Ihr Gesicht Als Dildo Benutzt

Ihr Gesicht Als Dildo Benutzt
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It was a fairly normal July day in the village. The sun was a spherical furnace in a clear blue sky, and the sounds of lawns been mowed and friends chatting in the pub garden arose from amongst the quaint buildings which were separated by wide roads, large gardens, and plenty of trees. The fields rolled off into the distance, misshaped patches of brown, yellow and green.

The school on the edge of the village was closed for summer vacation, and you could tell. There is a certain feel to a school when it is shut for six weeks that is somehow different to school that's empty just for the night or for a weekend. The classrooms visible through the windows were empty, the playground containing no activity other than a couple of crisp packets being blown around in the gentle zephyr, and the staff car park devoid of any vehicles. The only life there were the birds that mucked about in the dry soil with as much demented enthusiasm as the children who were normally here.

The school-holidays were evident throughout the village. Children played soccer on the village green, teenage boys charged around on bikes to impress the girls, who sat on benches scoffing junk food and giggling. One teenager who wasn't outside was Mike. He lived with his Aunt Kath and mother Claire in a house at the end of a long cul-de-sac, which was at the far edge of the village.

In Claire's bedroom, the gentle sounds of summer that emanated from outside were masked by the grinding and slapping noises of sex. Since the three of them had begun fucking a few months ago, Claire had swapped her old bed for a bigger one, a huge King Sized one large enough for three people to sleep alongside each other. The duvet was dark blue, as were the covers for the plump pillows, which sat up against the large, cushioned headrest.

Claire's sister, Kath, was on the bed on her knees and elbows. Her sweaty, naked body made one think she was younger than her 33 years. She was fairly petite, her body slim and firm her blonde hair stuck to a damp forehead. Kath's cheery face was contorted with pleasure and laying sideways on the duvet, which she was gripping with her fists.

Kath was fairly flat-chested, which also gave her a younger look. With regards to her posterior, it could be imagined that the Creator had decided that, having given the lady nothing special in the breast department, he'd decided to spend a good few weeks sculpting Kath's ass into something quite exquisite. Her butt-cheeks were a perfect balance between slimness and shape, both round and firm at the same time. The smooth, pale buttocks were so pleasing in appearance and feel that they seemed to be biologically designed to trigger 100% approval in the part of men's brains that automatically evaluated every female ass they saw.

Between her heavenly buttocks was Kath's tight, hairless little pink asshole, which at the moment was stretched wide from the heavy, plastic dildo that was wedged up there. White and smooth, the dildo was attached to a black strap, which was worn by Kath's sister, Claire.

At thirty-six, Claire was three years old than Kath, and looked fairly different. Having borne a child, her hips were a little wider, her ass somewhat plumper, but still firm and shapely. Tits were the main difference between the sister's, Claire's being huge, two round melons of flesh that, at the moment, were being gripped by her son Mike.

Facially, Claire was similar to Kath, in that her small nose was delicately littered with a few freckles, which like-wise adorned her cheeks. Her eyes were wide and dark, her mouth usually smiling and her lips full and red. Claire's hair was dyed reddish brown, and reached her shoulders. Like both Kath and Claire, fourteen-year-old Mike was naked.

He knelt behind Claire, his cock in his mother's ass, his hands reaching round and fondling his mom's heavy breasts whilst he worked his long, hard cock into the clammy depths of her rectum.

As he fucked away, Mike kept his torso pressed against his mother's back. The thrilling feeling of his cock in his mom's asshole was almost matched by the feeling of her flesh against his. Athletically built and of average size for his age, Mike still had a youthful face, and his bright blue eyes contrasted with those of both his mom and aunt.

His chin rested on Claire's shoulder and he whispered obscenities in her ear whilst buggering her asshole. The three of them, fucking away in a chain of pumping, sweaty flesh, had almost exact same tastes when it came to sex, but sounded a lot different when they fucked. Mike was inclined to mutter and breathe quiet statements, usually referring to his aunt and mom as sluts, knowing how much they liked it.

Claire usually uttered taut gasps and long, passionate sighs as she fucked, whilst Kath - somewhat extrovert and with a daft sense of humor - was inclined to cry out wildly and shout obscene demands at her fucker.

It was lunchtime, Monday, the first weekday of the long vacation. They intended to keep up their normal routines during the holidays; none of them wanted to completely detach themselves from normal social activity just because they screwed like rabbits.

And of course, the women would be at work, Mike being the lucky one with all-day and everyday to sit around idle. However, today both Claire and Kath had taken a day off to celebrate the start of the vacation, and after a quick shag then breakfast and showers, they were now back in Claire's room - the main location for their activities - humping away and fucking enjoying every minute of it.

"You okay there, auntie Kath?" Mike inquired whilst fucking Claire's ass at a steady pace. "Perfect," Kath responded, her eyes closed and her head still resting to one side on the bed, "Absolutely perfect. God Claire, you're such a good fucker, we should have got that dildo a long time ago." "Definitely," agreed Claire, thrusting said dildo back and forth in her sister's butt hole, "You like that sis?" "Fuck yeah," Kath gasped, "God, yeah, fuck my ass." "I hope my cock isn't going to be made redundant," Mike smiled, now pulling on his mom's nipples.

"No way," Kath grunted between her heavy breathing, "Plastic is no substitute for your cock. Still, fuck me, it's good. Fuck me sis, fuck me. Claire, uh, fuck.nngg." Claire picked up the pace a little, enjoying the exchange of roles by using the dildo on her sister, increasing Kath's cries of pleasure by varying the speed of her hip-thrusts.

Of course, being fucked in the ass was still a pleasure to behold, something both her sister and herself practically devoted their lives to. After a short while, Mike placed his hands on his mother's hips and levered his cock from her butt hole, and Claire then pulled the plastic cock from her sister. They nearly always did everything twice, the two women interchanging, ensuring they all got a fair share of the fun.

Claire took off the dildo and handed it to Kath, who strapped it on whilst Claire got down on her knees and elbows.

There were light red marks running round the tops of her thighs and her waist, where the straps had been, contrasting with her smooth, pale skin. Kath got behind her sister's wide rump, and worked the greased up dildo into Claire's anus, soon wedging it in to the hilt. Then she leaned forward a little and reached round, pulling her mouth-watering buttocks apart so that Mike could guide his prick up there.

"Fuck that's good," Kath sighed as the thick cock-head pushed through her sphincter, "Get it all up there Mikey. Nngg! Fuck.yeah." When his aunt's anus was gripping the base of his cock, Mike gripped her shoulders and began humping, whilst Kath placed her hands on Claire's lower back and fucked her ass with the plastic phallus at pace that matched Mike's thrusting.

Grinding and humping, the trio fucked like that for a good fifteen minutes, before Mike felt his orgasm rising. "I'm gonna cum," he spluttered, thrusting quicker, "God Kath, I'm gonna cum in your ass." "Fucking flood me," Kath gasped, feeling Mike's dick burrow deeper into her guts with every hard slam of his hips, "Flood my ass." "Oh Kath," Mike grunted, "God.it's fucking.cumming.nnngggg!" He rammed forward one last time, and ground his pelvis up against his aunt's ass, crying out with pleasure as his cock spewed forth it's sticky load eight inches deep inside Kath's rectum.

"Yeah, fuck me," she moaned, "uh, yeah.pump it up my ass Mikey.fuck!" As she received her nephew's sperm in her ass, Kath continued to grind the big dildo in her sister's butt, Claire squirming with delight. Finally, Mike was finished, and he slid his dick out and fell to one side on the bed, Kath doing likewise and removing the soiled strap-on.

They all lay in a row, gasping for breath, their bodies glistening in the bright sunlight that poured through the window into the hot room. "Oh yeah," Claire said after a short while, propping herself up on one elbow, "I forgot to mention to you Mike.

Your Uncle John is coming to stay for a while next weekend." "Yeah?" Mike responded, "How long for?" "A week. Him and your cousin, Melanie." "Oh," Mike said, "I guess that might interfere with our activities." "Can't we tell our brother to sod off?" Kath enquired, grinning. "No," Claire said, "Besides, I did tell him a few months ago that he'd be welcome to stay over the summer." "I guess," Kath shrugged, "So are you off work next week then Claire?" "Yeah.

Are you going to book it off too?" "Might as well. It should be okay." Mike felt a little disappointed about possible disruptions to their merry activities. He got on well with his uncle John; he was thirty-one, the youngest of the three children, and lived up in Scotland. John had upset the balance of the family when he was 18, by getting a local girl pregnant.

However, he did the decent thing and married the girl, who bore a daughter, Melanie. His sisters, Claire and Kath, eagerly helped out with babysitting and other chores, whilst John studied for a degree from home. The marriage held out fairly well, but John's wife was too energetic to be a wife and mother before she was out of her teens.

John, however, wasn't all that bothered, and was seemingly content, once he'd started on a well-paid career as an architect, to settle down.

Eventually, they divorced, though as with Claire and her husband, the split was amicable. John eventually moved up to Scotland with Melanie, whilst his ex-wife did some traveling. She now worked in Spain where she'd remarried, but she kept in touch with John and Melanie, and visited her daughter every time she was back in Britain. A little like his sister Kath in personality, John had a good sense of humor, and showed little interest in growing up completely. He still played computer games when he wasn't working, and he and Mike often swapped games.

Melanie was now thirteen, and both her and Mike enjoyed their infrequent visits, the pair of them being without any brothers or sisters and so seeing each other more as siblings than cousins. "Where will they sleep?" Mike asked. "I'll set up a camp bed in Kath's room," Claire answered, "They can both kip in there." "Do I have say in this?" pouted Kath at her sister. "Stop moaning sis. I'll set up camp bed in Mike's room too so you can sleep in there.

You'll have to fuck quietly though, we don't want our brother and Melanie being disturbed." "Okay," Kath smiled, "But what about you Claire? When will you get any action that week? You're like me now, you can't go without cock for a few hours without getting the shakes." "We'll be okay," Mike interjected, "we'll find some time when we're alone to shag.

Also, if we go a week with little fucking, we'll all be fired up when we have the place to ourselves again." "Besides," Kath said, "there's more to our lives than screwing." There was a puzzled pause. "No there isn't," Mike frowned, and all three started laughing. "Sure," Claire smiled, "there's a lot more we do other than fuck. I mean, we often talk about fucking." "And think about fucking," suggested Kath. "Yeah," grinned Mike, "and we sometimes plan our fucking." "Anyway," Kath exhaled as she sat up, "all this talk of fucking is making me want to do something.

I can't remember what it was. Claire?" "Yeah." "I was intending on doing something after I'd been fucked in the ass by Mike, something important. Can you remember what it was?" "Yeah," her sister said, "you were going to get Mike to fuck you in the ass again." "Oooh yes," Kath nodded solemnly, "that was it." She giggled like a silly teenager as she reached out and grabbed Mike's cock, which lay across his stomach, semi-erect.

"You ready again Mikey?" Kath asked, needlessly. "Sure am." "Do you fancy buggering your dear Auntie Kath?" "Hmmmm," Mike pondered, his dick hardening in Kath's small fist, "I guess I could do. If it's necessary." He and Kath smiled at each other, then the randy woman got on her hands and knees again. "Get up there," she begged as she wiggled her perfect, firm little posterior in the air, "Come on Mikey, fuck that big cock up my shitter." None of them ever got tired of screwing like this, and Mike got into position with a look on his face that suggested he was as excited as he was when he first fucked his mom and aunt.

"You ready to be fucked in the ass?" he asked, jerking off his rock hard dick, the swollen end hovering an inch away from his aunt's greased-up anus, which hung open a little, a dribble of sperm running out as she flexed her shitting muscles in anticipation. "Mike," Kath responded, "I'm always ready to. In fact, I'm in a state of being ready-to-be-fucked-in-the-ass every second that I don't have a dick up my hole." "Just checking," her eager nephew smiled, and in one elegant stroke, buried every inch of his dick into Kath's anus.

