew that only sometime ago, his mother was getting mercilessly balled by a stranger.

But she didn't know that he knew. And he didn't know that she got balled not once but twice, and too in the doggie posture, like a true bitch. Both Mom and son had sex on their minds when the doorbell rang. It was Binu, her younger son. Manya rose to open the door and once again Deen got the prize view of her ass, rolling along with his mother's step, with each cheek rubbing sexily against the other, with the whole movement clearly discernible through the semi transparent saree.

Binu gave his freshly fucked Mom a big hug as soon as she opened the door. He smothered her still sweaty body with his arms and reached out to get his customary feel of her juicy navel.

He was a bit surprised at its moistness. Even her face smelt different when he kissed her cheek. The scent was not just different. It was more exciting. And his dick endorsed his thoughts by pressing hard into his gorgeous Mom's soft and wide belly.

That made Manya stiffen a bit but then she had seen his erections before and allowed it as part of growing up. What worried her was that Deen showed a mindset different from Binu. He was reticent, soft and closed. He was not physical like Binu and it worried her on and off. Binu tucked into his food right away and gulped it down in less than five minutes. All three rose after lunch to retire for a light afternoon nap. Deen slept in his room, while Binu tagged along behind Manya's swaying ass into her room and onto her bed.

This was quite normal for the two. She settled her scantily clad ass on the bed and stretched herself. The top of her saree fell off her shoulders but Manya didn't bother to adjust it since she was going to lie down. Her nipples came into clear view of Binu's eyes and even this was an everyday affair. But today Binu stared and stared at them.

It may have had something to do with her body scent he had inhaled sometime ago, but he felt a strange electricity flow between them. He reached out as usual towards his Mom's fleshy, wide belly and stroked the flesh lovingly. He shifted closer towards her so that her lush ass was pressed hard against his crotch. He was wearing just his shorts without any underwear and this was nothing new for Manya. Very often Binu and she slept together whenever his father was away and right through the night, he would squeeze her all over, especially her hips, asscheeks and belly.

His favorite spot however, was her deep belly button. Manya allowed him to play around, with the confidence that it was simply a childlike fascination which he would soon overcome. Play around he did, but quite energetically. He would plant a series of wet kisses all around her belly, concentrating on the area around her navel. He would nibble, lick and blow into that juicy navel, showering all his affection into its enticing depth.

He did that all the time, at least twice a day and more if the situation permitted. He would continue his amorous act until he heard his Mom's long and aroused moan. She would not shake him off but it was a signal to him that her body couldn't take it any more. As a woman starved of cuddling, Manya actually enjoyed all this physical display of harmless affection from her younger son. There were a few occasions when she was not sure about the harmless bit.

That was when he would openly compliment her ass, especially when she was dressed in a saree without a petticoat. He would swat and knead it quite freely and even make her squeal with his surprise advances on her lush posterior.

Gradually she grew to like it, even look forward to these gropes and feels. They added to her sense of being wanted and enhanced her desirability levels. At times she suspected him of having definite sexual overtones in his actions. Those were the moments when he would run his fingers up and down her asscrack, give her a big hug from behind and a long kiss on her lower cheek, dangerously close to her full lips. She would feel an instant moistening in her loins but recover quickly enough to dismiss it off as adolescent behavior.

She did at times hope that Binu would not be so brazen and physical with her. After all he was just twelve years old. And he did not care that his actions were being observed rather curiously by his elder brother Deen. That afternoon, Deen realized that his voluptuous mother had gone to rest without even washing herself after her violent and exhausting sex sessions with the grocer.

Her body must be certainly reeking of the combined body fluids of the dark grocer and his fair mother. He also realized with a pounding heart that her unwashed pussy must be still nestling a good amount of his copious discharge. He marveled at her behavior and attitude and was wondering how lucky Binu must be to get to grope his Mom right after her torrid session.

Little did he know that Manya deliberately left herself the way she was, wanting to revel in her illicit pleasure for as long as she could, deriving the utmost gratification from life's little adventures.

Chapter 5 It was nearing 4 pm when Deen decided to visit one of his classmates and he looked into his Mom's bedroom to inform her. This time he stood still in amazement. Manya was lying on her back, asleep, with Binu encircling her hips with his right leg thrown across them. Her saree rode right above her thighs, displaying their ample well curved shape and the garment stopped just a couple of inches below her pussy lips.

He couldn't see the lips but Binu's sleeping form fully embraced his mother, with his dick thrusting through his shorts just at the top of her ample, exposed thighs.

Manya's belly and navel were fully bare and open. The saree around her waist had dipped to extra low levels in the course of her sleep.

There was just a 4 inch cover of sheer garment above her pussy. Every other inch of her delectably fleshy midriff lay open like a well laid out feast. Binu's head was buried in her full bosom, his nose digging right into her creamy cleavage. Both were asleep and the pose, supposedly a mother son sleeping posture, looked anything but non sexual. Incredibly it was absolutely non sexual and apart from Binu's insistent fondling and navel kissing, Manya was never subjected to any sexual intrusion.

At least not from Binu. But looking at them lying in close union, Deen felt that familiar tug in his groin. He was aroused, but he was also charmed and surprised at their apparent peace and calm. His horny Mom, after her torrid fuck had shifted gears and was lying semi nude in her 12 year old son's sleepy embrace with his head nuzzling her melon like breasts, his dick pressed against her crotch and with his legs drawing her full hips into himself in a possessive hold.

The sight was beautiful, strangely erotic and spoke of the absolutely physical channels of communication which both mother and son adopted or were blessed with. Unwilling to disturb their bliss, he left the room and house and walked across to his classmate Prem's house. Manya stirred and shifted, feeling a weight on her lush body. She looked down to see her little son Binu's head cradled in her juicy bosom and smiled.

