Cute brunette babe getting her hole banged

Cute brunette babe getting her hole banged
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= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Chapter 02 Dancing with the Devil "I'm sorry I killed you." Those words veritably bounce around inside my skull, crushing the euphoric mood I'd just been in. Dang-it, Lyden. She's a succubus! You knew that. Why did you just have sex with her?

These thoughts flood through my mind, as I play over the last little while. The sex had been fantastic, if short. Even now, knowing that my death is only a little ways away, I still feel great and energized. I'd thought that I would be exhausted and worn out after being drained by a succubus, but maybe it's more like a mosquito: They drain you, but you really don't feel it, until the itching starts. Turning my head to look at her, I'm saddened to see a real tear slide from the corner of her left eye, and drop down to her ear.

Once again, I'm shocked to see something I never would have expected. A demon crying? Over killing a mortal? Will wonders never cease.

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. Something in my heart tugs at me, and a strong desire to assuage her guilt comes over me, despite the sinking feeling in my gut. "At least I get to die with a beautiful view in my vision." I give a slight laugh before adding, "And I can even see you clearly." I don't expect the response I get out of her.

Almost faster than my eyes can see, she's up and standing five feet away from me. Her eyes are wide, and shock paints her features, while her mouth moves wordlessly.

"Are you okay?" I ask slowly. She looks like a dear ready to bolt. A part of my mind takes in her whole beauty, and I can't find a single flaw in her body. A sparkle at her bald snatch, tells me that even her clit must be pierced in this current guise. "You. . you're alive. ." Her hand covers her mouth, as she continues to stare at me.

"Um, yeah," I reply confused. "I actually feel pretty good. I thought getting drained would make me feel weak and exhausted, but I feel like I could climb Everest without taking a break." "But, how?

I felt your energy flood into me when you came." Her legs seem to decide at that point to quit supporting her. "I know this feeling. . This life-force I'm now filled with. You should be dead. Time slows as she begins to fall, and somehow I easily stand and reach her before she completely collapses.

Catching her in my arms, she stares at me in newfound wonder and curiosity, as time resumes its usual pace. Her left hand slowly reaches up, and she palms my cheek. "Are you real?" she asks me, and I can't stop the laugh that bursts forth from my chest, a deep sound that actually seems to reverberate through the open fields around us.

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There's no malice in my laughter, but pure joy. Not that long ago, I'd thought she wasn't real. "But how?" she asks again, and I realize that I'm not going to die.

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I don't know what's going on, but I know that I'll live. I throw her into the air, and I'm surprised at the strength in my limbs. It's not that she's heavy; she likely weighs less than a hundred pounds.

No, it's just that before the accident, I probably only could've lifted her off the ground; not throw her ten feet into the air. I also catch her easily, as she lands lightly in my arms. Setting her lightly back on the ground, I look down at myself, and almost start laughing again. I'm still skinny, but I have more definition now. Not quite what you might call sculpted, but definitely toned.

I can feel the raw strength in me far exceeds the muscle mass to support it. And my cock! Holy Hanna! I've never been one of those guys that has to make jokes about how big my cock is to compensate for, well, anything, but I was by no means a monster down there either.

I've always been comfortable with my manhood. Now I almost feel like I could play baseball with my pecker if I wanted to, and hit a homerun every time!

Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating now, but it is bigger than it ever has been before, and that's while it's limp.

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"What are you?" Angela asks me, and I look back to her, wondering about her question. "What do you mean?" I ask in response. "I mean, you were definitely human while you were recovering in the hospital. The amount of energy that flooded into me when you came was enough to feed me for a month, and kill you. By all rights, you should be dead, but. . but you've changed." There's awe and wonder in her tone as she steps up to me and runs her hand along my chest.

