Amelia Rose And Ginger Rayles Share A BBC

Amelia Rose And Ginger Rayles Share A BBC
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Ashley's Doggy Style My name is Ashley Robbins. I am 19 years old. I am about 5'9" tall. I have long blond hair and big blue eyes. My 36D breasts and lean athletic muscular body almost ensured that I always got what I wanted when I was around guys. All I would have to do was show them some cleavage or my long muscular legs and they would act like puppy dogs wanting to see more. I always teased guys making sure not to give them the pleasure of having me or seeing my naked flesh.

I just gave them enough attention to make sure that they would beat off thinking of me. I use to think that being a sexy tease was fun. I never thought that someone or something would simply take advantage of me.

I was wrong. It was the summer after I graduated from High School. I had just broken up with my boyfriend and my modeling career was beginning to take off. I had done a few fashion shoots for a swimsuit company that paid pretty well. The money that I made from modeling helped me forget about the heart break that I had from my recent break up.

My cousin Brett was staying with my family for the summer. He is 16 and a pain in my ass. He is always molesting me with his eyes. He is annoying to say the least. Brett brought his dog (Max) to stay with us as well. My parents loved dogs so they welcomed Max into our house. He is a Great Dane/ Saint Bonnard mix. Max is a huge dog. Solid muscle. He easily weights 130-150lbs or more. Max is a fairly friendly dog, the only problem that Brett warned us about is the fact that he is not nurtured so we would need to keep him away from female dogs or he would try to knock them up.

We live on a ranch not fair from the city, so we all thought that Max wouldn't be an issue. I was wrong about that too. It was a Friday night when it first happened. I had been out with a few friends at a party without my parents knowing.

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When I got home I quietly made my way through the house to my room without waking anyone up. I smelled like smoke so I went to the bathroom down the hall to take a quick shower. I could tell that I drank too much. I had a nice buzz. I guess you could even say that I was a little drunk. When I got into the bathroom I quickly took off my thin short sundress. Since I hadn't worn a bra that night the fabric of my dress slid over my nipples as I removed my dress making my nipples grow slightly hard.

It felt good and made me sort of horny. Next I slid my thong down my long muscular legs. I admired my sexy athletic naked body before getting in the shower. I had shaved my legs and slit earlier that night so I was as smooth as a baby's bottom. I quickly rinsed off and got out of the shower.

I wrapped my naked body in a towel, grabbed my clothes and went to my room. Once in my room I put my clothes in the floor. As I turned to shut my bedroom door I noticed that Max was lying next to my bed. I turned around and locked my bedroom door. I walked over and sat in the chair in front of my mirror. After sitting down I began to brush my long wet blond hair.

My towel became lose and slipped off exposing my large breast. The cold air hitting my breast quickly stiffened my nipples making them very hard. This turned me on. I grabbed the towel and wrapped it around my body again. Like a said, I had a good buzz from all the alcohol that I had drank.

That only made my thorniness more intense. I put down my brush and moved one of my hands down between my legs. I spread my legs and began to lightly play with my clit. I had only masturbated a few times, but it felt good so I knew that I was doing something right. I turned around so I was facing my bed. As I let the towel slid off me I closed my eyes.

I rubbed my clit with one hand while the other pinched one of my hard nipples. I was so caught up in the moment that I didn't notice that I had caught the attention of Max.

Suddenly I felt Max's large body between my legs. I opened my eyes and looked down as I felt his rough warm tongue slap my clit. My body shook from the intense feelings that came each time his tongue hit my clit.

It felt better than any other time I had someone go down on me. Caught up in the moment I began squeezing both of my large breasts while Max's tongue began to work itself from clit down to my slit.

I felt his warm tongue enter my now wet slit. After a couple of minutes Max had about three inches of his long tongue inside of me when I realized what was happening. I was being tongue fucked by a dog.


Embarrassed I put my hand on Max's Head and pushed him back while I wrapped my towel back around my naked flesh. I knew that I would have cum on him if he had kept licking my clit and pushing his tongue in my now wet bald slit.

I stood up and quickly backed away from Max. "No Max, no", I said quietly not wanting to wake anyone in the house up. My clit was throbbing and I was soaking wet. I couldn't believe that I had let Max get me so close to an orgasm. Max walked towards me pushing his head under my towel. Again, I moved away and pushed his head as hard as I could. "Stop it Max", I said. I moved around Max and began to walk towards my bed.

I had made it a few feet when I heard Max let out a slight growl. Startled I chose not to look back. Then without any warning Max bit my towel and ripped it from my body exposing my naked body.

In the process he knocked my mirror on its side. It was now lying on the floor next to me on a pile of my clothes. I tried to make a quick run for my bed, but I was only able to take a step before Max jumped on me from behind knocking me to the ground. I kicked him and got on my hands and knees determined to get to the bed. I thought for sure I would be safe there. Max let out a slight growl again before jumping on my back. The alcohol in my system slowed down my reactions.

By the time I realized what was going on it was too late. I was on my hands and knees and Max was ready to mount me. I was going to be his new bitch. He bit my long blond hair and pulled it back forcing my eyes to face the ceiling. My large breast and their hard nipples dangled as I begged Max to stop. "Please no, stop it Max, Bad dog", I said as the fear totally over whelmed me.

Max's pawls were on my back. He was too heavy. I couldn't push him off me. Suddenly I felt something warm and wet sliding up my muscular thigh. "Oh god no, please no, please stop this", I said realizing that what I felt going up my lean muscular thigh was a dog's cock. Max let go of my hair. I lowered my head and looked down between my legs only to see his huge red dog cock working its way to my wet slit.

I didn't know what to do. I couldn't scream for help. If anyone saw me like this my image would be ruined forever. I began to cry as I felt his thick warm slimy cock slide around my slit's opening.

I couldn't believe that Max was trying to put that thing in me. His dog cock kept poking away trying to find my slit. Then without any warning I felt his thick slimy cock enter my slit. I let out a gasp has his cock hit the mark. Max began pumping his hips wildly. His large cock sunk deeper and deeper into my unwilling tight bald slit. I could feel my slit stretching to accommodate for the thickness of his cock. I knew that there was no use fighting back now or calling for help.

I was being raped by this beast. I spread my legs apart to allow his cock better access to my slit. This lessened the pain but the result was his cock going deep inside of me. He was deeper than any human had ever been. I began to sob quietly as my breast swung back in forth every time Max thrusted his thick slimy red cock into my bald tight slit. My nipples were rock hard pointing at the ground.

I couldn't believe that a dog was fucking me. "This is what I get for teasing him", I thought to myself. "Just let this end quickly and I'll change", I promised god and myself. Suddenly I felt this huge knot working its way up his shaft towards my slit. I knew that his knot was full of dog cum.

