Twink video Sam and Jordan leap right in and waste no time getting

Twink video Sam and Jordan leap right in and waste no time getting
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Nello is a beautiful 30 year old never married Arab woman from Beirut, Lebanon. She contacted my business associate about coming to the United States. She is 5' 6" tall, weighs 110, she has long black hair, a beautiful face with a mischievous smile, she has a hour glass figure, small breasts the size of a naval orange and small firm ass.

She was asked one question; ' Would she be sexually available to me in all ways at all times, to serve me at my command, including anal sex.' Nello arrived from the airport and was taken to my bedroom to meet me. I walked up next to her, my large body towering over her.

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She stood there and craned her neck, looking up at me. Suddenly, she feels my large hand on her ass, slowly stroking it. She turns around quickly and found me staring at her as my hand caressed her. She stood frozen, afraid not knowing what was going to happen. I brought my other hand up and begin to feel her breasts through her blouse. Standing very still, Nello slowly reached out, to push my hand away from her breast, she gripped my thumb, and twisted my hand back away from her.

I became angry by this action, and shoved Nello roughly back, she fell over trying to stop her forward motion, she landed hard on the bed. She lay there for a moment struggling for breathe, then to her shock she feels her jeans being ripped from her body. I just tore the material apart like it was paper. Nello is frozen with fear by my exhibition of shear strength.

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She wanted nothing more than to get out of this situation as fast as she could. I undid the button and pulled down the fly on my pants. " It's time for us to get to know each other." then I simply tore my pants off. Nello gasped; her eyes grew large. Hanging between my leg's was the biggest cock she had ever seen. It was at least eight inches long and it looked like almost as thick as her wrist. Nello stared at me terrified and tried to get away from me, but I'm far too fast for her.

I'm on her almost instantly and I quickly had torn her blouse from her body. I place my hands on her hips and lift her up, not reacting to her punches or kicks. Tears begin to well up in her eyes as she realized that I was too strong to fight.

She thrashed and squirmed beneath me and bucking in terror as she feels my warm lips press against the side of her neck, gently nuzzling and sucking on her tender skin.

She struggled furiously, her head thrashing back and forth, as she feels me on top of her, begin working my penis between her legs. Still sucking and slobbering on her neck, my knees now between her legs, forcing them apart. She feels my cock pressing against her virgin opening, moaning in humiliation as my lips move to her ear, her hands pinning her struggling form for the moment.

" You're a hot little cunt," I whisper into her ear, her body flushing with shame, " Hot little cunts need fucking. And I'm going to fuck you." She cringes at my words and at the cock pushing forcefully against her pussy. She cries out in pain as the head of my cock pops into her virgin canal, dragging the dry flesh painfully along with it.

Blackness engulfs her vision as she feels her hymen tear beneath my battering cock head, the pain filling every corner of her body and mind. Her virginal blood slicked my entry as I fill her to my balls with my throbbing manhood, her body stiff in agony, her body feeling like it is being torn apart.

I began brutally thrusting into her, giving her no mercy, whispering in her ear, " Oh yes, baby, nice and tight." while licking and sucking on her neck. Fifteen minutes seemed like hours as I rode her, slamming her slender hips and buttocks painfully into the mattress with each downward thrust then the pain gradually lessened to be replaced by a strange feeling of fullness.

She barely felt this change, weeping in terror and humiliation as she is defiled. I froze on top of her, moaning, as she feels my seed fill her belly, coating the inside of her vagina, bringing a cool relief to her tortured young flesh.

I roll off of her and she tries to get up, to finally escape; I had taken her virginity, surely I would let her go now. She manages to prop herself up onto her elbows when I grabbed her ankles and lifted her legs high into the air, forcing her once more onto her back.

Before she can do anything, her knees are beside her head and I'm on top of her again, she gasps as I enter her again, in one smooth motion: it didn't hurt this time, as my sperm lubricated the way for her second violation. I begin to fuck her slow and steady, kissing her lips and her neck.

