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Hot couple hardcore sex video
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**THIS IS A SECOND ATTEMPT OF PUBLISHING AS THE FIRST ONE DIDN'T SHOW UP** Hi guys. Long time no see. This part doesn't have too much sex scenes, but it is a preparation to the next one, were things will start to get damn agitated. I took a long time to post this, but the next one will come shortly.

I know some readers didn't wished for more slaves, but I think they are necessary and, don't be mad, because I think Erika will represent you well inside the story. AT least we will have really rough things starting to show up already in the next installment, so, buckle up! Here goes some considerations: - Even if there are some good conventional sex scenes and possibly a good dose of romance to come, this story tends to get darker as it goes, involving - more - torture, extreme sex, bestiality and some other stuff.

- I'm not an English speaker and I know I make a lot of mistakes, but I have no one to proof-read for me in time to post, cause I'm really busy and the only time I have I write and I post, so, sorry for any mistake or error.


- All the characters follows the stipulated by the site, being older than 16 years old. ***WARNING*** What follows is a fictional story which has focus on slavery and rape, but not made to offend anyone. If you feel offended by kidnapping, raping, humilliation or torture of any kind, please, quit reading. Cheers, A2O --- Chace McCartson - Part V Things changed fast. Her little body was trembling, strapped on my favorite apparel. She was riding the wooden horse.

Sweat was all over her skin, as tears were spread on her cheeks and saliva ran down her chin. The wooden edge taking those puffy and perfect outer lips apart, sinking in her womanhood and making her suffer, making her feel her entire weight deposited on that single spot, on that special and sensitive place. I couldn't hold myself too long. I had craved to see this scene since I brought her here and after discovering her behavior, the way she worked absurdly well with my inner monster.

I jerked off and came just looking at her through the camera system ten minutes before giving up waiting our settled time to for her stay there strapped to be over, both hands cuffed on her back and thighs tied to her ankles, savoring my favorite toy.

I had said she was supposed to be there for twenty minutes. I came up to prepare a bath for us, couldn't help myself from turning on the cameras and. Her groaning and crying made me come so hard that I couldn't resist getting back. "That's my baby," I said caressing her left cheek with my hand and her eyes were on mine, teary and supplicating as always. Exactly the point where our relationship comes alive.

I took the ball-gag off her mouth and caressed both her cheeks. She just breathes hard and don't say a single word. It's easy to see she's in agony, her body is screaming that for me. "My little girl, you know you have to be honest with me. Always. Don't you?" Erika nods slowly, closing her eyes, "Y-Yes Mr.

Chace." "So, answer me. Are you done or can you handle this a little longer for me?" I ask. She opens her eyes again and we connect. Erika is not a masochist. She's not a masochist at all. She hates pain. But Erika is the apex of submissiveness, and she is mine, completely mine.

She wants to please me and she does everything she can to do so. That's what made her different, special. The bond I wanted to form, the syndromic love I wanted to create, it was never so explicit. She takes a huge breath and answers, "Yes I. I c-can", Erika whimpers.

"Good girl", I say positioning me by her side, taking her head to my shoulder, where she rests it. While one of my hands caress her dark and long hair the other one travels her petit body, sliding on her white and soft skin, stopping to play with her beautiful breasts and doing my job, making her start to feel good.

The torture sensitizes her. My expert touch takes her where I want her to be. She knows that, if I'm playing with her, working on her.

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If I'm having any effort to please her, that's because she is pleasing me in the first place and it makes me not surprised when I lower my hand and find my little girl starting to get moist. But the trance doesn't resist too long, as she starts groaning in pain as soon as she feels I'm using my both hands to transfer some of my weight to her, pressing her down and making the wooden edge sink its way into my cute partner's little pussy.

"Gwaaaaahhh! D-Don't! Ple-please don't!! Gaaaaaaah!" She groans and sunk her face in my neck, crying out loud. It only gets best when I leave her, circle her and, taking her hips in my both hands from behind, I force her violently down. "GWAAAAAAAAAH! AAAAAAAAUUUUGH! NOOOOO! NOOOOO MASTER! Guuuhh. Uhhh." The girl struggles violently, just turning the pain worst, relaxing only when I stop, she bobs forward and I hold her pushing her to me, freeing her legs and taking her in my arms.