"Mmmm," she sighed, "fuck me that's good. Uh, uh, fuck me, fuck me Mike.fuck your auntie's butt.mmm!" Mike held his aunt by the waist as he fucked her asshole, his mom shifting so that she was partially under her sister. Kath immediately planted her mouth over one of Claire's stiff nipples, and sucked hard on those huge breasts whilst she was fucked in the ass. "Suck my tits sis," Claire panted, "Suck 'em dry." As he humped away, Mike enjoyed seeing Kath slurping on his mom's breasts, constantly amazed at how completely care-free the randy trio's tastes were.

Still, they were doing this for sheer physical pleasure and lust, so there was no reason for any of them to avoid any act if it gave them a thrill. "My turn now," Claire announced after a while. "Boo," moaned Kath, "Not fair." She nonetheless was happy to move aside once her butt was vacated, and Claire got down on all fours in front of her son. "Ready when you are Mikey," she happily declared.

"Which hole do you want fucking?" her son asked her. "What do you think?" Mike grinned then pushed his cock into his mom's hungry, tight rectal passage. Claire panted and gasped in pleasure as her son picked up a quick pace, slamming his cock as far into her anus as possible. Kath stood astride her sister, facing the same direction, legs apart. She leaned forward a little, hands on her knees, and looked round.

"Kiss my ass," she sniggered at Mike, whose face was right in front of Kath's luscious behind. "With pleasure," he said, and kissed away, planting his lips on almost every part of the buttocks in front of him.

Then he used his hands to part Kath's butt-cheeks, and lapped at her asshole, before ramming his tongue up there as he continued to steadily drill his mother's butt.

"Fuck me, I'm cumming," he later gasped, pulling his head from Kath's butt, "Oh God, yeah." "I want a facial," Claire said, "It's been too long since I had a nice shower of sticky cum." "I gave you one last night," Mike responded, pulling his dick from Claire's ass, Kath moving to one side.

"Like I said," Claire insisted, as she turned and sat in front of Mike, "It's been too long." "Perhaps mommy would like her tits showered instead," Mike suggested, "I haven't cum on them in a while." "Go on then," Claire smiled, "But try and fling some in my face." Mike knelt up so his cock was pretty much level with Claire's pendulous melons, and he jerked off rapidly.

Claire watched her son's heavy cock with a hungry look in her eyes. She loved it when her son came on her, or in her mouth, especially when her asshole still burnt with the pleasure of a recent fucking. Kath frigged her pussy with one hand whilst pushing a couple of fingers on her other hand up her ass.

"Here it comes," stammered Mike, "Fuck.yeah.uh!" He shot out a thick wad of sperm, which splashed into Claire's face, across her nose and forehead, a second squirt hitting her on the throat. Mike moved his cock from side to side as he continued to pump his fist, ensuring the continuing spurts of cum were liberally spread across his mother's tits.

They were so big it was hard to cover them all, but once Mike had finished, Claire's breasts were pasted with an impressive amount of sticky white fluid, which ran down in streaks, dripping and falling onto her thighs. Mike rubbed his slimy cock-end over his mom's left nipple, enjoying pulling away and seeing that his cock and the nipple were still connected by a long string of cum. "Fucking excellent," Claire said, looking like such a wonderful slut with cum over her sweaty face, "I wish you could cum a hundred times in a row and give me a bath in this stuff." "Well, I do my best," said Mike, who sat back and got his breath back, whilst Kath rubbed the spunk into Claire's tits.

"Any more plans for the day?" Claire asked her son. "I was going to see Derek, just go for a bike ride or something." "Might as well," Kath said, "It's a nice day.

I might mow the lawn or something." "What about you mom?" "I think I'll just have a lazy day," Claire answered, "Read a book or something out in the garden." "Well," Mike announced as he got off the bed, "I'm going to take a shower, then I'll head out. I'll be back about five." "No problem," Claire responded, and looked down at Kath, who was sucking on her tits.

She just couldn't wait until that evening, when it would all start again. Derek was Mike's age, but looked a lot different, being almost six-foot at the age of fourteen. His dark black hair was in need of a trim, and whipped about wildly as he sped along on his bike. It was bumpy going as he rode along the dusty track, ran straight through the middle of a large field full of rape-seed, which was three foot high and glaring yellow in the sun. Behind Derek, Mike was on his bike, tongue sticking out in concentration as he navigated between the small holes and stones along the narrow path.

"How far now?" he called to his friend ahead. "Not far," Derek shouted, reassuringly, "Just at the end of this track. In the next field." The golden crops on either side of them whipped past as they continued on their journey, the village two miles behind them and shrinking away in the distance. At the end of the field, the two teenagers had to slow down as they reached the gate. Derek got off his bike and opened it, closing it once Mike had pedaled through.

"So where now?" Mike asked, as Derek wheeled his bike into the field. "It's that barn over there," Derek replied, nodding in the appropriate direction, "Just dump your bike here. No-one will nick them." The pair left their bikes lying on the grass and continued on foot up the track, heading towards the dark red barn that sat empty in the middle of the field.

There was a large door open in the barn, and Derek eagerly walked through, the concrete floor of the seemingly abandoned building covered with scattered straw, a rusty piece of machinery in the corner of unidentifiable purpose.

"This place is cool," Mike commented, looking up at the beams in the high ceiling, a couple home to some bird's nests. "Yeah," agreed Derek, "I found it the other week whilst riding around. Anyway, it's over here. This cool secret." Mike followed his friend to the corner, towards the old, rusty machinery. Derek had been speaking of this 'great secret' all day. "Here we are," Derek announced, as he leaned down and moved aside an old cardboard box, which he opened.

He reached in and pulled out five magazines, whose glossy covers - a little crinkled with damp - were instantly identifiable to Mike. "Whoa, porno mags," he grinned. "That's right," Derek said, and handed a couple to Mike, "Cool or what?" Eagerly, Mike started flicking through one of the soft-core mags, looking at the images of various, young women in states of undress. He flicked through another one that was for 'ass men!' according to its bold, yellow text on the cover.

"That one's cool," Derek commented, then got back to flicking through the magazines he held. Mike was transfixed at the gorgeous women showing their asses, spreading their legs and pouting for the camera with their tits out. It wasn't until he was half way through the third magazine that it occurred to him that it was somewhat daft to be so enthralled by the pictures of naked woman.

Given what he got up to with his mom and aunt. But then, he thought, he did kind of long for a younger woman, one of his own generation. Just for a change though; he certainly was happy with Kath and his mom, and he figured he was obviously inclined towards older woman, given his fascination with his aunt and mom before they decided to seduce him. But still.fucking a girl within a few years of his own age would be damn nice.

He and Derek sat down and flicked through the magazines, pointing out to each other their favorite women. "You can keep one if you want," Derek said, "You'll have to find a good hiding place though if you take it home." "Yeah, cheers," replied Mike, "Do you not keep any at home?" "Nah. I'd be too worried about my mom finding them, so I just keep them here and pop up to this place occasionally." "Oh right.

Er.I'll have this one." Mike took a magazine, which contained an eighteen-year-old girl he found particularly appealing. "Well, let's get going." Derek said, and he put the box of magazines back in their hiding place before they headed out of the barn, walking towards their bikes.

"What shall we do now?" Mike asked. "Let's go over to my house or something. We can play the computer, I got a couple of new games." "Sure." Mike agreed. It was five o'clock in the evening when Mike left Derek's house.

It was still hot outside, the sun only just beginning its long journey towards the tree-dotted horizon. Wandering through the front door, Mike kicked his trainers off and went to head off upstairs, turning back on the third step and going back to pick up his shoes and put them neatly in the cupboard. Mom was a little insistent about tidiness at times. In Claire's room, Kath was lying on her back, nude, with the big white strap-on dildo strapped round her waist.

Claire was wearing just a pair of black stockings and a white, lacy garter belt. She was astride her sister, the big dildo buried in her cunt, which she rode slowly whilst gasping out.

Kath ground her pelvis upwards, fucking her sister hard whilst reaching up and gripping Claire's pendulous breasts. "Hi girls," Mike cheerfully called to them as he wandered in to the room, closing the door behind him. He began to take off his T-shirt. "Hi Mikey," Kath said, and Claire greeted her son similarly.

"Starting without me?" Mike asked as he tugged off his jeans and, finally his boxer shorts. His cock was already fully erect and waved proudly in the air as he walked to the bed and clambered on. "'Fraid so," Kath shrugged, "we couldn't wait, could we sis?" "Nope," said Claire, "Actually we were just warming up.


Come on son, hop aboard." "With pleasure," Mike smiled. Claire leaned forward and arched her back, causing her ass-cheeks to part. Her ass had obviously been previously sounded by the dildo, as it was greased up and dilated.

Mike knelt astride Kath's legs, behind his mom, and put one hand on her shoulder and with the other gripped the base of his nodding, rock-solid cock. He pushed his swollen cock-head against his mom's rubbery, slick sphincter, and began to ease forward. "Oh son," Claire moaned as the thick member began to enter her anus, "Mmmm.fuck yeah, get it in.uh!" In no time at all, Mike's long prick was fully sheathed in his mom's rectal canal, and he held his mom by the waist as he began to fuck her.

"You so hot mom," he whispered in her ear, "You're so fucking hot and sexy, me and Kath are going to fuck you until you scream the house down." Inspired by this, and torn asunder with the pleasure of a dildo in her cunt and a cock up her ass, Claire humped and ground away, her hands flat on the bed. "Oh God," she cried, "fuck.oh God! Yeah! Fuck me, the pair of you." "You slut," Kath grinned lewdly as she pulled on Claire's nipples and fucked the dildo hard into her sister's cunt, "You slut, you love it." "Oh fuck me," Claire panted, eyes half closed, "Oh Kath.uh.fuck.my cunt.FUCK!

Yes! Mikey! Mikey baby, fuck my ass! Uhn uhn! Yeah.fuck mommy's shit-hole.GOD!" Mike and Kath gritted their teeth as they pumped their hips, bringing Claire to a thunderous orgasm, which seemed to last over a minute. Claire was shattered afterwards, and slumped forward, kissing Kath hard on the lips.

Mike continued to fuck his cock back and forth in his mom's anus at a leisurely pace whilst idly fingering her garter belt. Then he popped his prick from her ass.

Claire dismounted the dildo and began to remove it from Kath. "Your turn sis," she said, "Your turn to be double fucked like a filthy slut." "Excellent," Kath said as she sat up.

Claire strapped the dildo on and laid back, the big white phallic torpedo of plastic pointing towards the ceiling, slick with pussy juice. "Get on sis," invited Claire. "Sure thing." Squatting over her sister, facing her feet, Kath lowered her ass onto the dildo, and was soon sitting down fully, the greasy strap-on buried fully in her anal tract. She leaned back, propping her self up on her arms, her legs spread.

Mike licked his lips at the sight of this.

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Kneeling in front of Kath, he could see her juicy, spread pussy, below which was her firmly impaled asshole. "Fuck me Mikey," Kath said simply, and Mike edged up to his aunt. He swiftly slid his cock into her tight cunt. Placing his arms round Kath, he kissed her passionately, the pair swapping saliva as Mike began to hump his aunt's cunt, all the while Claire pumping the dildo upwards into Kath's asshole.

"Oh fuck me," Kath later moaned as she buried her chin into her nephew's shoulder, "Uhn! Fuck me.fuck me Mikey." Mike increased the pace, as did mom below, and soon Kath was yelping with ecstasy at the ceiling as both her orifices were pounded. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum," Mike announced in a strained voice, "Shit.I wanted to hold on." "Don't worry sweetheart," Kath whispered into his ear, "We've got all evening. Pump away, fuck me!" Mike did so, ramming his tongue into his beautiful aunt's mouth and snogging her whilst slamming forward hard, spewing hot streams of jizm into Kath's cunt.

"Fuck!" he gasped, taking his lip's from his aunt's, still shooting his load, "Oh fuck, Kath.uhn!" Unable to resist how gorgeous her young nephew looked when he came, Kath kissed him again, though this time it was a more maternal kind of kiss. Mike finally finished his climax and pulled out.

Kath got up, her asshole seeming to shit out the big dildo. It seemed to go on forever until finally the head of the dong popped out of her stretched asshole. "Fucking hell that was good," Claire sighed, "Incredible." "Too true," Kath agreed, and fell back on the bed, "Fuck me, I need a nap. I might have one actually, before dinner." "Me too," Mike said, and crawled down between the two women, "What's for tea anyway mom?" "Chips. Your favorite." "Excellent," Mike responded, and yawned.