After our previous fucking, it is almost comforting; she is exhausted from her struggles and held like this, almost folded in half, she can't move, only lay there, slowly getting fucked again in her young life. A warmth spread through her as I slowly thrust into her and she feels the nipples on her small firm breasts begin to throb beneath the chaffing of my chest hairs, rubbing back and forth against her breasts by the gently rocking motion of me above her.

Her pussy begins to tingle, like a humming deep around her pussy, as she stares confused at the ceiling past me. What is happening to her, her fear building as the sensations of her body slowly increase. She had never imagined feeling anything like this and it frightened her. She closed her eyes, trying to forget what is happening to her, trying to forget that she is lying in a bed being violated by me, but the sensations engulfing her body, the delicious sensations coursing along her nerves, begin to overwhelm her.


Each thrust of my cock brought a muffled gasp from her as the fire of pleasure grows deep in her body. My kisses on her lips and neck became burning pleasure as the buzzing deep down in her groin increases with each stroke of my cock in her ravaged cunt.

She feels me increase my pace on top of her and her eyes snap open as her body starts shaking with the building of the coming orgasm. It feels so good, she thought, so good and she screams in release as I bite down hard on her neck, the pain sending ecstasy screaming down to her cunt, which burst in the most incredible sensation of her life.

Wave after wave of agonizing pleasure rocking her slender young body, her cunt gripping, grasping and twisting around my invading cock, her vision going black as she feels my seed fill her for the second time before she passed out.

I pull out of her, leaving her on the bed. She laid there curled up in the fetal position, her body aching, her pussy sore and seeping blood. I return an hour later, Nello looking down in embarrassment at the bed, where a pool of semen mixed with blood had stained the sheet.

" Ohhhh, I am so sorry!" " Well. I need to fuck you again, Nello! Come over here on all fours, NOW!" Immediately she starts moving towards me, with her seductive deer like nervous expression. " Oh, Sir. Please be gentle. I'm sore. Please!" I grab her in the crotch and feel the wetness on her panties and her thighs. " Well, you are soaking wet, slut! You really need to be fucked hard again, don't you?

TELL ME!" " Oh, Sir, I feel so bad but yes, I think that I really need to be fucked, Sir! I am so sorry, Sir." I position myself behind her, pulling down her g-string and shoving my big cock into her dripping wet cunt. She is still amazingly tight and gave me a sensational feeling of both resistance and compliance.

I had to struggle to get all the way into her again, but suddenly I feel my cock head reach bottom. She whimpers. " OHHHHH SIR! PLEASE BE CAREFUL! YOU ARE SO BIG! OHHH. IT HURTS." She starts to wiggle and cry, but I growled in her ear " Your here to serve me." until she held still. She thought she would die, the indignity of being fucked by me again, her hope is shattered when I reach between us and guide my cock into her again. I'm straining and digging into her, jabbing my warm penis into her, driving deep into her, as deep as before.

She is paralyzed by fear, but is surprised at how warm my penis is inside her. It is not an unpleasant sensation.

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My arms tighten around her torso as my chest lays on her back and she feels like she is in a vice as I thrust wildly into her.

She is in a fog. She hears the sounds of me groaning as I slam into her frantically. My coarse chest hair scraping painfully along her back. I'm groaning as I strain to bottom out in her. She feels me pushing deeper into her, she winces as she feels that last inch, that swollen bulb on the base of my cock, enter her.

My chin and massive chest rest heavily on her back. She hears me panting, my saliva on her skin. My monster penis throbbing inside her. She had had enough, she got panicky. " Get off me!" She begged in a shrieking voice. " You going to put my knot in you.

It will be very painful." I said in a husky voice. She never knew a man had a knot. She reaches down between her legs and touched my cock as it rammed into her.

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She feels its hardness and heat then she feels the knot. It seems huge! It feels like it is the size of a tennis ball, certainly more than she could handle. In panic, she clenched her muscles tight and pushes against it with her fingers. She is gasping and crying, it is like it is not really happening. She cannot believe it is her this is happening to. Behind me, she hears my voice, " Your mine now!" She tries to calm me with a soothing voice, but there is no calming me.