"Maybe it's this place," I say, trying to come up with something to explain it. "Every time you. . er. . had yours, I was flooded with energy too." Despite what we'd just done, and the fact that we're both still naked, I have a hard time talking about her having an orgasm. There is a twinkle in her eyes, as I stutter, but it turns quickly to confusion. "That doesn't make sense. The energy had to have come from somewhere." Her eyes examine me again, and I start to feel self-conscious as she ponders.

My underwear is nothing more than rags now, so I have to free-ball it as I pull on my pants and shirt. It's only now that I realize I've been moving without the aid of the crutch. I feel better than at any other time in my life, and I find I keep chuckling to myself, truly happy for the first time in a very long time.

"I may know someone who might know what's going on," she tells me hesitantly. As I look at her, I watch in amazement as her clothes materialize around her. "What's wrong?" I ask, sensing something in her tone, despite my shock of seeing what I can only refer to as magic.

My world isn't the same anymore. "Nothing," she tells me, shaking her head, and I know she's lying, but something tells me not to push it. "We should get you home for now. There's no telling how much time has passed in your world." "My world?" I ask as I follow her lightly back to the tree we rode up in.

She slows, and twines her fingers into mine as she smiles at me. "The world we're in now is a shadow of yours. In many ways it mirrors Earth, but because it's only a shadow, it's more malleable." "And this is where you live?" "Many of us live here," she says blandly.

"More succubusses, er, succubae?" I have no idea what the plural for succubus is. "Succubae," she tells me. "And more than just other succubae. All the creatures from your myths and legends. Those that were persecuted by the humans, and driven from the world we used to share." Despite her words, I don't sense any chagrin in her tone.

"We persecuted you? I thought those creatures fed on humans," I say, feeling defensive. She laughs before answering. "Of course. The victors always write the history books. Yes, some did feed on humans, but not all of them.

That's like saying that humans are all murderers, because a few bad apples are." That makes sense, but something about the way she'd said that. . "You weren't around when it happened." "Ha! No, I wasn't even a mortal back then. That all happened well over a millennia ago." The bark of the massive oak tree separates, and we step into the elevator, before I ask, "Do you remember how you became a succubus?

I mean, how you lost your mortality?" "If you're thinking that you're becoming an incubus, it can't be. I made a deal with a demon, which split off a small part of itself, and I became as I am now." She must sense my unease at her statement, as she steps away from me, new worry in her eyes. "So. . You're possessed?" I ask. "What deal did you make?" "The deal isn't important anymore. I'm not possessed as you would think of it. The demon only gave me a small sliver of its soul to meet its end of the deal.

A possession is the entire demon taking over. I still have free will," she informs me, and I know she wants me to understand, but I'm only coming up with more questions.

"But as a succubus, doesn't that make you a demon? So by taking part of the other demon's soul, you became a demon in turn." "My actions back then made me into what I am now. Yes, that portion of a soul helped, but didn't do it on its own." She steps back up to me, and I hold my ground, not wanting to back away. She had cried when she thought I was dead, so I know she feels emotion. There would have been no reason to fake it after she thought I'd died. "So what do you think is happening to me now?" "I really don't know.

I'm going to ask around, and see what I can find out. In the meantime, I want you to continue living your life as normal, and I'll be back as soon as I can. Depending on how time warps randomly between the two worlds." The elevator doors open on the parking garage, and I can see my car, still parked in its spot. Stepping out, I quickly realize that Angela hasn't followed me.

"I don't know how much time has passed in this realm while we were away, but go home." Before I have a chance to say anything, she tosses me my keys, and the elevator doors close. Great, I think, I have no idea where exactly I am, or even what today is. Pulling out of the garage, I notice that the sun seems to have dipped only slightly, but that doesn't tell me what day or even month it is. I pull out onto the busy street, and immediately notice how smooth the Orange Bubble rides.

The steering is a lot more responsive, and some of the little issues that I realized I'd gotten used to over the years are gone as well. The car is handling better than new.

