Pussy hungrig Mädchen im Käfig

Pussy hungrig Mädchen im Käfig
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Saturday, two days after the bathroom .and all the sex.

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The three boys introduced themselves as Mac (the nice one), John (the one with the mustache) and Leon. I felt strange sensations after that day, I felt hot and even began touching my breasts and pussy when at home, Mac told me that they were helping me become a real woman and I wanted to be so badly now.

Mac, John and Leon were incredibly nice, taking me to the mall on saturday and helping me buy new pretty clothes, like tube tops, mini skirts, thongs, tight blouses and all kinds of new stuff.

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They told me that the only way to pay for the clothes and earn my money for more would be to do the bathroom stuff again, I was excited and curious but also nervous about, John told me "Dont worry, we have set up something easy but alot of money at the highschool football locker room".

I was told to wear something sexy, I wasnt sure what they wanted so I dressed in my favorite white lace bra and panties, short denim skirt and button up white blousethe button unfortunately burst off so I was revealing alot of cleavage but Mac said "you look amazing Carol".

I always loved how Mac talked to me, made me feel special. They gave me the address of the locker room, I was to go a little after four p.m.

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and the client would be waiting. The entire football field was empty, I walked across in new clear high heels Leon had picked out for me, they made me feel taller and even made my legs look nice. I entered the locker room but it was empty, I heard showers running and saw steam coming from past the lockers, i walked past the old grey lockers, my heels clicking as I did. I said "hello?

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is the.client here?" a much older boy stuck his face around the corner and seemed to freeze, his eyes going up and down my body, I felt hot all over as he stepped around the corner, he wasnt wearing anything. He had soft blue eyes, short blond hair, big muscles and hanging between his legs was the biggest cock i had seen yet.


Then two other boys came around, one shorter than the blond one, chubbier and his cock was shorter but twice as thick as my arm, my panties felt tight and wet all of a sudden. The third boy was black, even taller than the blond, huge muscles and a tattoo I couldnt read, he smiled a big grin at me and walked up, his cock swinging it looked like a dark brown baseball bat.


He looked down at me, at my chest, his eyes roaming over my body and saying "damn.mmm.some big tits for a.hold are you?" I felt myself shiver and say "tw-tw-twelve." The boys all looked shocked but smirked and looked at each other and said "alright, if you say so'. The black boy grabbed me with his strong arms and pulled me to a bench, tearing off my blouse, i squeeked as the buttons flew in all directions, my bra ripping against his rough hands "damn, what size are these fucking juggs?" He grabbed my chest roughly and yanked off my and leaned down, sucking on my nipple, it felt great and I moaned out but he began to suck even more of my breast into his mouth, I shivered and felt tiny streams of milk start, the chubby boy came over and did the same, I felt hot and wet and moaned "oh.ooooooh" The blond boy said "enough tit playwe have her only for the next half hour, coach'll be back soon" the black boy nodded and said "shit, wish we had a whole year for this bitch" and he pulled me as he lay back on the bench, a leg thrown over each side, the chubby boy pulled down my skirt and panties and gave my pussy a quick lick and said "mmm.that new pussy taste"i felt the black boys cock stiffen beneath me and he lifted then lowered me onto his cock, he didnt want my pussy though, he wanted my ass.

I screamed and said "no.too big." but he just lowered me more, surprisingly it didnt hurt, my ass took the cock willingly, I took in a deep breath as i felt a rush from the massive black dick. The chubby boys cock was bugling now and he wasnt as slow, ramming his fat cock up in my pussy, I shrieked in pain and pleasure "ooh.oooooooooooooooh!!" The blond boy stood and watched, his cock not even hard, the chubby boy twisted my nipples and the black boy repeatedly spanked my ass.

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My tits and ass both felt red and stung and I loved it, moaning out "oh.yes.fuck me more.oh.more." the chubby boy snorted and pressed his fat lips against me, his breath was hot and like fries but I kissed him back, he twisted my nipples until i thought they would burst, then i heard the black boy say "aah.gonna.cum.gotta fill this bitch up" the chubby boy pulled his lips from mine, drool connecting our lips as he smiled and said "yeah.fill her tank." the both thrust into me, I felt my pussy and asss stretched to capacity and their hot loads filling me, I moaned and screamed "oooooooh god yes.i love it." The boys pulled out of me and I nearly collapsed on the floor, the blond boy supported me and said "want more cum slut?" I looked at him, smiling weakly and nodding, he thrust his dick at my lips as I did and I slipped my lips over his cock, but he didnt wait, grabbing my head and hair and throat fucking me, I gagged and coughed,my eyes going wide as his monster cock pounded my tiny mouth "mmffffmmfmf" i protested but he laughed and said "fucking cum slut.where have you been?

should have been at my 18th birthday party." he continued pumping my throat until he shoved nearly all his cock and balls in my mouth and shot his sticky load in my throat with a guttaral "aaaaaaaaah" He yanked his dick free and slapped my cheek with it "good slut, drink it down" i swallowed what i could and coughed, he laughed and said "you need more cock practice ." laughing and walking away.

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I felt sticky, and cold and hot all at the same time and I wanted more cum. End of part three Sorry this one might seem shorter Please comment and leave any suggestions on part 4