My primal lust drove me to drive my knot into her and I certainly wasn't going to be gentle with her. She is clumsy and outmatched. With a searing pain and suddenness that made her scream, my knot is inside her. Suddenly, I froze on her. She feels my muscles tense. My penis throbbing and jerking three times inside her. There is an incredible sensation of warmth and fullness inside her. My frenzied and fast fucking was overwhelming. I had been on her for ten minutes before my cum oozes down her thighs.

She thought it was over, I warn her not to move. She feels my cock swelling inside her, growing bigger and thicker. My arms still gripped her torso as I rest my chest on her back. I'm panting quietly, she feels my heart beating against her back.

She is now my brood bitch, there is an insistent sense of fullness inside her as my thick cock fills her womb. She never imagined feeling anything like this in her life.

" You better not move." After another five minutes, I raised up off her back. She feels my thick knob at the base of my penis inside her vagina as it shifts its position, my swollen knot held her to me.

" Don't fight it.

Stay still," I said in a low whisper. She is terrified and humiliated, soon my cock slips free. She is a mess. Nello is trembling as she collapses on the bed. Her back is scratched from my clawing, she looks down and sees blood on her thighs. She can't stop trembling. She crawled away and knelt next to the bed, shivering as she tried to compose herself. She feels sick to her stomach. She feels ashamed and abused. She is also aching and scared.

She wiped away the tears and found her glass of wine. She is sore and bloody. Nello stood in the shower letting the hot water sooth her aching body. After the shower she came into my bedroom and smoothed the sexy black nightie over her hips. She had been so embarrassed when she seen the nightie laying on the bed. The nightie is sheer black silk with lace over her small, pert breasts going down into a deep "V" past her belly button.

The lace teased her sensitive nipples making them jut out. The hem of the flouncy skirt barely covered her irresistible round ass. She wanted to pull the hem down but it bounces back up. Looking at the clock, she knew that I would be there soon. Nervously, she sat on the bed listening to music and waited for me.

I came into the bedroom, she came over to me, I push her up against the wall pressing my hard cock against her soft, warm body. My tongue begins to lash her lips, diving into her mouth, claiming her.

Soft whimpers escape Nello as I kiss her.

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She melts every time my big hands hold her face as my mouth devours her. She slides her leg up mine until it is hitched around me and presses her pussy against me. She is so hot and wet, she left a wet spot on my pants where she rubbed against me.

I feel the heat of my little Arab minx and grab her ass pulling her roughly against me, grinding my hard cock within my pants against her hot pussy. " Oh, baby you get me hotter after this afternoon," I panted. Humping her, I feel my balls swell and cock get harder. I kiss her hard and pin her against the wall, my mouth seeking her hardened nipples.

Biting them through the lace, I lick and suck them. Nello moans feeling my cock, covered by my pants, humping her bare pussy. She hadn't worn any panties and had shaved herself almost bare, leaving only a little bristle of hair above her clit. The material rubbing so hard on her feels abrasive. She loves it. " Oh yes John!" She calls out when I bite on her nipples.

She arches her back off the wall, offering her breasts to me. " Oh yes, bite and suck my nipples!" My hand found her shaved pussy and I caress the smooth skin there before fingering her clit. I keep sucking and fingering until her pussy is dripping as she sags against the wall, her legs barely holding her up.

I'm loving that my young Arab minx is horny, weak and needy. " Yes baby, I'm going to fuck you all night." I bite her nipple again, hearing her moan as I bury two fingers into her tight cunt. I pull my fingers out slow and push them back in watching Nello's sexy face. Nello whimpering saying, " Oh yes baby, I'm your slut, I'll do anything you want. Anything at all!" She squeals as my fingers stroke her clit again.

I continue to finger her, pressing her up against the wall, as I thought about her words. I knew that she knew I wanted to fuck her up the ass. My cock jerking in my pants at the thought of fucking her sexy ass. I sought to fuck her asshole with my finger, but she squirms too shy and embarrassed to let me. I lean over and whisper hotly in her ear, " I'm going to fuck your ass." I feel her pussy drench my hand at my words.