Soon, they were all snoring peacefully, awaking about half-an-hour later. Kath and Claire were at work for the rest of the week, so Mike spent most days happily playing computer games or hanging around with his friends.

He was usually back by late afternoon, when he'd diligently make some tea for his mom and aunt. As soon as they'd finished, it would be an evening romping in the bedroom, maybe with a break for supper and any chores. On Sunday morning they fucked for several hours, knowing that it would be their last chance for a major session together, with John and his daughter Melanie coming round at lunchtime.

Claire arranged the camp bead in Kath's room, at the bottom of the double bed, for Melanie. Mike, meanwhile, set up the bed for Kath in his room, running under the window and parallel to his own. Just as they'd finished, the doorbell rang, and Claire went off to answer it whilst her sister and son sat in the living room. "Hiya," Claire greeted the visitors upon opening the door, "Come on in." "Thanks sis," John said, and let Melanie skip into the house before he stepped in.

Claire shut the door behind and kissed her brother on the cheek, and did likewise to Melanie. "How are you then Claire?" enquired John as he and his daughter took their shoes off.

"Oh fine," his sister responded, "Just fine. And you? Work going okay?" "Perfect." "And what about you sweetie?" she asked Melanie, "You enjoying the holidays?" "Absolutely," Melanie replied, "It's great not being at school.

I mean, school's okay, I guess, but it's not as fun as hanging around with my mates. Or coming here." "Aw, thanks," Claire said, "Anyway, let's see the others." Melanie led them as they headed to the living room. Claire walked alongside her brother, who seemed younger than his 31-years, dressed in jeans, a T-shirt and his short, black hair fashionably scruffy in a deliberate kind of way.

"Hi Mike, hi Auntie Kath," Melanie called she said as she went into the lounge. They all greeted each other, Kath giving her brother and niece a kiss on the cheek each. Mike stood and shook his uncle's hand, then kissed Melanie on the cheek, but only after a moment's hesitation. The fact that Melanie was of his own generation meant that the casualness he was used to when it came to physical contact with his aunt and mom didn't really apply. The adults all sat down on the sofa, John between his sisters, and started chatting.

The two teenagers sat on the armchair and listened in to the conversation, occasionally trying to join in but pretty much losing out as the topic of chatter turned to work. They bore a similar resemblance to each other; blue eyes and dark hair, Melanie's being straight and reaching halfway down her back.

"Your mom said you had a computer," Melanie said abruptly to her cousin. "Oh yeah," Mike replied, "You wanna see it?" "Sure." "We're going upstairs," Mike told his mom, and the two youngsters did so.

"Whoa, this is your room?" Melanie gasped as she went in, seeing the masses of football pictures on the wall, a huge Radiohead poster over the bed, and a color TV on a wall bracket. In the corner was the desktop, on which stood the PC, which Mike walked to and switched on. Melanie closed the door and looked at the camp bed under the window. "Who's that for?" she asked.

"Auntie Kath. She's sleeping in here whilst you're about." "Sorry," apologized Melanie. "For what?" "That you've got to have an adult sleeping in your room just because I'm here." "Oh no, it's okay really," Mike shrugged, then realized it may have sounded a little strange to be so comfortable with the idea, "I mean.it's.only for a week.

It's okay I guess. Besides, you'll have to as well." "Have to what?" "Sleep in the same room as an adult?" "Huh?" "Your dad? You're both in Kath's room." "Oh right," Melanie nodded in realization, "Yeah, gee, that sucks." Her last comment seemed a little false, and Mike's glance was a little inquisitive, so Melanie changed the subject.

"So, your computer," she said, "How long does it take to turn on?" "Oh, a moment or two. It has to load up a ton of stuff beforehand." Melanie nodded, and she began to plod around the room, just looking about at the books on the shelves, the pictures on the wall.

Mike sat down at the PC and glanced at his cousin. Thirteen-year-old Melanie was fairly tall for her age, about five-foot-four, making her just a few inches shorter than Mike. She was slim with a flat-chest and cute little ankles clad in pink socks. She was wearing a pair of white jeans whose legs were deliberately too short, the tight, white denim hugging her pleasantly rounded ass. Finally, she wore a thick orange jumper that made her look like a walking highlighter pen.

Mike had always thought of Melanie as more of a sibling, and the feeling was mutual, especially as they'd previously lived close to each other whilst growing up as only children. It was the quasi-brother/sister bond that meant Mike had never thought of the girl in a sexual way once he was old enough to think like that and Melanie old enough to be sexual.

Now, of course, any blood-ties were hardly going to be a barrier to Mike's libido, and he was now kind of glad that Melanie would be here for a week.

He could admire her all he wanted, and get in a few quickies with his mom or aunt whilst the image of his cousin was fresh in his mind. "It's ready," Mike said, once the computer was booted up. "Cool," Melanie grinned, and walked over, "Budge up." It occurred to Mike that there was no chair for his cousin, but that the dark red office-chair he sat on was possibly wide enough for two.

So, he edged up a little, and Melanie sat down, shoulder-to-shoulder and hip-to-hip next to Mike. The flowery odor of the fabric conditioner on her clothes wafted over to Mike, and he suddenly felt as excited at the clothed contact with Melanie as he was with the sweaty, naked humping with Kath and.he suddenly put the thought out of his mind.

Just thinking of his mom and aunt began to get him excited, and he didn't want to be reminded of the fact that his opportunities to fuck were somewhat limited for a while. "What shall we do then?" Melanie asked, turning to Mike. Mike turned to her and briefly scanned her face, finding it infinitely prettier now that - six months since he'd last seen his cousin - he was thinking about girls a lot more and Melanie had matured physically quiet a lot since then.

Her eyes were the same, crystal-blue shade as his, and her skin as smooth and clean looking as Mike's. Her nose was thin, her mouth nearly always turned up in an impish smile. She smelt wonderfully clean, Mike thought, like a burning talc-and-soap-scented candle and then wondered whether he detected a hint of perfume.

"I don't know," he answered, when he realized the pause had extended a little too long, "Er.how about go on the internet? See what we can look up?" "Sure," Melanie replied, "Okay." Mike held the mouse and opened up the browser. He decided to show his cousin his favorite sites - at least apart from the porn sites - and they searched around for a while.

Melanie liked a site about Eminem, her favorite singer at the moment, though she turned her nose up a little at the music clips of Radiohead that Mike downloaded.

"Shall we play a game?" Mike asked when they'd he detected Melanie growing a little bored, though not in anyway inclined to leave Mike's side for the time being. "Sure, what you got?" Melanie asked. "Er.Quake 3?" "I've heard of that.

Is it difficult?" "A little. How about a two-player game? Football?" "Nah. Not much of a soccer fan." "Cricket?" "Er.yeah. Yeah, why not." So, Mike loaded up the game and taught Melanie the ropes. They played for a couple of hours, Claire briefly interrupting when she bought up some lunch. That evening, they all went to a quiet pub down the road where they say by the big fire in the family area and had a big supper.

Claire liked the way Mike clearly got on well with Melanie, even more than ever. She'd occasionally worried that her son might become so used to fucking her and Kath that he may end up not used to relating to girls his own age too well. But he clearly did, and whilst her brother, sister and herself caught up on each other's lives, the two cousins nattered happily about school, friends and general teenage stuff.

"We're finished mom," Mike said once he'd cleaned his plate, "can we got outside." "Sure honey," Claire replied, and the two teenagers got up and went off through the door and into the pub garden. "What shall we do here?" Melanie asked. They were on a patio, the pub behind them, it's windows reflecting the bright orange sunset, the thatched roof silhouetted against the light turquoise sky above.

There were some stone steps that lead to the main lawn, on which were scattered a few benches and tables, seated at which were other families.

A group of children played on a climbing frame and swings in the corner, underneath an old oak tree. "Let's wander around," suggested Mike, "There should be a way into the fields through the edge at the back. We'll go for a walk." "Sure," Melanie said, and Mike was a little surprised at her enthusiasm.

He thought she may find the simple idea of a 'walk' somewhat boring, but she quiet happily followed him up the steps. She was, like Mike, wearing a pair of black jeans, but whilst Mike wore a plain black T-Shirt, she wore a thin yellow blouse, through which her black bra-straps could just be made through at the back.

Her long hair was rustled in the gentle, summer breeze as the air-cooled a little in the dying sunlight. As they walked across the lawn, Mike's name was called out. "Mike!" the voice repeated, and he turned to see Derek in a small, open patch of lawn to the left. Derek and a half-dozen other teenagers, boys and girls, were involved in a game of soccer, a couple of coats representing the goalposts. "Hey," he acknowledged. "Wanna join?" Derek called.

"Hang on a sec," Mike shrugged to Melanie, and walked over, "Alright Derek?" "Yeah. My parents and some other's are having a meeting or something in there, in the pub. Neighborhood Watch meeting I think. We thought we'd have a quick game out here." "Neighborhood Watch?" Mike quizzed, "Is there a need for it here? There's no crime around as far as I know." "Of course, but it's a good chance for them lot to get together and a few beers.

What the heck, I don't care. A free pub-meal for us all. Who's that?" He was nodding at Melanie, who stood about ten meters away, gazing around the garden with a contented look on her pretty face. "Oh her," Mike began, "that's Melanie." "Oh." Derek nodded.

"She's my girlfriend," Mike added impulsively, and instantly regretted it. "Get her to join in the game. Hey Melanie!" "Yup?" Melanie chirped as she began to walk over. "Fancy a game?" Mike hoped she wouldn't, so his little lie might not be rumbled, and cringed inwardly when Melanie proved more than enthusiastic.

"Sure," she said. "Cool. I'm Derek." "Melanie." "So," Derek started, "I haven't seen you around here. How long have you been going out with Mike?" Horrible anguish flooded Mike, and he looked apologetically into Melanie's eyes, inwardly bracing himself for apocalyptic embarrassment. "Well." began Melanie, who then looked back at Derek, "about a month." She flashed a knowing smile at her cousin. "Cool," Derek nodded, then immediately his thoughts turned to football, "C'mon." He turned to other teenagers, who had been busy kicking the ball around in the meantime, and Melanie went to join.

Sighing with relief, but still feeling a little awkward, Mike did like-wise. After an hour, the respective parents called their youngsters in as their neighborhood watch meeting ended. Goodbyes were said, and they drifted off inside, exiting the other side of the pub with their moms and dads.

A small fleet of cars pulled out of the car park and up the road. Melanie and Mike were alone, and the girl sat on a nearby bench. Mike joined her. The sun had fully set, and the sky was a crisp blue-velvet canvas dotted with diamond grains of stars.

"Er." Mike began, "sorry about, you know.saying you were my girlfriend and all that." "S'okay," Melanie grinned. "Well, it just came out." "It was a good game of football though eh?" "Hmm?" "A good game?" "Sure." "That Derek, have you known him long?" "About two years," Mike replied. "He's kind of cute," Melanie suggested. "I'll tell him." "But not that cute." "I'll tell him that too," Mike smiled. "You will not," laughed Melanie.

They sat in silence for a moment, then Claire appeared at the back door of the pub. "Time to go guys," she called. "Okay Aunt Claire," replied Melanie. Claire went back into the pub. The garden was all but empty of other patrons. "Can I have a go of your computer when we get back?" Melanie asked.

"Sure," Mike said, "Fancy another game of cricket?" "Why not? I'll whip your ass." "Will not." "Will do." They both stood up. "When you said I was your girlfriend?" Melanie said. "Er.yeah?" Mike stammered. "Well.hey, you're blushing!" "Am not. Besides, it's dark. How can you tell?" "I can. It's in your voice. Anyway, it was, you know.kinda cute. I was complimented." She gave Mike a quick peck on the cheek and smiled, her hair blowing momentarily in her face so that she had to pull it back.

Then, she turned and walked towards the pub, Mike following behind. At home, whilst the adults had a nightcap in the lounge, Mike sat at his computer with Melanie next to him.