I looked to the side only to see an image in the mirror that I will never forget. I could see my young naked body bouncing back and forth with each thrust of his dog cock. I saw my legs spread as I was in doggy style position getting my bald slit pounded by this monster of a dog. I watched as my ass jiggled each time his furry body slapped it. I was so humiliated. I just let out an occasional grunt has he pumped my tight slit full of his thick cock.

I felt his knot rub against my slit. Max's knot pounded my tight slit for several minutes before it begain forcing its way inside of me. After several minutes his steady deep pumps forced his knot inside of my naked body. I spread my legs further trying to keep his knot from tearing me. I knew it wouldn't be long now. "It hurts, oh god it hurts", I said as Max sunk his knot into my helpless body.

He pumped my sexy young athletic body for about a minute more. I prepared myself for wait would come next. I knew he would cum inside of me and there was nothing I could do about it. I knew he couldn't get me pregnant, but the idea of him cumming inside of me almost made me vomit. Max began breathing heavy. I looked over at the mirror. Much to my surprise Max eyes were staring at my back. It was like he knew he was rapping me. With his knot just inside my slit he let lose a few deep thrust working it in deeper.

Then it happened. He let out a light howl as I felt his thick cock pulsate inside of me. He began filling me full of his warm cum. I let out a grunt as I felt his warm cum fill my insides up. Max's cum began leaking out of my slit. "How much could a dog cum", I thought. It felt like I had a gallon or more of doggy cum inside of me.

My body was warm all over. Max slowly pumped his cock making sure that my bald slit milked all of the cum from his cock. When he was done cumming he sat on top of me panting.

I tried to crawl away but his knot was still inside of me. I looked at the mirror and I felt so dirty as I saw this huge dog with his knot buried inside of me. My hard nipples were pointing at the ground as my breast stopped swigging since he wasn't pumping me anymore. I was so humiliated. I wanted to die. I must have sat there for about five minutes before his knot slid out of my abused tight slit. Max's knot made a popping sound as it exited my body. Max dismounted me and laid on the ground next to me licking his thick red slimy dog cock.

I collapsed to the floor as I began to cry even harder. I knew that I had to get up and move to the bed before Max decided to come back for seconds. I struggled to stand up.

As soon as I did I felt a rush of warm dog cum exit my slit and slid down my long muscular legs. Max had fucked me so deep and hard that it was hard for me to walk.

I grabbed my towel and stumbled to my bed. I wiped as much of his cum off me as possible. I could still feel his warm cum deep inside of me. The idea of that dog's sperm swimming inside of me made me sick. I grabbed the trash can next to my bed and threw up.

I covered my body with as many covers and pillows as possible. Then I looked at Max and said, " you failed, you stupid mutt. You can't knock me up. I won't be having your puppies". Then the reality of what happened hit me again and I began to cry again. I must have cried myself to sleep because I woke up at 9:30am the next morning.

Maybe it was a bad dream I thought. Then as I sat up in bed, I felt my slit throbbing from the pounding it had taken the night before.

I stood up and saw my towel and mirror lying just were I remembered them. Worst of all when I looked down at my legs I could see dried cum from my ankles all the way up to the inside of my muscular thigh. Max was still asleep on the floor.

I quickly put on a robe and opened up my door and made my way to the bathroom to take a shower. I ran into Brett in the hall way. Brett's eyes locked onto the clear outline of my hard nipples pushing against the fabric of my thin robe. He said, "Hey Ashley, are you feeling alright I thought I heard some weird sounds coming from your room last night. Did you have a little too much fun last night?"."Yeah, just leave me alone", I said. I pushed him out of the way and went into the bathroom as I went to shut the door I saw Max leaving my room.

Max stopped and looked at me. "Looks like you have a new buddy. Max loves people. I swear he thinks he is human", Brett said with a laugh. "Whatever", I said as I shut and locked the door.

I quickly turned on the shower and began washing that dog's cum off my body. No one could ever know, I promised myself. As the weeks passed by I had made sure never to be alone with Max.

I also didn't show him any affectation or acknowledgment. When my parents saw me trying to ignore him I played it off. A couple of weeks later my parents were having a party at our Ranch for some friends of theirs. Brett and I were also allowed to have some friends over so there was a small group of teenagers mixed in with my parents friends. Since the party was at our house I was allowed to have alcoholic drinks. All my friends had at least on drink, but not me.

I remembered what happened last time I got a buzz. As the night went on people began to leave the party. One of my friends (Sara) and I went out to the barn where we keep our horses. After much coaching, Sara talked me into smoking a joint with her. We smoked it and talked for a few minutes.

Then Sara got a text from her boyfriend asking her to meet him at his house since his parents were out of town. "Sorry, but I've got to go", Sara said. "I am sure that you understand, this is my chance to get some good loving and when you're high it's even better sex", she said before bursting out in giggles.

"Here take this", Sara said as she handed me a joint. "My boyfriend doesn't smoke and this shouldn't go to waste", she said before giving me hug. Sara asked me if I was going to walk with her to her car. "No I want to smoke this gift of yours then sober up some before I get anywhere near my house", I said. "Ashley I totally understand. If I got busted I would be in big trouble. Thanks for a great night.

Keep the lighter. I'll call you tomorrow", Sara said as she gave me a good hug before leaving the barn. I was sitting in an empty horse stall.

I was wearing a short black mini-skirt and a tight white blouse. I had gotten sort of dressed up for the party. I must admit, it did feel sort of good again to have those older men that are friends of my parents checking me out.

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"I guess I'm still a tease at heart", I said under my breath. I lit the joint Sara gave me and smoked it. I was so high. I knew that I needed to chill out in the barn for a while before I headed back to the house. I didn't want my parents to catch me high. Suddenly I heard the barn door crack open. It was old so you could hear the metal hinges on the door as it opened. The weed made me paranoid so I quickly hid in the corner of the stall. My stall door was barley shut.

It could be easily pushed open. I could hear footsteps but the sounded different. It was hard to hear them over the horses. I held my breath as the footsteps got closer to the stall I was in. I was so high that I began hearing things.

I thought I heard people. I took a deep breath as the door to my stall slowly opened.

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A shadowy figure entered the stall. I felt my heart skip a beat as I realized that the figure was Max. I began to shake as my heart raced. I stood up and tried to walk towards the door Max let out a loud growl. "Please no, not again, never again, please just go away", I said as a teer went down my cheek. Every time I tried to move Max moved in front of me.

I was freaking out. I really wished I hadn't smoked that weed. I couldn't think straight. Finally I made a quick move for the door. Max jumped in front of me and snapped at me. As he growled he showed me his big teeth. I knew there was no use in me trying to escape.

I felt broken. There was no more resistance left in me. Max stood in front of me growling. I knew what he wanted and I had no choice but to give him my young sexy body. I stepped back and slowly took of my blouse. He kept growling. I undid my lacy bra and threw it to the ground exposing my big perky breast and large nipples. There I was topless in front of this dog. "Am I really doing this? Am I really preparing to get fucked by this dog (again)? Max stepped towards me and put his nose up the front of my skirt exposing my G-string thong.

