Novinha Carioca Dando o cu para o amigo do namorado no Motel

Novinha Carioca Dando o cu para o amigo do namorado no Motel
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Melinda had been gone for two years of her life.


Being in space and exploring new worlds that could possibly inhabit life. Never could she have imagined the things she saw. The wonders, the horrors.

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She originally had a few squads. She was the leader. A tiny army that were of the best. Seven heavily armed strike teams of six. Most of the time they were unneeded in being armed. But some planets ended up having life where they were needed… they all witnessed unexplainable tactics and battled almost impossible fights.

The last squad to go was her own. The planet was scanned. No real threatening life forms. All of the plants were scanned as non-poisonous. Just the air was toxic. They of course had rebreather masks on to take the ample oxygen out of the air. The air was also mixed with carbon monoxide and methane gas.

Poisonous air and people would be dead in less then minutes. They went to the planet ground to see if anything useful could be produced. The planet did contain vast amounts of gold. But in the end it was deemed "Too Hazardous due to Biological Mutagens." Or "HBM", she had never had to use the tittle before this planet. Melinda had stayed on the ship to do some quick fix repairs after hitting an electrical storm upon entering the planet's atmosphere.

The shields were not attuned properly. Due to the loss of the mechanic from the last planet. Melinda was a third class mechanic. She suddenly got a call on her comm as she worked. She answered it only to see one of her crew members face, it look white as snow, his features looked drawn and stretched.

"Captain!" he screamed, "Need immediate pick up, there was something in the air, spores or pollen or some kind of damn thing that the plants let loose! But it went through our rebreathers somehow!

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We need to be picked up now! We got to get off of the planet!" "Withers… Your face…" she said back quietly, internally freaking out, "I am fine, I just need to get to the med bay we all do, the doc says he can fix this." "Withers… 'code: Six-Four-Seven; If you or any of your crewmembers come in contact with any form of disease, parasite, virus or possible mutagen you will either stay behind.

If it is a crew member you will leave them behind.' Send me a sample of your blood. Quickly." She said. "Mel…" he said with wearing confidence.

"Withers that's an order, or else I'll leave right now." "Fine. Then come get us." He said as he pressed a button on his wrist computer that sent a syringe that was inside his suit to start drawing blood.

The blood was taken and was being analyzed, the results sent. Melinda looked at her wrist computer as a hologram was pulled up. She saw what was happening to their blood. She closed her eyes as a tear form at the edge of her eye. "Withers… It's a mutagen. It's putting your blood cells into a decayed state.

It's already throughout your system. It's too late." "No… NO! Captain you can't leave us here! CAPTAIN! DON'T YOU DO IT MEL! DON'T YOU DO IT FUCKING CUNT!" he screamed as the other crewmembers came on the comm to yell similar things.

All of the abandoned crew members looked to the sky seeing the probe ship lift into the air. The captain's voice came up one last time.

"You get your amnesty moment a bit early boys." She said through choked tears. She refered to the end of the mission. Where they got to admit anything they wanted of bad or naughty things they did during the mission and would not be held accountable for it.

They did it for those left on a planet as well. "This is Goodman; I wacked off about you every night, you bitch." Squad member 3 said, "Watts, I jizzed in your coffee once. Whore" Member 4, "Jenkins I sent a formal request to have you removed because I thought you were too sexy to be our captain and you're the only female on board.

I was afraid someone would try and do something they'd regret… You were a brave, strong and fearless leader mam." Member 2, "Withers, I wacked off about fucking you in the ass every night and on more than one occasion almost did do something I would regret.

I only befriend you to get inside you… Never worked… Cunt" member 6, "Yako, I put a small camera in your room. I should've put it in the shower too… oh yeah and I exposed Williamson to the parasite that killed him on Ucuse: 334853. Rot in hell mam." Member 5. "I guess my turn… Turner… I cheated at poker." She said before cutting the comms. That was little over two months ago.

She had explored six new planets since then taking a few extra days to have the computers find every planet species and run them all through. After this last planet she was heading to she would finally get to go home. Through the years she did notice the glances mostly she tried to keep her mind occupied, she liked sugary sweets but one of her favorite exercises were squats.

She always worked out in her room. And always wore a uniform around her crewmembers… it didn't help how tight it was. Nor did it help how that her ass got firmer and beca,e a lot more shapely during the voyage. Her legs were very tone.