Erika trembles all over, closing her legs tightly trying to ease the pain in her reddened little pussy, looking at me apprehensively until she could figure out my mood and, when she sees my joy, her body relaxes and her face is resting on my chest again.

She was where she wanted to be and I was where I wanted to be. I had succeeded. We were accomplices now and I couldn't damage her body, but I had her with me. And it all started to evolve in that fatidic day, the day she figured Mr.

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McCartson wasn't an angel, he was a devil and she was in hell with him. . "I-I cant believe it." She mumbled, shock still on her face, tears rolling down her cheeks. I was holding her by the waist, trying to sustain her without hurting her as she couldn't keep standing by herself, yet her body was completely bruised. Her eyes open wide and incredulous.

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"Now you know. Now you're not leaving here at all. Now you'll be mine forever," I said and her eyes got even wider. "Why someone l-like you w-would have to do this!? We pr-practically worshiped you!" She said, something like anger filling her voice for the first time, or maybe just pure incredulity.

"Don't you get it? This." I say taking her right nipple, her dark red and almost bleeding nipple, between my index finger and thumb and softly pinching it, making her tremble and groan in pain, "This is what makes me work. That's what makes me tic. I really could have other girls, but I wanted you and, now, I want you more than ever!" And I tried to kiss her, but she turned her head. "You want to torture me! I-I can't believe this. I can't believe this is really y-you!!

I dreamed of you the day I met you!!!" She yelled at me, anger and tears all over her face. Her accent more pronounced than ever. "And you are just a monster!" It was incredible how she changed. It was like the last week had never happened and the disillusion, the disappointment she felt, was fueling the rage she was feeling. She started thrashing in my arms, trying to escape, but she was so weak that it barely took me any effort to stop her, to pin her arms down.

When I forced her to still her little body pressed against mine and the countless bruises and wounds on her body burned, making her scream in pain and soon she left her head fall on my chest, crying in despair.

"Babe, nothing has changed since two minutes ago. You are still mine, no matter what. I'm not killing you either, no matter why." I said loosening my arms around her, trying to lessen the pain. She looked up with no more than sadness in her bright eyes, looked to my face, and asked sobbing "W-Why me?" I released her, only holding her waist with one arm while the other caressed her dark and beautiful hair, "I saw something in you that made me want you." "Y-You could have had me if you wanted." She whispered in tone of confidence, tears falling from her eyes.

"Haven't you noticed I'm not a normal guy? Haven't you noticed what I like to do to you? You'd never allow me to be myself, and I want to be myself when I'm with you. This." And I indicate the whole room, filled with torture apparels with my head, "This is how I love." She froze for a second, still looking in my eyes.

Then she looked around the room, taking in what I had said. But I interrupted her, taking her in my arms and starting to leave the room. She was wincing at every step I took, as her weight was all deposited on her back and on the back of her knees, both whipped until they were scarlet.

"Where are you ta-taking me?" She asked. "Where are you taking me.?" I inquired. She faced me for a moment and suddenly I had my Erika back, "Sir! Where a-are you taking me, sir?" "I'm taking you upstairs, to my bathtub." She gasped. Soon as we got in the house her eyes were everywhere. She was so damn curious that she didn't even bothered to hide it, even shivering as she was. I myself had never thought it would be a time when I would bring her here, let alone bring her without her blindfold.

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To her bad luck or not she couldn't see it outside, as the curtains were closed and, even if they weren't, it was dark out there. I entered my bathroom and put her sitting on a chair, making her wince in pain again. "You don't move, understood?" "Yes sir." She answered trying to find a comfortable way to sit.

I locked the door and hid the key in one of the cabinets and soon as the bathtub was filled with water and bubbles I took her in my arms and lowered us both into it. She moaned and gasped as I put her on my side and the warm water started to do its magic. Even so, my arms never left her waist. I gave her some little time to think and to rest. She never took her eyes off me but soon she started to feel drowsy. I was already asking myself how long would it take for weight of the wounds and the exhaustion to fall over her.

The trembling ceased and almost fifteen minutes later, while caressing her fringe and looking deep into her almost closed eyes I started whispering. "You call me a monster and maybe I am. But I didn't do a third of what I could do to you. Of what I wanted to do to you.