I began to cry as I unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor. I placed my hands on my hips and slowly slid my thong down my long muscular legs.

Once I was completely naked I give begging on last attempt. "Please be a good boy Max and leave me alone. Let me go Max. Let me go", I said as I again attempted to walk towards the door.

Max responded by giving me a loud bark followed by a deep growl. At that point I gave up. Completely naked my young athletic sexy body was his to abuse. Knowing I had no other choice I lowered myself on my knees. I asked god to make it quick and less painful. I kept thinking about his huge knot entering my tight slit. I knew that I would need to be a little wet if I wanted his thick cock to fit in me without tearing me in two.

So I slowly laid on my back and spread my legs. Max walk over my naked flesh so his head was above my large breast. He began to lick my breast. The attention that my nipples received from his rough warm tongue made my nipples grow hard.

Max then backed off me and shoved his head between my legs. He began licking my slit. Much to my disgust, his tongue felt so good as it rubbed on my clit.

Maybe it was the weed but my body began to give into his advances. My slit slowly became wet has his tongue pierced my slit's lips and entered inside of me. It might have been the weed but after about five minutes of my clit getting licked and young body being tongue fucked I felt my orgasm building.

I said, "Oh shit, I'm going to cum", as I placed my hands on my large breast. I squeezed my large breast and pinched my large nipples. His tongue was thrashing in and out of my helpless body. He easily had six inches of his tongue in me when I felt my body prepare to explode. "Oh fuck, not like this. I can't hold back, I'm cumming", I screamed. His tongue rubbed my clit as it dug deep into my slit. Then it happened. My juices exploded all over his face. My body shook from the powerful orgasm.

My body trembled as I realized what had just happened. Suddenly Max stopped licking me and sat down. His long thick red cock was very visible.

"Please no", I begged. Max growled at me. I raised myself up and rolled over so I was on my hands and knees. "I can't believe I'm going to be a dog's slut", I whispered as I spread my legs to ensure his cock had easy access to my wet slit. Once I was in position Max mounted me from behind. Again I felt his long thick slimy cock poking away trying to find my slit. He almost went into my asswhole. I quickly reached back with one hand and lined his thick cock up with my slit.

Then with a violent hard thrust he sunk his thick cock into my young helpless naked body. My tight slit was wrapped around his thick hard cock like a tight glove. I could feel the veins in his cock pulsing and he pumped it in and out of my tight slit. I let out a couple of grunts as he began to drill me from behind. I started to cry again as I realized what was happening to me. This mutt was enjoying my young sexy athletic body as he pumped me full of his thick cock.

If anyone found out that I was this dog's slut no one would ever want anything to do with me. "Who wants a dog's leftovers", I thought to myself. I could feel my ass jiggle as his fury body slammed into me from behind. My large breast bounced back and forth with the violently deep thrust of his doggy cock into my helpless body. Suddenly I could hear something shut the barn door and walk towards us. I tried to shake Max lose but it was of no use he was too heavy and too strong.

"I couldn't get caught like this. Please lord no", I said. Then the door to our stall swung open.

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Brett was standing there with his I-Phone recording his dog fucking me. "Get this mutt off of me", I begged. Brett did not respond. He acted like he didn't hear me. Instead he came in and shut the stall door. "Brett please help me. I'm being raped by your dog. Make him stop.

Get him off me", I said angrily. "Shut up and take it slut. He's only doing what I trained him to do. He is pounding your little tight pussy for all the times you acted like a sexy tease", Brett said. He then reached down and cupped one of my large swinging breasts. Brett pinched one of my hard nipples and said, "you have an awesome rack Ashley".

Then he stepped back and lowered his pants. Brett began to jack off while he recorded his dog viciously rapping me. "god no, please stop him", I said as I felt Max's knot beginning to pound against my slit. "I'll do whatever you want, just make him stop", I begged. Brett said, "you'll do what I want or this little home video will be sent to all of your friends and posted on the internet". I could feel Max's knot slowly pounding its way inside of my tight slit. I spread my legs as far apart as possible trying to make it easier for his knot to get inside of me.

Within a minute I felt Max's knot inside of me. I could feel his slobber hitting my back as he pumped away at my athletic body. I knew it wouldn't be long before he came in me. "It hurts, please make him stop", I begged. Brett just stood there stroking his rock hard cock. Max began drilling me really deep, hard and fast. I let out a gasp and nearly collapsed as I felt Max's cock twitch and pulsate as his cock exploded inside of me shooting warm doggy cum inside of my young helpless body.

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He came so much that after filling my insides with his seed, his warm cum shot out of my tight slit down my muscular thighs. Brett walked over in front of me and grabbed a handful of my blond hair and told me to open my mouth and suck his cock. As soon as I opened my mouth he stuffed it full of his cock. He pumped my face with a vengeance. I felt so humiliated. Brett was fucking my face while his dog's knot was inside of me milking the last bit of his dog cum inside my abused slit.

Brett reached down and squeezed my perky breast. Then he put both hands on my head and pushed his cock so deep his balls slapped my chin. I gagged as I could taste his precum leaking from his cock. "I've wanted to do this to you for a long time. Sometime soon I'll have that sweet bald cunt of yours", Brett said. His hairy ball sack was hard as a rock.

Brett stopped pumping and held my held in place. "Swallow my cum Ashley or I'll let this video get out", Brett said. I felt his cock twitch inside my mouth as he shot his huge warm salty load of cum into my mouth. I began swallowing his cum. Brett slowly pumped his hips making sure to give me every last drop of his cum. After I swallowed Brett's entire load he pulled his limp cock from my mouth.

Some of Brett's warm cum dripped down my chin. "That was nice Ashley", Brett said as he got dressed. He stood there looking at me as I began to sob. After a couple of minutes Max's Knot slid out of my abused bald slit. The idea of his cum inside of me almost made me sick. I struggled to stand up. As I did a wave of warm doggy cum flowed out of my slit and down my lean muscular long legs. "Looks like you are Max's new sperm bank Ashley", Brett said as he turned the recorder on his I-phone off.

Brett picked up my G-string thong and said, "I'll be keeping this bitch", now get dressed lets head back to the house. He handed me a blanket that we kept for the horses so I could wipe the dog cum off my legs. My abused slit was swollen from the pounding it had taken. It was hard for me to walk as I struggled to get dressed. After I had my blouse and skirt back on Brett grabbed me by the arm and jerked me back to him. "Meet me back here tomorrow at 2:00pm. Wear that sexy yellow sundress that shows your big tits and sexy legs.

No bra or panties, you and I are going to have some fun before your parents get home from work", Brett said. I paused for a second. "Ok, just don't let anyone know about.Max and what he did to me", I pleaded. "Just do as I say and this will stay between us", Brett said with a grin. We then walked back to the house. I immediately went to the bathroom and took a shower. After I made it back to my room I locked the door and laid in my bed crying because I could still feel Max's warm dog cum deep inside of me.

