Sexy nude gay teens juicy Benjamin Riley has been pimped out by his

Sexy nude gay teens juicy Benjamin Riley has been pimped out by his
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to understand what this story is all about. The thing that woke me was my phone ringing.I checked who was calling an found that it was my Mom,I did backtrack and remembered i was to go see her today.Standing there nude with my semi erect dick watching my naked step mom sleeping like a baby in the bed, who had been fucked 9 times or so in the last 18 hrs or so by me.

I picked up my moms call greeting her,she was a bit mad because this was not the first call she made to me, other thing she made clear for me was it was 2 in the noon and not morning. She asked me why was i still sleeping when half the day was gone, she also asked, wasn't my step mom around and why she didn't bother to wake me up. I had to apologize and came up with something to tell her before she started hating on my princess.

I told her that i sleep in very late and my princes (certainly i didn't tell her princess) had woken me around 10 in the morning but i was too tired so she let me sleep it off. This calmed her down. My mother was a very good women by nature and she never liked me being mistreated or me misbehaving. Seeing that i was taken care off by my princess she now wasn't worried, instead she told me that lets make plan for some other day,and instructed me to help and assist my princess with anything she needed.I had a big smile on my face thinking little did mom know how good of a help i was to my step mommy.

I told my mom that i loved her and i put my phone away. That felt a bit strange since the things that had happened in my life.The meaning of i love you had started to change for me.I had got a bottle of water from the kitchen and place it by the bed,I worked my way back to my mommy that was in front of me, I got behind her as she was sleeping sideways.My cock knew exactly what was expected of it and was ready standing tall and strong.I lifted my princesses leg up and pushed my manhood inside her slowly.

She was awake now and moved herself to a more comfortable position for both of us, she planted a kiss on my lip and said wow, what a way to start the day honey.We had a quick fuck of about 30 minutes or so as compared to our other fucks.

We ended this secession doggy style and a loud scream from her when she hit her second orgasm of the day. i'm pretty sure this was the loudest one of them all as i felt he voice travelling all over the house.I told her she was a loud one and that would be a danger if ever we were to do a quick one when dad was to be home.

I was assured that, it wont be a problem as she enjoyed screaming her orgasm because she knew no one was around to bother us. I gave a smack to her ass after listening to the reason she gave for her loud mouth behavior. She gave out a loud moan because of this on purpose just to toy with me.

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I told her everything that happened before she woke up. She was very happy that i had portrayed her as a good woman to my mom. I picked her up in my arms and we went to the shower where we had another good Fuck.

I could believe how much sex i was getting just a day. I was also amazed how well my dick was responding to so much rampage. We dried each other and decided not wear anything around for today.But we kept a pair of each of out clothes right by the dining area just in case if we had someone at the door. I helped make lunch, but having her around naked and my ballsack swaying around didn't help at all. I soon had a boner. Mommy was by the gas stirring the pot, I had my dick up her in no time.She did say she was a little sore from having so many sessions.But she had started enjoying the pain and didn't want me to stop.

We were not in full on fuck mode. This was as casual as we could get. i had my dick in her pussy from behind had would stroke her slow and had long pauses. It felt really good having my dick inside her even though i wasn't fucking her much.It was as if my dick belonged there. soon i pulled out as lunch was ready. Once we were done eating, we were at the sink washing our dishes and again i had my dick in her while she washed the dishes, the only difference this time was that, i was massaging her tits.

We were by the sofa when my phone rang. I was my Mom. She asked if i could come by for an hour or so. I agreed because even she was alone all by herself and i she were calling me then it was my duty to go to her. I called out to my princess from my bedroom. I yelled Mommy my mommy needs me. I cracked up laughing so hard, i her another laughter as my sweet stepmom entered my room.I told her that i had to go see mom as we had plans to meet today and because of us getting up late, we had to alter the schedule.

She totally understood what i said and told me to go hurry up and come back as soon as i could.She told me that this was the perfect time for her swollen pussy to rest and also i would get a good chance for my balls to generate nectar for her.