She ruffled his hair and looked further below to see his tight leg embrace around her full hips. She still felt horny after the grocer episode and now, looking at the possessive clutch of her younger son on her almost nude body, she wriggled her hips slightly and wondered as to why her husband didn't display this level of physical proximity. Slowly she moved Binu's leg away and tried to rise. She felt Binu's arms encircle her belly again, sleepily, pleading with her not to get up.

She found him very cute, even though his hands encircled her lower abdomen, just a few inches above her bush. She looked down to notice that her sheer saree had bunched itself around her bush with her entire body above and below fully exposed.

A thrill shot through her lusty body as the naughty, exhibitionistic side of her surfaced. Slowly releasing herself from Binu's drowsy grip, she moved out of the bed into the bathroom.

She needed to pee and once again, she felt a shudder of release all over her body. She reached out for the hand shower to wash her insides after peeing, but suddenly for some reason, she placed the hand shower back and allowed herself to remain unwashed, still unwilling to extricate herself from the remnants of her mind blowing two fuck episode late that morning.

Manya realized Deen had gone out to visit his friend Prem. Soon Binu would be off too to play his daily evening cricket. She hoped Deen would develop an interest in athletics like Prem and build his physique too.

Manya wished her sons were also lithe, strong and well built like Prem. Binu had potential but she was worried about Deen. Standing there in the kitchen, making coffee the horny housewife smacked her lips and looked at herself.

Her clothes were still crumpled and her hair quite disheveled. The saree kept slipping right below her hip bone since it was not secured to a petticoat. Around her ass, the saree developed wrinkles, giving those cheeks a well fondled outer appearance. Manya's ass globes twitched at the much thought. The grocer's caressing had been carnal and animalistic.

It was followed by her son's softer but insistent squeezing. And he kept squeezing them for long, expecting nothing in return, unlike the grocer. Many of Manya's female friends openly admired her ass and even made their jealousy obvious.

They said it was extra full, jiggly and could drive a saint to sexual madness with their high rise bounce. She tended to agree with them. Her buttocks did flare out disproportionately from her rather ample hips and what made the ass more prominent was her long and flawless waist. It was fleshy without being flabby and it was nature's unique gift.

Her waist and ass fed off each other's glory. Manya felt rather proud of her rear asset but she loved flaunting both. Moreover since she couldn't possibly go around bare assed, she had to route the onlooker's eye through her belly and hips.

And she did that with a vengeance. She was a fine piece of ass, and a hot one too, she smiled to herself. Midway through her coffee making she heard the doorbell ring again. Feeling no apparent threat to her under dressed appearance since hubby was due only after half past six, she shifted her voluptuous body across to answer the door, with her left hand again fingering her pussy mound up to the last second.

On opening the door she saw her Cousin Dan's huge form with the arrogant face. Grinning, she welcomed him inside. Manya was at one time supposed to marry Dan but considered him too crude and arrogant. The arrogance came from his wealth but he did not acquire class along with his wealth. Now years later, with her new found fascination for crudity, the same Dan began to look quite appealing and desirable.

Dan's eyes swept over her sexily attired form and rested right between her thighs. His eyes practically bore into that fleshy junction, lapping up the exotic sight of her dark bush and the arousing 'V' which formed itself whenever Manya kept them together. He simply lusted after his cousin Manya and made no secret of his craving. Overtime Manya simply stopped resisting his advances and began to give in discretely to begin with.

Dan dropped his bag and held Manya in a bear hug, his massive arms enveloping her body fully. She could feel her big breasts getting crushed against his broad chest and her excited body started giving in. Suddenly she remembered Binu and pushed Dan away, whispering to him that her son was sleeping inside.

Thankfully for her, Dan had the sense to withdraw, but even he could feel a difference in her body odor. Not only was Manya's body riper since his last visit, but she felt and smelled different. But he liked the difference. Within ten minutes Binu entered the room in his cricket gear and greeted his uncle cheerily. Dan's visits were always surprise visits and Binu looked forward to them because his uncle treated them well with expensive gifts and goodies.

After coffee, Binu left for his cricket and Manya shut the door. The moment the door clicked shut, Manya felt a strong pair of hands dragging her backwards in a half mauling and half grabbing grip. It was a familiar grip and she loved the way Dan held her. Now that he was seeing her after a six month gap, his pent up lust for his sexy cousin burst out uncontrollably. He pulled her towards himself and her saree got tugged out of her hips. It lay in a heap on the floor and Dan stared at the ripe and sexy body of his lovely cousin.

Her massive butt, her generous hips and the overall flesh feast which seemed to be aching for his heated touch proved too much for him and he simply hurried her into the bedroom and made her lie on her back, right on her marital bed. Manya's thighs spread in automatic response and she reached out to remove Dan's trousers. They were down in a jiffy and Dan wasted no time in placing his rigid 8 inch dick at the entrance of his cousin's hot pussy. He thrust into her and Manya screamed at the delightful entry.

The thrusts began in a steady momentum, with their missionary style copulation enabling Dan to gaze at Manya's lust aroused, beautiful face. He simply adored his sexy cousin and hated it when she married her wimp of a husband.

That weak, pot bellied drunkard was a gross mismatch for his dynamite cousin. The thought made his already blood engorged dick throb in further arousal and he thrust deeper into her ever willing cunt, reaching depths that were not reached in a long, long time. There was no talk between the two. Their bodies met and their eyes also met in the course of this searing union. Her face shifted to different levels of lust in tune with his steadily pistoning cock, while his face got wilder and wilder, as if a caged tiger had been released.

Every thrust carried Manya's heated body to higher stages of yearning and she screamed at him to pump harder and faster. She moaned, she screamed, she sobbed and she cried as his marauding dick rammed, rotated, pounded and finally ejaculated into her wet pussy in lengthy spurts of manly seed. Like he always did, he mashed her breasts in frenzy during ejaculation and that brought even Manya to an explosive climax with the dual triggers ignited. Gasping and feeling her cunt spasm involuntarily, she let herself relax, sighing contentedly.