I couldn't sleep that night as I feared what would happen tomorrow. The next day I got out of bed and got dressed as I had been instructed by Brett. I put on my sundress without any panties or a bra to hold my large perky breast from my young cousin's eyes. A little before 2:00 I walked down to our barn. When I opened the barn door I was in shock. Brett had three different camcorders set up at different angels around four blocks of hay that had been stacked together in the middle of the barn.

It looked like he had built a small table or bed out of the blocks of hay. It was about two feet off the ground. "Welcome to your new love shack", Brett said as he walked around the corner.

Max was by his side. He walked up next to me and put his hands on my legs and slowly lifted my dress exposing my muscular ass and bald slit. "Good girl. I see you did as I instructed you to do. Keep it up and this will be our little secret. "Please Brett we're family. You don't have to do this to me. It's not right", I said. Then I looked at him and said, "I'll let you fuck me, just not the dog. Not again. I'm begging you". Brett said, "I'll fuck you soon enough but Max isn't done with you yet Ashley".

"No! Please no", I begged. Brett grabbed my hand and walked me over to the hay. "Sit down, sexy", he said while staring at my large breast.

I sat down on the hay. Brett spread my legs and got on his knees in front me. He slid his hand up my thigh. When he reach my bald slit he said, "Look at me Ashley". As soon as we made eye contact he slid his finger inside on my tight bald slit and began finger fucking me." You like this don't you? I bet you love it when Max stuffs your tight little bald cunt full of his cock", Brett said.

He pulled his finger out from inside my slit. Brett placed his hands on my shoulders. Brett then grabbed the thin straps of my dress and slowly pulled them down gently exposing my large perky breast. He quickly attached his lips to one of my nipples. I took a deep breath as I felt my nipple stiffen in his mouth. As soon as one nipple was hard he moved to the next breast where he sucked my nipple until it too was hard.

Brett released my nipples and told me to lie back on the hay. I did as he said. I couldn't believe that this 16 year-old boy was getting the pleasure of my feeling me up and sucking on my breast when I had hardly let any men get that far. As I laid back I tried to cover my breast. Brett grabbed my arms and said, "I don't think so. Put them by your side bitch". I lowered my arms exposing my breast again to his young eyes. "Spread your legs Ashley. Max is going to eat your pussy before he fucks you like the bitch you are." Brett said eagerly.

I did as he said and spread my muscular legs apart. "Get it Max" Brett said. Immediately Max moved in between my legs and began licking my slit. Since I was lying on the hay stacks my body was raised up and Max didn't have to bend over too much to enjoy my helpless body. "Pull your dress up around your waist", Brett instructed as he stood behind one of the cameras.

I reached down and lifted my body up so I could pull my dress up to my waist. Max kept licking my clit and tongue fucking me the entire time. I could feel my body beginning to respond to his tongue. I started trying to move my hips around so he wouldn't hit my clit as much.

The result however was me gridding my slit on his tongue. After a few minutes I felt my body preparing for an orgasm. "Ohh, my god, oh shit, make him stop I'm going to cum", I said. Brett undressed and began stroking his hard cock. "Mount that bitch", Brett yelled. Suddenly Max stopped licking me and jumped up so his paws had my shoulders pinned down. "What the fuck. Let me roll over. Let me turn around", I said to Brett. "No Ashley, you are going to watch him fuck you this time", Brett said with a grin.

My clit was throbbing. I had been so close to cumming. Then I felt his slimy dog cock poke my thigh a couple of times. "Help him out", Brett said. I knew that I had no other choice so I reached down and grabbed Max's thick dog cock and lined it up with my slit. I put the head of his cock inside my slit. Then Max violently began pumping his large cock into my young naked athletic body. I let out several grunts as his thick doggy cock sunk deep inside of my tight slit.

I tried to look away, but Brett order me to look at Max. So I looked Max in the eyes as his doggy cock violated my sexy body. His furry body kept rubbing against my clit as he stuffed his thick cock inside my tight slit. I could feel my orgasm building again. "No. Not like this", I thought to myself. My breast bounced each time Max's thick cock sunk into my slit. I gripped the hay underneath me. I couldn't hold it back. I was going to cum on this dog's cock. "Ohh, fuck", I screamed as I felt my body reaching my climax.

"Do it Ashley, cum on him. You know you want to", Brett said. I couldn't hold it back any more. "Ohhh, shit!!" I screamed as I felt myself explode on his dog cock.

My juices squirted out around the tight grip my slit had on his thick cock. "Easy Max", Brett said. With that command Max began slowly but deeply pumping me full of his cock.

My young sexy body and large breast slowly bounced back and forth with each thrust of his cock. I was so humiliated. I couldn't believe that my young sexy body was being fucked by a large dog and to make it worse it was being video tapped. Even worse I couldn't believe that I had just cummed while being fucked by this mut. Looking up I could see Max was staring me in the eyes while my slit wrapped tightly around his cock.

Max lowered his head and began licking my breast. The attention my breast received from his rough warm tongue made my nipples hard as rocks again. Max raised his head and stared at me as he continued to slowly fuck me.

"How long is this going to last", I thought to myself as I again attempted to look away. "Look at him Ashley", Brett said angrily.

I turned my head so my eyes were once again focused on the dog that was fucking my young helpless body. "Finish it", Brett said to Max. Max began fucking me a little faster. "I can't let him get his knot inside of me again", I thought as I began to try to move my hips. Max just pushed down on me harder. His claws dug into my soft white skin. I could feel his large knot slamming against my shaved slit. "Please not again", I begged.

Brett said, "Make it easy on yourself. Once his knot is inside of you it won't be long until he cums. Then it will all be over". From the two previous times that this dog had raped me I knew that Brett was right. So I clinched the hay and spread my legs as far apart as possible allowing his doggy cock deeper access inside my young naked athletic body. His knot slammed my slit for about a minute. Then it slowly began to stretch my slit as it sunk inside of me.

"That's right, take his knot bitch", Brett yelled. After a few more thrust Max had his knot inside of my tight slit. "Oh my god, it hurts.

I can't take it. Please make him take it out", I begged Brett. Brett said, "If you tell him to cum inside of you several times he will cum and this will be over, but you have to say it loud and clear.

That is how I trained him". My slit was wrapped so tight around his thick cock and knot. I needed this to end, so I did as Brett instructed.

"Cum inside of me Max. Cum inside of me like a good boy. Come on, cum inside of me", I said. Max responded by fucking me hard and fast his large doggy cock. He was deeper inside of me then he had ever been. His knot was now well placed a good three to four inches inside me. "Give her cunt your cum Max", Brett yelled out.

My large breasts were bouncing as he slammed his cock into my young helpless sexy body. Max stuffed his cock in me with a few final thrust. I laid there naked looking at this dog in the eyes waiting for him to give me his cum. I let out a grunt knowing that his knot and thick cock couldn't go any deeper. Then I felt his cock twitch and pulsate deep inside of me as he unloaded stream after stream of warm doggy cum into my young sexy body.