And I think I never will", and I kissed her. She reciprocated, but very hesitantly. I tried to force her to something more passionate, but merely touching her back made her scream.

I ordered her to not move and I got out of the bathtub, took a somniferous pill and a cup of water, which I gave her. "Take this; it will help with the pain." She got startled, frightened. It was obvious that it passed through her mind that I could be planning to kill her. That pissed me off a little, but I had to understand.

After all, my behavior while dealing with her changed too fast. "Trust me". I said looking the more sincere I could. Erika looked deeply into my eyes, took a deep breath and took the pill and drunk the whole glass of water. She was in absolute distraught, probably thinking how much possible it was for this pill to be no more than venom in a capsule or such. It was weird.

She trusted me more back then, when she couldn't see me. I took her in my lap sideways and fondled her gently until the pill showed its effects and the world closed on her, while her apprehensive eyes were still connected to mine.

I took her to my bed wrapped in a towel and I took my time drying and checking her, seeing how far had I gone and how hurt she was.

There were several injured places with bright red marks and some swollen areas, especially near her most fragile places, like the back of her knees, the fold of her left armpit and left collarbone and her pussy lips, but they weren't as bad as her right nipple.

I couldn't believe I had gone this far. I spent a good hour taking care of her, using every medicine I had available on her. I noticed I was damn aroused for having her body completely at my disposal, yet I was damn pissed at myself.

Looking at how much I had messed up with her perfect skin made me sick. After that I buried her nude body beneath blankets and comforters and pillows, making it the more comfortable I could for her and just watched her sleep.

When I woke up it was Wednesday morning. I had slept by her side and I was really grateful I had forgotten my mobile in the car because, if I had brought it with me, I would have been brought to work for sure. Andrew, my associate, wouldn't give me this break.

And I didn't even know if Gabrielle was there or not. But it all slipped from my mind when I saw that pretty face half buried in my pillow, sleeping peacefully. I turned on the camera in my phone, so I could still be checking on her leaving her alone in my bedroom could be a bad idea and I went to the kitchen, where I prepared a breakfast for two and brought it to bed. I awoke her lightly slapping her face.

She looked lost and took a long time to assimilate where and with who she was. "Time to put some food in this empty stomach," I said putting the tray beside her. She looked damn surprised, even intimidated, but it didn't took too long as I fed her a toast with jelly, holding the food for her like she was a baby. That was the most awkward thing I had done in years, but the result was exactly what I expected. She noticed that I was deliberately spoiling her and, after a while, she started to relax.

I couldn't lie to myself, I was enjoying that a lot. I never thought I would be the boy who would like to take care of a hurt bird. After we were done I cast aside the tray, straightened two of the pillows at the headboard and reached for my laptop, which was over the nightstand. "Come here," I ordered pulling her to me. She groaned in protest as soon as I wrapped my arm around her waist and she tensed up all over again. "Don't worry, I'm not hurting you, trust me," I said looking right into her eyes.

I took her beneath my legs, laying her back over my chest and turned on the laptop, placing it over her lap. "I'll buy you some things. I'll allow you to wear lingerie while you are down the basement and you can name some things you miss too, and I'll buy it to you" I said already surfing and accessing some top of line lingerie online stores.

She gasped and widened her eyes, looking surprised to me. After spending some time looking around and noticing she wasn't pointing anything I tried something, "This one would probably look damn good on you," I said pointing to a sexy vivid red set of bra and panties. She looked at me a little disapproving and I grinned, "What? Not your color?" "I.

I like the blue one better," She said timidly. "The baby blue one? Well, yes, that is more like you," I said smiling and, after that, we spent an hour checking five or six stores while I practically had to oblige her to tell me what she wanted and trying to make her understand that "Yes, you will have all of this because I can afford. That is how it is going to be now." Long story short, I bought for her ten sets of lingerie of all types and one pajama that she almost cried for me to buy.

"I-It will be for when I'm all alone here. Please?" She begged and, what the hell. I also ordered a lot of cosmetic products, including some damn expensive makeup. Surprisingly she also asked me some books, which I bought her gladly and something like an iPod and some music for her to listen. That I didn't buy, I decided to do better and told her she would have plenty of music to listen to soon enough.