They played a quick game of cricket, hunted a few music sites on the internet, and generally occupied themselves in an innocent way that contrasted with Mike's normal evening plans.

At eleven o'clock, John appeared at the door, announcing it was time for bed. "Sure dad," Melanie said. "Brush your teeth sweetheart," John added, "See you in the morning Mike." "Sure, goodnight John." John left and Melanie said goodnight to her cousin and went off to the bathroom.

There were a few minutes of activity as the household readied themselves for bed. John and his daughter went to Kath's room, the door shutting at the same time as Claire closed the door to her room, feeling a little strange as she clambered into an empty bed.

Mike was the last to use the bathroom, and after brushing his teeth he stripped and went into the shower. Once out and dried, he spotted some of his uncle John's aftershave, an expensive bottle of something by Calvin Klein. He picked up the bottle, and after a moment's hesitation, poured a tiny bit onto his hand and dabbed it on his cheeks. It smelt nice, and Mike admired himself narcissistically in the mirror, as if the slight aroma would somehow make him look manly.

Smiling at his own daftness, he replaced the bottle and turned to get his dressing gown, when he noticed something in the laundry basket in the corner. On the top were a pair of pink panties, with little red hearts sewn throughout the cotton material.

Naturally, Mike knew all of his mom and aunt's underwear, and knew immediately that they were Melanie's. He made sure the door was firmly closed and locked before gently taking the panties from the basket. Holding them in one hand and caressing his stiffening cock in the other, he put the panties to his face and gently inhaled the aroma.

They smelt of the same fabric-conditioner that was given off by his cousin's jumper, with a slight hint of sweat. Mike's cock was fully erect now, and he pumped his prick rapidly whilst continuing to hold the panties to his face.

Realizing that he had been in the bathroom a suspicious length of time, he stopped and carefully replaced the garment in the basket, in approximately the same position as they'd been originally.

He felt incredibly horny, not just due to what he'd just done, but because he'd gone all afternoon and evening without a fuck, for the first time in ages. Still, that was no problem. He threw on his dressing gown, loosely tied it, and left the room. When Mike wandered into his own room, closing the door behind him, Kath was just shutting the curtains. She wore a long red T-shirt that went halfway down her thighs. "All clean?" she said to her nephew. "Yup, all scrubbed." "Let's get sweaty again," Kath grinned lewdly, and got onto Mike's bed and removed her T-shirt.

She was naked underneath. Mike flicked the main light off so just the bedside lamp was on, and removed his dressing gown before walking over to the bed, onto which he climbed. It was just a single bed, but reasonably wide, and with a firm mattress. Kath got on her back. "I've been dying for a fuck all day," she said quietly, "I think I'm addicted to sex or something." "Me too," Mike responded, similarly keeping his voice down.

John and Melanie were just the next room, albeit behind fairly thick walls. Getting down on his knees between Kath's spread legs, he lapped at her cunt, driving his tongue up her pussy whilst rubbing her clit with two of his fingers. His aunt rubbed her nipples and moaned softly whilst her nephew licked at her sopping cunt for a good few minutes.

"Fuck me," she ordered, desperately, "I need your prick Mikey. Baby, fuck me." Mike got up and mounted his aunt, Kath releasing a long sigh of pleasure as the thick, teenage cock sank into her cunt. "Oooh, Mikey," she moaned, "oh yeah, honey, fuck me." "I can't go for long without fucking you," Mike whispered in her ear, "Fuck me your so horny Kath." He began to thrust into her, their chins buried into each other's shoulders, Kath reaching round and gripping Mike's ass cheeks as he thrust between her legs.

"God, fuck me," Kath panted, "uh uh, yeah!" "Shhh," Mike whispered in her ear. "I can't help it." "Uncle John might hear." "I just love your cock too much, I'm used to crying out." "Well," Mike smiled as he pulled out of her, "I'm sure as hell not going without fucking you." He leaned over and grabbed a pair of Kath's panties that lay neatly on the floor, which he then stuffed into his aunt's mouth. Suitably gagged, Kath opened her arms to her nephew, who re-entered her tight pussy with his fat, stiff prick, and fucked her hard.

Kath continued to grunt and gasp, but her erotic noises were all muffled. Mike was able to hold back any noise, panting quietly into Kath's ear, his breath warm, his ass pumping up and down.

Kath worked her pelvis up to meet her nephew's powerful thrusts, and soon Mike was screwing up his eyes and letting out a quiet, strained sigh as he hit his climax, pumping thick wads of cum up Kath's hungry cunt. They lay still for a few moments, Mike softening in his Aunt, before he finally dismounted.

"That was very much needed," Kath said when she took the panties from her mouth. "Too right," Mike agreed. "Your mom will be eager for some." "Yeah. I could go and see her." "She'll be asleep.

She had a few glasses of wine in the pub and then back here. I think your mom was pretty tired." "Yeah, I'm knackered too. Shall we sleep in the same bed Kath? It'd be handy if we wake up in the middle of the night and fancy a fuck in the dark." "Well," pondered his aunt, "we could. It's maybe big enough. But then, it's just if John or Melanie come in the room tomorrow, and we're in the same bed. Naked." "Good point." "Never mind," Kath said, and got up and went to the camp bed.

She got in and stretched her arms. Mike got under his own duvet and flicked the lamp off and settled his head into the pillow, yawning. As the sun made it's way up the sky the next day, lighting up the Monday morning, Mike stirred in his bed.

He stretched and spent a good twenty minutes swimming in the fuzzy blur between sleep and wakefulness. His eyes flicked open when there was a gentle rap at the door. Looking across the room, which was half-lit in the sunlight through the thin, blue curtains, Mike could see that his Aunt was in bed, beginning to wake. "Yeah?" Mike said. The door opened and Claire, in a crimson dressing gown, stepped in.

"Morning," she said quietly. "Hi mom," Mike said, sitting up, as Claire closed the door behind her and walked towards her son's bed. "What time is it?" "Half-nine. John and Melanie are still asleep." "Oh." "I just need to quickly do something before they get up." She whipped the covers from Mike's bed down to his feet. He was naked beneath, and his cock was semi-hard. Gripping her son's cock in her hand, Claire leaned down and began sucking on it.

"Fuck I miss this," she said, briefly taking the cock from her mouth. "Me too," Mike smiled.

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Claire once again put the head of the fully erect prick between her lips and sucked hard, swirling her tongue over the swollen head. Mike pumped his hips gently, fucking his mother's mouth. Meanwhile, Kath slipped out of bed, nude, and walked across the room. Standing behind Claire, Kath reached round and undid her sister's robe, which allowed her raise it, baring Claire's behind.

With her other hand, Kath reached between her sister's legs and began fingering the cunt, soon working a couple of digits up into the warm, wet depths. Claire gave a muffled sigh, deep-throating her son whilst her pussy was expertly frigged by Kath.

Then, Kath took her two fingers from her sister's cunt and slipped them up to Claire's asshole, which she lightly prodded. Slick with cunt juice, Kath's finger's glided up her sister's asshole easily when she pushed forth, her sister pushing her ass back to meet the digital-penetration, all the while sucking harder.

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"Oh mom," Mike gasped, his cock throbbing in the hot depths of his mom's throat, "Suck it. Suck my cock." "I think she needs it up her ass," Kath smirked, "Fingers aren't going to satisfy her.

She needs cock." Claire was about to suggest that they may have enough time for such an act, but then they all heard the door open from the room next door. Kath slipped her fingers from her sister's ass and sucked on them to clean the digits.

Claire stood and did up her robe, and wiped the saliva and pre-cum from her lips. Her sister dove into her bed and Mike tugged the covers up over his naked body, all the while the trio watching the door.

Two sets of footsteps could be heard going down the hallway, John's voice asking a question, Melanie's sweet reply in the positive. They headed down the stairs. "Almost caught," whispered Kath, and sniggered. "We should have time later," Mike suggested.

"Hope so," Kath said, "I was getting in to that." "I better go," Claire announced, "Just so they don't see us all in here together and think it a little odd." "See you downstairs mom," Mike said. Claire left the room, leaving her sister and son to lie back in their beds, sexually frustrated. In their dressing gowns also, John and Melanie were in the kitchen, both peering into the fridge.

"Hiya Claire," Melanie chirped and her aunt walked in. "Hi sis," John said, "Just thinking about breakfast." "It's okay," Claire said, "I can make it." "No no," her brother insisted, "It's fine. We'll make it. Melanie likes cooking anyway, we'll make a big fry up. You sit and relax in the living room. It'll be about fifteen minutes." "Okay," Claire replied, "Use whatever you find in their, Kath and Mike said they'd go and get some groceries later." "Sure sis." Claire went into the living room and switched the TV on, trying to forget the need for sex that was nagging at her.

Still, maybe her, Kath and her son would have a little time alone later. After they all had breakfast, Mike and Kath went out, heading off to the supermarket some miles away.

Melanie and her dad went for a short walk together, leaving Claire alone. She tidied up the plates from breakfast before going through a few household chores.

As she hauled the laundry basket from the bathroom, Claire caught a glimpse through the open door into Kath's room. The camp bed along the wall was perfectly made up. Putting the basket down, Claire stepped into the room, somewhat curious, as she saw that the small bed had clearly not been slept in, especially as it was cold when she placed her hands under the covers.

Looking at the double bed, the duvet was a mess, and a quick feel confirmed the mattress was still gently warm from body heat on both sides. Before Claire could fully ponder this, she heard the front door. Quickly, she left the room, picked up the laundry basket, and lugged it downstairs. "I'll help you with that," John offered as he took his shoes off in the hallway. He went up to meet Claire and took the basket off her.

"Thanks John." "Do you want it in the kitchen?" "Yeah, just near the washing machine." John went down the stairs and headed off in the appropriate direction.

"My dad the strongman," Melanie giggled as she closed the front door and kicked her trainers off. Claire walked to the bottom of the stairs. "Hiya," Melanie said, and merrily walked past. Claire greeted her similarly, and watched with a curious gaze as the carefree teenager walked down the hallway, following her father with a puppy-like devotion.

Half-hour-later, Claire announced she was off to the shop for a paper. "How long will you be?" John enquired. "About half-an-hour," Claire replied, "It's across the other side of the village." "Okay, fine sis." However, halfway up the road, Claire realized she'd forgotten her wallet. Cursing under her breath, she trudged back to the house and slipped in through the front door. In the living room, she retrieved the purse from the coffee table, then noticed that her brother and niece were not around.

Odd, she thought. Claire glanced out the window, and saw that the garden, on this hot and fine day, was not where they were either. Back in the hallway, she could here a gentle noise from up the stairs, which she promptly walked up, quietly. She was both suspicious and excited, with a vague conclusion from what she'd seen earlier nagging at her mind. The door to Kath's room was slightly ajar, and Claire - knowing where all the creaks were in the hallway floor - was able to silently walk up to it.

From the room, came the clear sounds of a couple having, basically, a good hard fuck. The sounds that normally rang through the house when Kath, Claire and Mike were in on their own. Peeking in, Claire felt a shudder of excitement and awe at what she saw.

Nude, her body slender and half-developed, Melanie was on her hands and knees, her gentle face pressed against the pillow, facing away from the door.

Behind the girl, her father John was kneeling in a similarly undressed state. He was holding his daughter by her waist, his pelvis thrust against her ass. John's face was a look of pure lust as he pumped his hips.

"Fuck me dad," Melanie was softly muttering, "Oh fuck me." Just then, working on impulse, Claire walked into the room. John instantly stopped his humping when he saw his sister, and a moment later Melanie looked round as well. Both had a look of horror on their faces. "Don't stop because I'm here," Claire said, and walked towards the bed. "Er." began John. "It's okay," Claire smiled. Melanie was worried, but John was even more so, though his anxiety was rapidly being suppressed by his sister's casual attitude to what she saw.

In fact Claire got on the bed with them. "It's okay John," she repeated, gently stroking her hand along her brother's back, "Carry on. It doesn't bother me." "I thought.well." began John. "That I'd freak out?" Claire suggested. "Yeah," John confirmed. "Listen, you don't know the half of it." "How do you mean?" Melanie asked, head turned.

