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[b]19 NAUGHT CAUGHT Rachel eagerly arrives for her first little league game. Jeff gives her a big hug and kiss before running to the field.

He sees Fred's father standing alone. "Mr. Weber, it's OK if you look at my, me, as long as you don't get hard." In quite a rage, but quietly, "How dare you suggest…" Jeff moves on, to end the squabble. The Cubs seem cocky to Sean as they arrive for their game against the Tigers who are looking for their first win.

He calls a team conference emphasizing the importance of respecting every opponent, taking them seriously. Michael's first pitch hits the leadoff batter.

Then he walks the next two, loading the bases.

Sean makes a pitching change but Karim appears mentally unprepared to pitch so early in the game. Five runs come in before three outs. In the bottom of the first inning, Jeff swings at the first pitch, which bounces on home plate. The second pitch goes down the middle, called strike two. Jeff swings at pitch three, eye high, for strike three.

Back in the dugout Sean asks, "Why didn't you think about bunting—the infielders weren't looking for one." "I should be able to get a real hit against this team." "Oh!

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And I always thought that bunting took more skill than a home run swing. Stupid me! Against this team I bet you could hit with one hand tied behind your back.

And don't look for a walk. That would look foolish against a bunch of losers." "I take it that you're not happy with my at-bat." "Are you, Jeff?" Hanging his head, "No." "If we don't respect this team, we will continue to be embarrassed by them." Later Clyde moves two steps to get under a lazy fly ball.

The ball hits the heal of his glove, dropping to the ground. In his frustration his throw to second base sails over Michael's head into right field, allowing two runs to score. In the dugout afterward, Fred bombards him with insults. Several Cubs join in before Sean steps in to break it up. Clyde moves to the corner to cry alone.

After a minute, Sean comes over to comfort him, assuring him that he's not upset by his errors. Karim joins in with support. The Cubs have some inspiring moments, yet continue to be haunted by humiliation, which ends in a 12-11 loss.

Jeff and other Cubs fight off tears. Rachel gives Sean a hug to raise his spirit. He says, "Thanks. It's too late to go to the beach.


Why don't we go swimming at my house?" "Sounds like a plan. Meet you there." As soon as Jeff feels safe in his mother's car he cries hysterically, "I hate baseball! I hate myself.

I hate life." Before driving off, Rachel leans across the seat to console her son. Jeff hugs her tightly, turning to cry against her breasts.

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Soon he feels good enough to go. In no time they're at Sean's pool. Jeff continues to rub his red eyes. Rachel removes her top and begins working on her bra. "Mom, you're not allowed to swim naked here." "Of course I can." Then thinking she's happy that Sean set this rule for Jeff, "But I didn't bring a bathing suit." Sean opines, "I'd love to see you in a bikini Rachel.

I never have, you know. But I think we can make an exception today—my parents are out of town and no one else will just walk in." Jeff becomes excited, "Me too?" "If your mom says OK." "Sure, since I'm here too." Jeff already was down to his undies and had them off before anyone could reconsider.

He quickly runs into the pool. Sean sadly says, "I see Jeff took the loss hard." "Yeah, it's been quite a long time since I've seen him like this." "The pool's a good diversion, Rachel&hellip. This was the first time they didn't feel challenged. Nothing I said seemed to matter for long. They kept falling in the rut." Jeff walks back to them, "Aren't you coming in?" Jeff looks different to Sean, but can't figure out why. Somehow he looks more confident, self-assured—strange, after a humiliating loss.

All three jump into the pool, and start hitting a volleyball around. After getting out and drying off, the doorbell rings. Jeff asks, "Who could that be?" "Well, they must know someone's home so I better answer it." Sean goes to the door wrapping a towel around himself on the move. "Hello Roxanne." "Hi Sean. I've been missing you." "You've been on my mind too." Startled, seeing Jeff in the background, "Why is there a naked boy in your house!?" Sean turns to look; but is speechless.

Jeff hollers, "My mom is here too. " Sean's head sinks, but he also breaths a sigh of relief.

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He also notices how Jeff had changed—his hips are more open as he moves. Not that he tried to hide his boyhood in the past, far from that. But now he's all out there. Apparently yesterday's penis discussion influenced his attitude most wonderfully. But for Roxanne's sake, to bad this change happened so quickly. "So you've become a nudist, huh." Thinking Jeff was crazy to leave the pool area, "You could say that." "Well, I'm leaving." "That would be good.

But we need to talk again." "For sure, Sean. Bye." "See ya, Roxanne." Closing the door, Sean sighs, "Glad that's over." Jeff runs to Sean, hugs him, "That really sucks." "Yes, but let's not use Alex words. You know, I wish you had stayed out of sight." "Yeah, I realize that now." Sean wants to praise Jeff for his newly found confidence, but decides that it's better unspoken—or he may become self-conscience, hurting his self-assurance.

Then Sean begins thinking that Jeff's change and his mistake are related. Both have to do with forgetting oneself.


Getting back to the patio, Rachel says, "That smells royally." "Worse. But…maybe this is better. Like she said, I'm a nudist now." "Naturist." "Whatever. How could I go back to Roxanne now, unless she becomes a naturist? Fat chance of that." Rachel remarks, "It doesn't have to be that black and white.