The gas gage on the dash is completely gone, and I wonder how I'm supposed to know how much gas I have without the gage. Pulling into a gas station just to be on the safe side, I'm surprised to see that there isn't even a spot to put gas in. It doesn't take me long to figure where I'm at, and I point my car north, and enjoy the speed and power of my remodeled car. To my surprise, the radio announces the date and time, letting me know that I was in the Shadow World for less than thirty minutes.

Angela had said that time runs randomly between the two. Walking into my tiny 32nd story apartment, I find a brand new cell phone charging on my kitchen counter. I'd been told my old one had been destroyed in the accident. Turning it on, I see that I have five new messages. The first one is from the company that manages this apartment complex, asking if I want to apply my last payment to the rest of the year, or want a refund.

The next four were from Sheila Lance, my boss, demanding to know when I'll be back in. I call the management company up first, and they inform me that I can only pay one year in advance, and that the rest will be refunded to me. In a daze, I hang up.

Who's been paying all of my bills? The next call isn't as pleasant. "Your medical leave was burned up a week ago, Mr. Snow," Sheila informs me rather bluntly.

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"By all rights, I can fire you right now, and be well within the company's rights." Part of me is tempted to quit right away. I have a rather hefty check coming in from the management company, and rent is covered for the next year, but Angela had told me to live life as I usually do. "I'll be in first thing in the morning," I tell her, trying to act sheepish, but I'm still full of energy from the excellent sex with Angela in the Shadow World.

"Are you laughing at me?" Crap! "No, Mrs. Lance, just trying to multitask while talking. I'll be in first thing," I repeat, and hang up before she can say anything else to me.

Sleeping tonight is impossible, I realize, as I lay for a couple hours staring at the ceiling. Well, it may be a Wednesday night, but maybe I should go out. Normally I'm pretty self-conscious, but for some reason I'm feeling confident, and walk to a bar that's a couple blocks down the road. A large sign out front declares that it's ladies' night, and I smile as I walk in.

I pull out my wallet to pay the cover charge, but the cute redhead at the counter looks at me dreamy eyed, and stamps my hand. What's going on? Have I changed that much? Shrugging my shoulders, I walk in, and order a cocktail.

The bartender, a male, makes me pay, but I don't mind. The music is blaring and the dance floor's packed as I watch people shaking and moving to the rhythm. "I don't remember seeing you here before?" I turn and look down at the owner of the voice. The girl—well okay, she has to be at least twenty-one to be in here—stands only as tall as my chest.

Her hair is a warm chestnut brown, and travels the short distance down the length of her back. It's too dark in here to make out her eye color, other than to note that they're dark. In her hands is a blue or purple drink—Now why couldn't my colorblindness have been fixed with the rest of my vision?—that's half-full.

"I was bored, so decided to come out and find some entertainment." The way she's looking at me, makes me feel even more confident about myself. She's not the cutest girl here, but definitely above what I consider to be my league. She finishes her drink, and I decide to play things up.

I've heard people talk about not buying a girl a drink unless you really know them, but some new instinct says to go for it. Pulling the drink from her hands, I take a quick sip, and know that she's drinking a purple hooter. I make eye contact with one of the wandering servers. She turns away from whoever was giving her their order, and rushes to me.

"A purple hooter for the pretty lady, here," I tell her, and she rushes off to fulfill my wishes. Wow, this new power could really go to my head.

She returns within a couple minutes and hands the glass to me. I hand it to the short girl still standing speechless next to me, and turn back to the waitress. "How much?" I ask, and she shakes herself as if coming out of a dream. "How much?" she repeats my words. "Oh!" It takes her a moment to gather her wits enough to tell me how much I owe, and I pay her, with a decent tip. "My name's Becky," the brunette next to me yells at me to be heard over the music, "and you shouldn't have had to pay full price for that.

It's ladies' night." "Lyden," I reply, holding out my hand for her to shake.

