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My sexy girl taking big dick
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Watching Porn (with our mom) By Blueheatt * A young brother and sister had one computer for the whole family of 3. They hid the porn sites from their mom. Mom was no dummy and found them, but kept quiet about it. She wanted to see just what 'their 'sexual interests were at the their young ages…* __After school Randy and Melanie use to fight over who went first on the computer&hellip., then, they just watched&hellip.together.

* Melanie (Mel)&hellip. "Ewwwww, that's gross Randy, go on to the next one…" "Shut up Mel, I'm surfing for hot girls," Randy would say.

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I was only trying to hurry him up so I could do my own thing when his time was up on the computer&hellip. 20 minutes max, we had decided, then I got my turn. Randy was a cool brother, but still typical guy and brother. He would ask me to 'go watch for mom', and then go porn sites he didn't want me to see him at. I learned to sneak back and watch him. I told him I would go and watch for mom but my phone rang. It was mom, and she wouldn't be back till real late, she had a date with a guy at her work.

I ran in the room to tell Randy when I saw the site he was in. 'Bro & Sis' it said. He looked at me and smiled, but didn't click out of it. We both giggled and said…'Ewww', but continued to watch. To be silly, I put my arms around his neck and told him about mom being home late. Randy had never showed any affection towards me but he didn't take my arms off him as usual. Instead, he reached behind the chair and felt my hips.

We didn't talk as we watched the 'bro & sis' vid as they started feeling each other up. We just kept watching as Randy kept feeling my hips and now my ass. He then whispered: (…Mel, you've got way better hips and ass than she does.") That took me by surprise but watching them made me feel Randy's chest. I said: ("…that guy is fat, not like your chest Randy. ") I think it took us both by surprise how we were reacting.

I was truly aroused by my own brother. We watched them undress and she lay on her back naked. He started kissing her tits and working his way down kissing on her. Randy's hand slowly went inside the back of my shorts. I got chills. I was getting a sexual thrill from him…and I liked it. Now, was I brave enough to put my hand down his shirt and feel his bare warm smooth chest? I&hellip.slowly let my hand go for it.

I felt his nipples. He never stopped me. "Hello" It was mom. A quick stop to change clothes while her date waited. Randy quick clicked to a map thing or something. That afternoon changed everything. All I could think about was watching more porn with Randy and us doing some feeling of us.

He said I had better hips and ass than that girl?…I thought she looked hot.

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I whispered to Randy: (".can we continue watching 'that' after mom leaves?") He said: ("I want to if you do Mel.") He pinched my butt. I blushed but pinched his butt in return as we quietly giggled. Randy&hellip. That was pretty hot, feeling Mel while watching a brother and sister get it on. I think she'll keep quiet about this, but I better make sure. "What happens in this room…stay's in this room, you understand Mel?" I told her. The little shit kissed me on the cheek! Ewww…was my first reaction, but then I paused to take a good look at her.

She was getting some nice tits and shape to her body now. Not a bad girl toy for me. I kissed her back on her cheek…damn…this is getting interesting.


I'm turning her on. She's pushing her tits into my chest and breathing hard. This could be a lot of fun. Mom yelled goodbye and we heard the door shut. Mel clamped herself on me and it felt pretty good. I was getting a boner over my sister. It was getting dark as we started doing like the brother and sister in the vid started out. Feeling us.

It didn't take much imagination for me to feel like I had a new very young girlfriend to play with. * Well& seems that Randy and Mel have discovered sexual thrills between them. The trick is to not get caught by mom or anyone. Let's see what transpires between them. Mel, tell us what your thinking&hellip.* This was so hot.

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A secret affair between just Randy and I. I wanted to tell my best friend Lindsey so bad about what was happening, but I didn't dare. Randy was now in my arms and feeling my ass.

My pussy was tingling as I pushed it into his boner. My hands were under his shirt and he felt so warm and masculine. I wanted boyfriend kisses, so I started on kissing his neck. I felt his hands un-hooking my bra. They came around and for the very first time…he felt my tits. I felt his boner get bigger. My hand went inside his shorts and I felt his bare ass. I pulled his shorts down some. I wanted to feel his boner, bare skin. His one hand drifted down inside my panties in front.

We could both hear our breathing in our ears.

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This was the highest sex thrill I had ever felt. As my hand came around to feel his boner I felt his finger going up and down my wet slit, then he took his hand out&hellip.

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He picked me up…and placed me on mom's bed. We started kissing our faces. His kisses went down my front and stopped at my tits. My nipples felt his tongue trace around them. They were the hardest ever. His tongue made them stand up firm waiting their turn to be licked and sucked on. I felt wonderful jitters in my whole body. I dared to think about where his tongue was going next. I felt his hair and back as he headed down.

We both had uncontrolled 'gasps' for air&hellip. As this was really happening. He pulled my shorts and panties down both, all in one motion. I kicked them off and spread my legs wide apart. This was my first time to have my pussy licked. I tried to lay still, but I had some spasms from the tingles. I had watched this on porn vids, but…there is nothing like the real thing&hellip.

Randy…… I had never licked a girl this young before, and it was awesome. To make her twitch when I licked up to her clit was hot.

Soon she raised up and pulled on me to turn to 69 on our sides. Down came my shorts and I felt her hands fondling my boner. I hoped she would do more than just 'fondle' it… Mel…… My heart was beating so fast as this was my first time feeling a guy's 'package'.

It was hard to think with Randy doing his licking on my pussy. I all happened so fast, just yesterday we didn't even touch each other. I was so tense I jumped as each car drove buy our house. What if mom came home early?…but for now I had Randy's boner staring me in the face. In the porn vids the girl kissed, licked and sucked it…I wanted that too.

Randy had me so hot I just went for it. I let my tongue touch it, and then slide all over it. He gave out a pleasure moan, so I put my mouth over the end of it. Now he was twitching like I was. I guess I was doing it right as he pushed more in my mouth.


I jacked it with each push he made. My clit couldn't take much more of his sucking and licking as I was starting to orgasm. We got a rhythm going and I had to moan as I jacked faster and he stuck a finger inside my pussy. "Oh jez!" I moaned as my pussy had to orgasm.

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I moved my clit on his tongue when I got my first taste of cum. It shot hard in my mouth, all warm and sexy. I had the best orgasm of my life while rubbing my clit on his tongue.


Now I really had the jitters as my pussy fucked his face and I had cum flooding my mouth& wonder they make vids of this. My first oral sex was beyond any thrill I'd ever had&hellip.

* Mom was having herself quite a time with her date. She had a lot to drink and now wanted to have sex with the guy.

He lived with a girlfriend so that left her place to go have sex. The kids would surly be asleep by now? The were quiet and slipped in her house. Up the stairs the went and into her bedroom. She pulled him down on the bed&hellip.but wait…the bed was warm? …and a wet spot? …now she knew without a doubt what the kids had been doing.

She pulled the guy on top of her and said to be quiet and not wake her two kids. The wasted no time but&hellip.the drinks didn't keep them quiet. They got naked fast and started in moaning as things got real hot……* Randy…&hellip.

("&hellip.Mel&hellip.listen…mom's fucking some guy in her bedroom.") * Randy's bedroom was next to their moms. Mel had snuck in Randy's room to sleep with him that night figuring mom would come home half drunk and never know. Randy and Mel had planned to have some quiet sex play themselves late that night. * Mel…… Listening to mom and the guy have sex was pure torture to Randy and I. We would now have to wait a long time and listen to them moan and fuck&hellip.shhhhhh&hellip.

(Randy and I did it anyway&hellip.)