"Me and Mike fuck," Claire admitted, "In fact, me and Kath fuck too. All three of us, all humping away like rabbits. You don't know how tough the last twenty-four hours have been with no time to ourselves." "You serious?" John asked, slowly starting his thrusting into his daughter a little. "Absolutely," Claire replied, with utter sincerity, "It's clear this incestuous impulse runs in our family, because we've been all fucking for a few months like you two here." "Excellent," Melanie smiled, her dad beginning to fuck her a bit quicker now that he was more confident.

"It seems a certain other deviancy," Claire continued, "as others would put it anyway, runs through our family. Me and Kath love it up the ass too, and Mike likes to fuck us there the most." John looked down and, indeed, it couldn't be denied that his thick member was firmly wedged in his teenage daughter's anus.

"I can't get enough of it," he confirmed, "though it must be admitted that I only fuck Melanie in the ass." "Yeah?" "Absolutely," John nodded, and his eyes flicked down, not for the first time, to his sister's cleavage, which showed over the low cut T-shirt she wore.

"Here," his sister said, "I know what you want to see, you're big sister's titties eh?" She tugged off her top, and removed her bra, both garments flung casually to the floor. "Big sister indeed," John grinned, and began to stroke and caress Claire's huge breasts, "Boy these are beauties." He fondled them whilst Claire leaned forward and kissed her brother on the mouth, first lightly, then passionately.

All the while, John sodimized his daughter. A few minutes had passed when Claire moved back a little. "Do you never fuck Melanie in the cunt?" she asked. "Only in the ass," John said. "Only?" Claire enquired. "Yup," Melanie said, "Always up the butt.

There's a reason why." "I'll tell you later," John interrupted, "Right now, Claire, I think that if you let your son fuck you." "And sister," Claire added. ".then you wouldn't mind bending over for your brother." "You're psychic," Claire smiled, "You can read my mind utterly." John slipped his cock from Melanie's butthole, and the girl moved over.

After taking off the remainder off her clothes, Claire got on her hands and knees in front of her brother, who's cock nodded erectly at a right angle from his athletically built body.

"What a fucking great ass," he commented, leaning down, placing his hands on those two lovely cheeks, "What a gorgeous butt you have sis." He kissed it, licked it, and then drove his tongue deep into the puckered hole in the middle. Melanie, though she'd never had sex with anyone other than her dad, on their own, instinctively found a place in the action.

She reached under her aunt and frigged her pussy, rubbing the clit and delighting in the way Claire responded lustily. "Frig me Melanie," she panted, "Frig my cunt. Oh, John, lick my shitter!" John finished tonguing his sister's asshole before he got up and pushed his cock up against it. His member, eight inches long, like Mike's, was slick with the lubrication he'd used to bugger his daughter.

Slowly increasing the pressure, his fat cockhead began to push it's way into Claire's anus, the woman panting heatedly as slowly her sphincter gave way and allowed her brother's prick to slowly but surely ease it's entire length into her rectal passage. "Oh fuck that's good," she panted, "Oh fuck, yeah." Melanie was still frigging her auntie's cunt, and she watched with fascination as her dad's cock pumped back and forth inside Claire's asshole.

She'd been buggered so often by her dad in the last six months or so, but she'd always wanted to see the penetration up close. Now she could. "Here honey," John said to his daughter as he unplugged his sister's butt with his cock, "clean it up a little." Melanie had sucked her dad's cock enough times after it'd been up her ass, and she had no hesitation now, excited at the fact that it had been up another woman's rectum as well.

Greedily, she took as much of her father's prick into her mouth as she could and sucked hard, pumping it between her delicate lips. Soon, John eased his cock from Melanie's throat and pushed it up against Claire's cunt lips. "I love giving it up the ass," he commented, "But with Melanie the only girl in my life, I must say I've kind of missed the other hole." And with that, he plunged his prick into his sister's cunt, which was flooded with hot juice from the frigging it'd received from Melanie.

"Oh God," John gasped as he fucked away, "Oh sis, what a cunt. What an ass! I can't wait until Kath gets back, I'm going to fuck her too." "Both holes?" Melanie asked. "Both holes," her father nodded. "Can I be fucked by Mike?" his daughter said, "Pleeease daddy!" "Of course," John said, "Of course." "Melanie," Claire grunted in between gasps, "Oh, Melanie, come round here.

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Come here, get in front of me." Eager to please Melanie did so, kneeling up with her hands resting on the headboard, her slender back elegantly arched so that her lovely ass jutted out into Claire's face. Hungrily, Claire licked Melanie's asshole, plunging her tongue up into the soft, warm rectum behind the loosened anal ring. With her own pussy being soundly fucked, Claire moved down to the bald cunt below, and lapped it, driving Melanie wild with her swirling, invading tongue.

Melanie humped her ass back as her Auntie sucked at her cunt, bringing her to a climax. "Oh Claire." she wailed, "Oh that's good! Lick my cunt! Nnng!" John gave a few final humps in Claire's cunt before he removed his slick cock from that orifice and plunged it into the other. Now that her rectum was being deeply fucked, Claire moved up and started tonguing her niece's anus again, slobbering and moaning as she licked out Melanie's tight little asshole.

"Fuck," John spluttered, "Fuck! Yeah, uh, Claire. Claire I'm gonna cum up your ass. Oh fuck, fuck.!" He thrust forth one last time and cried out as he squirted his hot seed into his sister's tight rectum, grinding his hips as he felt his prick pump a seemingly endless supply of cum. Claire felt her ass being flooded, and coupled the pleasure by driving her tongue as far up Melanie's delicate ass as she could.

His orgasm finally subsiding, John slid his dick from Claire's twitching asshole and the trio broke up, sitting on the bed and panting for breath.

"That was so good," Claire commented, "God that was the best thing that could happen today." "So we know each other's secrets," John said, "I'm sure only good can come from this happy coincidence." "Let's fuck again," Melanie suggested, excitedly, "C'mon dad.

I want to see you fuck Aunt Claire up the ass again." "I think we should wait," Claire said, "Save ourselves for when Mike and Kath get back.

They'll arrive home in about an hour or so. Boy are they going to be in for a surprise." "Absolutely," Melanie agreed, "I remember having the urge to tell Mike the other night what was going on and asking him to fuck my ass. I wouldn't, though, as it'd be too risky if he disapproved of what me and dad did. I guess he wouldn't have though." "Well sweetie," Claire smiled as she stroked Melanie's long, soft hair, "he's used to fucking me and your Auntie Kath as frequently as your dad fucks you, if not more so.

He's not cum at all today, so when he gets home he'll be fucking rampant." "Me too," John said, stroking his erect cock, "I'm fucking getting so horny at the idea of fucking you again Claire.

And Kath. Oh God, am I the luckiest guy alive, having the opportunity to fuck and bugger my two beautiful sisters for the first time on the same day." "I think Mike's pretty lucky too," Claire added, "having this beautiful cousin of his to come home too. Look at her, getting all excited, hungry for a cock in her ass.

Hah! What a lovely slut." She leaned forward and kissed Melanie on the lips, stroking her small breasts. "I think we should tidy ourselves up," Claire advised after pulling gently back from her niece, "We should shower and get ready downstairs." "I can't wait until they're back," Melanie said, "Oh God, Dad, I just want a quick fuck.

You don't have to cum. Just fuck my ass for a moment." "Oh all right then," John agreed, and got behind his daughter whilst she adopted the usual position, on all fours on the bed. Claire watched contentedly as her brother eased his fat cock into his daughter's twitching anus, burying every inch up her rectal canal. "That's good," Melanie panted, "Mmmm!" "Remember," Claire warned her brother, "don't cum. Kath'll have nothing to look forward to when she comes back." "Okay okay," replied her brother.

Claire got up and went and had a shower. Once she'd finished, John came in afterwards, his still-erect cock signifying he stuck to his promise of keeping himself in check, and finally Melanie showered last.

Kath and Mike came in with a few bags of groceries fifty minutes later, and packed the stuff away in the kitchen. "Are the other's in?" Mike asked once they'd finished. "I assume so," Kath replied, "Probably in the living room." "It'd be nice if they'd popped out, John and Melanie at least. Just for a little while. I'm hungry for a shag Kath." "Oh you!" his aunt grinned, and playfully smacked his arm, "C'mon, let's see if they're in the living room." They both walked into the hallway and opened the appropriate door, standing struck dumb as they entered.

John was sitting back on an armchair, naked, his prick rock hard. On the sofa, Claire lounged back with her arm draped round Melanie who was likewise reclined.

Both Aunt and niece were nude. "Hi son," Claire smiled, "Hi sis. As you may have noticed, things have gotten a little er. complicated. And more interesting." "Oh," was all Mike could say. Kath caught on quicker though.

"I see," she said as she walked towards her brother, "I reckon my randy sister has gone and inducted these two innocents into our sordid little world." She stood behind the armchair her brother was in and put her hands on his shoulders, gently massaging them.

Mike decided to sit down on the sofa, along from his mom and cousin, eyes flicking over to Melanie's naked, pubescent body. The girl glanced back and smiled warmly, no trace of either shyness or arrogance in her cousin's obvious appreciation for her naked charms. "Not quite," Claire said, "I walked in on these two," she continued, nodding at her brother and Melanie in turn, "going at it in a way that would make us three look just mildly affectionate. John was fucking his daughter up the ass, and both were clearly enjoying it." "It's true," John confessed, as behind him Kath leaned down and kissed his neck, "I've been fucking Melanie for a few months now.

Claire's filled me in on you three and your passions, and it all seems somewhat parallel." "Incest must be the passion of the whole family," Mike suggested. "And ass-fucking," John added, "I can't get enough of it. And neither can Melanie, though she's never tried the other avenue." Mike looked quizzically at the slender, pretty teenage girl who lay in his mother's arms, her head resting gently on Claire's soft, cushiony breasts.

"That's right," confirmed Melanie, "My daddy reckoned that I should preserve my vaginal virginity for the right man, a boy my age I fell in love with and had sex with under er.normal circumstances. Which is fair enough. I've got my virginity in tact, it's there to be deflowered by the right man in years time, but my dad can hump me all he wants." "But only in the ass," Mike said.

"Yup," his cousin nodded, "Only in the ass. Oh, and the mouth too." "She gives great blowjobs," her father interjected, "Drinks sperm up like it was water." "You must like it up the ass," Kath enquired. "Well," pondered Melanie, "I haven't had the experience to compare it with in the cunt. But yeah, I fuckin' love it up the ass. I can't imagine vaginal being better. Who knows? Who cares? My daddy loves to fuck my ass, I love it up there, everyone's happy." She then sat up and reached to Mike's crotch, unzipping him with skilled hands and producing a finely stiff prick.

"It's as big as dad's," she commented, and immediately went down to suck on it. Mike sat back a little and felt overwhelmed with pleasure as his cock, so neglected for 24 hours, was deep-throated in Melanie's hot, wet mouth. Claire was happy to watch the couple, but Kath was unable to resist the fat prick that nodded towards the ceiling from her brother's groin. She got down and started sucking, drooling over John's cock whilst he encouraged her. "That's it sis," he said, "Suck it.

Suck your brother's fat cock. Get it all wet because I'm going to ram it up your shitter in a minute." This spurred Kath on to slobber on the head, swirling her tongue around the swollen prick-end. Then she stood and stripped, removing her clothes quickly as John admired Kath's fine, firm little body. "You're as sexy as Claire," he whispered, and Kath smiled confidently as she got down on her hands and knees on the floor in front of the fireplace.

In a flash, John was kneeling behind her, stroking those lovely fine buttocks that presented themselves to him. He ran his tongue over the puckered little hole, drooling on it in the same way Kath had done with his cock.

Getting up, John then eased his cock towards his sister's cunt, slowly pushing the head through the juicy vaginal lips and then slamming the remainder of the shaft in fully. "Oh God John," Kath gasped, "Oh that's good. Fuck me, yeah, oh fuck me!" Mike gritted his teeth as he pumped hard, giving Kath a thorough cunt fucking that soon had her crying out in ecstasy.