The muscles of her cunt still exerted receding pressure on his slowly deflating dick until he rolled slowly off her, but not before giving long and deep kisses all over her sweat covered face. Manya suddenly felt a shudder as his hands came off her chest, releasing his vice like grip on her still heaving boobs.

This was the way they always acted on first sight whenever he came home. No words were spoken. It was simple, plain pumping and words would follow later.

And clever Dan, he always chose the time when Desh was out of the house to make his entry. Of course, Dan would be staying over in the night and also having a drink with Desh. With the flurry of the first fuck with Dan getting over, Manya experienced a deliciously wicked delight all over her body.

It was the third time she got fucked that day and what she loved most was that all juices were well and truly deposited within her, giving her a beauty enriching glow on an otherwise calm and pretty face. Not bothering to put on her saree, she went into the kitchen with just her blouse on to make some more coffee for them.

As she waited for the coffee to warm up, her hand again drifted towards her just fucked pussy. Slowly she fingered herself, allowing the juice mixture in her pussy to spread all over her soft fingers. She loved the feel of her pussy when it was wet wet with anything.

She remembered the only time she tried to make Desh eat her pussy by spreading honey all over her nether region and dragging his head into her crotch.

Quite to her surprise and alarm, Desh had recoiled and snarled at her, calling her a pervert. She didn't try it again, not with her husband at least. As she was pouring the coffee into two cups, she heard Dan enter the kitchen, fully nude.

She gave him a mischievous grin when she saw that he was looking her over. Dan's eyes once again focused straight on her bodacious backside and this time certain tenderness overcame him as he reached down to softly knead and cup it.

"Mmmmmm", moaned Manya, feeling a spark ignite her luscious body once again. He kneaded her glorious, fleshy backside for nearly a minute, kissing her earlobes while doing so. Manya loved being held from behind. Her whole body responded to rear caresses and rear initiative almost naturally. Maybe that was one reason why she found it difficult to ward off Binu's continuous assaults on her ass.

That was one zone she had no control over but that didn't unduly bother her. She moaned longer when she felt Dan's cock slowly press against her naked asscheeks. A throb began all over her body, which gained in intensity when Dan slowly bent her on the kitchen table.

His now erect dick was probing her full and creamy ascheeks, seeking her pussyhole like a rabbit would look for its hole. Manya was wet in no time again. It was her pussy drip that drew his hard again cock towards it like a flesh magnet. Suddenly cock met cunt and the humping began. Dan's hands now fully cupped a bent Manya's breasts while his steely dick carried off from where it left her steamy twat a little while ago.

His organ stroked deeper and deeper into the horny mother's cunt, making her head bounce off the table with each stroke. The penetration was much deeper due to the bent posture and the thrusts were longer due to the first surge of lust having already been extinguished during their first fuck. It was a long, slower and more delicious mating, but absolutely physical in nature. It was the mating of two bodies that were custom designed for fucking each other.

His six foot broad frame mounting her five foot seven inches of adulterous voluptuousness. The adultery added to the heat of their passion and the heat of their copulation made the kitchen table shake vigorously.

Sounds of their loud fucking mingled with the sounds of wood trembling.

Wild chick is giving tough chap a lusty penis workout

It was initially the sound of wood that made Deen discard the main door and walk around the house to the kitchen to see if there was any problem. As he approached, he could also hear the loud grunts of a man and the continuous moans of a woman.

He could recognize the moans of his horny mom but was concerned about the male grunts. It was certainly not his father's and that too at this time of the day. If his father fucked his mom during late afternoons even once a month, then she would not have to look at alternative cock in life, he reasoned. Having eliminated that option, he peered through the kitchen window and was greeted by the most arousing sight of his life. His butt naked mother was bent over the kitchen table with his Uncle Dan ramming his thick cock in and out of her sloppy cunt like a machine.

His aroused mother was gasping and moaning with every hard stroke Dan gave into her lewdly presented cunt. Bent like a bitch, she was taking it from behind and screaming her lusty approval every time a thrust found its target. The sounds were squishy with intermittent slaps reverberating through the kitchen each time Dan's balls slapped against her hot ass. Deen stood transfixed again with his hand taking its inevitable route to his cock bulge.

He began caressing it and slowly unzipped his crotch, pulling out his throbbing member. With every stroke of Dan into Manya's wetly receptive pussy, her son stroked his dick, matching Dan stroke for stroke. Wildly it seemed to Deen that he was sharing his mother's lust. Stroking away, he looked at his mom's glazed face, marveling at the sexual energy it carried.

"Fuck her well, Uncle Dan", he muttered to himself as he pumped away at his dick vigorously. "Give her a sound fucking", he kept muttering throughout his lusty frig.

Dan and Deen came together, the former into the wanton pussy of Deen's mother and the latter into thin air, with just one drop getting splattered on the kitchen window pane. Deen didn't think anyone would notice. He staggered slowly away from the illicit sight he had been witness to, trying to absorb the day's events. Two different guys had fucked his beautiful, sexy mother and both times she took it like a bitch, from behind.

She was screaming during the act and was glowing blissfully after the act. He decided to give the adulterous couple five minutes before ringing the doorbell. Chapter 6 A single day, Deen had witnessed the utter depravity of his beautiful loving mother and the more he recollected the day's events, the more obsessed he became with his mother's sexuality, but more in a voyeuristic way. The blood surged in his dick at the thought of his sexy Mom being ravished by just about anybody.

The sight of her pink, throbbing pussy getting a pounding in the most degrading postures filled his mind with the purest emotions of empathy for a housewife in need. He began to relate to her more and more and even thought that he may like to facilitate some fulfilling sex for his horny mother without her knowledge so that he could watch and revel in the absolutely awesome manner in which she received hard cock.