Her breasts were always fairly large. Her lips were always succulent. Her ass was nice round and gropable. She had long blonde hair and blue eyes. She had a real Viking look, they were her ancestors. She walked about her ship as she closed into her destination.

With the ion engines she could make it between solar systems in hours and galaxies in days.

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Then something happened. The alarm was blaring and the ship computer came online talking about a hull breach. Her eyes widened. They had talked about this in briefing. There could be possible first contacts where the aliens could attack first, and ask questions later.

She feared this to be one. She grabbed one of the particle rifles and four thermal clips.

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Her uniform was a jump suit with an electrician's belt with the imperial seal on it. America taking over the planet two hundred years before under Emperor Victus, his real name was lost but he was half black and half white man. He discarded his name due to controversy over him being a legal U.S citizen. After a spying campaign he took on the world. Diplomatically getting the other countries to surrender. "Computer! Where are they?" she yelled, "They got through the many lock down doors.

Coded doors. They are outside the blast doors now." She wondered how they got through those doors, could these aliens of hacked those codes so fast.

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And now how could they get through the blast doors. Right outside the bridge. The large steel door began to shift. Then move. Only in a certain area. The middle a hole began to form as the steel melted away. She aimed her rifle as one by one humanoid monstrous aliens rushed in firing some kind of yellow energy. She got down into cover behind the captain's chair.

She peeked out as sex of these ugly monsters searched the bridge. Their skin was grey and sunken into their skulls. Eyes were where a humans would be. Even looked human besides the glowing green iris'. They had strange pistol like weapons. Some kind of horns came off their foreheads and rounded around their head to where a humans ears would be.

They looked naturally sharp. Like blades. Their skin looked melded with their jaw as there were no lips, only long sharp teeth. No hair, their heads were covered in fleshy looking lesions. They otherwise looked human besides their reptilian hands and long fingernails. They spoke a language she couldn't even begin to comprehend. Suddenly one looked at her. It pointed yelling something.

It lifted its weapon, she lifted her first and began to spray at them with red plasma bolts. They aliens dove for cover.

The aliens roared at each other as she went back in she peeked out to see one roaring into the air with a long pointed tongue wagging into the air. She pointed her weapon again and fired. The shots were absorbed by its body armor when on bolt hit it in the hand.

It ducked back into cover. It lifted its hand to its comrades, showing them as it healed. They all were appearing to be laughing.


They suddenly all stood up tossing down their weapons. They began walking toward her. She burst from cover and sprayed all of them from the hip. They didn't fall nor did any of them seem harmed.

They kept walking toward her. With wide eyes she took a step back, her weapon empty. She looked down and dropped her clip and loaded in another she looked up when of the aliens had his hands on the rifle and ripped its free from her grip. It's weapon as her belly firing. Her vision went black. Her eyes opened, burry. The weapon must have been some kind of stun weapon. She was lying in her bed. She suddenly stood up in fear seeing the monsters around her. "Hello… Captain." One said with a gurtal voice.

"What? How do you know me?" she asked as they all came forward. One of the aliens grabbed the collar of her jumpsuit pulling down it ripped her suit. She screamed as she fought back trying to push it away. Another one grabbed her arm another grabbed the other.

They were so strong, so powerful. The first ripped more getting a look at her melon like breasts being held in a thin pink lace bra. It grabbed the two jugs forcefully.

It seemed to give some sort of vile laugh as she looked up and cried out. Suddenly a long tongue was being forced down her throat.

She tried to scream. Another pair of hands ripped the lower half of her jumpsuit. A hand slipped into matching panties. A finger plunged into her soft tight pussy. She squirmed and tried to scream. Another pair of hands grabbed her large round ass. The first alien let his bottom half of armor drop as a long tentacle was between its legs.

It forced her mouth open with its fingers and shoved it inside. The tentacle before it entered her mouth seemed to look at her, there was a mouth at the end of it.

With hundreds of tiny teeth. "We use this appendage for two things. Eating the brains of victims and learning what they know, and of course reproduction. The alien fingering her pussy ripped her panties off revealing its own. She screamed with the member in her mouth, her saliva wetting the member. It put it at her pussy lips and slipped it in deeply. She screamed out again, her eyes rolling back.

It felt like something was flickering inside her mouth and in her pussy, admittedly it felt amazing. She saw another monster remove its gear.

In the tentacle there was a small vipercated tongue. One was placed between her breasts. Then then lifted her suddenly and viciously forced her on her knees. She had three of these things in and on her, one between her tits, in her mouth and in her pussy.