In the meantime, Mike had undressed whilst Melanie knelt on the sofa backwards, her arms folded on the backrest, ass jutting outwards at the same level as Mike's cock when he got behind her. Melanie's long hair cascaded down her back almost to her ass. "I couldn't imagine a finer pair of buttocks," the intensely aroused teenage drooled as he got to his knees. Melanie's hips had not fully widened into that of a fully developed woman, but they had done so a little, and a few pounds of puppy fat upon her ass-cheeks gave them a lovely roundness that contrasted with her otherwise slim body.

Her puckered anus was perfectly hairless, as indeed was most of the area between her legs, only a small patch of black hair above her virginal pussy. The area around her asshole was such a delicate shade of pink that it was barely indistinguishable from the ass-cheeks, which were as smooth and pale as white china. In love at first sight with this ass, Mike licked the anus in front of him, at first delicately, and then with passion.

One moment he was lapping at it like a thirsty dog, the next he was loosening it up with his finger in order to drive his tongue up into Melanie's rectum. He felt a hand grip his cock, and realized that his mom was gently frigging him whilst he continued with licking that gentle behind. Then, Claire went down and sucked on her son's prick, her saliva adding to the coating Melanie had given it. Finally, Mike's raging cock, so stiff it almost hurt, could bare it no more.

The boy stood and Claire watched intently as Mike carefully pushed his prick against the now dilated orifice between his cousin's shapely little ass-cheeks. "Fuck it up there," Claire urged him, "Get it up her asshole." "To the hilt," Melanie added, looking round and enjoying the site of the handsome boy about to enter her shit canal.

Steadily, Mike's cock head made it's way, easing through the tight ring of muscle which caused Melanie to whimper a little, though certainly not in a way that suggested she was displeased with the invasion. "All the way up my ass," she begged, "Fuck it up my rectum." Pushing his hips forth, his hands on Melanie's lower back, Mike slid his cock up into Melanie's tight bum slowly, and soon the thirteen-year-old girl's taut sphincter was gripping the base of the shaft of his prick.

"Oh Melanie," Mike sighed, "What an ass! This is heaven, this is fucking heaven! Uh uh, fuck!" He pumped back and forth, soon picking up the pace as Melanie emitted soft gasps of pleasure and pushed her ass back to meet the oncoming cock. Returning the favor from earlier, Claire reached under and frigged her niece's clit, rubbing it and watching the girl all but faint with pleasure under the dual-assault on her cunt and ass.

On the floor meanwhile, John was removing his prick from Kath's tight pussy and was now slowly pushing it into the orifice everyone in that enjoyed the most. "John, God yeah!" Kath cried as she felt her brother's cock ease into her rectal canal, "Fuck me!

Fuck it up there! Uh uh uh, yeah! Fuck my ass! Yeah!" Fully lodged in Kath's anus, John was humping his sister's butthole hard, holding her by the waist so he could pull the little lady towards him whilst he pumped forward, his cockhead forcing it's way to the depth's of Kath's slick, buttery shit-tunnel.

"Fuck me!" she kept begging, "Uh yeah, yeah. Fuck my bowels." "You slut," John said, smiling, "What an anal slut my sister is. Oh how I love you." He slammed merrily away, loving the tightness of his sister's anal ring on the shaft of his dick.

After getting off the sofa and walking over, Claire got astride Kath, standing and leaning forth so that her plump ass was in her brother's face. John had no hesitation in pulling Claire's cheeks apart and ramming his tongue into her puckered anus, working it up there so he could lick out her rectum whilst his prick continued slamming back and forth in Kath's butt.

"Lick my ass," Claire groaned, "Yeah, lick it." Underneath her, Kath was squirming with delight, spewing forth a variety of obscenities as her ass was continually pounded. John eventually took his head from Claire's ass cheeks and looked down as he slid his dick from out of Kath's asshole and fucking it back into her cunt. That achieved, he pussy-fucked Kath whilst his tongue returned to his other sister's anus.

From the other side of the room, came the wild intensive cries of pleasure from Mike and Melanie, their sodomy session in full swing. Mike reached under Melanie and stroked her little titties, muttering obscene urgings into her ear whilst his dick plumbed the depths of her bowels.

"Fuck me Mikey love," she begged, "Oh fuck my ass, Uh uh! Yeah!" Meanwhile, John had asked his two sisters to swap over, and they did so gladly. Now it was Claire on all fours with Kath standing over her.

John sank his cock up Claire's cunt whilst lapping at Kath's, his head angled and buried between Kath's legs so he could work his tongue into her sopping pussy. Switching orifices after just a few minutes, John sodimized Claire and greedily licked Kath's anus.

He buried his tongue up there, working it round in circles in the hot rectum where he tasted a small amount of pre-cum. When he felt his climax approaching, he decided that as he'd already cum in Claire's ass, so it was Kath's turn. Both women were obliged to swap once more, and John finally came, a long powerful orgasm, whilst his dick was lodged in Kath's tight asshole and his tongue up Claire's.

As the trio broke up, breathless, Mike was hitting his orgasm. He gripped Melanie's narrow waist and fucked her ass hard, the delicate girl bearing up well under the frenzied buggery.

"Give me your cum," she panted, "Cum in my ass! Uh uh, yeah! Yeah! Nnnnng!" "FUCK!" Mike could only cry as his cock unleashed a torrent of sperm. He kept thrusting throughout the orgasm, his cock almost exploding as it throbbed hard and spurted what felt like an endless gushing of sperm into Melanie's hot, narrow crap chute.

When it was finally over, Mike gently eased his cock from his cousin's yawning asshole, which was reluctant to snap shut fully once it had been vacated. As Mike sat down on the sofa, Claire got up whilst Melanie was still in the same kneeling position. She got behind the girl so that her mouth was level with the recently-fucked asshole of her niece.

"Squirt it out," Claire panted, "Fart out my son's sperm Melanie." Melanie had never fulfilled such a request, but did so heartily anyway. Straining, she squeezed her rectal muscles as if she were shitting.

A lot of air had been pumped and pushed up into the depths of her guts during her ass-fucking, so she felt a slight rumble of movement in her rectum. Trembling with anticipation, Claire opened her mouth and watched the twitching, slightly reddened butthole. Suddenly, Melanie's anus spluttered and let out a ripping fart that bought forth not just gas but a messy spray of semen, with splashed against Claire's face.

A good gob of it landed in her mouth, and Claire swallowed quickly, as another, smaller fart emerged from the teenage girl, this one bringing a single long string of sperm, which landed on Claire's forehead. Melanie looked over her shoulder at her Auntie's face, slathered in browney-white fluid. She giggled a little. "You look sexy," Melanie smiled.

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Claire grinned back, and bestowed a few kisses on her niece's buttocks, slipping a tongue up into the girl's shit-canal in order to lick out the fluid from her son's balls that was still up there.

Afterwards, Claire moved back to the floor way she laid next to her siblings, whilst Melanie fell back in Mike's arms. They all relaxed after the exhaustive humping. Kath was the first to stir, and crawled to her brother and began to jerk his semi-hard cock in her small fist, before sucking on the throbbing end.

He soon stiffened fully, and Kath got her knees and elbows to fully deep-throat the hard member. Seeing her Aunt's yawning anus pointing right at her, Melanie slipped off the sofa and went up behind Kath and started lapping at her it, steadily working her tongue into the older woman's rectum.

Mike watched and stroked his re-hardened cock, and before long Claire went over to the sofa on which he was sitting, leaning down and giving her son a blowjob. "That's good mom," he sighed, "Keep sucking. Mmmm." Claire did so, working as much of the prick into her gob as possible, savoring the musky taste of her young niece's ass on her son's dick, fondling his balls in her hand. Her asshole was still itching for a fuck, so Claire got up and stood in front of Mike, facing away.

Lowering herself down carefully, she reached between her legs and held Mike's stiff cock upright and maneuvered herself so that the swollen knob-head was soon nudging at her anus. Her butt hole eased open and granted access to the teenage boy's cock so that she could eventually sit down fully on her son's lap, every inch of the pumping, granite-hard member buried in her rectum.

Claire bounced on the hard dick with her hands on her knees, her big sweaty tits jiggling up and down comically as she panted and grunted. Mike relaxed back in the sofa, hands gripping his mom's waist, watching hypnotically as his cock was alternately excreted almost fully by his mom's asshole only to be swallowed up completely when she let herself fall back down, and then for her to rise again. On the floor, John was still lying on his back with Kath kneeling astride, her cunt impaled on the hard dick of her brother.

Claire had bought down the strap-on-dildo earlier, and Melanie eagerly put it on before getting in behind Kath.

Guiding the plastic phallus with one hand and supporting herself by placing her other hand on her Aunt's lower back, Melanie stuck her tongue out in concentration as she eased the dildo into Kath's anus. In a trice, it was wedged in fully, and Melanie enthusiastically humped her Auntie's butt, Kath drooling and gasping in heavenly joy, both her orifices plugged up.

"Fuck my ass," she blurted out in between deep, breathy panting, "fuck it Melanie. Fuck my shitter." John humped his cock up into his sister's pussy harder, his hands clamped over Kath's tits, and worked in unison with his daughter to screw Kath into a screaming orgasm. When the trio on the floor split up, Claire got up off her son, his soiled dick sliding from his mom's shitter and slapping onto his stomach, and walked over to her brother.

"Let's try that," Claire said, "but with two real cocks." John remained in position and watched with pleasure as his other sister now mounted him, his dick sliding easily into Claire's hot, juicy pussy. Meanwhile, Mike came over and got behind his mom, re-entering her bowels with his dick and contriving, with his uncle, to fuck Claire into as shattering a climax as Kath had just endured.

Sure enough, Claire was soon writhing in pleasure on the two pricks, whilst on the sofa Kath strapped the dildo and sank it up Melanie's behind. When they'd all broken up again, Melanie asked for a go with two cocks at a time.

"We can't really do that," her dad commented, "with your cunt being off limits." "I've got a mouth," Melanie smirked, and got down on all fours. Wasting no time, John got dibbs on his daughter's butt, and got behind her and planted his dick in Melanie's tight anus. Mike knelt in front of her and his cousin eagerly sucked his prick, deep throating him like a professional whore. Claire busied herself by kneeling next to John and kissing him lustily whilst stroking his chest with her warm hands.

At the other end of the twice-impaled Melanie, Kath stood in an appropriate position that allowed Mike to suck her dripping pussy, the boy also reaching round to stuff a couple of finger's inside her anus. Melanie continued to suck deeply on her cousin's prick, all the while assaulted by the familiar but ever wonderful feeling of her father's cock drilling into her rectum. Kath reached down and stroked her nephew's hair, gently pushing his head into her cunt and moaning in pleasure, her legs quivering.

Mike was so turned on by licking out Kath's cunt whilst his shaft was gripped by Melanie's two wet, hot lips, that he felt his climax approaching. Not wanting to finish just yet, he pulled out of Melanie's mouth and moved away from Kath.

Figuring it was time for a change also, John removed his dick from his daughter's ass. "I've got an idea," Kath suddenly said, and disappeared upstairs. A moment later she returned with another strap on dildo round her pelvis. It was of a similarly impressive length and girth as the other one, though this one was bright red. "Melanie, put that white dildo on," Kath added, and the girl promptly did so.

Directing things, Kath lay down and had Claire impale her cunt on the big dong. Melanie, following instructions, got behind Claire and shoved the big pink dildo into her asshole, Claire once again double fucked and writhing with pleasure.

"What do we do?" asked Mike. "Hose the slut down," Kath calmly responded, "She needs a shower." She smiled as Mike and John figured what to do. They stood on either side of Kath, so that their heavy, nodding cocks were pointing right in Claire's face.

Whilst still having two big dildos fucking away at her pussy and asshole, Claire alternated between both cocks, sucking one, now the other. All five of them grunted and sighed with pleasure as they fucked and sucked away. John felt his orgasm rising fast, and took his prick from Claire's mouth and jerked off, pumping out thick wads of cum into his sister's face.

Heavy squirts of slimy jizz hit Claire in the cheek and across the forehead, a long string also splashing into her hair and sticking many strands together. A moment later, Mike came also, spraying the other side of Claire's face with semen, so that by the end her pretty features were a mess of salty cum. It ran down her face, her tongue flicking out to catch some of the lovely liquid as it slid down her skin, with large, oozing drips clinging to her jaw. A long drip of sperm hung down from her chin, and Kath was quick enough to open her mouth and catch it in her throat when it finally fell.