I pulled her a little closer when we were done, passing my arms beneath her breasts softly so I wouldn't hurt her, "That's how it is going to be now. I'll make you happy little girl." "But you will still hurt me, aren't you?" She gave me that please-have-mercy-of-me look.

"Sorry, but yes. I'll still hurt you a lot," I said and she trembled in my arms, her mood falling again, so I completed, "But nothing even close to what I did to you yesterday.

I promise." She took a deep breath and whispered, "Thank you, sir". "You're welcome little girl," and that's when she relaxed in my chest and subtly my cock went completely hard on her back. She noticed. Erika tensed up completely, not knowing what to do, but I had a great idea of something I wanted for a long time.

"Babe, get in all fours to me, come on." She looked at me worried "You said you wouldn't." "Don't worry, I'm not hurting you." She knelt over the bed and then awkwardly bent, completely ashamed, and her behind was completely visible to me, making me twice as hard. It was difficult not to bury myself in that swollen little cunt. "Turn to me babe," and as she turned to me I took her cheek with a hand and my cock with the other, "Here, I want you to suck this until I come in your mouth." Erika gasped.

"C'mon, no offense but that isn't something you hadn't done before," I said and it looked like I did offended her, as her eyes became full of tears instantly. She lifted her hand trying to hold me, but I stopped her, "No, no. Keep both hands in the mattress, just your little mouth here." Erika then bent and put my hard dick in her hot little mouth. A little clumsy and unsure of what she was doing, she started licking me like I was a lollipop.

"Good girl. Look at me babe, look at me." Focusing her bright blue eyes in my dark green ones she kept putting me in and out her wet little mouth while I held her hair with one of my hands, caressed her cheeks with the other and helped her keep her timing. It wasn't the more skilled blowjob I had ever seen, but it was being the best.

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It was a shame I wanted to explore further. "Babe, you're doing great, but I want to try something else. I'll do it only once so don't worry," I said and she stopped to listen to me, "I want you to open your mouth as wide as you can and relax to let me through, ok?" She nodded and opened her mouth, I put myself in and kept going in until I felt her throat closing in on me, and that's when I forced myself down her throat. Erika coughed hard but I didn't stop.

"Don't resist babe!" I said and kept forcing it in until I felt myself completely buried in that absurdly tight throat. Soon her face was completely red and full of tears, so I took myself off her and she started coughing hard and gasping for air, "That's it babe, you did great!" She looked suspiciously at me, like I had betrayed her.

"Come on, it felt awkward but it didn't hurt you, right?" She took a moment, and then shook her head. "Good girl.

Now come in here and finish what you started." Obeying me my little girl started trying to make me come again and, less frightened now, she started to gain tempo and to use her tongue. Soon I had to grab her head and make her speed up. I held her down for a moment, buried in her mouth, and I jolted a long and satisfied load of cum.

"Thaaaat is it! Good girl!" I moaned loudly. Erika kept her eyes closed tight while I finished my job inside her mouth and as soon as I was done I took her and closed her mouth with my hand. "I want you to swallow." I whispered to her. She was looking right at me, eyes red and full of tears when I heard her gulping, swallowing.

"Good girl, good girl." And after that day things just got better and better. I gave her some time to rest and installed an ambient sound system on the whole basement, controlled by the enormous TV I installed for her on the wall of her room, with some terabytes of music and movies of all types. A week later her body was completely healed with the exception of her right nipple, which I spared to pinch only when I really wanted to make her scream.

A week later I already had my partner with me. . Gabrielle took 10 minutes to answer my request and come to my office, what was nothing like her. I received it as a message of what was to come, but if she thought I would be easy on her of remorseful somehow. Man, she was wrong. "Wanted to see me?" She asked and entered the office exhaling like a flower, her chanel haircut reaching her shoulders and wearing her traditional brown blazer and black pencil skirt.

"Yes. I want talk to you," I said pointing the chair in front of my desk. "Ok." She sounded somehow skeptic and took the seat, crossing her astonishing legs and trying to look casual. I put my elbows on the table and cross my fingers together. Knowing me, I feel her getting tense, as she noticed I'm not here for playing around "Straight to the point. I've been thinking about what happened last Tuesday and I decided to give up." Her jaw drops open.

