Sweety Cassidy Gets Extra Love From Stepdad

Sweety Cassidy Gets Extra Love From Stepdad
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The school bell rang as everyone scrambled to find there seats. At the front of the room, John Davis (more commonly referred to as Mr. D) smiled as he watched his students sit down.

"Alright everyone, settle down. Today were going to be discussing the reading assignment from last night, which I'm sure none of you did." the class let out a nervous giggle, a confirmation that he was right, and his smile widened. john loved his job, he had know he had wanted to be a teacher ever since he was in high school, back when he was a young, awkward teenager.

That had only been about ten years ago, but he had already been teaching for five years now. He was the youngest member of the faculty by at least six years, and also the most loved. He was young enough to still earn the trust of his students, but still firm enough to demand their respect.

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He had earned the trust of every one of his students, and they often came to him for advice. He was always willing to help and give his opinion. In fact, he was noticing a trend of some with his female students.

They seemed to need advice more than anyone. It wasn't uncommon for there to be five or six girls waiting for him after class, all of them in desperate need of his advice and attention. It always seemed to turn flirtatious somehow. A lot had changed for john since he was in high school. When he graduated, he had been skinny, aw kward, and nerdy. He had really come into his own in college.

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Since high school, he had actually become quite handsome, now standing 6 feet tall, about 200 lbs, most of it muscle. He took great lengths to keep himself in shape, often running around the school track at lunch or jumping in with the football team to lift after school. He actually had quite a fan club during lunch; there were usually a gaggle of girls who all seemed to want to eat on the bleachers the days he ran.

He didn't mind the attention; he was actually far more popular now than he had ever been in high school. "Alright everyone, today were star ting a new story in our Shakespeare unit. I sure all of you have heard of Romeo and Juliet." he stepped out from behind his podium, walking through the rows of desks, interacting with his students. He noticed that a lot of the girls fidgeted as he passed, flipping their hair, biting their lips or squirming in their seats.

As wrong as it might have been, john couldn't help but feel his ego lift a little. Teaching a senior English class had the advantage of providing him with an endless supply of beautiful young girls. "Romeo and Juliet might be the most famous tragedy of all time, the story of two star crossed lovers fighting to be with one another. its a tale of violence, politics, love and, yes everyone, sex" at these words he saw even more of the girls squirm in their seats, even heard a few sighs escape from their young beautiful lips.

" Your assignment for today is to read the first chapter in your books, if anyone has any questions feel free to come up and talk to me." all of the students shuffled into their bags, took out their books and began reading. John sat down at his computer and started doing his own work, he liked to take this time while the class was busy to organize his grade book and respond to any emails.

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Every once and a while he would glance up to make sure everyone was still working. He actually caught a few girls staring at him; they always quickly looked away. well almost always. During one of his scans of the classroom he caught the eyes of one student, a beautiful dark haired girl named Katie. When he looked up at her and caught her glance, she just smiled. Her smile was brilliant, her eyes shone. She was one of his regulars after class, always staying in to discuss the lesson, ask a question about the homework, or just to chat.

She was very bright, her papers and test were never below an A, and she was also stunningly gorgeous.

She was about 5"6, but with a perfect petite little body. Her breasts were maybe B's, but they were perky, and perfect for her young, nubile body. He smiled back a t her, she and him were on pretty friendly terms, if not a little too friendly.

She returned to her work, leaning further over her desk as she read her book. She usually dressed in pretty conservative clothing (for a young teenage girl anyway), but today was different. She was wearing a very low cut white tank top, which showed off her luscious breast exquisitely. As she leaned over her desk, he couldn't help but notice that she wasn't wearing a bra. He caught a full view of her perfectly shaped breasts, and her tiny, perky nipples.

He quickly looked away, ashamed that he had even noticed. but not ten minutes later he found himself staring at her again, this time he was sizing up the rest of her body. His eyes gazed up and down her beautiful legs and thighs. Suddenly, Katie shifted and spread her legs further apart.

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That's when john got a full shot of her perfect, hairless pussy. He was shocked, and looked up to Katie to see if she noticed his gaze. To his utter horror, she was staring directly at him. He quickly looked back down. "God damn it John." he thought to himself. "What do you think your doing? She's too young, get a grip." he tried to return to his work, but all her could focus on was that small glimpse of heaven he had just seen.

As much as he tried to push his thoughts away from it, he kept returning to that image, his mind began to wander as his fantasies took control. Katie's beautiful body, completely naked in front of him, that sexy, brilliant smile on her face. Why the hell wasn't she wearing panties in the first place, she had to know that anyone could see if they took the time to look. Maybe that had been her intention. the bell snapped him out of his day dream.

He decided it might be a good idea to stay seated while his class filed out. he didn't want any of them catching a glimpse at the bulge in his crotch " alright class, no homework for today, just go and enjoy your weekend." he watched as everyone left, excited to go home and start their weekend off right.

