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Jack had just walked out of the bridge and was on his way to his cabin to look at the bow when, the captain called over the ship intercom for jack to come back to the bridge as he would want to see this.

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Jack sighed heavily and made his way back to the bridge to see what it was that the captain wanted to show Jack. Jack was almost to the bridge when he thought he caught a glimpse of something off to his right, thinking it was just one of the crew making their way to weapons or one of the cargo bay to get something, he just pushed it to the back of his mind. Lucie had just left the cargo bay to try and find the man that she thought had her bow well think of how to get it back when she found him.

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Lucie was about to round a corner think it would be clear of anyone see almost bump into Jack thinking quickly she stopped what she was doing and turn to hide behind one of the corners she was stood by. Jack had just walked in to the bridge to see what it was they wanted him to see.

"Ahhh Jack come come there is something I want to show you." the captain said signaling for jack to follow him. "Ok Jamie what is it you want to show me." asked Jack as he followed Jamie to a bank of monitors. "You know when I asked you to check the hull for what had set it off," Jack just nodded "Well look what we picked up on the CCTV's." as the captain told Jack to have a look at the monitors. Much to Jaime surprise it was the girl he saw he was sent to go and check the hatch, no more the 2 days ago.

She had long pure black hair down to her waist as still it the same haircut from when he last saw her, she still had the nice tanned skin, but know that Jack could see what she looked like, she could not have been no more than 5 ft 9, with a toned body, a nice set of 36Ds that complemented her frame well, but jack could not help but feel as though something was off, as if she walk with purpose.

Asking the captain where she was heading, the captain said that she was heading to his room, after hearing that Jack bolt upright and run to his room hoping that he could get there before her and hide the bow that was still on his bed. Lucie could feel someone moving incredibly fast, but it was unnatural how fast they moved, they were moving so fast in fact she thought that if she tried to outrun them she would only be tackled to the floor before she even started to run.

Lucie deciding to try and follow the feeling to see where they were going. Finding out they were heading to a room Lucie also broke out into a run hoping to get to where they were going before she lost them.


Jack was almost to his cabin when he at that moment stopped and looked around, he had a feeling that someone was watching. Pushing it to the back of his mind, Jack started to run but he decided that he would move slower hoping to see if he could see the stalker Jack made it to his room but couldn't shake the feeling that someone was still following him, Walking into his room finding it just how he left it he saw that the bow had been moved. Walking closer to the bow he saw a faint line going from the bow to the wall near him kneeling he followed the line to see where it would go.

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Lucie made to the cabin the person she felt early was going to, entering the cabin she was amazed by how nicely kept and decorated it was, the walls were a nice light blue compared to the grey silver of the ship, looking around further she noticed the bow on a king sized bed but their was something different about this bed it looked as if the bed was made a few feet longer, quickly snapping out of her trance she made up her mind to bobby trap the bow to see who it was the was in such a hurry to get back to the room.

Hooking the bow up to a thin piece of wire she feed it through a ring in the wall and around the room to a tear gases canister. Jack had just got to the end of the line when he saw it was hooked up to a canister of sorts pulling out his combat knife that he never left his room without, cut the line and pulled the canister out of its hiding spot. Looking over it carefully trying not to set it off.

Lucie was waiting in one of the closet in the room with a gases mark on hoping to hear the canister go off and full the room, but to her surprise she heard the unsheathing of a knife then a faint twinge of a wire being cut, realising that her trap did not work she decided to go to plan B, try to overpower the person with force as she know that she could do that easily.

Jack had finished looking the canister over when he heard a faint creak of his closest behind him open, knowing that this must be the one that set the booby trap up he acted like he heard nothing hoping that that would give the thief false sense of security. Lucie was secking up to the man when she felt the feeling she had 2 days before on the outside of the ship and then again on the inside but something was different this time it was stronger, "It feel as if I'm being pulled to mate with something but what, what is this feeling." she said to her self out aloud realising it was no late she decided to jump of the man and try to overpower him.

Jack felt the feeling he had two days ago, think about it he heard someone say something behind.

Him figuring out it was the thief, so he decided that he was going to wait for them to try and attack him.Jack waited no more than 2 seconds, when he felt something shift behind him taking his chance he turned around so quickly that it startled the person and made them jump back trying to get away but they were too slow and by the time the person moved the were on the floor pinned by a hulk of a man.