"Give up. You mean, let me know you for real?" She asked. "Gabrielle, I just wanted to treat you the way I think you deserve." I said getting up and searching for the camera I hid amidst the books and documents on the near side desk and it was blinking red, working fine, which was a green light for me to start playing with her safely. "You know I'd never, ever, force you to do things against your will, right?" "Y-yes. I mean, you liked to force me but I'm pretty sure one word would be enough to make you stop." "So." I say walking around my table and stopping behind her, where I start massaging her shoulders while I talk, ".I kept my distance from you because the way I see my relationships is not too different from the way I see what we do in bed." "I suspected it has something to do with fetishism or something." "I imagined you could figure something out, you're damn clever.

So, I tried to have a relationship with you where my behavior didn't fuck up our relationship, so I kept my distance. Now I see that it was wrong. You were right all the time, I can't build a relationship with someone and hide myself at the same time. The question is, are you willing to take the risk?" "Yes Chace!

Of course I am!" She says looking up, not thinking twice. "Let's see if this is true. Gabrielle I am a really disturbed person, and I find pleasure in things. Eccentric things, and I have to know if you can keep up with me before I show you what I'm up to.

Are you sure you wanna try?" Confusion and expectation were all over her face, but her eyes were gleaming, "Yes, I want to try." I walk away from her, walking around my desk again and reaching the lowest drawer, where I stop for a moment, "Are you really sure?" She laces her fingers, joining her hands above her knees, completely nervous. "Yes, I'm sure." I open the drawer, take one of its contents and put it in the center of the table.

Her jaw drops open again. It is a sort of underwear, like a chastity belt made of black leather. But it had a dildo attached in it.

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"I want you to wear this for the rest of the day, consider it your test. I want to own you, Gabrielle," I press a button in the remote control and it starts buzzing aggressively over the table. Gabrielle swallows dry. It was only 9AM. … "So you are the man my friend was talking about.

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Thank you for seeing me in such short notice," I said politely to that weird man seating in front of me on the other side of the table in that fancy restaurant. "Don't thank me yet. If you are willing to pay my price, you'll have a lot more to thank me to and it will get repetitive," the man with bright blue eyes and short whitish blonde hair said while sipping a good dose of bourbon.

He was around fifties, which was easy to say. He was certainly European, wearing his light gray overall. British I'd guess. "Ok. My friend said you are known for your work, and for your price. But if your organization is as good as I've heard, I'd happily pay you," I said swallowing half glass of whiskey myself. "He said you'd already be familiarized with our methods and that you'd be a recurring client over the years if our services pleased you enough, so I separated a really nice offer for you, as a sign of good will and future business," the man said putting three pictures over the table and sliding them to me.

I took them and looked closely. There was a gorgeous girl taking a sunbath, blonde and tall, perfect like an angel.

At the other she was dancing in a rave or something and in the third one she was between students in some kind of College Campus. Fuck, this guy had my most complete attention. "Her name is Candy, she's Australian.

5'9" (1,75m), something about 128 pounds (58kg) and is nineteen years old," he said smirking after noticing my reaction. "She is a scuba diving instructor and known for selling LSD and ecstasy in private parties." "So you're telling me that if I pay your price you'll just bring me her, just like this?" "Yes. We'll bring her tied, packed and sedated. What you do to her afterwards, that's your problem, but we strongly suggest that you make sure she's never seeing the sunlight again or you could get into really big problems." "Don't worry, I know what to do." I answered.

"I imagined it. You don't look like a first timer. Well that's our price," he said sliding me a piece of paper. It had seven digits to the left of the comma.

I felt a chill. That was half my savings, something that wouldn't be reasonable to spend. In the other hand I couldn't stop looking to the pictures. That absurdly hot blonde girl; bright yellow wavy and long hair, slim but damn well proportioned, tolerably broad shoulders and perky, beautiful breasts, thin waist, beautiful wide hips and long and toned legs that any girl would probably die for.

And the picture that let me see her face closely. My God, her lips. Her eyes. I couldn't resist. "I'm paying." "So we have a deal, Mr.

McCartson," he said giving me his hand, which I shook. "Two weeks and she's yours." Finally I was heading to a future where I would be the monster I wanted to be, with no attachments, no stopping and no regrets this time. --- Next: Gabrielle's test begins, Erika's butt comes into play and Candy arrives.

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