It felt like a warm shot gun blast of warm cum inside of me. He came so much that cum squirted out from around the tight grip my bald slit had on his cock. I could feel his warm cum running down my muscular thigh as he kept slowly pumping his cock making sure to bury his cum deep inside of my young naked body.

When he finished cumming he stayed in position since his knot was buried inside of me. I began to cry. "Good boy Max!" Brett said as he walked over and gave Max a treat. After a few minutes Max's knot slowly slid out of my slit making a popping sound as it exited my body. I laid there in total humiliation sobbing as Max's warm dog cum leaked out my abused tight slit.

Brett told me to keep my legs spread as he focused the camera on my cum covered slit. "Roll over", Brett said. Without even thinking about it I did as he said. My knees were on the ground but my upper body was on the hay stack. Brett quickly moved behind me and spread my legs. He used the warm dog cum running down my muscular thigh as a lubricant. He rubbed it all over his cock then he did the same to my asswhole. "What the fuck. No please. I'll suck you off", I said.

"Shut up and take it up the ass like the tease you are", Brett responded. Then I felt him push the head of his cock inside my asswhole. My asswhole stretched trying to accommodate for the thickness of his cock.

Brett began forcing his cock up my ass. The dog cum made it easy for him to sink the full length and width of his cock inside of me. I knew it would be pointless to fight back. I let out a series of grunts as he slammed his cock inside of my ass. Brett reached around and cupped my large perky breast as he violently fucked my ass.

I could feel my muscular ass jiggle each time his body slammed against it. "I've wanted to do this to you for so long", Brett said as he began pinching and pulling on my hard nipples. "Oh, fuck. I'm going pump you full of my cum Ashley", Brett said. He slammed his cock deep inside ass and said, "Take this slut". Then I felt his cock pulsate as his cock shot several streams of warm cum inside my ass. Brett continued to squeeze my breast and pump his cock inside of me milking all the cum from his body.

After a minute his cock went limp and slid out of my ass. I felt his warm cum leak out of my asswhole down the side of my butt cheek. "That was great Ashley. You have one tight ass. We're done now you can head back to the house. Max and I will be seeing you real soon", Brett said with a smile. I forced myself up. I pulled the straps of my dress up covering my large breast. I then pulled my dress down so it was again covering my ass and shaved slit.

I felt so dirty. As I took a step to walk away I felt a rush of warm dog cum pour out of my slit. The warm cum ran down my muscular thighs all the way down my long legs until it hit the ground where it formed a small pool. "Now that is a waste Ashley. Next time you need to make sure that your sexy body soaks as much of his cum up as possible or I'll have you drink what you spill", Brett said angrily.

As I walked away I felt Brett's cum leak from my ass and Max's cum leak from my slit down my legs. When I got to the house I took a shower trying to get all of the cum out of me.

I didn't know if I could take this torture anymore. I began thinking about killing myself. Then it hit me. All I had to do was tough it out until the end of the summer. Then I could use the money I was making from modeling to move somewhere far away.

While that helped a little I still didn't know how much more I could take. I was being used as a dog's sex toy and by my young cousin. A week went by and I was feeling hopeful that maybe now since Brett had a couple homemade porn videos of his dog rapping me he would begin leaving me alone.

It was right after lunch and I had gone out to the barn to clean the horse stalls. I was wearing a pair of short jean shorts and a tee-shirt that fit tightly against my large perky breast. Walking to the barn I remembered that I had actually worn the same outfit for a photo-shoot a few weeks earlier.


As soon as I walked into the barn the memories of what had happened to me there came back. I couldn't hold back the tears as I began to cry. After a couple of minutes I got myself together and went over to one of our horse stalls and began cleaning it out while the horses were in the pasture.

I heard the barn door open and in walked Brett with one of horses he had taken out for a ride. "What cha' doing sexy", Brett said with a smile. "I was just finishing up before I head up to the house", I responded. I looked down at the ground trying to avoid eye contact with him. "I've been thinking about you a lot Ashley. I've especially been thinking about that sexy ass of yours and your big tits", Brett said. My hands began to Trimble. I didn't know what to say so I didn't respond.

Brett took the saddle off the horse he had ridden and brought him into the stall that I had just finished cleaning. Brett walked up to me and grabbed my ass and said, "You know that they call girls like you, animal lovers or zoo girls, since you love animal cock soo much. I bet you miss feeling Max's cum being pumped inside of you. Don't you?" I looked him in the eyes and said, "You have your videos please just leave me alone".

I then began searching the barn with my eyes for Max. Much to my relief Max wasn't in the barn. Brett grabbed my hair and jerked me towards him. "We're not even close to being done", he said as his free hand went up under my shirt and cupped my breast.

"Take off your clothes Ashley. Do it now", Brett said. I took a deep breath and realized that he was going to take his turn at rapping me.

I then took off my tee-shirt and lacy bra exposing mylarge perky breast to his young eyes. I then unbuttoned my shorts and slid them down my long legs. Brett reached out and grabbed the side of my bikini panties and with a quick yank he tore them from my body leaving me totally naked. "Since you love animal cum so much I am going to give you a chance to try a new flavor.

Get on your knees and suck this horse off bitch", Brett said while admiring my young sexy exposed body. "Please no, for god's sake. Why don't you fuck me? No more animals. I can't do it", I said. Brett stepped forwards and punched me in my stomach. I bent over in pain. Brett grabbed a handful of my long blond hair and walked me over to his horse.

He then forced me on my knees. "This one isn't trained, so I'm not sure how he'll react, but every guy loves to have their dick sucked" Brett said. He pushed me so that I was on my knees underneath the horse. "Now suck him off, or everyone will be able to see their favorite little swimsuit model getting here pussy pounded by a dog", Brett said with anger in his voice. I closed my eyes as I realized there was no way out of this. "Ok, just. no one can see the videos", I said. "Do what I tell you to do and no one will see the videos", Brett responded.

At that point I gave in. I begged god to make this go quickly. I placed my hands on the horse's cock and I began to stroke it. I then placed the head of the horse's cock in my mouth as I stroked his shaft. It tasted disgusting. Within seconds of the head of the horse's cock being in my mouth the cock itself began to grow longer. "Oh my god, this damn horse is enjoying this", I thought to myself.

My head bounced back and forth as I stroked his cock. I put more of the horse's cock into my mouth with each stroke. The horse's cock was just too big I couldn't fit it all in my mouth. It was already hitting the back of my throat nearly causing me to gag. "Suck him off, or I swear I'll let him stuff that little bald cunt of yours full of his big cock", Brett said.

I ignored him and kept sucking and stroking the horse's cock. About five minutes went by when I began to taste something salty in my mouth. "Oh my god, the horse is leaking precum into my mouth", I said to myself. My eyes began to look around the room.