With these thoughts floating in his mind, he rang the doorbell. Manya opened the door herself and gave him a remarkably fresh smile. His eyes took in her lusty form which looked even more voluptuous than ever before.

Her face was brighter than when he left her and her walk was a lot lazier and provocative. Her slower steps imparted a dick teasing sensuousness to her wide and fleshy hips, which were rather inadequately covered again by the same sheer blue saree, which had the privilege of hugging her full, well fucked body through different stages of her illicitly extra sexual day today.

He could have bid a million dollars to possess that saree after she ultimately discarded it today. A lifetime of jerking off was contained in the aroma of that sexy saree for Deen. If only Manya knew of her son's fetish and if only she knew what he had seen that day. She didn't realize that her adultery had won her an immediate sympathizer and he was not one of the two men who fucked her senseless that day.

Walking right behind her sex fatigued form Deen kept caressing his cock until she entered the kitchen and he made his way to the living room couch to greet his Uncle Dan. As he chatted aimlessly with his Uncle, he spotted Manya walking into the bedroom and followed her with his eyes until that glorious ass disappeared.

Manya reappeared a few minutes later and two pairs of eyes went straight towards her hips. Deen saw that she had put on her white petticoat under the blue saree and immediately understood that it was time for his Dad to arrive. The saree however was still well below her rich navel and her blouse was still braless. Deen wondered when she would finally have a bath and cleanse herself of the signs of the day's adultery. Desh arrived in less than thirty minutes and acknowledged Dan's presence with a cursory hello.

In a near demure way, Manya served snacks and coffee for all. Only Deen could feel her inner wickedness and he loved her for feeling that way. That naughtiness was going to be the source of his erotic living. In less than an hour Desh and Uncle Dan were sitting over a bottle of scotch brought by Dan. Desh drank at double the pace of Dan and Dan made no attempt to match the alcoholic Desh. Instead his looks always traveled towards Manya's ass and breasts whenever an opportunity presented itself.

Deen retired to his room to study but kept peeping into the living room where his Dad was turning noisier and Dan was turning hornier by the minute. He noticed Manya signaling to Dan to limit his drinks and Dan nodded, winking at the same time. His brother Binu also entered the house and a quick dinner followed. Binu had his customary gropes of Manya's ass and he somehow did not need to be told to do it only when his Dad wasn't looking.

All sexual exchanges were conducted with total consensus and understanding and everyone seemed to be waiting for Desh to go off to sleep. Though drunk, Desh hugged his wife and asked her to come to the bedroom, much to Manya's own surprise. Leaving his room for Dan, Deen also slept in his parents' room. An hour later, he heard a rustle and peered from one corner of his bed sheet towards where his parents slept, ensuring that he did not move. Desh was in a randy mood and he had already stripped the clothes off his sexy wife.

Manya's fair and throbbing body glistened in the partial darkness as her drunken husband began pawing her breasts roughly with both his hands, after positioning himself above her lying form.

Manya surrendered with some degree of expectation. Deen could make out his mother's naked glory in the semi darkness and deep sucking sounds of his Dad suckling his mother's full breasts like a child could also be heard. Manya's moans were more out of discomfort than arousal and Deen could make that out in a moment. He knew his Mom's horniness when he saw it. Desh didn't bother to ascertain whether his son was asleep and Manya of course was totally unconcerned either way.

In less than a minute after some hurried foreplay, Desh mounted his naked wife with his son peering in curiosity just a few feet away from them. Deen couldn't make out the dimensions of his father's dick, but he saw him try out some forceful movements which lasted just about a minute. He thought he heard him cum and he also thought his oversexed Mom had just begun to moan in arousal. It was all over in a minute.

Desh rolled right away, leaving his beautiful wife quivering in frustrated nakedness. Manya continued to lie naked on her back, hands buried deep into her dripping snatch and she may have thought that Deen was asleep. Deen could not have been more awake and alive to the needs of his beautiful mother. However he had to simply continue watching and stroking his dick while his mother slowly lifted herself out of the bed.

He saw her check on his drunken Dad's sleep. Then she did something which simply stunned him even after the day's events. She strode right out of the room in slow deliberate steps, stark naked and without a care in the world. Her broad hips and fleshy buttocks were silhouetted erotically in the extra dim light while her naked breasts shone in splendor every time some reflected light from the open window bounced off them.

She was a beauty in distress and she happened to be his own mother. The beauty was horny too and uncontrollably so, after her hubby's limp dick could only manage to stoke her lust fires. Deen knew where she was headed to and he compassionately watched her lush, naked frame disappearing into Uncle Dan's room. He realized Uncle Dan was also waiting for his sexy cousin to arrive. An hour later, Manya stumbled into the bedroom and Deen watched his well fucked mom slip naked right under the bed sheet.

What a day it had been for the horny housewife. And she slept with her hand still caressing her pussy mound and remained in that naked, curling posture until she awoke. Manya awoke first next morning and started it as usual with her morning flash for the milkman. She was naughtier today and she stepped out of the main door dressed just in the same blue transparent saree without any petticoat or blouse.

The twenty five year old stud milkman was caught unawares by this wanton display. Her naked boobs showed clearly in all their glory and her ass was better than fully naked. It was just a flimsy, sheer piece of cloth pretending to cover her voluptuous body and Manya decided to do this since it was just for a few minutes. She gathered the milk and turned around to reveal the awesome glory of her full ass to the world of one full minute.

Rising, she closed the door and made her way to the kitchen to begin coffee making in all earnest, still wearing that single saree on her well ravished body. Dan had fucked his horny cousin in every conceivable posture the previous night and together they came at least five times.

It would have been a day of marathon fucking for any other woman, but not for Manya. She still felt a bit heavy in the hip as if some surplus lust still lingered in that well stacked body.

She suddenly heard a soft rap on the kitchen window and looked up to see the milkman's young and cheerful face.