I smile. " I'm going to make you want me to fuck your tight virgin ass. You're going to want my hard cock meat up that virgin ass, you'll be begging me for it." My words are making me tense with lust for her ass, my cock is jerking, twitching, ready to plunge into her hot tight butt. Nello hears my words and shivers, her body responding as I continue to finger her. She spreads her legs wider in response, humping my fingers coated with her juices.

She loves the way her shaved pussy feels, so soft and smooth. She moans, " Please, baby, I can't stand up anymore!" She exclaims. Laughing, I pick her up and carried her to the pillows on the floor. Chuckling I said, " You want my cock up the ass, don't you baby?" Nello moans. She is laying on the pillows spreading her legs. I undress, laying down licking my way up her leg, I begin kissing and licking all around her puffy wet pussy lips.

Smelling her scent, I didn't hold back and open my mouth wide, trying to taste her hot pussy all at one time. My tongue found her love button and lash it. Nello cries out and tries to jerk away. She is so tender after our fucking sessions eariler in the afternoon.

But I held her firm and lash her swollen clit without mercy. She feels a orgasm welling up, her muscles tighten. Lifting her hips off the floor, pressing her pussy against my devouring mouth, her body tenses as the orgasm ripples over her.

" Oh god, John!" She cries. Taking my finger, I got it wet with her juices and rub it up and down her slit. Then I slide it lower and tease around her puckered asshole. I feel her go still but she didn't protest so I continue. Keeping my finger well lubed with her juices; I circle the rim of her virgin asshole until I feel her relax. Nello knew what I wanted to do. When she feels my finger touch her asshole she tries to relax. It was hard to do. She can't believe that anything up her ass can feel good.

She feels this is dirty and nasty. Still, she is determined to give this to me.

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Shakily, she let out her breath. She tries to think of something else, but can't ignore the insistent tingles coming from around her asshole as I fingered her there.

Feeling her relax just a little, I push one finger just barely inside her asshole. The tight hole seems so hot around my finger. My cock jerked and begin to leak precum. " Baby, get on all fours for me." I ask. I help her lay on her tummy and put some pillows under her hips so her ass is jutting up, round and sassy in my face. Now her asshole is right where I can get to it without any trouble. Her swollen, puffy pussy lips are a pretty sight, shaved and smooth and still wet from her cum.

I'm getting hotter and more turned on by Nello reluctantly offering her virgin asshole to me. With one hand I grab her butt and pull a cheek to the side. With the other hand I grab my cock and line it up to her ass. I push forward slowly but forcefully. She is very tight, but the head of my cock pushes through and enters her ass.

" Oh God!" she screams, for the first time all night it is not out of pleasure. " Oh my God that hurts! Take it out. Take it out please!" " Just relax," I encourage her. " Just wait a minute and you will get use to it." " No, please take it out.

It hurts so much." " Nello, I'm not taking it out. You are going to take my cock in your ass, just relax and get use to it." She tries to squirm, but I now have both hands on her hips and she isn't strong enough to move away from my grip.

I lean forward until my chest is laying on her back and I wrap my arm around her waist so she can't move. As I held onto her, I begin pushing forward again. Slowly I enter her ass little-by-little, pausing about every inch or so to give her time to adjust. Each time I move forward she begs me to stop. " I promise this won't hurt in a few minutes," I keep pushing forward until I'm completely buried inside her ass. I pull back slowly and then push forward.

Her ass is loosening up so I pick up my pace a little, but she keeps complaining about the pain. " Oh my God, nothing has ever hurt so bad in my life, please stop!" she pleads with me. My arm is around her and my hand is squeezing her tit as my other hand fingered her pussy. " But I don't. I don't like it. Please stop." I straighten up from the position I had been in and grab her hips and slam her ass as hard as I can.

My balls are slapping against her pussy as I fuck her harder. I see her tits bouncing uncontrollably underneath her. Finally, I'm ready to cum. I push inside of her one last time and feel my load explode into her ass. One spurt, then two, finally six spurts and my cock is left dripping a few last drops inside her ass. I slowly pulled out and pull her cheeks apart.


I see the load I had deposited in her begin to leak out down her leg. I let go of her ass.