I soon took off to my moms place. Hugging her was a bit difficult since my last adventures with my other mommy was not so casual. I hung out wit her for a while which amazingly went well and i didn't feel any awkward any more around her. I helped her with some of the work that was needed.While she mad something for us to eat, I was out in the backyard watering the lawn. I did find something very interesting there. The house had tall fence around so no one could see what was happening and mom had two poles fixed by the house to dry off the sheets in the sun when she would wash them.

But what i found there were not sheets but instead her under garments. Being addicted to sex now, i had my dick knocking in my shorts in no time.Mom was still in the kitchen so i decided to explore what i didn't know about mom.

She was no less beautiful than my stepmom and had big tits like hers, but not as big I was to find out. When i unclip her bra from the string, I read the name of the company as well as the other details present on the tag. My mom was 34D. I liked what i saw as those pair of hers was a good choice according to me.

I sniffed her thongs but they had a soapy smell to them.This and the boner in my shorts triggered a curiosity in me.I went into the house went straight to her bathroom. It was not unusual of me to use her bathroom.

I locked the door behind me and took of my shorts. I let my cock enjoy the freedom and let it breathe. I was unsure that i would find any of my moms used dress but to my luck mom had showered before i arrived and her old clothes were still in the hamper kept in the bathroom. I couldn't believe my luck. this was the second time when i entered the bathroom and found used clothes. I picked the hamper up and emptied the clothes on to the floor.

The reason i said i was lucky because there was not just her used clothes from today but from yesterday as well. She had around 4 sets of under garments in them.I picked each of her thongs and sniffed and licked them. I felt my dick jolt just from that. I sat on the pot with its lid closed and rocked my cock hard.It took a few minutes for me to cum but it was intensive.I cleaned up and just as i was putting everything back i struck to me, WHAT IF.

What if i were to take a pair of mom's lingerie back with me and made my stepmom wear them.The idea itself was so amazing that my lump dick had started twitching.At this point i didn't care if mom found one of her pairs missing, i just had to get them. I quickly put everything back in the hamper but made it look real as if no one had tampered with them.

I did smuggle one of her pair.I met her in the kitchen, mom didn't even knew that i had been to her bathroom, we ate what she had prepared and we sat on the couch and talked for some watching the tv.

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Mom had moved right beside me and had me put my hand across he as she rested her head on my shoulder. We did this normally every time we were together relaxing, sharing our body heat with each other. It was a bit too much for me but i soon adjusted.I dint have to worry about the thong i had stolen from her hamper as i had tied them on to my dick as you tie a bandanna around. Her bra was in my back pocket and i worried if the straps were to come out of the pocket and she were to find out. Luckily that didn't happen and all went well.

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I did think of my mother when i use to masturbate but i never did things like this back then. On my way back home I reminded my self not to rush things and mess up lives because it was not just me stuck in this frenzy.That may sound awkward but it is what it is. Back home i was grated with a wild naked cougar running and jumping on to me latching herself to me and sucking my lips and kissing me all over.

I closed and locked the door behind me, I carried her to her bedroom. She got down and told me that Dinner was ready and we could have a wonderful session before having dinner.

I told her that was a surprise as i had thought i had to help her making dinner. She asked me did i enjoy my time at moms. I told her what we did and how we enjoyed seeing each other after a long gap.

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I also told her that i had a very kinky idea when i was a moms, and that i had brought her a present from moms place. Before i reveled her what i had got for her, i told her that when i was in moms bathroom i found her used thong in her hamper and i sniffed them even licked them and had jacked off doing that. My princess was so aroused by this that she had one o her hands rubbing her pussy.


You horny boy she said as she pulled her figures out of her pussy and gave them to me to lick them. I revealed to her that i stole my moms bra and thong specially because i wanted to see her wearing them.Only thing she could say was THATS SO HOT.

I asked her to pull the bra out of my back pocket, which she did and then i asked her to wear them. I did mention it to her that my mom was a bit smaller in size than hers but the answer i got from her was enough to keep my mouth shut.She told me that mommy wouldn't mind wearing mommy's small bra.