He had a packet of milk in his hands and gestured that Manya had left it behind on the doorstep. Surprised that he chose the backdoor, Manya opened the kitchen door and reached out to take the packet. In doing so, she stepped on her own loosely tied saree and tripped over the doorstep, falling right onto the young milkman. Unprepared as he was for this fall, the stud tried to hold the falling lady and he held out both his palms, in the process ending up with both her full, almost naked breasts in his hands.

Manya felt bolts of electricity shoot through her nipples as he straightened her. His hands were still on her heaving boobs and he made no effort to remove them. Manya too did not say a word but stood still, allowing the moment to take over. There she stood, naked for all purposes, a horny housewife early in the morning, getting felt up by her milkman.

The stud's hands began to knead and squeeze slowly, bringing life into those mounds and waves of pleasure into Manya's lust triggered body. The saree was fighting a losing battle and slowly fell right off her shoulders, leaving her topless and naked right up to just an inch above her bush, which was clearly visible through the treacherous blue saree.

Manya stood still as the youth kept one hand in caressing motion on her left breast while he ran the right one all over her waist, hips, and belly and poked into her navel. His strong fingers reignited Manya's lust and she responded by holding his head in her hands and bringing it down for a hot, long and tongue tying kiss. His youthful passion and the mischief of the early morning breeze on her glowing skin may have forced this but there was no stopping Manya now.

The young milkman understood the lady's state and without any further delay, he placed the aroused, almost nude housewife on the doorstep of her kitchen with her head inside, leaving her fleshy, glorious and wriggly ass outside. Her juicy belly hung in between indoors and outdoors, with her knees kneeling outside the door. The stud placed himself right behind her lush ass and gave some readying squeezes to those quivering globes o creamy flesh.

Manya gasped as the position brought about the dormant lust in her like no other posture. She rotated her ass provocatively like a bitch in heat and almost mewled in arousal as his strong, young dick began examining its entry route into that seething cunt. A sudden thrust ensued, taking even the wanton housewife by surprise with its speed and vigor.

Then thrust after thrust followed at lightning speed, almost akin to a dog mating its bitch in the peak of the mating season. Her sheer saree was bunched up around her hips and his hands reached out to maul her swinging boobs with the vigor of an athlete. It was the kind of boob mauling she craved for.

It was the kind of fucking she loved most. She was ready to surrender her soul for this quality of fucking. Her forced stifling of her screams drove his passion to further heights as the danger of getting observed in this outrageously spottable place lent a licentious thrill to both and more so in Manya's case.

She continued to enjoy the furiously paced ramming this stud was giving as her asscheeks turned red under his grip and her boobs felt like they would get torn apart from her juicy body. But deep within, her loins, pussy bud and walls screamed in delight at this special pounding in the special place, right on the doorstep. Her sounds were only too familiar to her son Deen. Being an early riser himself and noticing that his Mom was not in her bed, he tiptoed first to his Uncle Dan's room for a peek.

Not finding her there, he thought that she may have decided to take her long postponed bath. Seeing even the bathroom empty, he followed the sounds that he began to hear and walked right into the kitchen.

The animalistic fucking of his beautiful mother by another stranger did not surprise him, but the doggie style adopted yet again and the bitch like body language of his well stacked Mom during her licentious liaison stunned him.

He gaped in astonishment and rising lust from behind the refrigerator as his lovely mother gave herself to this stranger like a wanton bitch in the wee hours of the morning.

The stud shot his load, Manya screamed her way to her orgasm and Deen muffled his own moans as he shot a huge load of sperm onto the refrigerator side. He saw the milkman put his dick away even as his well fucked mother turned dreamily around on her back, her ass resting on the bare floor outdoors, while her head rested indoors on the kitchen floor.

The doorstep supported her sexy waist as she lay spread-eagled, breathing heavily from the exertion. Her face wore a smile of satisfaction and lying in hat pose, with the flimsy saree still bunched up around her hips, she looked a true slut.

Deen found this slut look in his mother as being ethereal and closer to nature and truth. He left the kitchen in a hurry when he saw her attempting to get up. He rushed into the bathroom, knowing that he might be denying his semen filled mother a chance at the loo. He brought his cock out again and pumped its hardness, recollecting the morning's depravity. He kept jerking off, the image of his mother's near nude form lying on the kitchen threshold, sweaty and fucked, filled his head.

Mother Manya on the other hand rose and steadied herself by holding the door. She kept the saree bunched around her hips with her left hand holding the garment around her crotch area. She looked a ravishing sight as she moved slowly out of the kitchen, only to run into the big form of Dan. "I knew you would be about early", whispered Dan, holding her naked shoulders and not even questioning her on her state of undress. "Oh Dan," whimpered Manya meekly as she allowed him to hold her by her naked waist and lead him over to the dining table.

His hands slipped lower to hold her by the asscheeks and the dampness there certainly took him by surprise. Manya simply allowed Dan to carry on leading her till they reached the dining table. Facing her, Dan lifted her by her full ass and laid her, back down on the table. Manya let him recline her head and back while he had her thighs and legs stretched out of the table. He drew her shapely thighs around his hips and tugged her saree away, divesting himself of his trunks in the process.

Manya was nude and outstretched now, her luscious ass resting on the edge of the dining table, with her cousin's dick already testing her pussy entrance. She was wordless as he entered her slowly, holding her by the hips, and continued to remain wordless as he lifted her legs and wrapped them around his neck. This brought their bodies so close to each other that Manya whispered " "Now Dan, in this place?" "Yes dear. I have to leave by the 8 am flight and you look eminently fuckable this morning.

What has come over you?" "Just fuck me now darling cousin. We'll talk later, " whispered the ever lusty housewife. In that intimate position, the two of them had a long, leisurely fuck, driven by some confidence that they would not be spotted, even in that ridiculously obvious place.

They fucked and fucked, for ten long minutes with his hands squeezing and un squeezing her charged up hips and his palms occasionally rising to cup and knead her trembling breasts.

