Gay twinks James was having a hardly embarrassing problem pissing and

Gay twinks James was having a hardly embarrassing problem pissing and
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Mummy's true passion- part nine We finished our breakfast and talked as if we weren't mother and son who had just fucked like hell and as if I hadn't voluntary turned into some certain kind of toilet and sex slave for my own mother. As mummy had taken her last bite she got up and gave me a certain look.

Then she let fall her bathrobe which fell to the floor like the thick and mystic shadow of fresh and wet morning fog on a day in autumn in Southampton. Then I noticed my view following her smooth and strong body on its way to the bathroom. I saw the muscles moving like super biotical machines under her silk skin and imagined how the flashes of each and every nerve found their ways to the right muscle right on time and got the impression that mummy must be some kind of a certain angle or something because as hard as I tried to I think I didn't get any idea where somebody could have seen such perfection before.

Mummy seemed to have turned from the loving mother she doubtless had been over the years of my childhood and teenage time and over the secret and hidden fantasy in the back of a poor prevent's head into a real dream come true. And I wondered how she got to manage it to let me fall in compete trance just by watching her doing daily things like walking to the bathroom in a hotel room in New York. As the door had fallen in its lock and I was sure mummy would be occupied for a couple of minutes I took my laptop from my bag and started it.

I didn't take long till I had opened my data for my homework over the holydays concerning "diagnostic techniques of inner diseases by outrage checking of the body holes". It surprisingly didn't take my long to find my way into my work and after what could only have seconds I was totally bound by my work and didn't think of any of the nasty things mum and I did or would certainly do in the near and far future.

So I didn't wonder when mum came from the bath room, fresh showered and still a little glittering from the small Cristal drops of clear water that dropped from her bare body silk like diamonds are dropping in some commercials for perfume. "What are you doing there my love?" mum asked and leaned over me from behind as she wrapped a white towel around her wet hair like turban. "Nothing, it's just some homework for the university I have to do." I answered and gave mum a quick kiss on her cheek.

"You're such an intelligent boa my love, I'm sure you'll do it well" mum said, "Now will you go and have a shower? You are still all messy from my pee" mummy twinkled at me.

I didn't say a word and stood up. I threw my used sleeping boxers which were really used in the meaning of the word to the side of the bed close to my empty laptop bag. Then I went to the bathroom nakedly and knew mum's eyes were following me like mine had been following her. As I about half an hour later stepped from the bathroom I felt just great. My body was cleaned and my mum was sitting there and cleaned, too and the day promised to bring a lot naughty surprises. Mum sat behind my opened laptop and stared at the monitor.

"What the hell is this?" she asked and her tone seemed really serious and not in that roll plays game sexy tone serious. I didn't know what she probably could mean so I went up to her and looked at the monitor. My heart tried to jump out of my body as I saw what mummy had found and was looking at. Obviously she opened some data on my hard drive that was titled with "stuff I never mend to download" as if this childish title would make its content any better.

What mum and I were looking at were pictures from some so called Asian sex prison.


This was the hardest I was able to find in the whole damn web concerning that many extreme and strange fetishes I had developed. The included text I had loaded down, too explained the situation in those extreme sex prisons. There were only women as guards and only men as prisoners. The men were worth nothing there and at lease paid high prices to get their extreme wishes of humiliation satisfied.

They were hold like animals in small cages and were totally naked. They only drank the guards pee or blood when they had their periods and the only mealy they ate was their shit and at least their barf. They were forced to eat each drop of these extremely nasty meals and obviously enjoyed it. The level of their slave ship was the lowest level one can imagine except of the most extreme level I ever had heard of.

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This was the sack level. Some extremely cruel and ruthless mistresses at least were willing and able to cut off the slave's legs and arms.

Then, after the heavy wounds had been healed they were transported to a room with a sack in it hanging from the roof. They were thrown into those sacks ad and spend their whole worthless lives without any change of getting out there on their own inside the dark and raw sacks.

The only part of the day when they came out there for about half an hour was when the cruel mistresses decided that it was time for that certain slave to be fed with the crap of any of the orifices from the mistresses. That in fact even for such a prevent guy like I had turned out to be one was the hardest form of sexual slavery I could imagine. So I didn't wonder mum, who actually was the born mistress and willing to do things normal people wouldn't at least dream of, was as shocked by the pictures inside that lousy data.

I think at that moment all the color left my face and the good and warm feeling that just had kept my inside in heat changed into a freezing winter and I couldn't at least think or feel or taste or breathe.

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Then I felt my identity being ripped from my fingers and no matter how much I tried to fight those nameless powers which held me in its hopeless and endless claws at that certain moment I knew in the depth of my numb mind that there was no chance to win. Suddenly I found my way back to life.

I didn't know what had happened to me and I didn't know what had happened to mum. But my senses came back and I saw my mummy's lovely and familiar face in front of me and found new hope.

"Baby, I in fact didn't actually mean to let you lose your awareness" she smiled her warm and sweet smile. "I know it's not the way it looks like. I'm sure you just had been curious and wanted to see the ultimate border of what is possible. So I'm not angry with you and its all alright with me and you." I didn't get all the beautiful words mums amazing lips formed but the relaxing tone of her voice helped more than what she said to bring me back to life and a healthy color back to my face and my identity back to my claw like fingers.

