Sumo fighters gay porno The hunk gives in quickly shortly feeding

Sumo fighters gay porno The hunk gives in quickly  shortly feeding
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I've been neglectful. It's been about 4 months since I last updated this journal. I wish I had remembered to log my process, but my life has been too busy and fulfilling to tear myself away long enough to write.

What began as a simple fact finding mission to understand the methods of the prolific natives has turned into the greatest time of my life. After a few hours at the local research office, I lay about throughout the day, still under the guise of "fact-finding". Most of the other scientists have returned to our homeland, but I cannot tear myself away from what I have, namely Ali and our life of pregnant debauchery.

I've moved out of my old hotel and into Ali's home, our little slice of heaven. Ali and I walk around naked and blissful, making love throughout the day and only putting on clothes when we go out into the world (and sometimes when Ali gets a little playful and naughty). She wakes up everyday and after a few hours of work helping new breeding recruits, she spends her days eating and swelling and teasing and pleasuring.

Ali wakes up every morning delighted by the little inches and pounds on her curvy form.


I'd never seen a girl take so much happiness from gaining weight, she really enjoyed her life's purpose of being impressively huge. Now over 8 months pregnant, Ali was really starting to get enormous and slow down. She lays about throughout the day, on the couch or bed, as I tend to her needs. By night, Ali would waddle me into our bedroom and wear me out in the best way possible. I just got back late from the office (more on that later) to find Ali in one of my favorite weekly routines. Ali was with our neighbors Lindsay and Emily, having just finished up some prenatal yoga and pilates, cooling down from the light sweat they had built up.

They were dressed in similar spandex shorts and a sports bra, hair pack in a ponytail and round bellies bulging out.

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Ali saw me come in and ran to the door to greet me. "Hey gir-mppph," unable to finish before Ali had pulled me down for a nice, deep kiss. I grabbed around her belly, kissing her back.

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She pulled away grinning. By now Ali was so swollen she had to stand sideways to kiss me. Her enormous belly, now a bit over eight and a half months with quadruplets was a perfect round sphere in her abdomen, was free of stretchmarks and imperfections. She rubbed her firm uterus against my crotch in the way she had perfected, rubbing along me to let me know what she expected once her friends gave us some private time.

"Hey sexy.

We're gonna cool down, you want to watch?" "As long as you girls don't mind. Lindsay?

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Emily?" I questioned the two pregnant beauties behind Ali. Lindsay and Emily were girlfriends, living together while they swelled up and slowed down.

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In a bonding experience, they had requested to be impregnated with the same number of embryos on the same day, and were now seven months pregnant with six children. Their bellies were identical, huge and round and even bigger than Ali's jaw-dropping belly.

Lindsay was one of the bustiest women in Eden, her boobs were full and heavy sitting on her sextuplet belly. Her nipples were poking through her pale yellow sports bra, each the size of my palm and a small bit of milk forming at the ends of each from the exertion of the workout.

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I couldn't speak to her bra size but it was well past anything considered normal back home, with my best guess putting it around a J-cup! She was the shortest girl there and her boobs and belly filled her abdomen completely. Her round ass was jiggling wonderfully in black spandex shorts. Full pink lips and bright blue eyes contrasted with a carefully tanned skin tone. Emily was one of the smartest girls on the island, recognizable from her thick black glasses and dirty-blonde ponytail.

She wasn't as buxom or curvy as her girlfriend, but she was just as pregnant.

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Her (and Lindsay's) belly stuck out nearly three feet, swollen as out and round as nearly any girls on the island. Her chest was heaving with exertion, her white bra and shorts soaked through with sweat and completely see-through. I knew Emily well, as she was one of my coworkers and one of Eden's premier scientists, her full smile and sultry eyes belying her intelligence. "You know we don't mind, cutie," Emily giggled, reaching for her bag.

