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First time amateur Brooklyn masturbating and playing with her huge tits
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Once upon a time, yet not too far in the past, there were two kingdoms who lived in a vast valley. In the North there lived a prince. He was a lively and energetic sort, always looking for adventure and new excitement. Every morning he got up and went outside onto the balcony an looked out.

In the far South, there was another kingdom full of mystery for he had never seen anything different yet he heard many wonderful stories from the messengers and merchants who come and go between the kingdoms.

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The prince had also heard of a princess who lived there.He decided one day to travel the several miles to visit the southern kingdom. He began his journey in his car with the windows down, the sun shining brightly on a clear beautiful day.

As he arrived at the large gilded gates, they swung open and the prince entered the courtyard. He made his way up to the castle tower, taking in all the sights of this new place.He knocked on the oak door, it opened with a deep creak and he walked in, a well dressed man in a pristine suit bowed towards him, the prince bowing in return.

The greeter beckoned toward the stairs "the princess is awaiting your visit" he said and disappeared behind yet another door in the vast castle. The prince slowly made his way up the winding staircase, the sound of his footsteps echoing in the space.

He reached the topmost floor in which there was a single golden door with a ornate knock in the shape of a bears head.


He knocked once and almost immediately there was a sound from within. "Enter" said a soft and warm voice. He opened the door and there stood the princess. She was beautiful and stunning. He was surprised that he was several years younger than her, but that didn't matter to him. She was not very tall, much like the prince, but making up for her height was her curvaceous and supple body, her ample full breasts pushing against the dark green silk robe that enveloped her beauty. She looked at him, her cheeks flushing slightly as their eyes met.

She walked forward, yet it seemed as if she glided as she got closer to the prince.

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"Take my hand" she said, and led him towards the bed, a sheer white veil, hanging overhead, like a misting cloud. As they got closer to the bed, the princes heart began to beat a little faster, his breath catching in his throat.She stopped and faced him, her now pink face full of excitement, her eyes burning with salacious passion.

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Seeing the look on her face, he leaned in and placed a light yet intense kiss on her full lips. She twisted with pleasure, tasting his soft, pink lips.

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As he kissed her with more passion, she took his hand and brought it up to his breast, moaning slightly as his hand enveloped her bosom. He lightly squeezed her left breast, breaking the kiss, a knowing smile began to form, and he began to caress her with more fervor.

He slipped his hand into her robe, feeling the warmth emanating from her as his hand brushed her hardening nipple, a small gasp escaping from her mouth.

He slowly and lightly tugged on her nipple, hardening even more as he let his hands explore further down.His hand reached farther down, gliding with the curve of her body towards her sex. He lightly cupped it, the heat so strong now, yet a moistness around his fingers. Pushing her back onto the bed, while holding her at the same.

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He started to kiss her again, this time working his way down her neck. Every kiss, brought another squirm, another moan as her sensation grew. He began to lick her hardened nipple, flicking his tongue across it, more moans emanating out of her. He continued to caress her sex.His lips finally reach her now very wet pussy, that is slightly oozing her cum. He tastes it tenderly, enjoying the sweet, yet tangy flavor of her juices as she moans more, now beginning to gyrate around his movements.

He feels her clench around his mouth for a moment, then a sudden release of pleasure poured from her body, the prince taking it all in.

As she finished he looked up, met her eyes, and quietly she said, "I want to feel you now."Nodding slowly, he guided her hands to his belt, undoing it slowly along with the zipper.

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The princess gingerly pulled his thick, firm hardness out and felt it deeply throbbing in her grasp. She began to tug on it, the prince now taking a turn to moan in pleasure.

She tugged a little more, then guided it to her once again wet pussy, feeling his heat against her opening. Slowly at first he entered her, the slippery inside exciting his hardness even more.

He moved deeper, feeling her body respond with ecstatic pleasure and clench with passion.

He went till he couldn't go any further, a look of surprise came across the princess's face, not realizing how big he was. He began to pull all the way out, until he reached the head, then he suddenly slammed all the way in, the princess screaming in surprise as her body released once more and she climaxed. her juices flowing over his hard member.

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He continued for a few more thrusts, the tightness of her sex bringing him closer to the edge.He thrust once more going deep into her, gasping as he came, shooting into the beautiful princess. A look of wondrous surprise came across her face as she felt him filling her up inside, the warmth of his cum flowing through her body. He pulled out, still semi-hard and she scooted down and took him into her mouth, tasting the sexy concoction of juices from their little tryst. She licked all over his hardness, not leaving any spot untouched.

With a wide smile on their faces, the prince and the princess snuggled close and fell asleep.