"Now, baby, what could mummy possibly do to make you feel better?" mum asked and this time her voice had that well known sexy color I needed more than anything else now. "Maybe mummy should help you relaxing a little". I sat on that chair right on our breakfast table as mum went down with her hands my naked body and started circling my cock. She smoothly pushed it back and forth and brought it to life with little and amazing licks.

Then o felt my pride swelling and mum's face lit up as she saw her success. Sitting there on that chair again where mummy yesterday had given me another blow job while I had been eating her tasty load from that blue bowl erected me even more and mummy got something she seriously could work with. This time she didn't give that smooth girly mouth job. She rammed her lips over my swollen shaft and I felt the depth of her trough being wrapped around it. She fought her vomiting reflex. I could feel it whenever she rammed my stiff pride into herself.

But I enjoyed it to get this excellent job done by my mistress mother. Then I felt my orgasm biding up in my balls and I knew mum felt it, too.


Suddenly she stopped her mind blowing work and looked into my eyes. "Now seriously baby, how far would you like to go?" The question asked by my own mother who sat on the floor between my legs and held my rock hard cock in her nice hands kind of confused me. "As far as you would go mummy" I said and thought I had answered not too bad. "Al right, honey, you said it" mum said and gave me an indefinable grin.

She got up and took the blue bowl from the floor. Then she came back and held it under my shaking penis. I had no idea what she might have been planning so I simply watched her and tried not to shoot my load. With one hand she held the bowl with the other she held my penis. She shook it and took it deep inside her mouth again. I felt it being forces into mum's trough. Then she did something in contrast what she had done before.

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She stopped fighting her vomiting reflex and as a logical result she vomited all her breakfast into that blue bowl and all over my hand one. I could see tears running down her cheeks as she pressed out all the content of her gastric.

But I found it extremely erecting to feel the warm and semi liquid paste being vomited over my penis. Mum smiled at me and I could see the heat in her eyes. Since I had discovered that many things about mum I tried not to be astonished about what I just had seen her doing right there between my legs. Mum handed me the bowl. "Now prove what kind of a slave son you are, baby" she said and started licking the rest of her gastric crap from my cock. Between two licks she said:"Now don't you get it?

Eat mummy's barf. I know you are totally addicted to everything that comes from mummy's body so be a good slave boy and empty that bowl again for me." First I looked a little confused on that bowl filled with mummy's breakfast in my hands.

Then, as she kept licking and massaging my pride I thought that I had masturbated on those nasty pictures on my laptop and that I had imagined that situation before.

So it would be senseless not to do what I was offered to do. I stack one finger in the paste and led it to my mouth. The taste couldn't be compared to anything else I had eaten so far no matter if it was stuff coming out of my mum of normal food.

But the extremely prevent picture that build up in my head of eating whatever came out off mummy made the taste more useful and since it had only took a couple of spoons to become used to the flavor of mummy's shit I was positive the effect would repeat. So I took my spoon from the breakfast table and stack it into mummy's barf. I twisted it a little and breathed in the mind blowing odor. Then, without the lowest sigh of hesitation I put the spoon in my mouth and swallowed what only a few seconds ago had been in my mother's gastric.

It was hot and salty like a mixture of her pee and her shit but with something else in it I couldn't exactly figure out the first time. But I decided it didn't taste too bad so I was willing to eat it and once again prove that o was a real prevent. "You nasty salve son, you actually enjoy eating mummy's barf, don't you?" and in fact I really did. With every spoon I emptied my joy on eating mummy's body secretes grew more and more and I think she could feel it directly by the hardness of my cock.

"I guess you will in fact eat anything I can press from my body.

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You're such an unbeliefable slave, totally addicted to your mummy's pee and shit and now at least to her nasty barf." "Yummy" I said. "You better empty that bowl, you know how much the breakfast was so I don't want to waste it, at least if that means my slave son must eat his mummy mistresses fresh, warm barf." I swallowed piece after piece of my nameless soup, the deeper I got in the bowl and the more emptied it the bigger and the easier to identify the different pieces became.

I tried to taste if I could identify some piece of pancake after it had been eaten by mum first and then had been vomited our again. Since the breakfast wasn't that long ago I could swear I could. Then I again felt my balls trembling. Mum and I knew that now it was time for me to shoot my load. So mum sucked me a little harder and massaged me much more and my semen exploded like a canon into her mouth as she wrapped it completely around my cock. The explosion was that heavy that I saw little streams of my cum floating from mummy's nostrils.

Then she smiled at me and I saw my cum building white streams between her teeth. "Did mummy's good boy eat all her barf as she gave him that nice little blow job?" she asked with her little, shy girl voice that I liked as much as I liked all the others.

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And the bloody hell I did. I found it hard to belief that I had eaten all that stuff from my mother's sexy body in that short time, but I had done. So I leaned back and relaxed a little.

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As we had found our awareness we decided that we better brushed our teeth again before we got finally dressed. And as I cleaned my teeth from the streams my mummy's barf had barf had left on them next to my hot, naked mama in that luxurious bathroom I couldn't do anything but wonder which sexual and fantastic depths mummy would confess to me else.

End of part nine- Please let me know how you liked it. I think this time I got myself a little surprised how far I got… Anyway tell me if you liked it.