Her body was still up but she was just on her knees. One was suddenly behind her. Her eyes were wide as it began to slowly grasp her firm ass cheeks. It breathed in her ear, its tongue slowly lapping around it, the tip of it poking in her ear. She felt the tentacle go between her ass cheeks. The long snaking member going all the way up her back then back down as it pressed her ass cheeks against its member. Its teeth scratched against the soft flesh at the nape of her neck.

Her lips hardened around the phallus in her mouth unintentionally, as she squinted. The monster thoroughly enjoyed that. The one at her pussy gave a moan, "Her pussy tastes so good." It said with a monstrous thundering voice. The one behind her brought its member to her tight puckering asshole. It just waited.

Suddenly the others all came at once. She felt the warm liquid fill her pussy, then drench her throat. And cover her face and tits.

One of them didn't move at all didn't even cum, but he seemed almost brain dead. The one behind her said something and snickering the others left.

The only one left was the one behind her. It breathed on her neck licking it gently, its hands were on her wide hips, and they slid up her small waist then the sides of her ribs and went to squeeze her breasts. "Please stop." She quivered, "I'm just getting started." He stated squeezing her breasts over and over. It was slowly turning her on, "I always thought I'd regret this, but I don't think I do now." She looked at him with a strange look.

"You don't recognize me captain? It's Withers." She gasped and had a horrified look, "As it turns out the mutagen was part of the planets naturel habitat. That an evolved race was there and they were born with the mutagen. They all turned into whatever it is they would become. Workers, soldiers, sentries. They found us probed us. And did brain scans and read our thoughts.

Questioning us to see if we were trust worthy, we all told the truth and quickly became part of their society. And after a few generations because they only live two week, mature in an hour, we were very trusted. As it turns out testosterone is has some very common properties in the galaxy, and with this mutagen it made our strength, speed, and metal connections very, very linked.

Yako leads us, I control their needs and system functions, like when they cum, Goodman is a mind slave to the leader, and the rest have their own purposes.

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Did you know human ships leave ion trails in space… it's how we found you. Now I get to do what I've always wanted." He got close and whispered in her ear, "To fuck that tight little asshole. He pulled his member back and shoved it into her tiny hole.

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It wasn't going in at first. He pressed hard and grunted as she screamed in pain. His hands crushed her large tits. The member widened her ass and slipped into her ass. He gave a large groan of relief as he mercilessly shoved in and out of her ass. She screamed and cried for him to stop as he rammed her butt. He then squeezed her ass cheeks together against his cock. He licked her neck and her large plump lips. He then threw her upper half down. "Bite the pillow bitch!" he roared slapping her ass harshly.

The momentum of his hand made her cringe in pain. She did as commanded and bit the bed sheets. He rammed her poor tight ass harder and harder slapping and groping her ass.

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He grabbed a handful of her hair and pounded away as her asshole. "You like that you little slut! You little fucking whore! He pulled out pulling her legs from under her. He laid down on top of her and shoved it back in ramming her against her will, again and again. Pulling her hair with one hand, grasping a handful of ass with the second.

"I've dreamed of raping your pretty little asshole. You've turned me on so many times you little fucking tease. Now I have my big cock sliding in and out of your ass, how do you like it you sexy little slut!?

You like taking my cock? Huh?! You like that you god damned cum rag whore! That's right take it, take more of it your ass is so tight, I could fuck it all day long!" She screamed in horror as she reached out for anything.

"Scream all you like. I've always imagined you screaming at the whim of me raping your ass. Besides, we're in space, there is no one to hear your screams. The only sound you get to hear is me talk, and the sound of my cock sliding in and out of your asshole." His dick ran deep into her ass and slid all the way back out. He started going faster and faster as she gave broken moans and screams. She grasped the sheets in pain lifting her legs and screaming a highpitched scream when it suddenly released into her asshole.

Withers was on top of her, his hand groping her ass still, and licking her neck and ear. He stood up smacking her ass once and squeezing it before shoving his middle finger into her asshole once. "This is what's going to happen. You are going to live, and get to go back home to earth. But you don't report back in a month… so we are going to use you as a personal fuck toy and cum rag for the duration of that time… You are swallow our loads, lick it off your tits, and take it up your sexy fuckin' ass.


Briefing dismissed captain. He stood up and walked out as she laid there crying.