She had to heave and squat low to dig around, her huge belly bulging even further from her as she sank lower and lower. She pulled out a near-industrial sized bottle of cocoa butter, a necessity in Eden. Ali turned from me and waddled herself back to the middle of the room, her round, plump ass swaying back and forth, and she lay back in the girls's usual "cool down" ritual.

Lindsay and Emily knelt down on either side of Ali, both taking big handfuls of the moisturizer and rubbing them into Ali's stretched womb. Ali purred like a kitten, stretching her body out in comfort as much as her pregnant form would allow.

It was quite a sight, two busty, enormously pregnant lesbians rubbing massive handfuls of cocoa butter into my girlfriend. Lindsay finished rubbing a bit of lotion on Ali and then crawled her enormous belly and massive breasts over to Ali's head.

Emily was rubbing her soft hands all over Ali's gravid belly while Lindsay shimmied Ali's bra off before removing her own milk-stained top. The girls had been nursing each other since their milk came in, the nutrients and fats helping each other get nice and round like they wanted.

Lindsay grabbed one of Ali's firm F-cup tits and lifted it to her panting lips while Ali positioned herself under Lindsay's massive nipples, already dripping milk slowly. Ali and Lindsay sucked down mouthfuls of warm milk from each others breasts, shuddering and moaning softly at the sensations.


Ali was switching back and forth between Lindsay's long, dark nipples, gasping for air between gulps of life giving milk. Emily was cooing as she finished rubbing in Ali's belly. Emily rose to her feet and waddled her pregnant body over behind Lindsay, stroking her hair while Lindsay was sucking on Ali's tits. Ali stopped Lindsay, having been milked thoroughly by Lindsay's greedy sucking mouth.

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She flipped Lindsay onto her back and continued draining Lindsay's full boobs. Emily laboriously knelt down and finally lowered Lindsay's shorts down her full, tanned thighs. Lindsay thrust her exposed, hairy pussy up and down, begging for attention while she was panting from Ali's sensative nursing. Emily smirked as she ran her hands up and down Lindsay's thighs.

She trailed her tongue down from her ankle to her crotch, just missing her pussy before licking, kissing and sucking her way up her belly. Lindsay and Emily were pushing their swollen bodies into each other, Lindsay shuddering from Ali's sucking. Emily finally took mercy on her horny girlfriend and started fingering Lindsay's bright red, sopping wet pussy.

Lindsay was bucking so hard Ali backed off her tits and started rubbing on Lindsay's belly. Lindsay came hard before slumping down onto the ground. Ali and Emily finished cooling down (in a sadly more conventional way) before they helped Lindsay rise to her feet. Her lips were wrapped in a lazy smile and her chest and belly were flushed with exertion, tits swollen from being drained and stimulated.

Emily gathered her things (and Lindsays clothes) before they left, leaving Ali and I to ourselves. Ali immediately grabbed me by the hand and waddled me quickly into our bedroom.

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Within minutes Ali was bouncing on my dick, screaming at the top of her lungs in orgasmic bliss. We were done and Ali drifted off to a nice nap, worn out after her workout and our fun. With Ali asleep I've decided to write considering my day at the office. I have finished enough research and gathered enough data to be certain that there was indeed something unnatural about Eden. I've determined that there is a significant drug being pumped in through the food and water.

It's even in the streams and ocean front! It is a synthesized fertility pheromone, one that has placated the affected. This single chemical, at twenty-two ppm, was linked to the women's longer and bigger pregnancies, as well as their general horniness and forgetful, giggly moods.In men, it also grew the sexual organs and increased testosterone production, leading to slimmer, leaner men with more desire.

I have the what, but my scientific curiosity is prodding me to the why and how. I hear Ali flushing the toilet and waddling back to the bed (the first trip of say, three or four throughout the night). Every time she gets up she always feels like fooling around a little bit, and there is no way I'm missing that.

I intend to update more often now that Ali is resting and sleeping so much of her days away, growing herself big and round.


I'll have some more time on my hands, and hopefully I can find a bit more of what is really driving Eden.