Straight Boy Troy Srips and Strokes

Straight Boy Troy Srips and Strokes
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Kate and I were only 14 years old. We went to school together, we slept together (with our clothes on, for now.), we ate together, and we grew up together. We considered ourselves a couple, of course. Doesnt that stuff always happen to people who grow up together? We kiss, we held hands, we cuddled. I was too romantic and perfect for her to not give me what I wanted, but I wasnt going to push her to do that anytime soon.

I loved her and I couldnt lose her that way. She had this golden brown hair, with dark brown eyes. Her skin tone was a little paler than normal, only because it was winter, anyway.

Her smile lit up the room with a radiant perfection. I never looked at her body intentionally before, and she never let me.


-Monday- It was just another Monday. My alarm clock went off and I slammed my hand on it to make it shut the hell up.

I hated waking up on weekdays when I knew I wasnt next to Kate.I checked my phone, knowing I had a text from the only person who bothered to say goodmorning to me in the first place.

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"Good morning, sweetie (: " I texted her back, of course, and slid out of my warm and cozy state, throwing my blankets back. I noticed my morning woodie, which only pissed me off because the first thing I did in the morning was put on my clothes.

I locked my door so my sister wouldnt walk in, and sat back down on my bed. Sliding my boxers down, I watched my little member pop up and wish my good morning. I wrapped my hands around my little 6 inch cock, and jacked off for all I was worth. I usually try not to think about Kate while I did the deed, but the only way I ever got rid of it was thinking about fucking her. I slid my hands up and down my dick faster and faster until i felt my balls tighten. I exploded onto my tissue. I loved having orgasms.

I loved that feeling with my tightening balls that made me feel as though I was a volcano bound to erupt. I slid on a new pair of boxers, got dressed, and went downstairs.

Getting ready was the worst part of the day. ***** I walked into my house and ran upstairs, throwing my backpack on my bed. I peeked out my window and looked at Kate walking into hers. My phone started vibrating in my pocket, and for a second I liked it but I knew I had to take it out. Kate was calling. I slid my phone open and pressed it against my ear. "Hello?" "Hey, Jack.

No ones home.


Do you think you can come over? I'm really bored and I have no homework." "I dont have homework, either.

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Sure, Ill be over in a minute." "Okay." I hung up. Kate almost never called me over when no one was home, mostly because of what she thought I would want to do. I ran downstairs and told my mom where I was going, then walked across the street to Kate's house. She wasnt downstairs, so I pounded up the stairs and into her room. Her TV was on and she had a blanket covering her entire body.

"Hey." She said, as I walked towards her bed to slid in the sheets next to her. "No," She said. "Stay over there." "Are you sick or something?" I asked. "No." "Then what's wrong?" Kate sighed, and with one second she threw the blanket off her body. What I saw astonished me. My eyes nearly popped out of my head and my dick nearly ripped through my pants.

Kate's eyes attracted to the bulge in my pants. Kate was completely naked. She was hot, I thought.

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She had about 32C's, which I previously knew from when I snuck out of her bed to look at one of her bras at 4am. Her pussy was pink and completely bare. Her little clitty poked out from the folds of her pussy, and her juices glistened from the light coming in from the window.

"Please, Jack. I want to." "Why?" "Im horny as hell, Jack. Youre the only person I would want to do something like this with and-" "No, Kate.

Were fourteen." I didnt want to tell her how much I wanted to fuck her little pussy. I couldnt. "Exactly. Were old enough to make our own descisions." I thought about it for a second, then pulled off my shirt and my jeans.

"Take off your boxers." I slid down my boxers, as demanded. She stared at my erect member with eyes that looked scared.

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"Its so big." "Not really." "Its too big for my little pussy." "I won't hurt you. I never will.

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Thats the last thing Ill do. I promise." I climbed onto the bed while she spread her legs apart. I pressed my lips against her ear. "I love you." I slowly slid my dick into her small little love tunnel. She screamed and grabbed onto my shoulders. "JACK! JACK THAT HURTS!!!" "I know Kate, calm down. Its okay." She yelped.

I felt her hymen breaking around the head of my cock. Blood trickled out from her little pussy and ran down my dick.

I held her. "Baby, its okay." Tears ran down her innocent face. "Look, Kate. Really, Look!" She looked down to see my balls buried in her ass.

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I was all the way in. I sat up and pulled her onto my lap. "Do it at your own pace, Kate.Its okay." She slid up and down my cock, slowly and thoroughly sucking every inch of my cock into her.

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She stopped crying and went faster and faster, She panted and moaned as she rocked back and forth on my lap, and after a few minutes plopped back and rested her head on the pillow. "Jack, please fuck me. Faster than ever. I want you." I rolled down on top of her and started pushing my dick back and forth, faster and faster with every thrust.

Her pussy was warm and soft, it was something my hands couldn't provide. I wanted her to be on my dick forever, I wanted to do this every day for the rest of my life.

"Its so biiiigg. ohh JACK! faster! harder!" I thrusted into her as our thighs slapped against eachother.


She screamed and panted. Her face was red and her little tits bounced up and down on her heaving chest. "Kate, Im gonna cum!" "I want it.

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All of it. Take your dick out and give it to me!" I slid my dick out of her little abused pussy and pushed it into her mouth, blasting string after string of cum down her throat.

She swallowed most of it, and what ran down my dick was licked up by her warm little tongue. I hugged her. "Kate, we just-" "Lost our virginities." "Yeah." "I want to lose my virginity every day with you, Jack. I want you forever. Please. Promise me youll fuck me every day for the rest of our lives. I need it." I stared at her with a hint of lust in my eyes, thinking about what she just said. Ive already spent every day of my life with her, for as long as I could remember. I held her hand and stared into her eyes.

"I promise."