John and Mike rubbed their sticky bell ends on different sides of Claire's messy face, Kath and Melanie still gently fucking the very appreciative woman with the dildos. Once again, the five of them lay across the sofas and floor and relaxed.

Melanie, in Kath's arms, even napped a little. After a while, Claire decided to get up and have a quick shower, washing the cum from her brother and son from her face. When the rest of them rose, they decided that the heat of the afternoon sun justified a sunbathe, so whilst Mike and John wore a pair of shorts each, Claire, Kath and Melanie wore two-piece bikinis.

They lay out on sun-beds in the garden, a portable stereo tuned to the radio as they relaxed, read books or chatted quietly.

Naturally, when hunger got the better of them, the incestuous quintet packed up and went into the house. Food, of course, could wait for a little longer. They were soon slipping out of their shorts and bikinis before quickly getting down and fucking the hell out of each other. The session came to a close after half-an-hour when Mike shot his load up his mom's cunt whilst she in turn was licking Melanie's hot, wet pussy.

On the sofa at that time, John knelt astride Kath and jerked off his prick, liberally spraying the younger of his sister's tits with his sperm. After dinner, Mike and Melanie sat at the computer in the boy's room, innocently playing games and acting for all the world like they'd been doing nothing more outrageous than that all afternoon.

Likewise, John and his sisters watched television downstairs whilst drinking a bottle of wine or two. It was agreed to split up for the evening, and Claire spent the night in her room with Kath and John, whilst Mike shared his bed with Melanie.

He fucked his cousin's ass repeatedly, the pair of the randy teenagers unable to get enough of it. At one point, Mike slipped his prick from Melanie's asshole, flipped her over and shot his spunk all over her face and in her mouth, his cousin frigging her clit as she moved her head from side to side, moaning with pleasure as the white fluid flowed over her.

They sat naked at the computer again at around midnight, Melanie beating her cousin at the game of cricket, the faint cries and shouts of lust from the next room indicating John was having the time of his life with his sisters. Finally, tired from a day full of fun, Mike switched the computer off and took Melanie to bed. There, he buggered her one last time and the pair of them fell into a deep sleep in each other's arms.

They all continued like that over the week. The girls would swap over each night, so that sometimes Mike was with Melanie and his mom, and Kath with John. It may switch the following night, and so on. Days were spent doing little more than fucking and killing time until the next session. It was Thursday, and the summery weather had gone on it's own vacation for a day. Heavy clouds converged over the quiet village at dawn, barging the tired sun out the way, and by lunchtime it was pelting down with rain.

The large window in the living room of the house resounded with the tapping of hundreds of bloated raindrops, and a gentle rumble of thunder sounded from the distant horizon. Kath, Claire and John were getting undressed in the living room, draping their clothes across the back of the sofa.

Claire had called up the stairs that they were going to 'have some fun', and, sitting on the bed and watching TV with his cousin, Mike had called down that they'd be there in a minute. Sure enough, Mike and Melanie walked into the living room already naked. They'd not been fucking in the bedroom, simply watching re-runs of their favorite sit-com on the television, but both simply enjoyed sitting around without any clothes on.

They'd become so accustomed to sex and each other's bodies in the last few days that they could be in each other's presence in the nude and not necessarily wind up aroused and distracted. With all five of them in the living room, John reached into a carrier bag he'd bought back from town earlier that day.

From it, he produced some handcuffs. "Bondage!" cried Kath, never giving up on her silly habit of pretending to be prudish. "That's right sis," confirmed John. "My God," continued Kath, "Bondage games, in front of the kids. Dear oh dear. Think of the corruption of their minds." "Stop being silly," John laughed, and gave his sister a playful smack on her lovely behind.

"Who's getting cuffed then?" Claire asked. "You three," John replied, indicating the three girls, "Come on, hands behind your backs." Kath, Claire and Melanie did so, and John went round and cuffed all their hands together. "You have the right to remain silent," intoned Melanie, and gave out a girlish giggle.

"Right," John ordered, "Over the sofa. Come on, bend over you sluts, I want to see assholes." The girls did so, kneeling in front of the sofa and bending over, their stomachs and breasts against the soft seat of the furniture, heads to one side and anticipating what would happen next.

Taking a bottle of vegetable oil, John went along the three heavenly butts that pointed outwards, greasing up the assholes and fingering them into relative looseness. Then, he stood back and he and Mike, cocks raging stiff, admired the view. It occurred to both of them that Kath's ass, in terms of shape, firmness and general appearance, was remarkably similar to Melanie's.

Pretty good going, the two guys thought, given that at thirty-three, Kath was a full two decades older than her niece. Claire's ass was far from chubby, but it did have an extra few pounds that gave it a wonderful plumpness that provided a nice contrast to the firm little butts of her sister and niece.

"Right," Mike announced, clapping his hands together, "Let's get fucking stuck in." "Mind your language," Claire sniggered, then gasped with pleasure as her son promptly stuck his fat cock into her anus, "Oh God son that's good. Oh, uh uh." As Mike gave his mother a firm buggering, John subjected his daughter to the same service, the teenager writhing in ecstasy under the anal assault her father dished out.

Kath eagerly awaited her turn, and soon enough Mike was easing into her rectum. "Oh fuck me," she cried, "Uuuuuh, God Mikey. Yeah, fuck me!" At that time, John was exiting his daughter, after which he went to Claire and promptly bum-stuffed her. They carried on, the two guys swapping over every now and then so that the girl not being fucked at any one time would know that her turn would some come round again.

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John was more patient than his nephew, and was inclined to spend a bit longer with each of his sister's and daughter, whilst Mike displayed the impulsiveness of any fourteen year old and hopped from anus to anus every few minutes.

Despite his patience and self-control, John came first, unloading the sticky contents of his balls into Kath's rectum. He pulled out and went to the armchair, sighing happily as he stroked his cock and watched as Mike went on strong. After giving Melanie an enthusiastic ass-fucking, Mike went to his mom's rectum, into which he shot forth his cum whilst slamming his hips hard into Claire's butt-cheeks.

Sitting on the second armchair, Mike also rested, he and his uncle jerking their cock's off until they'd re-hardened, the girls restrained and bent over the sofa squirming impatiently for more of the same treatment they'd just received.

And it all began again. Thanks to their previous efforts, Mike and John were able to keep going for over an hour, reducing their anal slaves to repeated orgasms. As he popped in and out of the assholes on display, John was conscientious that Melanie had not received any cum last time, so he made sure he fired his sperm into his daughter's ass. Claire's rectum, meanwhile, claimed her son's cum for a second time.

John fetched the handcuff keys and undid the cuffs on his daughter, and then Kath. "Keep Claire bound up," Kath said as she stood, and she walked over to her sister who was still bent over the sofa with her hands pinned behind her. Mike sat on the sofa and watched with curiosity as Kath knelt behind Claire.

"You got two loads of sperm," Kath smiled, "S'not fair. I'm going to steal it all from you." With that, she put her mouth to Claire's asshole and pushed her tongue in to the cum filled rectum beyond the twitching sphincter of her sister. Claire felt incredible pleasure as Kath's wet little tongue swirled around in her asshole, lapping and sucking up the cum. She helped by squeezing her rectal muscles and farting more sperm out, Kath guzzling every drop.

Inspired by this, John had his daughter get down on all fours again and sealed his lips to her gaping anus. He sucked out a small mouthful of his own cum from his daughter's ass, and kept it in his cheeks as went round and gently dribbled it into Melanie's open mouth, the girl eagerly swallowing her dad's jizm that had originally been pumped up her ass John and Melanie were due to go home on Sunday morning.

On the preceding evening, Mike and his cousin went out for a walk. It was a warm evening, the Western horizon lit up in a dazzling sunset of orange and red, a few stars peeking out of the dark blue sky above. As they strolled up the road, Melanie casually reached and held Mike's hand.

"Where shall we go," she asked. "I'm not sure," Mike replied, "There's a lane just up this road. It leads off into a field where we can, I dunno, sit and watch the sunset." "How romantic," Melanie said, not in anyway sarcastic.

When the two teenagers reached the field they found a rusty old plough on which they could sit. "How do you feel about, you know, what we all get up to?" Mike asked. "How do you mean?" quizzed Melanie, "Do I like it?" "Well, I know you like it. I do. We all do. But do you ever feel it's a bit odd? Does it not worry you that it's a bit.unconventional?" "It's only weird if you take into account the exact actions of what we're doing. I mean, most fourteen and thirteen year olds hang around with their mates, go to parties and do their homework like we often do, yes?" "Yes," nodded Mike.

"And they also," continued Melanie, "spend some time with their parents. Or aunts and uncles and stuff.

There's this girl in my class who loves boating, like her dad, so the pair of them have gone sailing round the coast of England for the summer. We happen to like fucking, as do our parents and aunts.

So, we're just spending some quality time with them. It just happens to involve sex." "You don't mind getting up the ass all the time?" "Not in the slightest. I mean, I reckon my dad came up with the idea of leaving my virginity in tact partly because he just wanted to bugger me, but it wasn't just that. It was mainly for my benefit. I kind of like the idea, you know, of having something else to look forward to, something to offer another guy other than my dad.

How do you feel about what you get up to with your mom and Kath?" "I think it's great," Mike replied, "Occasionally little doubts arise, but it's only to do with what other people may think. It's fucking great though. I still see my mates, work hard at school and things, but I can indulge in such pleasure." Melanie shuffled a bit closer to her cousin, her hand reaching for his and holding it gently. They stared out at the sunset, the air filled with the sounds of birds flocking to their nests for the night.

"It seems odd this," Mike said. "What's that?" asked Melanie. "Well, just holding your hand. Being pleasantly affectionate and stuff. All the wild humping we've done this week and I get a little excited by just holding your hand." "I guess the sex is just out of pure lust without much feeling.

That's why it's brilliant, in it's own context. You know." She trailed off. "Yes?" prompted Mike. "I kind of love you," Melanie blushed. "Yeah?" frowned Mike. Melanie simply kissed him on the mouth and smiled. "Listen Mike, I want you to fuck me when we get home." "That's all I wanted to do anyway," Mike grinned.

"Yeah, but vaginally. You can be my first." "But.I thought you were going to wait a few years." "No, I was going to wait until I found someone I loved.

I just expected that it would be a few years to wait." Mike put his arm round Melanie and kissed her gently on the mouth. "Let's go home then," he whispered. They both go up and, hand in hand, walked off through the field and back to the village.

When the two teenagers entered the house, they could here cries of orgasmic pleasure from the living room. Casually, Mike opened the door and he and his cousin entered, displaying not a trace of surprise at the sight of Claire sitting naked on the sofa, her brother John kneeling astride her. Kath was kneeling on the floor, wearing just a sluttish pair of black, fishnet stockings and matching garter belt. Her hand was gripping her brother's softening cock, under which were Claire's tits that were slathered in sperm.

"Hi kids," Claire cheerfully greeted them. "Hi mom," Mike replied, "Me and Melanie are going off to bed." "Okay honey," his mom said, "Have fun." "Us three are going to stay down here for the evening," John said.

"Righto," chirped Melanie, and her and Mike closed the living room door and went upstairs. Mike's bedroom was warm, heated up by the sun blazing through the window all day. The curtains were now closed to the twilight outside, just a bedside lamp subtly lighting the room. As Mike sat on his bed naked, he felt a slight difference in the usual pre-coital atmosphere as Melanie stood and undressed. Normally, clothes were just yanked off and slung aside, but now the girl was stripping slowly, not rushed in anyway.

She took off her jeans and T-shirt, peeled off her white socks and trainer bra. She was wearing the same panties that Mike had sniffed at the beginning of the week, the pink ones with the hearts sown in.

She delicately pulled them down her slim legs, and Mike found himself licking his lips as he looked at his cousin's sweet little ass and her slit as if it were for the first time.

He pulled the covers back and moved aside so that, now nude, Melanie could get on the bed. She lay on her back, looking up at her cousin sweetly.

"I just realized," Mike said, "What about precautions?