They looked great together as they orgasm in unison, in one deliriously gradual wave, beads of sweat decorating both their faces. The beast bent to kiss his beauty for one last time that day.

The beauty accepted his post ravishment kiss with smiling amorousness. Five minutes later she detached herself from his clasp, letting her legs drop down but still spread them lewdly on the table. Dan bent and placed a long, lingering kiss, right on her pussy, making her gasp and moan all over again.

He left her in that naked, well ravished state on her dining table. Chapter 7 Manya's morning had got off to a rousing beginning with two superlative bouts of sex. One was hard and fast with a young stud, while the other was a gradual, mutually seeking love making session with her cousin. The delicacy of the latter took her by surprise. She grinned wickedly to herself as she examined her assaulted zone, which was her hips and ass package.

The entire mass of flesh was damp from sweat and semen. Her crotch and inner thighs were completely sticky and an ooze path had formed right down to her knee.

Her pussy had been pulverized since the previous morning by four different men and she was feeling full down there as if it were a repository of sperm, of the dry, semi dry, wet, oozing, dripping all kinds. The voluptuous mother of two sons felt deliciously juicy all over and her body ached more out of pleasurable impulses rather than any fatigue. Two explosive fucks in half an hour between quarter to six and quarter past six in the morning was a dream for any thirty six year old woman, even if she were as fully stacked and deeply horny as Manya.

She heard no audible sounds of movement in the house other than Dan in his bathroom and he would leave any minute now for his flight.

She realized she had not washed herself right from yesterday and her pussy, asscheeks and belly had been subjected to load after load of semen deposit. She began to like this stickiness because it made her feel very sexy and did not allow her to take her mind off sex.

Of late she hated to think of anything but sex. However she decided enough was enough as far as not washing up was concerned and felt that she must clean up for the new day. Lying naked on her dining table with a somewhat satisfied glow all over her body, she kept smiling to herself with her hand around her pussy mound, not caressing it but simply allowing it to lie where she loved to have it the most.

Her famous blue saree was lying on a chair next to the table and her eyes fell on it. That brought her out of her reverie and suddenly the total lewdness of her present state struck her. Rising, but still retaining her right hand on her pussy mound, she picked up her saree and threw as much of it around her as possible without any wearing pattern, almost like she was throwing a bed sheet around herself.

But this being a lot more transparent than a bed sheet, her full and glowing body still stood magnificently revealed. Her well molded and well caressed breasts jiggled with every sexy step she took towards her bedroom. Her walk was sheer erotic poetry in motion and befitted the brush of a master artist.

Her body was more or less covered but the careless way in which she draped the saree left her entire creamy back open right down to her ass.

She certainly didn't expect visitors or viewers at that time. Two of the visitors had already fucked her half way to heaven. But she was wrong about the viewers. Deen had finished his mammoth jerk off in the toilet and came out of the bathroom and prepared to go to his room and say bye to his Uncle.

He didn't bother to disturb his snoring father. He looked at him and felt almost sorry for him. He felt sorry for his mother too, but there was a conceptual shift in his sentiment in each case. He tiptoed out of the room rather casually but stooped dead in his tracks just one step out of the door. What he saw in the living room shocked the senses out of him. His lovely Mom, whom he had seen is getting nailed by the milkman early that morning was bidding farewell to her cousin and his uncle.

It was the method of farewell that was unique for his adolescent eyes. They were both at the main door and kissing in a softly passionate way. Dan dropped the bag in his hands and held Manya, cupping her face fully and lavishing her cheeks and eyes with long wet kisses. Manya kept purring and returning his kisses with her very own juicy ones. Hiding behind the curtain, Deen peeped at the licentious couple with a pounding heart.

His mother's exposed back faced him and the sheer blue saree covered her in the most ludicrous fashion, concealing her in parts and revealing her in other parts. From his angle, he could make out that only her ass was covered. He watched as his uncle's hands crept up his mother's naked back and started caressing and stroking it in a near romantic way.

Her face was still on his face in a luxurious, long tongue exploration, but the stroking of her fleshy, shapely back brought Deen's dick to yet another state of absolute hardness.

Something similar must have happened to his mom too because she suddenly shivered and dropped to her knees, the action causing her saree to fall right off her ass.

Deen saw his Mom kneeling naked in front of Dan at their main door, fumbling with his fly. He heard Dan mumble something as his horny mother quickly brought out his cock and gulped it with a greedy moan. For the next few minutes Dan only kept stroking his bursting dick as he watched his mother's head bobbing up and down on Uncle Dan's cock. Her movements gathered speed and his stroking followed suit. Deen suddenly looked back in alarm at his sleeping father when he heard a grunt from him.

Desh had merely turned from one side to another, still snoring. Relieved, he turned back to the adulterous sight in the living room, only to see his Mom's head going up and down at wild speed and his uncle's hands clutching her hair and head in a strong, passionate grip. The whole sight was supremely erotic right up to the moment of Dan's huge release. Deen saw the gradual slowing of Manya's head over his uncle's tool accompanied by the relaxing of Dan's grip on his mother's lovely black haired head.

The grip was released and so was Manya. Dan raised his beautiful, naked cousin to her feet and looked at her face which was well covered with his cum. Her mouth, lips, nose and cheeks were coated thickly with his seed and she looked fondly into his eyes. Some spurts had also landed on her beautiful long hair above her forehead. Their mouths met again for yet another deep kiss.

While kissing him, Manya zipped up his trousers and secured his belt mumbling out a good bye during the kiss. Very unwillingly Dan opened the main door to leave, but after unfastening the door latch, he sharply turned around again and grabbed his sexy, obliging cousin for one last passionate kiss. Deen saw Uncle Dan kiss his nude mother at the half open door.

