Movie thumbs twink gay sex When Landon asks how his pals want their

Movie thumbs twink gay sex When Landon asks how his pals want their
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Let me start by saying this is my first time writing anything like this.This is something I thought up about a really beautiful girl I went to high school with. Well let me tell you a little bit about her. Her name is Betsy, she is about 5'5, with long brown hair, beautiful brown eyes and a smile that could stop you in your tracks. Her body is amazing.

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She has what I guess to about 34DD breasts, a nice toned stomach and the cutest ass I've ever seen. It all starts one day when I get a phone call from a man by the name of John. He calls me up asking me to come over and help him fix his boat.


He says he will pay me five hundred if I can get it running before their trip to the lake this coming weekend. So I say, "Well why not?

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I can use the money." So I go get in my piece of crap S-10 and head to his place. He lives about two miles from town. As I'm driving just out of the city limits I get a text from John saying - we're gonna be working outside close to the pool.

I think to myself, hey if I get too hot I'll just jump in the pool and cool off. I pull into his drive way, get out and walk to the front door and knock.


Without knowing who's gonna answer I hear the door unlock and open. I turn around to see a beautiful girl standing there.

She looks at me and smiles saying, "You must be Jordan?" I say, "I sure am." She says her dad is waiting on me out back. She also tells me her name is Betsy.

I go outside and John and I get to work on the boat. About three hours pass and he gets a call. He then tells me he has to run and will be back in a few hours. As I'm working on the boat I start thinking to myself, man it's hot out here.But I keep on working until I start to hear some music coming from behind me.

I turn to see who's outside and what I see almost makes me fall over. There's Betsy laying out by the pool in a small black and green bikini.

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She has the tightest body I've ever seen when it comes to women, and the biggest pair of boobs that look almost two sizes too big for the top she has on.

I tell myself to get back to work and stop staring because I need to make this boat run so I can get the five hundred.

About another hour goes by then I get a tap on the shoulder. I turn to see Betsy with a soda in her hand saying, "You look like you need a drink." I say, "Yeah, I can sure use it." She then says I should join her in the pool and cool off for a bit.

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I don't want to say no to this beautiful girl so I say, "Sure why not?" I have a lot of oil from the boat on my hands so before I jump in to cool off I turn the water on and clean my hands. After I have done that I take off my shirt and dive in the pool. Man, is the water nice and cool. Little do I realize when I come up for air Betsy is standing right in front of me. She then takes a step towards me asking me if I got a good look at her boobs.

Seeing how she caught me red handed I just smile and say, "If I tell you 'yes' will you hold it against me?" She smiles and says, "No I just want to know the truth." So I say, "Yes." She then asks me if I like what I see.

I tell her, "What guy wouldn't?" Then it happens before I can act. She kisses me right on the lips.

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And seeing as how I'm not the kind of guy to pass up a kiss from a sexy girl, I put my arms around her and pull her towards me and kiss her back. By this time I start to get a hard-on and feel brave, so I slide my hands down to her tight little ass.

That makes her stop kissing me and realize that I'm getting a hard-on.

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She asks if this has been a while for me? I say yes, she then slides her hand into my shorts and wraps her hand around my cock, making me moan out loud. She tells me, "Come on, let's go up to my room and I'll take care of this." She leads me up to her room, not once taking her hand off my now hard cock. When we get to her room she leads me to her bed and tells me, "Lay back and enjoy 'cause I'm gonna give you the greatest blow job you've ever had." So I do what she tells me and I just lay back and enjoy the feeling of her stroking my cock.

Before she starts to suck my cock I ask her to take off her top so I can see and feel her amazing boobs. She tells me, "Sure thing," and unties her top. I just watch the top fall to the floor and her amazing boobs come in to view.

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I then tell her to suck my cock. She says, "Don't worry, big boy, I will." By now my cock has precum coming from it. She slowly slides my cock in her mouth and all I can do is moan and say, "Yeah, sweetie, suck my cock!" I just lay there enjoying the amazing feeling of her sucking my cock.

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After about 30 minutes I feel my big balls start to tighten. I moan, "Betsy I'm gonna cum soon!" She takes my cock out of her mouth and says "I want your warm thick cum all over my face." I stand up and and tell her to get down on her knees in front of me as I stroke my cock. I look down at her and she tells me to cum on her face.which sends me over the edge. I tell her, "HERE IT COMES, BETSY!" I aim my cock right at her face just as the first thick rope of cum shoots from my cock.

It lands right across her lips and nose. The second shoots out and lands on her right eye, and the third less powerful one lands on her chin. I look down and tell her, "You look like a slut with all that cum on your face." She smiles and says, "Thank you.


I am a slut." That's when we hear a knock at her door and her dad's voice saying, "Is Jordan in there with you?"