I couldn't let this beast cum in my mouth. When I looked up at Brett I saw that he was holding his I-phone recording me sucking on a horse's hard cock. I shut my eyes and focused on stroking the horse's cock. More and more of his pre-cum leaked into my mouth so I began swallowing it. It tasted like salt water. I was in a rhythm. My head bounced back and forth on the horse's cock while my hand stroked its shaft. All of a sudden the horse exhaled. His cock was in the back of my throat when like a fire hose as he began shooting warm salty cum down my throat.

"That's right Ashley swallow his load", Brett said while zooming the camera in for a close up of my face. I knew that I had no other choice so I kept stroking his shaft. I closed my eyes as I swallowed gulp after gulp of his warm salty cum. I couldn't swallow it all and I needed to breath. I was gasping for air, so I pushed back removing his cock from my mouth. As I took a deep breath of air the horse continued to shoot his cum all over my face and large breast. My face was covered in warm horse cum.

I must have swallowed half a gallon of cum I could feel the horse's warm cum lining my throat all the way down to my stomach. The rest of the horses cum covered my face and breast. It took everything I had not to vomit. "Good job Ashley", Brett said. He then grabbed me by my arm and lifted me up taking me over to the hose I had used to clean out the stall.

He quickly sprayed me down rinsing the horse cum from my face and breast. My large nipples grew hard as the cold water ran over my perky breast. Brett set his I-phone on a stack of hey so it was facing us. He said, "I want you to ride me until I cum". He then laid down on the barn floor. "Ok, but please don't cum in me. You could knock me up.

Please just pull out", I said. "Sure", Brett said sarcastically. I walked over to him. His hard cock was pointing straight up. I felt as ashamed as I lowered my athletic body down on his cock. Slowly, I sunk his cock inside of me inch by inch. My knees were on either side of his body. "Damn you're tight. No wonder Max loves fucking you. Now get to work", Brett said. I slowly began pumping my hips back and forth as his cock slid in and out of my tight unwilling slit.

Brett reached up and began squeezing my large breast. "Oh yeah, that's right pump that pussy on my cock you fucking cock tease", Brett said. He began breathing a little harder. Brett then began pulling on my nipples. "That hurts, please stop it", I said. Brett ignored me. "I'm going to cum. Keep that tight pussy of yours on my cock", Brett said. I kept pumping my hips. "No! Pull out you bastered you promised", I said. I then stopped pumping my hips and began to get off him so he wouldn't cum inside of me.

Suddenly Brett grabbed my arm and rolled over so he was on top of me. He bent over and sucked my breast as he began violently pumping his cock inside my bald slit. "Please stop it", I said as I tried to push him off me. The room was full of the sound of Brett's hard ball sack slapping by naked flesh as he forced his cock deep inside of me. He grabbed my arms and pinned them down. "Please don't cum in me, please", I begged him. Brett was in heaven as he laid on top of me with my long sexy legs spread around him.

My large breast bounced with each thrust of his cock. "This is everything I thought would be. You are one sexy bitch with a tight cunt. Get ready because I'm going to pump you full of my cum", Brett said as he began really slamming his body against me forcing his cock to go deep inside of me. "No, please. Please pull out", I begged. Brett didn't respond he just stared at my young naked athletic body as he laid between my muscular legs viciously fucking me.

"Look at me Ashley, look at me", Brett said. As soon as we made eye contact Brett said, "I've wanted to fuck you for so long. Oh shit, here I cum". "No!" I screamed. It was of no use. Brett unleashed a few deep thrust before burring his cock deep inside of me. I let out a gasp as I felt his cock twitch and shoot his warm cum inside of me. "Fuck yeah", Brett said loudly as he slowly pumped his hips milking the cum from his cock.

He laided on top of me until his cock went limp and slid out of my slit. Brett stood up and got dressed. He then handed my clothes and told me to get dressed. When I stood up I could feel that his warm cum was deep inside of me, not a drop leaked out my tight slit.

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"I hope I don't knock you up. I wouldn't want to ruin that body of yours", Brett said before quickly slapping my ass. He then grabbed his phone and left the barn. I collapsed and began to cry.

"Why is this happening to me", I thought to myself. After a while a stood up, got dressed and went back to the house. I had to get some rest I had a big photo shoot the following day. Another week went by and I had managed to keep Brett and his Dog away from me by either being away from the house or having friends with me when I was home (so I wouldn't be alone). One day my best friend Sara came over to stay the night with me.

Sara could be a model but she was more focused on going to school and getting her degree.

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Sara is about 5'9" with long brown hair, tan skin and big brown eyes. She was a cheerleader with me in high school and a real fitness freak so her body was in awesome shape. The one thing that Sara and I had in common physically was our breast size. She too wears a 36d bra. The guys in our school use to call us the dream team. I love Sara. She is like a sister to me. When Sara came over she was wearing a short pair of jogging shorts and a sports bra.

I must admit she looked really pretty. We went to my room and did some girl talk when all of a sudden I heard Brett calling me from down stairs. "Surely, he won't try anything with one of friends here", I thought to myself. "I'm sorry Sara let me see what that little shit wants. I'll be right back", I said to Sara. She just laughed and said, "No problem". As I went down the stairs a million thoughts went racing through my mind.

I began to feel sick to my stomach as I thought about how Brett had forced me to suck one of my horses off. When I finally made it down stairs I went into our living room. I saw Brett on the couch. He was facing me watching the TV. The TV's back was facing me so I couldn't see what he was watching. Brett had his laptop on his lap. Max was lying on the floor in front of Brett. "What do you want? I have a friend here", I said. "We know you do that's why I wanted to talk to you.

Come here I want to show you something", Brett said. Chills went down my spine as I walked towards him. "Sit down next to me", Brett said. I nervously sat down on the couch next t to him. "Check out the type of stuff they have on TV now days", Brett said.

I turned my head to look at the TV. I felt my heart drop as I realized he was watching the video of Max rapping me in the barn. "This is my favorite part", Brett said as he turned the volume up a little.

The image on the screen made me sick. I was totally naked with Max's knot inside of me. Worst of all I was begging him to cum in me. "What do you want Brett?" I said as I looked away from the TV. "I want your friend. Most importantly Max want's your friend", he said.

Brett then turned his laptop around so I could see it. He was composing an e-mail to the agency I modeled for. He had an attachment to the e-mail called animal lover. "What the hell? Please don't. You said you would keep this between us if I did what you said", I said. "That's the point Ashley. If your friend thinks she can come over here looking sexy and tease me and my dog she is mistaken. You're going to help us take her sweet pussy or I will press send on this e-mail.

Do you understand", Brett said. I looked back at the TV. "I can't do this to Sara, but if I don't my modeling career will be over and if my modeling career is over I won't be able to get enough money to get out of here. I'll be Brett's sex slave for the rest of my life. I have no choice. I have to help Brett rape Sara", I thought to myself. "Ok, I'll do it, but take it easy on her. She's not like that. She doesn't sleep around. god Brett please doesn't send that e-mail", I said.