The sight made him rock hard again and he fervently hoped that nobody would enter the house. The final kiss between the fully dressed man and the fully naked housewife lasted one full minute before the almost open main door. It was broken only by the sound of a car emerging out of the neighbor's house. Manya shut the door on her cousin hurriedly and grabbed her saree in the same motion.

She glanced around anxiously but not in alarm. Seeing the house rather quiet, she sighed in relief and purposefully made her way to the bedroom with the idea of visiting the loo. Dan guessed her intention and was scared of getting caught. He rushed right into the bathroom and locked himself in. A few minutes later he pretended to flush the toilet and walked out of the bathroom as if he had just finished. He looked into the room and experienced yet another surprise.

Manya was lying in a coiled up position on the bed, covered fully by the bed sheet. The bed sheet covered both Manya and hubby Desh. Her eyes were closed and she was huddled up under the sheet very close to Desh with one leg over his sleeping body as was apparent from the outline she made. Deen saw her blue saree lying on the floor beside the bed. He got a start when he realized that his mom was naked under the covers and had wrapped her sexy, well fucked, cum stained body around his sleeping father and had already begun to snooze.

The vision was to hot for him and he walked out of the room, amazed at his beautiful mother's foxiness and sheer abandonment. She knew that her son would emerge from the bathroom but didn't care. However Deen felt it was unlikely that she suspected him of seeing her giving her cousin a delicious, wholesome blowjob early in the morning followed by extra passionate farewell kisses in naked abandon before a half open main door. If it wasn't for the sound of the car, they might have grabbed another fast fuck, felt Deen.

By now he had come to expect the unexpected from his horny Mom and it thrilled him. It could have been the afterglow of two resounding fucks and an endearing blowjob, but Manya went asleep for a full hour, cuddling her naked, well used body up to her heavy sleeping hubby. She awoke almost along with Desh, heaving her hips away from him and looking into his eyes. Desh also looked back and greeted her. The greeting surprised her because she was more accustomed to his snarls and curses.

Heart leaping with a surge of joy, she leaned her head forward to kiss him on his lips. Desh wasn't much of a kisser and Manya had to do all the tongue probing. The normally reluctant hubby allowed his wife to take over, but only for a while. For a full two minutes, Manya licked and sucked her hubby's lips and tongue, tracing wet lines all over his cheeks too.

Desh felt a charge run through his body as he realized that his beautiful wife tasted strange and different. He felt her breasts under the sheet and encountered their naked glory. He gave a couple of quick squeezes which made Manya moan hornily. Manya did this to him often, trying to coax an erection out of him first thing in the morning. He also knew that she liked to sleep naked after a nightly bout of sex.

He assumed she was now naked from their night's love making. But the moment his wife reached below to cup his balls through his night clothes, he recoiled and jumped out of the bed. "What happened"?, asked Manya. His jumping out of bed had caused the bed sheet to get disarranged from Manya's lush body and the entire right side of her body, from her soft toe upwards, past her ample thigh, one full breast and half her neck lay exposed to delicious viewing.

Manya didn't make an effort to cover her side fully and looked towards Desh for a reply. "I've been called at 10 am to the office and it's already 8 o'clock", he grunted. "But today is the Holi festival and a holiday", she stated with a puzzled look. "The festival of colors is damned, we marketing guys have no holidays", he muttered again irritably. "Ohhh!" sighed Manya in some frustration as she watched her hubby make a move into the bathroom. Her right side was still exposed and naked as Desh closed the door without even a glance at the tantalizing form of his nude wife under the covers.

Still lying idle, Manya pondered over the day ahead. Her left hand moved slowly beneath the covers to cup her mound and a slow, involuntary caress began of her cum rained pussy. She could herself feel the strong odor of her ravished, unwashed body. The odor did not repulse her. If anything she wanted it to linger as long as possible, even on this new day. Suddenly her younger son Binu burst into the room announcing the Holi festival with the joy that it would be a holiday.

"Mom good morning, Happy Holi", he wished her cheerfully. "Good morning and Happy Holi to you too dear", Manya wished her son back, forgetting her exposed state and still letting her concealed left hand caress her pussy. The suddenness of her son's entry and his involvement with the holiday diverted Manya's attention to her loving boy from her own nakedness. As he did every morning, he bent forward to kiss his mother on the cheek and due to the holiday happiness, his kiss was longer and louder, making a smacking sound on her rosy cheeks.

She had massaged her cousin Dan's cum into her cheeks and with her son's entire powerful kiss on them, she experienced a jolt deep inside her which brought a fresh wave of juices into her loins and onto her caressing fingers.

Her left hand continued to caress her wet pussy under the covers as she returned Binu's kiss with only a slightly flushed face. "I'll be going over to some friend's place for celebrating and won't be back until late afternoon Mom", Binu announced, half seeking her permission. His hand sought her ass, like it normally did and that was when Binu noticed his luscious mother's exposed body this side of the covers. His boyish eyes nearly popped out of their sockets and instead of kneading his favorite ass, he simply and quickly covered his mom's exposed side fully and rushed out of the bedroom after another peck on her forehead.

Manya was about to say yes to his half request when she was taken aback by his act and sudden disappearance. Fully embarrassed, she felt the blood course through her voluptuous body at a suddenly enhanced pace. She didn't even realize it but her hand continued to caress her pussy, as it did, right through the brief conversation with her little son. Manya went into the toilet naked the moment her husband came out and proceeded to brush her teeth, sitting on the toilet seat to pee at the same time.

The flow relieved her and as she bent to wash herself, she reflected for a moment and refrained from doing so, thinking that she'd wash her pussy and body thoroughly after Desh left the house when she'd have more time.

Stepping out of the bathroom naked she quickly donned her petticoat and took the same blue transparent saree to wear since she'd have to discard it soon before her bath. She chose a white sleeveless low cut blouse and again wore it without a bra since there was not much time for her bath anyway. Knowing that her husband and kids were waiting for their morning coffee, she moved swiftly out to the kitchen and prepared some hot coffee in efficient time.