There was a big game tonight, and I t looked like everyone was leaving quickly to get ready. Even the girls left without as little as one word. He hadn't been paying attention, he was still shaken from what he had seen, and he thought all of his students had left. "Excuse me, Mr. d?" He looked up, and to his shock, there stood Katie, that smile still shining. " I was hoping I could talk to you about the reading?" her voice was so sweet and innocent it pulled at his heart strings, made him ache with desire.

"Of course Katie, did you have a question?" her smile widened, and she stepped around the desk and took a seat next to him. John secretly hoped she wouldn't see the starting of the massive erection she was giving him. "well, it's not so much about the reading." she put her hands in her lap; she started to bite her lip a little. "its just that, well.


have you ever felt like you were in love with someone, but the rest of the world was telling you it was wrong?" the question took me aback a little, Katie had always been a girl who had her head on straight, and had never come to me before with a question like this one "Well Katie, I think everyone ha s a point where they think that they cant be with someone they love.

That's one of the main reasons why Romeo and Juliet is so powerful even today, because it relates to everyone" she was nodding, hanging on his every word. She was still biting her lip, almost teasing him with such a wonderful sexy pose. "Is it a boy in our class?" she turned away sheepishly. "Yea, you could say that." johns heart started racing, this was quickly becoming a bad situation.


So why couldn't he just tell her that everything would be alright and let her get out of her? "What is he like?" my voice almost cracks as I ask her, I don't know if I want to hear her answer. Her smile comes back a little, and she turns to look at me, her face a picture of pure lustful fantasy. "Well, he's not like any of the other guys at school. He's smart, handsome, really funny." she paused for a second, then looked me straight in the eyes," and he s also very.

mature." with that she slowly lifted her hand off her lap and placed it on his knee. He pushed his chair away and stood up "Katie you can't do that" she looked up at him, genuine shock and hurt in her eyes. "I mean. I don't think I should be having this conversation with you." he walked to the other side of the desk, trying to get away from her and hide his massive bulge at the same time.


He looked at her, the hurt still coming from her face. It broke his he art to see her like that, made him feel empty. "But. Mr. d" her voice shook, tears were forming in her eyes. "Don't you see? I'm so in love with you." she stood up and starting walking towards him.

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"I have been for months. Every time I come into this class I feel weak, my knees buckle when you speak to me.

I have never felt like this before. please." she started moving closer, johns resolve getting weaker as she neared him. Even with tears in her eyes she was gorgeous, a figure of beauty. "I have never wanted someone so badly in my life. You make me feel so. alive." she was inches away from him, he felt her breath on his face, smelled her sweet scent. "Please." she placed her hand on his chest started moving her lips closer to his.

She spoke in a whisper "I want you so bad." Something snapped inside of john, suddenly he didn't care. He didn't care if it was wrong, he didn't care it could get him fired, he was overcome with passion. He wanted her more than anything. He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her in close to him. Her expression changed from sadness to shock, her eyes shone with excitement, he felt her small perky breast pushing against his chest, and he was sure that she could feel his massive erection pressing against her stomach.

His other hand went to her face. He pulled her in closer to his lips and kissed her passionately. He heard her moan, felt it against his lips,in and instant her arms were around his neck, pulling herself closer, kissing him deeper. His hands explored her body, one hand on the middle of he r back, holding her close to him, the other moving to her smooth and luscious thighs.

He pulled her leg up, holding her up on one foot while the other leg wrapped around his waist. He broke away from her lips and began to kiss and lick her neck. He heard her moans against his ear, felt her ht breath against the side of his face. " Yes, Oh God yes, Mr. D." hearing her talk like that made him feel like he was going to explode, his massive bulge was aching to be touched. He picked her up by both of her legs and she wrapped them around his waist. He turned and swept everything off his desk, papers and pencils went flying as he hurried to make a spot for him to put his beautiful temptress.

He put her back down on the desk, still kissing and licking her neck. He started moving his lips downward, towards those beautiful breasts he was dying to see.

He broke away from her, within an instant Katie and gotten the idea and whipped her shirt off. There she was an image of beautiful youth.

She was leaning back on the desk, her legs hanging over the edge. Her legs were spread wide, again exposing her perfect hairless pussy. "I saw that you noticed" she said in between pants." I did it because I wanted you to see.

I wanted to tease, make you want Me." he couldn't hold back any more, he pounced on her again, this time his mouth exploring the beautiful taste of her delicious breast. As soon as his lips touched her chest, Katie lost her breath, cried out quietly as his lips and tongue explored her. " No other boy has made me felt like this, God I want you." john was lost in his own world " If you thought that was good, little girl" his mouth started going lower, down here toned stomach towards her hips.

"then you haven't felt anything yet" john got down on his knees, worshiping at the altar of her body. He pushed back her skirt, fully exposing her pristine pussy. His mouth was immediately upon her, his tongue and lips tasting her heat, her wetness. Katie inhaled quickly, her breath coming in spurts.

Her hands moved to the back of his head, grabbing his hair and forcing his tongue deeper inside of her. "Don't. stop. o my. God" her words could barley come out, her breath was rapid, her moans were louder.

Her legs were squeezing his head tighter and tighter, and she felt wave after wave of pleasure run through her. Suddenly, without warning she pushed him away.