Brett put his hand on my leg and said, "calm down sexy. You are still our favorite girl. We just want to try a different flavor", he said. "Now be a good girl and go upstairs and get her sexy ass", Brett said. I got off the couch and walked upstairs and into my room. "What's wrong? you look like you've seen a ghost", Sara said. "Oh it's nothing. Let's go down stairs there's something I want to show you", I replied.

We then left me room and went down stairs. When we reached the leaving room Brett was sitting up on the couch he had moved his laptop somewhere out of sight and the TV was off. "Hello Sara.

I want to show you something cool come here", he said to Sara while staring at her long tan legs and large breast. "OK. What is it?" Sara replied as she walked towards him. "Well, it's hard to put into words, but my dog thinks you're hot as hell", he said. "Well tell him thank you that he seems like a sweet puppy", Sara said as she reached down to pet Max's head. Max rubbed his head on her muscular thigh pushing his nose up the side of her shorts exposing more of her leg and part of her butt cheek.

"Now Ashley! Hold her arms", Brett yelled. My heart broke for Sara, but I had no choice. I quickly moved behind her and grabbed her arms. "I'm soo sorry Sara.

I don't have any other choice", I said. "What the hell", Sara said with fear in her voice. Brett stood up. He was holding a kitchen knife.

Brett put the knife to her throat and said, " shut the fuck up and don't fight back or we'll fucking cut you up bitch". Sara began to cry. Brett put his free hand on Sara's waist and slowly moved it up to her large breast, until he was cupping one of her breast. "Stop it, please don't do this. Let me go", Sara said.

I tried to look away. It was then that I noticed Brett had a couple of cameras set up in the living room. "There is no going back now", I thought.

Brett told Sara to get undressed. "Please Ashley, don't let him do this", Sara said to me. "I don't have any other choice. Just do as he says and I promise you everything will be ok", I replied. I then released Sara's arms. She hesitated for a second. Then she began to get undressed. She removed her sports bra reveling her large perky breast and nipples.

Brett put his knife up to her throat then immediately attached himself to one of her nipples and began sucking each one of her breast until her nipples looked like little corks. "Let me help you", Brett said with a slight laugh. He then placed his hands on both sides of her jogging shorts quickly pulled them down exposing her thin bikini underwear.

"Now let's see what you have under there", Brett said as he slid the knife under the side of her bikini panties. He quickly pulled the knife towards him tearing the fabric of her panties. Her shredded panties fell to the floor. Much to my surprise she didn't completely shave her slit. She had a small patch of neatly trimmed hair that looked like a brown cotton ball above her slit.

"Nice", Brett said as his hands began to explore her naked flesh. Sara stood there crying as Brett spread her legs and began finger fucking her. "I know you like this but we have go an even bigger surprise for you", Brett said.

Brett grabbed Sara's arm and threw her naked body down on the couch. "Spread your legs bitch", Brett commanded. Sara was crying. "Do it. Now!" Brett said angrily. Sara gave in and spread her muscular legs apart. "Ashley, get undressed and eat her sexy little cunt", Brett said as he looked at me. I paused and thought to myself, "maybe if Brett sees some lesbian action he'll blow his load while jacking off and let this be over". I knew that I was being optimistic, but all I had left was hope.

I quickly took off my shirt, bra, shorts and panties. Brett slapped my muscular ass and said, "let's see what that tongue can do". "Please don't. Just let me go." Sara pleaded. I stepped between Sara's legs and got on my knees.

I slowly lowered my head to her slit. "Ashley pleases no", Sara said as I used my hand to spread her lips so my tongue could have clear access to her clit.

I then began licking her clit. I had never gone down on another girl before, but I knew what I liked when someone went down on me so I tried to give her the best head that I could.

"That's right; lick that sexy little cunt, "Brett said as he pointed one of the cameras at me." Sara's muscular legs were spread around my head as my tongue played with her clit.

I could feel Sarah getting wet. I took my free hand and slowly pushed one of my fingers up inside of her. That was all I could get inside her. Sara was super tight. I began pumping it in and out of her slit while I licked her clit. Sara responded by moaning. Sara put her hands on my head and gripped my long blond hair.

"Ohh, Ashley, if you don't stop I am going to cum", Sara said. All of a sudden I felt Max's large head trying to spread my legs. "oh god. Not again. please god don't let him fuck me in front of Sara", I thought to myself. I spread my legs a little. As soon as I did Max began licking my slit and sinking his tongue inside my slit. A few minutes past Sara was breathing heavily begging me to stop. She began grinding her slit against my mouth. "I'm sorry Ashley.

I'm sorry! I can't hold it back any longer", Sara said. My tongue entered her slit as soon as I pierced her lips she cam in my mouth. "uhh, shit", She said as her juices exploded all over my face. I began swallowing what entered into my mouth. Meanwhile Max was tongue fucking me with a passion. I looked to my side and Brett was stroking his hard cock.

He hadn't cum, so I knew the worst was yet to happen. "Good job girls. Now Ashley back off and Sara get on your hands and knees", Brett commanded. I began to back off Sara.

As I did Max's tongue went deeper inside of me. Afraid that Sara would see what Max was doing to me I quickly stood up. Sara looked at Brett and said, "Please I'll give you a blow job, just don't rape me. I promise I won't tell anyone". "Get on your hands and knees bitch", Brett yelled. Sara slowly got off the couch and got on her hands and knees so she was facing the TV.

I looked down at Max his huge red doggy cock was sticking out. "Spread your legs a little you sexy bitch", Brett said to Sara. Sara spread her legs a little. I must admit she looked sort of sexy with her sexy athletic tan body in the doggy style position. I then noticed Max walking towards her. I knew what was going to happen next.

I began to cry. Brett reached down and grabbed her ass. He slapped her muscular ass making it bounce. "Mount that bitch!" Brett yelled.

Max quickly jumped on her placing his paws on her back. Sara almost collapsed from the sheer weight of the dog. "NOOOO!" she screamed. I watched in horror as Max's thick red cock slid up her tan muscular thigh towards her exposed wet slit.

Sara kept trying to shake Max off her. Max bit her long brown hair and pulled her head back so her eyes were facing the ceiling just like he did to me the first time he took me. Brett turned on the TV and the DVD player and pushed play.

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"Sara, you're such a sexy tease. We'll today you're going to get your little sexy cunt owned my dog. Get ready because this is going to hurt. Just asks Ashley", Brett said. Suddenly the video playing on the TV was me being raped in the horse stall by Max. "You said no one would ever know that he rapped me", I screamed. Brett backhanded me knocking me to the floor.

I sat up and watched as Max's cock began poking around her slit trying to find the opening. Max let go of Sara's hair. "Help him Ashley", Brett said. I sat up and moved to Sara. "Sorry Sara. I love you. I promise if you just go with it this whole thing will be over quickly", I said. I then reached out and wrapped my hands around Max's thick cock. I put the head of his cock just inside her tight slit.