Luci was about to try and take this guy down be as she moved he turned around so quickly it frighten her trying to get away, but she was pinned to the floor faster than a blink of an eye. Luice now opening her eye she saw the man from early and 2 days before, seeing him perfectly, she saw that he still had the haircut from the first time she saw him, he still had the electric blue eyes but they were somehow darker than the last time, he skin was still tanned but now that she was up close she could see that he was built like the hulk, he even had the height for the hulk to pull it off but he looked a lot smarter the hulk did.

Trying to think fast she started to sob hoping that it would make the man feel guilty, which it didn't. trying to think again she decided the just let this man do whatever it was that he wanted to do to her.

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Jack was now on top of the beautiful woman she could not have looked more than 18, 19 at most, trying to think what he should do she started to cry feeling sorry for her but then thought it was just a trick to try and get him to feel guilty, standing his ground. Looking at this girl he decide to ask her, her name.

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"So what's your name beautiful?" jack asked Lucie. Fearing for her life more so now than before she thought she would just tell him her name, "My name is Lucie, and if I can what's your's?" she asked timidly hoping she did not cross the line. "Will Lucie nice to meet you, and my name is Jack thanks for asking.

Would you like to explain to me what you're doing here on this ship?" Jack asked Lucie hoping that he didn't scare her. Thinking better to come out with the truth now and not be beaten later, "I'm here to go and live on a new world to train." Lucie said, Trying to tell Jack the truth. "Oh ok well then thats good, as I'm also here to go and find a new world but I am really here to be security of this ship." Jack said as he got off Lucie as offered a hand to help her up, which she took and thanked him after.

Trying to think of what to do now, Jack was think he could get the captain to let her stay and that he would take full responsibility for her. "Come on we have to do something." jack said to Lucie making her feel scared. Looking up at Jack she had only just realised how tall he was and what a fool she would have been to think she could overpower him.

Walking through corridor asking question back and forth some were to do with how old you are, which both of them said that the were around 18 and there was the occasional question as to what they did before getting here, Jack said that he tained in the army when they offered him the job, Luice just said that she was looking for work to do when she was asked to steal something but was caught but they offered to be train, telling most of the truth.

Walking on the the bridge everyone pulled out gun and aimed them at Lucie to which he steeped in front of making the crew lower their guns, walking over to the captain with Lucie in tow, Jack asked if she could stay and would talk full responsibility for if she did something. "You sure you want that." the captain ask. "Yes I'm sure." said jack giving the captain an answer. "ok she can stay but she has to live in your room, got it!" said the captain as he tried to get back to flying the ship.

The captain just thought that he had just lost his chance to try and hit on Jack, decided he would try some other time when he was alone.

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Jack had turn around heading back to his cabin with Lucie following him, when Lucie heard jacks name being called over the ship intercom, asking him to go to the training room as he was need. Jack hearing it too sighed and walked in the opposite direction from his room, thinking to himself "Am I ever going to be able to get some sleep." Jack walked in to the training room to find his old buddy from hand to hand training.

"Is that who I think it is?, It is man it good to see you, what name do you go by now?" asked jack shaking hands with him "I go by Shadow, I heard in lating its Umbra or something like that." Shadow said to jack.

"Anyway that's not why i called you hear, I called you hear to give you something." as he gestured to a case sat on the table made of wood and had the same humming sound that came from the bow. "So what is it?" Jack asked Shadow. " well we found a few thing a couple of years back when you were still training.


we tried to lift it out and take it back to based to be studded. but the man the went to pick it put threw out his back trying lift it, he said that it was heavy and only seemed to get heavier the more he tried to lift it." Shadow said telling how they came to find it.

"So we tried to bring in a crane to pull it out, but the cable that we were using to pulling it out snapped after getting it 2 inches of the ground. We then brought in the mag lift hoping that would be stronger to lift it to our surprise it lifted slowly out of the creator and so we put it into a wood box with electro magnets in it to make it easy to lift." as Shadow said opening the box letting jack have a look at it.

"But if one of your guys threw out his back trying to lift it why give it to me?" Jack asked him, trying to see where this was going. "Will you see we were hoping that you would take this as a gift from us to you for helping us with the U.I.S Sek." said Shadow try to give the box over to jack, who accepted it.

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" well thank you for the gift I will have to find a place to put this thanks." Jack said thanking Shadow for the gift who then quickly turned fuzzy and then disappear all together, jack realising it was a hologram just shrugged his shoulders and walk out of the training room and walked back to the cabin that he now shared with Lucie. Finally remembering that Lucy was with him he asked if she wanted her bow back, to which Lucie said that she didn't have a bow and that she was just a stowaway, Jack quickly saying that she had booby trapped it is was hers and there was no hiding from it.