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Her hand is tiny compared to mine, but her fingers are soft. Just because I feel like it, I bend over, and place a soft kiss on her knuckles. Her knees give way, and I have to move fast to catch her. "Are you alright?" I ask, concerned. I feel a little weak after moving so fast, and she has to blink a few times before she can answer. "Wow, a real gentleman." Her voice is breathy, as I help her back to her feet, and I notice that she's somehow managed not to spill her drink.

To my surprise, she quickly downs her drink, and pulls me out to the dance floor. At first I hedge a little, as I've never been much of a dancer, but I feel the music in my bones, and soon a large group of women surrounds me.

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They push Becky away from me, and I can see that she looks downtrodden as two other women replace her. For some reason, I can feel my energy draining out of me. At this point, I know that I can have any woman here, but Becky had been the first one to talk to me, so I push the two women away, until I'm back in front of the brunette. She gives me an odd look, and then drags me out to the smoking section. I don't smoke, never having been able to afford the habit, but I don't begrudge those that do.

As soon as we're outside, she turns, grabs the front of my shirt, and pulls my face down to hers. As her lips touch mine, I feel some of my energy return, and smile, while I place my hands under her thighs, and lift her up. She's so light, that I hardly even notice her weight, as our tongues dart in and out of each other's mouths, and her legs grip my hips.

I can taste her drink still on her tongue, as well as mint. I find the source of the mint a second later, as I steal the gum I didn't know she had, right out of her mouth. "Hey! Give that back!" she commands me, smiling, her arms around my neck. "You'll have to take it back," I inform her, and you'd think I just gave her the world, by the grin that blossoms across her face. Had I really thought she wasn't that cute a little while ago?

She mashes her lips to mine, and we fence with our tongues for a bit, before I let her take the gum back. My cock is rock hard, and I know she can't miss it poking into her. "Get a room!" a male voice shouts, and Becky pulls back, her cheeks red. "That guy's completely out of her league," I hear another, feminine, voice say not so quietly. I grind my teeth, as Becky tries to wriggle out of my arms, but I won't let go.

"Yeah, there's probably something wrong with him," a different voice says. "Wanna have some fun?" I ask the attractive woman in my arms, and she nods uncertainly. "Play along." I wink at her, then turn, force her up into the air, and set her softly on my shoulders. It's been years since I've given anyone a shoulder ride, but she's small enough, that she feels quite comfortable sitting up there. "There is something wrong with me," I tell the two couples.

Glancing at the two girls that'd spoken, I feel another drain of energy as I focus on them. I can sense their knees trembling under my intense scrutiny. "This woman is the only one I've found that knows how to properly take care of me. Skanks of your caliber just don't know how to handle a tool my size." "Come on, dear," Becky says right on cue, "Why don't we go back to my place, and I'll remind you of just what I'm capable of.

Let's stop wasting our time with these floozies." It takes all my effort not to laugh at the insulted faces of the four people in front of us. I turn and walk back inside, hearing the women demand that their men stand up for them, and the men saying they will as soon as they're done with their smoke.

I have to duck to walk back in, even as short as Becky is, but I keep her on my shoulders, as I head back to the dance floor. "I really meant that I want to take you home," she yells into my ear, and I do an about-face, and head for the exit.

Word about what happened outside has already made it in to the entrance, and I notice no shortage of women giving Becky an envious glance, and even a few men giving her a calculating one.

Something tells me she's not going to have a problem picking up men here anymore. She points the way to her car, and I set her on the ground just outside. For some reason she seems to get heavier with each step, but I'm still able to set her down lightly. I wonder about how weak I'm suddenly feeling, but get distracted when she tosses me her keys.

"I've been drinking too much to drive." "Becky!" someone yells, and we turn to see a dirty blonde-haired woman coming over to us. "Were you just going to leave me here?" "Lisa, oh my god," Becky spouts, covering her mouth, and looking embarrassed. "I was so distracted by everything.