"No Please!" she screamed. Then she let out a loud gasp and her big brown eyes opened wide as Max unleashed several pumps slowly forcing his thick cock up her tight slit. Her body bounced back and forth as Max was able to force more of his cock inside of Sara with each pump.

Her large breast dangled above the floor. He large nipples occasionally rubbed the carpet as she bent her back in pain. "It won't fit. He's too big. Make him take it out", Sara said. "Look at the TV Sara. Do it", Brett said. Sara raised her head and watched the image of me lying on my back with Max's cock inside of me. I was so embarrassed.

"If you spread your legs it will be easier for your tight cunt to accept his large cock. If your cunt doesn't loosen up some his knot will tear you when it enters your body.

"Oh my god. Don't let him knot me", Sara said. Then she spread her long muscular tan legs as far apart as possible. I watched as Max's thick doggy cock began to sink even deeper into her unwilling tight slit. He was stuffing her full of his cock. "Easy Max", Brett said. Max slowed down his pumps. I looked at Sara's naked body underneath Max. You could see from the look on her face that Sara was in shock that a dog was fucking her.

She had tears running down her cheeks as Max had his way with her sexy athletic body. Sara was on her hands and knees grunting with each slow and deep thrust of Max's cock. Sara's muscular ass bounced each time Max's furry body slammed into it.

Her large breast slowly swung back and forth in rhythm with Max's pumping. Brett bent down and cupped her large breast. Brett then pulled on her large nipples while his beast stuffed her full of his thick cock. Sara let out a painful scream. As I watched I could see Max's knot building up working its way towards her slit.

Quickly I moved so I was next to Sara. "Listen to me Sara. I know it hurts. He raped me too. He's cock is thick, but his knot is even thicker and round. When it gets to your slit, spread your legs as much as possible. Let him get it in you. Then ask him to cum in you and he will.

It will all be over before you know it.", I said. "Cum in me. There's no way this mutt is going to cum inside of me", Sara said with defiance. "Oh shit, he's trying to get it inside of me", Sara screamed.

I looked back and saw Max's huge knot slamming against her slit. "Do as I said and it will be over quickly. Please Sara just listen to me.", I said. Sara spread her muscular legs as far apart as she could without doing a total split. I watched as Max's knot slowly worked its way inside her slit. Sara's slit expanded inch by inch allowing his knot to enter her body. Within a minute his knot was buried inside her.

"Oh god it hurts", Sara said. "Ask him to cum in you and he will. That's how he is trained", I said. I looked over at the TV and saw the image of the Horse's cock deep inside my mouth. Memories of what the horse's cum tasted like came back to me. Once Max's knot was deep inside of her, Sara started begging max to cum inside of her. "Please cum in me max.

Cum inside of me Max. It hurts please cum in me max. Please i need you to cum in me", Sara said loud and clearly. "Perfect", Brett said as he released Sara's breast. "I bet you've never had a cock so deep inside of you before. Get ready sexy because he should cum any minute now", Brett said as he sat there stroking his large hard cock.

"If you even think about going to the cops this video will find its way to the internet and everyone you know. I am sure there of plenty of guys that would love to watch you cum on Ashley's face then get your pussy roughly pounded by a beast.", Brett said with excitement. Sara bit her lip and stared at the TV scream. The image on the screen was the horse cumming in my mouth then all over my face and breast. "Finish it", Brett commanded to Max.

Max began "pumping Sara fast and hard. Her sexy toned body and large breast bounced with the rhythm of Max's pumps. Then it happened. Max let out an unholy howl. As he began to unload his cum inside of her. Sara opened her eyes wide, looked forward and screamed" Ohh my god", as Max came inside of her.

I watched as Max's cum quickly filled her insides than began squirting out her slit down her thighs. He continued to cum in her for about 15-20 seconds. There was nothing I could do but watch as his warm cum leaked out of her slit down her muscular thighs. Brett suddenly grabbed me by my hair and forced me on my hands and knees next to Sara. I didn't fight back. I knew he was going to enjoy my body and that there was nothing I could do about it.

I spread my legs as he inserted the head of his cock inside my slit. Then he began fucking me rough and hard from behind.

My large breast swung back and forth as he pumped my naked body full of his cock. He hit me with one deep violent thrust that forced me to collapse on the floor. Brett grabbed a handful of my hair and placed his hand on the side of my head pinning it to the ground as he fucked me from behind.

My head was turned towards Sara. I could see her crying as she watched my young cousin rape me.


Max's knot held her in place because it was still inside of her. My entire body bounced back and forth with Brett's deep thrust.

I felt my muscular ass jiggle as his body slammed into it. "You are one sexy cunt Sara. After watching Max own your cunt I knew that I had to cum inside of Ashley again. She so sexy", Brett said. "Your cunt is so tight and warm Ashley. Oh shit here I cum. I'm going to cum deep inside of you", he said. Brett pumped his large cock in me a few more times burying it deep inside of me. "Not inside of me, Please!" I screamed. Then I felt his cock twitch and shoot his warm cum inside of my body.

I burst out in tears as Brett continued to pump his cock inside on me holding me in place with his hand on the side of my head. A minute later his cock went limp and slid out of me. I curled up in the fetal position. Then I heard a loud pop. Max's knot had worked its way out of Sara's abused slit. Sara collapsed to the floor. "Lay on your back Ashley", Brett said loudly. I rolled over on my back. He then grabbed Sara by her hair and lifted her to her knees.

"I want you to put a knee on either side of Ashley's head. She's going to drink the cum that your tight cunt can't hold. Sara looked broken. She didn't try to fight back. Instead she moved towards me. "Open your mouth Ashley and swallow every last drop or Max will fuck that tight ass of yours." Brett said. I opened my mouth. Sara crawled over to me until we were in a 69 position. Then she spread her legs and sat up.

The second she sat up a flood of warm dog cum came pouring out of her slit into my mouth. My eyes watered as the disgusting warm salty dog cum quickly filled my mouth. I began swallowing as much as I could, I made sure not to spill a drop. I wouldn't give that dog the pleasure of having his knot inside my ass. After a couple of minutes Sara's collapsed on the floor next to me.

She had fainted. This was all too much for her. The taste of dog cum mixed with Sara's juices was over powering. It took everything I had not to vomit. Brett grabbed one of the cameras and forced Sara's legs apart. He zoomed the camera in on some of Max's cum leaking out of Sara's tight slit. "Good work ladies. Good work", Brett said. Then he went around the room and grabbed all of the cameras, got dressed and left me in the living room naked with Sara passed out.

As I stood up to get dressed I could feel Brett's warm cum deep inside of me and leaking out of my slit. I got a paper towel wet it with cold water and began wiping Sara's face until she woke up. When she finally woke up, I helped her get dress and we went to my room where we cried together. We held hands and prayed for something bad to happen to Max and Brett. The both deserved to go to hell for what they did to us.