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But it works for me, talking selfishly." She embraces Sean. "I'm realizing how much of an obstacle to nurture clothes are. Getting naked on our first date, that really wasn't a date, to start out anyway, … getting naked simplifies everything, intimacy flows naturally. Yeah, we're both hot for each other, but loving each other tenderly becomes more important. Back in slow motion mode, my sex drive drove me crazy, insane. I won't go back." "I love you sooo much." Reaching for a kiss, Rachel's tongue moves deep into Sean's mouth.

And Sean searches the recesses of Rachel's lovely mouth. After watching with delight briefly, Jeff, realizing he's on his own for awhile, runs and dives into the pool. "Sean, you graduated. Congratulations!" "Rachel, what are you talking about?" "To become a true naturist, a person gets past sexual obsession.

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You control sex, rather than sex controling you." "Wow! Thanks. Yeah, I did graduate!" 20 ROUGH 'N TOUGH After school Jeff goes to Sean's house. As expected, he's home. "Well, well, well. Who is this coming to gramma's house." Laughing, "It's little red riding hood." Hunching his back over, with a cackling voice, "Are you sure you're not the big bad wolf, houuuuuu. My eyes aren't so good, you know." "Well, maybe I am. We'll have to get into your bed, if you want to find out." "Not so quick sonny.

I…" "Don't call me sonny. I'm your honey." With his voice still cackling, "Oh. Oh. Oh. So you are.


Well then, come on in already." "You are too much, Sean." "Well sonny honey, I don't come cheap. I charge my clients a hundred dollars just to talk to me." "Turn around and I'll give you a hundred bucks." "Cooooorny. Let's get in bed. But be gentle with this buck." Jeff's naked by the time he gets to Sean's bed. "Who said anything about stripping, sonny honey?" "I did, telepathically.

You weren't listening. Now we need to strip you too. By the way Sean, how come you get hard when I mention my mother but don't when we're naked with her." "Ouch. Hitting me before I'm down, huh." "I'm sorry.

I didn't realize how tough this topic would be." Giving Jeff a hug in appreciation of his candor, and for his own comfort, "I don't know, Jeff. The touchy part of this issue is my discomfort with having an erection in your presence." "You didn't seem uncomfortable at Black's Beach when you two were smooching in the water." "That's true, but it was appropriate in that situation&hellip.

So you also see, my penis does rise to the occasion, with your mother." "Yeah, but why can you control it on the beach and at your pool, but not when alone with me?" "Yeah, Jeff, I know that's the real question. Let me know when you have an answer." "So you don't know?" "Well. Maybe it has to do with respect. I respect your mom too much to be horny every minute with her. But if I'm not with her, I usually get horny when she's on my mind." "I get it.

That makes sense&hellip. Why aren't you hard now? We're talking about her." "You're question sidetracked me. But let's drop the topic now, and your mom, OK?" "OK, Sean. I have another tough topic, but about me. When I went to my room last night I thought terrible things." "Well, you have plenty of company." "Really?

Who else?" "I think we should stay focused on you." "I was hoping you'd let me get sidetracked." "It helps, Jeff, to talk about your troubles with someone you trust." "I got so angry about yesterday's ball game again.

I hate myself. I swore at myself about every mistake I made in the game. And I hate being humiliated by a rotten team.

Some Cubs claimed we lost on purpose because we felt sorry for the Tigers—to cover up their embarrassment." "Jeff, just talk about yourself for now." "I'd rather die than be humiliated. I thought about painless ways to die. I told my mother I was sick, so I wouldn't have to go to school. She didn't fall for it. I swore at her. I feel so bad.

I would pull my hair out if it didn't hurt." "So how do you plan on dying?" "Jumping off a cliff was my best idea." "How would your mother feel, Jeff, after you did it?" "Probably worse than me now." "You got that right—and me too! You aren't gonna like what I've got to say." "I trust you Sean. Say it." "You need to embrace your humiliation like you embrace me." "Ugh!" "God has a way of getting our attention when our attitude needs adjustment." "What attitude do I need to change?" "Jeff, I think you can figure it out.

What are you humiliated about?" "Doing bad against a lousy team." Firmly, "So you're a lousy player." "Hey! That hurts. Watch that!" "What's good for the goose is good for the gander." Sourly, "What's that supposed to mean?" "It hurts you to be called lousy.

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How do you think the Tigers feel about being labeled 'lousy'?" "Good—they won." "No. They feel good about winning but hurt by your label. You dissed them." "Not just me!" "Right now, Jeff, no one else's faults matter. You dissed them when you thought it was below your dignity to bunt against them or to draw a walk.

And by insulting them you messed up your own game." "Now I feel worse yet!" "So, good buddy, are you gonna beat yourself up some more? Or embrace your pain?" "Oh! I get it now!" As they hug each other, Sean says, "Now you can think about the Cubs who covered up their embarrassment." "Yeah, they were running away from their pain…not facing it. I got some teammates to talk to…and some Tigers." They proceed in their naked state into unrestrained passionate touching, hugging, and kissing.

Intense intimacy, at it's best, without the complications of erotic feelings.