John fell back, shocked at her action. She got up off the desk. "Before we go on." she grabbed him by hand and helped him get up. She pulled him closer to her and whispered in his ear "I want to show you I'm not such a little girl." She pushed him toward the desks and made him sit. She got on her knees and looked up at him, a teasingly innocent expression on her face.

"I want to see it. please?" her voice alone was enough to almost set him off. John swallowed hard and nodded his head. Instantly Katie was at his waist, taking off his belt in one swift action, undoing his fly and button with speed and precision.

She was obviously not new to this. As soon as she had undone his fly, his massive erection fell out, almost hitting her in the face. Katie's jaw dropped, her eyes grew wider. "Oh my god! I have never seen one so. big!" her eyes weren't afraid or shocked, they were hungry. Slowly she lifted her hand and grabbed his swollen shaft. a moan escaped johns lips, just her have her hand wrapped around him made him want to cum. she looked up at him, a smile on her face "If you think that feels good, little boy" her devilish grin grew wider, " then you haven't felt anything yet." her lips wrapped around his swollen head, she slowly lowered her mouth, taking his shaft all the way down her throat.

Her tongue danced up and down his shaft, making john feel like he had never felt before "my god Katie" it was his turn to be short of breath. Her mouth was moving faster and faster, deeper and deeper. She pulled back until her mouth was only on the tip of his swollen head, and then slowly lowered herself until she had fit his entire member deep into her throat. As she l owered herself he felt her gag, then keep going.

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Just to hear taking as much of himself into her was breathtaking. "Katie you have to stop or I'm going to cum." john was breathing heavy, he felt his control slipping. She looked up at him, her hand slowly stroking his shaft, that same grin on her face. "I didn't realize that was a bad thing. I want you to cum." it was johns turn to smile.

"oh, I'm gong to, I just want to save it for what I'm about to do next." Katie's expression changed, her smile disappeared but her eyes grew hungry again.

"do. do you mean.?" johns smile widened, he slid off the desk and picked her up "I think you know exactly what I mean." he put back down on the desk and laid her down.

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Her expression was a mixture of emotion: fear, excitement nervousness. She looked up to him, concern in her eyes. "I've never. had one that big before." she turned her eyes away, almost embarrassed.

"Will it.hurt?" John smiled again, and bent down next to her ear. "I would never hurt you" he spread her legs and placed his head at her opening.

She still looked nervous, so he bent down to kiss her. While there lips were still locked, he entered her.

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She cried out a little, a mixture of pleasure and pain. He entered her slowly, she was so tight. He could feel her bearing down on him, wanting to go deeper. He kept going until all of his cock was inside her, then began to slowly thrust in and out. her breathing immediately increased, her moans became more deliberate, she started panting as he started thrusting faster and faster, shoving himself deep inside of her " Oh Mr. D. this is amaz." her words were cut off as she gasped, he was starting to go faster.

While he was thrusting inside of her, his hands and mouth were caressing every inch of her body, his hand left breast, his mouth licking and sucking the right. John, over come in his passion, grabbed her hips and flipped her on her stomach, never letting he come out of her. His thrusting was even more powerful, faster and deeper now; he moved his hand to hips and pulled her body closer, thrusting harder and harder. Now Katie was just not moaning, she was near screaming "Oh god yeas Mr.

D keep going. Fuck me please Mr. D," her words were driving John mad, he became more and more aggressive, fucking her harder and harder. He reached around her hips, his hands going towards her heat. He started rubbing her clit, making her cry out like never before.

"My god please, fuck me harder please!" John was losing all control; he was heading towards coming at break neck speed "Katie I'm going to cum!" She turned her head to look at him, her face a mask of pure pleasure and ecstasy " Cum in me Mr. D. please I want to feel you come inside Me." John was to far gone. He was going to let loose inside his eighteen year old student.

"I'm. going . to ." john let out a grunt and filled Katie up with his. Katie let out a scream of pure pleasure she felt him fill her up. He felt her clamp down around him, pumping him as he came more and more. John fell forward on top of Katie, both of them out of breath, exhausted from the pure pleasure of the experience. Finally john pushed himself p and pulled away from her.

He stepped back and observed what he had done. Here was this beautiful 18 year old girl, almost faint from pleasure, leaking his cum on the floor. He went back to her and helped her get into a seated position; she leaned against his shoulder, a small smile across her face, her eyes closed.

"That was. indescribable." She looked up at him, her smile grew and she kissed his lips. "but I should probably get my clothes on huh?" john snapped back to reality, and they both quickly scrambled to get dressed. When they were both clothed, john pulled Katie in close to him. "Katie, what just happened was wonderful, but we can't let anybody know, ok?" she smiled back up at him " It's ok Mr. D., I understand." john pecked her on the lips and walked with her to the door of his classroom.

"You should get home, I'm sure your parent are worried." Katie smiled again "Actually, my parents are both out of town on business, and with all the commotion, I seem to have missed my bus." she turned to him and pulled him close "I was kind of wondering if you could give me." her hands reached down and groped johns crotch " a lift?" John smiled at her kissed her one more time, then said " let me get my keys."