. I'm so sorry." Lisa pretty much ignores her, as she turns to look at me. "So, is it true what you said back there?" She arches one slender eyebrow at me, daring me to answer. "Lisa!" Becky reprimands her friend. "I guess you'll have to ask Becky in the morning," I tell her, and before either one can say a thing, I duck into the driver's seat.

Both women get into the passenger side and start arguing about who gets to sit shotgun. I don't even wait for an outcome, before starting the car, and throwing it into first gear. They quickly decide to share the passenger seat, pulling the seatbelt across both of them.

Luckily Lisa is fairly skinny and Becky is definitely small enough, that they both fit. The drive is punctuated by both women trying to be as helpful as possible in giving me directions. I actually find it rather annoying, but drive on, nevertheless. Parking the car outside a small home, I get out, and then rush around to open their door.

Both women look up to me stunned, and I realize that I'd super-speeded again. I'm really going to need to watch that! This time, however, I'm able to associate the energy drain with the action. Becky stops just outside the door, and seems to hesitate. "I've never brought anybody home like this," she murmurs to me. "Well, if you're not going to go in and fuck him, I will!" Lisa states and pinches my rear to emphasize her words.

This seems to galvanize Becky into action, and she unlocks the door, and pulls me in afterwards. She pulls me down into a kiss again, but I'm feeling too weak to lift her up this time. "Damn," Lisa says as she enters the home. "I guess I'll go downstairs, all alone, and entertain myself." She's ignored by both of us, as we continue to make out, and Becky leads me over to the couch.

Somehow Becky's kisses lend me a bit of strength, but it's almost as if I'm a man dying of thirst, and only offered a couple drops of water.

My legs strike the couch, and I collapse backwards. The couch is extremely comfortable, and Becky jumps into my lap, not wasting any time with anything frivolous like words.

Her hands are on my cheeks, as she sucks my tongue into her mouth. I dig my hands under the back of her shirt, and enjoy how smooth her small back feels. Finding the back of her bra, I unsnap it on my fourth attempt.


I'm really not that experienced at this. She pulls away long enough to pull her shirt and bra off, and I get my first look at her bare chest. Her areolas are large, actually covering most of her handful-sized tits.

They're dark, and stand out starkly against her pale skin. My mouth goes dry at the sight, and I pull her torso back to me, latching onto one of her oversized nipples. Her fingers dig into the back of my head, as she moans, and grinds her pelvis against mine. "I don't know what it is about you, but you have me hornier than I've ever been," she breathlessly moans as she pulls at my shirt.

There is a light 'popping' noise as her chest pulls away from my sucking maw. I try to latch onto her other nipple as soon as my shirt is off, but she stands up, and begins working at my pants. She isn't as skilled as Angela was at getting them off, but she hasn't had 400 years of experience, either.

As soon as my pants are off (I still haven't put any underwear on), she gasps audibly, and I hear a gasp from the stairway as well. Apparently Lisa's watching us. So much for her entertaining herself. I see the edge of fear creep into Becky's eyes, quickly squashed by determination. Glancing at my crotch to see what's causing all the fuss, I gasp as well. I'd seen it limp while in the Shadow World, and been surprised at its length.

Now that I'm hard as a rock, it's not much longer, but it is fairly thicker. I'm worried this petite little woman won't be able to handle me.

Her little hand wraps around the base of my rod, and she gives it a firm squeeze, before leaning forward, and licking the tip. I can already see that the head is too bulbous to fit inside her tiny mouth, but I still watch in fascination as she tries. Have you ever watched one of those cartoons where Wile E. Coyote tries to fit through something that would be physically impossible, yet he does it anyway?

Well, that's what it looks like as Becky slowly fits first my head in, and then starts working down my shaft. I can't tell if my penis has thinned, or her mouth has stretched, but amazingly she doesn't stop until I can feel her tongue licking my balls.


