Hairy mormon gets facial hardcore and handjob

Hairy mormon gets facial hardcore and handjob
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Chapter 1 of "Making Eleanor" The Club on Day Zero There was no plan at first, no real strategy or tactic to propel my fantasy. There was just an a heavy desire to own and deep-seated understanding of what it would take . a set of skills and resources that I must possess to make it all work.

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That's where I focused, for what seemed like an enternity, working endlessly to further myself and aquire those things that I would need. I swirled the scotch in my glass and watched her, smiling at her tight rubber-like dress, and admiring how her ample curves and heavy breasts were tightly contained. I half laughed to myself as she tossed her red hair over her shoulder, dancing with the group of people I knew she had come with.

If she only knew how familiar with rubber she would become. I was ready, and within the hour I would acquire the last item on my list. Funny. The preparations had taken years, but the final planning - a little more than a few weeks.

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Surprising what some people will be willing to do for just a little money and some very warm, wet incentive. She moved across the floor towards my perch at the bar, looking at me but not really seeing me.

She never saw me, or maybe she never tried. And yet after tonight, she would see me everyday from now on. I watched her talk and flirt, staring at the curve of her ass and the way her heavy tits rose and fell under the rubbery material of her black dress. Red hair and alabaster skin - she looked good in black. I'd have to see to it that she wore it often .

if I let her wear anything at all. I felt the warm rush, like the heat from a good brandy, the excited feeling that comes from knowing you are about possess something that you've always wanted.

I watched her dance and chat and whisper to her friend Julie who brushed aside her shoulder length brown hair to offer her delicate ear. I smiled when the jock I had paid offered her the drink, smiled as she touched his arm and mouthed an intent 'thank you.' I passed the 8 or 10 minute wait for the drugged drink to take effect admiring her tits and thinking of all the wonderful things I would do with them when they were mine. "Maybe, my initials on both of those milk bags," I laughed to myself.

"Heavy metal rings for certain," at least after I had had my fun with them. And then she shook her head slowly, like she always did when her buzz took effect. She motioned to Julie, like she always did as if to say, " be right back." And she ran her hand through her thick red hair, and grabbed her purse, like she always did before stepping out for some air when her buzz became more than a buzz. She turned in her black stilletto heels, the ones that showed her red toenail polish and her muscular calfs.

She never saw Julie work on the drink from my other well-paid jock colleague. I swallowed my scotch and dropped a bill on the bar. My coat felt heavy like a reminder that I had a lot of work to do tonight. I watched her disappear out the door and laughed out loud to no one in particular. And just like that no one would ever see Eleanor Johan again .

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at least never as she had been. The first steps of my initiative were nearly over. For a little investment in personnel - long on muscle and thankfully short on brains - I had sent the object of my desire to her fate, and secured one more way to finance the whole operation. I pulled the keys to my DB12 from my coat pocket and headed out to The Foundation.

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----- Chapter 2 Calling my "workspace" The Foundation started half-heartedly enough . a faint nod to an entity in one of my favorite literary series, Asimov's "Foundation Trilogy." But as the work became more and more imminent, The Foundation became a more and more realistic descriptor; after all it would be here that the basis of all my efforts, all my work to change my fantasty into reality, to change Eleanor into whatever I wished, would be laid.

It was perfect and the most useful purchase I had made. The top two floors were a series of loft apartment rooms, sound-proofed of course, where I could stay when I was in the city. The ground floor combined warehouse space and a metal fabrication shop with a small electronics manufacturing facility. All three turned just enough profit to keep the whole complex going and with the apartment and the business, no one questioned my comings and goings no matter what the hour.

But it was the floors below ground, that held the true secrets . room after room of meticulously designed and executed play space.


All stocked with a dizzying number of toys and devices and distractions - some I had purchased ; very many I had designed and built the same way I had built my fortune . with the careful application of a Doctorate's in Electrical Engineering and Software Design. Both my fortune and my playspace had been built for one purpose .

to be carefully applied to turning Eleanor into my personal toy.

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I had displayed her carefully in the room I called the theatre - an octogon shaped room of glass and steel with a central work area bordered on all sides by higher rows of seating and workspace for obsevation and computer electronics. It had always reminded me of the surgery theaters of old. I could hear Eleanor whimpering softly through the plug gag that held he mouth apart but closed.