Deen was already ready and so was Binu, since he had planned to leave even before breakfast. Desh normally had his bath after his morning coffee and breakfast.

Holi celebrations began early every time since people had to end the color and water dunking feast at least by noon so as to give their colored and drenched bodies time to get cleaned up.

It was a day when all barriers were broken in respect of age, relationship and sex. People mingled and reveled in applying colored powder and colored water on each other to celebrate unity and joy. The atmosphere was festive, cheery and very physical too with both men and women drenching each other with colored water and also hosing one another with water pipes.

Objections and inhibitions of any sort were simply not entertained nor tolerated. Women knew and understood that this was a day to break loose and enjoy themselves. Her son Binu left for his friend's place after his coffee and Deen, being less gregarious, preferred to read in his room.

Manya heard the door being banged and realized it was the neighborhood boys insisting that the door be opened so that they could apply colors on all of them. Desh found this extremely irritating and he shouted at them to leave. Moreover he had to bathe and leave for work. He rushed into the bathroom, noting the time on the clock. The boys continued to ring the bell and bang the door while Desh was in the bath.

Manya knew them all. They were well behaved students and not one of them was above 18 years of age. Though interaction was not frequent, they were all quite charmed by her and she was reasonably fond of them. "Open up Mrs. M, today is Holi", they all yelled in unison and excitement. "You can't escape us today ", screamed Salman, the tallest and strongest of them as he banged the door hard. Manya was somewhat amused and also worried that they may break open the door. Moreover since Desh had gone in for his bath, he was safe from any color onslaught.

She could probably get over with the enthusiastic boys before he came out. Deen looked at his mother as she rose to open the door. Her breasts swayed in a sexy pendulous motion as she walked and the sleeveless blouse revealed her full and well rounded shoulders and strongly fleshed arms.

Little wisps of armpit hair flashed exotically whenever she raised those arms. Her fully revealed midriff glowed in all its fairness and her sexy navel opened up and closed with every step of Manya.

Her massive asscheeks showed a saucy bounce in keeping with her sprightly step as she reached over and opened the door. It was more like hell breaking loose. The four young students dashed into the room and surrounded Manya as Deen looked on in shock. Salman, the strongest went right behind her and hugged her fully from behind in an attempt to hold and tie her hands so that she was immobilized. His cock rubbed against her full asscheeks repeatedly while his hands held her hands firmly against her belly.

One of them applied color on Manya's rosy cheeks and kept caressing it continuously. The second guy was more aggressive as he used both his hands to gather color and run them right down Manya's fleshy body right from her neck, over her heaving boobs, all over her creamy waist, thighs and even feet.

The one caressing Manya's face shifted his pawing to her fair and full shoulders and the color red covered them too in no time, including her juicy armpits, where he lingered till she moaned in ticklishness. Manya was squealing all the time, in half joy.

Deen continued to watch in shock as the four intruders pawed and mauled his voluptuous mother all over under the pretext of color. The one behind her, Salman was having a field day, digging his cock and lower body right into Manya's wide and fleshy backside and also bending over her face to look down so that she didn't free her arms. Not that Manya tried hard.

Deen could also see that his squealing mother was enjoying this attack. Her entire resistance appeared half hearted. The youth applying color on Manya's front kept doing it not once but repeatedly for a full minute, giving him direct gropes of her full boobs over her braless blouse. Manya's nipples shot to erection and the dual pressure of the boob mauling and the dick impact on her rear sent wild waves of lust all over the body which was so well fucked just a few hours ago.

Salman simply didn't let her hands free. Nor did he withdraw his dick from ramming into her ass every time it wriggled during her movements. His face was over Manya's neck and Deen could swear that he saw Salman kiss his shaking mother's lovely neck, not once but many times. With his Mom's breasts being squeezed on and off and her midriff getting pawed strongly, those few minutes seemed like a powerful dream for Deen. He noticed the midriff mauler getting extra strong with his squeezing and suddenly all the action caused the top half of her sheer saree to fall off.

There she was, his beautiful, desirable mother, getting felt and pressed in a state of semi nakedness displaying her breasts and belly to four horny youths who looked like they had been waiting for such a moment to pounce on their wet dream aunt. When the saree fell off to reveal her breasts almost fully through the flimsy, sleeveless blouse, the guy in front took a daring step. He dipped his hands in wet color and rubbed both of them on Manya's quivering breasts, fully caressing their cups and squeezing them in short bursts so that it didn't look deliberate and prolonged.

And when he moved below to squeeze her naked and red waist, Manya was all but gone. Her mind blew a fuse and she simply surrendered. She let Salman ram into her from behind and even felt his hot breath and wet kisses around her neck and earlobes. She let the other guy have his moments with her breasts and belly, letting them squeeze and maul the creamy curves. In that state of delirium she didn't even notice the look of aroused shock on her son's face.

She had almost turned limp when the last youth who was standing with a pail of water poured it right over Manya's head, drenching her from head to toe. It was a sight so sexy and wildly sensuous for all, that five of them including Deen simply stopped in their tracks to gape and admire the absolute sexuality of this beautiful woman.

Fully wet, she looked like a lust goddess, glowing from all the mauling she received and dripping in a manner which revealed the curves and fleshy spots of her body in full glory. If it wasn't for the fact that Manya was enjoying all this, Deen thought that it could have been labeled as the molestation of the century, especially since this was conducted with hubby Desh in the bathroom.

Deen really wondered whether his luscious Mom opened the door deliberately, choosing Desh's absence as the ideal opportunity. It all took two minutes but the effect on Deen was a lifelong source of jerk off material. He was itching to run into the bathroom for it but decided to wait until his sexy mother at least adjusted her saree.

She did so, but only after waving them all good bye in her wet and exposed glory. Again Deen could swear that Salman had managed a quick kiss on her lips before he left.