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I don't want you getting pregnant." "Don't' worry," Melanie reassured him, "It's the wrong time of the month. I'll get on the pill if we make this regular." Kneeling between Melanie's legs, Mike leaned down and began gently stroking the girl's vagina.

He'd paid so little attention to it over the week that he wasn't familiar with the hot little slit. Whilst his fingers gently probed the hot, wet interior, he flicked his tongue over the sparse brown hair around her pubic area, soon moving down to twirl his tongue over her clit.

Melanie closed her eyes and ran her hands through Mike's hair, panting softly as the boy began to push his tongue into her cunt, sucking and slurping at the juices, which in turn caused more to flow. She felt a shudder of excitement as Mike then knelt up, his cock raging hard, and lay over her, guiding himself into her pussy. "Ooooh," the girl gasped as she felt the fat member sink into her previously uninvaded pussy, "Oh, Mike, ooh." "You okay?" Mike asked, "Do you want me to pull out?" "No," Melanie said softly in his ear, "No, I'm fine.

It feels lovely." "It doesn't hurt?" "No more than when my dad deflowered my ass. Oh, Mikey I love you. C'mon, screw me." Mike reached behind him and dragged the covers over their naked bodies, then proceeded to hump his ass up and down between his cousin's spread legs.

He kissed Melanie passionately, the pair of them sliding their tongues in and around each other's wet mouths as they made love. There was none of the usual wild cries and obscenities, just the soft panting and heavy breathing as their coupled bodies gently moved and bucked underneath the duvet. Mike had his chin resting on Melanie's shoulder when he felt his climax rising. He swiftly kissed his cousin again, moaning with pleasure into her mouth as his thrusting increased in pace and his cock spewed forth cum into Melanie's womb.

"Oh God," he gasped, "Oh Melanie, mmm." They pair lay together for a while, Mike's dick softening in the girl's cunt. When he pulled out, Mike lay on his back this time whilst Melanie slid under the covers and licked and sucked his cock. After it had re-stiffened, Melanie mounted her cousin's prick, impaling it into her cunt and riding it gently. Leaning forward, she bestowed kisses over Mike's mouth, his neck and chest, the boy humping upwards to meet Melanie's cunt.

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At one point, Melanie reached out and flicked off the light, plunging the room into darkness. Neither had fucked in the dark before, and it felt like a pleasant novelty to have no sensation of each other than touch and sound.

Melanie kept rocking back and forth on Mike's cock for a long while, the darkness filled with their deep breathing. It wasn't long before Melanie was crying out softly as her slender body was hit by an orgasm, and as this inspired her to hump the dick inside her quicker, Mike followed shortly and flooded his cousin's cunt.

Dismounting, Melanie lay alongside Mike, head resting on the boy's chest and Mike's arms round his cousin. "How was it?" Mike asked. "Nice," Melanie said with a satisfied sigh. "What about compared to what we normally get up to?" "Well," whispered Melanie, "it's hard to compare them. They're totally different, what we normally do, and what we did this evening. I liked tonight though." "Me too. It made a change." "Mmmm. Vaginal sex was a nice change. As I expected, I like it.

Also as I expected, it wasn't quite as good as anal." "Yeah?" "Absolutely. I think I'm like Aunt Kath and your mom, I just seriously think it's so much better getting it up the butt. At least I've got a choice now though." "Will you tell your dad about this?" "Nah.

Not yet. He would probably be pleased and everything, but he doesn't need to know." "He'd probably freak out if he thought you didn't want it up the ass anymore. I would." "Yeah," laughed Melanie, sleepily, "But anyway, though it's nice that we don't have any secrets with the adults, that we can do or say anything with them, we need at least one secret.

This can be ours." Mike held Melanie closer to him, and they gently went to sleep. They awoke at seven in the morning. Neither said anything, they just lay together in the morning light, aware that the other was awake. Feeling a little restless, Melanie gently moved her hand to Mike's cock, which was as stiff as an iron rod, as it usually was when he woke up. Slowly, she moved over on top of Mike, guiding the boy's dick into her cunt with her hand and laying flat on her cousin, their bodies pressed firmly together as they kissed.

Her elbows against the mattress, Melanie shifted her body up and down as she snogged Mike, feeling his cock slide back and forth in her tight pussy. They'd been going at it for ten minutes when the first words of the day were exchanged between them. "Mike?" Melanie said. "Yes?" "Is it me, or is subtle lovemaking a bit more suited to the evenings?" "I guess," Mike shrugged. "Good," smiled Melanie, and whipped the duvet onto the floor and dismounted Mike's dick, "It's just that, whilst last night was really nice, I think it shouldn't get priority over nice, simple fucking.

And my ass is itching. I knew I'd still prefer it up the ass. Come on, shift over." Mike eagerly got off the bed and watched as Melanie got on her hands and knees on the bed, her pretty little behind high in the air. She instantly adopted her normal, carefree sluttish demeanor. Grinning, Mike quickly knelt behind the girl and briefly licked at her slick pussy before soon shifting his attention to the entrance to Melanie's body that they both adored the most.

He lapped at Melanie's anus, sealing his lips to it and darting his tongue in and out whilst the girl cried out in pleasure. "Lick me," she grunted, "Oh Mike, lick my ass. Yeah, mmm. Now fuck it. Fuck my ass." His cock slick with cunt juice, Mike was easily able to guide his dick into Melanie's butthole, his cousin squirming with ecstasy as the fat cock sank deeply into her bowels.

"Oh fuck me," she kept on gasping, "Mikey, baby, fuck my ass." "What a slut," Mike panted as he began buggering the teenage girl at a pace, "Slut, yeah.oh oh, God!" In utter contrast to last night, they humped like animals in heat. Melanie's head was pushed into the pillow which muffled her wild and obscene cries, Mike pumping his hips back and forth whilst gripping Melanie's buttocks so tight that he left slight imprints of his finger nails.

"Fuck," he blurted out, "I'm cumming. Oh fuck fuck!" Throughout his orgasm, he continued bucking into Melanie's asshole, his cock seeming to erupt a veritable geyser of sperm into that tight little rectum. Gritting her teeth in pleasure, Melanie looked round over her shoulder, loving the look of lust on her cousins face as he banged away at her asshole even after his climax had drifted away.

"God I love you," Mike said, finally stopping his fucking actions and panting for breathe. "Keep it in me," Melanie begged, "Just keep it in me, I love your dick in my ass." The dick in question was still hard, unwilling and unable to soften whilst lodged in such a tight, sexy little orifice. "God, I need a piss," Mike announced. "So?" asked Melanie, "You don't have to pull out or anything." "Huh?" "C'mon, just do it. Just blast it up me. I feel like doing something even more outrageous and sexy, just as seen as it's our last chance together for now." So, Mike relaxed and let the pressure of his bladder build.

Normally, it's hard to urinate with an erection, but soon the piss was flowing through Mike's rock hard cock as it lay wedged in Melanie's bowels. The girl closed her eyes and felt the wonderful feeling of her piss enema, her guts soon feeling bloated as they filled with urine. A fair amount was unable to find any room and forced its way out through Melanie's sphincter and the fat dick that held it stretched apart. It ran down Melanie's thighs and soaked into the bed.

When the flow finally stopped, Mike's cock was as stiff as ever, and he simply began to work it back and forth in Melanie's anus again, soon hitting his pace and gripping the girl by the hips as he buggered her with equal passion as before. "Oh fuck," Melanie stammered, "Oh God, it's fucking.oh God, fuck me. Fuck my shitter. Nnnng!" With her rectum full of piss that sloshed about, her ass felt more full and penetrated than ever, and Melanie kept bucking her ass up against the hard dick of her cousin.

Soon, the amount of urine in her guts felt a little uncomfortable whilst she was being sodimized as well. "Pull out a moment," she asked, "I need to get rid of some of it." Mike did so, pulling out his dick that was wonderfully slathered in cunt juice, piss, cum and a little shit.

The fact that it should have disgusted him only made him more aroused. Melanie, meanwhile, strained as she evacuated her bowels of the piss, a long shot of urine squirting forth and splashing down her legs or onto Mike. She squeezed again, and more sprayed out. Finally, most of it had gone, and Melanie's asshole sat gaping, slick and battered from the hard fucking and still twitching for more.

With no hesitation, Mike shoved his cock back into his cousin's delightful anus and fucked it again, the pair of them humping and grinding as if there was nothing else that mattered in the world at that moment in time. After almost half-an-hour, Mike's cum launched forth once more, and he forced every inch of his dick into Melanie's shitter in order to spew his cum as deep in her intestines as possible.

Then, he pulled out and the pair of them fell onto the bed in each other's arms, their bodies cooling with all the bodily fluids splattered on them and over the bed.

When Mike awoke, her was alone in the bed and the sound of activity came from downstairs. Slowly getting up, he threw on a pair of jeans and a black jumper before going out of the room and heading downstairs. There is an atmosphere specific to a home when guests are leaving, and such an atmosphere permeated the house this sunny morning. The front door was open and John was outside, putting suitcases into the boot whilst happily humming to himself. Kath stood nearby, helping.

"Hi Mikey," Claire said as she walked down the hallway. "Oh, hi mom," Mike responded. "Are John and Melanie off now?" "I'm afraid so son. Never mind, John's going away for a week next month. He originally wanted Melanie to stay here, but I thought it might be nice if you stayed with her." "I stay with Melanie?" asked Mike. "Yeah, why not. You two kids can have fun." Mother and son grinned lewdly at each other. As if on cue Melanie came out of the living room. She was dressed in a summery dress and her hair was tied back in a long ponytail, whilst she carried a small suitcase.

"Hiya lover," she smirked, and gave Mike a kiss on the cheek. "I'll help your dad," Claire said to her niece, and went out the front door. "Well," Melanie chirped, excitedly, "It's pretty cool eh?" "What's that?" enquired Mike. "That you're going to be, ahem, 'babysitting' me?" "Oh yeah.

That'll be brilliant." "We can have the whole house all to ourselves for a full week. It'll be like we're married." "Cool.


We can go buy groceries together, cuddle up the sofa in front of the fire." "Fuck like rabbits," added Melanie, and they both laughed. "It'll be great." "Seriously though," she continued, "I can't wait. Stay in touch eh?" "I'll phone you this evening," promised Mike. "All ready?" John said as he came into the house, "Melanie?" "I'm ready dad." "Okay.

Right, see you around Mike. It's been a fun week." "Sure," Mike responded, "See you Uncle John." Kath and Claire came into the house and there were a few moments of hugs and goodbyes, before finally John and his daughter were in the car. They waved as they backed out the drive and headed on up the road, Mike, his aunt and mom eventually shutting the door and going inside.

For the rest of the afternoon, Mike thought lovingly of Melanie. It had started out as just an inclusion of her into the small family-orgy circle, and indeed it had been superb fun.

But for the last few days, particularly after last night, he felt a lot more for her, and such feelings were clearly mutual. He called Melanie at six o'clock and they nattered about teenage things - school, friends, TV - and also in more affectionate terms. It was almost an hour before they ended their conversation. When he showered before bed that evening, however, Mike decided to push those thoughts aside.

It was a wonderful thing to ponder, and he enjoyed conjuring up his cousin's pretty little face and think of the times with her that were beyond the scope of the orgies with the rest of the family, but it would distract him too much.

Better to leave it as a train of thought to be savored occasionally, especially when it came closer to the time he'd be with her for a whole week. Right now Mike was simply eager for some good old fashion just-for-the-thrill-of-it fucking.

He just wanted to fuck his mother's ass, then Kath's, and cum on their faces. And he sure knew that they would be more than keen. After drying himself off, Mike decided not to bother with the dressing gown and simply padded down the hallway to his mom's room naked, the lights downstairs all off and his mom's door slightly ajar.

His cock was erect when he entered, and saw Kath sitting on the bed wearing nothing but a pair of black, knee-length leather boots as she set the video up to play the porno flick she loved to have on in the background. Claire was just finishing undressing and sauntered sexily over to the bed, clambering on it whilst flashing her son a lewd smile.

Mike returned the grin, his cock nodding approvingly in the air. He closed the door and walked towards the bed. End of part 2.