Those 34D cups were struggling to keep her 36D boobs in place. Then i asked her to take my shorts off and find the missing pair. My erect dick welcomed her when she pulled my shorts down and there was that turquoise thong tide to my dick. She told me that even she had a pair of same colored lingerie and that she couldn't find her thong. I told her I had them and this triggered a thought i my head. WHAT IF, i were to take my step mom's pair of turquoise undies to my mom's place. it was a dangerous plan but i thought it was worth it.

i told my stepmom about my vicious plan and she agreed. I would have to plan that sometime later but first there was a feast right in front of me. We sniffed an licked my moms used thong we kissed each other while we had the thong in our mouth.I made her wear them and asked her to lay down on her back and had her spread her legs, while i parted the thong over her pussy and pushed my dick in her swollen cunt. i fucked her slow and steady for like an hour or so, she came 3 or 4 times in my slow fucking session.

I pulled my dick out of her cum filled pussy and we went to the bathroom to clean up. we were soon on the dining table eating our dinner, we emptied out everything she had cooked.

I was the first one to finish so i went to my stepmom who still had some bites left, i put her nipple in my mouth and started sucking.She felt this was very erotic.I took food from her plate stuck them to her pussy and a dug in. I licked her pussy clean she took some from her plate and applied it to her nipples, and i sucked them clean as well.Just when her nipple popped out of my sucking mouth, the phone rang! We were interrupted i thought, It was dad calling, she answered the phone a asked her how the day went.

Mommy made up what ever she could come up with and told her that she went shopping, how i dropped he to the mall and went off to run my own errand.She told him that she was just done with dinner and i was at my moms place.

The reason why dad called was because he had enjoyed their last phone sex. He was hoping he could get some tonight and because my step mom had lied about me being at my moms place, my father taught she was home alone. My mom told her that she was already wet and was going to masturbate back in her room.Mommy didn't leave the table at all in fact she got up and went to the other side of the table and climbed on to it.

She winked at me and directed her fingers towards her pussy.This meant i was suppose to go to business and clean her out. I louvered my face into her pussy and started licking her.She screamed in pleasure and this time for sure i heard her voice echo inside the house i kept licking her and she kept cumming back to back.Then she told honey i'm gonna insert my dildo and fuck my pussy.

This now meant that i was suppose to fuck her with my dick. I moved into position and pressed my cock into her wet slimy pussy that i just licked. I was now all inside her and started to pick up some pace. I made sure that i didn't bang against her skin so as to not get my dad suspicious. I did the stop start stop technique and she busted into yet many more orgasms. I pulled her up towards me and i took her place.

i laid there and she gave me a blowjob while she talked on the phone about licking her dildo. Soon my dad was satisfied with her and he decided to call it a night. As soon as dad kept the phone mom threw it on the couch and climbed up on the table. She rode me like a cowgirl her ass banging on my thigh. She rod me hard and made loud moans and grunts. She would scream at the top of her voice and saying Ohh FUCK YEAH, fUCK ME BABY.

i fucking want it. She ended up squealing very loud with the hardest orgasm of this session.Even i had blown my load in her very hard this time. She collapsed on top of me tired and letting out small moans as she shook with her orgasm.We laid there for a while. I had actually fallen asleep but soon woke up as the table was hard and not that comfortable to sleep with someone on you.Mommy was still sleeping so i warped my arms around her my dick still in her pussy.

I slowly got down the table with her, I took her to the bedroom where i lay her down and i pulled out of her and went back outside. I cleaned the dishes and also the table because there was a puddle of our cum. I went back to her, woke her up took her to the shower, we both were exhausted.

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The warm water made our body feel very good. I dried her then myself and took her to bed.We spooned and fell asleep. This adventure of ours had taken its toll on both of us. I woke up the next day around 9 in the morning. Mommy was still asleep. I didn't wake her up, i went to the kitchen poured a glass od orange juice went and sat on the couch.

For the first time my dick was limp in the morning. I found her phone on the couch ant the notification light was blinking. i checked her phone to find that dad had called around 7.30, since no one picked, dad had left a message that he would be leaving today evening and would come back by tomorrow night. This gave me the rough idea that we had before he returned. To be continued.