Pulling her head up and off, a bit of spittle connects her bottom lip to my pipe, as she looks at it in wonder. "I can't believe I got that thing in!" she exclaims, giving me a couple squeezes to verify its hardness, and then hungrily goes back at it. Her head continues to bob up and down, and I love how her throat feels around the length of my rod. Every time her nose hits my pelvis, I feel her tongue around my scrotum, and moan appreciatively. It doesn't take long before I feel that familiar churning, and I gently pull her head from my lap, wanting to postpone my own culmination.

She gives me a look like I'd just taken away her favorite toy, but I stand her up, and pull down her pants. Her pussy has a small brown landing strip above it, and I turn us around, setting her down on the couch. I allow my lips to lightly brush the inside of her knee, and then trail light kisses up her thigh. Just as I'm about to reach the juncture at the top, I pull back, and repeat the action on the other leg. This time, as I get close, I can see she's watching me avidly, her bottom lips sucked in between her teeth.

Reaching the tip of my tongue out, I lightly lick the sensitive inner lips, making her moan loudly. Without any warning, her hands grab my head, and she pulls me in hard to her wet snatch. Her hips start to hunch and writhe, as I stick out my tongue, lapping up her juices as she cums. I've never seen a woman orgasm this fast, and I feel a flood of renewing energy flow into me at the thought of how horny I've gotten this babe.

As she starts to come down from her high, I use my hands to spread her cunt, and then immediately latch onto her tiny clit. It only takes me a couple nibbles like this, before she's cumming again, and I can feel her liquids dripping off my chin.

Continuing to munch on her sensitive clitoris, I bring her orgasm higher and higher, before standing up and aiming my tool at her hole. It only takes a little pressure to fit the large head into her tiny hole, and once again I marvel that I even fit.

Like a key in a lock, she feels like her inner walls were made specifically for my cock, as I slide deeper and deeper into her. "Oh my God!" She cries out, as our pelvises meet. "I can't believe I've got you in me. Fuck me, Lyden. Fuck me and make me cum again!" Her legs wrap around me as I pull back, and then pull me forward again.

Every time I'm fully inside her, her eyes roll back, and she moans. We set a fast pace, and pretty soon she's moaning non-stop, until she suddenly catches her breath, and starts shuddering in orgasmic bliss.

I feel so pumped about making this woman cum again and again, that I grab her shoulders and lean back until my back is on the floor.

She grunts as she lands on top of me, and I feel myself go a little deeper into her, thoroughly enjoying how her vagina accommodates me.

Leaning up, I latch onto one of her large nipples, while I grab her hips, lift her slightly, and then slam her back down. "Oh, yes! Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME," she yells out in rising volume.

Her arm squeezes me tight to her chest, as we continue to screw, until she has one last orgasm. I know I'm close again, and roll us over onto her back, pull out and place my schlong between her tits, straddling her chest.

Her breasts aren't big enough to surround my member, but they still feel delightful as I pinch each massive nipple and hold them together. She comes down from her orgasm and lifts her head enough to suck in the tip of my sliding cock. This finally sends me over, and I blast my seed into the back of her throat, while her hands roam my chest.

She starts to choke, and I pull back, allowing her to breath. Some of my cum lands on her chest, and as soon as she's breathing normally again, she scoops it up, and cleans her fingers with her mouth.

I hear a barely stifled moan to our left and see that Lisa is busy fingering her bald cunny to orgasm, leaning against the wall. Becky starts cleaning my cock with her mouth, and it feels delightful. A new wave of energy washes over me, this time coming from Lisa's direction, and with dawning fear, I realize where my energy has been coming from. I'm draining these women with each orgasm they have.

In other words, I'm killing them slowly. Terror grips my soul, as I stand up, grab my clothes, and don't even wait to get dressed before running out the door. Somehow my car is here, and I don't even question my luck, as I get in, and with screeching tires, I abandon those two women.

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