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She lay on a large X-frame titled slightly so her rubber-encased head was higher than the rest of her body. I had encased her, head to toe, in a latex body suit, all back save for thick red strips, an intense red, across only her bulging tits and her hips. "Good evening, Eleanor . what do you think of your new suit?" She could neither see me, since her eyes were covered, nor answer since her mouth was gagged with a tube and plug aparatus.

The plug, which held a clear plastic tube for special surprises, could be removed to allow complete access to Eleanor's mouth. The black mask also held ear phones which used a wireless audio signal to mask my voice for her. She heard only a voice and no other noise.

I ran my hand across the latex, and over her belly stopping just below her left tit. I had designed the suit, with open black elastic rings over each nipple while the rest of her tits where tightly bound in the red latex. The effect was even better than I had hoped for. While the bulk of her heavy breasts were shaped and contorted by the red latex, Eleanor's pale pink nipples jutted lewdly out of the suit, bulging as if begging to be tortured.

"I thoroughly enjoyed stuffing you into the body suit," I sneered. "You're quite a heifer, Eleanor. And you should see the way your nipples poke out for me .

I think you like that I can see the tips of your big udders. Don't you, cow?" Before she could do more than whimper, I grabbed her left nipple and twisted it violently, holding it tight while she yelped into the plug. I reached below the table to push a button and the frame began to open more, spreading her legs wider.

"Tsk, tsk . Eleanor! You're such a whore. With your legs spread wide open like that I can see every inch of that virgin pussy of yours." She moaned quietly and I moved between her legs. I had used a similar treatment for her pussy . red latex over her hips and black reinforced elastic encircling her pussy. The treatment caused her creamy white pussy lips and slippery red cunt to bulge and protrude from the suit, exposing even her clit for my private observation.

I pinched her pink clit hard and then began to jack it like it was a tiny pink cock.

She whined and whimpered but the plug kept her from getting too loud. She squrimed a bit and I watched for her hips to begin to work but I stopped as soon as she started. "Eleanor you have a sloppy worthless cow's cunt, don't you?" She was silent and grabbed both her pussy lips with each hand and pulled, laughing as her white cunt flesh stretched and strained.

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She yelped but went quiet as soon as stopped pulling. "Well, believe me, Eleanor, I want nothing more than to work you for awhile but I have so much to do." "We will need to start training you right away . you will do as you are told or you will be punished." I slapped her pussy hard several times and she yelped. "Do you understand, heifer?" She struggled with the cuffs at here ankles and wrists, but stopped quickly. "Here is your first order . you will raise your hips and wiggle that slutty pussy for me, you will lift your hips and display your cunt like a good whore.

Begin." She sat still and I could hear moaning, something that sounded like 'no no no' but her hips were still . at least until I shoved two fingers into her pussy, driving them in past both knuckles. She screamed into the gag, but I dry fucked her long past the moment she stopped. "You've failed your first class, cunt." I yanked my fingers from her pussy and she gasped. "You need to be punished." I pulled a small iron basin from a nearby credanza and attached it to a steel bar that lifted off the X frame.

I then attached the free end of the clear plastic tube from Eleanor's plug and attached it to the basin near the bottom.

I undid my fly and filled the basin with warm piss. I then opened the cabinet under the frame and removed three electrodes - one small pad and two clamps. I take great joy in attaching the clamps to Eleanor's lewdly displayed nipples. The small pad attached just along the hood of her still erect clit.

I walked toward the door and stopped to pick up a remote control that was mounted near the doorway - each room had one. I activated the audio/visual - Eleanor would now be digitially photographed and videotaped at frequent intervals. A second button activitated a pump on the basin and I watched the clear tube fill with dingy yellow piss.

The tube wavered a bit and then just like that piss was being pumped through Eleanor's plug directly into her mouth. She whimpered and gurgled but was helpless to do much else than swallow . the basin would run until it was empty and Eleanor's already chunky stomach was full. Finally, I activated the electrodes.

She yelped a watery sound and began to squirm and strain. The electrodes would vary different levels of pain and pleasure to her cunt and tits. It was set to run until it was turned off. She would suffer and cum, over and over, until I returned to shut the process down. "Well, I do hate to miss a good show . which is why you're being recorded. Until our next training session I hope you think on your poor performance." I paused, watching her gyrate and struggle to swallow her forced basin of piss.


"As they say on TV, Eleanor, time for me to go pay a few bills." Her first orgasm swept her before I made it through the door.